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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 10, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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we have so many dead people. >> after one of the worst typhoons on record, thousands are feared dead today in the philippines, bodies line the streets, looters are raiding stores. we'll have a live update coming up. three days of talks over iran's nuclear program, no deal out of geneva, but all sides say there has been some progress as iran's president defends his right to keep his nukes. will any round of talks come to an agreement? this hour, we talk to israeli defense minister danny dinnone. he says any deal is a bad one. and obama care's rocky rollout. we'll find out what our all-star panel thinks about president obama's sort of apology.
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karl rove and kirsten powers face off in a fair and balanced debate. plus, former presidential candidate, former senator rick santorum talks about life after politics. i'm shannon bream live from washington. a brand new hour of america's news headquarters starts right now. and we begin with the very latest on that devastating typhoon. all systems are down after a monster storm lays waste to a huge swath of the philippines. one person describes the conditions as "worse than hell." david piper's live in bangkok with the very latest. hello, david. >> reporter: hi, shannon. yes, as was feared, the death toll continues to mount in the philippines. there's no exact figures yet because all the efforts are concentrating on helping the living, but filipino officials have said they fear that as many as 10,000 people may have died in one area alone. now, typhoon haiyan struck the philippines friday. it tore through the central part of the country, leaving death
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and destruction in its wake. this is one of the worst storms to make landfall ever, packing winds of nearly 200 miles per hour. as many as 4 million people have been affected. much of the relief effort is centering around the town of taklaban, which was hit by a huge wave caused by a storm surge. the local airport was smashed by the local tornado. the philippines red cross says perhaps over 1,000 people have died there. the nearby island of samah has also been hit badly. hundreds of thousands of people are surviving in the open now in the wake of the storm. the philippines military's leading the operation to bring food and medical supplies to them, but they are having difficulties coping with the enormity of the disaster. there has been reports of looting as people struggle to find food. philippine interior secretary ma
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roksas who viewed by helicopter the disaster area says the scale of the relief operation now is needed is overwhelming. an international effort is now gearing up now to help the philippines. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says they have made available helicopters, aircraft and search equipment to help the relief effort. typhoon haiyan is now bearing down on vietnam. a massive operation to evacuate the coast there is now under way. the typhoon is likely to make landfall in central vietnam near the city of da nang. and we do understand now there are reports that perhaps another typhoon is heading towards the philippines, and that could, of course, hurt the effort to help the people there. back to you, shannon. >> absolutely. david, thank you very much. iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot. that's not a good deal. i hope, i can only express my wish, that the p5 plus 1 uses
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the time to get a good deal that takes away iran's nuclear military capability. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who has lobbied against a deal with iran from the beginning. three days of talks and still no deal on cushing iran's nuclear capabilities, but secretary of state john kerry says, "significant progress has been made." now the latest on those talks with iran, steve centanni. >> even though a deal with iran fell through, at least for the time being, there was a storm of criticism over the nuclear negotiations from, as you heard, from israel and from here at home. secretary of state john kerry went to geneva friday to try to help finalize a deal, but the talks broke down because france objected that iran was not being required to do enough to curb its nuclear program. israel was extremely troubled by the prospect of a deal, as you heard from netanyahu, and kerry said he understands those concerns. >> we are not blind, and i don't think we're stupid.
