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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for being with us. a live edition of hannity is next. meantime, go to good night. this is a fox news alert. tonight, despite the tough rhetoric from the whourks president obama has still not announced a decision about what, if any, military action he's going to take against the syrian regime. i'm tucker in for sean. earlier today, the administration released part of an intelligence report and moments later, the president had this to say. >> as you've seen, today, we've released our unclassified assessment detailing with high confidence that the syrian regime carried out a chemical weapon that killed well over 1,000 people, including hundreds of children. this kind of attack threatens
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our national security interests by violating well established international laws against the use of chemical weapons by further threatening friends and allies of ours in the region like israel and turkey and jordan. and it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us. so, i have said before and i meant what i said, that the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. now, i have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that. >> joining us now live from the region with the latest is leyland. >> tucker, obviously, this entire region is watching
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intently. there are a lot of scenarios where a u.s. strike could certainly spark a regional war. front page on one of the israeli newspapers probably says it the best. tense waiting and these folks are all lining up for their gas masks. there were thousands of people out in the streets yesterday lining up for their gas masks, all over israel. some got them. some did not. obviously, a long weekend and perhaps a scary weekend if president assad makes good on his promise to set tel aviv ablaze if he is attacked. to that end, the israelis have deployed their iron dome missile defense system. they have also canceled weekend leave for a lot of essential soldiers they want to keep on base. syrians, for their part, are also using this time while president obama is deciding the war of words, if you will, to move a lot of their missile systems, their skud missiles have been moved to a couple of mountainous locations.
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staff, communications equipment, that kind of thing, trying to make it much harder for a u.s. missing strike to make a difference. we're also hearing they have moved out some of their chemical weapons. that complicates it in terms of the united states being able to target their weapons. what they don't want to hit is a dump they don't know about and release the chemicals into the air. here in israel, the way the u.s. acts about this issue is seen as a litmus test, so there is a lot of intense interest in how this goes in terms of what it might mean for a strike on israel and what it means in terms of the broader, regional stability here. tucker, one person after watching john kerry's speech today, the secretary of state and hearing president obama, he said well, i guess it's time for the talk to end and the tom hawk missiles to start flying. back to you. >> thanks. joining us now with more on this
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reaction developing story is the chairman of the house armed services committee. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> now, you were on the call yesterday with the administration about syria. can you dwif us some sense of whether you believe it's likely the administration will go forward with an attack on syria imminently? >> well, the president, they go out of the way, out of their way, i've been on three calls this week. they go out of their way to say that the president hasn't made up his mind yet as he said earlier there. almost a year ago, he said if they use chemical weapons, that crosses the red line. i would have thought that before he made a statement like that, he would have had a plan in mind as to what he would do if they crossed that line. i think that's a very important part of a thought process, that
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you don't make threats until you know what you're going to do to carry out the threat. so, we have done a lot of talking. they're reaching out to members of congress. the administration, the president himself, i think, has to go to the american people. i was glad to see him out there today, but he has to tell the american people and the congress why we should be doing this. and what we should be doing and not in any detail. i think we've already given them too much advance warning to what we're going to do, but i think he has to lay out the case that we have sufficient evidence to show they did this. and that we have legal authority and moral authority to respond. they talked a lot about what the their. >> if we attack syria, is the point to take out the assad regime and do we know what will replace it?
