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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 29, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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above 15676. we're at 678 right now. me may be on the way to roads >> now we know. they knew. >> the president was making that claim? >> should have been more resize. >> if you had a plan on the individual market and you like and it you kept it, you can keep it forever. >> it's true that some people have been told that their policies were canceled. >> i'm aware that there are issuers in states who are canceling their whole plan for grandfathered in and moving to new plans. >> whattous just said about keeping your healthcare plan isn't true. >> they can keep it. the issue -- >> they can't keep it. they just got cancellation
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notices. >> here is why americans don't trust the healthcare law. they do not trust the guy who created this health care law. the guy who said we could keep our doctor but now acknowledges maybe not. the guy who said most americans would be better off but maybe won't. the guy who said he was outraged by these technical fumbles but did little to prevent them and to correct them. that guy is you, mr. president whose outrage knows no bound for screwups that seem to no know end, the guy who says he is seattleing from mistakes that keep mushrooming, who vowed to fix a law don't sound much different from other vows. your vows, mr. president, you, mr. president, the guy who said he was similarly outraged by anker is irthat targeted conservatives and promised he would get throw bottom of it but hasn't. promise the same thing about an overreaching justice department
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going an reporters but didn't. prompt missed to be hands on but admites these last few years of spying on foreign lears he was out -- leaders he was out of the loop. failing to follow up on things you said you would failing to follow through on the very healthcare law you vowed you would. pushing things, then dropping things. on top of things, then oblivious the things. naming commissions that ignore those. vowing to address the debt then dismissing is. shouting for bipartisanship and then rejecting it. demanding republicans be accountable but never holding yourself accountable. blast sequestration cuts you first suggested as a backup budget backbone, then hammering the other guys as if it was there idea. taking credit for a market rally that was more due to a federal reserve throwing good money after bad, really. humiliating countless ceos in public, then begging their support for initiatives in private, like the stimulus that
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needed more stimulus, and the rescues that themselves needed more rescue. the promise is broken, the promises forgotten. lost in the legal yeast of an administration now drifting and an administration whose idea of action is making a good speech, and suddenly shocked to find hat americans are now saying, good grief, because they heard all they want to hear, mr. president, and they don't want to hear anymore. because they thought you meant what you said, but they have come to discover what you said you didn't mean. that is what all this means, sir. one too many promises broken and now just broke. that is what is at issue. not that americans find you to be a broken record. i heat to break it to you, sir, they find that you're broke. period. no follow-through, just through. >> these next two guests know and it fear and it feel it. with us are debra and richard, two of the many americans
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finding they cannot keep their plans. debra, give me an update on your experience. >> well, it's basically the same thing we have been hearing from a lot of people, which is i received a letter on -- dated september 27th, from my insurance company, anthem bluer, telling me that my policy would nose longer going to be available because it did notice meet the requirements of the affordable care act. and that i would have to make a decision by december 15th, and they had a plan for me that was similar to what i have, that they could switch me into, but that plan would cost me 65% more per month than i am currently paying. and they could not tell me if my doctors would be covered -- my doctors or my drug form larry. in fact they said in the letter that they would be making
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changes to the doctor -- physician network ask the drug form larry and couldn't see if i would be covered. >> richmond? >> i received a letter last wednesday, the 23rd of october, the letter was actually dated simply october of 2013, so that was deceptive from the start. the letter told me that i would have 17 days to decide whether to accept terms of a new policy going to be offered because the plan that we had -- my wife and i for the last several years would no longer be available because of the changes under the affordable care act. >> who is telling you that? >> physicians health plan, my insurance company in michigan. and what they did, a little different approach than what your other guests experienced, my premium was only going to go up six dollars a month from $459 a month up to about $465 a month.
