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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 30, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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our time together was short but sweet. sdmshgs a lot of fireworks on capitol hill. good day everybody. fox news alert. this was the main obama care and throughout the next hour you will see a lot. welcome to hq. i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. kathleen sebelius facing outrage. >> so let me say directly to the americans, you deserve better and i apologize. >> madame secretary while you are from kansas, we are not in kansas anymore. >> if you quote i price. >> it is hypothetical. >> okay, on the c- plan is a option.
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is this a hypothetical. that's not what it says on the site. it says this is the price when you put in your age. if your age is froin, it quotes you as if you are 27. >> i am not asking about what they enrolled in or whether they came in and said they were 65 or quoted something that they are 27 years old. that should be a reloyable number on the surface: >> the system is not functioning and we are not getting that reloyable. >> each piece of the code tested. >> i don't know. but i can tell you that security. >> that is a different answer, trust me. >> security is an ongoing operation. as code is loaded, you need to retest. >> you are saying that the president is not responsible for hss. >> sir, i didn't say that. >> so the president is ultimately responsible and it is great that you are a time player and taking responsibility it is
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the president's responsibility. >> clearly. whatever. he is the president and responsible for government. >> it is down the whole time you are testifying. it is down. >> sir, i was informed that we were ready to launch on october 1st. the contractors whom we had as our private partners told us and the committee they never suggested a delay. that is accurate. our cm s team we were ready to go. and i told the president we were ready to g. clearly i was wrong. >> those are takes for you. what was accomplished today. joining us is the congressman from nebraska. thanks for being with us. what a hearing you and what did you learn in those hours? >> i don't know if we learned anything. other than they anyhow there were going to be problems for
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the roll out and what is disturbing they didn't do the test thing and mismanaged this and made poor decisions and they are in charge of health care now. how can we trust them if they can't get a $600 million website right. >> i am glad you brought that number up. during the testimony cathlone sebelius said it was 174 million and not 600 million. do you understand the lower figure. >> i do. she didn't complete the other contractors that she didn't say and even the contractors agreed with us that it was close tort 600 million. >> secretary sebelius took responsibility for the failed launch and she said "we should have planned better and tested better and went on to say that to americans, you deserve better
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and i apologize". is that answer the credibility question. >> i was hopeful she would apologize. but begs the question of why there were so many fundmental flaws in this. it was mismanaged in the process here. they should have had months of testing instead of two weeks and had four separate contractors barely talking to each other. and we could say we know there is problems with the roll out, but they hid them on purpose or lied to the people. and when you get down to it. it is all about the trust. >> it is interesting, the congressman from illinois, said get over it. basically talk toth republicans, saying these problems are going to be fixed and now they are promised by the end of november. is this the end of it? >> no, i don't think it is the end of it. when they showed this level of
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incompetency and in charge of our health care, we can expect problems in the roll out no question about it. >> congressman lee terry, you are calling for wokely updates from the administration. we'll so if you get this. >> i appreciate that. >> and secretary sebelius was asked presoysly that question who was responsible. >> who is in charge? >> the person who is in charge. qssi. >> who was in charge as it was being built. >> at that team, who is the individual. >> mishil snyder. >> mishil snyder is responsible for the debacle. >> excuse me congresswoman, mishil snyder is not responsible. hold me accountable. i am responsible. >> and steve hello, to you.
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we spoke at 901. where did it take us in the end and what did you hear? >> many good questions were asked and very few good answers provided by secretary sebelius. in many ways, her appearance raised new questions about security problems we have seen and the website and general accountability from the administration. she should be held accountable and beyond that she didn't put out any details or additional information on why she should be held accountable. and i am trying to figure out the affect of. that have you thought about that just yet. she is coming become on the senate side next wednesday as well. where does the hearing today take us? what comes next? >> a good question. i think she set the stage for
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many more difficult and penetrating questions. with the senate. it is a temptation for the senators to give long speeches before they give their questions. the most direct was the questions and solicit answers. she talked about enrollment numbers and said we don't have that data available. cheryl campbell from cgi hinted at least they did have that information available. she was asked. we could supply it if cm s gives us permission to supply it. there will be a lot of disputes that sebelius will be asked to reconcile. >> and you can call a phone number and don't you have information on. that and i will give it to you in november. it seems like a stall game and try to boost them and get them higher. and what i see between the lines
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there. and did the republicans or and did they make an agreement and get the law changed just yet? >> i don't think so. i think that really what will get the law changed ultimately it is failing all over the place. additional stories out today about lack of quality coverage and lack availability. and poor quality in coverage. people living in major cities that are not going to be able to get coverage in the local hospitals because of the way the exchanges are working or not working. the fact that so many people are paying attention to this and if it is not you, someone you know will lead members of congress and democrats will look for additional solutions and be open to things they were not open to six weeks ago.
