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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that's it for today. have a great week. we will see you next fox news sunday. >> fox news sunday is a presentation of fox news. >> help is on the way from the united states military, people suffering half way around the world from us after one of the planets strongest storms, a super typhoon hit their nation. a super typhoon is a storm that has winds above 150 miles an hour. it is equal to a category four or five hurricane. the philippines, good friends for the united states, a place with a strong democracy but having a tough time helping its own people. our planes are in the air and some have already touched down. they will do some search and rescue. the storm itself has slowed down a bit now expected to hit
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vietnam within an hour or so. where has it been? you're seeing that now. the philippines. the red cross says 10,000 people may have died here, maybe more. absolutely no estimates so far on how many are injured and need medical care to survive the night. this is what the typhoon left behind. carna carnage. hell on earth. >> we walked from the hotel. it took three hours. but, our goal is i must go out of this city. >> you heard her say i must get out of the city. so many people left behind with nothing and nowhere to go. and we're told looting is taking over. people are desperate for food, fuel, and water. the united nations says its
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ramped up critical relief operations but they just can't reach many areas because they are cut off by flooding and landslides. in america, great hearts and minds working on how to help. our nation mobilizing along with our military. president obama has signed a statement in the u.s. saying that we are providing significant humanitarian assistance adding that they will further assist recovery efforts there. and we pray here and around the world. pope francis led tens of thousands in silent prayer. the philippines has the largest number of catholics in asia and filipinos are one of rome's biggest immigrant communities. journalist mike kohn is joining us by phone. what do you so? >> in some of the places. .
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we stopped counting the bodies. as the president said, the goal is now to help the living. they are piling up the death toll as we speak. but, they are basically saying they don't want to, you know, cause too much anguish for relatives back in other countries where filipinos have immigra immigrated. we have got the largest expat american population here in the philippines. there are about 300,000 american citizens who live here. u.s. troops are on the ground. and we have seen at least one or two american planes land so far all right. so the help is here. it's orn the ground and overnight we have been seeing that. >> you know, mike, i'm curious. we're hearing that it may be a
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long night and days in some of the areas that have been cut off. what's it like in the areas right now? >> imagine the aftermath of a super tornado that make it 300 miles wide and then move it over 600 miles. that's the distance of the devastation that they're dealing with. when you look at it from the air, you can see how bad the entire situation is on the ground. you have got thousands of people. looking for food and water. the city that is the hardest hit city reported so far, they are lucky because a lot of local journalists base themselveses there. beyond that we have got scores of communities and towns. 36 provinces, 9 million people affected and we don't know how many of them are, you know, mirror images of what you're seeing on the videos that we are putting out. >> before i let you go, some social immediate yarks people
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able to get some messages out and i'm not even sure how but they are complaining that the government there is not acting quick enough. what is the actual story? what's happening? >> philippine president himself was on the ground yesterday. he has been to most of the places. the philippine government has sent in troops. they are bringing in whatever supplies they have in the area. there were warnings in advance, 24 hours before people were told to get out of the way, but there is no way to get out of the way to get out of the way of a super storm this way. it's bigger than katrina. this is the strongest storm in history. >> we appreciate your reporting tonight, mike. let's get more now, a lot of you are asking how you can help. carol stern is the president and ceo for unicef. what is the best way for people to directly help? and i want to kind of recognize the fact that some people feel like if they give funds they
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won't go where they need to go? >> often in the wake of an emergency you see a lot of pop up groups, people with very good intentions trying to help. i'm proud to stand and represent unicef because we have been on the ground with this country since the 1940s. we shipped ourselves and we had prepositioned supplies. look to organizations that have that kind of record. >> one of the reasons you have been on the ground has to do with the number of children who need support on a regular basis. what are the numbers that you're dealing with now? >> obviously, the rapid assessment is still going on. most recent numbers predict that there will be close to if not over 4 million children impacted by this complete disaster. >> one of the disturbing details says that all systems, all ves tajs of modern living are down. that's a quote. how does that complicate helping these people?
