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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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website, o'reilly @ fox, again, thank you for joining us tonight. ms. megyn up next, i'm bill o'reilly, please remember, the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. breaking news tonight on the health care overhaul, the kelly file just learning about a tense meeting regarding the health insurance as the angry grow over losing their health insurance. the numbers are getting bigger tonight. our research team just came up with new figures suggesting more than 3.8 million americans are now getting kicked off of their insurance plans. and that is just so far. as we first told you last night in the wake of the backlash against his repeated promises that americans could keep their plans, period, which we now know were false, the president
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yesterday tried to revise history. >> if you have had or have one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really like that plan, what we've said was you could keep it. if it has not changed since the laws passed. >> but before that is not at all what the president said. called out today by some news organizations for now quote, lying about lies, officials at the white house today attempted to clarify the issue. listen. >> i just want to be clear, the president was referring to the law. and to the fact that the law was written in a way, and everybody who was close -- closely covered the drafting of that legislation knew what it was written about, the grandfathering clause was in the law. and he was referring to the implementation of that law through the rule process. >> got that?
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chris stirewalt, i just want to be clear, the president was referring to the law, the grandfather law, and the clarification, thanks, mr. carney. >> and i enjoy the underlying point which is that you knew it was untrue. and having not voiced at the moment the fact that it was untrue, you can now no longer -- it is like permanent safe at base, you can't tag us on it because you let us get away with it during the campaign. this is getting pretty ridiculous. >> this is all part of the search for accountability. at least some did ask jay carney about this specific misrepresentation by the prosecute president of the united states when he came out and said he never said anything about a representation that was false to
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begin with. so he misstated, lied, however you want to put it, and rather than come out and admit it, he tried to tell us that he told us something he never did tell us, and he didn't tell us the thing that we all know he told us. so in trying to cross examine that fact at the white house today, jay carney gets pressed. that was his answer, let me be clear. he was referring to the law, the law and the regulations and the grandfathering. and that tells us what about the white house, chris? >> it tells us that all of the people out there, and my heart goes out to people like ron fornier, and others like him, trying to hold the white house to account. and that at some point, the white house is going to say, we lied. it was a terrible mistake, we, by false trickery, we won the 2012 election, and we're sorry about that. and took your health care. but that is not going to happen. who was the president talking
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to? he was talking to the base of the base of the base of the base. government worker unions. he was talking to liberal activist groups. he was at his permanent campaign. this administration, this president. his political life tells us one thing since he has risen to the national stage, which is when in doubt, go to the base and bunker it out. so ron fornier, and others are saying this is bad, you are not supposed to lie caught. he is going to brazen it out. you don't respond to these things, you stay where you are and keep your third of the electorate with you in the lock step, let the rest of the people figure it out. knowing that if your opponents are at odds, you will get away with it.
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>> maybe that worked for him before, ignore the scandals, usually he has a compliant mainstream media that goes along with it. but let's say the house democrats and senate democrats in particular, who voted for this law. and now, casablanca style, are being shocked, shocked that people are kicked off their plans. >> and the president is paying a house call this weekend. going down to louisiana for a campaign stop. do you think she is excited about that? do you think she is looking forward to it? we have an election going on tonight in virginia that would indicate, no. it would indicate that no, that this is a huge liability for democrats. and this dire rollout and other problems are very dire indeed. and they're not going to want to be standing next to him. >> quickly, before i let you go. what do you make of the president meeting with the insurance companies again today? >> he owes them a lot.
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because they helped him do this thing with the promise they would get richer as a consequence of it. young healthy people who he was going to make sign up are not signing up. the website stinks, they are there to collect, i think. >> chris stirewalt, thank you. you bet. and in new jersey, chris christie defeats the democratic challenger in a landslide. we are waiting to hear his speech. but in virginia, it is still too close to call. democrat and close clinton confidant, waiting. it all comes down to virginia right now, bret. >> really does, megyn, hard to believe a year ago we did the election night coverage. and here we are, election 2013, all eyes on virginia. it is too close, pretty amazing. you know, when you look at this
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race just a week and a half ago, "the washington post" had 12 points for terry mcauliffe, the democrat. now, it is too close to call. as you look at the raw vote total it is sometimes too close to call. if you add the exit polls and raw vote total together in the calculations that our decision desk is doing, terry mcauliffe has a slight lead. but again, too close to call. and that, as chris stirewalt mentioned, is a really bad thing for obama care and democrats. >> so whoever wins in virginia, and if it is the northern virginia suburbs that are still outstanding, that is very good for mcauliffe. but because obama care has been such a factor late in this race and the exit polls so far have told us that, what does that portend for those who are
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looking forward to the 2014 elections? >> it portends bad things for democrats in the red states. that is a bad sign, this race, even if mcauliffe wins by two to four points, that is a sign that obama care moved this significantly. remember, virginia is a state that dealt with the government shutdown. when it happened, it really opened the lead for mcauliffe, it affected the race greatly. when obama care rolled out, it affected this race drastically. as the night went on, we got another wave of exit polls. that spread, and then the state was 53% opposed, 45% support that suggested that obama care opposition made a big difference. >> and of those who opposed obama care, they overwhelmly voted for the republican.