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i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe, and particularly of our allies, like israel and gulf states and others in the region. >> members of congress are also worried that iran would be getting away with too much. the agreement reportedly called for iran to temporarily halt key parts of its nuclear program but not to stop all iranian enrichment. in the meantime, a more permanent deal could be ironed out, and iran in return would see some limited easing of sanctions, but members of congress are proposing even more sanctions to keep the pressure on iran, and that push is coming from both sides of the aisle. >> you can't trust the iranians. they were lying about their nuclear program, they've been hiding from the international community, very important aspects of the nuclear program. >> my concern here is that we seem to want the deal almost more than the iranians, and you can't want the deal more than the iranians, especially when the iranians are on the ropes. >> key members of congress will
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be briefed by secretary kerry this week. meantime, the next round of talks is scheduled now for ten days from now. shannon, back to you. >> all right, steve. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> as steve mentioned, several u.s. lawmakers are voicing concerns about reaching a deal with iran. joining us now, former senator and chairman of the conservative group voices, rick santorum. good to see you today. >> thank you, shannon. >> i know you have walked through these topics many times when you were serving on the senate armed services committee in discussions there. what do you make of the latest developments here, no real deal out of geneva and iran's president pushing back, saying there's a red line for their national interests to continue this nuclear program? >> well, here's the amazing thing, the french seem to have stepped in and saved us from making a bad deal. i mean, when the french are now demanding more from the iranians than the united states, i think it tells you the position the united states is in. it's really a position of weakness, it's wanting the deal so badly, maybe for political
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purposes to avert attention away from what's going on here at home, but you have the israelis very clearly opposed to this. when the secretary of state talks about he's going to take the best interests of our allies, well, our biggest ally in the region, the one who is going to be the most directly impacted is screaming to high heaven saying do not do this. we are getting nothing from this deal. we're getting a delay. we're not even getting any kind of concrete, you know, retrenchment. and if you look at the history of iran, they have never kept a deal, ever. so, to have this kind of a conversation and even push as hard as this administration has pushed is really a very, very dangerous sign of how weak the president's foreign policy has become. >> well, and it raises the question, if you say they've never kept a deal and we're getting nothing out of this, why are we pushing for this deal? what's behind it? >> again, it just confounds me that our closest ally in the region is 100% against it,
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asking us, pleading with us. now, this is a president -- excuse me, prime minister netanyahu has been rather quiet in any type of criticism of president obama, even when president obama was giving him a stiffarm through the first four years of the administration. we just hesitated to do anything to distance himself from the president, but this is how serious this is, that he has gone out and publicly criticized the president and the secretary for even engaging in this folly. and for the secretary then to stand up and say, well, we're going to consider our allies is just folly. and it has to be. i mean, i can't think of any other reason in that the president is looking to divert attention away and to get a foreign policy win, but this win would have devastating consequences for our country going forward. >> and we're going to t israel's deputy defense minister coming up and get his take. meanwhile, another international topic. the u.n. convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. you obviously have a very personal connection to this. a lot of folks out there in the
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disability community are saying this is something good that the u.s. needs to sign on to and get involved with, but you're raising cautions. why? >> well, first off, the argument being made by those who support this treaty is that it has no impact on u.s. law but would encourage others to sign it. they're saying that, you know, that u.s. law would not have to be altered at all. well, that's just simply, number one, isn't the case. and number two, if it is the case, then why sign a treaty and put the united nations in a position of looking over and second guessing our laws when we have laws, according to these people who advocate for the treaty, that are far better than what's even being advocated in the treaty? there's no point in the u.s. submitting itself to review by the united nations for something that we already are leading the world. and we don't have to -- we don't have to sign off on a treaty to show the world that we treat people with disabilities with more respect, than, frankly, almost any other country in the world. and so, there is no reason for
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us to do this. it is simply another way for us to shift responsibility out of the hands of individuals, families, communities and local governments, and give it to international bodies to review what we're doing. that is not the right course for america. >> all right. and quickly, i want to end with a bit of good news. you're involved with a christmas movie project that's coming out. tell us about it. >> i am. yeah, it's called "the christmas candle" in theaters november 22nd. it's a beautiful movie about a christmas story set in victorian england. it stars susan boyle as one of our leads who sings a beautiful song. there's her first acting debut. and it's a wonderful christmas story, pg-rated, and it has an uplifting, wonderful message for the christmas season. >> well, listen, i'm always ready. i start listening to it on my ipod when i'm running in september. so, november 22nd, we'll check it out. >> november 22nd, go to >> thanks for visiting with us. good to see you. >> thanks, shannon. what i'm not going to get