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but what they did there, our old policy had a detickettable of zero and they were going to increase that $2,500 a month. we had a coinsurance requirement under the old policy of 20%. whereby we paid 20-cents of each dollar of medical expenses after deductibles would be in play. that changed to 50%. and my out of pocket cost went from $3,000 a year up to $8,850 a year. so, they provide us with much less insurance for just slightly less money so the terms were very poor. >> you know, the argument you hear from those who support the healthcare law ex-is that you guys are more the exceptions than the rule. that most will do better under this plan, not worse, not pay more. when you hear that, debra, what do you think? >> i think that does not apply to people who are self-employed, and are having to buy their insurance independently.
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i think that may be the case for people who have company insurance, or are on big group policies, but certainly not for those of us who are taking care of ourselves, and have to purchase or own insurance. >> that's a large chunk of americans, 18% of the public that has to fend for itself or themselves like you guys. so that begs the question, if you're getting sticker shock, or premium shock, i imagine many are. do you feel hosed sneer do you feel that promises made were promises broken? what in. >> i feel absolutely hosed by the affordable care act. i think that the people that are experiencing the pain are those that had decent, relatively affordable healthcare insurance available in their respective states. michigan, we had some decent options available to us. near my statement that might not be the same situation in, say, new york, where i know that individual policies were
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exorbitantly expensive before the affordable care act and that's why these indians administration keeps throwing out are that policies are more affordable in new york. well, that's pretty low bar for the affordable care hack to get over. >> it is pretty pricey area. quickly, when you hear now that the president's top lieutenant saying, well, yaw -- steny hoyer saying we knew some would lose their insurance, some saying we knew that some would pay more for their insurance. how do you feel about that, debra? >> i think that is just outrageous. i mean, honestly, it is shocking to hear that, and the effect it has is something that you have already mentioned, which is it erodes the trust of the american people in our government, no our president in the congress. you really believe now that you cannot believe anything that you hear from them, because it's -- they're just not telling the truth, and once that trust is
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lost, it is very hard to regain. >> you feel the same way, richard? >> absolutely feel the same way. if i had a subsidy provided to pay for ear prommums like our 'nal leaders have i wouldn't care too much, but nobody subsidizing my premium, and i have to go out there and fend for myself, and i feel like the whole system is being changed and the rug is being pulled out from underneath me. >> we want to look at your case, so the unintended consequences of big government. you both illustrate it sadly. guys, good luck. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, it's not just localized to these two folks. did you or someone you know get a similar cancellation notice? we want to know. share your story on our facebook page, and while you're there be sure to like us because we're looking after you. if you want to just trash us, that is seasonable --
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acceptable. i'll send those to bill reilly. >> and if the president risks losing our trust. we always debate these issues whether it's a republican or democrat in office, because politicians' word is supposed to be their bond. sometimes there are unintended consequences but too many to keep count of here, father. so i'm beginning to wonder whether that erodes confidence in the president but in government itself. >> neil, you know, i'm old enough to remember president nixon's words, people need to know their president is not a crook. not a liar. he turn out unfortunately to be both. and that was a personal moral failing that impacted on the country in the same way we're bold old enough to remember president clinton saying i did not have sex with that lewinski woman. those are personal feelings based on difficulties in their own character. the difficulty here is that we now have the president not only
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a matter of his personal morallate but in terms of leadership, who is giving to us regularly, and my concern is for the children. you'd like to believe, especially when someone as historical a man as barack obama, the first african-american president, you can trust him, but your litany was damning. so many promises made so many promises broken. not his personal morality but institutions, about laws that he helped to pass and then lied to us about. and that is a grievous difficulty. i'm afraid we're saying to young people around the country, if the president for the sake of political expediencey can lie about everything, then everything is up for grabs. there's no standard versus what you promise and what you believe. its breaches trust and it's a great sadness. >> even if they were not deliberate lies, which is a
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stretch because this has been the pattern on 0 part of many. if you're selling a signature piece of legislation and the notion you can keep your doctor, keep your coverage, and then a lot of people are coming to find, no, i can't, or retirees are finding they're being jettisoned on to exchanges. and the people who created this new that was a possibility, and steny hoyer said that was something they saw coming but didn't say it. they would be in a long confessional with you. >> maybe you're right about it being a personal moral failing in this sense itch look at barack obama and i see to me the greatest sin is this constant evasion you talk about. no one is angrier than i am that this happened. i'm going to get to the bottom of this, and other people are responsible, i'm not, burt i'll fine out who. and this passing of the buck just seems to be?