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>> and a leading democrat in the house said the law needed to be more precise. and we are watching the democrats and seeing how they move. they will exact the change if there is any to comprehend. see you soon from washington ally. right now house republicans are getting a briefing on the obama care roll out. they are meeting with mike hash, and we are monitoring the meeting and bring you updates as we learn more on what is coming out. members of congress can desigate members of congress as nonofficial. they have until tomorrow to make a financial decision. all but one of the top ranking senate republican leaders plan to place all of their staffers on the obama care exchanges. by law they can accept subsidies
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to help them pay for the plan. we want to know how well did kathleen sebelius do today? did she worry your questions. send me the tweet at bill hemmer. and me at alisyn camerota and i will take note and respond. important news. new questions about nsa spoiing and how much the president knew about it. we'll debate about it. was the commander in chief kept in the dark again. plus you heard from republican congressman lee terry and we'll hear from a democratic counterpart on the committee. were enough questions answered as the secretary faced a grilling? >> there is a famous movie called the wizard of oz. there is a line. dorothy turns to the dog toto. toto, we are not in kansas
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the washington post against administration and president four pinnochios on the debate of if you like your health care you can keep. it would you recommend the president to stop using that term? >> sir, i think he used the term. >> and september 26th. >> but the answer you don't believe. >> i don't know what the washington post says. >> we'll hand it to you. >> we strive to keep hq fair and balanced and that was testimony from the today's hearing and secretary sebelius about a major selling point of the president's
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pitch for obama care. we'll bring in congressman welch who also questioned secretary sebelius. >> thank you. one thing i will say we blew it on the roll out of how are we going to fix it. but the tone was remarkable. it is a acknowledgment that this is the law of the land and we have to improve it. and even though all of my republican colleagues opposed the law, their questions had an underlying primis and this is the law and they will hold the things that administration is accountable for and rightly so. >> congressman, in addition to the tech california glitches that you admitted to. democrats and kathleen sebelius
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said they blew. it but the president blew it. he said if you like your health care plan you keep it. the washington post awarded him four pinnochios and he knew it was not true before he continued if you like it. you keep. it millions of people are kicked off their insurance plan. is there a lingering credibility problem as a result of that promise? >> there is for folks that are opposed to the law. and here is the explanation. there are standards that apply to insurance policys that you and i buy. there were none before and a lot of americans were ripped off by insurance companies that were claiming to sell insurance. you get sick they denoticed coverage. and there is a minimum standard that will apply. the test is not what the
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president said and how it corresponds to people's experience. but some of the folks who do not are access to the policy, will they get a replacement policy that is at a cost equal to and less. >> that is the irony, is that the administration is saying actually with the affordable care act, we'll give you better coverage, but the president never trumpeted that. he could have. it is as if the american people couldn't handle the truth if they say, you will lose your current plan. people wont have bought into it. >> in the rough and tumble political debate. i am not accountable for the words others choose. that is a debate now. we have to get past the debate. people who are against it will cope fighting it. bottom line, one we will get the website fixed a week or month
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from now. making progress, that's good. we had problems with president bush's medicare part b rolled out. americans are getting rejection letters is scary. but if they have replacement coverage, they are going to feel okay. that's the challenge of the health care law and time will tell if it works out. >> absolutely. congressman peter welsh. thank you mitt romney responds to health care. next is out of control but not for the reasons you might think. plus, back to today's long- awaited obama care hearing, republican mike rogers blasting secretary sebelius on the issue of website security. >> you accepted a risk on behalf of every user of the computer that put their personal
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all right back to the hearing this morning. here is republican mike rogers on security telling kathleen sebelius about a long list of problems that he said puts personal information in danger. >> you allowed the system to go forward with no inkripgz on back up systems. they had no inkripgz on certain boundary crossings. you accepted a risk on every user that put personal financial information at risk because you didn't have the most basic end
10:23 am
to end test on security of this system. amazon would not do that. pro- flowers would not do that. this is unacceptable and here is the scary part. we found out after the contractors last week that an end to end test was not done on security, not functionality. if it is not functioning, it is not secure. ongoing hot patches without end to end test. private contractors told us a have thorough two months for an end to end security test that did not happen today. why? because you are adding new code to protect the functionality of the system. you have exposed millions of americans, because you all believed it was an acceptable risk. don't you think you had an
