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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 22, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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just go to, configure your car, and get connected... to a truecar certified dealer... for guaranteed savings. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit and o'reilly is paid for. this. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> he is such an amazing person and i'm going to miss him forever. >> bill: another brutal, inexplicable crime, a 22-year-old australian gunned down in oklahoma by three teenagers because they say they were bored. there is much more to this story and we will have a factor investigation. >> we are saddened and disappointed in today's sentence. we continue to believe that brad's intentions were good and that he believed he was acting in the best interest of this country. >> bill: private bradley manning sentenced to 35 years in prison for espionage. wait until you hear the hidden parts of that sentence. >> oh.
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[ laughter ] >> that's a talented man right there. >> also tonight, a new study says that irresponsible drinking in america costing the country about $225 billion every year. we'll get to the bottom of that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. another brutal embarrassment for the u.s.a. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. 22-year-old australian baseball player christopher lane shot dead in oklahoma last friday for absolutely no reason at all. mr. lane had played for east central university. he was out jogging when three thugs allegedly murdered him. they are 15-year-old james edwards, 16-year-old chancey luna and 17-year-old michael jones. the police chief danny ford says the teenagers were all in trouble before and on the day of the shooting
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edwards actually had a court appearance. reaction to the horror is heart breaking. >> he is such an amazing person and i'm going to miss him forever. but i'm really glad that i got the four years with him. >> there wasn't anything he did or could have done. he was an guy jog like he would do. six days a week. it's happened. it's wrong. and we just try and deal with the best we he can. >> and in australia, there is deep anger against america. >> people thinking of going to the u.s.a. on business or tourist trips should think carefully about it given the statistical fact you are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the u.s.a. than in australia per capita per
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1 million people. >> it's those friends of ours in australia, we would say to you this is not duncan, oklahoma, i'm going to do everything can i to ensure that we see these three thugs pay for what they did to christopher lane. >> now, based upon known evidence, james edwards could be the instigator. information about edwards on social media indicates he may be affiliated with the crypts gang that he wanted to be a rapper. that he appeared on a web site posing with a rifle. the father of the teen reacted this way. >> i feel that that he doesn't really matter. that he doesn't understand it at all. he really doesn't understand how serious it is. >> bill: i find that hard to belief but police say edwards was dancing and joking after he was arrested. his sister blames it on the community. >> i would people to know in this community that if we would reach out to the youth and do more
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things with them this stuff could be prevented. >> bill: other reaction not much the naacp is silent. civil rights industry silent. some liberals blaming america's lack of gun control. fox white house correspondent ed henry got this reaction from president obama's spokesman. >> martin here and in the rose garden why hasn't he spoken out on this in this case? there is a judicial propgd and there was one in the trayvon martin case he spoke out extensively on that one. >> i'm not sure that -- there is some reason in this room i don't think i would agree with you that the president spoke out extensively on it. >> bill: talking points believes there is a destructive culture in this country it is apparent if convicted the three boys are have no regard for human life. yet, he they had plenty regard for the social media for rap, for x box the mother of chance luna says the boy was playing that game shortly of about the murder occurred there will come a point in america when people will see this
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problem for what it is a cultural collapse among some very distinct groups. a violent subculture is in place fueled by derelict parents, a barbaric media and apathy on the part of many politicians. the incredible violence taking place in chicago neighborhoods as well as mindless murets across the country prove this point. until we acknowledge, acknowledge the source of the chaos, we will not be able to solve the problem. and that's the memo. now for the top story reaction kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers also a fox news analyst. how do you evaluate this story, powers? >> it's obviously a terrible tragedy. i don't quite understand the expectation that the president would be speaking about it or any other groups because, unlike the trayvon martin case, the attackers were immediately arrested. and was just quite different from the trayvon martin case where there was a dead unarmed teenager and nobody had been arrested.
