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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 8, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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with us. new developments in a stabbing death of a soldier in washington. three more soldiers are under arrest and expected in court today. he was walking down the highway with friends when a car with five men pulled over. the group exchanged words. they were investigating this as a hate crime. no longer do they think that was the case. he jeremiah hill is accused of stabbing him while giving him a bear hug. he confessed when receiving medical treatment for a cut on his hand. >> you be trade your country and now you killed a man that was doing the same. you are a trader. >> he faces murder charges. two soldiers are expected to be charged for helping hill after that incident. two other men also in the car police say are cooperating and will not be charged. >> the nypd investigating a
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biker. craig wright in brooklyn delivered one of the first punches in the brute cal beating. sources revealing he was seen on new video obtained by police punching him in the face through the shattered window of his range rover. >> take a look at this. incredible new video for you that shows the moment an indy car crashed into the stands in houston. >> terrifying 13 fans and an indy car official were injured by that debris. three time indianapolis winner dario franchitti fractured his spine and broke his ankle. he will need a second surgery on that ankle. he is expected to be in the hospital today.
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>> widespread fraud draining money from the social security administration's disability program. a two-year senate panel investigation reveals the program might run out of money in a year nar. a report indicates an attorney in kentucky working with the judge was paying off doctors to write millions of dollars worth of faulty climaims. right now over 14 million americans are receiving disability benefits. monday night football a close game between the falcons and the jets. they take a one-point lead with under two minutes to play. the jets drive it back down the field. jets kicker nails a 43 yard field goal for that win. they take it 30-28. they are one game out of first place in the afc east. >> new details on a pair of
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terror raids carried out by special forces in libya and somalia. we know one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists abu anas al-liby bee /* -- we have the latest on this story this morning. >> good morning to you. they con nirm abu anas al-liby bee is on board a ship in the mediterranean sea. a seem of cia fbi and military specialists are interrogating him. he could be here at the end of this week in new york to face his miranda rights and be brought to trial. they explained how members of the u.s. delta force made the capture. they say he returned home from morning brars brothers taking him into custody. we have these photos obtained by
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fox news military analyst who is very familiar with the al-libi case how it all happened. over head coverage and ground surveillance of the streets where they ap pretended al-libi. >> with respect to al-libi, he is a key al qaeda figure. he's a legal and appropriate target for the u.s. military under the authorization of the use of military force passed in september of 2001. >> white house press secretary jay carney says al-libi has been indicted in new york conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens and conduct attacks worldwide. >> kelly wright live for us this morning. thank you, kelly. >> for the first time we are hearing from the family of the
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women who terrorized capitol hill last week. police shot and killed miriam carey after she led them on a wild chase. they thought she was delusional. she had medication for bipolar or schizophrenia. her family says she never appear unstable and they are questioning use of deadly force. >> he actually was able to see from the window the incident happening an the baby was carried from the car and the fires continued to be shot. that sounds like an execution to me. the car was contained. why was she still shot? this does not add up for us. >> a family attorney says she will conduct their own investigation into her death. for the second time an ohio appeals court rules in favor of a hospital wanting to force an amish girl to undergo
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chemotherapy. the girl's parents stopped treatment back in june saying she became too sick. instead they wanted to use herbal healing. the court ruled the parent's believes cannot out weigh the state's right to protect her. they have granted limited guardianship over the girl. >> giving new meaning to flying high. the transportation safety administration could soon mellow out on airline passengers flying with pot. the considerations now that 20 states legalized marijuana and two recreational use of the drugs. officers do not actively search for pot. if it is found it is up to the officer whether to allow it on the plane. the debt ceiling debate is the number one story.>> what's latest on the news?