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>> 80/11, 80% for cutchhurc cuc. and he tried to make it a referendum for obama care. we'll see if he pulls it out. even if he doesn't, it is a sign for democrats in red states. >> already, they're running to the congress to introduce their own law to fix the law that they supported. we'll see what happens. bret, good to see you. >> good to see you, a year away, megyn. >> i'm looking forward to it. we'll keep watching the results as they come in from virginia, plus, new outrage regarding a woman who had her life saving policy cancelled. wait until you hear about that next. and does president obama truly understand the military and the real cost of war? one of our next guests explains why he believes the answer is no.
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it is "the kelly file," with megyn kelly. and in what is a national fire storm over millions of people losing their health care coverage due to the new obama care, one area has questions, today, a cancer patient about to lose the plan that helped her survive all of these years, and whose op-ed in "the wall street
6:13 pm
journal" earned her a white house rebuke. >> reporter: and megyn, she didn't want to pick sides, the reason she wrote the story for "the wall street journal," quoting her, what happened to the president's promise? i had to give up a world class insurance. the white house is challenging her account. directing her to a left-leaning blog, and a story titled "the real reason the cancer patient lost her insurance." and united health care dropped her coverage because they have struggled to compete in california's individual health care market for years. it is true united health care only has a small share of california's insurance market but they left out that united health care is the biggest health insurance company in the country. and the reason they pulled out of california is the same reason
6:14 pm
they're only joining exchanges in a handful of states. they believe the exchanges will attract too many sick people and not enough healthy people. the ceo told his investors, quoting here, there will be access by those who have had a pent-up appetite for insurance. and we are approaching them with some degree of caution. and now we know, megyn, that to participate in the california exchange, then qualify for those federal subsidies, insurance companies had to agree to cancel their plans that do not qualify under obama care. so when you hear this phrase that the insurance companies are voluntarily and choosing to cancel these, it is not true, at least in california. and by all of our research, edie sunby lost her health insurance and she lost her doctors because of the affordable care act. >> can you repeat that last part about california and what they told the insurance companies? >> california struck a deal and the insurance companies have confirmed this, that to
6:15 pm
participate in the california exchange and qualify for the federal subsidies, the insurance companies had to agree to cancel the plans that did not qualify under obama care, which we've seen all over the country. we know in california for a fact that those insurance companies agreed. and that is why they're cancelling the plans that do not qualify. >> that is unbelievable, i mean, that is an explicit deal to break the president's promise, not even arguably a promise. and robert hoops, a strategist. that is quite extraordinary, i want to start with the stage 4 cancer patient and the direct hit she took from the administration, tweeting out from the article from the far left blog, they believe undermined her, trying to blame it on the insurance company, saying they reacted to the obama care. >> the reason you're seeing the
6:16 pm
administration react so strongly to this particular charge is that the idea if you like your doctor, you can keep him or her, if that is untrue that is a much bigger problem for this administration than people simply changing from one administration to the other, or losing your coverage, losing your care is a big deal. >> you lose your plan, very often the new plan doesn't cover your doctor, that is how it happens, go ahead, robert. >> this is heart of the hyperventilating that is taking place in washington over the website and a long series of anecdot anecdotes, they say they don't want to be part of the plan they're cherry picking, that is precisely what the exchanges are designed to avoid, right? the idea is that if 47 million people don't have insurance and people don't sell the insurance, creating a marketplace where they can choose that policy.