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contradistinction to, the buck stops here, and that's troubling. think all politics to get where they're going, want to go in fact compromise time and time again, and sometimes lie, the difficulty is i don't see he needed to. when he passed this legislation he had both house office congress behind him, most americans, including the catholic church, wanted affordable care and people flying the cracks to be covered. we're not opposed to the concept but the promised made and unkept are troubling. so maybe it's not just a matter of policy. mate be a personal moral failing when he keeps passing the buck. when he said about the spy mess with mrs. merkel, nobody is angrier than me on this matter. well, the honest thing would be to say, every president knows we spy and we need to and our national vital interests require it. so why not say that. have some backbone and say, this is what i had to do. i'm sorry if merkel is offended
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but these are our allies and alliances change all the time. >> maybe politics beck cons you. you don't want to spoil the image. father, thank you very much. you can't deliver, then just delay it. the democrat is urging the president to do just that. after this. as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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the problems are piling up and now so, too the calls to hold it up not just from republicans but from democrats. congressman, welcome. you're emphasizing the individual mandate needs to be pushed back. >> thank you for having me. i know johnny come lately to this issue. i i voted against the bill for many reasons, including the burden of the individual mandate and also been been a sponsor of legislation to repeal or delay the individual mandate. the problem with the rollout of the exchanges is one more compelling reason to delay the implementation of the individual mandate. >> how long would you delay it?
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>> as long as necessary. it's necessary up to a year. the point is we see the administration give businesses a one-year break on the penalties for the employer mandate. there's no reason we couldn't do it for individuals as well. >> do you think the reluctance on the part of the administration to do as you recommend is the idea that is what republicans were really arguing about when we had the shutdown and the debt brinksmanship, and that to suddenly do a 180 and do that, looks like he is caving into them. >> each side is playing the game of blaming the other, but the bottom line is these thing is not ready to roll out and there's know noh way we can impose this. the only mechanism for folks to enroll isn't ready yet. >> let me get your reaction to your prominent democratic colleagues who say, throughout be told, we thought there was a possibility that should would lose their coverage, some might
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pay more for the coverage. i don't remember it being sold that way. you said you were against this, and concerned about it. many of your democratic colleagues were for this gung ho, and never, ever raised the possible. do you think in retrospect, had they done so, this thing would have passed? >> i heard the discussion before and one of the patterns we see over and over again in washington, and both sides are guilty of this, is overpromising and underdeliverring, and in this case the democrats were overpromising what the thing would do and the other side is guilty of overdramatizing. i no are knew it would have a huge impact on the individual market. the idea you can't have low cost, lo benefit insurance, everybody has to trade up and get more expensive coverage. is going to result in a lot of stick are shock for folks. it would have been better for the administration to explain the fine print so folks wouldn't be surprised now about things in it from the very beginning.
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>> do you think this thing is falling apart? >> is this is one more thing we need to fix. no question. the other things like the employer mandate, the payout provision. things need to be repealed and fixed. this is one more huge thing that needs to be fixed. >> kathleen sebelius testifying behalf committee you're on, and a lot of your colleagues are saying, she should go. should she? >> she is going face an awful lot of frustrated members of congress tomorrow because the folks we represent are frustsed as hell. they're sick and tired of folks overpromising and underdeliverring and the exchanges is a part of a strength of promises. >> back patting politicians still back patting but others are getting kicked anywhere not so padded backs. how does that make these sandy victims feel? they're next.
