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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 11, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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yeah, spinach. air conditioners. i hate you. if i ever see you again, i will destroy you. i will hunt you down. i will take your pants. i will set them on fire. i hate these people. when you go to a comedy club, just smile and laugh. >> yeah. don't laugh loudly or greg will come after you. >> that's it "the five." this is the fox news alert. i'm bret baier. big news on the small number of people across the country who successfully signed up for obama care. chief national correspondent jim engel is here with the news live this afternoon. >> reporter: hello, bret. industry leaders tell fox that by last week only 50,000 people had signed up for the federal exchanges under obama care putting the administration far behind its goal of 500,000 in the early days, 7 million by early next year. and that further complicates efforts to fix another problem. >> reporter: the administration is desperately searching for
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someone who is searching. how do you unravel the chaos by 4 million cancellations at the time they're trying to sign up 7 million uninsured. >> all of a sudden the interest in delaying or putting off obama care is bipartisan. you have democrats and republicans. everybody knows we're not ready to do this. >> lawmakers have suggested several options, extend the enrollment period, delay the mandate for a year or delay the entire law for a year. >> take another year, everybody take -- catch their breath. let them stay on the old plans and we can continue to fight about this in 2014. >> if you delay the individual mandate you must delay the mandated new coverages that begin on january 1, 2014. you can't mandate all of these new benefits and not have those healthy young people come in the system to help pay for those benefits. >> the obama care program cannot sustain itself if we don't get lots and lots of healthy people signing up. and if the administration just suspends the mandate, they're
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guaranteeing that they have a financial catastrophe. >> because it needs healthy people to pay more to cover the costs of those who are older and sicker. the main focus of fixes would be to help those the president acknowledges were hurt by the law which resulted in the cancellation of millions of policies but undoing the damage that's done will be difficult for insurance companies. >> they have put all the cancellations through and eliminated those policies the way they were required to do by law. you can't just hit the reset button here. >> he says it would take about six months to reinstate policies under the state regulations which govern them. one official floated the idea of higher subsidies to reduce the sticker shock, but like other options, that would have to go to congress. >> i think you'd need a statute to do this cleanly and fairly for everyone. >> even if the subsidies were raised, the problem is the website isn't working enough so that most people can see any numbers. of course, the president would have to backtrack on another pledge that obama care wouldn't
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raise the deficit by a penny. bret? >> jim, thank you. in his re-election bid president obama's campaign slogan was forward. that still seems to be the goal, forward from the shaky obama care website, broken promises and broken cancellation prompts to work on other policy goals. wendell goeler explains. >> reporter: they've withhold comment that the president said privately, if i had known, we could have delayed the website. mr. obama is trying to avoid being a prisoner to bad news about the affordable care act rollout as he was during the effort to contain the deep water horizon oil spill. last week he expanded to talk about it and enlisting business leaders' support for immigration reform, but with health still not working as well as it needs to, and his own comments
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about what was arguably obama care's promise. >> i am sorry people are finding themselves in this position based on assurances they got from me. >> the president is finding it difficult to change the subject. house republicans will grill another obama care official this week asking why a website that costs hundreds of millions of dollars didn't work. >> i want to know why we were promised a state of the art website and we got an abbey cuss and a sun dial. leon panetta said the mistake was trusting the health and human services bureaucracy. >> you cannot rely on the bureaucracies to do this work. they're not the ones that have the capability in fact to get this done. >> larry summers sees lasting damage. he says even if the web side's fixed by the ent of the month, a shadow has been cast on the
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federal government's confidence. meanwhile, up for re-election in 2014, the head of the democratic national committee believes there will be better news by then. >> i think that democratic candidates will be able to run on obama care as an advantage leading into the 2014 election. >> still, republicans say they'll be happy not to change the subject. >> this issue is going to be toxic for the democrats. believe me, we will tattoo it to their foreheads in 2014. >> democrats say running against him in 2012 but the 2014 requirement that people buy insurance if they can afford it may focus more attention on it. a bit later he feels bad about government bureaucracy. first, stocks started the week mildly ahead. the dow notched its thirty record of the month addings 21
