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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 30, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> pirate's booty found off the soft of north carolina. >> five heavy canons found off of black beard's ship. this was discovered back in 1996 after spending nearly three centuries under the sea. >> i know you are a fan of the booty. chow. >> the real story now. >> a fox news alert for you this afternoon. health and human services on the hot seat to say the least for more than three hours today facing tough questions. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson welcome. lawmakers grilling her on the problems with the health care exchanges and in the meantime, president obama is going to be heading to boston to defend his controversial law. and the debacle she just took
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responsibility for. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle? >> well, excuse me congresswoman, she is not responsible for it hold me accountable for it. i'm responsible. >> republican senator rand paul from kentucky is going to react moment as way. but fifth, we are first we are go to brett bayer. the president is going to promote the success of the massachusetts program on which the act was based. no hard numbers have been released. >> i'm not asking whether they came in and said they were 65 and were quoting something and said they were 27 years old. that should be a pretty reliable number. >> the system isn't functioning
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so we are not getting that reliable data. >> i don't know it is kind of convenient that the system not functioning is that the administration doesn't have to give us the numbers because the system isn't functioning. >> it is interesting that question is so hard for the administration and for secretary sebelius and for the administrator of cms yesterday. they can't get accurate data of the number of people enrolled but in two weeks they will have accurate data. listen, someone knows how many people have enrolled and the reason we don't is because the numbers are probably pretty bad. at the end of the month, the system is supposed to be fixed. i want to move onto something else. it was interesting. when the secretary was asked
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about why was the website changed two weeked before it launched with regard to consumers being able to shop for these health care plans and she said today that that actually was a decision that was made by the woman who testified yesterday and ironically the decision was made so that the system would until crash. what do you make of that? >> well, it was interesting. she said that decision about krau br browsing was made by the add ma min straighter. she said that the system has never crashed. but if the system says that the system is down. most people say that that has the website crashing. it is also interesting gretchen that numerous times, the secretary says she was responsible.
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called her to blame. democrats will see that as a loyalty card. the administration will probably value that and she took all of the sar roarrows in this hearin that said, she is probably now the face of obama care and if there is a time when this administration said something big is about to happen, they may point to her to see her go. she did say that the president was in charge of all government programs and she shifted a tiny bit of the blame to him. she is going to be giving the speech to obama care. that is where they actually have this universal health care and mitt romney was the run who in stated that. he put on his facebook page that he really really disagreed with
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this. >> the white house is looking to tell a gidifferent story than t hearing on capitol hill. that does that and draws a lot of attention. the president will say we expect that romneycare in massachusetts had a tough roll out at the beginning and he will probably try to make a change to it at the beginning here. one is a state operation that had a lot of federal money behind it here. the other is a nationwide operation that was promised for a couple of years to go smoothly and did not. there are a lot of differences and president obama will try to hit the similarities. we will see you at 6:00 eastern time for a special report. republican senator rand paul of kentucky is now my guest. all right senator, i imagine that you got to see kathleen
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sebelius today. if you changed your mind about wanting her to resign as a result of what she testified today? >> i think this brings this to a new level of in competence. i can't imagine who she can continue in her job. i think she should resign from meer embarrassment. when the president said you can keep your doctor and now we find out that two million people are going to lose their doctor. i can't imagine how they can be proud of what they are doing and how he can't say that he is going to hold someone responsib responsible. >> she said she takes the blame and told the president that they were ready and clearly she was wrong. >> you say the whoper is what? >> telling people that you can keep your own doctor is the biggest whoper.
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they knew it. they added a line in the bill that said your insurance would be discontinued. maybe there is going to be no more individual market and the only thing left is going to be four plans. before obama care we had hundreds of choices and now we are going to have four choices. >> you were hot on the idea that they said this was supposed to reduce the deficit. this is going to cost us $2.6 trillion. i think they always knew that. i think they never believed that obama care was not going to cost anything. that on the face of it was totally unbelievable and the interesting thing was that they got a government agency to score this as a savings, but now as people are looking at this, they
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know it may cost a couple of trillion dollars. >> we were mentioning, the president is going to be in massachusetts. last week, this is a live shot of where he is going to be. last week he diverted and talked about immigration and that went nowhere. now he is talking about health care on the same day. what do you make of it? >> i think he will show up and say i'm going to get you better health care. you will lose your doctor and your insurance but you are going to get better insurance. the best insurance is what the consumer wants. it is what the patient wants and what the americans should get to choose. really, what this is, is about taking freedom away from patients to choose who their bach t bach t doctor is. if it turns out that your insurance is better, then he is going to tax you.
