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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 27, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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his life. that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." this is the "fox report." tonight, tensions rising over the botched launch of the obama care website and a new wrinkle to tell you about. and senators from the president's own party continue to break ranks over this joining republicans calling for a delay to give more time to deal with the law. new hampshire senator gene chihede leading that effort. >> the rollout has been a disaster. i'm proposing we extend the period for which people can enroll. >> democrats shifting ground in the face of a meltdown. tonight what this all could mean for obama care.
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and our european allies now demanding answers after leaked documents reveal the u.s. has been spying on dozens of world leaders. reportedly even wiretapping the german chancellor's cell phone. now some key u.s. lawmakers are coming together to defend the program. >> i think the president should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives. also, crisis in california. where some nursing home patients were abandoned after their home was ordered to close. >> there are human beings here. and we just leave people behind? >> how could this happen? and here we go again. a short time ago we learned a data center which hosts the government's website at the heart of the president's new health care reform law has experienced connection failure. the division is having a serious problem. we're working to get more on this, but a spokesperson with the health and human services
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drpt is saying they understand the issue is affecting customers. it is just the latest in what is proving to be a tidal wave of trouble now sweeping over obama care nearly one month after its online launch. now the dam appears like it's starting to break. i mentioned the hhs is working on tonight's glitch and the head of that department, secretary kathleen sebelius, is considering a letter now signed by ten democratic senators. they want an extension to the open enrollment period so americans will have more time to deal we the new law. national correspondent steve sintani is live with more. what happened? >> it was a component failure. it impacted the data center that hosted the website. and another system that verifies information. an hhs spokesperson told fox
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news we understand this issue is affecting other customers in addition to and they are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. darrell issa is demanding obama administration document issues with the development. >> we're looking for quick answers so that we can on behalf of the american people can straighten out as much as can be straightened out. the 90% that's below the water like an iceberg that are the other problems in obama care. >> hhs secretary kathleen sebelius will finally testify on capitol hill this week about the rocky rollout. >> we don't want to put too rosy of a picture on this. it's not like they're having a kumbaya moment. but we have seen democrats joining republicans in demanding solutions over this. still they disagree in ways. what are thoses? >> democrats still defend the
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underlying health care law which republicans don't. saying they're discouraged with that dysfunctional website. both most of them don't think the law itself needs to be changed. >> the most important thing we should worry about right now is making sure we fix the website, not fixate on the website. certainly i hope no one is talking about shutting down something new now with the health care website, because what we want to do is see all those young people and older folks access good quality health care. >> also testifying this week on capitol hill, marilyn taviner who oversees the exchanges. >> they want those young folks as we just heard. because that's part of the funding for this whole thing. steve centanni, thank you very much. a push by one republican to fix president obama's broken promise to americans. you may recall what he said in 2009. >> let me just start by setting the record straight on a few
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things i've been hearing out here. about reform. under the reform we're proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> that was then. turns out that has not been the case. republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin introducing a bill that would allow americans to do just what the president was promising. it's called the quote, if you like your health care plan you can keep it act. fallout for the president's signature health care law among the middle class in at least one state we're seeing. they're experiencing sticker shock in california. thousands of middle class consumers say they're seeing hefty increasing in their health insurance bills. premiums for them, they say, are going up in part to help offset the cost of covering sick and poor americans. but middle income consumers in
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california face an estimate 30% rate increase on average due to several other factors tied to the health car a quick look at how the obama care website has rolled out. by some estimates it's cost nearly half a billion dollars. still rising we're told. in december 2011 the contractor cgi was awarded a $93.7 million contract to develop the website. the actual construction of began in the first months of this year. then in october it made its big debut. president obama gave a speech in the rose garden last monday where he suggested alternatively to going to the website to call the 1-800 number. and officer todd park was issued to help fix the7[#$x problems w the website. and now to spying on our friends. our allies say they're quite
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angry. and new reaction to washington to this latest snooping scandal. reports came out days ago german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone was being watched. it's creating a growing rift between america and our allies including france. mike rogers saying it's all about protecting everyone from terrorists. and instead of being angry, he says europe should be grateful. >> if the french citizens knew exactly what that was about, they would be applauding. it's a good thing. it keeps the french safe. it keeps the u.s. safe. it keeps our allies safe. >> a lot of people in washington talking about this sunday. peter doucy has more. >> if they've been talking to on the phone, then the oversight committee believes president obama has got son explaining to do. >> if what you do in germany helps the germans end us, that's
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fine. but i don't believe listening to the head of state of an ally is needed. >> but republicans are split on this issue, because the chairman of the committee on counterintelligence says the united states doesn't need to change a thing. >> i think the president should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives. not just the united states, but also in france and germany and throughout europe. >> the white house says it's reviewing intelligence policies and the quote what the president believes is important is we're not collecting all we can collect. rather we should be focused on the intelligence we should collect and the intelligence we need to collect to safeguard the united states and our allies. but one democratic senator said sunday that the u.s. must now do some serious diplomatic repair work.
