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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 21, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a very unusual sight on a beach in russia. a hovercraft plowed through shallow water landing on the beach. they scrammeddabled out of the way. that's is for "america live." >> we weren't you're so quick over there. >> i am a speed talker. >> shepard: you are indeed. thank you. the news begins anew on "studio b." a court order in egypt threatens to escalate the deadly tension as the white house still refuses to call the military's removal of egypt's president a coup. though of course it was a coup. we'll take talk to jen about that. >> another twist in an already bizarre kidnapping case. the family of the man who kidnapped this girl and murdered her family is asking for a paternity test to see if her alleged abductor was her father.
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and it's probably not a surprise cigarette companies are the least respected brands in america. but wait until you hear which airlines fared worse than marlboro. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first, at 3:00 in new york city, an emergency meeting of the you nations under way after rebels in syria accuse them of chemical weapons attacks which they claim killed 100 people and possible listen hundreds more. >> those are victims screaming in pain. we cannot confirm this video but it shows body after body lined up in rooms and hallways. many of the dead small children or toddlers. rebels have accused syria's government of using chemical weapons and they've been used is an established fact. this would be the worst.
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one rebel leader calls it a turning point saying this time it was for annihilation rather than terror. the syrian regime denies the claim. the white house says its deeply concerned and demand syria gives them access to the alleged attack site. ed henry is live at the white house. >> white house officials are throwing the book at syria and its president, assad, calling the actions deplorable. the problem for the president right now is it was one year ago yesterday actually, one year ago yesterday, at a news conference at the white house, the president laid down what he called a red line. if chemical weapons were used or spread by assad, it would be a game-changer and suggested there would be massive action. >> we've been very clear to the assad regime and other players
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on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moved around or utilized. that would change my equation. >> reporter: the president went on at the news conference to say if that red line was crossed there would be enormous consequences for syria. the administration a couple months ago said the red line was crossed and at least one occasion chemical weapons were used. this time we don't have confirmation whether or not chemical weapons were used. there are stuff statements by the u.s. and other governments and he said that there's been aid sent by the u.s. and others to syrian rebels to tried to topple assad. john mccain says no consequence for assad using chemical weapons and crossing red line. we shouldn't be surprised he's
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using them again. white house officials stress there's been no bigger offer of humanitarian aid in the wake of the syrian conflict but after what the president said one year ago, there's not been u.s. military action to back up his words. >> shepard: let's bring in a state department spokeswoman. great to see you, jen. >> great to be here. it's been too long. >> how important in your line of work and at the state department and beyond is credibility among our leaders? >> very important. >> shepard: what happens when our leaders say something like a red line is crossed and that will be a game-changer. yet the red line was established at crossed by you from that building in june and now it appears at least on the early thinking it's been crossed again. the united states has effectively done nothing. what does that do to our credibility? >> let's be clear on the events. the president made clear the line was crossed.
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we expanded the scale and scope of our aid. that's ongoing. we continue to consider all options. all options remain on the table. the reports are horrific. we think the un should have unfettered access to investigate this. we don't have corroborated evidence but we think the un team should have access as soon as possible. >> in june we established that chemical weapons had been used, the line had been crossed and you stated what we did was expanded our aid. is that correct? >> we expanded the scale and scope of our aid. >> shepard: so is that what the president meant when he said it was be a game-changer, send more aid? does that help the credibility? >> aid has many he meetings. i'm not going into the details but we remain in close with the general and the smc and remain in touch with what their needs are. we're working with counterparts around the world on how to
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strength and assist on the ground. they're all ongoing. all options are barring boots on the ground remain on the table. that's the decision the president can make. >> during the process that all options have been on the table, more than 100,000 people have been killed. i wonder what concern there is history will reflect syria was in the middle of some sort of annihilation or genocide or civil war that claimed 100,000 people and the united states increased aid and kept options open. >> that's simply not an accurate depiction of what happened. we increased aid and the type of aid providing direct aid to the smc. a range of different aid. we're the largest provider of humanitarian assistance in the world. beyond that we remain closely in touch and engaged with the smc about what's needed on the ground as well with our counter-parts around the world.
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many countries are providing aid. we're a slice of the pie, not the entire pie. >> shepard: we want to talk about another matter, the other mess overseas in egypt. a court there ordered release of the former president mubarak, he's been in detention for two years. it's not clear to us at this moment whether mubarak will walk free, but the simple possibility is adding fuel to the deadly fighting in egypt. hundreds have died in the military crackdown on protesters angry over the coup that ousted mohammed morsi. the white house refuses to call it a coup, though it's a coup. that would force the united states to cut off more more thaa billion dollars in aid. this matter is under review? >> it's under review. the white house spokesman would not give too much detail about the president's meeting yesterday. secretary of state john kerry, defense secretary chuck hagel.
