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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 5, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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have a great weekend, everyone. bret baier is up next. >> gregg: fox news alert. just moments ago, fox confirming through separate sources that a raid today in somalia by u.s. navy seals was a pre-dawn fire fight, killing the head of the al-qaeda-linked terror group, al-shabab. they're allegedly behind the attack on the mall in kenya that killed 67 people. hundreds were injured just a couple of weeks ago. joining us now, former c.i.a. operative mike baker. mike, how do you think this thing went down? again, it was predawn. what do you think happened? >> well, the group, al-shabab, lost a lot of territory over the past year and a half, two years,
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in somalia. and they were pushed out of mogadishu. in part, that was part of the reason they claim they attacked the mall. so they've been trying to hold on to some territory. some of it's south of mogadishu. where this raid took place was on the water a coastal village, 100 miles south of mogadishu. the good thing is they'd been working al-shabab as a target for some time, well before the west gate attack. we knew they were a dangerous almost. we've been working on them. we had a fair amount of intelligence about where they had hunkered down at this point. again, kudos obviously to the team and a terrific debt, frankly. >> mike, stand by for just a moment, if you would. we have more information. >> arthel: we want to go to our pentagon reporter, jennifer griffin. she has more.
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what can you confirm for us? >> well, what we've just confirmed is that, in fact, there was a raid in somalia in this town early this morning. the target was the head of al-shabab, but he was killed in the attack. he was not nabbed. heeized. he was not taken alive. there was some misreport being that earlier this evening. but we have confirmed with sources that seal team was involved. the target was this head of al-shabab, which of course was part responsible for the attack on the west gate mall in kenya in which 60 people -- at least 60 people were killed and just that went on for days, of course n kenya. so very interesting that the seals were involved there. there has been a lot of focus on somalia and many of the top leaders of al-shabab have been targeted. the attack on the west gate mall, al-shabab, when their spokesman were putting out statements during the attack, they said it was in response for
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kenyan authorities and the u.s. and others focusing and attacking al-shabab inside somalia. so all of this, somalia has been a festering zone for al-shabab for a number of years. of course, and u.s. special forces have been operating in there, special operations forces have been operating in there, targeting individuals when they can. but we can confirm now that early this morning in a predawn raid, u.s. navy seals targeted and killed the head of al-shabab in somalia. >> a festering zone indeed. do you know if at this point you cut off the head, you kill the rest of the snake or are they expecting reaction and retaliation? >> that's certainly what we found in the past is, of course, killing the leadership is significant, but it never -- it has yet to really -- it doesn't work that way in terms of cutting off the head.
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unfortunately, there are people who usually step into the role to take over. it will have a disrupting effect on al-shabab and this al-qaeda affiliate in somalia, but it's not -- i think it would be much too premature to suggest that this assassination, this killing of the top leader -- what it does is it sends a message to al-shabab. it sends a message to other al-qaeda groups that if they're going to carry out the kind of attack that we saw at the west gate mall in nairobi, that there will be a response, that u.s. special operations forces and others will come after them and no matter how long it takes. >> arthel: jennifer, we know this is just unfolding. details are sketchy. do we have any information in terms of how this raid went down or how many navy seals were involved? >> no. we don't have those kind of details. but i can tell you just based on the location in somalia, this town is a seaside town.
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this was a villa, we're told, where this leader was at the time and some of the details that were being reported by the "new york times" earlier today suggests that navy seals went in using silencers and that then a gun fight erupted and then there was an hour long gun fight in this seaside town of the what we would have expected is if seals are involved, obviously they're going to come from the sea, but it's not clear whether -- most likely if you were going to look from past experience and past operations like this, they most likely would have somehow either roped in, landed from the air or by sea and certainly done what they do best. we've seen it in previous operations. but there was a gun fight, we're told, and the leader of al-shabab was killed. >> arthel: before we let you go, do you have any official statements from there on your end there at the pentagon?