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>> i think the revelations from snowden and the secrets revealed are doing damage to our bilateral relations. >> dick cheney said today he thinks the headlines this weekend are important to american security and need to be preserved. >> thank you. so the president might be facing a head wind of challenges right now from his signature health care law to the uproar over the nsa spying that you just heard about. what toll is this taking on him politically? i'll ask fox news political insiders when they go live with us inside "the fox report" coming up. right now pop star chris brown is in jail in d.c. it's just the latest run-in with the law for this troubled singer. we'll tell you why he's behind bars this time. and staff members at a nursing home walk off the job, leave the elderly patients for days to fend for themselves. >> hopefully some people are going to have their eyes open
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pop star chris brown is in jail in a cell right now after getting in a fight in d.c. police say he and his bodyguard punched a man outside the w hotel early this morning. they're both charged with felony assault and expected to be held until tomorrow. you may recall chris brown was arrested just before the grammys in 2009 for beating up his then-girlfriend rihanna. he's been sentenced to four years probation and have had run-ins with the law since then. an investigation in california after nursing home residents were abandoned. the valley view home was ordered to shut down thursday. so nearly the entire staff left. a cook and two others stayed behind working without pay to take care of those elderly
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patients. some of them whom are bedridden. help came officially 48 hours later. now detectives are searching for the owners of this facility. jonath how did this happen? >> well, around 14 of them were abandoned by their caretakers. and these patients just have serious needs. amputees and mental health patients of all ages actually. some of them were bedridden. they didn't get proper care or hygiene for more than 48 hours. this is at valley manner southeast of oakland. one caregiver, the janitor, and the cook say they remained there out of their goodness of their heart. and they paid out of their own pockets to look after them. >> well, the management and everything, they just went out. so me and my coworkers, we stayed until we got help. we did the best we could.
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>> it's a disgraceful situation, but valley springs manor -- or valley manor had a notorious reputation with the department of social services. it was finally ordered shut. neighbors in the area said the new management came in two months ago and things went down hill from there. the patients' families, you can imagine, just utterly appalled. >> i think they should be held accountable. i mean, you can't just vacate and leave your residents without proper care. i mean, this is what you pay for. >> paramedics evacuated some of them, and they spent the night in the hospital. others left on their own or with their relatives. they're still trying to account for everybody. we're not entirely sure exactly how many people were abandoned or where they've gone.
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and most certainly of all, there's no sign of the caregivers. how can anybody imagine leaving the disabled and elderry behind this like. >> it's unimaginable. thank you very much. we are inching toward the point where we were last year when superstorm sandy was hitting the part of the united states. it had started to march up the coastline. and now a story of survival on board the historic tanker we just showed you the night the storm slammed into new york city. bold has a huge imagination. a playground of innovation, color, and design. showing up where we least expect it. and taking inspiration from our wildest dreams. because kohler doesn't see the world in fixtures and faucets.
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we are just a couple of days away from marking one year since superstorm sandy hit this part of the east coast. and all this time has passed and still some of the recovery aid
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has been delayed. now new jersey governor chris christie is deflecting blame for the delays. it's been, like i said, nearly a year since sandy hit the northeast and left huge areas of coastal new jersey in ruins. that's where it touched down first as it took that hook up the coast. the governor is pointing fingers at congress which took three months to approve a $50.7 billion relief package for the region. he says his administration has done all it can and has been held hostage by the delay. plus mounds of red tape put in the way to prevent fraud. like what we saw after hurricane katrina. few will remember sandy's destructive force like one woman. incredibly, she rode out the storm on october 29th of last year aboard this vessel the mary a. whalen. we now have more of her story and what she's trying to do now. brian? >> hi, harris. this is a story about unsung heroes.
