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tv   Fox News Report Food Stamp Binge  FOX News  October 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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paid for by our wonderful tax dollars. >> a southern california beach bum. >> awesome. >> a preacher in central florida. >> we would give up our freedom. >> pushing people to sig up for food stamps in brooklyn. >> we are just a hair away from large scale hunger malnutrition and starvationtr init america. >> scenes from across an increasingly dependentthis nation. this is fox news reporting. the great food stamp binge. r hello i'm bret baier reporting from the u.s. department department of agriculture. why the usda. well, for historical and
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political reasons food stamps fall under the domain. in fact food stampsst willject cost taxpayers $78 billion this year. a staggering amount that'sst more thanag doubled sincedeed 2008. indeed food stamps and other food assistance add up to 70% of the usda'slay. outlays. according to its fox news poll, a majority of voters think most of the 46 million plus food stamp recipients are taking advantage of the system and notag truly in need. you have heard stories of food stamp waste, fraud, and abuse. well, this hour will also look at the cost to theaud recipients.abu and to the american character. during this show, can you share your shouts via twitter. be sure to use hash tag foxught news reporting. we begin in new york city where one of america's mostca's energetic proponent of food stamps is working to get more people signed up.e
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>> individuals have a certain income limitation. >> you are watching a teamou a of determined activists, preparing their plan of action. plan of action. >> guidelines a little bit you will be ready to go. >> they will be walking around the streets of brooklyn. the mission to sign up as many people as they can for food stamps. the new york city coalition against hunger in action. >> people don't know they are eligible. >> joe berg a former clinton administration official is the executive director. >> we have information. >> snap stands for the supplemental gnaw trigs assistance program. >> the food stamp program. >> in 2008 the federal government officially dropped the term food stamps, partly to fight the stigma associated with that term. most everybody still calls them
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food stamps even people at the coalition. >> you are prescribed you would like to apply for food stamps. >> bird believes those don't want to go to a government office to find out if they are eligible so his team set up shop at the supermarket. >> 50 percent of our customers are using the snap benefit. >> ivan is the store manager. >> we feel it's a positive thing for the community. >> another part of the effort to reduce the stigma of food stamps was to get rid of the stamps all together. the government benefit is now electronically delivered via ebp cards. they work just like any debit card. food stamp usage has been on the rise since 2000 but it exploded in 2011. now about 47 million do.
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one big factor was obama's stimulus package. in addition to pumping money into the program it makes qualifying for food stamps easier. the government insists increasing spending on food stamps in the bill did stimulate the economy. you are definitely eligible. >> joe burg said it literally saved lives. >> we are a hair away from large scale hunger malnutrition and starvation in america. >> do you really believe that? >> no question whatsoever. >> you are just laughing. >> absolutely prepros trus-- p prepostero preposterous. i think starving is a bit silly. the reality is american poor people are not malnourished. they in fact eat too much food.
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>> if joe berg is the advocate of food stamps robert rector is the great sceptic. >> the hunter advocates are distorting the data and causing a huge mirage that doesn't exist. it distracts from how you help the poor and make them more dependent on government. >> 80 percent of the coalition who turn his coalition to help are ult imately approved. some never thought they would be eligible. >> she can still apply for her daughter. >> stop and explain food stamps to just about everybody on the streets. it could be construed as recruitment. >> we would never want anybody
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who doesn't need the benefits to get them. >> recruiting people to go on food stamps is against the rules. but the usda has gone right up to that line. did they cross it? their strategy to get past no. but first john roberts and the new face of food stamps. a character you won't forget. >> when the safety net becomes a >> when the safety net becomes a . anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love.
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>> welcome back to fox news reporting the great food stamp binge. how do you account for the record number of people on food stamps? fox news poll finds that a substantial number of people think the severity of recession simply means that more qualify for assistance today. however, a larger number
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believes the government has made it too easy to get assistance. people are taking advantage of that. many people in the united states worry about feeding themselves and their family. makes america is a generous nature and give help to those who need it. every dollar we give to people who should be fending for themselves is one less dollar we can use for other purposes including helping the truly needy. then again, some people don't seem to worry about that. john roberts found one of them in law hue yaw, c-- lahoya, california. ♪ >> meet jason food stamp recipient. >> another day in the life of living a rat life. >> what exactly is the rat life? >> what.your typical day, early
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morning guy get up and get waves or later in the afternoon? >> later in the afternoon kind of guy. >> wake up go down to the beach deal with my friends, hit on some chicks, start drinking. >> all day every day. >> we caught up with him in law how yaw, california close to where he grew up. the 29-year-old has chosen the life of a beach bum in this sea side paradise. with no fixed address snays song has for the last couple years floated from place to place staying with family and girls he's dated, borrowing a ride like this escalade. he gets by with a little help from his friends and you, the tax payer. >> my bpt snap card.
