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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is a fox report. in wo hours from now our nation will have gone from a brokening health care website to none at all. the federal government is shutting down, center pose for accessing obama care. it will happen thu tomorrow. another wrinkle none theless in a pr disaster. >> the failure of the obama health care launch is a disaster. >> making a first impression that the white house did not want. this matters, obama care affects
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one- sixths of the u.s. economy. not to mention your own economy. why is going off line again. >> one of the nation's busiest airports is in the seen. >> it is like a dream. it was not real. it was so intense and not normal to hear that. >> the attack like this tests our resolve and who we are and respond. the line of fire and recovery. >> in moments, the now evidence that the killer may have had a specific target in mind. and a city's response in the face of tragedy becomes a point of national pride for all of us and celebrating boston strong.
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i am harris faulkner. down again. that is linking americans to health care exchanges will go off line in a few hours from now. the site will be down for an extended fix. something that the website sorely needs. it is plagued since day one. you can count the number of successful enrollments on hand. and memos from the obama administration show that six people managed to sign up the first day the website went live. the administration is promising a tech surge will fix the trouble. health and human secretary services kathleen sebelius said the site should be up and running bite end of the month. the republicans say it goes
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dealer than a troubled website? >> yes, when the number of people losing the health care plan system vastly greater than those signing up in the obama health care website there is a problem. dan coates challenged the president that people can cope their health care if they like it. >> tell that to the people in florida who received cancellation notices and 1 million californians that may see health insurance plans disappear and tell that to the tens of hoosiers in my state that see similar notices a ratifying in their mail boxes. >> even if the his honor company drops a plan they have to offer comprehensive plans that meet obama care standards. nlaw makers learned that we would have to wait until the
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middle of the month and now they came out and they are very low numbers. what is the white house saying today? >> only six people signed up for obama the first day the website went live according to documents released to the house over sight committee and only 248 people enrolled by the day two. the obama administration needs 39,000 people a day to make it work. the white house said those are rough figures. and white house secretary said enrollment will likely be a slow build. >> it is no question that it is made more challenging by the poorly functioning website and that is on us and wee why we are dedicating the resources and brain power to get it fixed. >> carne said the obama administration expects the
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numbers for october to be low. >> if you need that many peopline if they get the thing running, they will be playing a line of catch up. >> one thing that is not getting attention. the 20 somethings that the white house don't show up to pitch in the money, who fits the bill or does obama care do i unfunded? my guest later this hour has information on that. also we are waiting an fbi news conference inside of los angeles, that is the podium right there obviously and we expect detectives and the fbi to give usut latest on the investigation following the shooting in lax. we'll monitor this for you when they get started. they are running a few minutes behind much our journalist are turning up new details about
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what happened yesterday. los angeles international airport at this hour is getting back to normal. this was the seen in terminal three, a stampede basically. a gunman pulled out an assault rifle and opened four. and terfoyed passengers and dropping anything they had leaving shoes and belts behind and trying to attack cover and get away from a man on a mission to kill. >> we heard eight shots ring out bang, bang, bang. >> it was like a movie and so intense and not normal to hear that. we all just panicked and flooded through the screening x-ray machines and tsa was right there with us. and we didn't know what to do. >> i saw one woman scooping up her child to run faster.
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the suspected gunman 23-year-old paul ciowa a ncia is in the hospital recovering and the fbi are waiting for him to be well enough. he sent a troubling text message to a family member and they found a hand written note describing his intent to kill tsa officers and filled with anti- government rants who felt his rights were being violated. one witness said the gunman targeted tsa agents asking people if they worked for tsa. 39 year old hernandez, leaving behind a wife and two children. dom, bring us up to speed from los angeles. >> reporter: hey, there, harris, we had a photoreleased of hernandez.
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we can show you what he looked like. he worked here in lax five years and he was a peyafrial inspector and stand in the checkpoint and looking for people behaving suspiciously. this is the scene in lax right now. this is terminal one. it is very, very quiet. and this is the baggage and arrival area. it is quiet this time. we do have a heightened police presence after yesterday. i have to say a distinct police presence. >> we have high profile and security strategy that we employ every day. and obviously today and foreseeable future, we'll continue a high profile at the curbes and ticketing area and anywhere on the campuses.