6:17 pm
>> i'll give the floor back in a second, but robert isn't it true as far as we see based on united's stated reasons for cancelling its business in california, they might still be alive and well in california were it not for obama care? >> well, i don't know, but there would still be 47 million people without insurance were it not for obama care. >> but that is a different question, kristen, the reason i asked this, is because dan fifer in his white house blog suggested it had nothing to do with obama care. and there is something with her saying every official should have to get on this if i have to get on this. they're trying to strike a nerve. >> they're seeing these numbers begin to start heading really south. in this last week, you have now seen polls where president obama's favorability is down,
6:18 pm
that is why people -- the administration is beginning to fight back to not just say well, we'll just send secretary sebelius to the hill. >> why can't people have a thoughtful conversation with the american people, let me finish. >> wait, wait, let me jump in. robert, wouldn't that be great, and wouldn't it be great if it started with this. when i said you could keep your plan if you like it, at a minimum, i was not correct. lie, misleading, whatever, that was false. start from there. >> yeah, look, megyn, there is no doubt that this policy, the rollout of the website has been a big unsuccess. >> i'm not talking about the website, i'm talking about the loss of coverage. >> the fact is, the policies you're talking about are barely policies.
6:19 pm
deductibles have 10 t$10 to $25, multiple thousand dollar co-pays, these are not insurance policies. >> listen to becky who was on our show last week, stand by, listen. >> i have an excellent policy where i'm covered for everything with no lifetime maximum. i have every single coverage there is and they're trying to tell me that i had a bad policy. and the insurance company was ripping me off. and i was too stupid to know better. so now i have to you know, go with what the government is giving for my you know, for my own good. >> not true that these were lousy plans that needed to be cancelled. >> that is not true -- >> she is not telling the truth. >> the government is not going to get this person a policy. no, they're going to get private health insurance. in many cases they're going to get a tax credit and the insurance companies providing these policies or the one this woman just described have to
6:20 pm
provide alternatives. they have to provide alternatives. >> but it would be higher than before. >> once again, the rejection presented -- >> nobody is ignoring. >> i'll be back, thank you for joining us, i got to run. >> i want to hear your obama story, we received thousands of them, good, bad or in between, send me a tweet, @megynkelly. and still ahead, he predicted in 2010 that the president's "you can keep your policy" is a falsehood. and turns out it was. meet the man who saw it coming just ahead. plus, killer-in-chief? up next, that is reaction to a chilling story about president obama and the military. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card.
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fox news election alert for you now, fox news can now project that democrat terry mcauliffe will beat ken cuccinelli to become the 77th governor. the win could have ramifications in the race, especially for hillary clinton, because it could give her an ally in the close race. the close due largely to obama care could throw a scare into some democrats. mcauliffe wins in virginia tonight, bret? >> yeah, megyn, a significant win for terry mcauliffe. obviously, he is a former fundraiser, a very big friend of bill and hillary clinton. they came out and campaigned for him. and as you mentioned it is a significant thing for a hillary clinton presidential run that
6:25 pm
she would have a foothold, a machine, if you will, in the purple state. if you look at that, you can't judge it's by that. we're looking at models now that have exit polls and raw vote totals in the different areas. and our decision desk has come to the determination desk that fox news can project that terry mcauliffe will win, according to this graphic, 46 to 44%. it is interesting, megyn, as you mentioned. obama care made a big difference in this race. and moved it several points in just the last few days. >> and virginia, you know, used to be solidly red, but has been trending purple and blue, as the northern virginia suburbs take on a population that tends to lean democrats. so it is not a huge, huge surprise here, but interesting developments. bret? we'll do it all over again in a year. >> okay, you got it. >> see you soon. meanwhile, there is a
6:26 pm
disturbing report out on presidential hubris tonight. a book on the 2012 election claims that president obama has been bragging to aides that he is "really good at killing people." which has critics asking whether that is the right tone for a u.s. president. ceo of concerned veterans for america and two-time combat vet is here with reaction, he is speaking of the drone war, but the comment "i'm really good at killing people," your thoughts as a vet. >> as a vet, there could be a problem with that, killing people, it is flippant, if you command the most powerful military, it is not something you need to say, even if you're capable of it. and they have ramped up the drone program, this is something they have done a lot more of. there is also criticism of the effectiveness of the strikes, the signature strikes have hit
6:27 pm
more civilians than other administrations. so who is he killing? this is the president who ran against the iraq war and ran for closing guantanamo bay, yet he is saying i'm really good at killing people. not what you would expect from him, and i think belies a detachment from the war. >> and do you believe, that most men and women as they see their job in the military, they're the ones that have to go out and do it. >> that is exactly right, this is not the commander-in-chief going out to do the killing, the navy s.e.a.l.s and others go out to do that. sometimes when he says, i, not we, a true commander pushes that leader role down, they credit the men and women who kick the doors open, not say look at me, look at how good i do. there is a sort of insecurity there, or an absolute hubris, as you say, that whatever i say goes, and look how incredible i am. >> are these kind of top men and
6:28 pm
women in danger, to have the commander-in-chief with such swagger about killing, whether you support the drone program or not could it put lives in danger? >> i think it does, we have seen s.e.a.l. leaks, i spent time with vaughn -- if you're letting out secrets about what you're doing and bragging about it, they want their bite at the apple, too. and a comment like this, even if it was private is disturbing for vets and military members to hear. >> the white house was asked about the book. it has come out now. all they said was the president hates leaks. >> oh, he likes leaks that help him. >> that is how they put it, he hates leaks, double down. thank you for joining us. thanks, megyn. and he could be the most prophetic man in america.
