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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 17, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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r doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, have symptoms such as fever fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. a fox extreme weather alert right now. reports of destructive tornadoes touching down in several illinois communities as intense thunderstorms are sweeping across parts of the midwest. >> yeah, this is a very dangerous day, folks. more than 70 million people across nearly a dozen states,
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several major cities included, could feel the impact of this weather system. the national weather service is calling the risk significant for severe weather. you can see how much of our map it's covering. let's get straight to meteorologist janice steen in the fox weather center. sadly, you have just informed us, janice, that there has been one fatality as a result of this weather system? >> yes, it looks in and around the washington, illinois area, we're seeing pictures that are just devastating. homes that are just completely leveled. so, of course, we'll keep you up to date. but this storm continues to move eastward. as you can see, we still have tornado watc for parts of the ohio river valley stretching down into the tennessee river valley. several of them until 10:00 p.m. eastern time as the storm continues to move eastward. so tornado watches, meaning that conditions are favorable for tornadoes, and where you see the red shade of polygons here,
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hooes of t east of the paducah area where we have storms here, these are confirmed tornado warnings, either rotation or severe storm spotters have seen tornadoes on the ground. we've got over a dozen tornado warnings that stretch up towards fort wayne and we have severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of michigan, but we're also seeing some rotation here. as quickly as you see a severe thunderstorm warning, that could turn into a tornado warning. because it's a sunday, i'm worried that people aren't as on alert that he see normally would be if this was a weekend event and you see a lot of weather people. so i want to make sure if you have friends, relatives, family in these regions, you definitely make sure they are on alert throughout the evening hours. severe threat, again, that white shaded area is a high risk where the storm prediction center says all of the ingredients continue to be together for the possibility of long-lasting, life-threatening tornadoes. and you can see the red shaded area where we had a moderate
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risk. but i also wanted to point out in the red shade yard, you'd ar not out of the woods because this storm is going to move overnight tonight into tomorrow, and therefore the potential for very strong winds, heavy rain and isolated tornadoes. this is going on into this evening and overnight. again, this high risk area including indianapolis, including fort wayne, up towards grand rapids. that's where we could see, again, the strong possibility for long track, very dangerous tornadoes. we'll see temperatures drop in 30 degrees in just a matter of hours. that's how significant this cold front is. and ahead of it, very warm, unstable air where we're going to be into the 60s well into the overnight hours. the wind threat is incredible as well where we could see straight line wind damage over a dozen states here. winds anywhere from 25 to 35 and up towards the great lakes region stretching into 45, even
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50 miles per hour. so this is going to be a wide-reaching storm system. forecast satellite radar imagery moving out of the great lakes in towards the mid-atlantic and the northeast overnight tonight and certainly into the drive in tomorrow. so new york up to boston, portland, you want to be aware of storms. the big threat right now across the midwest, the great lakes, ohio river valley, tennessee river valley for the next several hours. i want to give you an indication, jamie and greg, of the top five november outbreaks. we could be into this top five in the next several hours, unfortunately. this could be a historic outbreak. back to you. >> we're going to keep you there in the weather center. we'll check back with you, janice. thank you so much. >> okay. greg? survivors of the philippines typhoon struggling to get some clean water, not to mention food. the u.s. military has been helping with relief efforts all night long. riots have halted the flow of some of the aid. hundreds of thousands of people
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are now entirely homeless after that deadly storm as the death toll continues to rise. william longinette has more from the philippines. william? >> reporter: the president came to tacloban today to see the damage and said he would stay until things improve. as you mention the, there is no running water, no electricity and there's still dead bodies throughout the city. as for the fatalities, he blamed local officials for poor planning and no responsibility to himself for inadequate federal response. the mission is simple, getting supplies from here to there. accomplishing it is not. the first step is clearing roads so heavy equipment can begin cleaning up the mountain of debris still clogging the city, and electricity officials salvage what they can. this backhoe is clearing the canal so stagnant water, a breeding ground for mosquito-borne illnesses like
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malaria, can properly drain. the backhoe arrived yesterday from sabu. >> more is coming from other regions. everybody is helping each other. >> reporter: the typhoon wiped out the warehouse district, crippling the city's ability to move product. half the bridges are impassable, slowing commerce to a crawl. another problem, employment. coca-cola, sammy gel bee miguel. no jobs, no buildings, no buildings, no food. >> we had to make anything out of anything we had left. >> reporter: food now arrives daily from thousands of miles away. the challenge is moving it just a few more miles to those who need it most. when it comes to planning, the president may actually have a point. one coastal city did evacuate to higher ground and had fewer than 100 casualties. tacloban actually evacuated people closer to the ocean.
