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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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sitting in the oval office? thank you for being with us tonight we've got new polls up, lots to talk b good night from washington, d.c.. low forever. ain't happening. tonight at 8:00. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's 11:00 p.m. in egypt where new clashes between the country's interim government and supporters of the old one have thrown the country into another wave of chaos. more than 600 egyptians have been killed within the last 24 hours. president obama made a statement on the deteriorating situation from martha's vineyard earlier today. >> the united states strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security forces. our traditional cooperation
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cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. as a result, this morning, we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise which was scheduled for next month. i want to be clear that america wants to be a partner in the egyptian people's pursuit of a better future, but our partnership must also advance the principles that we believe in. >> bob, that was president obama earlier today. you worked at the state department. dealt with a lot of different crises over your time there and have watched many. is the president just caught between a rock and a hard place here and did he put himself in this position? >> i don't think he put himself in a position. it is a rock and hard place. interesting thing he said there, we cannot continue as usual, which means the $1.8 billion that goes to the military, is what he's talking about. >> i don't know. >> well, don't know what? >> i think they're going to -- the white house, state department said they are going to review all of the aid that we give to egypt but, andrea, they
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did not say specifically they would be ending military aid, although that is on the table? >> they didn't. he also said that he doesn't take sides. president obama. and i do think he brought this upon himself because he does take sides. he took the wrong side. it's unfortunately too late of a statement to make and it's not factually correct. i think they're on the verge of a civil war. president obama, again, had the muslim brotherhood at the white house numerous times. he has allowed them to persecute coptic christians, allowed them to push through islamist government, he's allowed them to implement shariah law and it's all gone unchecked by this government. if i were him today, he can't do this, it's too late, because the brotherhood is his team now, i would have come out and declared the brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization and then enemy of the united states because -- >> what do you mean picked the wrong side? >> because they spawned al qaeda, they spawned other terrorist groups, and the leader of the muslim brotherhood is calling for attacks on our
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embassy. >> i've heard you say many times why didn't we stick with mubarak because he was our ally. every one of these generales were doing mubarak's business when he was president of the country. >> doing what business, bob? >> doing exactly this, crushing people. >> they were keeping peace and the terrorists at bay. >> you can say keeping the peace. the people in that square are largely supportive of that military, that more pro western leaning military. >> and we are right now, we have decided not to call it a coup. remember that. that was a big and important position for us. >> this is actually -- is an interesting thing they had to deal with. if you go back to the arab spring, you have mubarak leaves, the muslim brotherhood comes to power. they finally get to power. and they screwed it up. >> yeah, they did. >> so now the military has taken back over and the united states is reluctant to call ate coup. i can understand why. do you think that at some point they have to call a spade a spade? >> they can't cuall it a coup because once they call it a coup, it means they would
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immediately by law have to cut off the aid. look, so i asked myself, what do i care about egypt? all day. why do i care about egypt? i care about egypt because it shows how president obama can't handle an international crisis. we give him a billion color -- about $1.3 million a year. >> more than that. >> time to stop that. rand paul put an amendment up about a month ago it failed 86-13, to stop funding egypt. it's time to rethink that idea. stop funding egypt. muslim brotherhood wants to take egypt back with a vengeance. we already have headaches with the muslim brotherhood and other islamists in iran. we don't need one in egypt. >> what would you do? >> time for president obama to show some leadership, show the world what a leader, american leadership looks like. >> doing what? >> get off the golf course and back to d.c. and get in the situation room and do -- >> you want to put boots on the ground in egypt? is that what you want to do. >> do not want to put boots on the ground. i want to stop funding their boots on the ground and find out what else we can do, what
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financial sanctions we can impose. >> egypt is central to any peace in the middle east. >> can i get greg in here on this? >> what aspect do you want to tack until. >> just the idea that egypt is on the vermg of a civil war, that's like me being on the verge of a beer. all the time. it doesn't change. they're the eternal arguing couple that lives down the block. it's never going to change. saying there's chaos in egypt is like saying there's bees in a beehive. when your peaceful protesters are burning down churches what are your nonpeaceful protesters doing? i'm assuming they're going after the pyramids. keep asking yourself, what is wrong with this part of the world? why can't they grow up? look at the progress that is made in hundreds and hundreds of years and they can't seem to move forward. they are the earth's gouts. they're there at all times and it doesn't go away. meanwhile, we have more problems than an algebra book, stuff we have to deal with. why do we have to deal with
