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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 29, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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baby. >> we will have to leave it there. thanks for watching "the five." "special report" is coming up next. he will get on that breaking news out of the house of commons. the obama administration lays out its case for taking the country to another middle east conflict. this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace. top administration officials are briefing congressional leaders this evening on their case for launching an attack against syria. secretary of state kerry, defense secretary hagel, national security adviser susan rice and james clapper are all laying out evidence the assad regime was responsible for the chemical attack last week that
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killed hundreds of civilians. we have fox team coverage. james rosen of the state department reports on a surprise defeat in britain. we begin with what the administration is doing right now. >> reporter: we finally reached the pivotal moment where the obama administration is revealing its intelligence. to prove the syrian government is behind the attack. they are doing that as they make their case to congress even though they are not promising votes in congress. syrian president bashar al assad remained defiant denying his forces used chemical weapons. while white house officials hit hard with questions about another iraq insisted they have an air tight case over last week's mass chemical attack. >> these international norms are important. and it is not appropriate for totalitarian dictators to flout them with impugnity.
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>> reporter: a key republican is backing the president up on the intelligence but charges the consultation has been more like checking a box. >> i think the facts will be on the president's side but he needs buy in from congress. >> we send a shot across the bow saying stop doing this, that can have a positive impact over the long term. >> reporter: retired major general says it is not just a shot across the bow and warned of a wider conflict if assad responds by striking israel. >> it is an act of war. tell me pathways to war sometimes turn into highways to hell. >> reporter: as a candidate in 2008 then senator obama warned against symbolic threats against syria and iran. in an interview on december 1 took a poke at president bush
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saying iran and syria would start changing their behavior if they started seeing they had some incentives to do so. they don't respond well to that kind of bluster. in his famous 2002 speech calling iraq a devoir mr. obama acknowledged he could be contained until he falls away into the dust been of history. >> what happened to the barack obama of 2008 who said you have to go to the u.n. >> unfortunately, what we are seeing right now is russia repeatedly block efforts to hold the assad regime accountable. the president of the united states is not going to allow that obstruction to prevent him from making decisions in the best interest of our national security. >> reporter: they say the
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president is considering a much smaller mission, no ground groups and no regime change. when will the public get the intelligence? the public likely to get it according to sources by tomorrow. >> reporting from the white house. thanks for that. american lawmakers are not the only ones who have serious questions about military action. tonight chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us the prospect is not an easy sell overseas either. >> reporter: for british prime minister david cameron sudden and stiff resistance to the uk's participation for its alleged chemical weapons use. >> the question is what if any military action we should take and what criteria should determine that decision. >> it is not because of the weapons but because the american
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president foolishly drew a red line. and because of his position now he is going to attack or face humiliati humiliation. >> let's not pretend there is one smoking piece of intelligence to solve the problem. >> it is not about invading or regime change. to me the biggest danger escalation is if the world community stands back and does nothing. i think assad will draw very clear conclusions from that. >> reporter: u.s. officials indicated a willingness to move without downing. >> we would not necessarily act on the same basis of the same legal doctrines of our allies. we also said the president will make a decision and act on any response on our own timeline. >> reporter: although syria and iran have vowed to lash back against israel diplomatic
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sources tell fox news the forces have assessed the chances of such retaliation are slim because syria nor iran are willing to face a forceful counter strike. >> translator: despite low probability of israeli involvement we decided to deploy the iron dome batteries and other interception systems. >> reporter: the british parliament voted to reject a force. sources tell fox news the operations will target bashar al assad's command and control facilities as well as missile launchers. senior obama administration officials of course would not confirm that but they did confirm those targets were among the options that d.o.d. presented to the president. >> again, to emphasize, britain is no longer on board.