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>> we do not have any official statements from the pentagon. we have confirmed it with military sources who are familiar with the operations that were taking place in that region. adam housley, my colleague, confirmed it with one of his sources and i confirmed it, i have a second source. so we know -- we've learned that just early dawn this morning, the seals took out the head of al-shabab. >> arthel: very good. senior national security correspondent jennifer griffin, thank you so much for that update. we're going to bring mike baker back in. >> gregg: let's get back to mike baker, former c.i.a. operative. so mike, seaside town, u.s. navy seals, and it's pretty quick, within two weeks after the attack of the west gate mall and they take out the leader of al-shabab. how important is this? >> well, it's very important in part because of what jennifer just said t. does send a message. they do pay attention to this
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sort of thing. part of the problem that's always been with any al-qaeda element is that they don't seem to have much trouble filling the spot. they seem to have a bottomless well of potential recruits. it is degrading in terms of their tactical ability, their knowledge, their experience. so that's a good thing. the more people you take off at the top, less experienced come in to fill up that spot and that's good for us in the long run. this is very important. again, i point to the fact that this didn't happen just overnight. this was the result of a lot of work that goes on targeting these groups over months and years, trying to understand who the leadership is, trying to understand where they are and also the liaison services. working with the somalis. working with the kenyans, whomever else we have on the ground who can provide important intelligence leading up to it to allow us to put together a game plan and again, a seaside
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village and, you know, you call in the seals. >> gregg: how do you think they found this guy? talk to us about the intel and the surveillance that located the head of al-shabab. this is a huge get. >> right. again, we monitor the groups continuously. there's a lot of work that goes on that people just never see in terms of on the ground intel collection, technical collection. this is not just a case where we wait for something bad to happen and then get in after them and try to figure out who is who. this has been going on for some time. once al-shabab was identified as the person behind the west gate mall, then the wheels started in motion. you're working with the kenyan service in the military in a very heavy way trying to pull information out of those that were captured on site and then you're working your other sources in the area, including down there in somalia and even as close in as that little
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village. so it's a very labor intensive effort. it's sort of like a take down of bin laden. unfortunately, there was a mindset that oh, it happens like that, happens overnight. it's a lot of work that comes together and allows that actual intelligence to get in the hands of the seals at the front end who put together the game plan that allows them o do this operation. >> arthel: how risky is an operation like this? >> well, any time you rock up on a hostile target, bad things can happen. so you try to minimize that. if you're not doing your training and the seals and all the other elements out there, including my old outfit, that what do you is down time and you're training and you're waiting for this opportunity and none of these guys expect to rock up on the target with perfect intelligence. it's never going to happen of the there is always an element of unknown and you anticipate and you expect and yes, you try to minimize the risk. but if you wait for all the
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intelligence so that when you're standing around you can say yeah, we got everything we need, we minimized the risk down to zero, then nothing but bad things happen. >> arthel: mike baker, we appreciate your perspective on this. we'll check back in with you this hour should more developments occur. >> gregg: huge breaking news story. taking out the head of al-shabab. inn a predawn raid by u.s. navy seals in somalia. huge risks there. the media city of this thing is amazing. within two weeks of the attack on the west gate mall. >> brian: in nairobi. >> gregg: and u.s. navy seals taking out the head of al-shabab , al-qaeda-connected terrorist attack. >> arthel: which claimed responsibility for that attack there at the west gate mall. we are going to move on now with more news. we'll keep you posted on that story as we got more developments and details into fox news. meantime, the defense department ordering most of its civilian