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this? you have to take the worse -- the best of two evils and that's the military because you're right, muslim brotherhood is not just bad for egypt, it's basically an obituary for the middle east. >> we have to deal with it because it gives israel protection. >> right. >> on one entire border. they -- >> with the military. >> twosided war -- >> should have thought of that before we told hosni mubarak to step aside. >> we didn't tell him to step aside. >> we absolutely did. >> he stepped aside. his generals are still working. >> we have a dog in the fight and we should have known better that the muslim brotherhood is powerful. >> they won an election. >> you don't push out your allies, bob. >> you think the real muslim brotherhood, not the fake one that morsi claimed that he was, the peaceful muslim brotherhood, the real muslim brotherhood, the one andrea points out for shariah law throughout the middle east and the world, if they take egypt do you think israel will be safe on that border? >> i don't think they're going to be safe but the fact of the matter is with he called for democracy and elections in the middle east and this what is we got. when you call for democracy and elections, you're not going to
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like the outcome. >> is this a coup? when the military -- >> sure it's a coup. >> you have to stop by law -- >> you're not going to call it a coup because israel does not want to call it a coup because israel wants the military to stay in place to protect them. >> so when you're the commander in chief he's in a different position from us who can lob bombs from outside, i don't mean actual bombs. >> secret service don't come after me. >> you can get arrested for that. >> something "the washington post" editorial said today, before -- this is this morning's paper. they said before the july 3rd coup in egypt, so the "washington post" calling it a coup the obama administration privately warned the armed forces against-outing the government of mohamed morsi. when the generals ignored the warnings the white house responded by elects to disregard the law itself. because of those decisions the obama administration is complicit in the new and horrifyingly bloody crackdown. greg, are you surprised that some of the folks on the left and in the foreign policy establishment world are actually
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coming down harder on the president than the right seems to be? >> well, he didn't just bet on the wrong horse, he bet on the entire stable and he's like -- he should just basically now stay out of. it he's like a player who scored the goal for the opposing team. just bench him because it's not going to get better. >> bob -- >> the only ledge verage we hav the $1.3 billion to the military if you take that away and you don't have leverage it's not like the guys aren't going to get money to succeed. saudi arabia and kuwait will give them money. >> the same people are running this government right now when mubarak was there. the same people. >> at that point i think we have to admit that was a mistake. rather than -- the muslim brotherhood remember, they assassinated sadat. they're not good people. >> they're not. they spawned hamas. they spawned al qaeda. mohamed morsi pardoned abdul azim who conducted the first are terrorism attack on our consulate. he called for the pardoning of
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the blind sheikh. before benghazi libya, we're stand there, zawahiri were calling for the release of the blind sheik and attacks to our consulate and our administration pretends like they are our friends. we should mind our own business for once and stop metalling in a part of the world that will not. >> of course they're going to be in that position. >> they don't like us. >> wipe them out -- >> they don't like us. >> i'm not saying they do. >> i suggest you don't tell -- you don't take the military -- no, i don't. you have to. >> then what? i think we have to continue to pretend it's not a coup and try to get the military to move it towards an election we can rig well enough so they don't have -- >> it isn't about democracy. it's about people wanting to live their own lives, sell things on the street, just to be mildly prosperous. that's the -- that's why as earth lings we should be embarrassed. why does this still happen? 20 years from now, whatever
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iteration of the five this is with andrea tantaros jr. and eric beckel jr. and bob we'll be doing the same story. look at headlines of every newspaper from 20 years ago, the middle east over and over again. i'm tired of it. >> if i could suggest to everybody, i've been to cairo it's the worst city in the world. >> hasn't changed in 30 years. >> it's got flies, hot, sand. >> it's the keystone, the linchpin of the arab world. >> absolutely. >> never let it slide and we should have left -- >> you keep saying that. >> never let the muslim brotherhood -- >> you think we had a position to keep the mu bar rack in power? >> yes, i do. >> how? >> getting our knows nose involved in their business calling for his ouster was a mistake. the time to say something was in 2009 in iran. >> there were 2.5 million people in a square calling for his ouster. >> bob, you're missing the point. >> fourth century church -- >> 1400 years of radical islamic fighting are not like us.