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>> we understand details about the injuries that cianciowa a. he may have been shot in the mouth and legs and it could be difficult for him to talk to the fbi. we are a few minutes away from the fbi update. >> what about the other people hurt in this? >> yeah, we understand that one of the tsa agents shot in the shoulder could be released any minute which is good news. he is in harvard medical center. ronald reagan medical center three people were there yesterday. one of the individuals was shot in the leg. we don't know how serious it was. a suggestion an artery was hit. and people are suffering and people waiting to come out of the hospital there, back to you, harris. >> asdom told you, a tsa officer
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lost his life in the attack. we learned about him from his widow. and she spoke for the first time. horr theo hernandez came to the united states from el sal vadorwhen he was 15 and they were married on valentine's day in 1998. >> he was a great man who always showed his love for our family. he was always there to help anyone in need and made people laugh. he was a wonderful husband, father and brother and son and friend. gerrardo would have been 50 next week. i am truly devastated. we are all heart brokening and will miss him dearly. >> hernandez worked at lax three years and said he loved his job. he was always smiling.
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>> new details on the suspected shooter that are coming through. 23-year-old paul ciowa a ncia was a motorcycle mechanic from new jersey as we learned. his family is still there. we'll move on now. this caused more than forebut a lot of travel interrupted. and the shooting affected 1500 flights and 167,000 passengers, travellers left their belongings in the aftermath and told they will be able to work with the airline they were traveling with to try to get those belongings back. right now, this guy, already in police custody. they will pop up his picture since i am talking about him. investigators believe he is behind the disturbing crime that made national healthy lines and
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sparks were firing when sebelius went before the house on the troubled roll out of the website. the question looms, why hasn't anyone lost their job. >> who was in charge. >> at that team, who is the individual. >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is responsible for this debacle. >> excuse me congresswoman, michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for the debacle. i am responsible. [ male annour favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. the abdufkz a colorado gifrment a man facing kidnapping and burglary charges. he took her and carried her in an alleyway. she started screaming and
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managed to get free. the suspect was in custody for an unrelated case. we are learning about a top terror take douvenlt we are answering questions about a drone strike. the man was wanted bite u.s. for years and he claimed responsibility for the failed time square bombing in 2010 and rash of terror attacks. connor is respecting from afghanistan. >> reporter: harris, u.s. strowns targeted hehsud and twice declared dead. he is now confirmed he was killed this time. he was a ruthless and violent leader of the taliban in pakistan, responsible for deaths in pakistan and in afghanistan
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including nine people here in afghanistan that were in a secret cia base in 2009. he was a head of the pakistan taliban. he was an important leader in afghanistan and pakistan. pakistani officials are reportedly extremely angry about this drone strike. the new government elected a few months ago was elected on the large part to end u.s. drone strikes and begin peace negotiations with the taliban. they so the drone strike as undercutting peace efforts. here in afghanistan his death is welcomed by afghan and u.s. officials whoso him as part of the broader problems for the instability in afghanistan. his death will impact the taliban here in afghanistan and in pakistan.
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but the pakistani taliban named a successor and vowing revenge, harris. >> i am watching out of my eye the los angeles police department and fbi started the news conference. we learned a little more about what went down in the los angeles international airport. they were not putting a lot on the record that might change later. this might be more of a review. but if there is anything knew that comes out. we covered it moments ago, as the store tore breaks with new details we'll bring it to you. the countdown on. the key and centerpiece for millions of americans to get health care on line,, obama care access will go down, at least for 12 hours it will go dark on
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purpose. we are following that and we'll bripg you details on why that is happening. we know it is plagued with problems. and a mascot stunt that didn't go off as planned. what happened when this guy landed on the ground and left a lot of people shocked. and the world champion boston red sox rolling through the streets of bean town. ♪ as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy,
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and we have breaking news on the fox report right now. you are looking at the left of your screen are the fbi and authorities in los angeles following yesterday's shooting in lax on terminal throw and on the right is the suspect 23-year-old paul cia ncia. i promised you we'll bring you information. it is confirmed they charged him with federal murder charges now and we know that five other people are hospitalized and hurt tonight. that in addition to the death of a tsa officer, the very first to happen to that agency that occurred yesterday. the federal offense commission of violence and violation of the 18th section of 37 code. i am reading it straight coming from the news conference and we are braking it down for you later. this man on the right of the screen could face life in prison
4:24 pm
or without parole or death.depepping on how it shakes out. dom nick reported that out of all of the multiple gunshots that the suspect received in a shootout, one of them to his mouth. we don't know if they will communicate with him poi notes. he may not be talking for a while. he left a note behind and now we are getting an idea of what may have been in it. cording to what is coming out of the news conference. i am addressing tsa agents and he wanted to instill fear in their traitorous minds. that is a clip that we are getting out of the news kfrps now. we are following it and we will dip in and out and federal murder charges against 23-year-old paul ciowa a ncia that you can see on the right hand of the screen.
