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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 9, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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reece? >> witherspoon?e? >> no, with the knife. >> i heard it from a priest. >> have a great weekend, everybody. hello, everyone i am greg jarod and welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> and i am arthel nestle. nevil. topping the news, a deal with iran on their nuclear program. it is looking more elusive and why the high stakes talks have hit a snag and causing friction with some of the closest>> and a frantic search r survivors after the monster typhoon ripped through the philippines. we are live in the fox extreme center with where the storm is heading next. >> and the verdict is in for dr. martin mcneil. we have the drama and the
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emotion from the courtroom and the trial that gripped the country. >> first we begin with mounting pressure against the white house in this hour over the botched health carrollout. republicans are now demanding that president obama do a whole lot more than just apologize for all of the canceled plans and the broken website. molly is live in washington with more and it is not just republicans that the democrats democrats are giving an earful too. >> today we are talking about republicans because they had the weekly radio address which is their chance to speak out and that's why we were talking about republicans and one of the main problems that republicans are pointing out today is that millions of americans are finding out they are going to lose their health insurance and have to pay more to get a new health care plan despite what the president promised repeatedly over the past several years. >> this is what betrayal looks
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like. you have hard working people who were repeatedly told not to worry. if anything their costs would go down. just the opposite is happening. the president is not leveling with us. he is trying to cover his tracks claiming he never really made these promises. >> president obama and the health and human services secretary says people will know more about what choices they have under obamacare once the website is functioning better. he should have been clear in keeping the current insurance. >> they are finding themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from me. >> this is his signature items and we all feel responsible forgetting the benefits to the people and do i wish things had operated totally smoothly on october 1st, you bet.
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was october a bad month, you bet. we are getting better. >> meanwhile, more maintenance work on the obamacare website. the irs will be working on part of the website that allows enrollees to figure out if they are eligible for government subsidees. that's one of the ways the obama administration has said that obamacare will reduce costs for people. some will be able to get taxpayer dollars to help pay for their plans. but that part of the website will be down until tuesday morning. greg? >> molly in washington, thanks. we now go to the latest round of high stakes talks over iran's nuclear program. john kerry and his counterparts from five other world pow rears have been meeting in -- powers have been meeting in geneva. now it appears the negotiations may have come to somewhat of an impasse. jennifer griffin is live in the dc bureau with more. >> it seems the talks talks in
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geneva have hit a snag according to the french foreign minister who has been the most blunt about the problems and achieving a satisfactory interim deal. >> when john kerry changed his schedule to fly to geneva and the talks entered an unexpected third day the hopes were raised that a deal might be close. the tone is coming from leaders involved in the meetings began to change. >> well we haven't done the deal yet. we haven't made this deal yet. everybody will have to comment on it if and when we reach a successful conclusion and make their judgment about it then. >> the iranians want sanctions lifted on their oil and banking sectors and may not be satisfied with the west's proposal for a one-timen fusion of $50 billion in cash. it was frozen when the banks went into effect. then there was iran's plutonium producer and it is not clear the iranians will
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down grade the stockpile of higher enriched uranium. they have 440 pounds of this higher enriched uranium. experts say just 100 pounds more and the iranians will have enough material for a single nuclear warhead. time is of the essence and the talks that looked so promising when the secretary john kerry and others made their way to switzerland grind on. arthel? >> that was jennifer griffin. later we will look at what is it means for u.s. foreign policy now that secretary kerry has joined these talks. an undercover new york police detective is looking now at 25 years behind bars for his role in the beating of an suv driver after he was chased through manhattan by a pack of bikers. the 32-year-old officer is one of 11 bikers now formally charged and indicted in the september 29th attack
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sparking national outrage after the footage went viral. brian yennis is live with this one. >> there is enough evidence to move forward with charging bikers and the undercover cop for their roles against the suv driver. remember the incident shows him driving his range rover on the henry hudson parkway with his wife and 2-year-old daughter when he was surrounded by a swarm of motorcyclists. that's when police say he bumped a biker that slowed in front of his vehicle. concerned for his safety he ran over one of the bike you ares critically injuring him. that's when the biker group then followed him, uh stack -- attacked the suv and dragged him out of the vehicle and beat him as his family looked on. according to the indictment 10 of the 11 bikers were charged with gang assault, a felony and the most serious of the charges.