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in that article -- >> of course they're not. >> what i heard, we, i, the u.s., i, president obama. we always think it's about us. >> i understand that. >> they're fighting a religious war when christianity is ons the line. they're bludgeoning each other and we're over here making it about us. it's ridiculous. >> bob, one last chance to talk about another thing that greg alluded to which is the muslim brotherhood, one of the things that some of the people there that belong to muslim brotherhood did was to attack and burn some of the christian clutches there, the coptic churches. you haven't seen any of the arab leaders or the aymans to say that was wrong. >> they haven't. >> do you think the administration -- do we have leverage to put pressure on them to say something to protect at least in some way the people who are there that practice christianity? >> the real problem is in the northern sinai which is the coptic churches. most are fleeing. we ought to give them asylum. if they stay there, they're
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dead. >> last word to eric bolling. >> asylum here? >> for coptic christians, yeah. >> interesting. >> we gave it to the cubans, we can give it to the coptic christians. >> is that your last word? >> yeah. >> interesting. >> honestly, i think we are -- it's a no win. it's an absolute no win. no matter what you decide to do, you're going to pick -- eventually you're going to pick the wrong side over time. again -- >> you just have to hope you make the -- >> let them figure it out. >> hope we decide to make the least bad decision. >> rename the whole area no win. >> you could come up with an acronym for that. >> no win is an acronym. >> what is it? initialization -- >> yes. >> the initialization. >> i wish you could keep up. this is embarrassing. >> a muslim group organizing a million match on d.c. on the anniversary of the terror attack of 9/11. why they are protesting. trouble for the clintons?
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what "the new york times" dug up on the family foundation ahead on "fox news watch." -- on "the five." ♪
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♪ september 11th is a sacred kay in america. next month will mark 12 years since muslim terrorists killed almost 3,000 people innocent people. a day of reflection and remembrance for most americans. not everyone. this year the american muslim political action committee picked 9/11 to organize a million muslim march in d.c. to demand civil rights protections from our government. their press release says this, quote, we as muslims continue 12 years later to be victimized by being made the villains. our government either sits idly by and does nothing to protect our freedoms or exacerbates the problems with its constant war on terrorism in islamic countries. i guess this muslim group thinks america is the problem. bob, i called these people and
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said why 9/11. he said that was the day that changed america. you're a muslim group. 19 muslim terrorists, islamists, who flew planes and killed 3,000 people. they didn't want to talk about that. they want to talk about their rights being violate the. >> this is going to infuriate a lot of people. it is unbelievably bad judgment on their part to do it on 9/11 and looked at their press release they did not once again, apologize or say this was a terrible thing. what they complained about was war on islamic countries and did not mention 9/11, except they say it was horrible day for everybody in america. something like that. well will one of you please stand up and say something. or would you consider what you are, a bunch of couwards. >> one of the founders is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. so i mean -- it's discredited from the start. >> i have to tell you, i called them and one of the founders, issa hodge was his name. i spoke to him. i said who are some of the people who are attending? your keynotes?