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>> how do you get a stamp? >> go up to the human resource office and have your birth certificate, your social security card, i got a paycheck coming in so i qualify. >> how often do you have to do that? every month or every six months? >> i got it now so where you only do it once a year. >> things have changed. back in 1996 if you were an able adult like jason with no family there were limitations. you could get food stamps for only three months every three years. the exception if you were working at least a 20 hour workweek or participated in a work fair or training program. >> president obama wiped away those restrictions when he signed the stimulus bill in 2009. and in 2010 obama used his regulatory powers to extend the suspension of those welfare to work requirements.
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>> you fill out the form for a snap card they give that to you for a year no questions asked? is>> you are golden you are good to go. >> 200 a month. >> $200 free money, radical. why not? >> this is my job to make sure everything is rolling smoothly, make sure the sun is up and the girls are out. >> how big a part of your life is surfing? >> i surf every day. get away from everything, clear your head. get out with the boys and have a good time. >> living the life. never a dull moment. another day in paradise. >> party at your house? >> party at my pad. >> we talked to the gourmet section of the local food market. >> i have my rainbow, ahi, salmon, yellow tail with rice malcato. they had lobster on special.
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got lobster and coconut water. >> enhe is off to the automated check out counter. food stamp card at the ready. >> 200 a month. >> thank you for shopping with us. please remove your bags. >> all paid for by our wonderful tax dollars. oo a is th is that typically the stuff you have on the card? >> i usually get sushi make it my own way they didn't have any goodso i just got the premium s. ♪ >> give me lobster. anybody want a piece? >> is it safe to say that this motion of holding down a steady job just is something that is
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not in your we would house. >> just not the direction i am going. >> nothing that appeals to you? >> none whatsoever. >> i didn't know what to expect. he was unembarrassed about sponging off the rest of us. he seemed like a guy who could pull his own weight, resourceful, went to san diego state for a while. he trained to become a recording engineer. then he realized what he really wanted in laf. >> skating to class and here comes motley crue walking down the halls carrying a bottle of jack partying. i realized i don't want to be the guy recording those guys, i want to be the guy being those guys. >> he wanted to be a rock star. >> you decided that was going to be your life? >> you want to be heard i don't want to listen.
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>> ywait until you hear what ele jason has to say. >> you will hear more later. but first food stamps offer a helping hand. what about people who say thanks,ing but no thanks? the usda's ill conceived theme to push food stamps in p spanish speaking communities. during the break tell us what you think about the show so far. use the ♪
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>> america has long been a magnet whose industry and drive has made our country stronger. did the usda try to undermine those in order to expand the
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food stamp rolls? david bowyer reports from florida. >> the lines have always been a part of our culture. >> in the central florida town the pastor preaches a message of self reliance. >> they may end up giving away their freedom. >> you stress the importance of self reliance of counting on themselves and not having a handout? >> i want to remind them of who they are and who they were. reliance and self-respect go together. >> which might explain why he is angered by something he heard from the usda a while back. our story begins in 2008, ends a few years later and provide a troubling glimpse of how the usda under republican and democratic administrations have come to see their mission as pushing food stamps on groups of people reluctant to take them.
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the agriculture department produced a series of spanish language radio spots. the usda made them available to any radio station who wanted to play them. >> the united states department of agriculture usda and supplemental nutrition assistance program are proud to present the radio mini series "happiness park." enjoy while you saver a fresh piece of fruit. >> it is like any other soap opera that is one whose characters are obsessed with food stamps. episode one tries to bust the myth that food stamps are welfare and only the unemployed can qualify. >> i can't seem to make ends meet. >> it's not that we don't love each other, but we are always fighting over money. >> she is talking to hier friens
7:22 pm
claudia. >> did roberto get a job yet? >> no. what i earn as a baby-sitter isn't enough. >> apply for snap. >> snap? isn't it just like welfare? >> no. not the supplemental nutrition program that helps you support healthy food during difficult times. just do it. >> in episode ii mop kau does it. by episode 3 she tries to get ramone to do it. >> i don't apply. i live min my house with my father and grandson. >> maybe not. if you don't apply you will never know. >> we can count on our own culture to make a success story. >> in episode 4 ramone does sign up for food stamps and urges another trend friend to do so a.