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all of the bikers face charges of assault, corrosion and riot. and others face additional charges of criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon. the undercover detective was charged with gang assault, criminal mischief and riot among other accounts. he was off duty at the time, but police say he is caught on video participating in the attack and shattering the suv's back window. yes there is video and yes there are witnesses, but some say this is not a slam dunk case. >> the main issue is going to be whether or not the victim did the right thing at that point in time. that's one of the main issues. ultimately did the motorcyclist do the right thing? should you have chased him and follow him? that's the big issue. >> if convicted the men face up to five to 25 years in prison. greg? >> brian yennis in the newsroom. >> greg, guilty as charged.
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that's the verdict for a utah doctor accused of murdering his own wife. jurors sided with prosecutors who say martin mcneil gave his wife a dangerous cocktail of prescription drugs and drowned her in a bathtub back in 2007. we go now live to the west coast bureau. dominic? >> it took until 1:00 local time in provo, utah after 11 hours of deliberations, but mcneil was found guilty of murder and obstruction of justice. this is how the verdict was read out. >> we the jury having reviewed the evidence and testimony in this case find the defendant as to count one murder, guilty. >> and arthel, it was a tense scene and a packed courtroom. mcneil's daughters who were convinced he killed her on the screen.
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she was given pills after cos met sick surgery. that was a procedure he pushed her to have. prosecutors said he left her to die in the bathtub and gruesomely added that he may have held her under water for good measure so he could have a new life with the family nanny who you see in this toe toe. the daughters had identified that woman as a secret lover. mcneil himself appeared unemotional as the verdict was given, but he appeared to be purposely containing himself. that's what people say was in the courtroom late last night. the defense said the evidence against him was circumstance shall and it had taken the prosecution some years to build the case. he will be sentenced january 7th and he faces up to 15 years to life. back to you. >> dominic, thank you very much. new developments now in the bullying scandal surrounding the miami dolphins. jonathon martin is set to meet with the nfl special
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investigator next week. the league will be looking into allegations that the dolphins' guard that richie incognito and others harassed martin. incognito was suspended after martin quit and the league is looking at whether team officials knew of the bullying and mishandled the matter. a fox extreme weather alert, the red crossest mating a typhoon killed more than 1,000 people in the philippines, but the number is expected to rise sharply as rescue workers reach unreachable before areas. the storm one of the most powerful of its kind in over 30 years. leaving a trail of devastation and forcing thousands of people out of their homes while causing landslides and flooding. it is now on course to strike vietnam where mandatory evacuation orderses are underway preparations are
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being made there. we go now live to the fox extreme weathernet. >> it looks like tornadoes and it is incredible. people say a typhoon, what is that? is it like a hurricane? >> well, yes, it is exactly like a hurricane, but they call them different things in different parts of the world. they call them hurricanes where we live in the atlantic and eastern pacific. in the west pacific it is called a typhoon. as it gets past what would be the equivalent to a category 3 it is a super typhoon and in the indian ocean it is called a cyclone. it is all the same, a tropical entity. this is the latest storm and presentation of h eight yan. it is a category 2 right now, but the initial landfall they say 195 mile per hour sustained winds which would make it one of the strongest storms on record to make landfall anywhere across the swerld. world.