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they were 9/11 truther this, 9/11 what not. it really looks like it's, you know, some of the -- really crazies out there. >> it's a weird thing. >> i have mixed things about this. the guy in charge is named rabbi. how did that happen? he's an army vet. served in afghanistan and in iraq. but he's also a truther. so it's like there's so many weird things. like i admire the fact that he served, but i can't stand truthers me doesn't think any jews died during 9/11. that's part of the conspiracy that the jews knew beforehand. having said this, i mean it's like -- i would like to see more muslims out there. i would like to hear from them. i want to know what they're thinking. i want to know if they're mad and hear what they're having to say but call it a moderate muslim march. don't ask for a million. don't do it on september 11th. pick another day. pick the 10th. >> or a march where you thank the united states of america for letting you be here in the first place. >> but can i say this -- they're becoming more american every day because they're embracing victim
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culture. >> right. >> but here's what they're doing. they're trying to divert the attention that 19 muslims took down the world trade center saying hey maybe it was the american government, the u.s. government, that took the towers down from inside. >> profoundly disrespectful but they have a right to do it. at the same time they're complaining about our government not protecting their first amendment rights you're having a march, aren't you? you're allowed to say what you want. if you have a filmmaker who wants to say what he wants to say about the muslim faith he gets thrown in prison. so whose first amendment rights are really being jeopardized here? >> i would be very curious -- >> any of us what to see what they're thinking and feeling roll that footage in egypt, that's what they're thinking, that's what they're feeling. moderate muslims stand up. because i've yet to see some -- >> i would be very curious to see if any of them will recognize what happened on 9/11. the reality of what happened and say, this was a horrible thing for our religion and it should never have happened. >> it should happen and i think -- i would like to see this because i want -- i would
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like -- if you're going to do something, we could learn from it or be disgusted by it, but i -- it's about time to see muslims out there talking and perhaps, i don't know, communicating assimilating and they are by a march. >> i'm a christian and i'm taught not to hate people. i hate 9/11 truthers. >> nothing worse. >> i saw friends die in that building and for them to say our government had the audacity to do that, to start a war in the middle east, is just assa nine and i want to go to this thing. i'm hoping fox sends me. what are you talking about? >> i have a prediction. >> it's not about muslim, it's the truther thing that disgusts me. >> i have a prediction they will cancel it. a bunch of attention, a lot of pr for their pac and say we have to cancel it because we were worried about threats to our people. and the concern about the truther piece is the further spread of disinformation. earlier today there was a muslim
11:22 pm
brotherhood official in egypt who said that the violence in egypt yesterday was worse than the holocaust. this is the kind of messaging that gets spread everywhere, repeated on talk radio over there, and on all of the websites, texted to one another, and the -- being able to have truthful information is even more difficult in that situation. >> he may be right. first of all, getting a million people into washington is a tough deal. >> it's not going to happen. >> they'll cancel it. >> the white house has to be careful as well if this march does move forward. president obama has been sensitive to the muslim faith. he gave the cairo speech. this is different. this is incredibly different because of the truther piece and i'm not as greg mentioned, whoever is leading this march, i'm not buying this, that he's hiding behind military experience. the guy who wrote the first al qaeda manual was trained by the u.s., abdul azim, the one that attacked our consulate the first time was trained by the u.s. air force. we train them, they say that we somehow committed wrongs against their nations. who's been doing the killing? that's just all i have to say. >> got to go.
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>> directly ahead a bombshell report in "the new york times" of all places that could undermine hillary clinton's quest for the white house in 2016. details when "the five" returns. ♪
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♪ speculation swirls that hillary clinton will make another run for the white house. some of the clinton family's dirty laundry has been exposed by none other than "the new york times." the paper depicts the clinton foundation as an organization with sketchy finances and major conflicts of interest. and the "times" points out it will soon become the nerve center of hillary's public life. i read this article here. eric, i have a theory this is
11:28 pm
classic clinton, dump the info, take the dirty laundry to the friendly hometown laundromat, their paper, get it out there, there's nothing new in here. so what. they support celebrities, run big deficits. >> yeah. very accurate. may be the case. a lot of people scratching their head, why "the new york times" would do an investigative piece on the foundation other than get it out of the way, get it out there and oh, yeah, i remember that three years ago. here's the thing, though. this is still going to be the vehicle probably afor the 2016 election. hillary clinton will take space in -- they have three or four floors of the time life building, she will take some of that for 2016. they were running massive deficits after almost taking $500 million over a ten-year period. it's wrought with cronyism, fake capitalism and a lot of payback. business ties in there we would want to look at. >> not exactly a draw dropper. how should republicans respond? i think it's a trap.