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and amazing sight today proving that boston is back and stronger. rolling tribute as the red sox celebrated the championship. this party went far beyond baseball with a special meaning for anybody with boston ties and the rest of us in america. we felt it, too. triumph over tragedy as the city recovers from a terror attack. red sox slugger david ortiowa z big pa pi. >> you know we stay together. the families, and we are fighting against the world, man. you know what i mean? you guys start it out and we'll finish it. >> you guys start it, we finish it. >> most poignant moment occurred in the parade when the vehicle
4:26 pm
stopped in the boston marathon finished line. the trophy was played and held up's jersey boston strong. they were hanging on the dugout throughout the season. this scene caught on video. it is hard to believe that it is real. a woman runs after catching fire. whatever she is carrying, she doesn't drop. and for on how this happen and her husband could face charges. >> and president obama's biggest domestic achievement but it has not gotten off to a smooth start. the web is set to
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glitches and crashes since it was launched. the white house is looking for answers apparently. the administration promising that the site will run normally by the end of the month. there is a requirement that has business owners up in arms. elizabeth takes this part of the story for us in washington. >> reporter: a dc court striking down an affordable man date that required business owners to provide health insurance including birth control. that limits. and the others say the employees have a right to coverage. >> the only question is whether our government can force religious business owners to pay for abortion causing drugs or
4:32 pm
contraceptives even though that is against the religious beliefs. >> you have the right to practice what you want, but the employer shouldn't have the right to deny people who work in the institution their right to follow their consciences. >> this owner mesh way foods. they don't want to contribute to plan b bills citing the roman catholic religion and facing a $14 million fine for not complying. the obama administration said it is person for a woman's right to decide, the judges were not convinced. the 10th circuit ruling, they rowelled against the abortion pill man date in the hobby lobby case. and other cases went the opposite way. and the split may indicate that the supreme court may take on the issue.
4:33 pm
harris, back to you. >> let's talk about obama care, we'll bring in john from the national review. john, the site is going down in 90 minutes and so what does this tell you about this. saturday night that they are going to tackle this. >> it is a good time it take it down. and today is the one month anniversary of the site and we are no closer to getting people on line than a month ago. >> we saw republicans pressing for the raw numbers on how many people sewned up and truly ciped up. why is that important foritous know? >> because there is a lost spin and smoke in the air and fog. enrollment numbers are hard bit of data that we can see and decide is this site working? we know after the first day there was a six enrollees.
4:34 pm
one way to get through all of the baffle gabs in the administration and other people putting out. what is the raw numbers? if they are going up. what will you get compared to the goals. >> what about the argument of the website is not working and those numbers don't matter? >> they say it is getting better and better every day. is it really? >> how are they measuring it? >> exactly. >> before we move on, your thoughts after the hearings with health and human secretary kathleen sebelius and earlier when we saw the tech heads who put the site together from cgi international and other groups they worked with. what were the other things that you extrappolate. >> secretary sebelius said i am accountable. we used to have a tradition if people messed up this bad they
4:35 pm
actually resigned. >> oh. >> no one resigned and fired and we have a great mystery. if they messed up. i wont trust them to fix it. >> this brings me to the next point. the president was in boston and talking about the economy. and the website came up. >> there is no denying right now the website is too low and too many people got stuck and i am not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need health care and they are trying to figure out how to sign up as quickly as possible. there is no excuse for it and i talk full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working over time to improve it. >> it was reminencent after the bp oil pill and the president was visceral in being upset.