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senate democrats may start pushing and plan to raise the national debt by $1 trillion today. no strings attached. republicans will continue to press for cuts. all of this days ahead of the national debt ceiling vote. they will hammer the republicans on the government shut down which did furlough many employees and next week's debt ceiling while defending his refusal to negotiate. >> i cannot do that under the threat if republicans don't get 100 percent of their way they will shut down the government offer default on america's debt so that america for the first time in history does not pay its bills. >> hoiuse republicans say they will continue their efforts to fund part are thes of the government even in the face of veto threats from the white house. >> if we take care of vital
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priorities this week and going forward we negotiate a compromise that mitigate and prevent the harm of obama care to millions of americans that will be a real victory to the me american people. >> they opened the door to a possible temporary fix here. it would be a short term increase of the national debt ceiling and a short term funding bill to reopen government. that seems to be the latest that could provide possible of resolution. we will see how it moves forward. ainsley? >> thanks so much, doug luzader live for us in washington. >> to parents beware you could be getting scamed by fake loan accounts on insurance tta gram. we have this morning's other top business news. >> people trying to unload their student loans may be the victims of this scam. report scammers created more than 15 fake sallie
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mae insta gram accounts during the government shut down. they were asked to transfer 200 bucks to the scammers who promised to work with sally mae to reverse the debt. they are open for business not shut down. they posted on twitter it does not have an insta gram account. told customers ignore the offer. wal-mart will sell more made in america products starting with toys. they will have 6 and a half million dollars in the toy plant in rogers, arkansas and hire 170 employees to make toys for wal-mart. they make battery powered toys on which kids can ride. the new $100 bill goes into circulation today with stylish colors and security features. that blue strip on the bill is actually a security strip woven into the paper. there's a new copper colored ink well on the bill and water mark of franklin's face on the right
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side of the bill. when you hold it up to the light you will get to see that. i have to ask you both with my one solo george washington, can you help this thing grow up into a benjamin? i am not going to get far today. >> i have a feeling you can do that quicker than we can. >> i have a few in my wallet i will loan you for the today. >> time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> folk in the southeast could be in for a day of wild weather and some could be seeing snow. >> some people could be seeing snow but it's not in the northeast. we have showers and storms forecast out here across parts of florida and also georgia and into the carolinas. really what this is all associated with is the very same storm system that produced strong storms across the southeast and strong winds yesterday. what this storm system is going
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to be doing across parts of the southeast just ov shore it's going to be intensifying and tracking up the coast. we are not really talking a another easter but we plan to see showers and storms along the coastal areas. some of you could be seeing beach erosion and the storm system we will be dealing with windy conditions. today into tomorrow areas across parts of the tarryl line gnaws up into the mid atlantic we will see the precipitation. parts of dc dealing with areas of heavy rain and strong winds. temperature wise you are looking relatively warm. temperatures in the 80s across texas. in the northeast you are much cooler today. highs into the 60s and new york city. this is where temperatures are on the cool side.
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it could be significant especially along some of the higher elevations. it is in the rockies. good news for you looking up to a good ski season. several feet of snow with several storms out here. >> it may be looking like a full one. >> she was looking at glass half full. >> i am not saying it's a bad thing. some like the cold in colorado. >> it is a video that will have everyone talking today. a would be robber picks the wrong store to rob. he learns the hard way his gun no match for a shaw machete. >> tag is too dangerous. have they gone too far? we watch you decide. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...'
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>> trucks lined upfikyk9+çeñó a 13,000 pound concrete dangling 40 floors above the street here in manhattan. it has been lowered now to the
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ground. the crane lost power around 7:00 a.m. yesterday while it was moving construction materials to the roof. it took hours for construction workers to lower it inch by inch as it was a very rainy and windy afternoon yesterday. it was dangling near a luxury high rise going up near carnegie hall. >> the u.s. department of agriculture issued add public health alert regarding law chicken products and linking the food to a salmonella outbreak. produced by foster farms carried a strain of salmonella. so far 278 illnesses have been reported in 18 states. mostly occurring in california that's where foster farms has their primary market. >> this high school features raunchy paths revealed. they learned the 21-year-old teaching their teenager spanish once posed for playboy.
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she was 18 years old when she took the pictures and was not employed by the dallas school district. the administration has not yet made any comments about her past actions. >> it is time to brew on this. tossing the ball at recess, something we probably always -- or all did and remember as a kid. but now a middle school wants to put a ban on it? really? >> this school is called weber middle school. it's on new york's long island banning footballs, soccer balls, baseball and anything else it thinks hurts the children on the playground. they put the ban into place after injuries. cart wheels are not even allowed. do you think schools are going too nar to pfar to protect stud? >> shoot us an e-mail at fox news@fox
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coming up next on the rundown. the shocking lesson being taught at a public university. your tax dollars being used to teach students the tea party is to blame for the government shut down? does that seem right? do you want to lose weight. forget about the diet that you are on. all you have to do is turn on social media.
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>> doctors are allowed to give patients the abortion introducing pill without even meeting them in 15 different clinics across the state of
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iowa. instead they talk through an internet video program. they will begin this practice starting november 6th. >> a university of wisconsin professor in hot water for telling students republicans and the tea party are the reason for the government shut down. they said a student wouldn't be able to finish the assignment. she wrote some of the data recovering assignment will be impossible to meet until the tea party and republicans agrees to fund the government. a noro virus outbreak sickened 200 students at a florida elementary school. a dozen staffers also getting the highly contagious stomach bug. they spent the weekend cleaning and san tiding the school. on monday 33 more students went home sick. the bug's symptoms are similar to the flu.