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if the american people knew what was behind obama care they would have voted against this president but he was allowed to have the roll out happen. >> it remains to be seen if he is going to hope democrats in the midterm elections as well. you have promised to hold up the nomination of janet yellen as federal chair. >> it passed with all of the republicans of the house and 100 tomorrows. overwhelming bipartisan support. i think the american people want oversight of the federal reserve and it has been held hostage by harry reid now. i'm saying, i'll let you vote when you let the american people vote on transparency and auditting the fed. what are they keeping secret?
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>> well, quite a bit. all of monetary policy and all of quantitative easing. trillions of dollars changing hands. are people profiting from this? there is a revolving door from big money to the u.s. treasury back onto wall street back into the federal reserve and when they come out of government service one made over $100 million his first year out of government. you have to wonder does it have to do with what is open to the rest of us. i think there should. >> transparency with a capitol "t". >> thank you for your time today. >> right now we are waiting to talk health care. there is a live shot there in the hall in which he will be addressing many people there. we will of course have that for
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you when it happens. we want to hear from you. what do you think about romney's facebook post on obama care? was he right on or did he go too far? it is on my facebook page. you need to go there. if you like it you can like it. if you don't, you don't have to. you can tweet me. we will read your tweets at the end of the show. russia now denying allegations it tried to spy on other countries when it hosted the g summit. russia gave out goody bags filled with snacks, wine, tell phone chargers and usb drives. but the devices were designed to spy on communications. italian newspapers claim the dirty drives were discovered after experts were told to check
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them out. it is unclear if the items were actually ever used. the nsa now the target of intense criticism for spying on our nation's allies. the new push now to scale it back. >> plus, will the white house delay obama care's roll out? our political panel debates it. you are not going to believe this story. the tip that has the whole town and nation talking. and i'm not talking about chocolate. ♪ ain't she sweet, see her caulkicaulk i walking down the street, i ask you very confident shally ain't she sweet ♪ that's flobot.
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welcome back. new reports that more thank two million americans are getting kicked off of their health care plans. and that could be the tip of iceberg. two million people already kicked off? some people are saying it is going to go much higher than that. >> thank you for having me. >> to say kicked off that is the wrong verbage. they are saying we have gotten rid of your policy. but you can go to the exchange and get a better policy. >> the president said you will be able to keep the policy that
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you currently have. >> that is not the question. you have to defend the president that basically lied to the american people for three years. >> what if you don't want one of those plans. >> i think there are americans out there that now have coverage for pap smears, mamograms, birth control on and on and on. >> of those five things, i think you are only interested in maybe one of them. i don't know. it is too personal to get into. >> do you think this is the tip of iceberg? >> there is no question about that. the employer mandate has been
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delayed for a year. they have the extra wiggle room, the 365 days to bump their policies. two million is the floor. from 14 million which was the obama administration's own estimate. i want to go back to richard's point that people can get better plans. people get to choose what their best plan is. under this law, they no longer can. if it was a choice of keeping their own plan. without any shred of doubt for three straight years if they had that choice to keep that plan or get a better plan. why are they being forced off of
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their plan? >> isn't guy right? i think it benefits all americans who get health care. the 80% that is covered and it raises the floor for everybody. every single american getting health care. that is a good thing. not to mention the fact that those vindividuals will benefit from a tax credit. >> i guess it depends on who is paying for all of that. i want you to stick around for this question. why the president may delay the mandate after all. high dram ra in a utah courtroom. here is his own daughter's testifying against him.