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points. the s&p 500 was up 1. the damage in the philippines is far worse than expected. estimates of 10,000 dead, 600,000 displaced by typhoon haiyan. wind gusts topping 175 miles per hour and huge waves swept away entire villages. all systems, all vestiges all down. a medical student tells righters, people are like zombies looking for food. it's hard to wran your mind around this devastation. on this veterans day we honor our veterans. the u.s. military sent marines
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and sailors on the scenes of almost unimaginable death and destruction in the philippines. they're organizing temporary shelters, food and hygiene supplies and late this afternoon we learned the aircraft carrier "u.s.s. george washington" and other u.s. navy ships are also on the way to help. first responders and international aid groups are doing all they can, but things are really bad. correspondent claudia cowen takes a look at a situation that seems like it's only just beginning. >> reporter: the destruction and loss of life brought on by the typhoon simply known as yolanda in the philippines is massive. three days after the storm made landful, bodies still lie in the street. homes are gone, and much of the infrastructure is destroyed. >> a disaster can pretty well overwhelm any forest and cities. >> i have airplanes and helicopters. i have airplanes that can look for people in areas that are stranded. >> reporter: the filipino president says more than 20
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countries have pledged aid. in addition to the marines, secretary of state john kerry promised a full commitment from the u.s. that commitment is echoed by president obama and reminds them that there's spirit and resilience through this tragedy. >> i tried to reach him and he kept on telling me, i can't hear you, i can't hear you. >> state side as they wait for the whereabouts, a number of humanitarian groups are waiting to raise funds and necessities like medical supplies. here in the san francisco bay area, the tight knit community are doing themselves pictures and i can't imagine what people are going through right now. >> reporter: but for those who survived the storage the road will be painful. the economic impact and the
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guest toll of to keep praying, keep helping and stay united. >> it is a waiting game for many in the philippine know/american committee here. some are holding out hope they'll get that call saying their loved ones are safe. others are relying on red cross volunteers to find and locate those who are still missing. sfwlet. >> up next, a deal and no break through. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox affiliate in tulsa has the crash. his son died in the crash. wtbt in tampa is watching the play in dolphin. miami plays tampa during monday
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night football. this is a live look at wtxf from our fox affiliate there. a man shows up at the philly airport and is told someone already flew somewhere earlier that day using his identity. they're looking for exactly what happened in there. outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. i always wanted to design a bike that honored those who serve our country. and geico gave me that opportunity. now naturally, we wanted it to be powerful, innovative and we built this bike as a tribute to those who are serving, those who have served and their families. and i think we nailed it. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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talk to your cvs prmacist, ll, or go to to get your free, personalized pl comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. there is a deal between iran and world powers regarding that country's world ambitions, but it's not the deal, not the one many foreign observers were looking for. as to who scuttled the deal, there's much finger pointing. here's amy. >> reporter: when secretary of state john kerry and his
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counterparts winged it to geneva at the very last moment, it was expected that finally a deal was about to be done with iran. in the end the french apparently wanted tougher terms. some called france the spoiler, others a savior. senator john mccain tweeted, france had the courage to prevent a bad nuclear deal. >> there was unity but iran couldn't take it at that particular moment. they weren't able to accept that particular agreement so hard work was done, progress was made, the p 5 plus one was united. >> what happened behind closed doors remains a wrap. some say iraq has been so hobbled with setbacks that it may in fact not be anywhere near operational and may have gone so far as to speculate that france
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may have honed in on that to secure lucrative business deals in places like the saudi arabia. others say it was begin u win concern. it sounds like the nuclear watchdog with the head of iran's access and information about iran's programs as many questions remain and brittain's second says she's optimistic. he thanked all involved for their hard work including iran's foreign minister. >> he is a tough but constructive negotiator who displayed a sincere and open approach throughout the zblauks today they said they are not reopening the industries who can act as a bridge. they closed down in 2011 after
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angry clouds stormed it. good evening, bret. >> the most hopeful way to look at the current sanctions is the economic restrictions are biting so hard that tehran is entitled to buy another. if you're around, buy need to prove it. the latest word on stopping the processing was an emphatic no which raises the question, who wants to deal more and why. president obama will never allow iran to carry weapons. iran has continued in that direction despite the sanctions bringing the president face to face with the need to take action. this is a president who is eager to end wars, not start them.