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employees back to work. of course, this is at the top of everybody's mind as well. this is coming after both houses of congress gathered today for a special weekend session. in that time, the house passing a bill that would entitle furloughed federal workers to get back pay. the senate was expected to do the same, but at the last minute, apparently decided not even to take up the issue. molly henneberg live on capitol hill. molly, it appears that would have been an easy one for them to take on, but what happened? >> they're not going to take it up, at least until next monday. the senate has adjourned for the weekend without voting on that bill that you were talking about that passed the house unanimously earlier today. it was a bill that would authorize back pay for furloughed federal workers. the top senate democrat said he thought that kind of legislation was an absurd way to handle a shutdown. >> so now what the republicans in the house are telling --
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'cause they're the ones that set the agenda, but they're it willing all these federal workers, what we're going to do for you now, even though we don't like federal workers and we haven't given awe raise in three years, what we're going to do now is give you a paid vacation. that's what it is. these people who want to go to work can't go to work. >> republicans see this legislation and other bills passed by the house largely along party lines this week to reopen various government agencies as a way to mitigate some of the defects of the shutdown, while lawmakers continue to negotiate over some of the bigger, more controversial issues like obamacare. >> the democrats have calculated that by prolonging the shutdown and maximizing the pain, they can bully republicans into doing whatever president obama and majority leader reid want them to do. it's a very cynical game. but democrats have decided to play it. >> we're going to stay focused on trying to ease the pain of
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this shutdown while we continue to ask both the president and the senate majority leader to sit down and talk. >> although house democrats voted in favor of the back pay legislation today, they, and senate democrats, and president obama oppose reopening the government bit by bit as house republicans have tried to do through legislation. today the president pressed gop leaders to take a vote to fund the entire government. >> take that vote. stop this farce. end this shutdown now. >> the president canceled his trip to asia because of the shutdown, but there are no meetings so far planned this weekend with republicans. republicans say they are here, if president obama and senate majority reid want to talk. arthel? >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much. of course, we want to let everybody know we have a fair and balanced panel coming up a little later to discuss that very thing that's happening. they're in dc. >> gregg: in the meantime, stick with us. we have more on this breaking
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>> gregg: breaking news to tell you about. a daring predawn raid in somalia by u.s. navy seals taking out the head of al-shabab, the al-qaeda-linked terror group believed to be responsible for that horrible attack on the nairobi mall. there you see it in kenya which took the lives of 67 individuals, more than 200 others were injured. again, early this morning, navy seals taking out the senior al-qaeda leader of al-shabab, believed to be responsible for this heinous attack. we'll have more details as we get them.
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>> arthel: meanwhile, partial government shutdown continues, but a potential way to break the log jam in washington is surfacing that could reopen the government. house democratic leaders are reportedly considering a maneuver that would go around speaker john boehner and force a vote on a continuing resolution without defunding obamacare. if they can get enough republicans, that is, to go along with it. let's discuss it now, alan colmes is the host of the alan colmes show and author of "thank the liberals for saving america." >> you make me laugh. >> arthel: tammy bruce is the radio talk show host. great to have you here. tammy, i want to start with you. we had the house passing this bill that says let's give back pay to the furloughed federal workers, but yet again, it wasn't clean, so it's another one of the so-called piecemeal bills. so you know the senate was bound to reject it. they just did. they're not even going to touch it right now. what's the house strategy here? >> you know, they may have
3:20 pm
fallen into -- i don't think they had a strategy in the beginning. i think they've fallen into a dynamic that those who have to change their budget all the time. why they don't want to deal with line item by line item, they don't want everyone to realize exactly what we can cut. this 40% slowdown of the government is showing americans how big government is really not even needed. the people aren't missing it, which is why obama is going overboard with closing open air monuments to tryople feel the pain. i think that the democrats are nervous and obama is nervous about this piecemeal kind of approach because no longer this -- the longer this goes o the longer americans find out we can do without big government. >> 81% of the people don't want the shutdown. the reason the monuments are closed is because of security. john boehner got himself into a box and he and harry reid, the senate majority leader, had a deal for a clean continuing resolution without attach ams to defunding obamacare. boehner could not, even after he