10:24 am
obligation to tell the american people we'll put you in the system but be aware that your information is vulnerable. >> he asked secretary sebelius she would shut it down and she said that would not happen. >> we would rather be here in front of you today telling you why we defended the programs than having giving them up and having our nation or allies be attacked and people killed. so that is another hearing happening today. did the nsa deputy too far with the spying policies. new questions on what the president knew. and we'll bring casy mcfar land. how are you kt? do you have a problem with that >> they are probably spying on us. but you problem is you get
10:25 am
caught. and once you get caught, the president had no good response and there was no damage limitation. we have the single most important leader in europe mad at us and no good excuse why we did it. president obama's excuse i didn't know about that with angella merkel and in a country where the nazis. >> you understand the background. and as the hearing is going on. you believe you can make it better with people like merkel you had a better relationship? >> merck and he will president obama have not had a terive relationship throughout. and the fact when this was uncovered, it was not president obama getting on the phone smooshing her and saying look, let's not worry about this. and we have a better relationship and you are probably spying on us. she had to call him. and his excuse was he didn't know anything about it. it has
10:26 am
not sat well. and now merkel in germany and europe. the president of brazil. and president of mexico all angry about the united states spying on them. it is sad. but bill. >> i know it bothers you because there is a bigger issue here. what is that? it is a government that can't control itself? >> is the government on autopilot. he didn't know anything about benghazi or the nsa wiretapping and didn't know about the irs going after conservative groups and didn't know about the fbi wiretapping of james rosen in fox news. you got to say. that is a worse problem. is the government on autopilot. is there anybody in the white house or president knowing? that is a harder problem to fix. if it is a dumb policy you can change. that but if the government is on autopilot in all of these areas tis a bigger problem.
10:27 am
>> do you think the chief executive is ducking it. or is it autopilot? >> i think there is both. the chief executive is saying the dogate my home work and how many times do we believe the dogate my home work excuse. the washington testimony and head of nsa and clapper and director of national intelligence. it seems they feel it is okay to do this stuff without explanation or accountability and that is a government on autopilot. >> kt, thank you. we'll see where it goes. kt mcfar land with us today. >> meanwhile, a deadly chain reaction crash triggered by mother nature. the highway pile up that left drivers running for their lives. >> and obama care and the doctor issue. >> and cathleap sebelius defending the president's claim
10:28 am
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arizona. 19 vehicle involved in the crash between phoenix and tucson. >> millions receiving social security about to get the smallest cost of living adjustment sewn since 1975. up 19 bucks a month in 2014. >> there is a newly discovered roll out sna fu. one brooklyn bakery is listed as an enrollment site. they have calls from people seeking health insurance. you will not get health care in the cupcake store. >> you wonder what they are serving though. apparently the health care department made a mistake in new york. they are still selling doughnuts there. you are saying that the president is not responsible for hss. >> i didn't say that. >> so the president is
10:33 am
ultimately responsible and i think it is great you are a time player and taking responsibility. it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct. >> you clearly. whatever. yes, he is the president and he is responsible for government programs. >> my time has expired. sdmshgs law makers going back at it for four hours and trying to get kathleen sebelius admitting that the buck stops with the president on obama care. there is nsa spying and raising questions about what the president knew about both issues and when and where the buck stops. tony is a fox news contractor and chris is a former chief of staff joe manchin. thank you so much for being here. tony, let me start wu. kathleen sebelius said several times, i told the president that we were ready to go on october onest. our contractors told me we were
10:34 am
ready to go on october 1st. and i assured him we were. that sounds like the buck stop with her. what more could the president do? >> obviously kathleen sebelius is the central culprit in the disastrous roll out of obama care. resign and get out of the way and let the people fix the massive problem and we have democrats joining this conversation in a way of delaying it a year. and as far as the president, she allowed him to go out the eve of the roll out and say it is easy to purchase a health plan on the obama website. >> because she was misled by contractors and said it was ready to go. >> last week, the contractors said there were bells and whistles and people blowing the whistle about the fact that there was no testing and regulations were changing and up until september, they were
10:35 am
specifying major functionalities on the site and they are not confirmed. she anyhow there was going to be a problem. i don't believe her. >> what was stunning today, chris. i didn't hear it, no one asked kathleen sebelius if the president asked to see the website in advance or a day in advance. come in my office and fire this thing up and if i were going to sign on to, what would i see? >> i am not sure that is a strange occurrence. the reality. >> chris, if your name were on it, wouldn't you want to know how it is going to work? >> what i was going to say presidents whether bush or obama rely on their staff and advisors and cabinet. if secretary sebelius said to the president that things were a go and look good, the president has to trust his staff and advisors that they are giving sound advice.