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you can watcatch it from a contaminated surface, person, food or water. malibu high school students and staff return to campus yesterday for the first time since learning some classrooms are being tested for contamination. three teachers who work in the same building have recently been daying nosed with thyroid cancer. others reported skin rashes and hair loss. the teachers say that recent con uks senator in several classrooms they believe are moldly are to blame. >> if there is any contaminants we won't have children or staff in there if we thought it was unsafe. >> further testing is being done. >> want to lose weight? is try the boost a gram diet. up loading images of meals on intra gram account could help curb your ap tate. the more they stared at pictures
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of food their appetite became suppressed. 24 minutes after the top of the hour coming up the president promised people who like their current health insurance that they could keep it, but it seems the president may have broken his promise to his own home town. >> the aclu cashing in on this portrait of jesus. now taxpayers are on the hook for thousands of dollars. first on this day in history back in 2000 meet the parents. remember that movie starring ben stiller and robert deniro it was number one in the box office in our country. >> all you have to do is answer yes or no. >> okay. >> all right. let's give it a whirl. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
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>> it is october 8th. he is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. now al-libi is headed to america. >> taking down this portrait of jesus because the aclu says it is illegal. now taxpayers are on the hook for thousands of dollars. a oo move other cape upton. who esquire crowned as the world's sexiest woman. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ >> what are you going to say about that time? thank you for waking up with us. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. we have our top stories. new developments in it the stabbing death of a soldier in washington. three more soldiers under arrest as kevin was walking down the street with friends when a car carrying five men pulled over. the groups exchanged some words. police were investigating this as a hate crime but they no longer think that is the case. jeremiah hill is accused of stabbing him while giving him a bear hug. hill confessed when he sought medical treatment for a cut on his hand. >> you are a trader.
2:31 am
you be trade your country. at some point you served your country and new you killed a man who was doing the same. >> hill could face murder charges. two soldiers are expected to be charged for helping hill after the incident. two other men in the car are cooperating and will not be charge. >> the n 29-year-old craig wright of brooklyn delivered one of the first punches in the brought tal beating. he was seen in new video obtained by police punching him in the face tlau the shattered range rover. >> the pentagon has no use for the newly built c 27 j. >> the pentagon is sending 50 million cargo plane straight from the assembly line to moth balls because it has no use for them. a dozen newly built planes have
2:32 am
been shipped to an airport facility in arizona dubbed the bone yard. according to air force officials cancelling orders for planes already built is not feasible even if they are not needed. >> the trial begins today for former employees of bernie madoff. his secretary and four other officers will take the stand and we will get an idea of what role they played in the biggest fraud. starting in the early 70s costing victims nearly $20 billion. the he is serving a 150 year prison term convicted of running that scheme. terror raids in libya and somalia. we know one of the fbi's most wanted terrorist abu anas al-libi could be in a new york courtroom sooner than originally thought. this as they begin their
2:33 am
interrogation. kelly wright is laif with -- l with us with more. >> they con nirmed abdul anasal libi is accord a ship. they are interrogating him. the fbi is leading that. he could be in new york by the end of this week where he will eventually stand trial in tripoli. his family explains how members of the u.s. delta force made the capture. they say a security camera shows how the commandos waited for him to return home from morning prayers before taking him in to cuss custody. they are saying the photographs from a senior intelligence officer the photos show over head coverage and ground surveillance on the street where they apprehended al-libi. >> the key al qaeda figure.