3:21 pm
said he would deliver that deal, because he then was cow toed by the far right wing of his caucus and that's what happened. there was a deal on the table that bainer and reid agreed on. >> arthel: does this put the dems in position for a power move? >> i think the democrats -- they're trying to solve the problem by this clean resolution, by this -- nobody really understands the rules of the house and senate. but apparently they're using these to get a clean bill. they're trying to solve the problem. >> i would say that the republicans and the house need it keep their shields up. we have seen what congress -- >> arthel: up against who? >> against this notion of a resolution that doesn't deal with any of our spending issues. maybe they can inject sanity. we can go line item by line item. that's what terrify people who want to spend us into oblivion. we've got to do something different and it is the american people's reaction that has pushed the bainer and the house into having to deal with this. >> arthel: is it the american people or boehner --
3:22 pm
>> the american people voted for obama twice. most of the american people are against the government shutdown. they're blaming the republicans, whether that's rightly or wrongly. >> in 1996, it was the same argument then, in 1996, with the same arguments that it was all the republicans' fault, this gained two seats in the senate. they lost two in the house. and they maintained control of congress for quite some time. so i'm thinking as the -- look, obama, if we had the first gallup poll of the three rolling days all inclusive of the shutdown and obama's approval number has gone down to 41. >> congress is at 10%. >> arthel: you know with a? all due respect to both of you, you can spew out all the numbers and statistics that you want to, bottom line, the people are sick of it. they're like, i'm looking at my wallet and the numbers i'm looking at are dwindling. >> they want a change. they want this to end in the sense of what's been happening to the economy. people want jobs. they want --
3:23 pm
>> less than a year ago they added more democrats to congress. >> what they tonight want is business as usual and this stops business as usual. >> arthel: tammy, let's talk about that faction in the republican party, the tea party members. >> sure. >> arthel: just like the dems are supposed to support and back the president, he's their quarterback. john boehner is the republicans' quarterback. why can't they get together and support him? they're putting him -- leaving him in a precarious position and leaving him in the pressure cooker. >> look, on this bill you mentioned in the house that paid the furloughed workers back pay, that was unanimous. so the democrats and the republicans came together. >> arthel: but they knew if it wasn't clean that it wasn't -- >> 2010 people are forgetting 2010, john boehner owes his position to the massive success of 2010 and the tea party people that came in -- >> the tea party lost seats in 2012. he's tying him stove a dwindling group of people that are very unpopular. >> the republicans still control the house courtesy of tea party. >> arthel: but he doesn't seem
3:24 pm
like he's in control. >> oh, no. boehner is not in control of anything. i completely agree with that. >> without a majority of republicans, he doesn't want to sign on to anything and he won't just do it with democrats. if he had the majority of the house, the majority of the house wants a clean resolution to solve the problem, but he's sticking to the hastert rule -- >> i have one prediction in 2014, john boehner will not be the speaker of the house. i will tell that you right now. >> that's probably true. >> 2014 will be like 2010 and it will be a republican who is very different than boehner. >> arthel: you know what? at the ends of the day and i heard your prediction, i heard you agree with tammy, but people are sick of this. they don't care. they don't care if he's going to keep his job or not because right now, they're feeling these guys in dc are not doing their job. >> if there is real leadership, things will change. >> arthel: by whom? >> anybody who is not 30 years part of the structure.
3:25 pm
people are not worried about cocktail parties. >> arthel: that means you go out and clean out everybody and bring in new people? >> i don't know. eric cantor would like to have boehner's job, but it seems like he's will go tied to the tea party. he's not the likely replacement to john boehner 'cause he's going to go down with that particular ship. i don't want to predict who the republican leader will be, but that's their problem. >> arthel: will they lead this up to -- now we talk about the debt creeling and everything all at one time? >> i think -- they're going to have a bigger problem. i think they want o do it -- to do it all at once. they're desperately look for a way out. it's gotta to be a majority of congress. >> i think there is one section of people who are desperate and that is obama and the fact that he is keeping veterans and even the vietnam veteran memorial, they kicked people out and they're closing the -- >> that's for security purposes. >> oh, please. >> the secret service and f.b.i.