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>> in the immediate wake it's all about rescue and response. so it's water. it's sanitation, it's nutrition and it's health care. it's the medicines and what you need. it's preventing secondary diseases that happen when water is stagnant and it's also about child protection. when you can't get to kids it's hard to supply them with any of that. >> how dangerous is it for the kids? the president is considering declaring marshall law? >> in in emergency, children are the most vulnerable victims. they are often separated from those they loved. they have lost families and homes and they don't have the maturity to seek the help that they need. >> all right. we appreciate you coming in. now we're going to put up some of that information that you have brought in for ou viewers to help. thank you for your time. i know it's going to be very busy. carol may end up traveling to the area as she has in the past.
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begun, if you want to help here are several ways. you can simply call toll free 1-800-4-kids. or text the word relief to 864233. and we will talk this up throughout the newscast as well. it will sit on my facebook page. for more information you can contact the u.s. fund for unicef. and all of that right now at the bottom of your screen. let's turn now to iran and the effort toss prevent that islamic regime from building a nuclear bomb. with three days and no deal reach, there are new kurns about any possible agreement with iran on curbs to its nuclear program. congress is now preparing for a push towards additional sanctions. and israel, our most important ally in the middle east has lshd
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called any outcome a bad deal for the world. today our secretary of state, john kerry, defending the negotiations to a skeptical international community. >> we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid. i think we have a pretty strong sense on how to measure if we are acting in the interest of our country and the global and particularly of our allies like israel and gulf states and others in the region. >> this was wrapping up last night and the stoorry has moved fwrampltd steve? >> with talk set to continue in ten days there are concerns here at home especially in israel as you have heard. iran would give up little or nothing. >> it's a bad and dangerous
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deal. the deals are the things that affect our survival. and when it comes to the question of jewish survival and the survival of the jewish state, i will not be silenced. ever. not on my watch. >> in the meantime iranians president called the talks a work in progress. and said iran must be allowed to continue enriching uranium. he said that's a red line that cannot be crossed and is not negotiable. enrichment stockpiles on a new facility are now under construction? iran. all items that were discussed during the geneva talks. some worry that iran will be given too much lee way and proposing further sanctions. those talks are coming from both sides of the aisle. >> you can't trust the iranianss. they are lying about their nuclear program. they have been hiding very important aspects of their
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nuclear program. my concern here is that we seem to want the deal almost moreira. you can't want the deal more than the iranianss especially when the iranians are on the ropes. >> harris? >> steve reporting for us in washington tonight. thank you. fresh off his big re-election victory, chris christie is making the rounds on sunday talk shows and he explained why he thought he won in new jersey and how his victory including winning the majority of hispanics of the state could be the blueprint for republicans to win back the white house. but actually it was questions about his own future, not the partdy, and a possible 2016 white house run that dominated today. >> what i'm interested in doing is being the governor of new jersey. we have got a lot of things to do, a lot of things to focus on. everybody is going to be speculating on what may come in my future and lot of other
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people's future in our party but i'm focused on being the governor of new jersey and the chairman of the republican governor's association. those jobs will keep me pretty busy. >> and coming up later this hour, fox news political insiders will be here. they will try to answer whether chris christie is the heir apparent for the presidential election in 2016. do you think that's the case or is it just too soon to talk about any of it? tweet me. right now they are looking into a birthday celebration that turned deadly. a gunman opened fire on a house that was packed with more than 100 party goers. >> and just how many people did enroll in obama care and the true effect those huge website glitches are having. stay close. [ male announcer ] did you know
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in texas, a birthday party ended with two high school students shot dead. more than 100 people were at that girl's 18th birthday celebration when shots rang out. apparently the people who were hosting the party had been searching people at the door but they believe the suspect may have entered in through a back gate. social media played a role. >> any time that you promote a birthday party on social media, you have no control over who to expect at your door. >> the number of injured are rather staggering. at least 19 people hurt including some who jumped from second story windows to escape it all. police are searching for two men
4:17 pm
believed to be between the ages of 17 and 22. and a teenager is in custody on what is described as an attempted robbery at a popular ice rink. the suspect opened fire at bryant park last night injured two people at-tried to steal a coat. one was shot in the torso the other in the leg. both are expected to recover. at least two people were hurt in the commotion. let's turn now to the affordable care act and new reaction tonight to the very bumpy roll out of the federal exchanges where americans are supposed to be able to go and shop for coverage. the problems with the website have been well documented, but our first real look at the true impact of all of the glitches and crashes may be only days away. this as lawmakers continue to press president obama to address the problems head on.