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we think it will hug the coast of vietnam and then make landfall between vietnam and south china and bringing the potential for 6, 12, 24 inches of rainfall. you have another system behind it. just to give you an indication of the size, 300 miles from the center of the storms tropical storm-force winds, but look at sandy in relation to haiyan. it is a massive storm. haiyan was much more powerful at the core of the stormful back to you, arthel. >> thank you, janice dean, for that weather president report. the marine corp is celebrating 238 years tomorrow. today secretary of defense chuck hagel is marking the event laying a wreath in arlington, virginia. the secretary delivered the words of the importance of the brave men and women. take a listen. >> for 238 years the marines
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have made a vital difference. in today's volatile and complicated world. they are as relevant and essential as ever before. there is no force that can match their agility, flexibility and expeditionary capabilities. >> the u.s. marine corp has served in every major american conflict since its founding in 1775. and today it has around 200,000 active duty members. the daring raid on japan turned the tide of world war ii. next we will tell you the fitting tribute to a few survivors. the surviving members of the doolittle raiders on this veterans day weekend. >> and president obama finally acknowledging the problems with the health carrollout. health care rollout. we look at the impact it could have just ahead in the 2014
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mid-term elections. rans day, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest
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the headlines. the olympic torch is competing
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its first ever spacewalk. two russian cause ma notes are taking it outside the russian spacestation. the first time the torch has been outside a spacecraft and back on earth. >> i christen the ship and may god bless the ship and all who sail her. >> the navy christening the newest aircraft carrier. it was at a ceremony in virginia. it is the most technologically advanced ship in the fleet. it will be ready for service in three years. and paying tribute to heros of world war ii this weekend. thousands are visiting the air force museum in dayton, ohio to honor the surviving members of the doolittle raiders who will make one final toes -- toast to comrades who deed in the daring mission over
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japan. >> assign my team to can we do to close some of the holes and the gaps in the law you because my intention is to lift up and make sure the insurance that people buy is effective. that it is actually going to deliver what they think they are purchasing. >> it may be a little late for that. that was president obama on thursday night. he acknowledged the many problems associated with the health carrollout and admitting at one point some serious repairs are in order. but with no details on exactly how or when that could happen. which party stands to benefit the most as attention turns to the mid-term elections a year from now? joining us now is ellen ratner who is a fox news contributor. ron bon jean as well.
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the president spent three and half years making a promise that turns out to be false. now he claims, well, i never really said that. it was always a caveat and i didn't mean everybody could keep their plan. look, people are smart. isn't he compounding the deception with another deception? >> look, he probably shouldn't have said what he said and he probably shouldn't have said what he said this time. the point is, if in fact they can get the problems fixed and if people can access health care that will be very good for the mid-term elections. if they don't get it fixed it will be bad for the democrats in the mid-term election. >> ron, all of a sudden now we heard it in the sound bite and the president said i am open to changes in the law after being adamant in his refusal to do so. here is the question. how do you fix millions of canceled policies because carriers have literally scwit
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the market -- quit the market place. they are gone. united health care and aetna have left. >> that's right. it is like the bp oil spill for america. every day we are seeing and hearing something about obamacare that is bad. the website is not working and millions of americans are losing their health insurance plan because they are promised something they are not gonna get. and it is going to affect democrats in the 2014 election if this isn't fixed. even if the website is fixed there is still going to be lots of problems. look, these guys are running an insurance superstore. if they can't run a website, what makes people think they are going to be able to run the largest health insurance -- the largest health insurance exchange across america. only five people signed up for washington, d.c.'s health exchange announced yesterday. yeah, president obama certainly is open to some changes now. i think the democrats will start new yorking at his
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door. i think it will get louder and louder. >> and speak of which 15 democratic senators showed up in the oval office to give the president what we say to be a rear -- a real ear full. >> for sure and 14 of those or 12 of those are up for re-election. they weren't happy. on the other hand you are trying to make a dent in one -- dash one-sixth to one-seventh of the economy. we know medicare works well. we know it can work well. they just really have to fix it. >> six of those guys -- and women -- who showed up to the oval office and gave them an earful. if they lose their seat republicans can take over the u.s. senate. >> that's true. >> isn't it true that obamacare, ellen, could change the course of congress? >> it can change the course of congress in both ways. it can lose a lot of elections if they fix it, and people in two
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years feel satisfied with their health care, and it can make the election for the democrats. >> did you talk to any tech experts? we talked to quite a few and they say november 30 fix? forget about it. >> i tried to get on the new york state site many times. i finally got on and went off to look up a number and tried to get back on and it was hopeless. i have not been able to get back on since. that was new york state. i am not saying there was not problems. i was one of those united health care members paying about $2,000 a month individually. i am all up for the exchange. if it works it will be great. >> ron, millions are losing their plans and millions are outraged at being forced to buy something they don't want or need at a much higher price. young people don't seem to be buying into this system. there is obviously as ellen mentioned chaos on the government website. in the end, guess what, according to the cvo there is still going to be 31 million
10:24 am
americans uninsured a decade from now. when you look back at this whole thing, was it just not thought through and kind of jammed through a la nancy pelosi? let's just do it and figure it out later? >> it looks like a bridge too far. it is not ready for prime time. with the websites not ready by november 30th there is another promise broken and more incompetence. that is communicated to americans. you know what, you are right. lots of young people aren't signing up for it and the uninsured are ignoring it and all they are hearing are negative messages. the insurance company could walk away from this thing that could set up a battle between the white house and the insurance company. >> good to see you both. >> thank you. thank you. >> he is one of the few people with a stake in this debate, chris christie. and coming up tomorrow he will
10:25 am
be sitting down with chris wallace for an exclusive interview about what is next for the gop and his own political future. that is tomorrow only on the fox news channel. check out your local listings. well, greg, a little positive pr could go a long way in the obamacare rollout mess especially with small business owners. how this group could sink or save the legislation. >> plus will kindle make the naughty or nice list this holiday season? we will take a close look at the folks from consumer reports next.