6:29 pm
the kelly file will speak with the man who three and a half years ago warned specifically about the millions losing their coverage today. right after the break, we'll ask him about the democratic response to his warnings then, and we'll ask him what he thinks is going to happen next with the health care situation. plus, a group of parents now on a crusade over a controversial textbook and how it is handling religion. i am today by luck. i put in the hours and built a strong reputation in the industry. i set goals and worked hard to meet them. i've made my success happen. so when it comes to my vestments, i'm supposed to just hand it over to a broker a back away? that's not gonna happen. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant, you'll get the guidance you need with the control you want. talk to us today.
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47 separate occasions, president obama promised if you like what you have got, you can keep it. unfortunately, the obama administration has broken that promise. the administration published regulation that will fundamentally change the health insurance plans of millions of americans. the reality of this new
6:33 pm
regulation is that if you like what you have you can't keep it. >> that was not this week. that was more than three years ago. republican senator mike enzi calling out obama care regulations that he said violated the president's, if you like your plan you can keep it, period, pledge. he was ignored and even mocked by his democratic counterparts, accused of fear-mongering. but many of his ideas were coming true. >> the reality is many of us will be forced to buy the kind of insurance the federal government thinks you should have. >> another prediction about what employers are likely do in the wake of obama care. >> employers will be less likely to hire new workers and probably lay off workers. >> investor's business daily published a list of employers
6:34 pm
who they say cut hours and workers and staff because of this new law. senator enzi warns that it also takes a hatchet to the regular health care law. >> most businesses, the administration estimates between 39 and 69% will not be able to keep the coverage that they have. >> just this week, a duke university report predicted 68% of those who have employer-based plans will experience significant disruption. and finally, there was this. >> this new regulation appears to ignore the impact it will have in the real world. it will drive up costs and reduce the number of people who have insurance. >> just yesterday, the manhattan institute released a 49-state report finding that average premiums will increase by 41% under obama care. and as for his prediction that this law will actually reduce the number of people with insurance? well, republican wyoming senator mike enzi joins me now, senator, wow, let me take you back to
6:35 pm
september of 2010, when you, unlike most of the world, actually read the federal register. and these regulations that kathleen sebelius had pushed through shortly after obama care became law. hobbling the ability of people to keep their plan, as the president claimed they would. you read it. you saw it. and you went to the senate floor to do what? >> i took a bill to repeal that particular provision so that people would be able to keep their insurance, that they were promised they could keep. this presidential mantra that goes on and on, the democrats believe. and as a result they defeated my repeal amendment. and so we're still stuck at this point with the same thing. >> how many democrats voted in favor of your proposal? >> every one of the democrats voted in favor of it. that puts america at risk and it should put their jobs at risk. >> they voted against your
6:36 pm
attempt to fix this regulation? >> that is right. my attempt to make what the president was saying come true, he didn't like it. he likes the mantra, the mantra was still on the white house website at 4:00 this afternoon, saying if you like what you have got, you can keep it. and you don't have to do a thing to keep your plan. that is wrong. it has been wrong for three years. and they won't change it. >> at the time max baccus called your move to try to fix this a political stunt, senator tom harkin says this was another attempt on a pledge to undo critically important patient protections. senator durbin accused you of trying to empower the insurance companies, and on and on it went. did you feel like the message went through? >> the president's mantra
6:37 pm
controlled the democrats, they were not listening, they didn't intend to listen, they should have listened. i couldn't believe what some of my colleagues were saying, even though the federal register said considerably different than what they did. it predicted millions would lose their insurance in wyoming, the least populated state in the nation lost their health care. and the administration assures me it is coverage they wanted to have. across the state, 3 million at least lost their insurance they were promised they could keep if they liked it. they liked it and don't like the extra requirements in there right now. >> and as you saw these millions of people start to get cancelled in the past couple of weeks, what did you think to yourself? >> i thought back to the 2010, when we said it was going to happen. and everybody said no, it won't happen. we have got a perfect plan, this