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into is the washington, d.c., game that you're trying to get me into. i'm the governor of new jersey, and i'm focused on getting things done, and i think that's why we got 61% of the vote on tuesday night, because i'll work with anyone and everyone who is willing to work with me. >> newly re-elected governor chris christie tells chris wallace he is only focusing on his state of new jersey, but is he sending mixed signals by doing the rounds on the major sunday shows today? digital politics editor chris stein walt looks at the man of the morning. hi, chris. >> hi, shannon. >> all right, let's look ahead to 2016. one of the things governor christie does a lot is criticize washington. >> well -- >> when you're not here, that's a little easier to do, but do you think he can take his style of new jersey to d.c.? are we ready for it? >> well, he's got a long way to go before he can take it. he's got to take his style to iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and florida. here's the thing, if you wish to be the nominee of the republican party, you must find out what it is that you like about the republican party and the
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republican party likes about you. and there is a great temptation, there is a moth to a flame effect, i call it the huntsman effect, where you can get almost unlimited amount of air time with the establishment press to go out and say i hate the republican party and what it has become, therefore, they should let me lead it and i will fix what's wrong with these triglodites. not good. they don't really want to do that. you do what ronald reagan did, which is, we may not agree with everything, but let's talk about the things on which we agree. so, the thing with chris christie is can he get off of "morning joe," and those other places that you go and say, yeah, that's a good question about what's wrong with the republican party. i really want to roll around in that for a while. instead, what you say is, and he did a little of it today, instead, what you say is, well, that's a good point, but you know what, president obama and this health law are such a catastrophe that the things that you're talking about aren't important establishment media
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figure acts. what i need to talk about and what the country needs to talk about is how to fix this broken law and how to rescue health insurance for millions of americans about to lose it, and you quit talking about what's wrong with republicans, start talking about what's right with republicans and then maybe you've got a chance. he seemed to be doing that a little bit today, but it may be hard to give up that "morning joe" habit. >> we have put out on twitter, and we'll have a little bit of the responses later on, how people would feel about him as the gop nominee. there are some who say -- >> i know what the internet -- i hang out with the internet, i know what they think. >> they say he's not a rhino, not a true conservative, that's not the guy for the gop. we tried that, it don't work. that's what some say. others say the democrats would love it because he is somebody that they think they could handle, that he is bombastic, he would lose it in debates, you would see his testimony pair flare, whether in the primaries or the president -- >> i doubt he would lose it. >> but sometimes those are his
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best moments. >> right. >> people feel he's operating from a place of passion. >> it's his character. we all in public life play a different or more intense version of who we are in reality. the best people, like yourself, ma'am, the public is close to the personal and the two are close, but i think in christie's case, he has played up this bombastic character because new jerseyans love it. >> it works in jers. >> in jers. and i think he can temper that to some degree. the question is, is he prepared to stand in public with his fellow republicans and say he is a conservative? the place where he may get latitude on issues, he's got to clarify his position on abortion, on obama care, he's got to come out and he's got to talk about the things that matter to the republican base. if he can do that in a compelling way, they may take a chance on him. >> all right. always good to see you. 11:30 a.m. eastern time on the interweb, "fox news live" every weekday. >> it's a date. >> and you made it day six for us. good to see you. after three days of marathon
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talks, world leaders left geneva without a deal with iran. it looked like there may be a break-through, but france says it's not playing a fool's game with iran. israel is keeping a close eye on negotiations. what do its leaders think? we'll ask deputy defense minister danny danon. and can the health care be saved? karl rove and kirsten powers standing by. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels.
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secretary of state john kerry says world leaders have made what he calls significant progress in talks regarding iran's nuclear program, but can a deal be reached that will satisfy the international community when iran's president says the country's right to enrich uranium represents a red line that cannot be crossed? for its part, israel says any deals like the ones being floated right now are going to be bad ones. joining us now, israel's deputy defense minister danny danon. thank you, sir, for joining us
10:20 am
today. >> thank you, shannon. it is my pleasure to be on your show again. >> i want to you about some news we got shortly before going on the air today, that our state department's under secretary for political affairs, wendy sherman, we're told has arrived in jerusalem, will have a one-day visit to talk with your leaders there in israel about the ongoing negotiations in iran. what would you like to hear? what would be your concerns expressed in that kind of meeting? >> we're very worried about what we hear coming out from washington in geneva. we welcome an agreement, even would be the first one to enjoy a diplomatic solution, but what we heard happening in geneva, it is not an agreement. secondly, kerry said himself that no agreement is better than a bad agreement, and what we are seeing now, it's a very bad agreement. all of the key elements we will ask the secretary to deal with them. the key elements is removing the uranium from iran, removing the centrifuges from iran, stopping building of their reactors.