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they want republicans to say look at you supporting childhood or trying to get rit of childhood obesity or aids in africa, how dare you spend all that money, you took the bait gop. i have a theory of why "the new york times" did the story. anything about the clintons sells newspapers and it's -- this election is not for three more years. we have to deal with this daily. there's going to be great stories about them, stories that question their background and that's going to be inevitable for them. and what she will have to do and you're right on this point, if they get this out now they can move on and she can start to articulate whatever her plan and agenda and ideas for america is going to be. >> one of the -- >> this is like busting somebody for shoplifting when they have bodies out in the back. taking -- this is a victory for hillary, taking the heat off the benghazi cover-up which is a huge story and a massive story that she was a part of but as long as you focus on the really boring crap like this clinton foundation stuff, it's like you
11:30 pm
said, out there, boring. stay away from the ugly stuff that could bring her down. i think. >> bob, charles krauthammer weighed in on hillary clinton running for president. she announced a series of heady foreign policy speeches earlier this week. you i think have said she's going to be the nominee. she's going to be invincible. krauthammer disagrees. take a listen. >> you have to remember she's not exactly invincible. she was the anointed one before barack obama came along. she was also inevitable in 2008, didn't really make it. i think the republicans simply is v to put up a good candidate. the republicans have a stronger argument. the country hasn't really done very well under obama. there's no great joy about what he's achieved. he's got a lot of liability. she escaped some of them, but not all of them. >> invincible -- >> as much as i admire krauthammer, his view of american politics is way off and has been for a long time. he can say all he wants about hillary clinton in 2008. she wasn't going to run anyway.
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obama came out, it wasn't as if this was somebody who was a surprise. obama was set up to run. and she almost got it. this time around, not only do the democrats not have to challenge her, the republicans don't come close to having somebody to challenge her. the money thing, where clinton fell off raising money for the clinton foundation was during her presidential race. she sucked in a lot of that money and that was a little bit of tension to say the least. that's going to happen again next time around because i will guarantee you, she will spend over a billion dollars easily. >> but we need to -- to investigate some of the things they point out. a lot of board members and money going back and forth between the clinton foundation -- a lot of great -- >> good example. mf global lost almost $2 billion. jon corzine ran mf global. they were paying an adviser who worked at the clinton foundation $125,000 per month to advise mf global. they go bankrupt, lose all the money. a lot of people say that -- the
11:32 pm
business ties are at least questionable. >> you can say that, but not what the clinton foundation is doing around the world. >> hillary clinton three years we will look back and say what's going on from the time she says what difference does it make when four americans are dead, interesting business dealings, at some point a voter has to say do i want that as my next president. >> if you think that's going to survive -- >> bob just said what democrats will say if republicans take the bait, they've done a lot of good work and bill clinton has been pictured with george bush sr. so reputationally -- >> republicans are having a great meeting up in boston for the republican national convention. all the vibes out are very positive. chris christie gave a speech today. i don't know who else is on the docket to give a speech. there's a lot of energy up there and they can just focus on themselves for a hot minute. and they can worry about her later. >> greg, the rallying cry started among females this week. cath lin parker penned a piece in the "washington post" and