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the convention center roof fell off, a lot of people died there. so it's possible that the president has a point about that. nevertheless, one pastor told me today that he felt they were not adequately warned about this potential storm surge, and i think there will be a lot of second guessing in the weeks to come, greg. i will tell you that there are about 20 typhoons here a year. it's possible people took it for granted. back to you. >> william longinette in the philippines. william, thank you very much. if you're looking to help the victims in the philippines, we have compiled a list of some of the groups assisting in the recovery efforts. you can see it on our website, check it out. well, a california family vanishes more than three years ago literally without a trace. a and now police believe they may have found them buried in a desert. the bodies discovered about 100 miles from their home. dominique dinatali live in
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california with this discovery. >> it was three years ago when these people vanished. nothing was known of them except their car was found on the california border at that time. bodies were discovered in what was a shallow grave a few feet outside the road from victorville. that's just northeast of los angeles here. a motorcyclist reported finding what were human bones, and the authorities confirmed that rather grim discovery. that has been classified as homicides, and for a long time the authorities looked into whether the family had gone into mexico and fallen afoul of criminals or a drug cartel. >> we are exhausting all options and investigating this crime from the beginning and trying to identify who the suspects are. the investigation will lead us
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in the direction of the suspects as we continue to get more information. but to make a decision or a determination as to who might the suspects be at this point, it's too early for us to talk about that. >> reporter: a short while ago i spoke to rick begley who is the author of a book about their disappearance and told me there was handling of their bank accounts shortly after the family disappeared is now part of the investigation, and that includes people close to the family and business associates. begley said as much as $750,000 was spirited away from joseph's accounts by people close to the family, and police tell him that's going to be the focus of the investigation now that they have bodies. back to you. >> it sound like a lot of questions still on that one. thanks, dominic. the midwest in the ho crosshairs right now from some
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very dangerous weather. illinois already hit quite hard. indiana is now in its path. keep it right here for where these tornadoes and storms are heading next.
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[ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. well, keeping a close eye on an extremely dangerous situation in the midwest. you're looking at the latest weather maps, and watches and warnings are outlined for you as tens of millions of folks are facing the threat of severe weather. it's happening in multiple states and in major cities. already communities in central illinois are reporting tornadoes touching down. you want to keep trite here with the fox newschannel for the very latest. president obama has now achieved record high disapproval ratings in the latest polling
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data, and a huge majority disapprove specifically of his handling of health care. but take a look at these stunning numbers that gauge his honesty, his trustworthiness. a majority believe the president knowingly lied when he promised americans they could keep their health plans. 40% think he didn't even know what he was saying when he said it. and the next poll shows that nearly 60% believe the obama administration knew ahead of time that millions would have their insurance canceled. joining us now to talk about it, david hawking, senior editor of "roll call." those numbers speak volumes. how much damage has the president done to his honesty and credibility whenever in the future he speaks to the american people? >> you know, i think significant. i'm not sure whether the adage about proving a negative is how
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you say this, but it's the best i can come up with. once your trustworthiness and credibility is called into question when you're the president or a corporate leader or leader of any organization, it's very hard to win it back, because there's no sort of affirmative hump you can get over to say i won it back. it's very easy for this reputation to sit in, and there will be very little in the coming weeks and months, in theory, unless something unforeseen happens in the world, to take the public's attention away from this. i think they'll be hounded on this, the public is, for quite some time to come. >> for the longest time it wasn't a mea culpa, it was a dea culpa. and he was blaming the insurance companies, absolutely trashing the insurance companies leaving out the critical fact that it was his law that forced the insurance companies to cancel all those plans. now on thursday and friday, he's
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begging the insurance companies to bail him out. they're not likely to do so, are they? >> they're not likely to do so for the very simple reason that they won't make the profits that they've been counting on if they do. it's a super-complicated system set up, obama care, and there's super complexity as to why the government should have gotten involved in this in the first place, but it's a super-complex formula that boils down to unless the healthy, inexpensive people sign up and pay their premiums, there's not going to be enough money for the insurance companies to make a profit and cover the sick and people who need it most. >> yeah, once those policies are term nalinate terminated, they're gone. a lot of these insurance carriers have literally left the individual insurance marketplace. they're not going to go back just because the president says please. the other aspect of this, david,
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is the president's fix, when you think about it, actually hurts his own health care plan. here's why. he's driving all of those people away from his exchanges by extending their current policies by a year. so, in other words, he won't for the next year have the volume or the risk balance that's necessary for obama care to function. so in that way, isn't this thing unraveling by his own hand? >> that's certainly, you know, what some of even his own supporters are suggesting. that's why i think on friday when we had this big vote on the so-called upton bill, i was actually thinking that maybe many more than 39 democrats would vote against the president. 39 still a pretty big number. one out of five democrats voting against him on this. i think it could have gone much higher but that there are plenty of democrats, still, who are
