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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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this is a fox report. tonight desdpekz disloyalty. words tossed in our nation's capitol. members of president obama's own political party applying pressure on the white house. the president's problem- plagued health care law, they want it fixed. >> i hear you loud and clear and i said i would do everything to fix the problem. >> of course, he will need the insurance companies to help him. do you think they are going to want to help him do that? some states rejected president obama's now plan saying it could raise your premiums even higher.
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also a family of four, missing for years, a mystery that left their loved ones and authorities in their home state puzzled. so what happened to them. fox report and what police just found. and a passenger gone missing from a plane in midair. it was breaking news right here on fox. and now a big development. i upon harris faulkner and we begin with the upheaval on the affordable care act of the the act that would americans lives better. it is in a state of disarray and fores of political back lash looming in their homeitate and having some of them to deal with a legal way to deal with the broken promise of president obama if you like your health care you can cope it. 39 democrats broke ranks to support a bill to allow keeping
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their own plan. but a spin today, they thought the defection by the party members could have been worse. no matter the public relations end of all of it president obama promised to veto it and introduce his fix that let people to cope their plans for one more year. and law makers say that the president's plan does not go far enough. and so at this hour we are seeing what is going in the senate. six democrat senators, four in toss up and leaning states are now getting behind the bill by louse luis's mary landrieu and let the insurance company to allow the insurance policies indefinitely. molly, we'll go back to the house. what are we hearing from the
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democrats that jumped the fence? >> we are hearing that they are hearing from voters back home. 5 million americans are now losing health insurance because of obama care and one california democrat who voted with republicans yesterday said his party has to be flexibility as the obama care law takes affect. >> it is my vote as a doctor who understands health care is what is best for american patients and i have to be responsible to my constitiens. >> arizona democratic congressman who voted for the upton bill said that obama care is a huge bill over 2,000 pages and there are going to be unintended consequences and things are not working and i am about fixing things that don't work. and the democrat from new jersey who voted against the upton bill, 80 percent of the democrats stayed together and stayed with the president on the
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house vote. harris? >> when the employers start to cancel -- >> that was obviously a technical error and molly and i are talking to each another. and we have 39 democrats in the house and six in the senate and republicans say they expect more democratic defection. >> as more of the obama care law gets implemented house republicans believe that the democrats will jump ship. >> when the employers start to cancel those plans and putting those people in the exchanges, it is going to get worse. the democrats own the law and it is it a turkey and lemon and a question of time before the democrats wake up to the fact. >> the upton bill faces a steep cloim. but if it were to get through, president obama would likely
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veto it because the white house said the bill allows the insurance companies to sell policies that don't meet the standars. >> one critic calling the obama care a turkey. molly thank you very much. and putting politics. thorough fallout is hardest felt by the million was people who learn their policies are cancelled. president obama is trying to tell them that they can have the substandard policies. but the president's policy is not simple as sound. critics say allowing people to stay with their current plan could lead to higher insurance premiums in the future.