7:23 pm
she is very reluctant. >> i don't need help from any one. my husband makes enough to take care of us. >> girl, what are you going to learn? this gentlemen better not say that to my of my ladies in the church. they will tell him off. >> deana is the most stubborn. but they wear her down over the next few episodes. in episode 5 we learn her daughter suzette is over weight. in episode six she comes in last in a swimming race. they keep up their full course press. >> it doesn't matter if your husband works full-time or if you own a car. i was approved an roberto has a job. >> i know, i know,ing snap, snap, snap. put on your shoes and leave. >> why are you angry? do it for your own health and
7:24 pm
suzette. >> it's appalling. >> christine and her husband alfredo own and operate the havana dee lite restaurant in central florida town. she recalls hearing it on the radio. >> when you hear that and you recognize that it is aimed at -- >> hispanics. >> what's your reaction? >> my gut reaction is they are calling us stupid. >> episode 7 is an eye opener for the reluctant deana. she goes shopping with monica. >> it's your turn to pay. the>> wait, don't use food stamps in front of everybody. >> there's no stamp. it's a card. >> wow, it looks like a bank card. >> exactly. no one has to know. apply. you could gain so much. >> that is not why. we take care of our own without any help. you get ahead on your own. >> pack at happiness park deana
7:25 pm
is not convinced insisting she didn't need help from any one. everything changes in if episode 9 which according to the usda production script was written to over come the barrier of pride. >> hello. yes? what? what happened? she is crying. she is at the hospital. >> thankfully deana survives. >> i thought it was a heart attack. what? yes. i felt horrible. the doctor told me that it was indigestion. will>> i oo >> the doctor scolded me and told me i into he hadded to lose weight. he said i need to eat healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. i should have listened to you. what's the program called? >> it's called snap by the last episode deana signs up.
7:26 pm
she doesn't know that contrary to the suggestion food stamps will help her lose weight the usda's own research shows the correlation between snap card use and obesity in nonelderly adult women like deanna. >> we actually think unconditional efforts by the best food stamp president in american history to maximize dependancy is terrible for the future of this country. >> when the national food stamp binge became an issue in the 2012 food stamp campaign the radio program was pulled from circulation. secretary of agriculture admitted some of the content in these advertisements does not meet the standards of what i consider to be appropriate outreach. hispanics weren't the only group
7:27 pm
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find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >> food stamp bust in columbus, ohio. fox news reporting is there. >> these under cover food stamp investigators say this store let them buy alcohol with food stamps. the store was sited for illegal use of a food stamp card, though the clerk told us she thought she was selling the under cover officer an energy drink. either way in the great food stamp binge we seem to be hearing these stories more and more. >> it is another reason why they are puzzled the usda is trying to so fared hard to get people n
7:31 pm
up for food stamps whether they say they want them or not. north carolina where 17 percent of the people get food stamps more than double the number a decade ago. peter bowyer found efforts to breakdown mountain crime. >> the music one of the oldest art form of america. >> it tells the story of a good fearing people who lived in if remote unfor giving places like the vast appalachians regions of ash county, north carolina. >> this is not an environment that is easy to get by. >> he is a local businessman. >> it has been tough times here.
7:32 pm
>> they believe strongly in self reliance. >> lonnie is a retired inge ner. >> made do or do without. >> for countless generations the people of ash county made due by growing tobacco raising cattle on small family ranches and producing lumber from the vast forests that surround it. >> what did they do when hard times came? >> my daddy got day -- 2.50 a day. this mountain pride took over. >> we heard a lot about this thing called mountain pride. this deeply held belief that it is best to do for one's self.
7:33 pm
but as the federal government sees it mountain pride is a problem. the government tries to track how many people in the area are eligible for food stamps. how many signed up for benefits. when a place like ash county stands out with an unexpectedly high number of residents refusing food stamps a network of social service types from local state and federal government and nonprofit, too,ing springs into action. >> this money is out there. >> jeff sessions republican senator from alabama is angry the government wants to coax somebody from the food stamp rolls. >> a person says i don't want it i don't need it you feel it is your obligation to take thmake take it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. >> a local social services
7:34 pm
worker funded by usda grant figured out folks here value their self reliance too much to actually accept the government money for groceries they would accept it to buy seeds they could plant in their gardens. that proved to be the opening everyone was looking for. in just a year according to the government food stamp participation jumps 10 percent in ash county. folks became more to government aid as well. her ingenuity earned her a trip to the annual american association of snap in columbus, ohio where she received the gold hunger champions award from the usda. citation applauded the important strategy of counter acting in p what they describe as mountain pride. >> unbelievable.
