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tv   Housecall  FOX News  October 13, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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is @carolaltfnc. that's it from me. next time i see you i hope it to be more of a healthy you. it's time for hi, everyone. it's time now for ""sunday housecall"." >> dr. marc siegel as well, associate professor at nyu's langone medical center. unlocking the codes of health. >> this is really important. have you heard about this? growing fear over one of the most common foods that we eat. almost all of us eat chicken. well, there's been a big
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salmonella outbreak from raw chicken and it's getting worse. so ferret's sickened people in 20 states and it's spreading. what do we do about it? >> nothing to be panicked about. 300 people. this one doesn't respond. what happens with a lot of these infections is people are going to get dehydrated. the first 48 hours they get cramp, abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea and vomiting that leads to dehydration and they end up in the hospital. we want to make people aware of this, drirk a lot of fluid and if it doesn't get well, you can get a stool culture and blood test. >> you say, david, it takes 48 hours, two days before you know if you're sick from this? >> absolutely.
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eric, this is a huge problem, salmonella in general. the cdc reports 45,000 cases per year. this is probably several hundred thousand. it takes as you said two or three days before you get it but most of the time it goes away on your own. as david said, salmonella heidelberg is becoming more and more resistant. why is that? our chickens are loaded with this stuff. 90% to 95% of chickens are infected with salmonella. they live in squalid conditions, pass it back and forth and i believe feeding farm animals -- i talked about feeding them is part of the problem. now, when you get a resistant bacteria because we talk about it a lot. here's what happens. you wipe out the good bacteria and by survival of the fittest, it predominates and is resistant to the same antibiotic.
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>> they say wash your hands, don't use the same cutting board and knife. clean the knife. take the knife and put it away. that obviously hasn't been enough. >> people didn't know this was coming in. if you do what they both mentioned, cross-contamination is a big deal. make sure you cook your food to 165 degrees. that's really important. that's going get rid of most of the salmonella. and the bigger news is that there have been no deaths so i don't want people to panic. >> we're a little panicked. i want to ask you this question. if you get salmonella poisoning, you get through it, could it have lasting effects? i didn't know you were going to ask this. >> this is really -- sometimes i like to spring it on you. >> no, but i love it. you'll be impressed. there's something called writer's syndrome. for people who have salmonella, sometimes -- it's very rare. they can go on long term to have
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symptoms of arthritis. they can have i rye it is. sometimes inflammation of the ureth urethra. tell your doctor a year ago i had something like this and that's a very, sr. important point. >> to people at home -- >> you're absolutely right thb. this is what we do best on ""sunday housecall."" we're best at informing people. for people at home, as david said in the beginning, you're not likely to get it. wash your hands, especially your fingertips. do not take that chicken that you tooked at 165 degrees, do not put it on the same plate. >> people who barbecue take the plate from the blood from the plate and put the meat back on. that's a great tip. also if you go a restaurant because some of the case were in
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restaurants, if it's pink chicken. that's not the right color. put it back. >> dr. colby, absolutely right. >> we don't want them sick. >> is it enough to use dishwashing liquid? sometimes i take alcohol and 409 spray. >> you don't have to get really freaked out about this but the whole point is not to cross-contaminate. if that's the area you're going to use the chicken, just don't bring it back. >> or cut your salad on the same cutting board afternoon. >> i want to move on because i have this prescription specifically from dr. samadi. october is breast cancer awareness month. we really want you to be aware. this is the time to check yourself out, ask your doctor if you have questions. there's new links between hormone chen cal bpa -- which is
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also in water bottles. i have homework to do apparently. >> by the way, i want to start by saying i'm not kidding when i say that, that is exactly what this is about, bpa or bisphenol a works with the body. it's candy for the body. we don't know how much -- and viewers are going to write in and say how much, how much. we can't take a woman over 70 years and put one in a group that gets bpa and another in a group who doesn't. >> they did a huge breast study cancer with nurses for years and years and years and then they stopped it. >> it's a different study. with mice and monkeys, that have studied it.