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i think there was a lot of concern there. >> bill: let me answer your question then. i think that the nation wants to hear from their leader, president obama, when inexplicable things happen. so he weighed in on the trayvon martin case. now, if i were the president, why get involved in this oklahoma case? no. i wouldn't. i don't think there is a racial overtone to this. two blacks, one white. they were thugs. unfortunately it happens all the time. however, i think the question is legitimate, you know, if you are going to weigh in on one, kate, you weigh in on the other. what do you say? >> i think the president and jesse jackson and al sharpton and some others jumped at the chance to weigh in when a horror would further their political goals. and that's a horrible thing. it's a horrible reality but the fact that today jesse jackson finally said that this kind of violence should be frowned upon. that was his outrage. but, bill, when it served
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the president's agenda to sort of stir up racial animosity, he compares trayvon martin to what his son would look like. well, we actually. >> bill: are you saying that you believe president obama wanted to stir up racial animosity? is that what you are saying? >> i think he absolutely wanted to stir up suspicion on racial boundaries. >> bill: i disagree. i think that sharpton and others wanted to stir up racial animosity. >> the president jumped right in there, bill. >> bill: i think the president jumped right in there because he saw an opportunity to speak to his constituency that supported him to the tune of 94%. i think it was a political move. >> if so then he would be jumping in right now to say we have a serious problem among our young people. that is. >> bill: he doesn't believe we have a serious problem new england our young people. >> we do have a huge problem. this has to do with gang culture and rap. >> bill: now you are absolutely right. but the president of the united states doesn't believe we have a serious problem.
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>>en on what planet does the president not believe we have a problem, bill? seriously? >> bill: let me answer your question. >> you don't agree with his analysis of the problem. >> bill: you just asked me a question, right? >> go ahead and answer it. >> bill: can i answer it? thank you. >> you certainly can. >> bill: here is the evidence. five years in office he has never addressed it one time. the culture, the derelict parenting, he has never made it a centerpiece. we have had healthy gardens. we have had let's do some exercise. we have had a whole bunch of other outreach programs, nothing about this. >>. no the difference is that barack obama has different analysis of the situation that i happen to share that you dismiss which is that our gun culture -- our gun culture is what is behind this. trust me if those kids didn't have a gun that guy would be alive. if they didn't have a gun. >> bill: the gun did it. >> no. if they didn't have a gun he would be alive.
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>> bill: they're going to have a gun. >> bill: hold it. this is how ridiculous, powers, you sound there are more than 100 million guns on the street of america. all right? because it's historical situation. accept it. there is 100 million. >> historical situation? what does that mean? >> bill: that means when the country was settled. everybody had a gun. >> everybody had to have a machine gun? yeah, i'm sure. >> bill: bill because of the second amendment you can't take them away deal with that. >> gun culture, you deal with that gun culture. it's a different thing than owning a gun. it's making it sexy. making it seem appealing. if these kids didn't have a gun. a knife it would be a completely different thing. >> it's the core thing of the culture. it's unbelievable you feel this way. 95% of people who own guns are law abiding goofed people, okay? it's the corruption of certain groups in this country that's leading to this murder.