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>> the insurance excutives have the challenge of fulfilling the president's broken promise. sell back insurance plans to customers who receive a cancellation notice. a daunting feat. they can't reinstate without the governing bodies approval. and a number rejected the proposal saying it would raise premiums. >> it is a huge undertaking and hundreds of this happeneds of policies had cancellation notices issued to the policy harder andun doing that is a very, very difficult thing to do. >> the washington state said the states are split. florida, ohio and kentucky and texas they can sell back plans. and states such as maryland and kentucky are weighing options and many will follow the
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president'sord orders. >> he feels responsibility for taking steps to make the transition smoother and allow insurance companies and states to insure that they can renew their policies. >> remember, they don't have much time. december 15th is a dead line to purchase the plan on the insurance exchange for coverage beginning in 2014. >> and let's go to afghanistan, six people killed in afghanistan. and thousands of afghan elders are gathering for a meeting to come up with a deal. it was hours after the president karzi said the negotiators had finished the draft proposal. it would allow the troops to remain in afghanistan after the final withdrawal of
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international combad troops. so far no group claimed responsibility for the attack. but the taliban as usual tops the list of suspects. >> new developments as we look for answers on what happen to the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. fox news learned five ciowa a personnel and government contractors were asked to sign a second nondeclosure agreement. it is confirmed now. that the request came when the team gathered for the first time as a group for a memorial service who died. tyroen wood exercise glenn do herty and sean smith and ambassador stephens. they routinely sign secrecy agreements. >> and to the philippines where
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they are reeling from the super typhoon. there is boxes of relief goods and transfer evacuate es. it is a week since the typhoon hit the country. 36 people are confirmed dead. william? >> reporter: in any disaster there is story of loss and survival. the hurricane is deadliest in philippine history and exceeding the total of 5100 dead. for every casulty there is dozens more that see life. >> where were you in the typhoon. >> we were in our house. >> reporter: they live in a coastal town and he works in a local hotel. >> we can't go out there because
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of strong win. >> reporter: winds hit at 5:00 in the morning and the surge came later and destroying the first four houses and he lives in number five. >> no. in a matter of seconds the water was this high. >> because of the two or throw waves. >> and we prayed the whole time. >> did you think you were going to do i? yes, yes. >> they braced themselves inside a small bedroom. >> because of the tronning wind. i have plastic and recovery. and we loy downhere. and then the roof is gone and the ceiling. >> crashing on top of you. >> you survived because of the mattress. >> yes, yes. >> cross the street and next door dozens was neighbors didn't
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make it. and the hotel he works was destroyed. >> what was going through your mind? >> i said god. thank you for the second life. >> reporter: like everyone here he is struggling with basics, food and water. and seeing more heavy equipment on the road. harris, back to you? >> god, thank you for the second life. memorable. attorney general eric holder is pushing back at law makers that want to see him punished. holder is under fire for house law makers for refusing to turn over key documents for the fast and furious gun scandal. the obama administration is citing executive privilege in refusing to turn over those docs. it was an a tf program that
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he fell out of the waters in south florida. they believe they found the body of a 42-year-old man although not officially died. the pilot of the small private plane radioed for help and informing air traffic controllers that a door was open on the aircraft and his only passenger was gone. the plane was flying 2,000 feet southwest of miami. federal health officials are taking no chances. they have tried to control the spread of menigitus at princeton university. they are importing a vaccine. it is approved for europe and australia but only vaccine known to treat the type b bacteria that infected princeton. there are seven cases of the fatal menigitus. the decision to receive the vaccine is optional should princeton and the centers for
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disease control offer it to the students. university leaders say they are working with local and state health officials to prevent the further spread of the disease. meanwhile, students are advised to wash their hands and not share glass or eating utense ils. >> vip who attend a meeting are at the pentagon, defense chuck hagel and chairman of chief of staff martin dempsey. dom nick joins us from the reagan library in simi valley. >> reporter: harris, this is what is happening in the today. chuck hagel will talk about how essential it is to maintain
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readiness in the future. the time line is 2025. as they orientate away from the middle east to the pacific. the rise of china's military and the system they target u.s. air carriers in the pacific. it could be devastating in the conflict between the united states and china and this is the implications of that described today. attack a listen. >> the chinese have a anti- ship ballistic missile that threatens america's ability to project power. we can't do it with a shrinking defense budget we have. and if we don't change our course, we'll not be the dominant country in the western pacific in 2025. >> reporter: the shrinking defense budget is a concern.
4:19 pm
the coined of bomber platform that would be developed would be costly and going as highway as $1 trillion. it would be difficult for america to do that. and the sign of terrorism and chairman of joint chiefs of staff said it is a personal nightmare for him but listen. >> we defend the military network. and that doesn't us much good because dot mill domain is tied in with the internet in to every other enterprise and to the extent that they continue to remain vulnerable, we remain vulnerable. >> so two new fronts for america to be confronted with and not much cash to be protected. back to you. >> the mist row deepens in a break of a case of a family not seen in four years and
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a discovery in a southern california desert is raising new question was what happened to a family not seen in years. 40 year old joseph and his wife summer and four year old johny and joseph junior disappeared in 2010. it sparked what was called the most expensive search ever nothing turned up until this week.