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and if not, what is the purpose of the attack? >> that's what i'd like to see the president lay out because they have said, regime change is not what they want to do. what they want to do is make sure that they understand they can't get away with using chemical weapons and they will not have the ability to go forward in using chemical weapons in the future, now, it sounds to me like they have a big goal with a very limited attack. the president said we will not have boots on the ground. this will be a limited attack. we don't know what they will do. i think assad has said what he would do and what he would do to israel, to their neighbors. i think we have to pay very close attention and be able to know that if this, if we attack, we're open for escalation. and first briefing i had on this a couple of months ago, i asked
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if we get into this, are you going to be serious, how far are we going to go. we're still at war in afghanistan and have cut about a trillion dollars out of our defense over the next ten years. we're asking them to do more with less. >> now, this, all of this is predicated on the belief that assad himself ordered an attack against the syrian rebels. are you satisfied that we know this for sure? >> i think that the president has to go to the american people and the congress and convince them that we do know. they have said we know. they've said we have evidence. i haven't yet seen that evidence. i know they say that it's available to us in a classified setting. i don't have that opportunity here in california. if they want to bring us back to washington and discuss that, i think that's something that a lot of members of congress are willing to do, would like to see the president come to us before we attack. >> yes, i mean, you are the
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chairman of the house armed services committee. you're without question, one of the people that the administration ought to be consulting it seems to me, before this. do you think there's any chance they will get approval from congress before launching in effect, a limited war against syria? >> i don't get the feeling that they're even contemplating that. when i first had my call earlier in the week, i almost was thinking that this would already have been done. now, we've been talking all week and the president hasn't made up his mind what we're going to do. the president has given him plenty of options. they're not very excited about this, i don't think, because what is the mission? what are they going to try to accomplish? that's the first thing they should decide and they should be able to articulate that and then
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how limited will the strike be. what are we prepared to do? how will we respond if they respond in a way we're not thinking about. i've heard on the conversations, that well, we don't think assad will do something stupid. well, you know, they're pretty desperate over there. i would think that he was pretty desperate when he did this chemical attack, if in fact he did and they say they have evidence they did. anybody that would gas his own people has to be pretty desperate and i think when we think that he might not respond in a way that we don't think he would respond, i think that's something we have to be very, very careful and about how far are we willing to go? he has allies. he has iran. he has hezbollah. he has russia. others that are standing behind him. i think we just have to be very, very prepared that this is going to escalate more than what we're
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being told right now. >> it's really remarkable. you really get the sense the administration doesn't really know what it's doing, which is terrifying. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. coming up, it's a clash of convictions as we pit the rhetoric of senator obama against what we're hearing now from president obama. get ready to witness the clash within the same man. also, tonight, we need your help in selecting the video of the day. head over to hannity live to cast your vote. one of these three options will air at the end of the show. they're fantastic. we'll take a sneak peak at the first possibility. this is one happy dog. greeting his owner who just returned from six months abroad with the us navy. watch. >> you miss daddy? huh? the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or iyou have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. welcome back. while the president seems to be inches closer to taking military action alone in syria, his past works continue to come back and haunt him. back in 2007, then senator obama addressed his predecessor, criticized him and wrote this. in the case of europe, we dismissed european reservations about the wisdom and necessity of the iraq war, end quote. barely one year after that, a speech in berlin, candidate obama also warned against facing
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these types of challenges without our allies. watch this. >> in this new world, such dangerous currents have swept along faster than our efforts to contain them and that is why we cannot afford to be divided. no one nation, no matter how large or powerful, can defeat such challenges alone. >> yesterday of course, america's longest standing ally, great britain, declined to join the coalition against syria. we're here with connie mack and dennis kucinich. thanks for joining us. congressman mack, the layers upon layers of irony here, this president-elected on a platform against unilateral military action, running basically against the legacy of a president who used wmd to justify a war. we're now in the very same position. bittersweet for you watching it? >> it's hard to say bittersweet
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because there's so much on the line. our national security is on the line. the integrity and the belief system of our country is on the line. and president obama has been a disaster when it comes to foreign policy. if you just look at this one case, he talks about a red line. today, secreta secretary kerry e case for crossing that red line and then basically, surrender. he has been a contradiction to himself and this has made america less safe around the world. you know, as an american, i'm appalled that we are now looked around the world and our enemies are laughing at us. they don't think we have any credibility and our allies are not willing to stand with us. the president doesn't have support from anybody. >> no, not even great britain. congressman kucinich, i've always thought you were one of the more honest liberals
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anywhere. this is a tweet you sent out today. 200 in congress demand constitution article 1, section 8. barack obama risking impeachment. you really think the president's risking impeachment by moving without congressional approval against syria? >> yes because there is no threat to the united states of america. if there was, then people expect the president to defend us, but in this case, the president is going on his own. in a previous clip, he said, i said, i meant what i said. i have not made a final decision. well, it's not i, the president. it's we, the people, of the united states, who formed the institution and article 1 section 8 says only congress has the power to take this country to war. that's a fundamental principle and if the president throws that away, disregards that, i think there will be consequences for him. he has to go to congress.