10:21 am
we know what we are giving the west. we're lifting the sanctions, we're allowing them to use billions of u.s. dollars in the u.s., but what we are gaining out of this agreement, that is what we would ask the secretary of state and these people here, what we see coming from geneva, it's bad news, not only for the people in israel, it's bad news for the west. >> what options are on the table for israel when it comes to protecting your own security the there, with, by all accounts, iran continuing to move forward with its programs ann baited? >> we said it very clearly, we keep all options on the table. we cannot make mistakes regarding iran. the u.s. made the mistake in the past regarding north korea. we cannot do that same mistake with iran. we're continuing the same paths and continuing to fool the west even as we do everything necessary to protect our self, including the military option. >> iran says it has its own national security interests, it
10:22 am
has its interests in producing peaceful nuclear options and power. i want to play a little bit of something that iran's president, hosan rouhani said, and then get your reaction, if you'll listen in to this sound bite. >> translator: the rights of the iranian nation are our red line. national interests are our red line. among those rights are nuclear rights within the framework of international law, including the right to enrich uranium on iranian soil. >> and sir, with that sound bite in mind, what kind of agreement can be reached, or is it realistic to expect there is one? >> we need to ask ourselves why they need so much enriched uranium. you cannot capability for civilian usage, not at the rate they are promoting. why are they hiding it? why are they building bunkers to hide that stuff? we know that they are building a bomb. we are not naive. they cannot fool us, and we are saying it very clearly.
10:23 am
if iran wants to enrich uranium, they can do it, but what they are doing today, they're actually building a nuclear bomb and they're using the media in the u.s. to cover what they are really doing. we are not stupid here in israel and we heard the french secretary of state saying it very clearly, i cannot support such an agreement. >> i want to ask you about another quote from one of your colleagues there, the economics minister and trade minister in israel, in tanetali bennett, sa "years from now, when an islamic trarst blows up a suitcase in new york or when iran launches a nuclear missile in rome or tel aviv, it will only have happened because of a bad deal made in these final moments." do you think that is overstating it or on point? >> i think that is exactly the case. we are in the front lines, shannon, so maybe we will be the first one to suffer from the nuclear capability of iran, but look what they are saying. we will go first up to the jews in israel, but then after that,
10:24 am
we will go to the great satan, against you, against the u.s. so, i think the american people should be very worried about this agreement and if we wait with the sanctions, we can wait. we have to take tough decision and not to be fooled by the iranians. >> deputy defense minister danny danon, we thank you very much for your time and we continue to watch as you will. >> thank you very much. millions projected to lose their health care plans, despite the president's repeated promises they would be able to keep those plans. democrats are pointing the blame at insurance companies, saying they're the ones to blame for people being kicked off. we'll separate fact from fiction when karl rove and kirsten powers debate, next. and it's not just the nfl dealing with a controversy. first the redskins, now a high school is getting heat for its controversial mascot. it's the defensive. we'll report, you decide, coming up.
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obama's top technology official, todd park, has been subpoenaed by congress, darrell issa requiring him to testify on a hearing on the bumpy obama care rollout on wednesday. they hope to find an alternate date to give park a chance to get the website fixed. a fair and balanced debate with karl rove and kirsten powers on obama care coming up, but first, peter has a check of your other headlines today. shannon, thousands are feared dead in the philippines following one of the worst typhoons on record. the typhoon hit the eastern seaboard of the philippine archipelago on friday and tore through six eastern and central islands. now the typhoon is targeting vietnam, and another storm has the philippines in its sights. aid is slowly trickling in now. today, pope francis led thousands of people in silent prayer for the victims. federal prosecutors want
10:30 am
bank of america to pay about $864 million over losses incurred by the government during the housing boom. a jury last month found bank of america, which owns countrywide financial corporation, liable for knowingly selling fannie mae and freddie mac thousands of bad home loans that countrywide made. a research satellite will come crashing to earth in the next day or so, but before you run for cover, the european space agency says that you are 250,000 times more likely to win the lottery than to get hit by any of that debris. and miss venezuela is crowned the new miss universe. 25-year-old gabriella eisler, a venezuelan flamenco dancer, is declared the most beautiful woman in the world at the miss universe competition in moscow. this is the seventh time in miss universe history that venezuela has taken the crown. and those are the top stories right now, shannon.