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to figure out whether or not the u.s. shut cut off aid. secretary of state john kerry did an interview with geo news in pakistan. the egyptian crisis was just starting out. he suggested back then that the military coming in to try and restore a civilian government was an effort to restore democracy. >> military did not take over to the best of our judgment so far, so far, to run the country. there's a civilian government in effect, restoring democracy. >> reporter: obviously in recent days and weeks we've not seen the egyptian military move back towards democracy, a frustration of the white house. there's more pressure from republicans to cut off aid. republican senator pat toomey voted against stopping aid and now says he wants to see an end saying we should stop giving
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foreign aid to egypt unless they move to a democratic system. american taxpayers should not contribute to a military that slaughters civilians in the street. we heard from top obama officials includes defense secretary hagel the saying they have limited option. >> shepard: that is a frustrating matter for all involved. back to the matter of credibility. we know this is a coup. it's a coup by any definition. the white house spokesman said yesterday they weren't going -- it did not behoove us to use that definition but it exists. again, when our rules are that we cut off aid to countries that have been involved in a coup deta where the government what was over thrown by the military and we choose not to call it that, how much of a strike organ credibility? >> i may be so bold, you're missing the forest for the trees. the issue is what is our
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relationship with egypt? what kind of aid are we going to continue to provide? that policy revue is ongoing. at the same time we abiding by legal obligations, we're delaying delivery of f16, obviously when hundreds of civilians are killed on the ground like last week, business as usual does not continue. that discussion is ongoing and it's a discussion the president and national security team are having. >> shepard: do you think that to those around the world we might look silly for trying to redefine a world? >> i think people around the world understand in a situation where the united states cannot determine the future of egypt, that's up to the egyptian people, we can't take sides and shouldn't and we haven't taken sides. we're abiding by legal obligations as it relates to aid and any other issue but at the same time we want to do everything possible to give the egyptian the people the best path to sustainable democracy.
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that's one of the reasons we decided we would not make a determination. >> shepard: it's a complicated matter but to suggest we haven't taken sides when we've given the military, which overthrew the dullly elected president, a 1.3 to $5 billion, do you think it's fair to suggest we haven't taken sides? >> well, factually we've obligated that money. the 650 million that has gone and been sent to egypt went as it was scheduled to go this spring. there's 585 left. that's unobligated. but we provide aid. we've had a decades long relationship with egypt. we're deciding and reviewing what should happen moving forward. but that aid is something that has a number of strategic purposes and reasons with a long history to it. >> shepard: i for one as an aside don't think it's fair you're in this position.
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i wonder how difficult it is when administration change the definition of words and say they're not taking sides when obviously they are for a spokesperson who it put out to talk about it. >> i don't find it difficult at all. the issue is complicated on the ground. it's up to the egyptian people. we have our eye on the end goals which is the egyptian people moving towards a sustainable long term democracy. we knew the road would be rocky. we've been as it for 200 years and more than that and we feel the window is open for egypt to reach that point. >> shepard: all the best to you and those there trying to make that happen. thank you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: the nsa spying scandal. moments ago they declassified pages of a secret document. catherine herridge has the details. plus the suspected fort hood shooter began his defense. he barely said anything.