6:18 pm
the people through their directed representatives, if the people in the u.k. can be represented by their parliament and cameron agreed through the will of the people, why can't president obama do the same thing? >> it's a great question. the congress seems awfully passive in the face of this. if we attack syria, we are targeted the assad regime. say we overthrow the regime, which appears to be their aim at some point. what comes next and why aren't we talking about what comes next? is that not important? >> this is the problem again with the obama administration. the president and our secretary of state. we don't know what their plans are. what they're trying to accomplish. the only thing it sounds like they're trying to accomplish is to fire off the few missiles, dust up some dirt over there and then claim victory. all at the same time saying we're not going to have regime change. we're not going to put boots on the ground. the president can't make that promise to the american people.
6:19 pm
he doesn't know what the consequences of those actions are going to be and i agree with dennis. i think the president must go to the congress. he must ask for approval on this. the american people deserve it. the congress deserves it. and the world deserves it. >> just to be clear, i don't think we're even capable of bombing chemical weapons supplies because it would contaminate the country. it's not clear what we are doing. >> let's step back for a minute. notwithstanding the presentation of secretary kerry made today. there's no definitive proof that links assad directly to this chemical weapons attack. that has to be said. we've got to be concerned about altered or fabricated sbel vens jensen here. our national prestige is on the line. this attack is not in our national interest and who's talking about who's going to pay the bill?
6:20 pm
we're already in the $6 trillion for the last war and congress is in a fight over the debt limit. and we're not thinking of the potentially catastrophic implications of the united states weighing in and throwing gasoline or cruise missiles on a tinderbox. >> i just can't get over a democratic president presenting spotty wmd evidence. shouldn't he stand up and apologize for the many times -- to bush. he's basically taken all of it back. >> you know, this is, it's so hypocritical. everything that he ran on, he is now in conflict with. everything he said about president bush, he can't even get our allies to join with us. the president is is ineffective. he is putting america in harm's way and tucker, i got to tell you, this isn't just you know,
6:21 pm
an incident that we're going to talk about today, but for years the to come. this scenario, how this plays out is going to affect our foreign policy in the future and the president has no credibility on it. >> it really is like that scene on animal farm where they repaint the slogans on the barn and sort of pretend they've always been that way. thank you very much. coming up, a photographer, a news photographer, who was freed last month after being held hostage for 81 days in syria, joins us live in the studio. he'll share with us his remarkable story and talk about the rise in radicalism in that troubled region. also, we need your help in selecting the video of the day. we're going to take a peek at option number two. it is remarkable. dash cam footage of police risking their lives to save a woman from a burning car. more dramatic footage, be sure to visit hannity live. be right back.
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we learn more and more every day at the brutality of the assad regime. our next guest experienced it firsthand when it was held hostage in syria for 81 days beginning in april of this year.
6:26 pm
he was just released at the end of july. he's here to share his unique perspective. jonathan and the project director join both join us in studio. so, jonathan, you just got out. you seem remarkably in good shape. you were held where and by whom? >> i was captured near damascus by islamist rebels and i was covering the conflict from their side. starting at a end of april. and by that point, i had been covering the war for about a week, then i decided to go south toward the capital and this is where i was captured. >> during the period of your captivity, you were being, your captors, being shell ed by hezbollah. >> basically, while i was captive -- home fell quickly afterwards. our military situation got worse and worse every day.