4:18 pm
peter? >> this week we're finally going to find out how many americans enrolled in new plans at health during month one. by the end of month twoed the administration hopes to have the site working better for almost everyone. but leon panetta is not so sure that is possible and he has got advice for his former boss. >> i any ultimately if they can fix it they can put this back on the right track. if they can't fix it then i think the president may have to accept some changes. >> the white house was asked friday if there are any changes to obama care on the horizon and the spokesmen responded with this. the president has said for years now that he is open to working with members of congress that have a genuine interest. this morning we heard two different predictions for the trou impact of obama care at
4:19 pm
ballot boxes this time next year. >> democratic candidates will be able to run on obama care as an advantage. >> this issue is going to be toxic for the democrats and believe me we will tattoo it to their foreheads in 2014. we will run on it and they will lose because of it. >> right now not all visitors can apply for coverage as technical -- consumers can fill in the blanks online but need to -- to admit location. >> peter, thank you. for the very first time, the miami dolphins dc for suspected bullying is speaking out exclusively to fox sports. his side of the story next. and all eyes to the sky. a satellite is careening towards earth. not kidding. this thing is bigger than a minivan. so when will it hit us? what could that look like exactly? geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to.
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>> head's up from the european space agency. one of their satellites is due to come crashing back down to earth actually within a few hours. but the exact strike zone is not certain yet. the satellite has been circling earth since 2009 and it is now, we're told, out of fuel and dropping fast. i would imagine most things falling out of the sky are dropping pretty fast. scientists tell us it's larger than a minivan. dom, when it comes to things like this, i'm hoping that it doesn't come down in one piece, right? >> it's going to come down in an
4:24 pm
awful lot of pieces. right now it is flying over lake superior at the moment. that's about 19 miles, we're not entirely sure where it's going to end up. we know that humans are safe. it will either land in the ocean or possibly on the icecaps. humans apparently 250,000 times more likely to win the lottery than get hit by the debris. it weighs about 2,000 pounds and the chucks that don't burn up will be 200 to 300 pounds and 10 to 40% might be falling to the earth. the european space agency they have been describing just what exactly that entry process is going to be like. take a listen. >> typical velocities upon impact are like between 200 to 300 kilometers an hour.
4:25 pm
which is a speed that you can achieve with a good size car. >> that sounds very scary. right now it is flying over ontario. you can see, actually, the normal orbit for the satellite on the screen at the moment. the safest place to be is actually dry land. the icecaps is where they think we will start seeing fragments flying through the air. >> they are basing that on the percentage of the planet that is water. it is likely to fall where there is water. i do find it interesting because you are one of the brighter guys in the room that you can track it but they still don't know where it's going to fall. >> yeah, look, this is described as the ferrari of satellites. one of the most cutting edge
4:26 pm
machines out there. they could set it off in the right drengs but once it starts hitting the weather systems and the atmosphere, anything at all could possibly happen. look, there is no way they will actually know what will happen until people start seeing it streaking across the sky. take a listen. >> when it starts to really break up you can't control the thing any more so it's just a random fall to earth. it's a bit of a risk but exseatingly unlikely exit's most likely that these pieces will hit the ocean because most of the planet is covered with water. >> and right at the moment, it's just in northern canada. seems to be ending towards the optic. the altitude is getting less and less and dropped about nine miles. clearly coming back to earth are nine miles in just the time we were talking? that's amazing. >> coming in fast.