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that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: scottrade- proud to be ranked "best overall client experience." breaking news. we have just gotten word the office of the director of national intelligence has taken the unusual step of did he declassifying documents. the details are major compliance problems with the nsa. that's the court that approves nsa surveillance measures. cathrine herridge just learned of these documents. >> reporter: about a half dozen journalists were given the opportunity to look at these documents and what they show is that in 2011 there was a major collection problem with the nsa that was notified to the national security court or fisa
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court. the collection was done under section 702. this is the collection that looks overseas at foreign internet communications, so foreign emails. the nsa did not have a good means technically speaking to separate out from that collection the information that was being put forth on the internet by u.s. persons. so you had what was called bundled communications. so when you open up your computer, and you look at your email, you see 20 emails down the screen. if one had come from a bad actor, the nsa was looking at overseas, they pulled down everything on that screen. what the fisa court said at the time when they were alerted to what was a significant collection problem, the judge said, quote, for the first time, the government has now advised the court the volume and nature of the information, it, the nsa, has been collecting is fundamentally different from what the court had been led to
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believe. shortly after that, the nsa we were told on background was trying to work with congress to make changes to salvage that information. >> shepard: not only was the nsa spying on everything, they, according to the document you read, i believe what you're saying is -- and this just came in -- but they lied to the fisa court or misrepresented what they were doing. >> well, i would say lie is a little bit strong. when you look at the language, what the judg john d. bates, says in his opinion is that the collection by the nsa and the volume was fundamentally different than what the court had been led to believe. if i can explain. this is called upstream collections. this is the kind of collection the nsa does outside of what they ask the internet providers to give them. it had to do with what are called bundled communications or
12:19 pm
mct's, multicommunications transactions. when you open up a hot mail account or gmail, you see your menu of emails. if one of those emails had been from a bad actor overseas, effectively the nsa was pulling all this stuff down. they couldn't separate out the u.s. person emails versus the foreign emails. one reason reporters were briefed today is the nsa tried to figure out a way to salvage the data. we're talking upwards of 75 million email communications. with you they could not find way to salvage it. in 2012 they purged all of this upscreen collection. that i think is unprecedented. and then they had to put into place new rules. one of the more interesting rules is they can no longer hold this information for longer than two years. this comes against the backdrop
12:20 pm
where the administration says it wants to be more open about how the programs work and when there's been sharp criticism the fisa court and nsa cannot police the programs. >> shepard: very interesting. we'll have a lot to report on tonight. >> hope it makes sense. it's complicated. >> shepard: very complicated. we can roll over in the mornings and say, good morning, nsa, because they're there. >> that's you, all you. >> shepard: i say hello every morning, trudging off to the bathroom. the 16-year-old girl who survived the murder of her mother and brother as well as a multistate kidnapping nightmare is faced with another hurdle. the family of the man who kidnapped her wants hannah anderson to take a paternity test to find out who her father is. that's next.
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the accused gunman in the fort hood massacre began and finished defending himself with three words: the defense rests. he did no interrogate himself. he acted as his own attorney with lawyers on standby to help. the army psychiatrist is accused of killing 13, wounding 30 others in '09. the stand by lawyers say he seems to be trying to get the dealt penalty. prosecutor rested their case yesterday. casey stegall is at fort hood today. what's next? >> next is closing arguments. they were supposed to happen today. remember we talked about that yesterday during the "fox report" but interestingly, the
12:25 pm
protection today came out and said it needed more time to prepare. we're not talking about a half day they were requesting. they requested the whole day off in order to do so and had judge was not happy about it. she was shaking her head, sighing, shifting around in her seat. but she did ultimately give them a pass dismissing the panel and ordering them back first thing tomorrow morning. closing arguments could take a few hours from the government, hard telling how long hasan will take. his opening statement was but just two minutes. then the jury will get the instructions and the 13 member panel of commissioned army officers will begin deliberations. it looks like as of now, starting tomorrow. knew wonder what he'll do in closing arguments. we'll watch for that tomorrow. there's a strange new twist in the murder and abduction case involving hannah anderson. here's the suspect on the right.
12:26 pm
the family of the suspected now dead kidnapper here, james lee dimaggio, is asking for a paternity test. that family wants to determine whether dimaggio, who kidnapped hannah, was also hannah's father. a spokesman for his family says dimaggio left more than $100,000 to hannah's paternal grandmother whom he named as the soleq$/ñ-xgd3f>[ñrúóñrokñi bent with the fbi in idaho. police say he kidnapped 16-year-old hannah after killing her mother and brother then set his house on fire. there will be a memorial service for her mom and brother saturday. evangeline gomez joins us now. checking whether to see if he's the father. >> exactly. i can't imagine any judge in the state of california is going to order this. this is harassment of the victim. there's no evidence whatsoever. we have no evidence that james
12:27 pm
dimaggio made any claims he was the father of the children. you wonder what is the intent behind this? apparently they didn't meet until 2002 when dimaggio met the biological parents. under california law there's a presumption of parenthood that hasn't been disputed. the paternal grandmother, bernice anderson, had him live as a tenant in her home. it may explain why he left her as a beneficiary. i hope it's not an attempt to get dna because of questionable items reported to have been found when the officers went out and investigated the property. >> shepard: we ought to explain what that is. >> used condoms, handwritten letters, we don't have the details of the letters at all at this point. but you know, those are questionable items. >> the family told a local news channel -- i'm going to read this to you. quoting here.
