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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 6, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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time, explored more complex means like the moral clarity of the u.s. cause. rest in peace. >> that's it for this week's show. thanks to this panel and all who are watching. hope to see you right here next wiebe. . u.s. special forces operations get their man. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm gregg jarrett. al libi now in american custody after 15 years on the run for his role in the deadly 1998 bombings in east africafrica. captured on the streets of libya in one of two daring anti-terrorist efforts. jennifer griffin live in washington with more. >> hi, greg.
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the predawn raid saturday by s.e.a.l. team six in somalia came almost 20 years to the day after the notorious "blackhawk" down incident in which two helicopters were shot down while forced looks for a wanted war p warlord. they came to target a villa where leaders of the affiliate al shabaab were gathered almost simultaneously in libya, delta force operators surrounded the vehicle of this man, who is now being held onboard a u.s. ship. al libi's family said he had just pulled up to his house after mourning prayers when he was captured. the top al qaeda operative was indicted in the southern district of new york, wanted by the u.s. government for more than a decade for his role in the 1998 east africa bombings. >> we hope that this makes clear that the united states of america will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable
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who conduct acts of terror and those members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run but they can't hide. >> al libi has been wanted for 15 years. i wish he was being tried in guantanamo rather than the southern district of new york, and i also raise the question, why, if we were able to get al libi, we didn't get the opera operatives from benghazi? >> they say al libi will be interrogated for a few weeks before being turned over to u.s. law enforcement. he will not be sent to guantanamo bay. he's accused of carrying out surveillance on the u.s. emba y embassies before the 1998 bombings. he hid in britain and iran and returned to libya in 2011 in the uprising against moammar gadhafi. it was designed to capture the mastermind of a more recent east africa attack at the kenya mall. at least one somali was killed after a firefight broke out, but the s.e.a.l.s could not retrieve
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the body to make a positive identification. back in libya, officials are complaining they were not told about u.s. plans to carry out this commando raid about al libi. fox has learned president obama signed off on these two operations at the end of september. >> jennifer griffin lithe in washington, thanks. >> violence erupted today in egypt. the divided nation marking the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the middle east war with israel. th supporters of morsi clashing near tahrir square. supporters of egypt's military have been celebrating there. police firing into the air, throwing tear gas to push back the pro-morsi marches. 28 people at least have been killed. egypt celebrating the 1973 war as a victory, even though it ended with israel eventually pushing back the egyptian army and surrounding it. united nations inspectors now beginning the process of
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destroying syria's chemical weapons stockpile. they're also racing to meet a november 1st deadline for eliminating syria's capability to manufacture any more of those weapons. today is the fifth day of an advanced team of inspectors visiting chemical posts all over the country. reportedly, the first day that is involving the actual disabling of the machinery. the disarmament mission stemming from an opposition attack on suburbs in damascus. the u.n. determining serine gas was used them, at least 1,400 people, including hundreds of children, were killed in that attack. new developments in that horrifying case of biker busted in connection with the brutal attack on an suv driver arrai arraignarraig arraigned in court this morning in new york city. the dramatic videotape going viral. a mob of angry bikers dragging the driver from the vehicle,
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following his wild chase on the highway, beating him mercilously in front of his wife and child. brian yen is live in our new york city news room with more. >> greg, police say this is an ongoing investigation, but three men have been charged in that attack. all three face charges related to the beating of a new york city man by a gang of bikers. part of the chase and attack were caught on camera by one of the bikers. last night, robert simms appeared in court, charged with gang assault, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. the criminal complaint says simms is one of five or six bikers seen attacking the driver of that suv after dragging him out of the vehicle. simms' lawyer said his client denies all the charges. >> they also accuse him in the complaint of having a weapon. what weapon? i mean,unless they're trying to suggest that the helmets were weapons, but this is a weapons charge that appears, to me, to be some type of a firearm.
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>> police say simms is seen in the video trying driver's side door just before he speeds away. at some point in the chase, an attempt to get away, he ran over one of the bikers. he has not been charged. his wife and daughter were in the suv at the time. the family says they feared for their lives as they drove off. meanwhile, reginald chance was formally charged. they say chance used his helmet to smash in the driver's side of the suv. he's charged can gang assault, criminal assault, and attempted mischief. police are still looking for the bikers and have released this photo of a person of interest. there's also an internal affairs investigation into whether an undercover nypd detective witnessed the attack and failed to report it. >> thanks very much. the partial government shutdown is proving to be a political hot potato on capitol hill. so where are americans now laying the blame?