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they are not part of the coalition of the willing after this vote on the parliament? >> not with active military action but there are other ways they can participate. we are learning more tonight about the capabilities of the u.s. intelligence system as well as what it can not do. >> reporter: a $52.6 billion top secret spy budget for fiscal 2013 which the "washington post" says it obtained from edward snowden reveal details which insiders say could provide damaging insight. u.s. intelligence agencies made slow progress trying to address key questions about chemical and biological weapons. on syria the national security agency was able to monitor unincrypted communications at the start of the civil war until president bashar al assad's
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forces discovered it was taking place. one expert says because the disclosure is comprehensive it is particularly damaging. what we know, what we don't know and how we go about trying to get that sort of information. >> reporter: the chairman of the house intelligence committee says about this leak, quote, disclosures of our capabilities andm pras jeopardize the efforts of the meant and women in the intelligence community. the budget document also reveals new details about the intelligence community tracking of osama bin laden. the raid it says was guided by a group of satellites in space which pointed dozens of separate receivers of pakistan to collect a vast amount of data as the mission took place. it noticed the united states watches allies and enemies.
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counter intelligence operations are strategically focused against targets of china, russia, iran, cuba and israel. >> i don't think that would surprise anybody who we are collecting against and also what we think our major concerns are in the world. it makes sense to have that in the budget. it would be better for it nout to be out in the public domain. >> reporter: north korea says what are described as five critical gaps in u.s. intelligence about nuclear and missile programs and analysts knowing almost nothing about the intentions of new leader, kim jong-un. interesting that it was revealed in a story leaked by former contract employee, snowden, one of their own. >> much more on this with the panel. a disturbing look at the fort hood shooter before his attack. here is what our fox affiliates are covering.
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fox 40 in sacramento watching the wild fooir. authorities are using a drone to give them early views of any new flare ups of what is becoming one of the ten largest wild fires on record. in florida people upset their personal belongings lost in a resort sinkhole may not be covered by insurance. and this is a live look from phoenix. the big story there is the fast food worker strike across the nation. workers want a big raise and are taking to the streets. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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nidal hasan will be appealed whether he likes it or not. hasan killed 13 people and wounded more than 30 at the military base four years ago. tonight we have a fascinating look at the army psychiatrist before the massacre. >> reporter: bearing an fbi logo and subtitles head of the world view as it relates to muslims and the u.s. military was provided to the defense as part of the discovery process in the case. john galson provided two four segments to fox news at the specific direction of major nidal hasan. while it is unknown what the entire video shows hasan is asked about martyrdom and the number in paradise provoking nervous laughter. >> it is there. it is heaven.
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>> reporter: in the video he presents a powerpoint presentation where he lay s out recommendations to reduce insider attacks. >> to increase the morale of nonmobile soldiers in the military. >> reporter: hasan who is now sentenced to death warned -- >> we always talk about god in country. here we are talking about god versus country. >> he sounds like he is trying to explain how other people might think but you begin to hear him. he seems to have already begun the process of radicalization. >> reporter: according to the senate report a ticking time bomb the presentation went through several drafts with one supervisor describing him as lazy and a religious fan attati >> they are joining groups like
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the taliban and al qaeda. there is something out there with those groups that is resonating. >> reporter: ralph peters found the presentation chilling and disturbing. >> the tragedy did not have to happen. he had an accomplice and that was political correctness in our military. >> reporter: a leading researcher at stanford said hasan's time was a turning point. >> the only thing he didn't do was wear a t shirt saying i am going to shoot tomorrow. >> reporter: there was no immediate comment today from the walter read press office. >> fascinating report. still ahead how obama care could make a tough climate for young job seekers even worse.
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the national football league has reached a settlement with 4,500 former players over concussions. the nfl will pay $765 million for medical exams, concussion-related compensation and medical research. the lawsuit accused the league of hiding the risk of concussions for decades. the league denied that. president obama is taking new executive action on gun control. the government will curb the import of weapons and close a loop hole that lets felons get around background checks.