4:21 pm
the mary a. whalen oil tanker is a national historic maritime treasure even though few have ever heard of the tanker. that is, before she stood up to superstorm sandy. tied to the docks off brooklyn's red hook neighborhood, you'll find the forgotten mary a. whalen. engineless for the last eight years. >> looks pretty rough. there's no central heat and there's no flush toilets. >> carolina owns this ship and has a non-profit bedding that preserving the history is key to transforming the economy. and she wasn't going to let superstorm sandy get in the way. >> it is a symbol of preparedness and rel sisilient . >> so as the storm washed ashore, she spoke to her partner
4:22 pm
to board. sometimes they were crawling on the floor to make it they didn't fall overboard. >> it was scary at times. we go back inside and come out every half hour to check on to make sure we were secure. >> preparation kept whalen from becoming a similar ship which washed ashore on staten island. it quickly became a recovery effort. carolina used the equipment to start one of red hook's command centers inside of an art gallery. >> we used computers to access fema. set up free clinics. put up a few community meetings. made the space available for other things. it was a safe place. >> the port center stayed open for a month providing hundreds with information all thanks to a forgotten ship and her determined leader. >> she survived. >> the white house has since
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honored portside, new york, for their recovery efforts with superstorm santy. >> thank you. people in the rockies are getting a cold blast of arctic weather at this hour. this is particularly cold. this weather system just beginning. we'll show you where millions of americans will soon get slammed by snow and ice. plus our political insiders are here. they are getting micced up. they'll join me at home base in just a moment. this is an incompetent rollout. but part of liberal ideology that believes government should run the health care. this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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weather alert. an arctic cold front ramping up in one part of our nation. it's expecting to bring up to two feet of snow in some areas. let's go live to the fox weather center. this is not unusual, but these temperatures are going to be bitter. >> absolutely. they're going to drop like a rock. the national weather service is warning folks in this region. they need to be on alert. not only are you going to get the snow, but it has been mild in this area and the temperatures are going to drop very quickly. so the storm is just getting its act together across the rockies. it's going to be with us for several days as it makes its way eastward across much of the u.s. but for now we have a dozen states under winter weather advisories. over a foot of snow is likely in a lot of these areas.
4:28 pm
winds in excess of 50 miles per hour so we could see blizzard advisories up within the next 12 to 24 hours. look at the snow. widespread snow across a widespread area of the west. and all of this is going to move eastward, harris. not only are we going to see the potential for a snowstorm, but it's going to interact with some warm gulf air. that means the potential for severe weather as we head into tuesday and wednesday. large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. not only a snowstorm, but we'll see a severe threat through the next couple of days. then hl wean, the east coast needs to watch this system. back to you. >> really? we thought we'd see one halloween where maybe things were clear. first it was the snowstorm. then superstorm sandy. we were hoping for the best. >> it will probably be just rain, but we will certainly keep you up-to-date. it's not going to be sandy or the snowstorm, but could be weather that kids have to deal with. >> all right. thank you very much. we are seeing some of the
4:29 pm
worst violence in iraq since american troops withdrew from that country. sparking new fears of an all-out sectarian war. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> iraq. a coordinated series of attacks hitting shiite neighborhoods in the capital baghdad. people dying. fears spreading that the country is unraveling. we lost more than 4,400 of our warriors in the iraq war. japan. a major show of force in a military parade. more than 50 planes and thousands of soldiers taking part with the prime minister looking on. japan has been flexing its military muscle amid tensions with other countries especially china over who should control a group of disputed islands.