6:27 pm
every single day, we were being shelled. >> that must have been terrifying. >> yeah, it was quite difficult, especially in the beginning because i was blindfolded for a couple of weeks and handcuffed. you were just in that small room and you hear all the shelling going on and there's nothing you can do. >> totally powerless. hard to imagine anything worse. there's no debating the brutality of the regime, but there is a debate on whether it ordered this attack in syria. >> right and the rebels have at this point, been infiltrated by al-qaeda, by the muslim brotherhood. we know that chemical weapons have been used at least 13 times. the obama administration hasn't come out when they were use d i the past 13 times, so the question is why now? why this chemical attack? especially when there's no end game in sight? what are the national security interests on the united states to attack the regime and to do
6:28 pm
it now? >> good question. the outstanding question i have and not one person in washington has been able to answer it. if the united states helps to overthrow the assad regime and that's clear the direction we're moving, what comes next? the people who held you captive presumably would take over the country. >> there's no guarantee what will come after bashar al assad, if he goes. in my opinion, since i covered the conflict three times now and twice last year, there's a true notion of the rebel force. >> so, it's changed in the time you've been covering it? >> in my opinion, the first generation of fighters who picked up arms to fight against the government are now mostly either dead or went home because they're losing the war. and a lot of these guys have been replaced by more hard core muslims, who want to possibly have a state, a sharia state for syria and these guys want to
6:29 pm
take over. >> this is a pattern. we saw this in afghanistan. 30 years ago. we saw it in egypt. the other day, these insurgencies fighting the entrenched dictatorships in these countries. >> but we're not going to take out assad. we're only going to do a pinprick in syria. we're not going to contain the chemical weapons. obama has said that. >> we're not. the saudis, all the gulf states, i mean, they are pressing to take out assad. >> but we're not going to contain the chemical weapons. the obama administration leaked to the "new york times" that was subsequently hacked by syria and we know that we're not strike ing the chemical weapons and the rebels have a direct path to iraq where they will and can use chemical weapons against our troops fighting in that area and we're sending the signal that these chemical weapons can be used with inpunty. if we don't take down assad, it's a victory for him.
6:30 pm
syria is a war for iran, something the administration will not admit and if we take out assad, we're empowering al-qaeda, the muslim brotherhood. >> double, jonathan, that the assad regime used chemical weapons? >> i do not. it's very hard to tell what's going on. to go inside the actual area that was shelled. >> just to be clear, you do not believe the assad regime used chemical weapons. what do you think happened? >> it could be very likely more islamists portions of the rebellion is using these. >> a false operation designed to bring the united states in the battle against assad? >> exactly. because on a strategic and tactical level, i do not understand why the assad regime would use chemical weapons, especially now considering they're winning this conflict. they've taken back a lot of the strategic parts of the nation.
6:31 pm
there's no need to use these banned weapons. they can win by using conventional weapons. >> you would think that after the last ten year, all of us would have respect for the money nature of intelligence. sometimes, things aren't clear and yet, i noticed that the second unnamed intel source gets out and leaks something to a paper, oh, it must be true. it's not always true. >> no, it's not and the use of chemical weapons regardless of who used them, does not provide the president of the united states with constitutional authority to be engaged in military intervention. what we have for example, like you mentioned before, the hypocrisy we have our ambassador attacked in libya. >> murdered. >> we have an act of war. exactly. murder. >> we didn't even bother to interview the suspects. >> egyptians burned alive in christian churches. north korea. everywhere, and all of a sudden, this is the humanitarian
6:32 pm
intervention with the muddy stuff that's going the happen after that deserves american military intervention? >> i've just got to ask you finally, 81 days. i've known people held less than that who were in worse shape than you are. what's your next assignment? >> i'll probably say within the united states. i was thinking maybe, i was looking to egypt right now, but my contact from the ground telling me that's not a good time, so we'll see. >> you're a brave man. thank you for joining us and welcome wback. coming up, a massive rally being planned calling for the president to exempt america from obama care. the nation's health care overhaul when we return and head to and to cast your vote for the video of the day. we've got a look at the night's third and final option. more dash cam footages. this one, a throw down, believe it or not, between two cops.