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it's the corruption of certain groups -- >> -- what do you mean certain groups? there are plenty of white people who use guns to go in and kill people like children in elementary schools in fact when i think of it it. >> bill: that's insane. just black people have a problem with guns? >> b. bill bill let me give kate the last word, go. >> not a culture a promoted among our young people. imperative we discuss this issue. this will be swend under the grounds when he enthusiastic that. >> white -- what are they doing the violence with if it's not guns? >> let's talk about rap lyrics that promote glorify killing in anyway. talk about drugs. ramping use of guns. >> violence, nobody is doing anything about. >> bill: i have got to stop it it's quite apparent that kirsten and others do not want to talk about who is pulling the trigger of the gun. they just want to talk about the gun. >> i don't even know what
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that means. >> bill: i think that's a fallacy, i do. it's the pervasive culture, all right, that is coarsening the country and people who don't have good parents, children who don't have supervision are then being put in a situation where they are gunning down people because they are bored. that's the problem. >> the left doesn't want to talk about it the media doesn't want to talk about it. >> that's not true the left talks about it. >> no they don't. >> bill: army private bradley manning gets 35 years for espionage but he doesn't really. i will explain and dennis miller will have thoughts upcoming. later, what's the deal with these bear attacks. they are on the rise in this month in august. take a look at it and the factor will be right back.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight bradley manning 25 years old convicted of espionage sentenced to 35 years in a military prison. the judge army colonel denise lind uld have sentenced manning to 90 years but gave him less than half that on paper 35 years sounds big but manning could be a free man in 8 years. if he behaves at leavenworth where he is expected to go. joining us now from washington reaction, democrat james carville. 8 years seems kind of light. and you say? >> yeah, you know, i was -- frankly i was expecting more. i read up on it and the judge seemed like she is pretty professional, she didn't give reasons which under military code she doesn't have to. so i really don't know what went through that my real outrage is how did does a private with a set of complicated life like that this guyhood. how does he get all these secrets that cause enormous embarrassment to the country who did this. >> can i set you straight on that. >> all right.
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go ahead. >> it all comes back to the high tech era in which we live. this guy, just like the other guy snowden, they get in there. they are very savvy. they know where documents are. reports are they are able to asemmable them because they know how to use the technology. there is nobody supervising them apparently. they are storing it here. they are storing it there. it's not difficult to do it. but, a lot of liberal people say that manning, his lawyers today, he didn't mean it he just wanted to expose wrongdoing. you know, the usual lament of intent. and the intent obviously that the government has a responsibility i want to see if you agree with this. it's not that manning is a threat to society now, i mean, the guy is probably a narrow do well, it's just that you have to send a message to everybody in the armed forces and everybody in the nsa and the fbi and the cia and every place
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else if you steal secrets, and give them to the enemy, in a time of war, because we are in a war on terror, you are going to be punished harshly and i didn't think this punishment was harsh enough. >> again, first of all i agree with you. it was against the law what he did. they don't have a whistle blower exception this national security stuff. if you are a private army an individual citizen you don't get to determine what you think is important information or not. >> bill: right, absolutely. you can certainly have a policy discussion as to whether it's good. have a discussion as to how whistle blower laws apply. he doesn't get that choice to do that. his intention and maybe he thought he was helping -- he was saving the world. well, that really doesn't -- that shouldn't matter. it's the consequence of what he does. and you are right the message it sends to other people. >> bill: he was lucky. a lot of people in america don't quite understand we're still in this war. you know, all you have to do is think back to april in the boston bombing and the poor people who got killed by these two jerks up there in the name of
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allah. and when you are in that kind of a situation where at any moment, civilians can be murdered and maimed, i mean, you can't be messing around with national security data. manning should have got 156789 is he 25. i would have gotten -- he serves 15. is he out when he is 40. that would have been fair. you know, carville, here is what amazes me. you are actually sounding level headed. >> i don't quite understand. since you left cnn, you actually sound lucid and you are thinking and you are rationale. what has happened? >> i'm not, no. >> bill: did you read a couple of my books? is that what happened. >> i have never been that way. i have never been that way. you can't -- again, i really don't -- and i just don't buy it. you can block technology. you can stop people from having access to it you can give people security clearances. >> bill: very hard. >> snowden is a guy living
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with a pole dancer in honolulu and he gets all of this stuff? >> bill: i don't know if the nsa knew he was doing all of that. when you get tech savvy, i'm not tech savvy. are you tech savvy, carville? both of us -- these gnomes, they know -- they know how to do everything. that's what happens. they have outrun their coverage. last word, carville? >> i do some consulting for a tech company. they have blocked -- they have all kinds of stuff that prohibit people from getting in that kind of thing. >> bill: remember, manning was in iraq, all right? he was there that's where he did his deed. so, there is a little chaotic there. all right, james. keep being level headed man and read all my books. >> don't accuse me of that kind of stuff you will ruin my reputation. >> it's already ruined you don't have to worry. >> pakistani doctor who helped find bin laden in prison. what is the obama administration doing about it. can hillary clinton win dennis miller's vote for president? moments away.