10:30 am
it is time for a look at some of the top headlines. a harvard university says its annual budget deficit has soared to $34 million over the last year. that's more than $25 million increase from last year. the school says it has now put measures in place to try to rein in the spending. relatives of the late civil rights leader malcolm x are trying to block a chicago company from selling copies of his recently published diary. the publishers say they have a signed contract for the book and the family says they did not get the proper permission. a 25-year-old model from venezuela has been crowned the new miss universe. gabriella isler taking the top spot after beating out contestants from all over the world. congrats. >> congrats indeed. more frustration in the rollout of obamacare.
10:31 am
this time small business owners hoping to hunt for better insurance plans for employees. now they find they are unable to do so. small businesses are the backbone of our economy and making up about 90% of all american businesses. could this spell disaster for the president and these signature law? he is the president of capital management and a fox news contributor. gary, hi. >> first off, we are talking about small businesses and what is causing the road blocks? >> you named the glitch. they are finding it and it is tough to get on and it is very slow. you try to load it. it shuts down and you have to go back in again. you can browse some things, but you can't do anything. all of these small businesses that, a, are having prices hiked. b, get knocked off their insurance and we will be able
10:32 am
to find these exchanges and we will get such low prices and they can't do that. we are in a world of unknown and uncertainty for the engine of the economy and not good. >> they can purchase the plans and will be ready this month and some are nervous about that. gary if that will be available , gary i ask you if enough small businesses don't sign up for obamacare, can the affordable care act survive and give me an idea of how many small businesses are needed to sustain . >> there is no shock if young people don't -- there is no shot if young people don't sign up in droves droves and small businesses. there are a ton out there and they are a driving force. it is about pulls pulls and how many people they r. that is what drives down the costs. if they don't get enough there is no shot. we see a train wreck in the website. i am one who believes that
10:33 am
when all is said and done i don't think this will get off the ground. >> if obamacare ends up not able to deliver the lower insurance premiums and plans as promised, if you are a small business owner who has to find better coverage because of rising rates, what do you do? >> well, that's the caw nun drum right now. fox is doing a great job at covering and speaking to small business owners and basically what has happened is they are finding that their health care providers are jacking up rates 50% because of what is happening and others are knocking them off. so a small business owner will have to look far and wide. i'm sure they will find something somewhere, but with all of this uncertainty the costs will go up. the longer it takes, i know the talk about it will be fixed by november 30th. there is no shot of this being fixed by november 30th. nothing good has happened the longer it goes out. >> why do you say there is no shot of it being fixed by
10:34 am
november 30. what is the pr fix here? give me both. >> i have spoken to a lot of people in the industry that do a lot of websites and things like that. they are just finding glitches thousand that they didn't even know was there. the good news 1* they are getting help from the best of the best. companies like oracle are in there. hopefully it gets done. it is going to be very tough. as far as the pr, i think they have already lost the pr game. politics is politics and i think this could be a tough road to come back from. what i think, everybody finds out the story of lower cost and lower prices is not going to be true. it will just get worse for the administration and their pr department. >> gary, i have to leave it there. thank you very much for your time on this saturday. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> i want to remind you that you don't want to miss media buzz. they helped break the watergate scandal.