4:27 pm
>> it would be fast if it's coming in from space. if something happens during the newscast, can we bring you back. seriously it could? >> you bet. we're watching it live online. >> thank you. miami dolphins guard incognito speaks exclusively with fox sports. he is accused of harrassing teammate jonathan martin to the point where martin says he left the team. he tells fox sports jay glazer, he regrets using ray cyst and profane language but it all stemmed tr the fullture inside the locker room. >> a week before this went down, jonathan martin texts me on my phone, i will murder your whole effing family. do i think he would murder my family? not one bit. >> he left that text for you? >> he texted me that. i didn't think he was going to kill my family. i knew it was coming from a
4:28 pm
brother. i knew it was coming from a friend, a teammate. that puts in context how we communicate with one another. >> martin is set to meet with a special investigator this week. new jersey governor chris christie. he is fresh off of his reelection win. ei ask you to tweet my your thoughts on it. on a lot of minds, will he run for the white house in 2016? that would mean he would cut his governorship second term a little short in new jersey or is it just too early to be talking about this? do not think that christie is the heir apparent. we'll get into it and include your thoughts when we can. and a floating memorial to the victims of the 9/11 attack, the uss new york now in the city it's named after. for veteran's day weekend. ♪
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>> this is the fox report. it has been a busy sunday but everybody deserves a break now and then and the president is apparently no different. he is playing golf this weekend.
4:33 pm
it's dark so he's not doing it this weekend. here is the reality he is facing now politically. his administration is coming under fire on several fronts and at the center of it all the affordable care act, obama care. and he has had to apologize to thousands of healthy americans who are losing kompb and his approval ratings have taken a hit. as his administration negotiates with iran, congress and maybe a bipartisan manner now is considering tougher sanctions against that regime. let's bring in our fellow
4:34 pm
panelists. gallop's everyday pole out not even four hours shows this. let's pop that on the screen. approval rate is sliding to 41%. >> very good question. harris, they are telling the president he must change the dynamic. that's what the apology was about. that's what the senates were doing in the secret meeting which is not so secret. and the final deeds and the fact that people are losing their coverage. this is cry 'tis time in the white house. the president is at or close to all time lows and the administration is literally in a
4:35 pm
crisis. >> john, i'm going to go to you next. i don't know when the rnc starts to spend money. is it time for them to maybe pull together a single message and put out an ad or two? >> what they ought to do is get a unified health care proposal for the republican alternative to obama care and that's all they talk as about a positive. they don't do that. let me say this to follow up on doug. panic is not too strong a word to use about the democrats. >> no picture. >> when you're in the same party as the president and you do not want to be photographed with the president, what does that tell
4:36 pm
you? the president is a mill stone around the democrat's neck. pat, do you agree? >> i want to put up those numbers again if we can. i don't think it's overstating. he looks like a member of congress. >> he has been sustaining over 50% for a couple of weeks now. the problem is what is happening for 2014. if the republicans had a message on health care and a an economic growth message, a positive alternative to offer and put the democrats against the wall, you could see from this meeting with the democrats in the senate that look, they had 14 of them are up, it is falling apart on them. the same thing is developing in iran.
4:37 pm
when the prime minister comes out and says israelis being sold down the river, what are you democrats going to do, then you have to renounce that there may be tougher sanctions. that's why the president tried to change it. that useless apology of his, the one without a bit of emotional -- i did nothing. that's why they keep trying to change it 678 right now it is the drip by drip. i have lived this process. it is a disaster when it starts this way. >> i want to tell our audience that we will be talking about iran and the talks that ended coming up. but i want to press in with you and i wrote this down. you said it's crisis time. if the prisons can do what john is suggesting it could be what? crisis times two for the white house? >> it could. but it's a big if.