10:36 am
does the accountability and buck stop at the president? it stops with every president. >> chris, let me. a president who fought for his blackberry when he became president. >> whether katrina, buck stopped with president bush. and iraq buck stop with president bush. what i would say let's be reasonable to the fact that it rolled out 5 or 6 weeks, if 4 or 5 or 6 months we are talking about the same problems it is a different discussion. when prescription rolled out. >> tony, go a head what do you want to say sochris. >> let's wait a couple of months. they have to been they will pay a penalty tax. this is the problem, there is a passive attitude by some on the left that it is a technical
10:37 am
glichlt it is not. it is a disastrous malfunction on the biggest plan that the president pushed in his administration. the fact that he is so detached is concerning. >> go a head, chris. >> i find it humorous when they talk about obama care and health care in general. i want waiting for a health care proposal on the other side or fixes. are there problems with the roll out absolutely. the question is how do you fix those? the administration is focused on fixing the problem. six months we have serious issues. i hope i hear more solutions than simply critizing. >> the republicans are not your problem. who is critizing the roll out. john stewart. saturday night live. that's why the paradigm shifted. you are angerring a lot of people. >> come up with a credible
10:38 am
solution to fix it. >> you know the whole roll. we have come up with many. >> he is practicing his lines today. >> thank you. >> gentle man we'll talk to you later. >> in the meanwhile, there is new concerns about the angle of obama care and if your doctor participates in the program. there is a new poll by the new york immediately society and 44 percent of the new york doctors are not participate nothing the nation's new health care plan. after serious concerns that many professionals have about the implementation of obama care. our next guest warned about a shortage of doctors brewing and it is already started. where are we headed. >> i don't like the direction we are headed. and we are talking about restricting choice to patients. doctors choices are restricted, too. and the poll from the new york
10:39 am
medical society is indicative of this. 44 percent of the doctors are saying they can only participate with obama care. and only 23 percent of the physicians surveyed in the poll said they will use and work with the state exchanges. and now 44 percent is a more important number because obama care is more than a state exchanges, bill. obama care is employer based insurance how it changes with regulations and individual market outside of the exchanges and every policy that is going to be obama care ordained is going to have a lot of regulations imposed and limiting the number of tests and treatments i can order and most importantly for the doctors, reducing the fees that were paid. >> dr. siegel obama care were for people who didn't have health insurance and using emergency rooms. they now get preventative care. if doctors are not participate
10:40 am
negligent affordable care act, how does that change the scenario? >> when i hear about the mammogram or colon oscopy. it is something that a patient is entitled to. never a doctor offering it. you can have a insurance card entitled to a certain procedure but i may not be there to do it and this is the most important reason you got dismal results on the poll, the networks are shrinking. doctors can't practice if they refer you to anybody. if i don't have a obsti trician orchidny expert or surgeon to use, how well will i practice medicine. i might might be only accepting cash. you have those who have to take obama care and those running away from it.
10:41 am
>> and one last point. you warned us about a doctor shortage, you believe it is going to happen, right? >> not only do i believe it. >> hang on one second. the other point you made lately that this is all about shrps reform and not health care reform. as a physician does health care get better or not under this law? >> when you shrink the networks and restrict the services and telling doctors you will only pay them for quality, the quality of care will go down. that is the key outcome. you will not get access to your doctor. you have insurance but you can't see the doctor. in canada it is up to 3 or 4 months to get a hip or cardial stint. technology is jeopardized by insurance. all of this talk about insurance and insurance, it gets away from
10:42 am
the basic fact that medicine occurs between a doctor and a patient. it does not involve insurance. insurance gets in the way of good quality care. >> doctor, you have sounded the alarm for many years. >> we are seeing the fallout from it now. >> thank you. we are waiting a key decision from the fed that could affect what you are paying for a house and a car. >> and republicans saying they are stone walled. and on access to the american security agents that were on the ground in benghazi. questions about why the terrorist behind the attack are not on a key most wanted list. >> and a republican kelly a yot will join us next. x tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. the president is in woston accident massachusetts set to
10:46 am
deliver a speech there. and talking about romney care. mitt romney was not silent nothing changed my vow that a plan crafted to fit the circumstances of the common wealth of massachusetts should not be grapped on to the entire country. mitt romney emerges today. we are expecting an announcement from the federal reserve. analyst expect the central bank to keep the bond buying program. and to keep interest rates near 0, where they have been since 2008. gretchen carlsson has the real story. rand paul wants secretary sebelius to resign. i will ask him if he is satisfied with her testimony. i am guessing he will say no.