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everybody sitting around the table has made this a number one priority and this continues to be any number one priority. >> governor christie, governor cuomo and major bloomberg, want to praise them for their work. >> i can't thank the president enough for his personal concern, and for being here and the input be has had. >> want to thang the congressional delegation because part of the reason we can respond quickly to all this is because they helped make sure that fema financing was in place. >> fema ain't doing nothing. they go around in a circle,
1:25 pm
denied, denied. it's a joke. >> fema and secretary napolitano could not have been more helpful. >> the secretary, who has delivered the bacon -- >> home owners insurance offered me $150. what can i do with that? i need to rebuild. >> i need your attention, please. >> i'd like to thank the governor and his whole team for the great job they have done. >> they've done a phenomenal job and they have gotten new york back on its feet again. >> i think this federal government's performance has been extraordinary. >> who? how? i went everywhere. >> everybody, mayors, governors, the white house, the administration, are doing everything in our power. >> republicans, democrats, independents, we all came together because new jersey is more important. >> made great progress over the past year in a number of areas. >> i want to thank representatives in congress for all they've done in new york city since sandy struck our
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city, senator schumer led the charge for news washington. we're lucky we have a very sympathetic federal administration, the obama administration. >> we're getting the job done and the credit for that goes to the leadership in the senate and in the aassembly. >> we reported on it a year ago, even working weekend after weekend, monitoring the post sandy aftermath, all the politics saying what a great job they were doing, commending each other what a phenomenal job they were doing together. and a year later, some sandy survivors are waiting for help. 60 billion bucks to do that, barely 5 billion spent. here's one of the faces you saw in the piece, joining us. good to have you here, diana, remembering that back-slapping a year ago, and what you're still waiting for now, how do you feel? >> well, you know what? today is not about celebrating
1:27 pm
sandy. today is about celebrating or resilience, and we want to stress that businesses are still here, small businesses are still here, and we just need everybody to come out and support us and realize we're a huge part of this community, and we understand that. we just need to come together. >> all right. that has not happened so smoothly, scott, as you said, at many a meeting in your town, local officials and federal officials, they kept promising help but help never seemed to be on the way. how are things today? >> you know, you're right. a year ago, sandy struck a lot of the areas. my wife has a saying, sandy didn't pick its victims, but why is the government picking who they're going to help? it's not fair. the president made a promise. to cut the red tape. it hasn't happened. there's a lot of people still not home on statten island in
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queens, brooklyn, long beach. a lot of people are displace expelled lives are going. where is all the money promised? i was toll by fema they're not a going to help me. build a back is not going to help me but i can take an sba loan, they'll take a lean on my house for 14 years. god forbid i get hit with another storm. they get the insurance money first. so where is middle class america getting help? this storm did not pick its victims. but the politicians should not be picking us. and the only politician that has really helped is brimson fighting day and night -- >> congressman -- >> yes, congressman grimms. the president ran on the tick to help middle class. he is not helping the middle class. the middle class is stuck, and i just don't know what he is going to do.
1:29 pm
got three more years left of him and i wish he was gone tomorrow and out of office because he has lied. too many promises. >> we're showing your home, which is still discheffed and not even remotely near abilitiable. i'm curious in your case, diane narks where are you living now and what's your story? >> well, it was not just me. it was business that we opened that got 100% affected ask and we lost everything and my before's home is still off its foundation, untouched, for men oreasons we just mentioned. when it came to bringing the business back to life, we did it 100% on our open. there was no government help. there was no fema money. it's small business owners we can't afford to take loans. i had to say senator grimm came through with grantses to businesses businesses and we really appreciate their help. there's nothing that has come through for small businesses in the form of grants without
1:30 pm
strings attached. >> you know-scott, the argument for the clumsy release of aid is that the storm was so big, and the damage so widespread, that people like you can't all be helped, but that most have been helped and that it takes time. even governor christie was saying that as recently as this morning, about damaged properties in new jersey. do you buy that? a year after the fact people still have to be patient? >> you know what? this ain't the first storm. get real. they have dealt with storms. i they sheave ha learned from the past. so, i don't buy it. it's a line of baloney. because this is not the first storm that has ever hit. so, they're saying that, because new york is bigger? no. it's because your middle class and they think everybody can afford it. they think because you make an income, that you can afford it. people live on the means of their income. so if you own $100 million home you live on your income.