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woodward opens up about why he feels the white house blames him for recent criticism. of the president's lack of leadership. it is here on fox newschannel. canines for warriors. they are teaming rescue dogs with vets suffering from ptsd and traumatic brain injuries. more than 90 vets has been able to give up their drug cocktails and overcome their disabilities and work the workforce. here is our chief intelligence correspondent with more. >> canines for warriors, a not for profit that teams rescue for more. he was diagnosed with ptsd and a traumatic brain injury after tours in iraq and afghanistan. david's wife remembers the dark days. >> he was not able to relax. he was shaking and he came up out of the bed ready to
10:36 am
fight. his reoccurring dream was standing on an ied. if he moves everyone blows up. >> everyone trained at the office are rescue drogs who was left on the street to die. >> on his fifth day without food or water, an animal shelter found him, got him, they made contact with canines for warriors. >> many can give up the cocktail of drogs. drugs. they overcome their anxiety and return to work. she got the idea after seeing her own son, an army dog handler wrestle with ptsd. >> there was no question. he received his service dog and he came back to me. the light came on and my son came home. >> during the recent government shutdown news reports of the family being denied death benefits brought the anxiety rushing back.
10:37 am
>> these guys gave their lives for our country. for a second there i felt alone. everything was all right. >> in two and a half year 90 vets were helped. the wa now a year and canines for warriors wants to do more. >> some people are blessed to see one miracle in their life. i have seen dozens of miracles. >> that companionship is evident in everyday things like looking for squirrels on the side of the road. >> he was at the end of his rope. i was getting close to the end of my rope. the two of us came together and we are a match. he takes care of me and i take care of him. that's a bond that i don't think can be broken. >> in washington, fox news. >> so special. >> what a great story that is. >> i love that. thanks. so, coming up, high stakes diplomacy as the united states
10:38 am
tries to hammer out a nuclear deal with iran. what role should the u.s. play, and how will this affect our relationship with the rest of the middle east? susan estridge joins us next.
10:41 am
and we are approaching the 50 years since the assassination of jfk.
10:42 am
we are searching for truth of what really happened on that terrible day. it changed american history. >> november 22nd 1963. the day begins with an excited welcome for president kennedy outside his fort worth, texas hotel. in nearby dallas oswald is going to work with a hidden rifle. he kept it in the garage. >> the blanket looked like camping equipment. it never occurred to michael it could have been a gun. >> in less than four hours president kennedy will be dead. >> catch fox news reporting 50 years of questions. the jfk assassination. it airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. and then again midnight eastern here on the fox news channel. >> and then immediately following the special geraldo will give his analysis of the assassination. meanwhile, the united states is walking a diplomatic
10:43 am
tightrope as it takes part with other world powers in high stakes negotiations over its nuclear program. we are talking about secretary of state of course making a last-minute decision to attend the talks in geneva and closing the gap. what role can the u.s. play in sealing a deal and how will this affect our relationship with the rest of the middle east especially israel? susan estridge is here and is a fox news contributor. good to see you, susan. >> good to see you. this is a hard one. >> this is a hard one. this will be a tough question up front. i i want to ask you, why should there be hope or optimism surrounding these latest rounds of talks with iran? >> from everything we are reading and hearing it seems to be the case that with new leadership in iran for the first time maybe there is a sense that there is progress
10:44 am
and that some people are calling it momentum and some people are saying, well, there is at least the possibility that a deal can be reached. obviously all of us would like to see a safer world with a nuclear free iran. the frefn have pointed out and other -- the french have pointed out and others and you don't want a deal that is a real deal to protect us. israel is rightly concerned and france is raising questions. john kerry went the extra mile and is going the extra mile to see if there is a deal to be had here. you don't just want a deal for the sake of a deal. you have to be real. >> you have to be real and that's where the israeli prime minister, as you said, benjamin netanyahu says it is a bad idea. it is good for tehran, but bad for everyone else. this is where iran is saying this is what we will do. go ahead and ease our sanctions. we will discontinue our
10:45 am
enrichment program. they say it to apease the international community, but does it want to do it? does netanyahu have a point there? >> of course he does. it is not just netanyahu either. obviously israel has more to gain than almost anyone by eliminating the nuclear threat. but they have more to lose if a deal is entered into by which iran gets its sanctions lifted or at least limited and at the same time it continues the enrichment of plutonium. what did president reagan used to say? trust and verify? when dealing with iran you have to be very careful. there are the french and the others and they raise those issues. they have this deadline of tonight. there are for more important to get a good deal
10:46 am
in the long run than to get another deal and doesn't do the job. >> they will not reach the deal and they will revisit in 10 days. let's stick on israel. i want you to expound on why israel has most to gain here. >> most to gain and most to lose. >> how many times have you heard leaders from iran. there is no question that even the more moderate -- quote moderate leadership is now hardly a friend to israel. we should stand by them and we need to make sure that any deal that is reached here doesn't endanger israel while at the same time giving needed economic aid to iran. all of us have friends and colleagues from fox news and others who live in israel who
10:47 am
live with the threat of explosions and who live with the reality that you got a country that hates you and that has professed its hatred for you and that has committed itself to destroying you. be careful when you are dealing with folks like that. >> sure. and they said we will not abolish our uranium enrichment program. what kind of deal could the secretary of state broker with the other world leaders? >> you are gonna have any deal that you broker and it will have that -- i mean look at me. twice in one 10-minute segment envoking ronald reagan. any deal that you will have has got to have mechanisms for verification to ensure that these folks who have frankly lied to us in the past and misled us in the past and expressed hatred for us in the past that they don't do it again. so you are probably right.
