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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 22, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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engagement card. they have a child good that they are married. we believe in marriage. >> all right got the baby gift. thafshg you for joining us today. bill and ally are next. fox news alert. america's reaction to obama care troubles. they believe things are going to get worse with it. welcome to hq. i am a list son camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. back in our spartan digs. washington poll out. pen percent believe there is issues. and what does erics believe? >> they were not buying it? >> no, they are not buying. it going to the airline web site or, how easy it
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should be. and they are supposedly the best and the brightest, it is foreboding. >> take it a step further, you believe the story itself is not a story contained in a vacum. >> people have seen insurance rates escalates because of the obama commriant plans. they have problems cropping up and the insurance web site that the president said would be so easy, they tie together in a web of frustration and can't be easily undone. >> is this a temporary problem? a couple of weeks it is behind us and people are flooding in and signing up and everything starts to smooth itself out? do you see that? >> no, i don't. the washington post story as of september 26th they couldn't
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handle 100 people on the site. jay carney got into it with reporters yesterday about this and it is not easy as adding an extra server. they really screwed it up. >> republicans would argue it is more than that. it is a sign that big government can't do big things? >> very much so. each, been around for years and does what the obama web site was supposed to do. millions can get on it. big government is much more cumbersome and you don't have to worry about subpeonas. it is a disaster. >> you see that number 56 percent x. people are testing the waters here. you believe that it is the straw going to break the back of the law. >> i do. starting in february, if you don't have health care insurance you are going to get
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fined under the individual man date unless the president waives the law and there was a government shutdown. and people are saying it could take six months. that is six months too long. >> eric ericson from red, a list son? >> what do law makers want to know from kathleen sebelius when she goes before capitol hill. we are talking to the congressman that has jure is diction. >> thank you, a list son. >> what are the two questions about the affordable care act? >> how in the world do they expect to suck sowed. the president said families would save 2500 to 2009 and you like your plan and you can keep
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it. we find out it is not true. the president said it is easy to go on line and do this and cost less than your cell phone bill. that is not true either. >> is it your sense that the president's top aides kept the problems from him and do you think that president obama, did i know the magnitude or is he learning about them as we all are? >> no, i think he knew back in 2007 it was not going to reduce the premiums. he knew you were going to lose your doctor and insurance plan and i am sure he anyhow in september that there is no way that the government- run web site was going to work. at the end of the web site it doesn't work and more expensive. >> there are stories out about people who are successful in logging on. and the people who say their
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insurance premiums went down and it is working for them. >> for a small number of people who get taxpayer subsidies, it is going to be good. but 85 percent of the americans, in maryland, average cost of the policy went up 25 percent next year because of obama care. millions of marylanders are getting letters saying your insurance product is not available due to the affordable care act and your new policy will have larger deductible. >> for people with employer care health care, you think they will lose the insurance program that they have now and maybe their doctors, why? that was not supposed to change? >> we know that. ka iser study released last month only 36 percent of the employees whose experience is paid for by the employer will be
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on grandfathered plan. two-thirds will not have the plan they had two years ago. >> congressman andy harris, not an optimistic outlook for obama care. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> he's part of the 56 percent of the washington post poll, to give you an idea of the juggar naught, the web site contains 500 million line was software code. by comparison you only neat 8 million to fly a fighter jet. if you were to printout a million lines that would be 18,000 pages. >> that's a lot and reports that verizon is helping the white house fix the site. the administration is reaching out to the best and brightest to help get the thing up and running and turning to the private sector.
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verizon works on other tech projects for the administration. and the odds of success are still 50- 50 since there is so little time to get the job done. >> should the individual mandate be delayed by a year? send us a tweet at bill hemmer. >> and to me a list -- a list son camerota. >> a math teacher michael lansberry was a marine veteran and hailed a hero. he confronted the shooter and sacrificed his own life and probably saving many others. will, what is the latest? >> reporter: for many in sparks, tors have not stopped flowing for lansberry. he ran up to the shooter and tried to get him put the gun on
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the ground and the shooter shot and killed lansberry. >> what i saw is a kid pulling out a gun and shooting one of the seventh grade student. >> a little kid took the gun out of the back pack and threatening to kill the teacher and my heart was racing. >> he shot the teacher and he fell to the ground. >> he pulled the trigger and the teacher was dead. >> vivid details from the students. many showed up to a vigil last night in honor of lansberry. he was a math teacher and soccer coach and served in the marines and national guard and always looking out for students. and as for the shooter, there is a lot of questions. he was a seventh grade boy. he shot and killed lansberry both in stable condition and shot and killed himself.