4:30 pm
bangladesh. a power struggle leading to riot police and support es of the government fighting the political opposition. and running street battles. critics of the government are trying to enforce a nationwide general strike and they want the prime minister to resign. australia. big bash down under for one of the world's most iconic buildings. sydney's opera house celebrating its 40th anniversary with an impressive display of fireworks. it officially opened in '73. and that's a wrap on around the world in 80 seconds. president obama navigating some rough political waters these days. the website that was supposed to connect the american people with with what we promised would free millions of us from being sick and having no health insurance. technical problems turning into
4:31 pm
a major political nightmare for the president. let's bring in oformer senators and fox news contributors. let's again talking about this breaking development tonight which is already affecting people we know from the health and human services department which said the company that hosted the health care rollout is having some connection difficulties. doug, i want to start with you. >> sure. >> you say the political fallout for democrats is just beginning. why? >> couple of reasons. first, the essence of obama care, the link to insurance companies, the website isn't working. you have a huge problem with the central accomplishment of the administration. about six to ten democratic senators this week saying delay
4:32 pm
implementation this year. you have ill fitted democratic party. >> that sounds like what senator cruz and some republicans were calling for to not go into a shutdown. >> no. they weren't. we were saying that's what they should do. not defund, delay. because of this exact reason that doug mentioned. if the republicans had pushed delay for a year, moderate democrats in the senate would have gone along with it as they now are. they're saying themselves, it's a disaster. the defund thing, not going to happen. didn't happen, won't happen. >> how are they poised to take advantage of this situation? >> the republicans? >> yeah. >> they're not poised. they haven't thought it through. have you heard a word from a republican this week with a positive idea saying while this thing's crapping out, here's what we would do. >> ron johnson out of wisconsin has come forward, john, and has said -- and it's easy to understand -- the president said you could keep your plan and doctor and apparently he's taken
4:33 pm
that out of his pitch this weekend. and ron johnson of wisconsin has said i'll put forward a bill that will let you keep that. >> here's the problem. what is missing, and i think that would be a positive idea. but because they don't have a strategy, they don't have a narrative, they don't have a party alternative. has to do with across state lines, force democrats into funding strategy. allow democrats cover. they are now caught in a bind. but now the larger question that bothers me is that the president is hunkering down in the white house acting like white houses i've seen under fire. and this is very bad. when you hunker down, you're going to get in -- >> i had dinner with someone friday night. they said it is the most closed operation he had ever seen. he said you speak only when
4:34 pm
spoken to. >> what does that tell you? >> that that's right. the democrats are in deep trouble. the administration doesn't have a position. their only benefit is the republicans. >> the mirror is going on with republicans in the house. you have 80 republicans out of 233. 80 of them running the operation. and hurting the republican image so badly where they could have been nice and neutral and poised. when this goes down the drain, the republicans could have been poised. the problem for obama care and eventually believe it or not -- i mean -- it will be fixed. >> the website. >> the website. but the real problem is 80% of these people are signing up for medicaid. they are not signing up for obama care or insurance company. we have the loan numbers and
4:35 pm
when people find sticker shock, 160,000 in california who were kicked off their health insurance because it doesn't meet obama care standards. because 70-year-olds aren't being given maternity insurance. >> those middle class californians that are feeling the pinch of having to pay for everybody else if their premiums go up. i want to get to the next point. we did have breaking developments. people are i trooing to get on the site and can't. let's put the numbers up. in a fox news poll, whether someone should be fired over the obama care disaster as they call it, 49% said yes. so john, who should lose their job? >> i think the one we're aiming at is secretary sebelius. >> is that enough? >> it's not going to solve the
4:36 pm
problem. we're venting anger when we fire someone. the question is are we fixing the first problem which is the website and secondly, whether the whole program is fundamentally flawed. pat went through some of it. the issue of employers moving people from full-time to part-time. >> and not hiring at all. lowering economic growth. >> and the people that ought to be fired for that are harry reid, nancy pelosi, and barack obama. they created this thing. and putting the mandate in which the president campaigned in 2008 on i'm not going to have a mandate. when he reversed himself, put the mandate in, thing became unpopular. it's not going to work. that's why you're getting all these other things beginning to happen. layoffs, no new hiring. an anemic economy. >> all right. i want to touch on this. because while we were in commercial, of course, pat was sharing his thoughts about something that happened today. congressman mike rogers out of
4:37 pm
michigan was talking about the security on the website of our personal information. first of all, your thoughts. >> it's pretty clear that there is no security. people having to put in all their private information. it is being shared with the i.r. i.r.irs and hhs and whoever else. and by the way, there is no security at all. most people know their stuff gets traded around, but when rogers was head of of the intelligence committee, there is no protection at all. and this is on top of everything else. people's information is going to be everywhere. >> let's hear from mike rogers. then i want to hear from the gentlemen at the table. >> it was very clear to me in the hearing they do not have an over-arching cyber security plan to prevent the loss of private information. i'm even more concerned today than i was even last week. >> harris, with the nsa scandal
4:38 pm