10:48 am
it doesn't look like there will be a deal tonight. they will come back again. i think it is a good thing to negotiate diplomacy over death and destruction i would take any day. but you can't give away the store, and we will have to verify. if you and i don't buy this plaw tone yum enrichment stuff -- plutoniumen riff meant stuff, stuff --en wren -- enrichment stuff, i mean, come on. >> i want to remind everybody you can read susan estrich's syndicated column every wednesday and friday. thank you, susan. >> have a great day. >> are you getting the best deal on the coolest new electronic gadgets for your loved ones this holiday season? >> you sound like you are doing an infomercial. >> i do. consumer reports is making sure i am getting the right
10:49 am
one and not playing scrooge. >> they will help with you that too? >> okay.
10:50 am
. rrn
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welcome back. with all of the new gadgets flooding the holiday market this holiday season it is difficult
10:53 am
to find it out there. >> they tested virtually all of the device that come out this year. terry sullivan is here with electronics highlights from the all aboard december issue. >> i. >> start with the kindle fire hdx. >> this is $230. and you can see the commercials for the mayday. >> yeah. >> it is throw 65 days a year and you get the help you need to get the problems worked out. the seven inch has a nice display and also the, the images on reading and really noise chlor test. and so very nice tab let from amazon. >> it was tw 40. >> $230. >> and okay. >> and the next one some of the features on the equipments, this
10:54 am
one is the lgt2. and up to 200 depending on your carrier and 5.2 inches lcd. this is nice. and what is coming in this particular type of smart phone, they have image stabilizers. you will get a better picture because it is compensating for low light. >> oh, that is good. >> on the back two, it has a nice physical feature that lets you increase and decrease the vol oum. >> that is voent. >> and that is up to in >> up to $2,000 depepping on the carrier. >> i am in a market for a camera start with this one. ncannon eos and significantly mauler than what you found with the cameras of the past. it gives you all of the
10:55 am
features. this huge lens can sit on this. and gives you what you want to see and what you are are taking and does hd- video and very light as a point in shoot. neasy to operate. >> you can use it like a point and shoot. set it on the mode, the mode here and it will pop up the flash for you. >> that is different? >> this$750 with the lens. and the last one here, sony hx50. cyber point camera. it is a opticcal zoom and mobile equipments don't give you that. >> i am just thinking. >> you have a opticcal zom in a nice package and does hd video as well. >> they take great shots for that. >> and three everyone display as
10:56 am
well. >> very good terry sullivan and great stuff for christmas possibly. >> yeah. >> that and a brand new mercedes. >> you are too naughty for that. harris faulkner is up next with the fox report. have a nice evening. >> have a nice weekend everybody, by by. nd our night nd our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? bye-bye. have to what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education.
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this is the fox report. tonight nuclear talks between iran and global powers have just finished without an agreement. so what is next? western diplomats trying desperately to keep the bomb out of iran's hand but signs of a division emerged. tonight, why one u.s. ally said the proposed deal doesn't go far enough. we waited for hours until the murder trial went late in the night. and now we know the verdict.
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