10:31 am
back to you. >> thanks, peter. i am sorry that they, you know, are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> in an interview with nbc, president obama made an apology, not an apology, depends on who's clarifying it, for the technical failings of he also offered what some saw as a less than ringing endorsement of kathleen sebelius, saying she isn't to blame because she's not an i.t. person. with us now, former white house deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and fnc contributor karl rove, and columnist for "the daily beast" and fnc contributor kirsten powers. welcome to you both. kirsten, i'll start with you. do you think that the president's made enough of an
10:32 am
apology at this point to express that he feels what people are going through and takes in some way responsibility for telling them they could keep their plans when we know the administration knew to some extent they wouldn't be able to? >> yeah, i mean, i think it is an apology. maybe people want a little more self-flagellation or something, but he definitely did apologize. it was a little too late, i would say, after they had, you know, come out day after day kind of acting annoyed a bit that people were complaining about this and a little put out. and then i think they realized that it was getting out of control and they were going to have to do something. so, the next question really is what are they going to do about it? so, he's sorry that this happened, but what's going to be done to fix the fact that a lot of people are losing their plans and having to pay double and more to get a new plan that's actually contrary to what they said not better, actually worse. >> and one of the groups wondering about how this is going to get fixed are senate democrats up for re-election in 2014, had a meeting at the white
10:33 am
house. they want to see a fix and see it fast. >> yeah, it's going to be difficult to do. first of all, i'm not certain how much of an apology it was. first of all, i meant what i said, he said, and we worked hard to implement it, the law, properly, but obviously, we didn't do a good enough job and i regret that. look, the law requires people to lose their coverage. there's a new study out by mcclatchy looking at the rules, filed in 2010 by kathleen sebelius in the federal registry, long and complicated, but at the end of the day, this suggests that between 34 million and 52 million people will lose their coverage. 11 million people will lose their coverage out of the individual market and the balance in the traditional group insurance market. so, we've got a lot more of this to go and i don't see how the president is going to be able to stop people from losing the coverage that they now have, which is at purpose of the affordable care act. the purpose of the law is to say, you have to include all of these additional things in it and you can't raise premiums above a certain level to take
10:34 am
these into consideration. you have to cancel the policy and people then get to be free to shop for something else. >> all right, you cite that mcclatchy study, which was based on federal regulations that came out in 2010. so, they're not part of the law. it's partly this frame work that's written after the law is passed. kirsten, do you think the president, which he could, will take any action to repeal any of those regulations, to scrap them to rewrite them? because they seem to be a big source of this problem. >> well, i'm not sure, because i'm not sure if obama care's going to work without these increases. because contrary to the claim they're making that everybody's getting better coverage, i can tell you in my own case, i've talked a little bit about it, i lost mine, my premium's doubling, and i went through blue cross blue shield, i asked what am i getting in the new plan that i didn't in the old plan? everything i have i had in my old plan. i've used it, so i know i have it. the more i talked to people, health policy people, that it's people like me who are going to be subsidizing obama care, and that was sort of the idea.
10:35 am
and i happen to be one of the people that's probably okay with that. i don't think -- i wasn't looking forward to it doubling. i was thinking maybe it would go up a little bit, but if 30 million people get insurance, i'm willing to pay more for that. my issue -- >> when you have 30 million to 50 million losing insurance. >> exactly. so, my issue is, there are a lot of people who can't afford it. i can afford it, okay? there are other people who can't afford it. there are people sending e-mails saying i have to choose between paying my mortgage or getting health insurance. people should not be put in that position when these are the responsible people, right? these are the people who had health insurance. >> and the name of this bill is affordable care act, but what we're finding over and over is it's not. >> it's not. and look, kirsten is one of the targeted populations. community rating takes younger, healthier workers like kirsten and says you will pay a higher premium in order to subsidize older, less healthy workers. she also suffers from medical loss ratio, which is a technical -- a completely abstract figure that says if the insurance company doesn't pay out 85% of what it takes at a premium income for medical expenses in any given year, it
10:36 am