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the president's second term agenda is going nowhere and the big achievement of the first term, health reform, has proven to be a disaster. what could be better than the deal with iran. is ra israel with a lot to lose is worried. it doesn't trust president obama either, bret? >> what about the role of france and how it's being played. >> unusual, i would say. whether france is the power that blew up this near agreement or whether it was the iranians to be seen. when france sounds the a lime some courses is leaving the same way france isn't an weary country. the fact this he this are
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worried, they don't trust the u.s. the way that they did. >> there may be a vokrom questions. maybe france is showing how that's done. >> fred, thank you. what happened when ideology is put into practice. they are getting their lives back on top. as born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (annouer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of theear. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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every year on veterans day the president lays a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery paying tribute to america's veterans. president obama proclaimed the country's obligations to those who have served, quote, endure
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long after the battle ends. a newer tradition, the american veterans center, hosts a program called the wounded warrior experience. it's made possible by the military order of the purple heart service foundation. several severely wounded veterans are getting their lives back on track. national security correspondent jennifer griffin shares their stories. >> improvised explosive devices. the hidden enemy during the past 11 years of war. >> before i knew it, i felt that fire extinguisher coming over my body. a few things came over me at that precise moment, one, the physical relief, the absolute cooling sensation. putting away the heat. then you had the emotional aspect. i'm being saved. maybe i won't die here. i still have a fighting charge. >> michael schlitz hit a roadside bomb. >> the first 30 surgeries i don't have any recollection of
3:23 pm
it. coming out of it though, they took skin from the bottom of the feet, they took it from every area they could get it and slowly kind of piecemealed it together. >> 83 surgeries, burns over 85% of his body. he also lost both his arms. >> the idea of suicide pretty much overwhelmed me. i had a million ways planned out how i could kill myself. i kept pushing through the rehab. one day i had that first prosthetic. that night i got to go home and feed myself. just that little bit of independence, that little bit of freedom was enough to say, okay, i still have a fighting chance again. >> for many returning vets, their wounds are incompetent visible. >> after sitting in my kitchen today rolling a handgun and drinking heavily with alcohol becoming the only family i knew, i passed out from drinking so much. it's the only day i'll be happy
3:24 pm
i self-medicated because i wasn't able to take my life. >> he was hit by a roadside bomb nine times. after the eighth explosion he asked for help and was told to get back into his humvee. >> when that ninth direct hit came, it shattered my world. i started to build a prison in my mind. >> there's marine staff sergeant here who was in fallujah. he ran up a staircase into enemy fire to save marines trapped by insurgents. >> nightmares. i would drink a case at beer at night to go to sleep. i was on no medication. i had seen no doctors. i just thought, i mean, maybe this is normal. i don't know. >> what were the nightmares? >> i just -- losing three marines, you know, just running up those stairs wondering, did i do everything i could? >> eventually these veterans got
3:25 pm
help. >> i actually consider myself pretty -- pretty lucky. my injuries are pretty physical. >> since last november i haven't thought about suicide. self-medication is a thing of the past. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. if you want to learn more, head to you can click on the wounded warrior experience. as of friday, 2153 americans have died in operation enduring freedom in afghanistan. as we go to break the names of those killed since the start of september. on this veterans day we extend our thanks, in particular, to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
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pickings from the political grapevine. christmas commercials seem to appear earlier every year. in venezuela came early.
3:30 pm
nicholas maine ndur row declared christmas season was now. the celebration means workers will receive the first 2/3 of bonuses. critics claim it was pandering ahead of the election. rising crime, food shortages and meduro blames the extreme right for those issues. he says, quote, early christmas is the best vaccine for whoever wants to invent rioting and violence. a second amendment debate is brewing at began zganzaga unive. they used a pistol to scare off someone. the next day security police were placed on probation. they for bid the use of all
3:31 pm
uses. ganzaga's president released a statement saying this is a good time to objectively look at it with conceptual issues with an eye towards honest and open review. the roommates plan to appeal the investigation. want a free subway ride? in russia, all you have to do is 30 squats. you do the skauts in front of this machine and counts the reps. once you hit 30, your ticket pops out. russian state media is to we can get shorts, it's about getting everyone involved in a sporting lifesty lifestyle. the obama care rollout has demonstrated the real world impact of putting ideology into practice. it's given president obama a moment of pause. chief washington correspondent
3:32 pm
james rosen explains. >> reporter: modern american politics has no greater chance than being in front of governor barack obama. >> the american people during the shutdown had a chance to get some idea of all the things that, large and small, that government does that makes a difference in people's lives. >> the playing rollout of president's signature law says his first one defrosting it that way. mr. obama speaking to chuck todd seems to have awake jenld to the concern. >> when we buy i.t. services it is so bureaucratic and cumbersome that a whole bunch of it doesn't work and it ends up being over cost. i actually think that once we
3:33 pm
get this particular website fixed, there are going to be some lessons learned in general. >> you don't expect the president of the united states that the bureaucracy that i've been building up all of these years. the government is trying to do something that they're i will suited to do. >> liberal commentators say conservatives are wrongly diagnosing from the website's obama care. >> that means the i.r.s. won't be able to afford it. it's all going to crash down but, again, i think that is at this point, you know, not based in logic so much as wishful thinking. >> at his increasingly contentious briefings, white house press secretary jay carney has spoken about how much obama care builds on rather than going
3:34 pm
for the private sector. >> doesn't the private sector do this better than the government does? >> the fact is we have experts from the private sector as well as from government and academia working on this project. none of the problems with the website. >> what democrat that he talked about. quote, mr. president, could you please avoid throwing the right wing nut jobs anymore red meat about government incompetence and being too big and inefficient. thank you. the jets are participating. quick video. it's your chance to sit on the panel real time, provide feedback what the panelists are saying. you can do all of that and then you don't have to worry about
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so i try to make sure they're able to fix the system by the end of november. i hope they can, but if they can't, they ought to be honest about what they're confronting. and i think ultimately that if they can fix it, they can put this back on the right track. if they can't fix it, then i think the president may very well have to accept some changes. former defense secretary, leon panetta. he was the former head of the cia. he was once the white house chief of staff. there's a few things about how the train is running.