12:28 pm
he expected the grandmother to take care of the two children with money he left the grandmother. he stated he did not want it to go to the parents because they was having marital problems and didn't trust them with the money. that was ten that's a family member. >> a spokesperson, a family member, but is this written anywhere? it's speculative. and a judge is not going to order a parentage test, a paternity test, based on speculation. >> shepard: the spokesman says he thinks it's strange he left them so much money with no explanation. he also killed them with no explanation. there's a lot of things unexplained. this seems awful. >> it seems absolutely awful and to victimize the victims, miss han anderson and her family. >> evangeline gomez, thank you. >> tense moments at the trial of
12:29 pm
a teenager accused of shooting and killing a baby in a stroller. they said the mother could be to blame. plus our first look inside the site the government kept secret for decades. have you seen our reporting? we'll show you what really went down at the los alamos lab. that tunnel under a mcdonald's, and it is a piece of work. hang on. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank u. thank you. i got this. oh, no, i'll get it! let me get it. uh-uh-uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-905-6500 now. here we go! hold on man. ishat a leak up there? that's a drip. whoo. okay.
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. there's been heated ex changeses in the trial of a teenager accused of shooting and killing in baby in georgia as the mother pushed him in a stroller. when exchange centered on whether the teenager's alleged accomplice can testify. prosecutors charged the accomplice with murder but prosecutors want the accomplice to testify as the state's star witness much the two attempted to rob the baby's mother in march. when she said she didn't have any money, they shot her baby in the head. one bullet between the eyes. the defense add the lead detective whether she felt pressured to make an arrest because of so much attention and she said no and added this. >> however, i was concerned as a mother of four children that an arrest needed to be made very
12:34 pm
quickly because it's my opinion that if a person would shoot a baby, they'll shoot a police officer and anybody else. >> the defense has taken issue with the fact the jury is all white. john robert is covering this for us. it's not going well for the defense. >> it's not. they lost yesterday on the issue of the jury. today another defeat. they wanted to exclude the identification of marcus elkins by dominic lange but the judge refused. lange took the stand without the jury present. while testifies clear he didn't remember several things after the shooting, he had a pretty good recollection of what happened on the day testifying elkins came up to west, demanded her purse. when she refused, he threatened the baby, slapped hire in the head, fired three shots and one hit her in the knee.
12:35 pm
the other between the eyes of baby antonio anting a owe. now that lange will be allowed to testify, the best defense is to shred hess credibility before the jury. >> shepard: along the way the defense pointing fingers at the parent? >> they are. cross examining the first detective the investigator on the scene, the defense suggested the story west told about the peanut butter's shooting was so -- baby's shooting was to bizarre, police suspected the mother may have done it. on the stand, the investigator agreed. >> i testified yesterday she was considered somewhat of a suspect. >> okay. where in your sop, standard operating procedure, a category somewhat a suspect. >> there isn't. one has to assume while working
12:36 pm
the case to start with who you had in front of you. she was the only witness to the case that i could speak with. >> elkins is 18 now, 17 at the time of the shooting which means he will escape the death penalty but could face life in prison. >> shepard: thank you. let's bring in drew finling. blaming the parents. class. >> it's a tough one. who knows the context of it in the long run. we don't know what their endgame will be but that's a tough call in terms of where to point fingers. >> shepard: somebody accused of and the witness suggesting it happened, shooting a baby in the face between the eyes. you're going to have a hard timh that well. >> let's start with the bottom line. i will tell you practicing law almost three decades in this area of the country, seating an all caucasian jury is a true
12:37 pm
anomaly in alatin and one that will just be a mark on this case. if there's a conviction in this case, it will be something that will be dealt with by the appellate court without any doubt. i'm thinking it was silliness to not grant the defense motion and revisit the jury composition. every lawyer in town is talking about that. >> shepard: how could they not? what do you know about the judge and how something like this could happen? >> well, of course the judge and all the parts are coming here from brunswick, georgia, from the coast. about 35, 40 miles south of savannah. another world compared to metropolitan atlanta. the big city is jacksonville florida. how this happened is purely an anomaly and, again, everybody in this town, all the lawyers on both sides of the courtroom, prosecution and defense, are scratching their heads. >> shepard: and you think upon
12:38 pm