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>> we are inside of the ca feteria. >> they have two down. one in the drop off area for the buses. suspect is described as wearing khak i pants. >> if there are kids in the school in the places. leave them there. it looks like our shooter is probably down. >> from the time people called 911 and the time the shooter killed himself that is 15 horrific minutes. there is reports that the shooter was bullied. but at this point, police haven't offered a type of motivation. we learned that the gun used here was a nine millimeter ruger that police say brought from his house, allyson.
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>> it is tough to hear from them. >> the blunt warning that big labor has. reaction from lou dobs. and an al-qaeda mastermind appears in the new york city courthouse. and we'll have insight from former attorney general alberto gonzalez. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks.
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a blunt warning to politicians a head of budget talks from friends in big lab ofrment trichard trumpa head of a clo will go after any politician willing to make cuts to medicare or medicaid. lou dobbes is host of the fox business network. and he had a warning for all law makers and though he was targeting democrats in particular. we will never forget and we will
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never forgive and working to endio your career. how are politicians supposed to do their job with warnings like that? >> they will do it with fairly lighthearts. if i heard a hollow threat it is that by richard trumka like they would report the republicans over democrats and a liiance with the organized labor and democratic party that goes back a century. it is a peculliar warning when 60 percent of the federal budget goes to entitlement program. health care and social security and medicare, and that is just unsustainable. ine the president acknowledged precisely that, with the president's acknowledgment is what set off richard trumka.
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there is a potential that we could see i hate to say the word about current day washington negotiation on the budget over the course of the next or six months. >> remarkable. you heard it here first. there may be some negotiation. it is those social security, medicaid and medicare, those are the things that have to be tackled. millions of americans rely on them and they are important. but there has to be an entitlement reform because it is unsustainable at this level. >> it is important for everyone. it is irresponsible to cut the benefits that are flowing to those aged out and are currently on those programs, starting at 55 which is usually the age that most proposals fix on and to
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change those benefits for that age group would make sense and responsible to do so. and i don't believe anybody is talking about cuts and we'll hear a lot about it in the next 3 or 6 months. trumka said remember us. we are smaller than we used to be but we are still powerful. a fl and cio and other unions represent 37 percent of the public employees. teacher ands firefighters and you name it the legal and state and federal government. in the private sector, they amount to less than seven percent of the labor force and organized labor and so they have to pick their battles and trumka decided this is where he will drive his standard in to the ground and do it first. >> but if they only represent seven percent of the private
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labor and much more of the public labor force. can democratic politicians win without them and their support? >> no, at least they could not now alisyn. they are part of what is a successful political coalitions on the planet, that is organized labor and the democratic party. it is a lynch pin for every democratic initiative over the last 70 years and one is utterly dependent on the others. if we see a breach it would be a political development. >> in that case, it is a catch 22 for democrats, if they vote for entitlement reform richard trumka said you will not have our support and lose your job. and yet if they don't do it they may be voted out with constituents. >> and more recently, they would
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like more toys and candy and trinkets from the federal government. i don't believe democrats will take this threat seriously because it is most hollow. as you have just pointed out. it is an a liiance between democrats and organized labor that is all but timeless. >> thank you for the perspective. >> there is a dead line in middecember. and a stadium, this man taking a shot at the woman and the things that we are learning about the man's violent past. which is taller. how the answer may be decided once and for all. show down for housing for the handicapped. it is extreme case of out of control federal regulators. we'll explain. >> i am disappointed with the
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lack of desire to understand out there in the hearing world, it is lonely to be deaf. canned close cleared cleared cleared
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arizona is defying federal orders to eliminate housing for the daechlt there was grants to built the complex for the hearing impaired years ago, and now hud's own civil right facility said it is discriminate against nonhandicapped people. >> reporter: it is hard to believe, but the feds are trying to get rid of housing for the deaf, it is a complex built for the deaf. yeah, you heard me. this is the place, take a look