7:35 pm
seems to me we should be in reverse. we should be giving rewards to the person who gets off food stamps and gets a job. >> it drives the government to encourage people to take benefits they don't need. it is a difficult thing to understand. >> the usda they declined to speak with us. they sent us this 39 page report, it seems to boil down on some level to put as many eligible americans on the food stamp rolls as possible. >> that is exactly the way they see their mission. they explained it in their document. >> this is big government spends a lot of money. a lot of it goes to pras were yous people. tax breaks for vacation homes or people in hollywood buy the fancy electric cars. what's wrong with needy folks,
7:36 pm
poor folks getting their share of government cheese. there's nothing wrong with poor people who need help to get help. >> it has been through the churches, it has been through organizations. if it all falls through the cracks and these people cannot get food they need to feed their children i think the government should help them. >> if you just give them money, if it's just a question of money and benefits you can dull the ability to work and achieve and rise above the circumstances. it is a moral question. >> what would the consequences be if mountain pride was broken? >> i know one particular song he can't find one. >> even these days? >> even these days. restaurants are having problems
7:37 pm
and towns for six people or you are used to getting something for nothing. >> if there was a brief message to deliver wito president obama? >> for those of us who possess that mountain pride, leave us alone. >> the unintended consequences of welfare. might this person can exhibit a. get on thiter during the break, tell us what you think. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp.
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where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized oh oo why food stamps administered by the usda? turns out back in the great depression the first food stamps aimed to solve two problems while four people in cities were going hungry farmers were growing a surplus of food. the department of agriculture sold stamps that gave half off produce items farmers couldn't get rid of th. that ended in 1943. t among the top reasons surpluses disappeared. they lost the food stamp program as part of the war on poverty. it had nothing to do with foreign policy but there was an advantage keeping food stamps under the usda.
7:42 pm
it made it popular along city and world communities alike. in a surprise move the gop controlled house stripped it from the farm bill and forced a separate vote. in september it passed $40 billion in stofood stamp cu over 10 years. democrats vow to restore that spending. it is not only wasteful but can cause the poor to rely on government. >> it was onned minds of those who launched the war on poverty. >> the days of the goal in our country are numbered. our american answer to poverty is not to make the poor more secure in their po vert but to reach down and help them lift themselves. >> it sounded really good at the time. dwifr give a hand up not a handout. >> charles murray was with a
7:43 pm
21-year-old history major at harvard a liberal policy walkoming of age in heady times. >> we were optimistic because we never tried to use government programs to eradicate poverty. >> murray would come to understand how tough a few years later. after earning a ph.d. at mit he went to work for a washington think tank for a washington contract to evaluate the effectiveness of the great society anti poverty programs. the ground breaking research transformed him from a liberal to a libertarian and helped transform the welfare policy as well. >> was there a eureka moment during your research? >> there was. i came across a source which calculated the poverty rates back to world war ii. >> poverty rates has been going down faster before the war on
7:44 pm
poverty. that was the moment i said oh, it's only after the war on poverty was a few years along we stopped making progress. >> it sloped. >> it stopped. >> murray's landmark 1984 book losing ground not only concluded the war on poverty failed to help people out of poverty but it had devastating consequences for an under class stop in the culture of dependency. >> your opinions were controversial? >> they were conventional by early 1990s. >> welfare should be a second chance not a way of life. >> by 96 a republican congress passed and the government signed a welfare reform bill. in the years since that law has been hailed as a success helping people get off the welfare roles
7:45 pm
and gain self-respect. but murray thinks america is unlearning many lessons of the recent past. >> food stamps is one of the obvious ways government has reached into america's neighborhoods and said it's okay to be dependent. the cost of that is the kind of pride that used to be the hallmark of america. >> that puts murray directly ality odds with joel burke who you will remember laments the stigma that still surrounds food stamps is making it hard for groups like his to fight the spector of mass hunger in america. >> shouldn't there be at least some stigma? >> no. >> at all? >> no more than stigma for a person getting government grants or loans no more than riding private car over a government paved road. >> we are on opposite sides of
7:46 pm