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>> bill: washington beat segment tonight. is the pakistani doctor kill -- also problems for hillary clinton's presidential run. joining us from washington ace reporters james rosen and carl cameron. cammeron, begin with you. tell me about hillary. what's going on there. >> she is getting a lot of attention, bill. not the kind she wants. she has been may more public than she said she wanted to be at the stage. the headlines may have harmed more man help. so much so some liberals are starting to dip their toes into the 2016 against her. howard dean whom you very well no s. about to visit iowa and manning new hampshire claiming demand for those left of hillary clinton. talking about 2016 and got
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rave reviews and the left is even buzzing about massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. they are all getting noticed because clinton has hit a rough patch. >> bill: i don't understand what the rough patch is she is out in the hamptons now staying at $100,000 rental for a month. what's a rough patch? diane lane is going to play her in some zombie movie or something. i don't quite understand. >> just yesterday, bill, the successor at the secretary of state john kerry essentially gave a clear and free pass to four mid level state department staffers that hillary clinton that raises big questions about clinton's judgment. if four people who weren't really deserving of discipline got disciplined by her before she left the state department. where is the accountability? >> this is small ball stuff. look, here is the bottom line on hillary clinton. going it raise $200 million like that. all right? she is going to have obama supporting her. the machine will support
1:25 am
her. the war on women, i would assume all the women who think we're in a war on them will support her. i don't know. you know, amy what's her name out in minnesota are you kidding me? >> bill, the shear fact -- a couple weeks ago there was a tony rodham and his company and it involved whether or not the government was pulling strings. >> bill: i know. >> that headline coincided with the governor of maryland martin o'malley announcing nationally i will give policy speeches that might help in my 2016 campaign. you might think is he a nobody. >> bill: howard dean? these guys can't even get a slot on msnbc? you are telling me they are going to run for president. >> three years before the election and already beginning to come out against her says something about her inevitability. >> they want to jack up their lecture fees. let's go to rosen.
1:26 am
freed steps up and tells the cia and we get bin laden and they throw him in jail for 33 years. rosen asked the state department spokesman kerry's person what kerry is going to do about it it roll the tape. >> what is the united states doing to help get shaquille afridi the physician who assisted the united states in the hunt for usama bin laden freed from prison in pakistan? >> yes, thank you for the question. we obviously regret that dr. freedy was convicted and the severity of his sentence. the secretary raised dr. afridi's case with pakistan's leadership during his recent trip to islamabad. >> you get no good answers. >> i don't have anything about our private diplomatic discussions. >> bill: all right, rosen it looks like you were a little lonely in that press conference there. you and who is sleeping -- all right. they are not doing anything. allright, rosen? they are not doing a thing to get this guy out of jail, are they?