10:47 am
one mom is giving out trick or treat letters saying that kids are fat instead of giving them candy, is that the right thing to do because she thinks they may be over weight? and remember the i hard booby bracelets. they may wind up in the supreme court. all that and more. >> see you later gretchen. >> and the hearing on obama care, there was another press conference on capitol hill. key republicans demanding to know what happened in benghazi. now told by the state department they will not be talking to anymore witnesses. senator kelly ayotte sits on the service. >> why did you hold a press conference on capitol hill? >> why is it 14 months later and no one is held accountable for the four brave americans that were murdered as a result of
10:48 am
a terrorist attack in benghazi. a man was indicted to this and giving interviews to cnn and new york times and london times and yet we have not taken him in custody. we asked over a year for answers including to have the survivors made available to congress and we're stone walled and most recent response was to stone wall us again. why don't we know the story of the video that has no relationship to the truth of what happened that day. it is clear on sunday night by the cbs 60 minutes report that it was an al-qaeda terrorist attack and people were aware of that from the beginning. >> furthermore, for some reason the benghazi suspects are not part of the state reward for justice program. that is a program that offered millions of dollars to people who have provided tips for
10:49 am
terrorist suspects since 1984. have you been able to find out why benghazi is not a part of that program? >> i have not. and we know that a bu ka ta la who was drinking coffee at a ca fe and interviewing and not bring him to justice. the mrgdz it is like pulling teeth to get information about this. and the victims of this deserve answers. four brave americans deserve better and the american people deserve to know the truth. >> gregg ca lcot was able to find him and not hard to find him, yet somehow he is not taken into custody. this is what the justice department said. two of the witnesses whom you would like to speak to captain a pore in a public forum because it would hinder the investigation if information would come out.
10:50 am
they are trying to contain the information that witnesses have. do you buy that explanation? >> the a rb spoke to many witnesses. so if the administration can talk to the witness, congress has the responsible position to oversee what happens here. we can make accommodations to protect the witnesses and not make them available, congress is not able to see what happened here and make sure we prevent future terrorist attacks. i am suspicious at every turn we are stone walled in trying to get basic information on what happened in benghazi. >> senator ayotte, thank you for taking time to update us. >> kathleen sebelius's topic. did she give the answers needed and will those answers change obama care. >> i am frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of
10:51 am
so let me say directly to the americans, you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing the problems. for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said, "we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match.
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boston red sox hoping to do something they haven't been since 1918. >> if you are looking to score last minute tickets about prepa prepared to fork over a lot of cash. >> reporter: very, very expensive if you want to get in here tonight. some of those tickets going tore thousands of dollars. some of those in standing room only. very, very pricey here.
10:55 am
could be serious here. woodrow wilson was president. that was an apreviated season. they have done it before of course. that ended that very long dry spell here. the curse that happened when babe ruth was sold off to the yankees in 1919. the last time the red sox one here was when babe ruth was playing for the red sox. also a tough night for the cardinals. they got stuck on the runway here and didn't get in here until midnight.
10:56 am
because of all of this excitement and how dedicated the fans are, city leaders are met along with the police and state police on hand. parking restrictions in the area and it is in an effort to keep the area safe. >> did we mention that game is on fox? >> red sox crazy. it doesn't matter where the game is. we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> meanwhile a discovery that would make indiana jones jealous. >> the booty found after all these centuries. ♪ yo, ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me ♪ [ indistinct conversations ]
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>> pirate's booty found off the soft of north carolina. >> five heavy canons found off of black beard's ship. this was discovered back in 1996 after spending nearly three centuries under the sea. >> i know you are a fan of the booty. chow. >> the real story now. >> a fox news alert for you this afternoon. health and human services on the hot seat to say the least for more than three hours today facing tough questions. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson welcome. lawmakers grilling her on the problems with the health care exchanges and in the meantime, president obama is going to be heading to boston to defend his controversial law. and the debacle she just took


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