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at this. the apartment complex in tempe caters to those with disabilities and the feds say it is discriminating against people who are not deaf and demanding that 75 percent of the units be rented to those who are not deaf. >> i have a right to live where i like to live. >> i would be devastated and we want to stay here and we need this place. >> they do. and the housing director said hud secretary promised to fix it and donovan's lawyers at hud are utterly incompetent which is arguably redundant. >> the attorneys i dealt with in hud are ignorant and much worse. they are powerful. >> wow, the national association for the deaf calls hud's actions
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atrocious. >> so we understand hud said it is discrim itinatory. what does the law say? >> hud is absolutely wrong. there is no such thing as a 25 percent rule. and so they're, i don't want to say they are incompetent. the lawyers said they are incompetent. but boy, you look at the law and it seems like that. >> you are not saying incompetent. you say they are wrong? >> and a little stupid. but whatever. >> gregg, thank you so much for explaining that. >> yes. ngreg did the g is not mincing words. >> we appreciate it. >> we do. >> and the new details of the violent past of a man in a football stadium. what are we learning this afternoon. >> now the slugger is identified, his past is
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revealed. the jet fan seen clocking a woman in the head served time in the past for murder. the video that went viral helped to identify the jet fan, kurt, punching a woman who wore a jersey. he served prison in the '90s. his mom said it thorough her son had a past but trying to te pend two of them in the stadium. >> he is mildmannered and he does have a past when he was 17 years old. he knows you move on and you don't put yourself in that position and he was concerned for me and himself to keep going and not make something out of this. and they were the aggressors. >> she said she and her son kurt
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were antagonized all day long and doesn't believe he realized he was hitting a woman because of the women in the quick- moving fight. there are reports of charges might be filed in the case there are not as of yet. i just got off of the phone with the agency that handled met light enforcement. and she said the agencies getting ready to release a statement in the next hour. state police in jersey said it is an active investigation and detectives are reviewing the case. we'll have answers about the charges. >> twitter was lighting up over this thing this morning. >> yeah. >> the woman went after the man and he had no choice but to defend. i am just saying. ncan't you restrain her or something. >> the thing that is always tricky about the stories, we had
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no idea what is happening. but as a man you never hit a woman. >> that's when i think. >>s former attorney general will weigh in on the bringing here. >> we'll deitate that fair and balanced, alley. >> and the cops did not need batman to arrest this joker. >> come on. check him out in all of his gloria campos. >> we'll explain the mug shot. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pai it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. checking the headlines now. the labor department releasing the long- awaited job reports in september and showing a slow down. 148,000 jobs were added last month. captain report was delayed two and half weeks because of the shut down. passengers on a delta airline roaching the destination. a faulty cargo alarm fire. bill, police in maine did not need that man to bring in the joker. the 64-year-old charged with
10:32 am
drunk driving after leaving a halloween party and running into several trees or rocks. >> that is one hand system man and he loves his halloween. >> he must. >> trees and rocks. one of the most wanted master kwanned a l libi back in court for his role in the bombings in east africa david has the latest. >> reporter: hi, alisyn. this is libi's second court partnerships. the appearance today largely are you tone procedural and very brief, but one thing that sets it apart from many court appearances in the federal building behind me here. he is a high value prison and conducted surveillance on the
10:33 am
u.s. embassy in kenya before it was blown up. the judge is expected to appoint a new attorney at taxpayer expense. and the federal defender who represented a l- libi had to step down because of a conflict of interest. his office represented another defendant mentioned in the same indictment and the one thing to be on a look out is a l- libi's appearance. he is suffering from hepatitis and that could be an other than issue in the upcoming trial. >> thank you. >> as the trial moves forward. critics argue that gitmo would be better position. and judge alberto gonzalez is a former attorney general and
10:34 am
with the waller law firm in nashville, tennessee. how are you, sir, welcome back. >> i am doing well. >> dow prefer this man to be in gitmo than new york city. >> i prefer we bring him to yesterday and get the information valuable to the united states. and whether or not that is in the criminal justice system or guantanamo, that is up to the folks who have seen the evident. it is their job to make the determination and apparently the obama administration made the calculation that the best place to bring him to justice while getting the information sensitive to protection of america is the criminal justice system. it is going to cost a lot of money. the security costs involved to new york city and costs incurred by the federal government and medical costs incurred connected with this individual. it isap expensive proposition.