1:27 am
>> what are their options for doing anything. you have to examine this. yes raise it at the highest levels which they say they do. they can try to buy the guy's way out of prison which as we did with a previous case cia officer shooting in afghanistan davis or they can perhaps engage in a prisoner swap. there is a pakistani woman who is imprisoned for terrorism charges in fort worth, texas who the pakistanis would like it to see released. that's very unlikely. so, in essence, all likelihood remain where he is. >> cannot put enough heat on pakistan to get this guy out. i would buy him out if i could. i mean, there has got to be somebody we can bribe there. >> well, the other opportunity is to withhold funds and that's what senator rand paul of kentucky, the republican has tried to do. he has introduced legislation into withholding our aid to pakistan. that's gone nowhere either. >> bill: you can't do that? >> this is a physician by who published reports helped us secure a location
1:28 am
for usama bin laden and also d.n.a. samples and for which he was paid something like $55,000, which was nine times his annual salary. >> bill: all right. we hope the guy gets out. kerry could probably get him out but money would have to exchange hands. that's for sure. all right, gentlemen, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. study says some americans would save their dogs rather than another human being if both were in morality danger, could that be possible we hope you
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight a new study out of georgia regents university. more americans place value on the life of their dog than another human being. 40% say they would save their own pet over a foreign terrorist. 37% say they would choose their dog's life over an american they didn't know. joining us now from nashville, tennessee harrison forbes a. >> anna: mall behavioral. you have two dogs, right? >> i do. >> bill: can you foresee if there is a fire and you can only drag out a person or your dogs, you let the person go or what? >> nanny. >> you are hesitating. you are thinking about it. >> i'm hesitating only because dogs are such an important part of your responsibility but given a choice, probably going to drag that person out. >> bill: all right, so you
1:33 am
are probably going to do it but not 100% and you have got it think about it meanwhile the fire is involving the whole involving the whole building. >> i have got to err on the side of people. boils down to looking at the staff. things hold dearest. had a lot to do with the selections people made. >> bill: let's face it, dogs are animals and human beings, if you are judeo-christian person have souls, all right? and that has always been that you must protect human beings over animals. no matter if you like the animal, that he is cute, snuffy, and he goes everywhere with you. human life you have to do that and do you think that's wrong? mr. forbes? >> oh me. personally i don't think it's wrong. if you talk to a lot of pet
1:34 am
owners, they fully feel like a pet has a soul as well. >> they feel there is a pet heaven and hell. i don't know. i think -- to be serious now. ms. basinger. it gets a little out of control, does it not when you put on your pet as do you a human being. doesn't it get a little out of control here. >> not that people are putting equal value. i think if you ask someone, straight out is the life of. >> anna: mall more important than the life of your neighbor, certainly people are going to say yes. i think what a pet owner feels is a responsibility towards their pet and they are very conditioned. >> nothing wrong with that but that's not the question. the he question was very straightforward and very emotional question because everybody who has pets love their pets and they want to protect their pets and that's a good healthy emotion, all right? i'm not running down the pets here. blue i think it can get out
1:35 am
of control. we hear this phrase comfort dogs, emotional dogs. some of these dopey hollywood stars tear carry the dogs. the dog basically wants to get out of there. got the little poodle or whatever. i really think you are getting overboard with the dogs and cats now. maybe i'm wrong. i have a dog by the way but i'm not carrying the dopey dog around all the time. >> bill, look, social media is partly responsible for this. we don't go and meet our friends at the restaurant or coffee shop to catch up as much. we are sitting on facebook or tweeting or texting but while we're doing that at home, the dog is 00 our lap or feet more atasmed, dog is in the house becoming your emotional support system. you agree with that? you spend a lot more hours with your family pes especially if you live alone than do you your own family. spending all the time about
1:36 am
your dogs day how to take care of them. >> bill: do you really spend all of your time thinking about your dog's day? i don't i have to admit. i'm not thinking about my dog's day. i'm thinking if the water's dish is full and the dog has been fed and walked that's about the extent of my thinking about the dog's day. >> their needs are met. people structure their days in the way saying have i met my dog's need. >> bill: too much people with dogs and cats and turtles. turtles at play anymore in. >> a little bit. >> mr. forbes, i will give you the last word, go. >> we share so many raw emotions with our opet at home because there is no repercussions about it people feel openness and intimacy with their pets that they don't share with anybody else. >> bill: becoming emotional dependence on the pets and that's what drove this study. what do the foreign tourists care they are from lithuania. snuffy, i can tell her my problems. i'm not mocking the dogs. don't give me letters i'm
1:37 am
not amonging the dogs, just reporting what's going on here, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bill: when we come back miller time. d man on hillary running for president. and manning getting prison time. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time seeing willment tonight.