showing that no personal information, no calls, no e-mails are secure, the irs scandal. we have a crisis of privacy and security. so what congressman rogers is saying and what you're highlighting is a huge emerging issue in america. >> john? >> well, that is a huge issue. and i think the president has been beaten down over these things. the nsa thing first. then the irs thing. i'm upset. where are informations of these things? what happened to the investigation of the irs? >> is that disappeared. >> disappeared. >> they have walked away -- >> why? >> with the public overwhelmingly believe the white house either designed, ordered, or knew about the irs stuff. what we find out all the scandal stuff, it comes out in drips. they haven't done that. but you're right. which is the entire issue of whether anything is private or
4:39 pm
you can trust the government at all is people are going to find out all of their personal information is being stolen and used. and it's going to put everyone at risk. >> for many americans, we assume our privacy is gone anyway. we know our e-mails at work are not really ours. our employer can get into those. >> there are new issues in this country for someone to pick up on. the american people, i believe, are not willing to walk away and say i have no right. >> it's one thing to talk, harris, about e-mails at work. i understand that. but we have a sense that our private medical details are at least some way not private. >> that can lead to identity theft. >> hippa laws. >> exactly. we're going to keep talking. up next we'll stick on this issue with spying and sharing personal information. plus we'll roll on with other news two. we're remembering a rock pioneer tonight. a look back at a legacy. ♪
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we are back as fox news' political insiders drop by. we're going to talk now about the nsa spying. one of the closest allies is stepping up to search for answers. germany is sending to u.s. this week to find out if we listened in to the chancellor's phone calls. john, i'll start with you. we heard congressman mike rogers again saying that our partners abroad should not be surprised they were listening in on them. that this sort of thing happens all the time.
4:44 pm
they should be grateful. >> they are surprised and they're royally ticked off. this has hurt our relations with angela merkel, with brazil. already with the russians, the british, the french. they're all upset. the idea that the united states spies on other world leaders, maybe it's been going on -- >> it has been going on. i spoke today to a former high level associate in the german foreign ministry. i said i apologize as an american for what's going on. he said don't worry. you'll keep doing it. we'll keep doing it. it's a fact of life. he said it with anger. i think what john is saying is our alliance is frailed when the others are getting stronger. >> this is what happens when it's falling apart. the saudi arabians have been our closest ally and we went to war
4:45 pm
with them frankly. and they don't like publicity. say said we're all done with u.s. that's fallen apart. iran. we know the iranians may be a month away from being able to make nuclear weapons. this is -- the president is continuing to do this. we still don't know any of our security, the benghazi disaster. >> a month away and we aren't having the next negotiating meeting with the iranians for a month. >> there was a lot to chew on in that. and one of the developments that you're talking about is in this past week. saudi arabia saying with regard to syria, we'll go our own way to forge to find a better answer over there as we move forward. >> john kerry has sided the united states with the wrong side in syria. and even in his own state department they're at odds over those things. >> look -- go ahead. >> we lack an agenda in the middle east.
4:46 pm
kerry has written off egypt. we're not supporting the military. the arab israeli peace process is not likely to show results. with al qaeda related groups getting stronger. and as john and pat said, iran could well be on the verge of creating and having a nuclear weapon. >> we are chasing iran around the room begging them while they take us for a ride as they have done for 30 years. >> i have a question for you, pat. it has to do with where the president is in his second and final term now. lame duck. when does that come into play? with these foreign policy issues, especially, it's important to know. because really his delegates are going to have to do much, much more of the work. >> the president is basically having the defense. i know nothing. i just run the fund raisers in new york. run around and raise money. try to attack my opponents because i want to win.
4:47 pm
meanwhile, he's awol on his signature program and awol while the world is about to blow up on us in the middle east. that's what's going on with this president. you know what? if the media wasn't in the bag for this guy and democrats -- and there were democrats that still believed -- >> i wanted to remind you you're a democrat. >> we are, but we tell the truth. and bottom line to your question, he is now effectively a lame duck. if obama care doesn't work the way he said it will work, he's definitely a lame duck. >> so your friends have just handed you a plate of goodness. you get the final word in terms of politics. what do republicans do with this plate of goodness that people across the aisle have handed you? >> let me say one thing we haven't brought up tonight. that the republicans should be doing. okay? there's one other scandal sitting there. the benghazi matter. we have 177 republican house members calling on the speaker to name a select committee. and half democrats even. >> don't the republicans need a
4:48 pm
pro-growth, positive agenda to fix health care? isn't that the critical piece we need? >> we need to be able to walk and chew gum. they can't do any of them. >> we got to walk, chew gum, and hang out at the table a bit. the insiders, you can continue the conversation. we didn't get our twitter questions in. i was cheating a bit and taking ideas from there. we'll continue our conversation on our website. every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern with the political insiders. gentlemen, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> good to see you. a shocking new twist in the investigation of a carnival ride that suddenly went into action. it was sitting still, then it took off just when people were trying to get off that ride. five people hurt, taken to hospital. investigators now saying it was not an accident. ♪
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rock legend lou reed has di died. reed nope as the punk rocker, with the velvet underground. remember them? l he has influenced generations. perhaps us know some of his music. he died this morning of an ailment related to a recent liver transplant. lou reed was 71. police arrest add carnival ride operator after several were hurt at a carnival. it's our top story as we go across america. north carolina -- five people went to the hospital from injuries when the vortex stopped while riders were getting off and then suddenly started up again.