6:38 pm
has not been a perfect plan from the start. i like how the president said this is settled law, you can't make changes, yet he makes changes by avoiding the law. h had he avoids the law, in order to have his message go through, but he doesn't listen. >> as the paul revere of some of the consequences of this law, what do you see happening in the future, especially once this employer mandate kicks in. >> well, senator johnson has been working on a repeal law. it will be interesting to see if the democrats put up the same kind of defense again. although i would imagine some of them are going to try to co-op that, and say they tried to bring it to the floor. maybe it will pass with the president's blessing, i can't believe that it would when he
6:39 pm
still has on his website, the mantra of untruths. >> thank you, senator, all the best, sir. coming up, the president's approval rating today hit a two-year low. so will we soon see him adm admitting that he misled in this promise that if you liked your plan you could keep it? brit hume is next on that. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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for the first time in two years, the president's job approval rating has fallen below 40%, the numbers coming as controversy rages about the president's -- reports that the president's advisers knew years ago that millions would lose the coverage the president was promising them they could keep. here is just a little today's white house press briefing. >> last night, the president said if you have or had one of the plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said is you could keep it if the law has for the changed. but that is clearly not what the president said over and over again in selling the plan to the american people. how does the president account for that? why is he adding the caveats that he did not issue a year ago? why does he just not admit he
6:44 pm
misspoke? >> he was referring of the implementation of the law through the process -- >> the president acknowledged the pledge he made over and over again, if you like your plan you can keep it. does he now acknowledge that was a mistake? >> the president -- >> just a yes or no, do you know whether or not -- >> well, it is a little more complicated. >> so if the president could go back he would use the same words again? >> well, the president. as awesomely powerful as the office is, can't go back in time. >> you said the president meant to keep this promise, this was a promise not kept. >> jim? >> words are words. >> i'm not going to argue with you about -- the president was speaking very specifically about the broader promise of the affordable care act. >> has the president expressed to you or anybody in this white house that maybe he should just come out and say he screwed that one up? >> jim, i can just give you the answer i gave you. >> is president obama aware that there were people who feel misled or deceived or even lied
6:45 pm
to by his previous statements? >> well, look, what i would say is the president -- has you know, worked with congress to pass a law that addresses the concerns that millions of americans have about the insecurity created by a total lack of insurance? or a lack of quality insurance. >> oh, my, my. brit hume, our fox news senior political analyst, oh, my goodness, brit, you used to be the man in that press room. it was horrible, it was horrible. >> yeah, i mean -- there is only one word for that line that jay carney was trying to take there. it was clap trap. the president said something e unequi
6:46 pm
unequivocally, and didn't have anything to do with what the president said. it was just nonsense, and this -- this sort of stuff feeds the story. that sound that you just played will play in many other places as well. it makes news because it is so extraordinary. so you know, they're trying to stop the bleeding, and this is the worst way to go about it. >> what are the odds now of the president just coming clean? >> well, so far it doesn't look very good, does it? i mean, he seems to be willing to leave it on the website. as senator enzi just pointed out the promise still stands on the president's own website. i don't think they owned up to it yet. the world always looks different from inside the white house as it does from the outside, all of us on the outside can all see what the president said was untrue and likely was known to be untrue at the time by him, even. and this excuse-making and blaming the insurance companies, and pretending that it was not
6:47 pm
an untruth is not working. but there is a reluctance on the inside where the world sometimes looks different. i can't believe it will look different much longer. you cited the numbers from gallup. there was an earlier ap poll which i certainly doubted that had his numbers reflecting similar numbers. but i think it will only get worse, because the number of people who lose their policies will shrink. it is not going to grow. and the number of changes in the corporate policies and other large group policies begin to hit, it is going to get worse. and worse still. people are already up in arms. this is a potential earthquake, politically. >> you know, the world view reminds me of you know, the song i sing to my 4-year-old and my 2 and a half-year-old. if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, what a world this would be ♪ >> what was it john boehner said