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if you are a convict behind bars in calvary, you can now get cable tv and other perks in one northern california prison if you pay for them. more evidence the country is doomed. the sage of southern california, joining us now from santa barbara. do you believe, this miller, fremont, california, it's in the bay area. so you are in for misdemeanor and they say hey, you get 150 we'll give you pizza. >> billy, one second. billy, i to got a foreign tourist on fire in the studio. sparky, come here. get away from olaf. come here. olaf, shut up i'm on the o'reilly factor. come here, sparky. >> bill: you are not going to save him. >> sorry, billy, i got something that just hit the fan here olaf, shut up. go ahead. >> bill: prison may you be going. cable tv perks 150 a day. come on, what's going on?
1:42 am
miller? i would probably take advantage of this 155 a night. if i slept on my stomach i would pay the 155. that's just me. i would use some of my frequent felon miles. all i know is this if i can slip a guard, a double saw and be sexually compromised by a better looking inmate i'm there with it. >> bill: i don't understand any of that but i like the frequent felon miles. >> put it this way if my cell mate looks like carville i'm springing for the extra 155. carville makes slate gorton look like tyrone power. [ laughter ] >> bill: another reference to astronaut. >> slate gorton was a house of representer or something. >> bill: you don't even know that wasn't there an astronaut named that? >> all i know is that carville looks like a muntd
1:43 am
accidently washed on hot. >> bill: let's get off that topic to the hillary clinton zone. any way she could convince you to vote for her for president? >> well, listen, if it's going to be her vs. christie, they both better start running before they decide to run because they are both getting a little -- i don't think you can take a year and a half and trek around the country and not have a heart attack in the shape they are in. they shoot that debate between christie and hillary. they better put it in i max. but i can tell you, this hillary is in fine form when you see us, the clinton foundation spent $50 million on travel so she is in game shape, man. the money over there has been laundered more frequently than joan crawford's pinoires defy hillary the added benefit that she might be crankier with terrorists than this guy. hillary is pissed off at the old man because she knows that we know she has
1:44 am
been cheated on more frequently than a blind woman playing scrabble with gypsy so maybe she would be crabby with hezbollah. >> bill: that doesn't answer the question. could you possibly vote for her? >> no! >> bill: okay that does answer the question. >> i could have said it off the bat but we have got to fill 8 minutes. >> bill: that's true. i'm glad you led me into the final. >> no, i'm not voting for hillary. >> bill: there is no way. nothing she could do? personal appearance at your house? nothing? would you save hillary or your dog? >> no, don't answer that. don't answer that. [ laughter ] >> i don't even have a dog and i would say it's a dog. >> bill: rent one just for the day. [ laughter ] >> i would get a kelly dog from a temp agency. >> bill: just so you could make the decision. bradley manning, 8 years, because that looks like what he is going to get. they gave him 35 out -- he behaves in leavenworth what do you say? >> i feel bad for archie manning because eli and
1:45 am
peyton are such good kids and he obviously went off the tracks here. >> bill: not the same family. >> i'm sorry i misappropriated that. he better not wear that beret into prison you spy in prison our off disparage correctional facilities that's one place where they still make solemnesque sense. i trust warlock in cellblock d over john roberts at this point as far as jurisprudence goes and he starts ratting people out in prison, this will all take care of itself old bradley manning. >> bill: i don't think is he going to do that leavenworth it's a hard labor facility. it's not the 150 a night and we will give you the big screen tv. >> no, very hard labor. can you beg for an epidural in leavenworth and they won't give you one. >> bill: that's right. this isn't an easy time. >> oh the other labor. sorry. >> bill: yeah, thank you. that's all i have to say to you tonight. >> billy, i have been away on -- wait a second, olaf,
1:46 am
shut up. i have this foreign tourist he was drinking ricolla juice and -- >> bill: get off him, miller. did you see that on deck? boozing americans are costing the country dearly and bears attack
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? we begin with the study for the centers for disease control in atlanta. that study says that excessive alcohol use costing the u.s.a. about $225 billion every year. >> you know what? you know what? do one. do one. [cheers] >> do one. >> do one. ♪ ♪ that's what i'm talking