conviction, appeal will happen no question. >> there won't be any doubt there will be a conviction on this one. and when we talk about the issue of the 15-year-old testifying, really that was testing the waters by the defense attorneys. that was an opportunity for them to cross-examine him. the big issue, the state has been fumbling around this afternoon with the surveillance cameras. and it's been kind of a boring couple of hours, shep. they seem to be struggling technically with the issue. of course we live in what i call the jack bower generation. everything is on surveillance cameras. but so far, they don't really seem to be showing much of interest as far as the jury's concerned. if they don't show much, you're stuck relying on the 15-year-old kid. when they say his trial is coming up, we know he's cutting a deal. the other issue we're a little bit shocked by in atlanta is
12:39 pm
they're trying mom at the same time. mom came after the fact. while she's sitting in the courtroom, nobody understands. >> drew findlay in atlanta. nice to see you. thank you. >> great seeing you. >> shepard: it had been top secret for decades placements >> a place where they store nuclear weapons from world war ii to the end of the cold war. we're getting a look inside a secret vault in new mexico, the feds built deep inside the mountain. we will take you inside mcdonald's. hey, will. >> reporter: i want to show you how isolated this tunnel is. if you take a look, it's buried under the city of los alamos. a quick tour, this is where trucks used to drive up, carrying that nuclear material. they would have to go through big doors into the tunnel which
12:40 pm
runs 250 feet into a big room that holds a huge vault. inside of that vault there are actually five more vaults. during the cold war they held top secret unusually material, that went into nuclear bombs. >> the story reflected by the tunnel has to do with the cold war secrecy and security and the role we played in the early nuclear weapons stockpile. >> reporter: you may not be able to tell from being here because it's only 20 feet high but above us is the mcdonald's. yesterday we were talking to the community members and they tell us they cannot believe through the years they were driving up, getting big macs and underneath is this classified tunnel, 250 feet buried under where they got their fast food. they tell us now they want to see it for themself but right now it's not open for the public. >> drive around to the next
12:41 pm
window. thank you. dozens of wildfire burning across the american west. it's getting awful. thousands of firefighters stretched out all over the place. wait until you hear how much money the feds have suspended fighting the flames. a live report on a fast growing disaster next. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again.
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wildlife alert. huge fires breaking out all over the place in the american west. more than 40 of them in our last count. here's a look at the largest from arizona to washington. enough to have wildlife officials raise the alert to the highest tier for the first time in five years. this year has been bad. 33,000 fires have torched more than 5,000 square miles. that's an area almost the size of connecticut and nothing but ashes. adam housley with us. what's the latest on the huge fire in yosemite? >> one of 40 fires burning
12:45 pm
across the west. pictures that came from yosemite last night and this morning are spectacular. the good news is it's not threatening major developments. it's chewing up pristine real estate on the edge of the park, highway 120. one of the throughfares to get in and out closed down. we're told 16,000 acres have gone up in flames. there are nearly 1,000 firefighters on this fire alone. steep terrain, dry conditions, across the west we have droughtlike conditions. red flag alerts. it's been a difficult fire season but we have a long ways to go just in this fire season as this fire continues to burn. >> shepard: so many more, amd. >> yeah. in fact we have a map to throw up and give you an idea. we wrote them out. there's only one in washington, but nine in in or oregon, ten in california, five in nevada. two in wyoming, six in montana, nine in idaho. some are more contained than
12:46 pm
others but you have to have firefighters there. one fire we talked about idaho, the beaver creek i fire, 106,000 acres burned. 1800 firefighter are battling but it's 30% contained. in montana, a couple of major fires there and the one that people are watching is in yellowstone. there are five fires in yellowstone but one in particular, the allen fire burned 4500 acres. no evacuations but this area, these areas across the west, extremely dry. firefighters are stretched thin. the southern california fire season hasn't gotten into full swing making things more difficult in september and october. >> shepard: and more expensive. a billion dollars spent on it so far. a military court sentenced the army private bradley manning today. he got 35 years for giving hundreds of thousands of documents to wikileaks. supporters gasped in the
12:47 pm
courtroom. the judge demoted manning from private first class to private and dishonorably discharged him. he leaked the documents while working in iraq in 2010. he'll be eligible for parole after serving one-third of his sentence. wikileaks tweeted a strategic victory in the bradley manning case. eligible for release in less than 9 years, 4.4 in one calculation. fox news can't firm either estimate. everybody has a favorite brand or two that you can't do without, right? whether it's an airline or pair of shoes or soda, now a new sway shows the most respected brands and the ones which hate the most. and wait until you hear which is the worst of them all. below a cigarette maker. details next. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's