pays a huge penalty. and then, of course, guaranteed issue. and the essential benefits requirement. there are a lot of things that are covered in your policy that the insurer may not have talked about, like mental health benefits. in fact, if i were to get coverage -- i've got coverage now, but when the time comes around, i'm going to have to get coverage for me and my wife, despite our age, for pregnancy, for maternity. so you know, this law is all messed up, and i don't think it's going to be able to be solved very quickly. and it's not just simply the premiums that are causing people problems. you also are going to lose access to your doctors and networks. so, we're going to have, if mcclatchey is right in their analysis of the numbers, you know, 34 million to 52 million households are going to be looking now for a new doctor, a new provider. that will be almost as big of a problem for the administration as premiums. and remember, all this is going to play out during the next year. one other thing, between february and june, the insurers are going to have to set the
10:37 am
premiums for 2015 based on enrollments through that time. and if this website is as screwed up as it is, then the initial people who sign up are going to be less kirsten and more karl. there are going to be fewer, more healthy younger workers and more less healthy older workers, which means that's going to push even greater pressure for upward premium spikes in 2015, and the insurance companies are going to calculate those starting in february, have to get them all done by june and they're then going to be telling everybody in the fall of next year, before the election, you know, this new program that you signed up that you already got hit on with a big premium increase at the beginning, guess what? the economics of the affordable care act are going to cause you to pay even more next year, and that ain't going to be pretty for the administration or democrats. >> we're out of time, so we've got to leave it there, but yes or no, do you think that secretary sebelius resigns, is fired or she leaves her job as a sacrificial lamb at all through this or she sticks around? >> i think she's going to stick around because they can't get anybody else confirmed. >> that's a good point. >> i think that's probably
10:38 am
right. look, also, the president is stubborn enough. one of the things he's apparently saying to members of the democrats who go over there is don't worry about this, this, too, shall pass, it's going to be okay. >> we'll see. we'll see what happens in the ballot box. good to see you. a high school mascot raising more concern than school spirit. is it just plain fun or just plain offensive? we're going to debate it next. plus, punished for protecting themselves. why two university students are facing expulsion for fending off a criminal. and we want to hear from you. we've started another way for you to be a part of the show. peter and our show team will be live chatting. it's a chance for you to talk directly to us about the stories we're covering. to join the chat, logon to our show page, click on the "live chat" tab at the top of the page. once you're there, you can log-in using your facebook or twitter account or you can create your own fox news account. once you're in the chat, you can post comments directly on the page. and like i said, peter and the producers will be chatting during the show, and once the
10:39 am
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10:43 am
as a fierce-looking arab character. is it a source of school pride or a hurtful ethnic stereotype? radio show hosts joining us now, leslie and mark. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> the groups that are objecting, mark, say it's a stereoty stereotype, makes arabs look violent and unattractive, so why not change? >> because that wasn't the way the mascot was born and that's not the way that it's viewed out there. this is not so much of a matter of whether one person or 20 people think this is odd. when i first thought about this, i thought that's off the beaten point, but the point is whether these advocacy groups, these national busy bodies who just go looking for place tease faine their disdain, whether they should rule the day, or whether it's redskins or the arabs of coachella, let them have their mascot. they intend no harm and most of the people out there don't care. >> all right, well, leslie, the school had this apparently since the 1920s. it's been around for a long
10:44 am
time. they say it was a positive thing, it was because this particular region of california was growing da ites, there was tie-in there with the produce. they said it was an innocent beginning. why do you think this group is going after this particular school? >> i think, certainly, that the redskins being resurrected, that issue, that this group definitely is voicing what perhaps they felt for a long time. we are in 2013, and the one thing about, i believe, a healthy society, is that it progresses and changes with its population. and we have a very diverse population. i am of the mindset that whether it's a redskin or an arab mascot, if there is an individual, a group of individuals offended, it's an easy fix and it's the right thing to do, especially in the year 2013. we should be beyond such negative stereotypes, even though that wasn't the original intent of this. that's what it's become now,
10:45 am
especially in a post-9/11 world. >> and mark, is it about intent at this point or are there those that say that for that offensive, they presented a petition, come to the school and they say we're not giving you an option. they say it's got to>> and that the offense police. if there were 70% of the local folks out there who said we're outraged, i'd say, look, go ahead and change it, but that's never the case. it's always individuals who take a look at this, usually from very far away, and say because i don't like it, because a sliver of a minority is offended -- be offended! that's part of american life. if leslie and i were on here talking about some artist who submerged a crucifix in urine, her point would be, hey, it's offensive, be offended, get on with your life, and i would agree. this is one of those cases. if you're offended, be offended, but leave these people alone. >> and leslie, there was a group of folks visiting from saudi arabia who apparently were touring the area and the date