10:35 am
but it is one that the u.s. government felt it was the way to go. >> it sounds like you are okay with it being in the new york city. the evidence is 15 years old. how good is it? >> i am not suggesting that i am okay. but i don't have all of the information that the federal government relied on in making the decision. but concern as a prosecutor is whether or not, are the witnesses available? some may have died and some may have vanished and is the evident good? can we bring this person to justice without compromising sense sources and methods. as a prosecutor you have to ask these questions to yourself in making the decision in prosecutions in criminal court. >> on the financial side of it, is gitmocheaper? >> it is certainly the capacity
10:36 am
to insure the safety. guantanamo was created and additions were made for this kind of purpose to detain high value detainees and the united states invested a large amount of money to bring someone to justice. part of the concern that may be driving this decision is medical facilities are not adequate to deal with the severe illness that a l- liby has. that may be part of the decision. >> one question. do you know the chief war crimes prosecutor martin are you familiar with him? >> i don't personally. >> he thinksine though he is doing it in gitmo. he is be in are new york. >> again, he had access to information that i don't have access to.
10:37 am
and based on his examination he made a calculation that this is the way to go. it is good that the obama administration went through the process to reach the conclusion. >> is this a show trial if new york? would you expect that? >> i do. i think he's going to put the united states on trial. nwow. we'll bring you back. alberto gonzalez, out of the nashville, tennessee. good to see you, sir. >> the white house said it is too early to tell if the obama wear insurance will be delayed. >> joe trippi is a fox news contractor and mike galler is a radio talk she host. who wants to take the first crack at this bad boy? >> i will dive in if you do not mind, joe. the real question is how many people are bailing now?
10:38 am
i did a segment where people lined up i tried for days and weeks now and i can't get on or log on and it is a disaster and i am walking away from considering from being part of the affordable care out f. it is this onerous now, imagine the nightmare when i try to get a claim filed. >> joe, how long should we give them to sort out the glitches that are systemic problems? >> mike put his finger on. it every day it is not fixed is a day thaw lose people who will give up and will not keep trying and ges get frustrated and potentially walk away. and that is the true disaster for obama care and the president, because they need 7 million people signed up in the next six months. in states like kentucky that is happening. the governor said there that they are getting a thousand
10:39 am
people a day. but that is a state exchange that is working. >> long way from 7 million. >> no, no, no. they have 600,000 people without health care in kentucky. and a thousand would be a hundred thousand of them signing up before the deadline in feb and march. there are states like oregon, they have lowered the uninsured number by ten percent. >> but it is the federal exchange that is not working. that's the problem. >> the real world issue i think for people is knowing that already before it is out of the gate, this is broken. it is doa. my producer pointed out to me amazon spent 80 million to launch the official infrastructure of
10:40 am
taxpayers have spent 600 million so far and the clock is still running. >> mike>> a word, do youthey wi >> sure. absolutely. >> joe, young they will. >> i think they will extend the sign up period. >> mike are you okay if they extend. >> i am a loyal opposition person to obama care and i hope it collapses and get rid of the man date and don't force or fine people. say a dis on and we'll be better off. >> joe, is it fair to say that big government makes it bigger and more complicated than they have to be? >> i think the web site is one of them. i been in charge, i would have set up 50 separate sites. 16 states have done. that instead of one site for everybody else. one size fits all. i could have dpn to 30.
10:41 am
nimagine the costs of that? >> i don't think, no, i don't think it would have cost much. separate site for each state. i think it would have been more efficient. >> we'll see what happens. joe and mike, great to see you. >> i don't think there was a lot of agreement in the end. >> in the beginning there was. >> oh, yes. gentle men keep it on hold. ngovernment taking a controversial stand on sea world. new fallout from the death of a traper in the popular deftitation. >> 91 to nothing. a lopsided win for a football team. the winning coach is accused of bullying. if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune. two great ways to enjoy the amazing prune are plum amazins
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time to check in with grechen. >> run in to you on the elevator. >> i hadn't see you in the flesh for a long time. >> don't tell them what my hair looked like. we got dressed up. is there a reason why the obama web site is prone to crashing? the administration tried to hide the real sticker shock from americans and that caused the web site to collapse. and could that girl in greece be baby lisa. mark furman on truth on that. and now more courtroom drama in the trial of a doctor who was accused of killing his exbeauty queen wife in utah. >> so you later, too >> one federal agency will not release sea world training.