2:34 am
he's a legal and appropriate target for the u.s. military under the authorization of the u.s. of military force passed in september of 2001. >> white house press secretary jay carney says al-libi has been indicted in connection with conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens and conduct attacks worldwide. >> kelly wright live with the latest. >> county workers in the president's home town might be left out in the cold by obama care. a new proposal in cook county would require part-time government employees to pay the full share of their health benefits or find insurance coverage elsewhere. the county board president says the deal could save the county about $4 million annually. some officials pay less than a dollar amount for county healthcare coverage. take a look at this. it's a russian tabloid claiming these are brand new photos of
2:35 am
nsa whistleblower edward snowden grocery shopping. the 40-year-old hasn't been seen publically since he walked out of the moscow airport after being granted asylum in russia. that happened in august. >> the debt ceiling debate now surpassing the government shut down as number one concern in our nation's capital. following the story in washington, what's the latest? >> ainsley, good morning. as far as the markets are concerned the debt ceiling issue, there's a larger one to contend with here. for the next few days anyway the government shut down is going to have to take a back seat. the national debt is rapidly approaching $17 trillion. we think senate democrats are going to move forward on a plan to increase it by a full trillion. that would be enough to get them past the mid term election. the president meantime defended his refusal to negotiate on either the shut down or the debt ceiling. >> i cannot do that under the
2:36 am
threat if republicans don't get 100 percent of their way they will either shut down the government or they are going to default on america's debt. so america for first time in history does not pay its bills. >> republicans say they want to negotiate. they are going through the process of trying to fund specific parts of the government even though the president says he will veto any such efforts. >> if we take care of vital government priorities this week and going forward we negotiate a compromise that mitt gates and prevents the harms obama care is causing to millions of americans that will be a real victory for the american people. >> the markets are increasingly anxious about this debt ceiling issue even if annual debt de faults where the u.s. stops paying big creditors like china interest on the debt even if that is extremely unlikely because so much tax revenue would still continue to pour into washington where they have
2:37 am
the debt ceiling or not. big brother is watching, but it is not just the federal government. the state of virginia has been quietly collecting driver's information there to create a data base of the residents using dmz records it hadz socome pile millions of records. the more than $4 million system will help agencies uncover fraud. >> in washington, d.c. there's the truckers ride for the constitution. it is expecteded to tie up 3 lanes of traffic along i 495 around the nation's capital with trucks driving at 55 miles per hour. many say they are enrageed by the low wages the government shut down and the debt ceiling up to 3,000 truckers are expected to take part. >> the tv legend let's the
2:38 am
ballroom decide. >> the couple leaving right now is. >> valerie and tristen. >> the third person to be voted off this season of "dancing with the stars." >> she announce she was battling terminal brain cancer. >> let's get the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> we could see more wild weather in other parts of the country today. is that correct, maria? >> that's right. mother nature is still going. we saw 144 reports of winds across the southeast. we are talking wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. incredible storms moving through that part of the country yesterday. we have the same font tal boundary across parts of the southeast. we are seeing heavy downpours out here. that is especially across coastal areas of the state of
2:39 am
florida parts of gloria and sections of the carolinas. that is what we are looking at out here. we could be dealing with strong winds as the storm system continues to head up the coast across parts of the carolinas. temperature wise we are closer to normal across parts of the northeast temperatures in the 60s today as far as the high temperatures go. across parts of the center of the country temperatures a little more summer lionel. we are reaching the high temperatures. it is across the west and plains. pacific northwest cool highs only in the 50's. we are talking wayne another storm is starting to impact that part of the country. >> thank you so much maria. >> the time is 39 after the top of the hour.
2:40 am
the fda is supposed to protect you from dangerous drugs. could they be more concerned with lining their own pockets. talk abouting with smash -- talk about being smashed. this happened at a liquor store. could be very dangerous, too. howdy partner.
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♪ >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it as always. an ohio school wants to take town a portrait of jesus because the aclu said it was unconstitutional. they will now have to pay a hefty fine. facing intense legal pressure the jackson city school district settleled the case and the aclu is cashing in. the school agrees to keep the portrait off school bounds and pay the aclu 95,000 dollars in damage and legal fees. the picture has been hanging at jackson high school since 1947. but it was taken down in april because the aclu said that it caused severe harm to students and visitors. widespread fraud draining funds from the social security
2:45 am
administration's disability program. a senate panel reveals the program may run out of money in a year and a half. a disability claimed factory. it indicates an attorney there work with a judge and paid off doctors to score millions of dollars worth of faulty claims. right now more than 14 million americans are receiving disability benefits. >> a white diamond the size of a small egg sold for a record $30.6 million at a hong kong auction. two bidders competed for the 18 carat diamond until one dropped out at the sutherby's jewelry auction. it is the largest most significant diamond graded by the gem logical institute of america. beautiful. it turns out this
2:46 am
pain-killer may not be as safe as they should be. some pharmaceutical companies are paying their way to persuade the fda. diane macedo for fox news joins us with more on the scary story. >> scientific panel that shapes the government poll sea for testing with safety and protected is funded by the pharmaceutical company. the "washington post" reports these meetings aimed at advising the fda on how to weigh the evidence from clinical trials included academics as well as officials from the food and drug administration and national institutes of health. often as man nae as 14 of the 30 to 40 attendees were from pharmaceutical companies and only those companies pay fees to attend sometimes as high as 25,000 dollars each. it is worth noting that money went to the professors who organized the meeting no the to the fda but fda officials who
2:47 am
regulate pain-killers co wrote with pharmaceutical employees. they say that blurs the line between the regulators and the regulated and that may have steered the fda away from precautions that would have helped prevent adicks to drugs like oxycontin. a leading fda official call the club collaborative. they take these concerns seriously but is not aware of improprieties associated with the group. >> that doesn't seem fair. they buy their way in the drugs we are all taking. doesn't seem safe. >> the time is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. are you hitting the gym hard but not slimming down? it could be making you fat? i don't e no. >> the sexiest woman alive she is not kate upton this morning. who is just named as a topic for the second time?