11:33 pm
said hillary clinton can change the world. >> and she's conservative. >> and she's conservative. also one of the bush daughters came out and said she should run for president. i think that -- >> the way i read that, i don't think that -- if you're asked, do you think hillary clinton should run for president? and you're somebody who's not in politics, yeah, sure, that would be great, of course run for president. i think people maybe, maybe, i haven't talked to barbara bush -- >> if kathleen parker and somebody like a bush can be misinterpreted if she should run, is this the inevitable candidacy of hillary clinton? >> i don't know. i think all in all, politics is a scam. people say they go into power for public service but in reality it's for the big payoff later when you make billions and billions of dollars. >> not all of them. >> i'm telling you, i am going to have a gutfeld foundation and it's going to be a place center for errant house boys and strippers. >> you have paid -- >> wait a minute. >> you have paid interns. >> unpaid interns and they will all be former models. >> greg, the clinton foundation has already done that according
11:34 pm
to the new yo"new york times" s sponsored by bill. >> more than 1,000 second amendment supporters want the president and vice president to lose their armed guards while they try to take guns away from everybody else and believe it or not the white house responded to the request. greg has that on deck. ♪
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♪ >> great song. the cramps. >> not the cramps. >> the cramps. as a rule i hate petitions. always for lame stuff like saving wild grasshoppers, banning a walmart or making klingon the official language of scotland. i signed that one. one made it to the white house with enough signatures to win an
11:39 pm
actual response, called for gun-free zones for politicians because if it's good enough for your kids and schools and malls must be good enough for them too. good-bye to armed guards for the president, vice president and their families. the white house said no thanks. and then they went on to explain how our leaders are subject to persistent threats daily and need protection and also mentioned assassinations as proof that people do such harm. of course if you went by the press and president obama aren't schools under similar threats by mad men? even more with assault rifles? anyway, this proposal, stripping protection from the president is idiotic but as a symbolic expression it scores a 10 out of 10 on the cleverness scale. if our leaders need nongun freeh zone they are safer than gun-free zones who title means feel free to shoot me a lot. forcing children to play in gun-free zones means they matter less than politicians. so the petition exposes the
11:40 pm
elitist destructive hypocrisy of the gun-fearing liberal hack. they don't have to live by the principles they espouse but willing to let you die from them anyhow. how does it feel to be the fish in that barrel? you can't -- you cannot deny the findings, andrea. john lot does a lot of work on this, mass shootings, all except for gabby giffords happened where victims couldn't defend themselves. >> i think it was earlier this week, six people were shot in one day in chicago. yet the white house still stays silent on this. i think you hit the nail on the head, greg. it's a bigger point. the haves and have nots. they get to have the security and guns but people who are not in government, who are not politically connected, don't. they push obama care on everybody else. but they don't want obama care. so we have to have it. they have not because they choose to. i think they should leave these decisions to the cities, to the schools. newtown, for example, they moved to have security guards with guns. let them decide.