1:31 pm
so you need help just like the guy that is living on the 57 75 tuesday a week income. everybody needs to be helped fairly. the constitution of the united states says, we are created equally. it says nothing about income on there. so, why are they not treating everybody equally, the business owners and everybody suffering since day one? this is not the first storm. >> all right. scott, diane narks thank you both very much. hang in there, guys. >> thank you very much. >> we'll tone to follow. forget the nsa. now medical professionals in government are monitoring what you say? everything you say? battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. well, we asked for it, and boy, you got it. your reaction on people's policies being cancelled on the top of the show. here's cynthia's story. lost mind. self-employed, always made for my insurance for the first time ever i will be complete lid uninsured on san 1st. i cannot afford the higher premium. she says she didn't cancel. we received a pink slip because it would cost the employer too much to keep us employed, and anna says d.c. backed itself into the corner, being politically correct got them politicallwed.
1:36 pm
>> if you want to keep the health insureons you can keep it, now they're being told they account. >> these issues were grandfathered in, in 2010, and they're chosing to make a different discussion. >> do you understand thaw don't want 0 you to succeed? >> the president says you can't keep it. why are you saying you can? i don't understand. >> we have gone through 44 votes. 48 votes now. of you trying to dismantle the legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't. >> will the gentleman yield? >> will the -- >> you're asking a question. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> i've been here for four years. >> you're asking people to call and talk to a person who is accessing the same web site we're encouraging us not to use. >> told you we'll release the numbers in mid-november. >> i'll take that as you don't want to answer the question,.
1:37 pm
>> congressman, did you get any answers. >> the answers were mumbo jumbo. the question i posed was president obama in june of 2009 said if you like your doctor, you can help them. if you like your halve plan, you can keep that. and that's turning out not to be true and its incredibly significant to the rollout is one thing. that's a disaster. but don't just focus on the rollout. look at the underlying statute. this is program that is clearly not ready for prime time. >> whether it's delay the individual mandate or otherwise or not, i'm wondering, knowing the problems we encountered now and steny hoyer and people saying, we kind of knew a couple of the americans here and there would lose their coverage. do you think it would have passed the legislation would have gotten further than it did? >> i think there would have been a more robust debate. this became ore -- orthodoxy for the democratic party.
1:38 pm
it was jammed through when harry reid had 60 votes. they couldn't do any changes on it once scott brown won his election and the threshold dropped below 60. they have been unwilling to negotiation and they're not suffering, the country is suffering and it's not ending well. >> do you think that it was deceit on their part or they just didn't appreciate the realities of the market place? that if you promise a lot and want to cover a lot you shouldn't by surprised if the premiums go up a lot or if you have to switch out of a policy you'll pay much more than a lot. >> i'm convinced this is a white house that has been used to things being true because they say they're true, and it just doesn't work out like that. so think about the similar situation with the stimulus, and all of the promises about economic growth that were going to come, and of course, that didn't happen. and now the white house says, you can actually lower these premiums by enhancing this coverage, and it's all economic nonsense, and so now it's coming
1:39 pm
fruition, and this is the same group that a couple of weeks ago declared overwhelmingly clearly that, it's ready for october 1st. don't have a thing to worry about. no accident here, just mine your own business, and there were many voices that were putting up caution saying, you're not ready, but they just continued to jam it forward. >> that was then. this is now. congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> in the meantime, you tweet, they track. not the newscast. try the a record that in the national library of medicine is mining facebook and twitter for information on people's health behavior. is this legal? heather hansen says it is. attorney general fer says it is not. heather, why is it legal? >> it's no different than -- it's out there in the public. no different than what company does for advertising or what schools aring too too prevent bullying. you put something on facebook, tweeting, social immediatearch it's out there for the world to see.