10:46 am
protocols is ruling that the rules are not secret. and this follows the death of dawn who was killed in 2,010. and a story getting a lot of buzz. a high school football team accused of bullying. captain most recent victory led a parent to file a bullying complaint against the coach. >> final score 91- nothing. >> sore loser or legitimate concern. >> and what do you think of this parent saying this is not cool. by the way in texas, on the web site of every high school, if you think bullying is taking place, this is where it happen the day after the game? >> this bill does two disservices. this is not bullying. this is called a triumph that
10:47 am
kids can learn from. and the coach should be an likewised to how he is getting the point spread. bullying is a serious thing. it simply didn't happen on that football field. >> doctor, you call it a triumph but something funny happen after the game and the winning coach described the post game looker room and how sick and up set everybody felt on the winning time. he described it as funeral. 91- 0. like the losing team was humiliated and that made the winners feel bad, too. what is the solution to that? >> in younger age groups, they tend to stop the clock on a hockey game and the bottom line they will show a point spread of seven and the kids have more fun. high school is too late for.
10:48 am
that you played your hearts out for 91 points as a team that is incredible and i say you efforting it to the last second. you are incredibly energized and you don't give up. that has to be the message, the bottom line, anything else fits too much with the obama victimality and where anybody who loses is a victim. bottom line. it is called sports. kids played by the rules and someone won by 91 points. >> no one accused the other time of cheating. >> they played by the rules. >> the other team doesn't talk garbage and they play good football. 84- 7 overton ton heights. sfshgs 84- 7 over wya tt. the teams are blowing out other
10:49 am
people. >> what does it do? oh, my god the kids feel horrible. tell them to try harder. it prevents the coach. saying boy, i wonder how we would do with a college or pro time? let's embrace excellence instead of victimhood. >> and yet so many tragic bullying episodes where kids took their life. and there is a humiliation component. bullying for the victim feels humiliating and we have to find a way for the kids not to experience that? >> yeah, but victims of bullies are not kids wearing helmets and grabbing pig skin and leather on the field and standing up to another team for 91 points. those kids are tough. they were not bullied, they were honored by the fact that the other team never let up.
10:50 am
if the other team let up, that is humiliating and if they say let's go easy on these punks. >> you play sports and you learn lessons along the way. >> always interesting to talk to you doctor, great along the way. >> always interesting to talk to you. >> all right take care. >> you too. >> 91-0. >> wow, meanwhile a groom makes up a little white lie rather than disappoint his bride. details on the tall tale that got him thrown in prison. >> 1776 feet but could it lose the title on a technicality? ♪ higher and higher ♪ your love, keeps on ♪ lifting me, higher and higher ♪ [ coughs, sneezes ]
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i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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there is a battle for bragging rights brewing here in new york city. city leaders vowed to built the cities tallest tower that were destroyed on 9/11. but the true height depends on who you ask. >> it is interesting. it is all about 1776, the american revolution, the declaration of independence, the liberty bell it is a symbolic date. when the twin towers fell on 9/11, new york vowed that it would build the tall leest towen a show of defiance. so, will it be? thisspire is it a part of the
10:55 am
new replacement sky scaper? if it is truly part of the building but if it is merely an, antenna, then no. the tower in chicago, it is all up to the council on tall buildings, never heard of them? well they are the ones who make the decision and if you measure the one world trade center from the sloped entrance and we did this with a measuring tape, it would not be 1776, it is 1781 which is greg guttfeld's birthdate. >> if it is 1781 they it is the tallest. >> didn't they go over this during the design? >> they did.
10:56 am
>> they did and guess what? there is a slope on the bottom part of the building. if you measure it from there, sorry, it is not 1776, somebody made a mistake, bill. that is surprising that the government would make a mistake. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. greg. >> skip the wedding and go directly to jail, folks. this groom was behind bars. the story you cannot make up nor would you even try. >> we'll see.
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huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? a forgetful british groom phoned in a phony bomb threat.
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so he will be spending a year in jail. we are told that the couple is sill together. >> true love. >> it is. >> look at the lengths he went to make her happy. >> he looks so normal. ill conceived but his heart was in the right place. here is gretchen. >> see you tomorrow. >> thanks guys. how politics and price points may have caused the glitches in the obama care website. and could missing baby lisa be that mystery blond girl be that girl found with the couple in greece? and the doctor accused of murdering his wife. >> hi,


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