11:41 pm
stop having washington, d.c. make the decisions for states and localities. >> i've got an idea, i think you should put tanks around every school and mounted machine guys up. are you kidding me? first of all this is organized by the nra. it's obvious. >> no, it wasn't. >> yes, it was. >> the nra put their money behind it because they're starting to lose ground. bunch of hacks. >> how are they losing ground when they wiped the floor with president obama -- >> they lost 75% of the seats they were surp important ipport >> membership is skyrocketing. >> skyrocketing. great. >> let's not talk about -- >> first of all wayne lapierre is a birther. >> what? >> he is. >> who's a birther? >> wayne lapierre. >> oh, please. god help you, bob. >> when you run out of fact it is. >> isn't an american citizen either. >> there's no single example after bystander accidentally shot by a permit holder but they seem to say it's more dangerous in a gun-free zone. >> can we get back to wayne
11:42 pm
lapierre is not an american citizen. >> he's not. >> he ven bob admits he has no facts. >> it's ridiculous to expect the president not to have security. but the point is, you're 100% right. put a sign up that says gun-free zone it becomes the most dangerous place in the area. >> allow it. let the states handle it. >> yeah. >> put it on your front lawn. >> can i say the whole petition thing. >> yeah. >> when the white house first announced they were going to do this petition thing if they got a certain number of signatures it would illicit a response from the white house, i remember e-mailing my friends saying this is going to be one of those sounded like a good idea at the time type of thing. they ended up either having to answer ridiculous things like this or they completely ignore petitions that they just don't want to answer. >> remember, it was 25,000 and then all of a sudden everyone is petitioning and became 100,000. >> why don't they cancel it? they cancel everything else? provisions of the health care law, white house tours. >> oh, please. >> what kills me, tuesday piers
11:43 pm
morgan had a debate on gun control and he believed that -- >> nobody listened. >> that's true. nobody watched but i did. he simply said not all women should be armed. isn't that sexist? >> it's absurd. it's absolutely absurd. it's sexist and ridiculous. >> wait. he said not all women -- >> yes. >> but all men could be? >> just saying there's more of a danger of people getting -- >>s because we don't know how to operate weapons. >> we don't know how to work them. >> all nonfelony convicted -- >> 7 million should carry guns. >> i bet i can hand al gun better than pierce. >> yeah. >> you too. >> all right. >> there you go. >> coming up next -- >> you know what i'm against, sorry, greg. now he comes to life. >> no one having the guns against the bad guys. >> and the police. >> stop and frisk -- >> and another thing -- >> and one more thing. no, that's not up next. if your teenager is a pot smoking drug addicted mess, don't give up hope.
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there may be a silver lining. don't snort it. bob will explain it when we come back. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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11:48 pm
♪ does your teenager shop lift, smoke pot, play hooky? not to worley according to a new study they could be on their way to becoming a successful entrepreneur one day. self-employed workers with incorporated businesses were three times likely to have some troubles in their youth. andrea said this is the block where i ask people questions about if they used drugs or not. i'm not going to raise that with her. i will raise it with you, eric. you're a successful businessman. were you a troubled use? >> my drug of choice was alcohol. i'll be the first to admit i was sneaking vodka from the parentses or replace it with things that looked like vodka. i think the study, if it's accurate, would point out one thing.
11:49 pm
kids who do do these things, smoke pot, get in trouble or fight are risk takers, general risk takers are rewarded in the american society. in business a lot of risk takers and politics risk takers are generally rewarded. >> people who stay straight and you follow the rules, well they could become white house press secretaries. dana? >> they might. people that get in trouble, it's a sign of intellectual boredom which is greg's line. i actually wrote down boredom. he wrote down intellectual boredom which makes him smarter. i wrote down not averse to risk. we may be in agreement that if you're a steve jobs, for example, he was bored. so much going on in his brain and he was able to channel it later on. maybe parents shouldn't panic if kids are getting in trouble right now. >> think of with wla greg's folks went through. >> you were a troubled youth? >> not really. my teenage adopted son seth is a big risk taker. he keeps trying to escape and i
11:50 pm
have to drag limb bahim back in. yeah. i think this is a weird study because you're looking backward so they're looking at successful people and looking backward. it's not an actual study. most delinquents don't become steve jobs. they probably become delinque delinquents. >> but the attitude thing that eric was talking about is right. risk takers -- >> little things, jus delinquents. >> to do some of these things you have to be pretty crafty. if you're going to smoke weed you have to figure out a way to get the weed and if you play hooky -- >> i wouldn't know anything about that. >> to tell all of america you have theeg segments you pointedly ask these question, dana, have you broken the law. >> those are easy for me. >> i thought of a response for you. i have done at least one of the things on this study. >> i've done at least one of the things on this list lots of
11:51 pm
times. >> by the way, how was your date last night. >> it was lovely. we were up until 5:00 in the morning to watch the sun rise. >> bow chick ca wawa. >> what does bow chick ca wawa. >> we need to get out of this thing because as usual, i'm getting dumped on. people who come from disfunctional families for example come turn out to be pretty successful. >> president obama hitting the hoop a little bit in his youth. >> crew gang. >> hitting the hoop a little bit. what is the hoop? >> the chew. isn't that the same thing? maryjane, bob. >> are you talking about hash or are you talking about coke? >> i don't know what he's talking about. >> he admitted to smoking pot, weed. >> weed, pot, maryjane. gan ya. >> okay.