3:39 pm
let's bring in our panel. i'm going to call charles's box, i'll call it ttm, things that matter. here are the numbers. private insurance enrollment from federal exchanges, according to the insurance companies, less than 50,000 across the country. the hhs goal for october and then december from what we heard was 500,000. they still have a goal in march. what about this? >> well, this isn't more -- i don't care what start of the united states you're in. the time limit is they can continue to blame a broken web
3:40 pm
size, but now it looks like there's enough charges before them which was another expectation that they've raised not only with how much -- how many people they would enroll, 500,000 in the first month, 7 million, but now they've said we're going to have a website fix in 2.5 weeks. that is going to be another pr disaster. i agree with leon panetta. they certainlily need to begin planning. >> charles, this is the kufl war trip, the prerl did well. obama draw a wile. i think as damaging as the website problems are, i think
3:41 pm
more his numbers are exaccepted it's great when they're wanting him to play on vaeng. he was cut in an irish perception. the fact that he kbunded it when you say we're really sorry about all of the people who lost their insurance. we didn't craft the law appropriately. that is precisely the opposite of what i've done. all you had to do to craft the law was say anybody who has insurance can keep it. there's no crafting it at all. having the maximize. 40% of your insurance they pay you if you run in now. if there was any changes in your
3:42 pm
insurance. that would throw you into the pool of people who would loss insurance. the crafting was done precisely that. this is one perception after another and it turns out that they can't get the run. that's another area. that's going to be another nouns. ten times fewer than their estimated goal for the first month at 50,000. >> it's devastating. on the one hand. on the other hand, if the enrollments had been higher they would be in a worst position now than what it calls the back end
3:43 pm
changes. off a little bit to being totally nonsense sickal, unreadable. if insurance companies are getting that kind of data. if it creates more problems than it solves. if the enrollment numbers had been higher, it bottom line is what exactly? it's going to be delayed. that's going to happen. the website is not going to be close to functional. the law will have to be relaid that he wants it frmt we have a real humanitarian fever.
3:44 pm
medical treatment that they desperately need. when we look at what things might look like in january. >> meantime, obviously investigation's ongoing at capitol hill. you want to take a listen. >> i want to know why we were promised a state of the ard saab by cute and sunday dime. why didn't you have it hundreding to the to ire the third. >> we're told he's a sabat. why is he just now getting involved? where has he been for the past three years? >> the white house is working on the website. are republicans going down the right road with this kind of inquiry at this moment? >> well, i think anyways of
3:45 pm
taxpayer dollars, he is right. they had years to get this right. the president said he's so angry now. if he knew it was a disaster he would have delayed the launch of the website. >> by the way, just to interrupt, how is it possible that the white house chief of staff didn't know that that was going on? none of that is acceptable. either you're so disinterested or you're covering up. senator kay haggan is calling for re-election. they're calling for an investigation into what went wrong. it will not just be congressman goudy. there will be a bipartisan push for an investigation. >> i have only one dispute for congressman goudy. >> next up, the iranian nuclear deal or a lack thereof.