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there is new political fallout from the partial government shutdown with the american people not too happy. now, beginning to point fingers of blame. for this entire mess, take a look at this. a fox news poll that finds 25% of americans blame republicans like house speaker john boehner. president obama, only a tick behind, 24%. 17% say tea partiers like cruz responsible. democrats like senate majority leader harry reid come in for 8%. all others, 20%. let's bring in our political insider, former republican congressman for new york.
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doug show contributor, former poster for bill clinton. fox news contributor, pollster for jimmy carter, joins us live via remote from beautiful south carolina, and because of that, i'm not going to go to you first. because you're in a really nice place and that's not fair. so what about these numbers here? you know, it's interesting, the president and boehner are actually even. >> right. >> two things, first, when you combine cruz and boehner and reid and obama, it's a ten-point bulge for the republicans, which is consistent with every other poll which suggests to the white house that they are in a favored position, but your point is one that deserves underscoring, greg, because bottom line, it is the extremists like cruz who are getting all the blame. not only from democrats but independents and even some republicans. the fox news poll bears that out. >> pat, i want to go to the president's job approval rating. let's put that up on the screen here. he's actually ticked up.
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a considerable amount over the last several days. now, you know, he was down because of syria, but now he's up because of this. what do you make of that? >> i think he's up because of this and because we got away from syria where he was hurt. although there is indiction he's going back down, i will tell you i think doug is right about what the polls show now, but i really think that it's going to rebound against all of them. i think the fox poll indicator was hitting all of them and i think it is. i think the american people have had it with washington, and basically, they're prepared as i saw one woman's tweet this morning, throw them all out. get rid of them all. >> throw the bums out. one more poll, john. let me get your reaction to this. fox news poll. and it really gauges the gop as well as the tea party. and look at that. i mean, gop and tea party is really down here. >> that's what worries me the most.
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we've been declining as a party generally, the republicans have. we've lost 5 out of the last 6 presidential elections. >> why? >> we take some positions that don't quite fit the country sometimes. more than that, we come off as harsh, obstinant. we don't look nice. you have to be nice in america. you know, obama, people think obama is a nice guy. he has a nice smile. comes off as a nice guy. in private, most people who deal with him do not think he's nice, but most people don't get in private with the president. >> right. let me play this sound bite of harry reid. you know, it's revealing, to say some. take a listen. >> why would we want to do that? i have 1100 people at nellis air force base who are sitting home. they have a few problems of their own. this is -- to have someone of your intelligence suggest such a
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thing maybe means you're irresponsible and reckless. >> it's rich when harry reid talks about intelligence. know what i mean? the reporter's question is, if you can help one kid who has cancer, why wouldn't you do it? >> here's the problem. look, harry reid's answer was obviously way over the top and inappropriate. i think he's apologized, if memory serves, but it's inappropriate, but there's a larger point and it goes to what pat was saying. it deserves underscoring, bottom line, this whole thing is ridiculous, tragic. it shows us to be really in a lot of ways pitiful that we're not able to be the kind of nation we are and always have been, which is compassionate, kind, and reach out to those who need help. >> and the speaker called it an epic battle. what is epic? what is it we're fighting over? that's what i can't figure out? are we fighting over a law that is already in effect, by the way, and the obama rollout
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happened the day that this government was shut down, and it has been an utter fiasco for the first four days but it's not getting top billing because everybody is focused on this. >> you know, pat, the fiasco has been delaying versus, you know, defund. and take a look at this fox news poll here. a great many americans are in favor of delaying, but they are not in favor of defunding here. is that the republican -- can you put that up there? fox news health care delay versus defund. is that the republican, if you can say it, strategic mistake? >> it is an unbelievable mistake strategically. if they had listened to the free advice we give every sunday for the last few months, they would have pursued a strategy that was a little more head-on, which is to delay the individual mandate, which would have crippled obama anywhere. they did it for employers, all the waivers for friends of the administration, the american people deserve that.
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they could have hit. also, the whole question about the irs, they could have also -- i mean, three different prongs. most of all, they could have taken on the exemption that congress and their staff said have taken, which infureiates people when they know about it. the democrats, on the other hand, had as one of the white house high officials said friday or thursday night, hey, they're happy. this is what they want. as we said before, throw us in the prior patch. the president doesn't want to negotiate, but the basic point is they figure republicans are hurt by this. this is a strategic disaster and it wasn't necessary if they had had that narrative for several months, the democrats would have been against the wall. >> i'm glad pat brought that up. there have been 17, since 1976, government shutdowns. and never has a president actually said i'm not going to talk to you. i'm going to take my ball and bat and go mome. i refuse to talk to you.