11:52 pm
one more thing, thank god, is up next. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet?
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it's time now for one more thing and eric is kicking it off. >> remember we've been talking about the disgraced san diego mayor touching them and all these women came forward and now
11:56 pm
he has a new accuser, peggy shannon. she's a great-grandmother. leave it to the internet to take down filthy. watch. ♪ ♪ he's just a creep hey hey hey and he would creep if you resign ♪ ♪ the nation's laughing and we'd be happy ♪ ♪ so very happy if you resign let's just get past this ♪ ♪ you make us look bad ♪ the nation's laughing >> i will have that song in my head. >> blurred lined remix, i guess. >> i like it. the great-grandmother thing astounding. >> what are you ageist? it has to do with age? what he does is wrong no matter what the age of the person is. you make me sick. >> okay. andrea is next. >> where were these police officers when bob bekele was in the '70s. apparently seattle police were trying to have fun at hempfest
11:57 pm
over the weekend by giving out bags of these, yes, doritos, with little signs on them that say -- what do these signs say, spds -- it's call mary do what now, seattle police department, spd will clear up how much weed is actually legal, very healthy for these stoners and bag of cool ranch doritos. >> don't knock stoners, they're good people. >> what is this world coming to? >> it's a little ridiculous. >> honestly. good idea, though. greg. >> these are awesome. the nacho cheese are awesome. >> cool ranch is good. >> no other country on the planet has ever made anything that comes close to doritos or anything, even mcdonald. they tried, but failed. just say this is what it costs, price points. don't say price points, that's stupid, shut-up!
11:58 pm
seriously, shut-up. >> wow, i think you're really funny. bob. >> i was having cool ranch myself. those are excellent. many of you hopefully saw my new and best friend willie robinson. do we have a picture of me and willie up there somewhere. >> being your best friend. >> robertson. >> they had their opening show of the new season on wednesday night. excuse me. they had 12 -- >> did you just burp? >> yes. sorry, willie. >> 12 million people watched the show. 12 million record. congratulations, guys, hope it keeps going and going. a great show. >> you know why 12 million watched? because he was on "t"the five" e night before. >> this is what this was created for. jessica sullivan a young woman 18 years old, university of miami student. she contacted me because on the show yesterday i was talking
11:59 pm
about obamacare talking about a part-time professor quoted in the nbc news article saying she never thought obamacare would affect her. i kind of made fun of her. turns out jessica said her mom was misquoted or not quoted fully enough that her mom has always been against obamacare. she called to clear it up, a broadcast journalism major and very cute and one thing is wrong with her she thinks greg is great, which is kind of strange. >> call me. >> i wanted to say that about her. these two are fighting over doritos. help me. >> bob is throwing doritos. >> i wasn't. stop! >> bob, what are you doing tonight? >> this is an important private issue. >> when are you going to set down, bob, please? >> never. >> settle down, get married. >> yeah. there's an idea. >> a good idea. >> been there, done that, man. >> take her out enone of those
12:00 am
horse-drawn carriages. >> a good idea. >> make sure you take your wallet. wallet. welcome to "red eye." i'm geeing gutfeld or as i am known in london. andy levy is off taking care of his sick cat. in for him, america's baby-sitter, liz mcdonald. she has a pre game report. liz, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> greg, what did the white house say about the obama rodeo clown? that's between the white house and me. also are jet packs for real? and do they come in child size for greg? finally what did bill schulz learn about a beach sandcastle competition? sadly, we will find out. back to you, greg. >> that joke about me being tiny sun called for -- is


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