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we are not blind and i don't think we are stupid. i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interest of our country and of the globe and, particularly, of our allies, like israel. and gulf states and others in the region. we are absolutely determined that this would be a good deal or there will be no deal. >> the israelis are apoplectic about what we are doing. i have never been more worried about the obama administration's approach to the middle east than i am now. we seem to want deals worse than anybody else in the region. thank god for france and thank god for push back. well, in geneva, it was said to be a deal in the making with iran, the p 5
3:50 pm
plus iran plus iran on a nuclear arms deal. it kind of fell apart. it still in negotiations. but it is said that france wanted tougher terms for iran. we're back with the we're back with the panel. steve, there's different reporting about this. the news is about how this came to be. the french foreign minister was hurrying to sort of intervene before the united states and iran could agree on a bad deal. look, the 23refrench deserve cr. it's not what i would have predicted before the talks. it's very clear that israel is deeply concerned. i don't think that this statement that prime minister netanyahu made last
3:51 pm
friday, it was a scathing denunciation of this would be deal, delivered, it should be noted in english, i think for a reason. the kind of talk we really haven't heard from them. but, if you go back to his meeting at the white house, and then speech that he gave at the united nations a short time later, it's very clear that he thinks that israel is on its own. >> and congress seems like it's anxious in a bipartisan way to get involved in these discussions. possibly passing more sanctions from capitol hill. >> right. not to actually reach a deal, to increase ouring leverage. and tighten sanctions. it really is interesting. what steve said is really to me the only thing that matters. there is no deal with the israelis strongly vigorously opposing this and rejecting it. the path to a deal is through something that israel can live with, obviously senator graham is right. president obama's domestic agenda is in the toilet right now with obamacare.
3:52 pm
and he is desperate for a deal. i think he will keep on trying for one. and maybe, you know, maybe he can get somewhere if he changes the terms. you can't get somewhere if you say this is a terrible deal. forcing the issue of peace talks with the palestinians at the same time is really a mistake. i think they should stick to a deal on iran and nukes and then get some vanks in exchange for sanctions relief and put off the palestinian peace talks for another time. >> let me share this from our site. you say will a deal ultimately be reached with iran? 90% say. no 10% say yes. charles? >> 90% say it should be reached on these terms. israelis weren't even in geneva. it was the french who stopped it the french foreign minister called it a sucker's deal and the french have been at negotiations for several centuries. and they know one when they see one.
3:53 pm
the reason why this is a sucker's deal is. this it's quite simple. the only reason that the iranys are at the table the economic sanctions are so strict and harsh right now that the regime stability is threatened. the only way iran would ever give up nukes, ever, is if the regime has a sense that it is threatened. that's the only thing that would stop them. and they are now beginning to worry about economic instability in the country. here we are at a point of maximum leverage. what does this so-called deal offer? it relieves the iranians. it changes, it weakens the infrastructure of the sanctions. allows the iranians to deal with oil and gold and gives them a doubling of their cash on hand which would relieve the pressure. and it does nothing about the infrastructure of their nuclear program. in other words, it takes away our leverage and it gives them a free ride. that's why the french walked away. and that's why if we
3:54 pm
conclude anything like this. it will be a disaster. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for touching moments involving our heros. plus, sr bing pulse highlights. keep it here. every day, small business owners are using tools like email and social media marketing from constant contact to grow their business. they're getting customers coming back. fans following their business online. and new customers through the door. see how constant contact's products and people can help you grow your business. start your free trial at [ ding dong ] [ male announcer ] you can get great discounts on oh... [ male announcer ] roadside assistance from allstate, and avis, budget and budget truck. all one place. popcorn. [ male announcer ] find offers from regal cinemas,
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♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. tonight's sr bing poll hiltsd republicans disagreed more than democrats when they said they crafted the number of people to maximize people though lost insurance. high across the board which when steve pointed out the data the flawed more enrollments would complicate it agreement from men and women spiked when i asked how is it possible that the white house chief of staff didn't know and ab responded that's unacceptable. tonight's votes total 250,000. finally tonight ton this veterans day we want to leave with you reunions of our military and their families. every welcome home moment is the best for that family. our thanks to welcome home
3:58 pm for letting us bring you some the most heart welcome warming welcome homes ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> daddy. >> i missed you so much. >> i love you. ♪
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♪ i love you daddy. >> a lot of my comrades won't be coming home to their families. sometimes we have forgotten what we are fighting for. we don't choose to leave our families. we do this because we love our country. ♪ that you leave me hope ♪ ♪ >> not a dry eye here.
4:00 pm
how about you at home? thank you for your service and sacrifice and welcome home. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. ♪ >> greta goes "on the record" right now. just got worse. new information tonight, here is a hint. zero on one exchange. can president obama bail himself out of this mess? his critics are on fire. >> the president's biggest problem right now is you have got to tell the truth. >> who committed the greater fraud bernie madoff or barack obama? madoff defrauded a few. this is defrauding the entire country. >> he needs to stand up in front of the american people and say, you know what? i perpetrated a fraud. >> he totally lied. he therefore got his obamacare passed now if congress had known this even the democrats would have voted against him. >> i wonder why we were promised a state of the


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