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there's brand-new study out that shows rats who get bpa have an increase amount of breast cancers. they have taken bpa out of bottles to feed infants, products. we have to look at what else. it's been around since the 1930s, jamie. >> why do we have to put it in the bottle? >> it's a preservative. estrogen a product. afterward if you gain weight and you're overweight or you drink too much alcohol your body is getting more estrogen than it's supposed to get. that can cause breast cancer. >> last question for you, dr. see gal. if you add progesterone after menopause and you're given esterogen is that okay? >> that's a topic for another
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time. long-term studies shows on those types of medications, follow-up studies have not borne that out so i'm not convinced that hormone therapy leads to breast cancer. >> quickly, i'm sure you care about all the other women out there. thank you. you want lose weight and exercise one hour a day. >> this is really the secret to breast cancer for all the women out there. the first thing you want to do is there's a study that shows that one hour walk a day for post menopausal women can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 14%. if you do vigorous exercise, that brings it down 25%. so that's really a big deal. it basically sucks all the estrogen in there and that's a big factor for breast cancer. >> i'm going to -- it's a scientific symbol but i actually know that it's to reduce alcohol. >> so one glass of red wine a night, not more than that, if
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you take more than two glasses or five ounces it increases the risk of breast cancer by 20% and alcohol can also converts estrogen. >> jumping on what dr. siegel say. . no bpa, especially if you have a family history and you want us to consider the rainbow diet. what is that? >> i want you to look at your dish and see a lot of colors. they have a lot of anti-ox accident and that's the way to go. bpa, it's all other. my advice is to get bpa-free products and forget about microwave popcorns. >> microwave in the glass, they always say. >> and quit smoking. >> this particular topic i have to leave so we can get to everything else. it's not about me. i'm here to help you stay healthy. this prescription for you and me will be posted on dr. samadi's
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page. >> without his license number. >> i've blocked that out. >> has your heart ever rasd when you're sleeping at night and it's going boom, bom rk, boom. you get heart palpitations. you're struggling to take care of you parents at home. coming up, advice on taking care of mom and dad, especially as our kids are getting older. >> plus a very happy anniversary to the u.s. navy. born october 13th. oh, army, please forgive me. go, navy. we'll be right back. sflooirks the day my doctor told me i had diabetes,
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to the u.s. nav test. : clip on
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. back now with "sunday housecall." we begin a new segment called "should i worry." we'll woe about our health and different conditions. have you ever worried about your heart? have you ever been lying at night and feel palpitations. i feel my heart skipping beats. should i worry? dr. samadi, what is it? what do i do besides calling you at 4:00 in the morning? >> you don't have that problem because you're very calm. palpitations are when you feel your heart racing. sometimes they feel it in their chest, their throat, or neck. it's not a sign of heart disease. let me say a lot of heart palpitations are based on anxiety, stress, government shutdowns can cause it. coffee. i'm a big advocate of coffee. al alcohol and coffee can cause
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palpitations. dehydration. if you take diet pills, too much thyroid, all of those can cause palpitations. the palpitations that mark is talking about is the real deal. that's when you get the real heart race and beating of the heart. my trow valve prolapse. if there's a leaky valve, that's when you should be observed. when you go to the doctor, they want to know what, how, when. the when us the it happen, how does it? does it slow down and race and how does it happen? >> maybe write it down when it happens so you can describe it. >> they get -- >> thank you for your confidence. you wake up and your heart has been sleeping, boom, boom, boom, two glass of wine? the sugar level? >> the wine can do it to you.
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caffeine. stress. low it. i want to know whether you have underlying heart disease. i'll tell you rule of thumb. more of six of these in a minute, you want to call your doctor. more than three in a row, you want to call your doctor. if you have a history of hearst disease, i want to know about it. it could be an arrhythmia, something like afebrile fibrillation. you shouldn't worry about a single palpitation. if you had a cup of coffee and you feel fluttery, you should not worry. >> i think the buzz words that gets mark excited in the office, chest pain. if you have shorter breath, if you're dizzy. i want to say in the past we
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talked about something called event maker, something you put in your pocket. it's an app. >> something simpler, this time of year if you're taking deacon jess tanlts, it can cause palpitations i've heard and found. we've got to move on. >> chest pain and heart murmur. >> check if you get any of these, right, doc? >> i'm being told i have to move on. why? i have to tell you about this. those in-between smacks i enjoy, you enjoy, turns out they can do heavy damage to your waistline. we have an alternative. we can tell you about a new study, new treat. i'm hungry already. i can't wait. are you a baby boomer taking care of an elderly parent at home?
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how you can keep a healthy life and balance and offer loving care and convenience. we'll have a great advice from the doctors next.