that question. i wish people who understand that if you don't citying law ti -- stigmatize one set of behaviors you can't celebrate another. you can't say of a family that doesn't accept them that says we will do it on our own thank you very much. you can't celebrate them. i want the culture to say you guys are wonderful. de stigmatizing food stamps makes it impossible. >> representative is a four-term democrat from the suburbs of chicago. >> to imply the low income people want to be freeloaders and the government helps them. >> are you worried about hurting poor people over the long-term at all? >> no. most people are on food stamp programs less than a year. one out of four american children now get food stamps. do we want to take the food out of the mouths of hungry
7:47 pm
children? shame on us. >> i have to smile. otherwise i will erupt. they don't understand people like me aren't just sting gee and don't want to spend money on food stamps. >> swufrp listening to this could say charles murray says the government isic making people lazy. >> that's obviously a simplification of what i am saying. if you rephrase it slightly charles murray says the government is systematically undermining a civic culture of independents that was a great american treasure. >> that is pretty accurate. >> murray now 70 years old finds himself back in another fierce battle about ideas he believes must be won. but his latest book "coming apart" says the battle is being
7:48 pm
fought on new turf. he says what were once the pathologies of the under class are becoming the mainstream. >> if you go to a, working class neighborhood in the united states and begin talking about the guys around town their attitude toward work you will get some cases where guys are trying very hard to get work. the stories you will hear more commonly is he didn't want a job. >> which sounds like someone we met earlier. ma hoy yaw, california food stamp assistance. he has no problem taking 200 a month from taxpayers. >> are you surprised we could find someone willing to tell us that? >> doesn't surprise me a bit. >> jason is not an anomaly? >> no, no. he has cousins in every town in
7:49 pm
america. >> stories like jason's worry murray. not because of the money wasted, it's the lies murray believes that are being frittered away. >> that guy is going to get some. he is passing time as pleasantly as possible right now. that is not what constitutes to satisfy him in life. the sad thing is that the whole philosophical grounding of the welfare state encourages people to think of life in terms of aic p nick. >> or as jason would call it, the rat life. he gets the last word after the break. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink.
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we end our show by checking bay on jason. unemployed musician, beach bum. doesn't want to take a regular job with a regular boss. we wondered how his fellow americans would feel. turns out according to a fox news poll conducted for this special, they have a problem with it, overwhelmingly so. as john roberts learn, jason doesn't understand why. >> no job. can't have a job. >> you can't have a job. the wisdom of 29-year-old jason green. >> now you have to have a food stamp card. ♪ i ain't got no [ bleep ] job ♪ i'd rather be broke >> in case you didn't catch the
7:54 pm
lyrics. he's singing i ain't got no job. i'd rather be broke, steal. >> tell me what's behind "no job." >> living the dream is having no job? >> yeah. >> how is that going for you? >> it's going great, man. see the girls dancing up on the table while we're playing music. it's an every day thing. 200 bucks from them. >> this is the long term plan? >> yeah. it's the job. >> jason does aspire to somethinmore. his band has signed with a record label. it doesn't pay them anything yet, but he believes it's the start of something big. >> tell me about the record deal. you in the studio yet? >> yeah. hopefully the fireworks start going off. >> where do you see this going?
7:55 pm
>> to the top, man. to the sky. >> he might make it or maybe his destiny is just the rat life. if so, he's okay with that especially if you're still willing to pick up the tab. ♪ some are rich, some are poor >> the food stamp program was designed to be for a point when you're down and not going well. it's not a point in your life. this is life for me. >> yeah. this is how i live, man. cute chicks, doing my thing. this is the way i want to live and i don't really see anything changing. >> it used to be that somebody's on food stamps it's like loser. >> why would it be bad in any way? it's free food. it's awesome. >> what would you say to anybody
7:56 pm
who is looking saying i'm working hard, paying taxes so jason can give his surfer lifestyle, be in his band and get $200 a month to buy good quality food? >> thank you taxpayers. >> do you feel guilty at all about this? >> [ bleep ] no. >> rugged individualism. it's a term that amendmeattempt the term of american value, hard work and pride in pulling your own weight. those values and the legal and political system that reward them help explain why america has prospered like no other country. at the same time, we're also a compassionate and generous people willing to help the poor and feed the hungry. our nation must find harmony in these two values so as not to lose all that made america great
7:57 pm
to begin with. that's our report, but the conversation continues on twitter. let me know what you think. use the hashtag fox news reporting. thanks for watching. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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