4:24 pm
a motorcycle called police said he found bones in the desert. they were buried in shallow graves. two sets of remains identified as the parents and two smaller sets is the boys. the victim's family waiting to figure out how their loved ones was buried mills from home. >> it is not really the outcome we were looking for. it gives us courage to know that they are together. and they are in a better place. >> wow. we were covering this one when it was breaking. it is chilling. authorities thought originally they left to mexico. and now no evidence showing they ever crossed the border. >> a group of teachers in
4:25 pm
california is getting ready for a legal battle that can go all the way to the u.s. supreme court. claudia cowan has more. >> hard to imagine getting a job and then being forced by law to pay big bucks every year to keep that job, but that is the deal for public school teachers in california and 25 other states where public. os have to join a union as a condition of employment. a take that is making the cta one of the most powerful unions in the country. mandatory fees help to improve work place safety and negotiate better pay and benefits for all employees. they add members can opt out of dues that have political. they only get 30 percent of the
4:26 pm
money back. and a group of teachers filed sought saying they deserve the right to choose. >> some teachers may want to join and that is fine. but they can't compel membership. >> the fourth grade teacher is forced to pay a thousand a year to bank roll the union's agenda. she's in favor of school voucher programs. nyet my union fights against parental choice in education. so they are fighting against something that i believe in strongly. >> and that she said violates her constitutional right to fro speech. in a at the same time to fox news, the cta presidents called the lawsuit an attempt to weaken the unions and the workers they represent. the teachers argue it is about the first amendment and expect the case to go all the way to
4:27 pm
the u.s. supreme court. >> is president obama's so- called fix it for millions of people losing health insurance constitutional? >> i asked you a question. >> the beep machine doesn't work with him. he's so loud you can't get the beep loud enough. he's in hot water. he lashed at news reporter. just get in the car, we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future.
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i'm harris faulkner. if you are just joining us. president obama is promising an administrative fix to the broken promise if you like your health care plan you can cope it. and there are growing questions on both sides of the aisle as to whether his move sidestepping congress is constitutional. james rosen has more. >> the secretary's -- president's authority is used. >> and beyond that neither the white house or president obama in the hour long appearance
4:32 pm
cited any statute as the legal basis for the proposed fixes to obama care. that droery business was an 800 word fact sheet the inherent authority of kathleen sebelius and they will consider the impact of the transitional policy in assessing on whether to extend it beyond 2014. >> i am highly skeptical that they can do this administratively. i don't so in the law to do. that? it is a congressional bill. >> and the past summer the employer delayed the employer man date he can it by providing transitional relief to selected citizens in a law's
4:33 pm
implementation. but the original obama care law signed in law march 2010 provided for people to cope the plans they had as of that date. it was a rule issued by secretary sebelius that changed the ground rules for which plans was grandfathered in and that little noticed rule is what the president went back on and with every right to do so since it was executive branch rule. >> it was his secretary that created the problems that we have today. she through rule, secretary sebelius did not comply with the statute. >> we'll get more on the president's so- called fix on obama care. is it possible to implement it. joining me is yamy weinstein. good to have you on tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> why is the president's fix it
4:34 pm
plan an impossibility. >> it is unlikely to be able to be implemented. they have to go through the plans and the insurance companies have to submit them to the state regulators to approve them. it usually is a 90 day process. obviously the time between now and january 1st is far less than 90 days and to go through that process for cancelled plans is not feasible. and some state regulators said it is not possible and they will not do it even if the insurance companies will do it. it is not possible. >> we have not seen the administration do anything quickly with congress because they can't agree. the move by the president would under mind obama care working? >> the insurance company submitting the premium prices
4:35 pm