10:46 am
industry there. they made recommendations to the school and changes were made in the 1980s. so, if they cooperated together, do you think it's possible to modify it in a way that could make everybody happy but keep the mascot the school's had for almost 100 years? >> i think they can make modificatio modifications, but i have to say, frankly, i'm a history buff. and when i first saw the mascot, i had, what it reminded me of were the negative images of jews that the nazis used as propaganda, the big head, the dark hair, the long nose. that was meant to frighten children, by the way. although not the intent of this mascot, that's what it reminded me of, and i'm not arab. so, if other individuals look at this and feel that it's negative or disparaging or demeaning, and they feel hurt by it, then i think they have to do more, and i think the mascot has to be changed. it's an easy fix, you change out the head. it's paper mache. >> we'll let our viewers know what ultimately happens. mark and leslie, thank you very
10:47 am
much. >> thank you. >> thank you. two college students in washington state could be expelled for using a handgun they say to protect themselves. the gonzaga university students say the convicted felon was trying to barge into their apartment after they refused to give him money. the suspect was arrested. the university says, hey, students aren't allowed to have handguns. it is moving forward with disciplinary action. the student says he has a concealed weapons permit and did not know it was against school policy, though it is, to have one. coming up, new information about the american pastor who's been held in an iranian jail for more than a year now. we have followed this story. you've been so supportive. we'll have the very latest update on his condition for you, next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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the typhoon that hit the philippines friday could be the one of the deadliest natural disasters on record. a massive relief operation is underway but the philippine national red cross said looters are creating a major problem there. the country's president said he may be forced to declare martial law. we know a lot of at home
10:52 am
always want to help when these things happen. if you're looking to reach the red cross log on to we have an update on the american pastor jailed for more than a year. his family says he has been moved to a more dangerous prison. this prison is about an hour and a half away from tehran known for housing rapists and murderers. his iran-based family had been able to visit him once a week but they won't be allowed to anymore. there are growing calls for the white house to step in here. we'll keep you updated. reverend billy graham sharing a message he believes is crucial at this time for america. it is a wonderful special. many of you at home saw it and wrote in about it. graham's message: our country is in need of a great spiritual awakening. if you missed it or want to see it again, you can catch the special reairing, my
10:53 am
hope america with billy graham tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central on fox news channel. what happened to president obama's jobs council? we're going to bring you the answer next in the out of the inbox section. 238 years strong, today a very special day for the military. we'll celebrate with you right after this break. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts,
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for more than two centuries the marine corps has been keeping us safe at home and abroad and today marks the 238th birthday of the marine corps.
10:58 am
it was established in 1775 in a continental congress and today has 270,000 active duty members. on veterans day we would like to say happy birthday. thank you to all of our marines out there for their service and the rest of our branches as well. to all of our vets thank you. today's out of the inbox question comes from shargt, north carolina. she asks when was the last time president obama met with his jobs council. the jobs council last met january 17, 2013, at the white house. the council did not meet for about a year and was officially disbanded in january of this year. white house spokesman jay carney said that was always the plan. thanks for tweeting us. if you have stories you want to hear more about or questions you'd like to ask there are all kinds of ways to reach us, twitter, facebook and more. we'll try to answer on the air. it's never too early to talk 2016. we asked how do you feel about governor chris
10:59 am
christie in 2016? steve says if christie is nominated i'll be voting down ballot. not the top. don't need another government official. >> we want to take a quick minute to honor some of the men and women in uniform this veterans day weekend. we got a lot of pictures veterans sent to us. let's get there as many as we can quickly. josh faulkner served three tours of iraq in the army. full screen 2 mark kinney. the third one, michael verardo. his wife said here's my brave husband double amputee saluting during the national anthem. fourth picture, ryan presnall, u.s. army, west point graduate. the fifth and final picture, captain dan
11:00 am
bartel. killed in afghanistan last year. >> we thank you all of our vets past and present. thanks for watching fox where we remain proud. i'm chris wallace. election 2013 is in the books leaving republicans convinced running against obamacare is the key to victory. >> this race came down to the wire because of obamacare. >> in new jersey a landslide victory for republican chris christie. >> i did not seek a second term to do small things. i sought a second term to finish the job. watch me do it. >> we'll talk with governor chris christie about his reelectionan


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