2:48 am
first let's check in with brian kilmea kilmeade. bet we got your attention. >> i am looking at the two sexiest alive. the>> are you looking at the video? >> when we finally done in 13 minutes government shut down hardly a shut down at all depending on your political beliefs. a park that is supposed to be closed now reopened. an immigration rally. i don't know why i am doing this but it seemed right in rehearsal. governor jindal will be live on the couch. sorry kids one school is banning football, baseball, lacrosse because it's too dangerous. why am i doing that? i am not sure. obama care departments giving you a headache? there might be a way around it. the things will be a okay. talking about drinks that make you relax many of which i have never heard of. one of the stars of dancing with the stars here and the best for last kenny roj he weres brought all of the equipment from home.
2:49 am
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: >> welcome back. a seven-year-old boy suffered second-degree burns after a horrific cafeteria accident. the first grader from philadelphia was eating lunch at school when he tried to open a plastic pouch of turkey taco meat. >> i was trying to open it and i smashed it, and it splattered all over my face and my clothes. so hot and it burned. >> bless his heart. there's a nurse at the boy's school only one day a week so the child did not get medical attention until hours later when his parents picked him up at the end of the day. the district says it will investigate the temperature of the food being served to
2:53 am
students. >> after more than a week rescuing a pit bull that would have been put down, the mother said the dog returned a favor. the animal detected a dangerous drop in her son's blood sugar and rescued the boy from a life-threatening situation. >> i could have been one of those moms, like, sitting there telling people how i lost my son. >> smith remains convinced that the canine that she saved is responsible for saving her son's life. >> you've been working out for months, so why is the number on the scale going in the wrong direction? a recent survey reveals many people gain weight despite going to the gym. one reason? many who work out tend to overindulge in food. if you're watching your waistline, make sure you eat foods that boost your overall performance and help your muscles recharge. >> no fries in the car on
2:54 am
the way from the gym. doesn't work. >> the blonde bombshell is at it again. seven years after being crowned esquire's sexiest woman alive, scarlett johannson is at it again. the issue hits newsstand october 15. it is six minutes till the top of the hour. another example of schools going too far to protect students? one school banning actual football to prevent injuries. we asked you to way in. your e-mails coming in next. >> this may be the worst accident that happened at the liquor store. the entire shelf of booze comes down. ♪ ♪ i'm overhe hill.
2:55 am
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>> three minutes till the top of the hours. before you leave the house here's what's happening for you today. three more soldiers under arrest in connection with the stabbing death of a fellow soldier in washington. they are expected in court today. one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorists is being interrogated right now. aby anas al libi was in custody after a pair of terror raids in libya and somalia. he could be in a new york courtroom as early as this week. a new 100 dollar bill goes into circulation today. it has stylish designs and a different feel with a raised printing effect. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a five-feet tall 100-pound utah woman makes a citizens arrest. the woman says her friend called to make the arrest after recognizing two guys accused of stealing a valuable watch. the bad.
2:59 am
john lennon's star banned banned -- vandalized on the hall of fame. the graffiti has been removed. finally the ugly. talk about being smashed. look at this. shelves in a liquor store come crashing down. not clear what caused the shelves to be tipsy. fortunately no one was injured. >> that's a good one, ainsley. no pun intended. or was it? >> time for your brew on question of the day responses. we told you about a long island middle school banning sporting equipment, cart wheels and tag during recess to prevent injury. >> do you think schools are going too far to protect our students? >> lewis tweeted. he said we played dodge ball when i was in school. stainless steel playground equipment. we survived just fine. >> jean said let's ban sidewalks too. students could trip and fall. >> david tweets schools are
3:00 am
way overstepping their bounds. no wonder kids are doing stupid far riskier stunts on kwraoup. -- on youtube. let them play. >> thanks to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >>elisabeth: good morning. it's tuesday, october 8. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we now know navy seals retreated from a mission to raid a terrorist hideout and they didn't get their target. what went wrong in somalia? when you hear, you'll be proud to be an american. >>steve: sure will be. our world world war ii veterans had to fight to get access to their world war ii memorial on the national mall during this shutdown but no barricades at the national mall later today for a proimmigration rally. what gives? we're going to fill you in. >>brian: hey kids, better drop that football, put down the lacrosse ball. did i tell you not to pick up the baseball before somebody gets


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