1:50 am
about. >> [cheers] >> go, go. >> bill: here now to explain further fox news correspondent heather nauert. all right. so we all understand it's car accidents. vehicle accidents. and all understand it's car accidents, vehicle accidents, medical stuff, cirrhosis of the liver. >> emergency room visits, all of that. >> anything else driving those costs up? >> you're feeling not so hot. lost productivity. >> remember in detroit, we saw the guys drinking and smoking marijuana on their lunch hour? >> yeah. >> the union guys were going back together, put the car together. you can screw up your product if you're a manufacturer or you can screw up your service if you're working in a service industry. >> oh, yeah. that's why so many large employers do drug testing of their employees before they ever
1:51 am
even sign them up. >> it's hard to find out if somebody's buzzed if you drug test it's easier. >> yeah. >> this is a huge problem in the united states. the centers for disease control is on it. another problem, this is not a huge problem but it's a growing problem. bear attacks. we'll show you one. roll the tape. >> with all of us here, you can't do much. got to run him off. fortunately we can't cut him off. >> he's coming back. >> hey. hey. get out of here. hey! hey! go, go, go, go. whoa. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> no. i'm telling you, he ain't [ bleep ] around. >> i was in alaska two weeks ago. >> were you chased by a bear? >> i wasn't chased by a bear, but a bear popped out. i was in a vehicle. >> seriously. >> if i wasn't hiking, you would
1:52 am
probably be doing the program tonight. big bear. >> they will come after you. this is the time of year they're starting to collect their food and drink and everything so they can hibernate for the winter. bears are sighted more. >> in august we had attacks in albuquerque, new mexico, in idaho, yellowstone, in cadillac, michigan. >> a 12-year-old two days ago. >> elizabeth weatherhall. another one in alaska. >> part of the problem is people are moving closer and closer. >> to the bears. >> to their domain. we're putting up houses, we're putting up golf courses. we're closer to them. they're coming closer to us just as a seasonal issue. >> all right. it's not a huge problem, but if you're out there in the west, you have to be careful. >> i was at yellowstone national park just last month. they give you a big huge brochure. stay away from the bears.
1:53 am
100 yards away. >> sometimes a bear dictates how far away you're going to -- the bear that i saw in alaska, this was in -- >> he was coming after you. >> -- glacier bay. the bear whips on out. like 100 yards. hey, bear, you're too close. back off. >> he smelled debrbrie cheese i your back pocket. >> only you would think of that. by the way, heather is on at, what, 4:00 in the morning. >> 5:00 in the morning. >> i'm on at 4:00 in the morning. >> did you know we have a 5:00 a.m. >> i'm on at 4:00. the third factor rerun is at 4:00. >> you still get huge ratings. >> you do an hour in the morning at 4:00? >> yes. >> if you're ever up, you just ran out of gas. >> yeah. who's there? is there anybody here? all right. >> i think there are five people in the building at that time.
1:54 am
>> thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. >> great to see you. >> an hour backed news network begins in america? should you watch? "the tip" two minutes away.
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1:59 am
i am going -- person i am going to miss him forever. >> this is the girlfriend of a young athlete killed just for the thrill of it. this senseless murder sparks a national debate. where are the civil rights members right now and where is the president. we report, you decide. >> the government collected thousands of internet communications for years. e-mails from americans with no terrorism connections. >> are you sick of paying through the roof for your car? well your address may actually be to blame. we will tell you what states are most expensive for car owners. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> good morning to you. as we are waking up on the east coast maybe you are just going to bed on the west coast. welcome to you on this thursday morning. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for joining us. shooting death of a college student in oklahoma. his girlfriend speaking for the first time. >> he is such an amazing person i am going to miss him forever. i am really glad i got the 4 years with him. >> 22-year-old chris lane was in the united states on a baseball scholarship. police say he was killed for fun while jogging on a visit from a girlfriend's home town. gains edward and 16-year-old nancy luna are charged with first degree murder. their friend has been charged with accessory for m


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