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the president wasn't able to get a tougher gun control agenda through congress earlier this year. one of the more interesting stories is big labor's growing dissatisfaction with the health care law. here is chief national correspondent. >> reporter: richard trunk told reporters the health care law needs changes and has inadvertent holes in it. >> when the act was put together it wasn't thought completely through. >> reporter: several unions have expressed outrage over how the law would effect them. the unions turned to congress. the leaders of three large unions sent a scathing letter to senator harry reid and nancy pelosi saying time is running
3:22 pm
out. we voted for you. we have a problem. you need to fix it. he indicated the administration and secretary of labor are now trying to change the law to help the unions. >> in the middle of the talk on health care. and his help on solving the problems i think is important and instrumental. >> reporter: analysts are wondering how. >> the unions are furious. the constitution requires the president to carry out the laws of the land. >> reporter: requests for details went unanswered. one key union complaint was making less than 30 hours part time will, as they wrote to congress, quote, destroy the foundation of the 40-hour work week that is the back bone of
3:23 pm
the american middle class. >> that is obviously something that no one can do. >> is that an issue? >> yeah. >> reporter: critics note the union s were instrumental in passing the law they want changed. >> the unions are saying this bill is a huge problem for us. >> reporter: he had a warning for politicians, listen to people's complaints about the law and try to fix them instead of saying it is all good. no grapevine tonight so we can bring you a special look at how obama care may actually threaten the future of young americans. she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms obph, like needing to go frequently or urgently.
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and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] a federal judge has granted bankruptcy protection to san bernardino, california. this paves the way for what could be a precedent setting battle between bond holders and the state's pension system. that organization is the only objecting to the chapter 9 filing. it says the city owes the pension fund more than $14 million. a second straight positive day on wall street. the dow gained 16. the s&p was up 3. nasdaq finished ahead 27. a story about how tough it is for young americans to make it as they pursue their careers. and the president's health care
3:28 pm
law is not making it any easier. >> reporter: the struggles of young americans in a floundering economy. >> it is the same story everywhere i go. i can't find the job. they say it is not there for you. >> for the young person just graduated from college and wants to find a job they can't so they get to stay at their parents' house longer. >> some of the brightest 24 year olds are not producing. >> reporter: when president obama was elected in 2008 more than two-thirds of said he made them feel hopeful. >> because of what we have done change has come to america. >> reporter: now the young americans are facing tough times with potentially tougher times ahead leaving many confused about their future. >> my generation is bearing the
3:29 pm
brunt of this awful economy. i talk to young people across the country right now and they are extremely frustrated with the status quo. >> reporter: it all circles back to one four letter word, jobs. the unemployment crisis young americans face is astonishing when you look at the numbers. june's unemployment numbers show teens from 16 to 19 years of age have an unemployment rate of 24%. that's nearly double the unemployment rate of 20 to 24 which stands at 13.5% still way above the national average. now, that rate dips dramatically as persons ages 35 years, 45 years unemployment rates at levels below. july's numbers were only slightly better. those staggering unemployment
3:30 pm
numbers translate into a complete standard of living change for a whole generation of young people. >> i think you can see some of the economic consequences happening now. so you see that they are living home with parents and not making major purchases like cars or houses. they are defaulting on student loans and postponing things like marriage and having children all because of the economic challenges that they are facing. >> reporter: all of this came up in the 2012 race. >> college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms staring up at fading obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. >> reporter: the number of young adults ages 18 to 31 living in their parents' home has steadily risen in recent years. 2012's number, 36% was the highest in at least four decades. young people are finding
3:31 pm
themselves with a smaller net worth. the census shows that, for example, back in 2005 those 35 years and younger had a net worth of around $7,700. those 65 and over had assets of $177,000. in 2009 the net worth took a nose dive. their net worth was cut in half to $3,500. those at retirement age had about $169,000 to their name. in 2011 the net worth of those 35 years and younger started to come back up to the 20 5005 lev. the older generations assets grew to $170,000. that older generation also enjoys programs, social security and medicare that are being
3:32 pm
funded by young people who may not enjoy the benefits of those programs later in life. >> there has to be an adjustment. we promise growing support to the elderly. it is actually growing over time in real terms meaning adjusted for inflation. it does cause an imbalance. who pays for the larger payments? it is workers. >> an 18 year old's lifetime debt -- >> we don't expect, a number of us think social security is going to be there for us. a retirement adviser says don't count on social security being part of your retirement. political leaders are going to say let's address long-term challenges. >> obama care may add fuel to the fire. >> it is half the population that is going to be overtaxed