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the latest from the martin mckneel murder trial. have you tried to lol onto if you run into a problem you are not alone. how he wants you to do the same thing. hello come on in. ♪ it's a mistake ♪ it's a mistake
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welcome back. deadly chain reaction wreck. three people died in the
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collisions and 12 others suffered injuries. the dust caused zero visibility. back to my panel now, guy and richard. all right. interesting editorial that i read today. here was part of it. many thought obama care would mean someone else paying for their health care. a very different story now, when they find out that the someone else is them. will this delay the individual mandate to keep them until the individual elections? >> beyond that point i think that the president has offered people is to have more choice in the marketplace. if you look at what the health care system was, it was the wild wild west.
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at least you can go to one place. don't get me wrong. but history will judge when you can go in and get the health care that you need. >> the website was still down today. i have to bring your attention to an interesting article. could it be that the goal of this was that this month's mass cancellation was that the president's political goal was 2008? >> i think it is clear that the white house was well aware that their plan or program was going to result in people being shoved into these exchanges. they knew it and they were aware that their promise was not going to true. >> what would be the benefit of this administration?
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>> the lying or -- >> the latter. >> they need for it to work. i think on its face, this is a matter of fairness. how can you get the one year doe l delay for big business it doesn't make any sense and it is totally unfair but i sort of agree with richard that at this point delaying the mandate actually makes it worse. you have to delay other parts of the law too or it gets worse. >> wow, it might be a first here on "the real story". you guys both agree on something at the end of the segment. house lawmakers leading the charge on the benghazi investigation. what they learned from them and who they are trying to track down, next.
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welcome back everyone. the federal food stamps program has to downsize. it has to trim spending because of the boost of the stimulus bill expires at the end of the month. pakistany government sa
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civilians account for smaller sentage of attacks. washington post citing new governme documents from leaker edward snow den. today, republicans want to find out what found out in benghazi. four americans were killed that night, their pictures are on the screen. chief intelligence correspondent has the details. what is happening today that is new? >> reporter: the justice department and democrats on the
11:32 am
hill recently interviewed agents who had first-hand knowledge of the attack. >> they don't have a chance to review documents so you have un-necessary in consistencies and it concerns me that that was not a higher priority for the chairman that we could bring these people to justice than carry on this exercise. >> republicans from the house and senate had access to the inner views. they say this idea that it could jeopardize the prosecution is simply not enough. >> you can't hide behind a criminal investigation. that is not a good reason to deny the congress witness statements and if that becomes the way that we do business.
11:33 am
look at how that would allow the way that we do business. with senator gramam threatening to block this, the state department is saul so als reacting. >> our response is that we need to have these officials in place. that is the only way to strengthen our interest overseas and represent our diplomatic agenda. >> and fox news has obtained this letter which goes to the secretary of state lead later this afternoon. they are questioning whether the state department has not placed the suspects on this website which offers cash for tips
11:34 am
leading to suspects. they have refused to explain why the suspects were not on the list or if they were considered for the program. >> so many continued unanswered questions more than a year past the time. thank you, kathrine. >> you are welcome. >> so, here is a question for you, have you had a hard time trying to sign up for obama care? guess what? you are not alone. even as secretary testified on the roll out. >> it has been down the whole time you have been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> when did you know these changes were going down, a month, a day, a quarter and did you tell the president what you knew? >> sir, i was informed that we were ready to launch on october
11:35 am
16 1st, i told the president that we were ready to go and clearly i was wrong. >> good to see you eric. >> congratulations on the new show. >> thank you so much. >> so i have tried to go onto so far i have made it to create an account. >> within the last half hour, it came back up. throughout most of her testimony it was down. on sunday the site was down for most of the day. on monday it was down for half of the day. i tried to log in on monday. i came back tuesday, all the work i had done poof, gone, i had to call in and they said i had to start over. on the five, we want to know, just as a guy who sits and talks about it on tv, we want to hear from you guys. try and log on, not just to the