4:53 pm
authorities in raleigh say the man running in charged with felony counts with assault with a deadly weapon. >> we determined this ride was tampered with. indiana. a stabbing at indiana university's bloomington campus sparked a four-hour lockdown. the student stabbed, expected to rov perp police have two suspects in custody. the campus is back open. texas, a man dressed up as lee harvey oswald getting his day in court, and local lawyers wearing 1963 garb with props from back in the days. right after president john f. kennedy was assassinated. the dallas bar association held the mock trial to find out what might have happened if oswald had lived to face justice. kennedy shot to death 50 years ago on november 22ened. oswald himself killed two days later. pennsylvania. fraternal twin sisters who say they're really nothing like each other but have an internal bond
4:54 pm
with this news. each giving birth to a baby boy on the same day. >> we actually found out on the same day that we were pregnant. march 10th. >> yeah, we did. we both found out together. >> the new mommies didn't actually have the same due date, but newborns payton and hudson both arrived early, and that's a fox watch across america. the call that has boston baseball fans seeing red. game three of the world series between the red sox and st. louis cardinals. a nail biter wery a wild finish. did you see who was sitting next to me? see him? peter schrager, just came out of the green room. awfully pretty. haven't eseen him in a while. we're going to catch up. stay close.
4:55 pm
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like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. the nfl delivers serious star power. peyton manning takes on rg3, it's like a dunkin' donuts commercial. peter schrager. congratulations. i watch the network constantly.
4:58 pm
the denver broncos today when i saw them were behind. what happened? >> 21-7. the game on fox just now. losing, not looking good. about to go down and rattle off 38 straight points and win 45-21. peyton manning, unconscious in the second half hitting everybody in sight. redskins defense, looked great in the first half, had no answer for the great one, peyton manning. >> yeah. what happened to rg3? >> actually benched in the end. went to curt cousins because the game was out of hand, they went to somebody else. not a good look in the second half. when the broncos are clicking, no stopping them. >> detroit lions beating the dallas cowboys. i have family in dallas. i wasn't surprised. surprised it was only a one-point game. >> cowboys winning the entire game. up late. a wild ending. cowboys have the ball. couldn't get a first down. the lions take over down 6. stafford leads them, scores a touchdown at the end. calvin johnson, okay, more than
4:59 pm
300 yards receiving today. unheard of. >> wow. >> dallas defense, looked good the past two weeks, did not step up when they needed to. crazy. sidelines, could ywboys, dez br screaming at teammates. >> tony played great. >> not enough in the end. what happened in the world series last night? >> after midnight, obstruction in baseball. a wild call on the third base line. you see the highlight. the third baseman holding down the guy trying to run. lookality this here. trips him. they call that -- said a trip. can't do that. run counts. allowed him at home plate, regardless if he was out or not. this one made fans -- tripped the runner coming in. can't do that. >> we do that all the time. >> you always trip me. on purpose or not. i don't know. cardinals win.
5:00 pm
game five on fox. >> big star. home base. >> pete schrager. >> to see you. thank you. that is how fox "report sunday." so glad you were here. a great time. two seconds, "huckabee." tonight on "huckabee" -- >> again, i don't know about any specific tests and i would send you to hhs. i'm not sure what you're missing. >> with the administration dodging the tough questions, eastern the mainstream media demands answers. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry on the tension inside the white house press room. and -- >> i want to stay here. we need this place. >> the federal government eliminating housing foreaf that it help build. >> there are a lot of stories of out of control regulators, but this seems to be going to the extreme. plus -- relentlessly bullied she fought back with the


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