3:33 pm
for the preexisting entitlements and made them pay for new entitleme entitlements. so you know, we have made the situation of our entitlement system worse, not better because of the law. >> reporter: meanwhile student loan debt is piling up more and more each year. at the end of 2008 the average student loan balance for americans under 30 was $17,000. by the end of president obama's first term it had risen to well over $20,000. >> how are they going to pay off their student loan debt and credit card debt? they don't have the financial means to get out from under. if you look to the future it looks grim. >> reporter: what can be done to help this generation thrive? last week president obama unveiled a broad new plan during a two-day campus bus tour that he says will make college education more affordable. >> first, we are going to start
3:34 pm
rating colleges on who is offering the best value so students and taxpayers get a bigger bang for their buck. we are going to jump start competition between colleges and we are going to make sure that if you have to take on debt to earn your college degree that you have ways to manage and afford it. >> reporter: critics like senator marco rubio of florida says college should be more affordable but imposing standards on higher education is not the way to do it. some argue that the government must get more involved in creating opportunities even if it means avoiding certain spending cuts for now. >> we should start by ending short sighted spending cuts to national service programs that give young people the opportunity to get training for a job. we should expand access to education and training
3:35 pm
particularly types of training that we don't use as much in the u.s. like apprenticeship that allows people to work and gain skills that employers need. >> reporter: others insist that young people realize they can create their own solutions instead of waiting for the government to help them. >> the average age of an entrepreneur in america today is the age of 26. another study found the most successful startups average age was 24. my generation is poised to help and create and innovate. you don't transform from old ideas. every reason to be optimistic. we cannot optimistic unless public policies get government out of the way, remove big government policy and costs from around our neck and let us create unincumbered by the past bad decisions of politicians who care more about their next election than the next generation of americans.
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congressional leaders get a full briefing on evidence the assad regime carried out a chemical attack against the rebels. how strong is the evidence? we'll talk of that with our panel. alert.
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if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. it is important for us to consult with congress. we have done that in a robust way. >> i don't know what they are going to say tonight. it is not in a secure forum. i refuse to accept the check the box kind of an attitude. we talked to a few members on the telephone wherever they might be and that should suffice. that is not going to suffice. >> white house spokesman josh earnest and the chairman of the house intelligence committee disagreeing on how closely the obama administration is consulting with congress before
3:40 pm
taking action against syria. time to bring in our panel. the briefing of congressional leaders by kerry and hagel and rice and clapper may be going on right now as we speak. it is not a classified briefing because there are so many congressional leaders all over the country they couldn't give a classified briefing. even before the briefing officials were lowering expectations. they are saying there is no smoking gun, that there is no slam dunk. how important is this briefing and the public version, the less classified version which apparently will be made public tomorrow? >> not that important. it is an unclassified briefing. there is only so much information they can convey even if they declassified certain elements to make the case that the administration wants to make. at this point i think over
3:41 pm
unsecure phone lines or what have you it is striking that we are considering doing some kind of attack, the administration is. you saw the british parliament be called back in to have some kind of debate about this. and yet there is no such urgency here. it is like we are carrying on as if this is yet another issue in a long line of issues that we don't have to take more seriously. call congress back if you want to have this kind of discussion, call congress back. >> congress could come back on their own. >> absolutely. i think the blame goes everywhere. there is a reason they are not doing that, of course. that is because what happened in britain could happen here. there is very little appetite in the populous and among members of congress to have that kind of a vote and support this kind of action. >> we will get to the vote in a moment. all of this coming from a president who was so critical of the way the bush administration
3:42 pm
handled intelligence before the invasion of iraq and in effect isn't he in a way saying to congress and to the country trust me? >> absolutely. there is no greater kind of disconnect between candidate obama and president obama than this. i mean, he ran to get us out of military conflicts. he ran to not do things without congressional approval. i think the congress piece will be resolved. i don't think he will get the reaction that david cameron got. i think the biggest question is the strategic question. the president described it as a shot over the bow. a shot over the bow lands with a splash in the water. they don't do a whole lot of damage. they are symbolic. that is a question a lot of members have. what is the strategic purpose of the strike? is it to punish him or to really try to degrade his ability.