3:26 pm
that in a time -- >> this is the only shutdown where this has occurred. it is the only time in all of these 20 years. >> arthel: tammy, alan, i think people are able to hear what you both said. >> thank you. they know. >> arthel: how to end the government shutdown will be a major topic tomorrow on fox news sunday. sitting down with chris wallace, republican congressman tom grace, tom king, jack lew will join in discussing the looming debt ceiling deadline and how it's factoring into the shutdown debate. fox news sunday. >> gregg: check it out. in the meantime, people all over the country will not be able to enroll in insurance plans with the nation's new health care system for hours this weekend. they couldn't too it. how about next week? why the government's web site is being taken down tonight overnight. >> arthel: plus, we're going to continue covering the breaking news this hour. u.s. navy seals raiding a house
3:27 pm
targeting the leader of al-shabab, that's the terrorist group responsible for the slaughter inside that mall in nairobi two weeks ago. plenty more on that with national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. that's moments away. so keep it right here on fox news meeting took forever. oh, my parents will be here any minute. ♪ canned soup? no way. ♪ mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right?
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>> gregg: it is bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. >> arthel: the pentagon now ordering most of its furloughed civilian employees back to work. defense secretary chuck hagel saying the move is completely in compliance with the shutdown because of a law known as the pay our military act. >> gregg: the federal health care web site is now down for repairs. down and out. the department of health and human services says that web site will be down during overnight hours all this weekend as they try to work out all the glitches and delays that have
3:32 pm
frustrated so many americans over the past week. >> arthel: two more motorcyclists have been taken into custody in connection with the videotaped beating of a new york city suv driver. this comes as we learn that an undercover police officer may have been amongst the bikers, but did not intervene. >> gregg: back to our top news story, a daring predawn raid by u.s. navy seals has apparently taken out the head of al-shabab by their -- either captured or killed the man believed to be behind the horrible nairobi west gate mall shopping killing, the murder that killed 67 people and injured 200 others. on the phone, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. this is still breaking news. how important is this to take out the head of al-shabab? >> well, if it's true that we
3:33 pm
have taken out head of al-shabab, it's extremely significant. we did the same thing in 2009. we took out then head of al-shabab. we've done it again. al-shabab operates in eastern somalia and it's like cockroaches. you take out the top guy, you take out the leadership, they scramble for a year or two, they come back again. but when they come back this time, it's been far more significant because of the nairobi mall killing and the particular brutal nature of it and the way that it seized the world's attention. it wasn't an attack that was aimed at americans, but americans died in it. the significance of this is it shows the united states and the navy seals are willing to fight terrorism world wide despite plans to the contrary that the war on terrorism is over and al-qaeda is on its heels. we're willing to go after them. that's significant, too. i would only point to the fact that in 1995 when two american
3:34 pm
embassies were attacked in east africa, we did not go after the people that we knew did it. some people feel that's what emboldened osama bin laden's attack on september 11. so it's very good that we've gone after them. i hope we've killed them. and bravo to the navy seals. >> gregg: all right. what does this say about u.s. capability? is our military the only one in the world that could have actually carried out this sort of attack? what does it also say about our intel? >> a couple of things. we are probably the only nation. the brits might have. the french. the french have tried to do attacks against al-shabab, they've not been successful. we've got the intelligence to track them. we continue to track al is a back. -- al-shabab. we've got the ability of the navy seals to mount an operation like this. halfway around the world from a seaside area in an area of somalia which is controlled by al-shabab. so it's a pretty dangerous
3:35 pm
neighborhood. it just shows that the capability of the united states military is second to none and it shows that the importance of the united states military going after people who kill our own. we hope they succeeded. one thing i would say, i'm a little concerned with, there was early reports that maybe there was a chechen involved somehow. if that is true, that's a new level of international involvement. that means al-shabab is not just operating in somalia with a bunch of somalis. it may mean there is an international component with al-shabab. >> gregg: we'll keep an eye on that part of it. many thanks, thanks so much. >> thanks, gregg. >> arthel: we're going to move on and talk about this, a new study which suggests many of us may lose our jobs because of robots in the near future. according to research conducted by oxford university, almost half of all jobs in america can be replaced by computers or
3:36 pm
other forms of automation within the next 20 years. kyle harrington is the founder and managing partner of harrington company. how many robot jobs are we talking about? >> well, i think there is no hard statistics right now, arthel, with respect to new jobs being created or jobs becoming obsolete as a result of this robotic technology phenomenon. but let me say this: i think the studies that i've done, arthel, i think what we're trying to do here is more of a collaboration and a cooperation between robots and humans. what i mean by that is essentially i think if you can put together the deterity of humans and the robots are not like people, they don't get tired, i think you can really create a higher profitability and higher productivity in the
3:37 pm
work force. i don't necessarily see it as people losing jobs and jobs going away. i want to think of it as humans becoming more skilled at jobs that are up and above what i think the robots are doing in some of the industries that we have now which is automotive business and we've seen a big push in the robotics world with -- and a lot of success in the drone industry within the military. >> arthel: on one hand you're saying because if you had this advanced robotic technology, then you have to have skilled workers to be able to make those things work, if you will. go ahead. i'll let you answer. >> when i was going to say is that's exactly right is that i think a humans will forced to become more skilled in higher paying jobs and robots are going to i think work in collaboration with humans to create higher productivity. >> arthel: what if you're not currently in one of those highly skilled positions, what about those people?