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welcome back to sunday hse call. i'm jamie colby. we love your e-mails and we read them, too. sharon from houston writes there is a large underground need for baby boomers who take care of their parents at home. sometimes those like us feel so detached from the world. it requires coordinating competent care and seldom taking time out for one's self-. eric, it's a problem for so many of us. dr. siegel, what suggestions do you have for folks trying to balance it all? >> first of all, this is a really important topic. baby boomers are getting older.
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they have more medical problems. the elderly, their parents have more medical problems and we're keeping them alive longer now. we have more technology. so you have people that themselves have medical problems, taking care of parents with medical problems. and maybe they didn't treat you that well when you were a kid. maybe you have resentments build up and maybe now you have to take care of people that weren't nice to you or you're taking care of them out of love, they were great to you and you want to pay them back for all you did as a kid. but prevention, don't wait until an elderly person falls. you might have a hip surgery they're not ready for. don't wait when it's something like diabetes and don't snicker and let them say, let them have some candy, ice cream, enjoyment. try to prevent problems before they happen. be aware of what chronic problems your parents or your relatives have and be on the lookout for them. don't be afraid to spend the money that they've been putting away to get the care they need. last point, people want to be in
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their own home if possible. i find that my patients do better if they can stay in their own home. >> i advice folks our age to start thinking about long-term care that allows household care. bus you're right. older folks can be stubborn about asking or allowing help to come in. how do you convince them that they need to start taking care of themselves differently? >> jamie, this is a sensitive topic and it's very difficult to break the ice with them. because you're talking about death. you're talking about financials. you're talking about the bank accounts, how it really pul put their life together. and i think that baby boomers, the sandwich generation, taking care of their primary family and they're going through a lot. my job as a physician is to bring the emotions and educate people as to what you're going to go through. the first stage of this is really fear. now the rules are changing. the parents are becoming the children and the children are becoming parents. the next one is grief. idea of watching your parents to
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see how they become independent and they are not able to function now. they used to drive, now they are basically dependent on you. and now you're frustrated, you can't give them everything and finally the guilty. the best thing is to have an open discussion and have a conversation as soon as possible. bring 1347b in and take care of them, the sooner the better. >> and in terms of taking medication, that whole generation can be stubborn maybe by those containers where you lay it out for them. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. cravings between mooeps meals, there's a new study. wait until you see what they say. they say they found the perfect snack to reduce our hunger. i'll believe it when i see it. doctors will fill us in on what doctors will fill us in on what that is, could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald
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>> the bad news is a spoon full 6 sugar is not good but craving, we have something for you. a handful of almonds can fill you up and not get give you that belly. how good? >> fantastic. i talked about berries and they are young, with no major history , but they are sexy. almonds, though, have history. it is amazing when i prepare for this, the original almonds come from iran, and they found their way to europe and spain and ibiza and the united states is now the biggest importer of this type of am monday. excellent for you. very high in protein. theref!l6?pc protein. as you said, there's not a lot of sugar and it's perfect for really shrinking your belly. that's excellent for brain and we'll talk about all the
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benefits of this, but i absolutely recommend it. >> moderation, though? >> i was going to say first you have to watch out that you don't have a nut allergy. this new study out of purdue is very impressive because it shows using almonds as snack food reduces your glycemic index. it's good to lose weight. it's good for decreasing appetite. it doesn't something called flavor point that dr. david katz at yale discovered this. which means it's such a strong flavor that it shuts off hunger. so you use the almond toes decrease the other amount of foods that you eat. we love it because it's a mediterranean diet. it's high in unsaturated fats. high in fiber, high in what david loves which is anti-oxidants. >> and it you get full of energy, boosts your immune system and it's a perfect way to start. >> a hand full. like five to seven? >> let me just say put it in water before you eat it.
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>> and walnuts, too, by the way. >> not chocolate covered almonds. >> walnuts, too. guys, thanks so much for joining us. this is sunday house call. >> and that's it for house call. media buzz is next with howard kurtz. stay tuned. on the buzz meter this sunday, with both sides here in washington still struggling to avoid a government default just five days from now, are the mead dwra adding to the act money surrounding the shutdown and trumpeting the charges and countercharges. >> they hated blaming the extortionists. >> the president is using, i think, the right words. he talked about extortion, strong language about cripplelty. cripplelty. >> is the press blaming congress on this? and should conservative xhen taters have agreed to an


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