3:43 pm
>> in case you joined us late you may not know what we are talking about when we talk about the british parliament and david cameron, the prime minister brought a resolution before the british parliament today that would have authorized the use of force. it was supposed to go to another vote on tuesday but the british parliament voted it down today and britain announced that they will not be part of any military action against syria. charles? >> it is a complete humiliation for the obama administration. forget about the merits of what obama wants to do which i think it is a bad idea. let's assume it is a good idea. this involves the elementary conduct of international due policy, trying to get some allies aboard so you don't act unilaterally. who is the main ally in the world with us in every trench for the last 100 years? the british. and now the british have voted against us.
3:44 pm
the other supposed ally was the french. president hollande. here is obama and the democrats who railed against the bush administration for its supposedly unilateral invasion of iraq. we had 48 allies for a mission that involved boots on the ground, a real invasion, a real war. here is obama trying to gather an ally or two for a pin break and he gets nothing. this is just on the basis of thinking ahead, let's say, a week ahead. when they leaked this information about exactly what we are going to hit, where we are going to hit it, what the reasons and objectives are and we have a culmination of the willing did nobody check on the allies. these guys couldn't organize a three-car funeral. >> we have a minute left, steve.
3:45 pm
i want to pick up on what charles said. there were so many leaks and such a sense that we were about to strike. it has gone through all this week. we are not going to get the public report until tomorrow. the u.n. inspectors doesn't happen until tomorrow night. the president begins to travel to europe on tuesday. do you think this delay, is there a cost to this delay that it seems to be happening in such a sporadic and some would say disorganized fashion? >> yes. i think the president of the united states has absolutely no idea what he is doing. it is totally ad hoc. they make an announcement and do nothing about it. make another announcement and zero followup. there is talk about going to the united nations and then it is not. we talk about a shot across the bow. the president's comments about it being a shot across the bow came after there were leaks basically making two points that we weren't going to be targeting
3:46 pm
regime elements and we weren't going to try to alter the course on the ground. the president of the united states said for a year bashar al assad has to go and we are in a position to make him go and we decided we are not going to do that? they have no idea what they are doing. we need to take a break here. when we come back an unprecedented look inside our spy agency black budget and what u.s. intelligence says it can't find out.
3:47 pm
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3:49 pm
intelligence is our first line of defense and it is important that we protect sensitive information including
3:50 pm
intelligence sources and methods. this is not helpful to our national security by any stretch of the imagination. it is going to undermine cooperation with friends and partners. partners. official peter brookes talking about a big story in the "the washington post" today leaked by former nasa worker edward snowden that revealed the so-called black budget of u.s. spy agencies. we are back now with our panel. the post story says that while the budget for the intelligence services have more than doubled over the last 10 years since 9/11. the agency acknowledges that there are still some serious intelligence gaps and let's put that up on the screen. among those intelligence gaps, chemical and biological weapons, homegrown terrorism, china's next generation jet fighter and pakistan's nuclear program. these are what the intelligence agencies themselves acknowledge are gaps in their intelligence. things they are having things finding out about,
3:51 pm
steve? important areas. >> this is really an incredible, incredible leak. leading up to the publication of some of this today, intelligence officials were very concerned they engaged in long back and forth with the "the washington post" about what should and should not be included in this publication. i think we have seen some of it. i believe there is more coming. so we may yet learn more. just in what we have learned today, this is like a greatest hits of u.s. intelligence community. it's what the agencies use to justify the spending and basically ask for more. so it details virtually everything they are doing and also as you point out the places where we have gaps which in effect allows them ask for additional funding to fill in those gaps so they can develop capabilities to it fill though n. those gaps. if this entire thing were published without any restraint by the "the washington post," i think it would be one of the most significant leaks of anything ever. the post seems to have been somewhat restrained. right now it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days. >> mara, there is some irony to this story because the nsa, according to this
3:52 pm