3:38 pm
>> yeah, well, i think what happens there is there is some job loss there and i think that people are going to be forced to get retrained into jobs that are higher paying jobs because the robots will take the place -- we've seen this in the automotive birks take the -- take the place of some of the lower paying jobs. >> arthel: if you had to generalize it, who should be most worried? which area of jobs are we talking about? >> well, i think it's in the areas of the lower trained, lower educated, hourly workers in industries that i mentioned, which is the industry, some of the military positions. looking at this the other way as well is i think there will be more jobs created in the manufacturing of these row botts. >> arthel: good point. >> the technology is here to stay and it definitely is, i think, going to be helpful in the work force. so the lower paying jobs i think
3:39 pm
there will be some job loss, but i also think you'll see people try to get retrained retrained e skilled in areas that they can work in cooperation with them. >> arthel: you don't foresee a future where it's all robots because at the end of the day, it's artificial intelligence, yes, but they tonight have the human touch. correct? >> i really do believe that, arthel. i have a small business and a big piece of my small business is the human relations and the human touch. so i think precision and endurance will come as a result of the robotic technology. but i think that what you just mentioned, the human touch and the dexterity will come from the continued human interaction. >> arthel: exactly. kyle harrington, thank you so much. harrington capitol management, you're the partner of that. good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> gregg: saving time while you clean up the yard this fall -- wouldn't that be nice. put away the rakes. "consumer reports" is here with everything you need to know
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>> gregg: well, the american people these days appear to be yearning for leadership as the government shutdown continues to drag on, no end in sight. and many now raising the question, is there any leadership left in washington? anybody? anybody left in town with leadership? the big l. our next guest writes extensively on this growing frustration. fox news contributor susan estridge, professor of law and political science at usc. always great to talk to you. i want to show you a poll on our
3:45 pm
viewers. here it is. president obama, john boehner, they actually get equal blame for this shutdown. but then you got to add in folks like harry reid, ted cruz and then when you do the math, republicans do get the lion share of the blame. is that your assessment? >> yeah. i think the math suggests that when you take the two numbers, republicans are somewhere in the 40 something percent range in terms of blame. but look, this is a plague on everybody's house. i talk to people and everybody is shaking hair head in anger and frustration that these folks we elect to do our business cannot get this done and real people can suffer as a result. >> gregg: you know, there have been -- and i checked this today with government sources -- there have been 17 government shutdowns since 1977. but presidents have always tried to work to avoid them. this is the very first time that
3:46 pm
a president has actually said, you know what? i'm not going to talk to anybody on the other side, which did prompt this comment from the "wall street journal" about the president. quote, he behaves as if the realities of a divided government are beneath him and his first resort is to question motives and mock as insincere any differences of principle. i don't know, what do you think about that, susan? is there some truth to that? is that a fair criticism or not? >> look, i mean, i can find blame anywhere. you give me a sheet here and i'll find plenty to blame with everybody. but i think the real problem here is that there are a majority of members of congress, democrats and republicans, who would end this shutdown. it's purely symbolic. there is no big issues here about -- it's a symbolic vote against obamacare, which is taking effect anyway.