banked on people being thrown off old insurance that did not conform to obama care. a lot of them young and healthy and buying their insurance plans. and if you don't have those young and healthy people and if they are allowed to keep their insurance plan and the administrative fix goes through, that could cause the pool of people in the obama care exchanges to skew to the elerly and sick and cause premiums to sky rocket. that is problematic for the insurance companies. >> i am confused about something jamie. democrats who pushed the president to come up with an idea see one and then they defect from the president's side and vote with the republicans in the house? >> they are very worried. there is a lot of democrats that see the 2014 elections and are scared and want to solve the
4:36 pm
problem. i upon not sure there is a fix that is solvable to obama care. it might need to be repealed and replaced. they want to be seen to try to fix the problem. the constitients if they like their plan they can keep it. and they are finding out they can't in many cases fix. it they are trying to go out on a limbb and fix the problem and so they don't end up on the wrong side of the vote. >> the president is quick to say. you don't want to be on the wrong side of history. those are his words. it is now a case of duelling idea. >> i think all of the plans on the hill, i don't think they will fix obama care. they will undermine the exchanges to begin with and that
4:37 pm
were developed. and so i am not sure there is any way to undo obama care or fix obama care other than to repeal and replace it. you will have to stick with obama care and hope the bill that they put in place works its way out. i am skeptical of that. i think the only way to fix obama care is repeal and replace. >> they report that the office of florida senator marco rubio said that president obama's plan makes us bail out. and he's got his own bill. how is his different? >> remember when nancy pelosi said you have to pass a bill to see what is in it? >> yes. >> one of the provisions is anticipated a problem. the death spiral in the obama care exchanges and too many old and sickly people signing up and
4:38 pm
not enough young and healthy people to subsiddize them. and if insurance companies end up on the wrong side and losing money and not getting enough young healthy people to sign up. and the president promised when he passed the bill and impossible in the long run it is budget neutral. if he wants to bail them out if the pool is not correct. this could make it not budget neutral. and senator rubio is bailing out the insurance companies. and that could be a killer to the president's health care bill and that could undermine the exchanges and cause the death spiral. >> replace, repeal, the government shutdown and not politically expedient and texas senator ted cruz was right about a few things. does he get credit in the
4:39 pm
republican party now? >> i am one who said he does not get credit. this happen despite what he did. he called to defund obama care which was a political impossibility and no way that could be done with the democrats in control of the senate and the president in control of the white house. a democrat in control of the white house. what happened, happen in spite of that. and poll numbers in the shutdown, they went up in support of obama care. what is killing obama care is the implementation of the bill itself. and not ted cruz tit for tat strat in my opinion. njamie, thank you for joining us on saturday evening and the story continues, next week as we see what happens with the fixes and the bills that are proposed. jamie, thank you very much. >> a routine track stop takes a twisted turn and the entire thing caught on dash cam video. we'll see what happen when
4:40 pm
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>> in new mexico police released dash cam video shortly before we went live. it involved state police and mom and mini-van filled with several children. the officer stopped the man who was driving and tried to write her a ticket and then you will see what happens. it is interesting her response. >> you are doing a citation. >> she drove away and the police chased her and when she stopped. >> get out of the vehicle right now. >> you can hear screaming.
4:44 pm
and the officer tried to pull her out. after arguing she does get out and the officer tells her to turn around and face the vehicle and she walks away from him. and in the commotion the 14 year old son gets out and for reasons under investigation now. the officer pulled out a tazer. and opened dor. more screaming and the officer smashes the window. and the mom pulls away and officer foured three shots at a van and the woman surrender at the hotel. that mom is charged with child abuse and aggravated flee of a officer and in possession of's drug items. they found two marijuana pipes inside of the mini-van. and the 14 year old son is
4:45 pm
charged with battery of the officer. no word on the status of the police conduct. >> a college game set. the starting quarterback for winston salem was beaten up. it happen in a bathroom before the game. the football conference cancelled a volleyball game as a precaution and leaving fans wondering how it could happen. >> i still want to know why. i don't know why they were fighting and settle it on the field and show the guys how good you are. every home game i have been at and the volleyball game is cancelled too, that is ridiculous. >> so far one player is charged with a crime. but police say five students took part in the beating and more arrests could be coming.