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i'm bigger than you. >> right, and here's the preside problem. the president is being intransigent and unwilling to negotiate. >> arrogant? >> of course, but the reason he's getting away with it is the republicans have been extreme and intransigent in their own way. they have gotten all the attention, and it's worked to the president's advantage and it's not been a problem for him. >> who is worse, the president or the republicans? >> they're eke wal bad. what is this all about? it's an embarrasssment, this thing, that we, the greatest country ever, are conducting ourselves like this, and it's opening wide open, i'm telling you, the possibility of a third party, a third candidate, to look at this and say to the american people, throw them all out. let's try something new. >> john, it's only going to get worse. it's a two-prong problem. i'm going to come to you first after the break because the government shutdown, that's not it. the clock is running out on the
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i've talked to john boehner. i know he doesn't want to default. he also didn't want too shut the government down. here we are with a government shutdown. there is a majority in congress that would vote to do the right thing. the majority needs to be given the chance to work as well. >> doing the right thing, isn't that lovely? that was treasury secretary jack lew talking about house speaker john boehner not wanting to default when the nation's debt ceiling deadline comes up in the middle of the month, the 17th,
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mark it on your calendar. our political insider is back here. you know, pat, jack lew was on the talk shows this morning, and, you know, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, do you buy it? >> well, if we default on our debt, it will be. this is -- >> we're not going to default on our debt, pat. seriously. >> i don't think anyone thinks that. let me answer the point. what it is about for everyone and let's discuss the country, it is about partisan advantage, politics pure and simple. that's harry reid's comments what the republicans are trying to get. jack lew would not answer the question about why the president would negotiate. so the president's position is, let's let it go to the brink and they shouldn't do this and they have the votes. look, there is a larger question here, which is the dysfunction of the system and what it is doing to the country's belief in the structure of this democracy. you know, there are ways you can
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fudge the figures and play with paychecks and stuff like that. you don't actually have to -- >> on october 17th is the day we theoretically at least run out of money. here is the larger issue. jack lew's comment raised it. if the dysfunctionality that pat and jonathan, speaking of, comes to fruition with the lack of a quick vote to meet our obligations, we could have the financial markets in free fall, even before that vote comes, before. and we're just playing with fire. and, bottom line, it is not healthy. it is not safe. it is not right. and pat's right. it is all politics. >> john i talked to a wall street guy over the weekend. he said, look, if we actually default, and, you know, we lose our credit rating, even more than we already have lost it, i mean, you could see a free fall in finances in the economy and wall street that would make the great depression look terrific.
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that is why, see, we're talking two different things here. the government shutdown that happened this week was over the implementation of obama care. i don't hear them talking about it much. here we are five days late, i don't hear the people talking obama care. >> that's kid stuff compared to the debtceiling. >> we're moving toward the debt ceiling. three years ago, two years go, we did the debt ceiling, everybody got hurt by it. they did extend it with sequestration built in. automatic spending cuts. the same thing is going to have to happen, i think, this time, which is what is it that the tea party and the republicans want? i think what they want is spending restraint entitlement reform, something. >> can they get it? >> well, if obama won't negotiate, he'll be the one risking the downgrade of the bonds, which i don't think -- they'll have to come up with something. >> republicans are taking the hit. you look at the polls. the longer this thing goes on and if it goes on to the debt ceiling, which could be catastroph
12:55 pm
catastrophic, and could lead to, you know, we already have a fragile economy as it is, horrible gdp, horrible unemployment, if it goes negative in a big way, the president bears the responsibility for that, does he not? >> yes, he does. and the problem is because he's the leader of the government. in 2011, despite the fact the republicans got more initial heat, the president went to his lowest numbers of its entire administration and set themselve off on the populous course. it was a disastrous august for the president. it will be, again -- in his position, which is you unilaterally surrender and i won't do anything unless you surrender, it will not work in the end. doug is right. we cannot afford to play -- they're both right. brinksmanship with the financial markets and also with an economy that is really not doing all that well. >> what would you advise this president? you advised bill clinton. what would you advise this
12:56 pm
president? >> what i told clinton. negotiate without conditions. say you have bottom lines, we have to meet our obligations, we have to open the government, we'll put everything on the table to get a solution. the american people would respond so well to that, the republicans would come hat in hand. if they didn't, they would be punished. >> what would you tell boehner? i think boehner is nhas not bee allowed to. if you're obama, you do it with the senator republicans first, you do a tax reform package and you get harry reid to let that go forward and grow some revenue. got to have that, got to get the government back running and focus this thing on growing the economy and then, i think, you can get the house to go along with it. >> all right. our political insider as always, thank you so much. we're all coming down on your dime, pal. right now, you can get more from
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