report, planned to investigate at least 4,000 insider threats, cases where they said they were concerned that one of their own might have compromised information. the irony, of course, is the fact that the entire story was leaked to the "the washington post" by one of their own edward snowden. >> that's right. i wonder if he was on the list of 4,000 and they just didn't get around to him. >> probably not. it is really extraordinary and tells, you know, just how much money we are spending on these security efforts and also shows how the cia, although had has been in trouble in years' past really has gotten back on the strong footing and biggest recipient of this. but, this is something that was not meant to be public. and you just have to wonder how much more edward snowden provided information there is out there and that we are going to find out about. >> i mean, we should point out, marah, that the post said that there is a treasure trove. they had the entire budget and they went out of their way almost to do chapter headings but to it not do
3:53 pm
any of the details inside. it sounds as if snowden had the whole bill of goods. >> snowden had the whole bill of goods which means that the chinese government and russian government had everything that he had had. >> you would assume if he gave it to the post it was on his drives. >> it was on his drives and he didn't have to lift a finger to give it to them or to let them have access to it. >> chris: charles, what do you make of the disclosure and what did you learn about the intelligence community? >> it's criminal and traderous. you could argue on the nsa stuff the guy was trying to protect individual rights. he thought there was a violation of the fourth amendment so he blew a whistle on this. there is nothing in here that is in the way of protecting american life. this is a disclosure of what we know, what we don't know which is enormously helpful to america's enemies. steve is right. if all of this had been published, if the post had put it all out it, it would ory.e been the worst leak in we can be sure there is zero chance that the chinese intelligence agencies and the russians
3:54 pm
don't have every, every iota of this. so all of this is known. >> much more than we are reading in the "the washington post." >> exactly. in the post it's a redacted version. but even that is telling us a lot o. this is a deeply harmful way to hurt the united states. >> chris: what did you learn? >> i don't see a redeeming feature in it. >> chris: i understand that point. what did you learn from the information? >> that list you start with the list of deficiencies. and there are other lists, endless lists of other areas. also areas where we are strong, would be penetrated and we have assets on the ground which the chinese and the russians now know. they also know where our emphasis is. obviously the cia doubled in its size. it's now the major agency. it's essentially a paramilitary organization runs the drone war and the other stuff. but there is detail in here which we can't even imagine, which is now in the hands of our adversaries and, therefore,
3:55 pm
in the hand of any allies of theirs. >> chris: briefly, less than a minute left, steve is our resident expert on the intelligence community. how badly and again, not what the "the washington post" says but the whole story, which as we suspect probably is in the hands of the chinese and the russians, how much damage to national security? >> huge. i think it's absolutely huge. it shows how our resources are being used. it shows as charles suggests not only our deficiencies and gaps. it shows areas where we have gotten intelligence. >> chris: say to our enemies you have got to watch out. >> this is where you need to shore up. basically like giving a playbook for a very successful football team to the opposing team and tell them exactly what they need to do to be more competitive. and anybody who wanted to treat show den as a hero is delusional at this point. >> chris: that's it for the panel. but stay tuned for a marine promotion ceremony you won't want to miss. dogs are involved.
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>> chris: finally tonight, one of the most famous and shortest marines ended his tour of duty yesterday. he is known for his military bearing and his ability to put a smile on his fellow marines' faces. the marine corps mascot is being replaced by a younger more energetic and as you will see less experienced service member. >> sergeant 13th the united states marine corps. subject released from active duty and transferred to the fleet marine corps reserve. you have made a mark on the corps that will remain. i do appoint this marine a lance corporal in the united states marine corps. at this point is he to on or observe and follow such orders as may be given at such time. >> chris: the younger english bulldog has been groomed for this dog shadowing 13 as he performed his duties and
4:00 pm
made public appearances. he has got big paws to fill. semper phi to both chesty. i'm chris wallace here in washington. keep it here on fox where more news is always on 00 way. >> harris: as fox reports live, we are learning all those concussions suffered by so many players in the nfl could turn into cash. and we thought they would join us if we attacked syria over alleged chemical weapons use. but tonight a key ally says no way. just as the white house makes its case to members of congress for a possible military strike on syria. >> the assad regime needs to be held responsible. >> harris: but lawmakers worn it -- warn it won't be quick or easy. >> you cannot confine this to syria. >> we could be locked in for years. >> harris: n


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