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homepage but try and go a click or two in and report back. at 5:00 we are going to all try and log in and see what happens and take your feedback and read it towards it's end of the show. you feedback to us fivefnc and go to fwtwitter and use the five f. >> it is interesting. senator mark co rubio have aske people to get us know what why experiences have been. what happens when i am asked to create an account. in order for me to create an account to browse i still have to put in my personal information? >> right. you need your social security number and addresses, prior
11:37 am
employers and current employers. there is a lot of information they ask you. you have security questions, what was your favorite dog and color and they repeat the process over and over. and then finally you get a password and then you can start to browse. >> when you actually do get the opportunity to log in. don't use your favorite dog as yours because i know what it is. >> so don't have that for your security question. >> we'll see you at five. >> group hug at 5:00. >> when a school board is ready to take it to the supreme court. what if your trick or treating child got a note addressed to you saying they were fat. that is what one mother wants to do. here is your kit kat and your
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welcome back everyone. experts say the number of facebook friends can reveal the status of your lovelife. the price is right is planning a birthday celebration. he retired at host in 2007 after great years with the show. add designed to get your
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attention. ♪ sflfly away with me ♪ >> it includes a catchy tune and dancers and of course the necessary information you need to hear. but you are going to watch the dancing right? >> some kids may be getting more than trick or treat this halloween. a mother from north dakota is capturing attention for her plan to give a letter to overweight children. her plan to pigive this: >> the woman speaking to a north dakota radio station.
11:43 am
here now is supermodel and body image advocate and mimi roth. emi and when you see this, i know you are a body image advocate. it is so important to send the right message to young girls right now. what do you make of this mom. is it her business to be handing out these letters? >> absolutely not. she should close her doors. she is probably going to have toilet paper taking place. this is one of the reasons why
11:44 am
kids are having such a hard time. this is adult bullying of children. >> when i read this article i went through a myriad of emotions, i was upset, angry and shame. i would have been that young girl at the door at 10 years old. my mom had to take me to wait watchers when i was 7 years old. i was the husky girls. and i still struggle with my weight. i would have been crying had i know what she was going to put in my candy bag. >> she should mind her own business and let the parents do the work with the children. >> they are going to get so much candy at home. get a few pieces at my house and we'll give it to them when we feel it is necessary. >> mimi, i know that of ten you come on shows and say we should be concerned about obesity with
11:45 am
our kids. i don't think we are disagreeing that we have a fat problem in america? >> i'm so afraid i'm going to disafoi disappoint. you, on halloween, mean letters for kids? the only way i can defend this woman is that her heart might be in the right place. i don't see how it makes sense. >> wow, you did surprise me. a pennsylvania school district is appealing these breast cancer bracelets. have you heard about these? i heart boobies. now it could go all the way to the united states supreme court. mimi right or wrong should kids be able to wear these in school?
11:46 am
>> i want to say that i heart bobb ibo b b bobob bobobies. >> let's just say that woven bracelets these days. whatever a disruption in school. whatever the cause is, i think a teacher a principle or superintendant can say look, we are trying to have the kids learn here. but as far as boobies. >> this is breast cancer awareness month. an aunt, mother someone like that. >> what about wearing a pink bracel bracelet. >> i agree. i did a poll in the hair and make up department. they said no. i wouldn't let my child or boys wear it. and i did research a googled the story and i'll tell you the websites that came up, were not
11:47 am
a heart boobies. it is a der rogtory term. >> in the hair and make up room were you talking to women or grown men? >> we have awareness of prostate, anal cancer. we are not using slang for that? >> there has to be a line drawn. >> let's see how the supreme court justices handle i heart boobies. >> balls, boobies, we are all fans. >> all right. >> i have to wrap it up there. >> thank you. more twists and turns in the murder trial that is playing out like a soap opera. there is gypsy who moved in days after her lover's wife died. you won't believe how she was introduced to the kids.