4:36 pm
he looked like that on thursday. why hasn't anybody lost a job if >> presidents have de15ing moments and the leadership and judgment is tested. president bush had one with hurricane katrina. and the president is insistent not only because of the site but the administration is on the line. this is his single achievement with his name on it. >> you think he is worried about it. >> i think he is a cool customer who doesn't panic. but he is close to it. >> keep the audio down. focuses on the faces behind him. a little bit of a trend. young faces behind him. and those are the people who helped to elect him and bringing that young vote in. and now he needs them to go on the website or somehow get health care through obama care
4:37 pm
to sign up to pay for this. where are these young minds? he could have used them to design the site? >> federal procurement rulesar a problem. we have had federal procurement rules to make it impossible for young companies to get the job contract. >> all right. i didn't mean the very faces in the video, but i am going to get to the point of the economy. you are going to need those young people to sign up in order to drive the engine on obama care. >> many of them will not be be able to afford health insurance. you are asking them to sign up for policies that are costing a lot more than they normally would in the insurance market because obama care is subsidizing the older people. >> i don't want to put it in a age group.
4:38 pm
anybody who found from yousitation may not go back. how do you get them to go back? >> call the 800 number and put on hold and transferred to the website or fill out the paper application. have you met anyone under the age of 30 who fills it out. nonly for my 11 cousins in dallas, no. >> we were talking about frustration accountability. secretary sebelius was along the line of people to take responsibility. we will pop up her talk on the hill and then we will talk more. >> i am frustrated and angry with the flawed launch of so let me say to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems and i am committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the
4:39 pm
site. >> wow, the president and now sebelius and seems to be confusion of who is responsibility. >> the site is only the front dorto obama care. once you get past the front door and in a chamber of horrors and we learned from forbes' mag zone employers are dropping health insurance and having the health care plan declared illegal. >> rosealie thorn wrote on my facebook. she writes, my medical supplemental provider said my policy would no longer be available. deductible and co-pays increased. why is this as you say what we may see coming down the pike whether they fix the website or not? >> if you are 35 years old and want a plan, it is going to have to cover maternity benefits and
4:40 pm
all kinds of things like wigs for hairs for medical procedures. we are expanding the benefits and the costs have to go up. the problem is, the network of doctors that people access to is shrinking. i know one person who lives on the delaware border line that sees delaware doctors, their new plan will only allow them to see pennsylvania doctors and they will have to drive and give up their old delaware doctors. that's the new restrictions that were not in the fine print of the law even if we followed nancy pelosi's that we have to red it to find out what is in it. >> it points to the broken promise. you can keep your health plan or doctor. >> so far, no sign of that. >> john, thank you for being here and appreciate you breaking it all down. surveillance video of a gas
4:41 pm
station in a small town northeast of atlanta. the man lights a cigarette. he was putting gas in the truck there and his catches on fire. and she has a bag of something and she goes off running. she suffered second and third and back and head. his hands were burned. police are issuing an arrest for him. he is charged with one count of reckless conduct. >> pregame festivities didn't go as planned. that is the denver nuggets mascot lowered to the court. ye, something went wrong and the crowd had a big scare. >> bob deal honoring the honor flight. a veteran's back.