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a rally to call lawmakers in washington to delay obama care. organizers are calling it exempt america. >> obama care is disaster. even a chief architect of the law admits it is headed off a cliff. >> democrats rushed the bill into law without consent of the american people. they had to pass the bill to find out what's in it. so, what is the president's solution to keep his signature legislature from derailing off the track? exceptions. by unilaterally delaying the mandate. the irs union doesn't want obama
6:38 pm
care. even the authors of the law, congress and their staff are getting special treatment. it seems like everyone has gotten waivers except the american people. if it isn't good enough for them, it's not good enough for us. 52% of americans don't want the law. yet congressional republicans are not acting to prevent the coming disaster. we must delay obama care, and that means defunding the law. on september 10th, congress is back in session and so are we. >> joining us now, one of the organizers of that rally. jenny martin. i'm also joined by kerry wofford. now, you just watched that. pretend there's no camera here. just the two of us talking, we're at dinner. you can't breathe a single word of this. if obama care is is such a great law, why is everyone getting
6:39 pm
exceptions and why aren't you getting one? >> there was so much in that that was actually factually wrong and is it john adams who said facts are stubborn things. 95% of employers who have more than 50 employees already offer health insurance. voluntarily, because that's what the market demands and they're going to continue to do that. so, to say big employers aren't covered is ridiculous. this is the basis of obama care. >> it said they got an exepgs, so it's true. >> so, what happened was there are some employers who do not offer insurance. so 95% do offer it. they didn't request delays. life continued as normal for most americans. 5% asked the white house for extra time. the white house knowing there
6:40 pm
was extra time for the individual mandate said fine. we need extra time to get organized, it's fine. again, it's a tiny fraction of employment. >> it is. it's the politically well connected. people who know somebody. it's very old fashioned. are you going to get one? are you going to try? >> i'm not getting -- i'm trying to get one for the entire country. big business did get a delay and obama announced that through a tweet. he just changed the law by the stroke of a pen. we're not following the rule of law right now in our country and that's wrong. big business got a delay. the presidents of three of the largest labor unions have said that law will shatter their employee's health care and destroy the 40-hour workweek. if it's not good for them, it's not good for the rest of america either. >> our lays are supposed to aply
6:41 pm
to everybody. not just people dumb and poor and not well connected, but everybody. why not make obama care, apply it to everybody equally. >> so, let's remember, what are the major parts of obama care? the major parts are no more kids with preexisting conditions being denied coverage. the major parts are moms not being kicked off because they got pregnant. the tax on the -- >> you began with a lecture about hour facts are stubborn things. the president did exempt business from the mandate. >> he gave a delay. that's an important -- >> it's temporary, but not ap y applying to everybody. >> 5% of employers.
6:42 pm
for most of americans, insurance goes on. now, there were all these people who didn't have insurance. the "wall street journal" today profiled two americans who don't have insurance now, but as of october 1st, they can. >> i'm sure they're very grateful. one of the 59-year-old woman with diabetes. that's an age group and a condition that leaves them in real trouble, but as of october 1st, she's able to get insurance. >> do you have any hope the congress will act on your plea and defund obama care? >> i think if congress looks and realizes and the american people realize that congress and the members of their staff, congress and their staff have now been exempted from those exchanges that kerry was talking about. if those changes are so great, why don't members of the staff want to live under them? they know that the outcome of those changes will not be as good as their current health insurance. >> it's a great question. but if organized labor is
6:43 pm
celebrated, union is so great, why isn't the white house staff unioniz unionized, stafferers? they realize it would make their lives difficult. just like obama care would. the rest of us get the shaft and the powerful and well connected get to do what they want. i live there. i see it every day. >> i live here, too. you might be slightly behind on the news, but office of personal management has ruled that congressal staff and members of congress will go into the state -- so, it is applying to congress and large employers are already covered. >> when did they rule on this? in the last week? we're going to be getting 5,000 or $11,000 of our taxpayer money to get the insurance they currently have. yet, they want to take our taxpayer money and implement this law and make us live under it even though they're not willing to. >> they have an --
6:44 pm
>> all right, we are -- i'm sorry, we're going to have to leave it here. i feel like we made a little bit of headway thanks for joining us. >> thank you. up next, ricky skags, the legenda legendary musician sat down with sean in new york. plus, head over to hannity and cast your vote for the video of the day. i recommend strongly you vote for the dog video. follow your conscious and do so. we'll be right back. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness.
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when it comes to country music legends, ricky skaggs is at the top of the list. sean recently sat down with a gram m award winner to talk about the biography and his latest album. take a look. >> doing great, thank you, sean. >> so, you've had what, 14 grammy time, 12 number one hits in your career.
6:49 pm
you know, come on. this is big stuff. you're still out there traveling. how many days a year? >> 8200. when the economy tanked a few years ago, it's been a lot harder and, but you know we're glad far work and we love playing still. i've got a great band, kentucky thunder. they're unbelievable. they're on that record, but we still go out to the friends and because they love it. you know, it's harder to see mom and dad bring the kids out than it was a few years ago. the economy, people can say it's going to get better, but it's not right now. >> you would see it first because that's the entertainment income. it's hard to even take a family to a baseball game. you buy four or five tickets, get some popcorn, a beer for the dad, cokes for the kids. >> 150, 200 bucks.