4:46 pm
police are searching for three men caught on videotape as they force their way in a jewelry store. it is our top story as we go across america. georgia, the owner of the store in atlanta, was opening for the day. i opened my hands and i said don't hurt us. take what you want. they obeyed every command to stay alive. >> he put the gun at my head and said you want to go to morgue or home today you decide. >> they smashed the show cases and cleaned them out in less than four minutes. >> illinois four explosions and a massive ball of fire. >> i was close and i could feel the heat. three businesses burned including a store standing for 25 years. >> we were inside and everybody got out safe. >> the response was huge.
4:47 pm
200 firefighters working the scene. florida, the coast guard seizing cocaine with a street value of 40 million in port evergla it o speed boats and arrested three suspected smugglers. and montana, a man wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him and he decided to spell it out on a blow and took her in a plane so she could so it. >> there was a discolor sxagz i looked at it and i didn't want anybody to see me looking and then i saw the word marry. i was like no, it is not real. >> she said yes. that's the fox watch in america. >> and now starring in a hit tv
4:48 pm
comedy. it is real life drama for alec baldwin for lashing out at reporters and using offensive slur again. >> and a little boy, seeing his dream of that kid coming true. the whole story in case you missed it.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> the government is regouting to limit the number of taxis that can operate and here in new york city the permits have solid for a million dollars and new technology is allowing them to run their own car services. and john tosle takes a look in the association. >> and thousands of people already did that thanks to new cell phone technology and allows
4:52 pm
rides to people. people who want to ride have an application. others include a side car. they press a button and that flags the nearby driver. in this case, me. >> you can catch war on the little guy only on fox news channel. and in case you missed it. and humanit can surprise all of us. and a five-year-old little by battled luke louk and seeing the dream of being a super hero a reality and thousands of volunteers and an entire tea. and will car and touching details on that kid. >> and the streets of san francisco are safer and five year old miles scott. miles was diagnosed with
4:53 pm
leukemia and the make a wish foundation is helping his dream come true by turning fog city in gotham city for a day. and that is starting with a ride in the bat mobile before facing off with a dibollical enemy. the first call of duty and that is cable car tracks and miles, as he robbed a downtown bank. and alerted him to a penguin. and they rescued the mascot in true heroic fashion before ending the day at city hall. and presenting him with the keys to the city. on behalf of san francisco and goth amcity i want to thank the bat kid for saving our city. they participated in miles big
4:54 pm
day. and among them president obama recorded a video message for the newest super hero they tweeted congratulations to miles and the u.s. attorney got involved as well and he indicted all of the bad guys and cent them out for his help. in los angeles fox news. >> if you have ever doubted the power of the social media. actor turned tv host alec baldwin was caught on tape again getting in a confrontation with a news reporter and what he yelled to another journalist has him in trouble with the new bosses. >> i did nothing wrong, alex. >> not that we like tooting our own horn but...
4:55 pm
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a talk host is on shaky grouvenltd mspbc yanked it off the schedule for two episodes. and baldwin was caught on tape using an antigay slur confronting a new york city photographer. >> i am putting my wife and baby in the cab. (bleep). and that continues. baldwin makes that inproement comment. it is one of many testing comments that baldwin had with reporters in the past week. >> you almost hit the microphone. >> i honestly did not. >> you want to apologize. i asked you a question. i asked you a question. get the (bleep) out of here. nwow, it is hard for a bleep machine to keep up with him. baldwin and his wife and new born child had been in the media
4:59 pm
spotlight. and he has sense apologized >> fox top stories, a missing person's case is more serious. the skeptal remains of a couple and two boys in the desert. the authorities are trying to figure out how they ended up buried. and police in florida said they found a body of a man who fell out of a plane. the pilot radioed that the dorwas opened on the aircraft and the passenger was gone. foul play is not suspected. i am harris, faulkner. thanks for watching. huckabee begins in 15 seconds.
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♪ ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> my fellow americans, while promoting the affordable care act i promised over and over again if you like your health care plan and your doctor, you can cope them. well, what i said was not accurate. as millions of you received letters from your insurance companies and saying that your policies are cancelled because of obama care. and so today, i am announcing that if your insurance policy was cancelled because of obama care, it can be renewed. but there is one thing i


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