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favorite story of the day. maybe of the week so far. how the hell we didn't learn about this weeks ago is beyond me. listen now. officials in germany arrested a half naked man who they said was high on drugs, who illegally boarded the government jet of the german chancellor, angela merkel. that's according to a leaked police report. it happened on the 25th of july. officials say the man who boarded the jet is a turkish body builder named volcan. dressed in only his under pants carrying a big bag of weed and molly. in other words, he had marijuana and ecstasy or mdma on it and it showed. he made himself at home spraying fire extinguisher foam, you
12:52 pm
pushing buttons in the cockpit and arresting the emergency slide. it took cops four hours to remove him. officials are still investigating how it body builder boxer shorts wearing ecstasy toting marijuana smoking volcan managed to get on there in the first place. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of the week. >> another jury roomen favorite, david hasselhoff. a store clerk was hurt trying to stop a thief from stealing signs that featured the former baywatch star. it happened in new haven, connecticut. the clerk spotted a man stealing advertisements for iced coffee ads that had hasselhoff's picture. cops say he ran over the clerk with his suv. he got away. officials report 500 thefts
12:53 pm
those signs in several states. the actor is shocked and saddened by happened in connecticut, who wouldn't be. he said his thoughts are with the clerk's family. the maker of marlboro cigarettes does better than delta airlines in a branding survey. the firm ranks how favorably people view companies. phillip morris comes in second, last among the least respected. the least respected of them all, delta, they get you there, they get you there with care. h & r block is third. no questions there. when it comes to the most respected. coke and pepsi tied for first place. wow ... reps for core brand based their sway survey on the public's perception, not products.
12:54 pm
all we've been hearing is coke and pepsi products, i'm afraid to say it. >> you're right. last week we talked about artificial sweet ins are and how people didn't like this but despite sweeteners and obesity and michael bloomberg, coke and pepsi come out first. the survey was among business people, not consumers. so stock price. >> shepard: why are they hating on donald trump delta. >> jcpenney is on the list. bp. >> shepard: that i understand. i get it. >> what it is is consistency. the point is coke, pepsi, johnson and johnson is always up there as well. it's reputation. that's what really is at issue here. reputations are fragile fleeting commodities and it's
12:55 pm
got to be nurtured. pennies can lose it, delta, the harley davidsons at the top. >> delta merged with northwest and they don't have lay flat seat in international routes and coast to coast. but delta has pretty good ontime performance and do pretty good with baggage. one of the top airlines in the way of carriers. atlanta is a -- i almost said the b word a difficult place to fly through. >> i agree. people talk about leg room on jetblue is more than delta. >> not for long because they're adding first class. >> they talk about cleanliness. airlines are fraught with peril. coke and pepsi, there are no retailers like mcdonald's or kfc which get burned. coke and pepsi are consumer products but there's no outlet
12:56 pm
or airline for to you pick on. delta is right there. you can pick on them. >> they're right there and every time you get stuck on the tarmac, you blame them. i don't want to get stuck on friday. this vacation is overdue. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare!
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
the house caught fire and we were out on the streets. [ whispering ] shhh. it's only a dream. and we have home insurance. but if we made a claim, our rate would go up... [ whispering ] shhh. you did it right. you have allstate claim rate guard so your rates won't go up just because of a claim. [ whispering ] are we still in a dream?
12:59 pm
no, you're in an allstate commercial. so get allstate home insurance with claim rate guard... [ whispering ] goodnight. there are so many people in our bedroom. [ dennis ] talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] ...and let the good life in. >> shepard: then there's this. cops in southern new hampshire say they got a real criminal mastermind off the streets. police tell us a guy walked into a k-mart store, grabbed electronics and left without paying through the garden center. might have gotten away with it except he overlooked a critical detail in the caper. seems the suspect walking across the parking lot with the merchandise found out he locked his keys in his car and took off running. the cops caught him and he faces charges of robbery and weapons possession, not to mention stupidity. >> the dow was up when the program came on the air today,
1:00 pm
now it's sank. why this happened? we think it took the investors a while to tody gist the minutes of the fed meeting where they suggested things might change. change is good. >> neil: the nsa says it's fiercely working to protect the privacy rights of americans after a new report, yet another one, suggests it could be spying on 75% of them. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. at the knew it was big, but not this big. a report finds three out of four americans could be spied on by the nsa as we speak, including emails and not just the two and fro part, the entire contents. emails stored in huge data bases along with phone calls. the nsa using programs with code names like barney,


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