6:50 pm
people can't spend that kind of money. >> so, 3 years old, your dad noticed you harmonizing with your mother. is this a gift? >> gift to play and sing music. he bought me a mandolin five years old. >> bruce hornsby. >> we do that on the road a lot. he knew that i had talent, my dad did, he bought that mandolin for me. six years old got to play with my hero bill monroe, seven played on a television show you can find on youtube, amazing. >> the family moved to nashville when you were what, seven? >> yeah, dad was trying to get me on the grand old opry as a youngster. i got on 30 years ago and celebrated my 30th year last year, being a member. >> i like to ask musicians, i'm
6:51 pm
a big music fan, fan of yours many years. >> thank you. >> i always wonder how does a song come to you because some people go out and set out to write a song. other people wake up in the middle of the night and it writes itself. >> people are gifted as a song writer, they get songs at different times. my friend gore done kennedy wrote change the world for eric clapton, he and a friend were talking one time, and the guy said gordon, didn't your dad record return to sender with elvis? he said no, but i think i want that on my tombstone. and that, that quick. he wrote a song called return to sender. i recorded it on a cd called mosaic. bob neil is a great song writer, 9:00 to 5:00, go in, write to lunchtime, may finish a song,
6:52 pm
may not, close it up, go home. >> everyone has different extremes. you have done your own and other people's material. >> i have. i love finding a song i believe in that fits my heart, faith, beliefs. >> looking at the younger, most artists today don't write. one thing my daughter went to a taylor swift concert. do you know her? >> i do. >> everyone says she's wonderful. >> i think she's a sweet girl. >> doesn't seem like the business is corrupting her at this point. it can corrupt. i am sure you have seen many train wrecks over the years. i like that she writes her own stuff. >> i do, too. i think god made us all to be originals, not copies. i think it is great when people can be an original and write what's in their heart, write their feelings down. i think she has been great for that. >> let's talk about kentucky traveler, my life in music. life on the road is harder than
6:53 pm
people think. >> it is. but i started young. ralph stanley was the first artist i went on the road with when i was 15. met ralph, started traveling on the road with him. >> didn't have any wild days on the road? you write you were saved when you were 13. straight and narrow from that point forward? >> no, took time to understand what i have done and what god really meant to my life, what christ meant. so you know, it took a divorce and a lot of heartache and a lot of tears. >> what happens when you spin a country lp backwards? >> i didn't get my ex-wife back, you know, but a lot of people -- >> one of the things i think people don't know is you're on the road going city to city to city, you live in this bus, down time, women throwing themselves at you, by the way, doesn't happen in this business, but there's a lot of temptation on the road. >> there is. but i tell you, i have a great
6:54 pm
band, great bunch of guys, i feel like they all hold me accountable, which is great, and i think it is a three strand cord that's hardly broken. i encourage kids that are christians trying to get out in music, doesn't matter if it is marketplace music or in the church, don't go out there by yourself. get two other people that's like minded, pray together, read the scripture together, be accountable to each other. that's important. >> being accountable, they see you getting in trouble, they go -- >> right, conversation, put their arm around you -- >> say hey, let's go. >> it is an honor to meet you. >> thank you. >> you're one of the great guys in music. appreciate you coming in. >> thanks so much for having me. coming up next, we unveil what you the viewer chose at tonight's video of the day. coming up. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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welcome back to "hannity." time to reveal what you the viewers have chosen as tonight's video of the day. you selected the heartfelt reaction of one happy dog seeing his owner again for the first time since returning home from a six month deployment with the u.s. navy. take a look. >> come here! all right. uh-huh. i know. you missed me? did you miss daddy? i know, baby! i know. come here. i know. did you miss daddy?
7:00 pm
did you miss me? >> that is so great. a really pure kind of love, the love the dogs have. that's all we have. thanks a lot for being with us. this is a fox news alert. it could happen at any moment. the commander in chief sending a clear message that he, quote, has an obligation to act on syria. although at this hour, the president insisting he hasn't made up his mind. leland vittert has the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: it seems like it is going to happen at night, and every night since this cries i has begun, people here and in israel have waited with baited breath trying to see when they may strike. the newspapers have it the best, the headline in hebrew, n


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