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today hundreds of people gaerthed in a church in boulder, california to remember nasa astronaut to circle the earth. he landed nearly throw hundred miles off course. his friend and pioneer john glenn recalled the days training together in nasa and how much carpenter's curiosity helped him to step out. >> we went through the test. scott seemed to enjoy the testing, every bit of. it he was exploring an unknown and that was a way of life with him. exploring an unknown. not only the competition with others, but competition with himself. and what he thought were his own
4:46 pm
limits. >> i love hearing from that generation, it reminds us that anything is possible. scott carpenter died from complications of a stroke. he was 88. >> in dc former nominee bob dole was on hand to meet the veterans. they travelled from wisconsin to california free of charge paid for by honor flight. and their mission to honor the veterans. the georgia bureau of investigation is looking for a gunman that opened fire on a mayor. the mayor in georgia was hospitalized with gun shot wounds. it is our top story in america. georgia, 23-year-old mayor
4:47 pm
christopher wroit was outside of his home and someone shot at him and hitting him in the leg. detectives are not saying if he was targeted. texas, a three-year-old boysaved by his grandmother. he was dressed as spider man when he went trick or treating. they had to cross a busy street and it was dark. and a car hit them. >> my mom yelled hurry and pushed my son and wife on the curb and she saved my son's life. >> she is in critical condition. the driver likely will not face charges. washington d.c., it is like taking candy from a baby, sort of. not taking it per se. they are giving it to us. he participating in a program to
4:48 pm
get sweets out of the hands of kid exercise into the troops overseas. the troops enjoy hal one. patients who bring in the goody get a dollar for each pound they turn in. >> and a giant gourd. we are a bunch of crazy growers and love to grow things big. that was amazing. that was amazing. that is a fox watch across america. pumpkin chunken. haven't done that for a while. tiz the season for retailers to hire like crazy. will holiday hiring have an impact on the economy this year? we'll take a look. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right.
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real drama in the nba game in denver but didn't involve the players. instead the time's mascot. rocky. it was lowered to the court as part of the game ceremony and he's unconscious. his body went limp when it reached the court. he had the wind knocked out of him and he passed out he missed the game but told he is okay. we are now awaiting a key reading on the health of the economy next week. the labor economy will release the report on friday. meanwhile the holiday hiring binge is underway as retailers scrambling to hire hundreds of thousands of workers.
4:53 pm
economist said hiring push will not pack the same punch as it has in the past. >> it is the season for retail giants to ramp up for the holidays. >> reporter: break out the ads and fill the stores and a big down from last year's number and a reflection of the continued growth of on line shopping and retailers becoming more efficient. using data, companies can adjust the hiring accordingly. >> they have the right number of people at the right time. >> reporter: target will add 70,000 holiday workers and down from those last year a drop due in part for full-timers asking to work holiday shift. >> they will work 5 or 10 percent more and our loyalty is
4:54 pm
with the team here and giving them the hours they need and looking for. >> walmart is hiring 5,000 more than last year. and toys rus 45,000 holiday helpers and macy's 83,000 and they are keeping theirs same as last year and helping to deliver the products purchased on line. amazon is hiring 70,000 seasonal workers and a 40 percent increase over last year. >> every year retailers get more comfortable with shopping on line. >> labor experts say hiring is more than a gauge of consumer confidence. u.s. unemployment hovering over seven percent. it is an opportunity to get back in the game and beef up the resume and a udition for a full- time job. >> we have watched the fbi and
4:55 pm
los angeles authority news conference wrapped up a short time ago. the suspect in the lax attack, at los angeles international airport is facing federal murder charges. more details are coming out and we'll go todom who is on the ground for us for that. and reminder to set your clocks back one hour. daylight savings beginning at 2 o'clock a.m. get a snoozy or hit the dance floor a few more times, baby it is saturday night. ♪ ♪ [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ]
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fox urgent the updeath us in the fbi investigation into what appears to be a targeted hit on
4:59 pm
tsa agents in lax. we'll go todom in l.a. what have we learned>> reporter: we learned that the u.s. attorney's office here, central district of california filing 22 criminal complains. one for a killing of a federal officer and one committing violence. maximum sentence is life without parole and possibility of death penalty for each count. and the feds are describing details of the notes found on ciancia and these are the details we have. sorry we don't have them available. it was clearly laid out he was going tsa officials. and they discussed the condition he is in. he is receiving medical treatment and he is unresponsive. he was shot in the mouth. >> that is our fox report.
5:00 pm
i am harris faulkner. huckabee starts in just a now seconds. i will be back in prime time in the bottom of each hour to update you on what is happening. tonight on huckabee. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to cope your health care plan. >> broken promises and a rising premiums and a website. how can the president and democrats defend obama care? and the president said you can cope your doctor. but can your doctor stay in business? . plus, comedy icon. >> you can see harvey wetting his pants. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen,


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