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dramatic testimony in the trial of a doctor accused of murdering his wife. turns out that nanny was his mistress, gypsy. >> it has been a rough day for martin mcneil. the father was moried about her because she said she needed to stay in bed. another one of his form er mistresses. that testimony was not allowed in this trial but she did say this. did he describe to you a process
11:52 am
of making someone have a harear attack? >> what did you tell you? >> there is something you can give someone that is natural that is there after they have a heart attack so that it is not detectible after they have a heart attack. >> on cross examination there was huge testimony late yesterday when the jury heard audio tape interviews done back in 2008 with his youngest daughter aida about the day she found her mom in the back tub. >> it was a different color. >> okay. she was just laying down. >> yeah, laying down in the tub that is key. he claims his wife was draped
11:53 am
over the side of the tub. the youngest daughter was not allowed to testify in person. the judge ruled that her sister coached her testimony. the defense chose not to the trial is still going. we are looking at two, two and a half more weeks of testimony. >> thank you so much. for more on this trial, let's bring in former prosecutors and defense >> so the judge did not let her in the courtroom. and also the defense chose not to question her. why? >> you know why, because she's a kid. when this happened, she was sick, when she was questioned and videotaped, she was 7, now she's 12. it doesn't make sense for the defense to push her. she was just a child. she's still a child. here's what's going on, the grand scheme, we're on day eight of this trial. all the d.a. has established is
11:54 am
martin mcneil was a cheater and liar who wasn't in love with his wife. there's no forensic evidence, no direct evidence there was a crime committed. >> who had his mistress -- >> well, he did ask for way more drugs for her after her plastic surgery, the facelift, the wife who died than normal. would that not be key evidence? >> that's key evidence. she's got no history of drug abuse is key evidence. and although this is all circumstantial evidence. gretchen, we live in a world where everyone wants dna, fingerprints, but when i started as a prosecutor, that wasn't the case. you used. >> because you're old. >> because i'm old. but here's the totality of the circumstances, and the totality, you have a healthy woman who all of a sudden decides to overdose, well, she had a facelift. >> and she had -- >> which he encouraged her to get, apparently. >> what about the fact that he goes back to work before his bereavement period is over.
11:55 am
>> it's the mother of your children dead in your house. >> he had eight kids. >> he's got another wedding band on, moves a woman within two weeks. i mean, all of those things a jury is going to take into consideration. >> but she brings up a good point or maybe it was you, that do jurors now expect -- >> they -- >> this kind of evidence. >> they definitely expect. >> and do you think it'll have any kind of effect if they don't have it? >> three medical examiners, the job of the medical examiner is to determine cause and manner of death. all three have not determined there was a crime committed and all three determined it was some form of natural causes. >> got to get in this, one of the mistresses, i don't know if she's supposed to be a prosecution witness but being called hostile. what does it mean? >> well, and she also has a cooperation agreement which usually at least in the federal courts, that's a violation of your cooperation agreement. you need to -- you get leniency by the government for another crime if you cooperate. that means she's not cooperating. but also shows she has other
11:56 am
motives. she's trying to help the defendant, not the prosecutor. >> all right. guys, i've got to wrap it up there, we'll continue to talk about this case for weeks to come. thanks. >> thank you. your tweets and your comments, of course, coming up next. i'm a careful investor. when you do what io, you think about risk. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum votility etfs. investments designed for a smoother ride. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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with that kind of music, you know i'm going to talk about romantics, right? key to a happy marriage, date night. according to the norwegian government which is urging couples to go out on dates. all in an effort to reduce the country's 40% divorce rate. people ages 40 to 44 are most likely to break up. time now to hear from you, lots of comments on today's obama care hearing featuring kathleen sebelius. dean tweeting, take the money wasted on obama care and buy insurance for those who could not afford it.
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it would be cheaper. rodney tweeting, it's circus, political games from both sides. just terrible. and finally, a prehalloween tweet. the doggies dress up as a football player and a bunch of grapes. have a great day. more of our tax dollars going to waste. we've learned that one government agency spent $50,000 on a parody movie. today, lawmakers are asking for answers, but one former official does not care to talk. plus, how are things at home? wondering if your relationship's going to last? why don't you ask facebook? because today researchers say facebook can predict whether your relationship will survive. and the key, who your friends are. we'll show you what to look for. and virgin america tries to get passengers to pay attention to inflight instructions. ♪ that is a safety dance.


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