4:38 pm
the republicans have been unable to singularly articulate a message about insurance purchase or vouchers. they are not doing that. bottom line there is people being cancelled by insurance companies with premiums being much higher than they expected. even without it, it is crisis time. >> is there a place for republicans to step in with some emotion now? >> the best thing to do is to stay out. the democrats voted for this thing. not one republican did. let the democrats, i'm talking now politics not human beings.
4:39 pm
i hate to see fellow americans getting these letters and saying over the dinner table, we don't have any insurance. let the democrats go there. >> let the people whose stories out there be center of this. his sporters, whatever it is, i mean their attitude is you people are too dumb to know what you want. we have to do this for you. i think the president got away with murder what was lacking is something anyone else would have done which is actually feel some pain for these people. here is the problem for the
4:40 pm
democrats. what the republicans need to do is get these things, democrats are producing them. do you keep the affordable health care bill? put the democrats against the wall how they are going to vote. they don't do that. >> we are moving, though, towards those 14 democrats joining with republicans to delay the individual mandates for a year. >> that was part of the conversation prior to the shut down, something that you were talking about. >> we were talking about it but here is the issue. democrats have been held in lock step with the president and the big deal is that they are breaking rent. pat refers to the possibility that to keep your doctor act saying the president has to commit himself to what he promised the congress would pass
4:41 pm
that legislation. >> all right. guys, we have got go the commercial break. hold those thoughts for just a second. we want to talk about new jersey's governor after his win after the break. it's too soon to talk about them trying to go to the white house. and also, we will talk about iran and how far that will go. stay close. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
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>> and we are back with fox news political insiders right now, men, i want to start with chris christie's win. let's listen to a little bit of the governor today and i want to talk about a possible run for the white house and what do you think is on his mind.
4:45 pm
watch. >> at the end of the day, chris, here is what people are watching. in you want to triple your african-american vote, you need to show up. you need to go in the neighborhoods and campaign in places. >> john, is he running? >> he is definitely running. he has been running for years. sit a better general election candidate i think he will have a tough time in primaries. >> i invited everyone to talk about this. a lot of people say it's just too soon to be talking about this. mikey's monkey says that christie is out for christie and no more. your thoughts? >> that's on the right people have thought that.
4:46 pm
>> he is an opportunistic politician. a shrewd one. he is seen as somebody who is with president obama during sandy as he was. now he's calling himself a conservative and he is just not as conservative as much of the tea party and republican right is. >> look, the real question is if you look at his victory which is pretty impressive. look at virginia. the disaster in virginia. you know, the thing is, and doug, weer with talking about this earlier. if virginia, if you had not had third party -- most of all if you had had the lieutenant governors pull out and say he was winning by six points.