1:40 pm
>> these are government agencies that are retrieving that dat tamp that's a little weird. >> the creepy, perhaps, but the theme of the show today has been this trust in government. if you don't trust government, it becomes, what are they going to do with thus? what they're doing is no different than what i could do if i wanted to take the time and effort to go through facebook to go through twitter -- >> but jennifer, your concern is the redundant nature of this. the more people with access to personal info on people. >> exactly. we're talking about big government again, and we do have reasonable expectation of privacy, in our facebook accounts. that's why we friend certain people. so, the government should not be looking into that. >> well, by the way, with get your response, we did ask for a statement and they provided one. no individuals will be identified and they're not monitoring information on its own but i relying on social media material made available by the contractor.
1:41 pm
oh, my gosh. actually a site. what do you make of that? >> i loved at that mo, my gov. they're using it for lobbyists, political consult taps, press secretaries to monitor their person. this is just another way to do that. >> you don't worry the more they have the more they risk abusing. >> i agree but the reality if you want them to not have this, you can't be on facebook or twitter. anything you put on there is out there for public cop -- consumption. >> the government being on it is weird. >> they're not going to get -- they're going to get in. they can tap medical phones and get into my facebook. >> back to the trust issue. >> okay. what do you think about that, jennifer. >> we're going to have government bureaucrats looking at our healthcare information. we spend so much time with the hipaa laws and making sure that
1:42 pm
health information is private, and then to have the government investigating that, i have a real problem and the public does as well. and the government isn't always very careful with what they look at. this is just opening up a plethora of lawsuits. >> always the one creepy dude who getsings in. most people in government are fine but there's always the one weirdo who seizes on the information or gets information on your, heather, and then starts blasting it out to the world. >> they're not getting my private records. >> how too you know? >> goes back to the trust issue. >> these things are cybersecuritied up the yin-yang, this information -- >> inunder the terms of mo my g, it monitors what is in social media, as in out there for society to see. if they're doing something other than that, of course it's wrong. but if they're doing what they saying they're doing, it's legal.
1:43 pm
>> how we be sure what they are doing? just like neil said. you get one rogue person who starts -- >> it's all over. >> why do we need too do this. >> all bets are off when the creeps come in. >> breaking news, men stare at women's bodies. what boob paid for this study? we will keep you abreast of the details after this. ness. . .
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1:46 pm
>> well, it is official and just in. men are pigs. the eyes have it. in fact, their eyes, particularly this gentleman's eyes prove it. ladies, be warned, when win say we're looking into your eyes apparently we're looking somewhere else. some researchers at the university of nebraska actually paid money to confirm this startling phenomenon. 36 men and 29 women, by the way, all outfitted with special devices that track their pupils and caught more than a few guys not just looking at ladies,
1:47 pm
well, pupils. for some reason men's eyes shifted a little lower. i'll leave you guessing. here's what i'm wondering. we need a study to confirm this, to state this? make sure you take the twitter or facebook and let us know your thoughts on this groundbreaking discovery, and whether we truly are abreast of this, needlessly milking it. >> with me now is therapist karen russ canin. don't know the news here other than good money' been. and what the heck? >> oh, my negotiating classic. this is classic do we really need permission to be told, it's okay, men, it's healthy and normal, the fact you're locking at women's breast. the fact that women like to admire other women's bodies. can we not think of a better way to spend our money?