3:47 pm
obviously i'd like to see the president find a way to lead us out of here. not because it's his fault, but because he's president. but the republicans also, they're playing with this hastert rule, i'm sure you know, that rule says the speaker shouldn't bring something up unless a majority of republicans support it. and right now a minority of the majority is holding up the country. and that just isn't right. the center should hold the good people in both parties who want people to get back to work and open yosemite and people to get loans and sign up for clinical trials and all the rest, they got to pass this bill. >> gregg: yeah. so i took a shot at the president with criticism from "wall street journal." what about boehner? is this a guy who has sort of lost control of the house, who has been, you know, subjugated
3:48 pm
to ted cruz and other conservatives who have taken over? >> yeah. i mean, he's got to stand up to his own party and i understand he's in a very difficult situation because he's got members of his own party who are refusing to go along with any kind of vote that would open the government back up and recognize that obamacare, like it or not, is moving forward. but you know, at the end of the day, he is the speaker. he is the leader of the republican party. he has two choices: either he can get these folks to listen to him and to do what's right, or he has to make a deal with the democrats, recognize that there are going to be republicans who are voting against him, and rely on the moderate republicans to join the democrats and get the government open again. >> gregg: you know, susan, i was struck by an interview the president did this week and he essentially bragged -- he said look, i have bent over backwards
3:49 pm
to work with republicans. i kept my rhetoric down, he said. susan, that's not true. he's not even talking to republicans, much less working with them. and his rhetoric has actually been to demonize them at every turn. i mean, is this a guy who looks in the mirror and pretends to see somebody else? >> i don't know. at various points he says they're playing games with me. my view from 3,000 miles away is mr. president, mr. boehner, this isn't about either of you. okay? this is about whether government does its job. frankly, even if the president is right about keeping his rhetoric down and reasonable, 'cause certainly disagree, he's still the president of the united states. we got people hurting because of this shutdown. somebody, and it's both him and
3:50 pm
mr. boehner, have got to put aside their own egos and the blame game. stop acting like little children and get this thing put together. >> gregg: there are no adults left in washington, d.c susan estridge -- >> bret baier is there. he's an adult. >> gregg: there you go. great to see you. thanks so much. catch her columns, she's written twice this week on it. catch them. they're terrific columns. thanks so much. art? >> arthel: very good. gregg, this is something you can use here because there are a beautiful sight on the trees, but not so much all over your yard. coming up, "consumer reports" is here with the best of the leaf blowers on the market right now to help you enjoy the season without all the mess. that's coming up next. he he he he hesurance company.
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>> welcome back, fall is in full swing. for many homeowners time for one thing. >> time for the leaf plower. we have the editor of the fox consumer reports. >> we will start with this blower. this is $75. it is the ultrablower vac and
3:55 pm
going to suit most people and yards and it is very powerful. >> 0. >> and it is relatively quiet. it is the quietest electric and it is a vac tube attachment and it is a metal one with twinges and tougher stuff and have it last longer. >> how about this puppy. >> this is interesting. >> it is rotation control. there is a echo pb 50 for no noise. this is one of the quietest gas leaf blowers out there. and this is the thing about the rotation control, typically when you goose this and hit the tloelths throttle it counter
3:56 pm
acts that. >> we have 40 seconds. this is the big by right here. >> that is the 356. it is a back pack and despite the size. >> is that a howard. >> it looks like a ghost buster. and it is the quietest leaf blower. >> it is expensive. $480. what you are getting is something that is quieter than most electric weed blowers and more powerful. ncheck it out on consumer reports. that's it for us. harris faulkner is up next with the fox report.
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bye-bye. rrn
4:00 pm
>> fox urgent, a u.s. navy seal team conducted a raid targeting the terror group al shabab that is the al-qaeda listeninged group that is thought to be responsible for the deadly mall attack. one person was killed in the raid. we are working to firm up details about whom that might be. the national security correspondent is live in washington with this, jennifer >> we confirm that there were top secret operations carried out by special operation forces in two separate countries today. one was in somalia


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