4:47 pm
not supporting him or thor problem is imagine where they would be if they had not had the shut down. this is -- that cost virginia, it cost republicans. >> i want to go back to new jersey. a viewer tweeted let him be governor already. >> that's really the challenge. he said in that fox news sunday that he's got to be governor. he will get to a campaign in a year or two. bottom line, he has to perform. >> heir apparent on the flip side, is it hillary clinton? she and her husband are gaining support in california this weekend. >> absolutely. the clintons are the consensus choice. big win for them in virginia. bottom line they are the nominee if they seek the nomination. >> but a pole, exit pole from last week showed only four
4:48 pm
points difference if a national election were held. >> that's in new jersey. that the day that governor christie is winning 60% of the vote for governor. >> so you don't think that it translates nationally? >> i think it's very early for both of them. doug is right. if hillary clinton runs she is the automatic democratic nominee. you're half way to the white house without having to do a thing. >> let's talk iran. a lot of news coming out about the white house loosening sanctions on iran. pat? why are they doing that? >> basically because as i indicated before the israelis are saying this deal doesn't work and you have an election coming up and a lot of northern democrats who have been going along with the administration. telling jewish supporters, i'm for israel. right up until, this deal come out and assault it in english the way he did, let me just say,
4:49 pm
the one thing i know about polling is that iran is not syria or libya. americans view iran as a real danger, them having nuclear weapons as a danger. >> here is the prime minister on the subject. >> this is is a country that had, you know, tens of thousands of people in the streets chanting death to america the other day. it's not only my concern, but there are many leaders saying this is a big deal for the world. >> what do you think about the handling this? >> they are scared. the proposed deal allows i-an yums. bottom line the israelis see
4:50 pm
this as an exstintial threat and we are facing a real conflict in the region between the united states and israel equally scared. >> and the saudis -- >> i'm sorry, john, real quickly. >> i was going to say the saudis are going to get a nuclear bomb from pakistan to counter iran if iran gets away with building it. >> you know what's interesting hearing you guys saying this, we saw secretary of state john kerry rush off to geneva, switzerland. we thought well, is a deal imminent. and then we hear from benjamin netanyahu. we got to wonder, maybe he should have been rushing off to israel. >> he was just there. and i wouldn't trust john kerry as far as i could throw him, he wants to do this deal so badly. >> they're still talking. and you can continue the conversation with them, and i know you want to do that. online, fox, mondays at 10:30 a.m. eastern with the political insiders. for now, the uss new york sails into the new york hash
4:51 pm
were a special 9/11 tribute on board. we'll show you what makes this attack vessel unlike any other in our military's fleet. stay with us.
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
the uss new york is docked off manhattan to commemorate veterans day right now. and it will be opened for the public to tour tomorrow. it is so impressive to see this in person. and what makes this ship worth seeing is that it was built in part from several tons of steel salvaged from the rubble of the world trade center. >> reporter: you're looking at the uss new york amphibious assault ship. it's been docked here since friday, right next to the intrepid museum aircraft carrier along midtown manhattan. the ship has been here really to
4:55 pm
let people take public tours as veterans day weekend and offer a chance for the sailers and the marines to take part in the veterans day festivities going on in the city. commissioned in 2009, the uss new york is really unlike any other vessel in the world. and that's because the bow stem is made out of 7.5 tons of steel that was taken from the 9/11 wreckage of the world trade center. now, the marines and sailors will tell you there is no greater responsibility, no greater pride than being led into battle on board a ship that is made of that steel. the motto for the ship is strength forged through sacrifice. never forget. >> our whole motto of never forget, coming here reconnects. not just the sailors who have been on the ship for a while, but a lot of new sailors have reported to the ship over the last year or two. they are ecstatic to be here and help new york celebrate. >> reporter: veterans are especially ecstatic. they've been here visiting the sailors and the crew, trading
4:56 pm
war stories and expressing gratitude for each other's sacrifices. >> it's an honor. it really is an honor. you don't hear much of that anymore like you used to like in world war ii and all, but it's an honor. and you go to your grave with it. a veteran, he salutes the flag. he works under the flag. and when he dies, he is buried with the flag. and one day -- and one day i'll be buried with the flag as well. >> reporter: i think i speak to all of us when i say to richard and all our servicemen and women, thank you. it's our honor. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. thousand of people feared dead tonight after a super typhoon has devastated the philippines. it's where we started the fox report. many of you wanted us to repeat the information on how you can help, and we will do that coming up next. when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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it's moving on now to vietnam. we're also watching that situation. meanwhile, to make a donation to unicef's relief efforts, you can call toll-free 1-800-4-kids, or text relief to 864233, or go to their website, welcome to this special edition of fox news. tonight for the hour we pay tribute to the everlasting legacy of the reverend billy graham. following the presentation, "my hope america with billy graham," i'll be joined in studio for a panel discussion about the reverend. but first, sit back and enjoy this very special commercial-free broadcast. for 60 years, my father,


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