6:48 pm
the other day, if if's and butt's were candy and nuts, every day would be christmas. >> they knew it was false when he said it. they had a debate on whether or not he should come out and say, mr. president, put an asterisk on it, fyi, but they said we can't do it, it is a toxic political environment. but my question to you, brit, is this like the kid who kills his parents and claims he is an orphan. >> well, the environment has been toxic for a while, what you have to keep in mind this was a close run thing. this barely passed. it literally was true there was not a single vote to spare. and anything that would have shaken the confidence of only a small number of democrats that this is something they ought to vote for. and you know some of them are regretting it now might have
6:49 pm
kept this thing from passing. and i believe that this president believes that doing this was the soul, the essence of his presidency, and that getting this done when all the decades that democrats dreamed of such a thing. it has nothing to do with the details, this is a big achievement. we're going to make sure the uninsured get insurance. as was pointed out the purpose was to insure the uninsured. and what it is doing is uninsuring the insured. >> i have to go, can you give me a 15 second thought on mcauliffe winning virginia? >> well, it appears it will be a lot smaller than expected. off it is li it is likely to go down in the books as a tight race, races tighten all the time. it will be a scribe to obama
6:50 pm
care, and has to scare the other democrats up for election. >> doesn't matter to mcauliffe, but certainly other democrats, thank you, brit. thank you. a group of parents on a crusade of how one controversial textbook is handling religion, plus, hannity at the top of the hour. >> how will it impact your practice? >> well, we don't know, we have no idea what we're signing on the dotted line for. at this time most physicians are not comfortable taking new patients with obama care. pain. once you feel it coming, it's almost too late. or is it? introducing new fast acting advil. with aultra-thin coating and fast absorbg advil ion core™ technology, nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. nothing works faster. i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase
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6:53 pm
overwhelmin in florida, hundreds of parents are upset over a school textbook that dedicates an entire chapter to islam, and zero chapters to other religions. >> well, a lot of parents said they would protest tonight. but the school board meeting was actually cancelled.
6:54 pm
and because of safety concerns, there were actually 50 parents that showed up to this thing. the book is a chapter devoted to things like quran, and the five pillars of islam. the protest is that they should be allowed to rip out the chapter until the district gives equal access to other irreligio. we had one commissioner that said christianity was designated to a foot note. one facebook page just lit up with all the responses from parents, just outside of orlando in volusia county. >> and we have to wonder what the response would be if there was just a textbook devoted to christianity and no other religions. what is the district saying about it? >> they're not backing down. they say it is one of three history books approved by the
6:55 pm
department of education, and they say there is ample time devoted to other religions. >> there is one chapter dedicated to the muslim teaching. however, christianity is infuse ed throughout the book. >> in other words, no need to go deeper about christianity and jewish religion. >> we're standing up against the intolerance, and they're standing up against censorship. they want to learn and get education, it is our belief when we learn about each other, we can stop hating each other. >> not just volusia county, by the way. yeah, this is also going on in neighboring brevard county, where the space kennedy center is, still no resolution on that, this one is kind of popping up all over florida. all right, trace, thank you, we're talking about the top stories, the numbers show more than 3.8 million americans are
6:56 pm
getting kicked off of their health care plans, see how it breaks down state by state. we want to hear your obama story, send me a tweet @megynkelly. keep the tweets coming, we'll be right back. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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♪ oh what a rain it would be. >> i would stand outside -- my crack producing team would stir that one up. thank you for joining us, everybody. let me know your thoughts on twitter, follow me @megynkelly, or facebook. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. what we've said was you can keep it if it has not changed since the laws passed. >> the president is now lying about his own lies. the obama care hearings rage on, on capitol hill. >> and i will stick by my statement. >> but as usual, there are no answers and no solutions from this clueless administration. >> i would not be the expert there. >> good afternoon. >> he has deceived the press and you, the american people, since day one. >> and is in response not


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