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certainly anxious to -- they feel like they're in this for a dime, they're in it for a dollar. they need to stick to the president or even the president's law. they're criticizing him, but they want to give the thing they voted for, they're taking heat on, as much option as it can to work, and the only way to keep an option to work is to keep the formula you just described in balance. >> 5 million in the individual marketplace have lost their policies. that's going to go up, as we understand it, to about 10 million. but then, of course, when you have the delay of the business mandate expire next year, then you're talking about tens of millions of people losing their employer-sponsored coverage, the cdo with the estimate at 20 million. i talked the other day to the former head of the cbo. he said it's going to be double that, 40 million, and actually, if you go back to 2010, and you look at the federal register,
12:49 pm
the obama administration's own estimate, it was a well-kept secret, but it's there in black and white. we have a copy of it. they estimate a total of 93 million americans will lose their coverage. my goodness, if even half of that happens, you're talking about political armageddon, aren't you? >> you know, that number is news to me. i'm wondering if there is any kind of asterisk on that or anything, but they might lose some coverage but they'll be put in different coverage, i'm assuming, is part of that. but maybe not. that would certainly be armageddon, and it's hard for me to imagine that the president would not have seen that coming, that his people would not have seen this coming. i think for those americans who don't feel like this big imbrogilo, this is even touching them, government is acting
12:50 pm
incompetently. it's damaging significantly both his own brand and the brand of democratic congressional candidates running close races. it's going to be tough. >> david hawkings, good to see you as the state braces for severe weather. just some of the pictures we'll show you on the other side of the break. ani quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems,
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well, indiana's bracing for the onslaught of nasty weather. tonight is going to be brutal. severe storms are triggering tornadoes and it's all rolling into that state. heavy rain is coming down in droves. joining me now on the phone is john ericsson, the senior public information officer for the indiana department of homeland security. thank you so much for taking a few minutes to talk to us. how difficult is your task at this time? >> well, at this time we're
12:54 pm
doing our best with the guidance of the governor to stay safe with the citizens of indiana. we have asked people to stay where they're at, get in a safe place and stay there until the storm passes. we are getting hit pretty hard right now. >> we are looking at a picture of indianapolis and we can't see anything because the weather is so strong there. it looks like a mix of rain and snow. what is the situation regarding tornadoes that you're aware of? >> we are getting preliminary reports of some tornadoes. we are working to confirm those. we are sending people to certain areas to assess, but we are getting some reports of some areas pretty hard-hit. >> how much time did you have to prepare for this, john? >> we have been monitoring this situation since late last week. we have been on phone calls with the national weather service talking about this. we have known this was coming. >> and are you aware of any injuries or hospitals in crisis mode? what are they getting? >> we have not received any reports of any injuries.
12:55 pm
it's pretty early. but we're just getting those reports of trees being turned over, power lines, we have about 25,000 people without power right now. most of them on the western side of the state. there really hasn't been any casualty reports at this time. >> the national weather service says the tornado watch in your area will continue until tonight. obviously, when the sun goes down and it's dark outside, it becomes even more difficult. what is your warning to folks in your area? >> stay where you're at and get to some place safe. limit your traffic. we would rather people not be on the roads in this type of weather, and just take care of yourselves. >> are you always seeing delays at the airport at this time? >> i haven't heard of any. i would be surprised if we're not. that isn't something we've been monitoring specifically. we're mainly looking at the damage that the storm has on roads and communications, et cetera. >> i think you can count on folks, once we see the aftermath
12:56 pm
of this, pitching in and helping your communities. thank you so much, john ericsson, from the indiana department of homeland security. we appreciate all the work you do. >> thank you. it is not just indiana and illinois, you're talking about southern michigan, western ohio, all of those states in that region. you're looking at not only tornadoes, multiple tornadoes, but you're talking about large hail, heavy winds that could uproot trees, take off roofs. people are being advised, take shelter if you're in that region. so be ultra careful. >> another thing, janice says the temperatures could drop some 30 degrees. stay warm, stay safe. thank you for keeping it here. much more later in the evening on the fox news channel. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus presents the cold truth. [ coughs, sneeze]
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s. a fox extreme weather alert. a very dangerous situation right now in the midwest. ten states are affected, especially illinois, indiana, southern michigan and western ohio. we're talking twisters, heavy hail, high winds. hello, i'm greg jared in america's news headquarters. >> i'm jamie colby. thank you for staying with us. we'll tell you about some 70 million people who were caught in the cross hairs of this extensive damage that's reported in illinois with structures reduced to rubble. trees have been uprooted, cars have been turned upside-down, and the national weather service says there could be more. they call the risk for severe weather significant and it


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