1:48 pm
>> what is interesting, i don't know what the device was that was hooked up to all of these folks' eyes butted it could track and monitor pupil movement by the millisecond, and we might have started looking at eyes, but -- if we can cut away -- it quickly moved beyond the eyes. and i'm wondering if that -- about to celebrate his one-year anniversary, or so he thought. >> happy anniversary. >> so, what do you make of this, doctor? i mean, again, this just -- >> neil, it's like a popup art. women's -- >> what? pop up -- >> pop-up art. women's bodies are like pop-up art. where there's different -- the breasts stick out, the hips stick out, the -- you can't not
1:49 pm
not look at the aspects of the woman's body that -- >> you mentioned the -- let's say the chest, and you mentioned the narrow waist, and those particular models -- thank you. >> a lot of laughter on the set today. >> this sophomoric group i'm with. those type of models got more pupil activity than others. >> of course. of course, money confirms it. it's very normal. and in fact, whether you're a woman or you're a man, it's healthy to admire the person's body and the fact is, look, for men it makes them feel good. it's a a nourishment of the innr spirit. >> so we should be comfortable? >> let your pupils wanter. there's a difference between
1:50 pm
taking action on the wandering versus just looking and admiring. >> absolutely. >> they make paint that acts as a -- >> that's fine, that's fine. >> it is a very juvenile it is today. >> doctor, you can go now. dion, so can you, and, honey, i think i'll be home for supper. normal time, maybe. after this. with opportunity, with ideas, with ambition. i'm thinking about china, brazil, india. the world's a big place. i want to be a part of it. ishares international etfs. emerging markets and accesingle countries.arkets, find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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you know, something just happened that we really haven't seen since the bubble burst. i'm not talking about our last segment. talking about home prices, jumping nearly 13% in august. by the way, that's the biggest annual gain since 2006 and that gives this real tor pause.
1:54 pm
i guess, connie, because you think we're running a little ahead of ourselves. >> for some time actually in los angeles, actually since 2012, i've noticed a lot of multiple offers. first started at the low end, $200,000, 300,000 and it's been moving its way up, so right now we're experiencing a frenzy when you're going out with a buyer. there's typically numerous other offers and everybody is, you know, by thing for this, and then what i'm finding has happened most recently is that things are falling out of escrow. i'm thinking that there's some buyer's remorse, that they are thinking they might be overpaying. >> really? >> a couple years ago -- yes, yes, yes. >> it's nothing like the run we saw before. it might seem like that, but it's nothing like back then, is it? >> well, no, i mean, not anybody can get a loan, so the good thing is that people that are basically getting loans today are not very risky buyers, so that's a very good thing, but
1:55 pm
honestly in certain areas that, you know, i just lost out on something. there were multiple offers. it's a frenzy. it's like it goes on the market one day. there's many offers being submitted that day, and -- and so it's very similar to a few years ago. >> really? >> it's the same kind of thing. >> i'm sorry, but you don't see it as just pockets of this heated activity because the nation as a whole does not seem to be in that kind of position? >> no, no. and obviously it's to varying degrees, but i've heard for a long time now in las vegas it's been that way. it's phoenix it's been that way. all over california it's been this way. some areas to a greater degree, but it's very much heated up. if you talk to anybody representing buyers right now, they are going to tell you they are having a hard time, especially when they are competing with those all-cash offers. they are having a very hard time getting those buyers the homes that they want, and i just lost an opportunity myself last week.
1:56 pm
>> wow. >> boo hoo. but you're still doing okay. your batting average is pretty good. real quick, a look at the dow today, at a record, up 111.5 points and the wind at the back as the fed continues to goose this thing with more money than you can think of. stick around. the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach.
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1:58 pm
1:59 pm
they use paint. >> you're an idiot. >> men -- welcome back. men staring at women has you staring me down. trisha tweets the following. no study necessary. men are pigs. it's already a known fact. here's mel did a. this just n.turtles are slow. no, wait. i need a couple million dollars to run a study at the beach with a nearby resort, and here's poor louis. i only look women in the eyes. my wife is around a lot. and finally this one, you will never be able to come home again. you are destroyed. signed mary cavuto.
2:00 pm
what? do you believe the study, dan? >> i don't know why they needed to spend money on that. i could have just told them that. >> what? >> that if they don't get fox news they should demand it. >> you really are a fool, but you're our fool. >> i love you, too. >> okay. >> what are you wearing? >> hello, everyone. i'm greg gatt field along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel and dana perrino. this is "the five. "hey, you want to get depressed. watch "the view." >> this morning's headlines had some people worried that they are going to lose their medical plans because of obama care. are you worried? >> no. >> yes, yes. >> they are not worried? >> that's not low information voting. that's no information voting f.knowledge were water, that audience is death valley. but now we're reminded of old news, the white house w


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