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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 15, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> proving that things may be more accurate. go to our happening page. we'll work on it. >> thanks for joining us. >> america live starts right now. we start with a fox news alert. a crucial u.s. ally in the middle east spiralling out of control as we learned disturbing details of how egyptians are using the chaos as a cover to attack christian community ands burning churches and looting businesses in what looks like hate on a vulnerable minority
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group. the violence spread far beyond the capitol city with a dozen coptic christian churches coming under attack and set on fire and government buildings in a deadly assault. charred remains of mosque and personal rebongings and cars and the aftermath of all that remained after government security forces moved against supporters of the muslim brotherhood and former president morsi. it is a warning that the next piece of video is tough to watch. grieving families gather in a careio mosque where body after body is laid out on the floor for more to so. first reporting live from the mideast bureau is leland. leland, is the violence and angeroisealated against the
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army? >> absolutely not ally. we have reports of 20 or so church burnings in egypt. the muslim brotherhood is taking advantage of the chaos and the muslim brotherhood blamed the coptic christians for siding with the army. this is video of the church in the town of suez. we are told 84 people were arrested in this attack although there are a number of attacks around the country. keep in mind over the past year, the muslim brotherhood took control of egypt and things were not going so well for coptic christians. they were under siege and they felt threatened by the now regime and unprotected by the muslim brotherhood. it is unclear how much protection the army is going to be able it provide them and certainly more than the muslim
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brotherhood who turned a blind eye against them. going forward, how many more churches are going forward. only time will tell. on theistries of cairo it is the calm before or after the storm. hard to tell as everyone cleans up and buried over 500 and some-odd people. not only the army side. but the folks on the protestors side as they duked it out with an ak 47 street battle. the military is taking a tough long against this. they will protect government institutions if you attack the police or army or storm the government buildings will be shots. whether that applies to churches as well is unclear. the army is taking something out of the 1980s and 90s playbook. they could detain anyone and hold them as long as they
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wanted. they did that in an outlaw roundup and pressure the muslim brotherhood organization and causing it from causing too many problems. that's where the army is attacking things right now. the muslim brotherhood is chanting on the streets with our blood and souls defending islam and not protecting egypt. it is a secullar army who is siding the christians who are under threat right now. >> a h, all disturbing developments. thank you. >> you heard leland mentioning the churches coming under attack. things have got ep worse for christians since the 2011 uprising that toppled mubarak. churches have been torched and christian owned businesses are under attack. christians make up ten percent of the egyptian population. the mob attacks have driven
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hundred thousand christians out of the country. we'll look at the under reported story and get reaction to the white house's handling of the uprising when ralph peters joins us live. >> the washington post suggested that the white house and president's foreign policy is partly to blame for the violence in egypt. that is the lost the pressure on the president. the approval rating on the economy took a nose dive despite the tour this summer on job recreation. his approval rating is only 35 percent. it was 42 percent just a few weeks ago. the ratings on the federal deficit and budget are going down. here to explain is chris, who is host of fox >> hi, ally.
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>> how can the president's approval rating drop from 42 percent to 35 percent? >> maybe because he keeps talking about it. there was a joke that democrats used to tell after the 2011 election if a l gore had stayed out of sight for he would have won it. >> the economy is getting better and the recovery may not be galloping but it is steadier than a yearing on. and the president may be frustrating or annoying people. fox news polling showed in a real- time snapshot, the time he was talking to people, they liked him less. >> you ponented out the paradox, there are bright spots in the economy. housing picked up and until today, the stock market was
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going gang busters and today having a rough roadway. the president who dedicated part of his summer to going out and selling his policies and trying to show americans what he's done right, the approval ratings have slipped. >> he spent the summer going to cocktail party of lobbyist and ceo's. maybe they are telling him something wrong. when he talks to the american people, he said we need to spend more money and tax more and we need to worry about the deficit at a later time. a sustainable path and balanced approach and talks about this. he's trying to advantage himself when he talks to the republicans about fiscal issues. and the sticking point for the president is the broadening belief that his health care law is a disaster and it will be all hay wire and your personal data won't be secure or paid for.
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and he carves out exemptions for powerful interest groups and people with good lobbyist in d.c. that assessment goes up and doesn't make people feel more optmistec about the economy. they will not think that the economy is going to be good. >> as that dead line of october 1st. it is a starting date for when people sign up for obama care, it seems that americans are getting more nervous about health care. what does the latest polls show on that? clearly americans think in the majority, this law is going to make them poorer and make their health care worse and make the federal government deficit go up and make the health insurance premiums go up. if those who are not in favor of
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repealing or replacing the law, they think it will be bad for the economy. they can spend money on hiring navigators to seen people up in the law. the law is not working as promised it would. >> oh, boy, perhaps the president will get relaxation on martha's vineyard for the break he's on. thank you for breaking it down. >> disturbing new testimony in the fort hood shooting marshal case. forepzic pathologist taking the sign talking about what they saw four years ago. the army major nidal hasan opened fire on his comraides. >> the prosecution case is winding down. ten or so witnesses left to testify. it is all about the autopsies.
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horrific, horrific information about what the victims went through. forepzic pathologist talking about how specialist frederick green, a 29-year-old from tennessee was shot 12 times on that day in november of 2009 and 1 doctor telling the court how another victim was shot after he had already died. following this portion of the court martial will move in hearing of hasan's former classmates and finally the police officers who shot the gunman and brought the attack to an end. the prosecution should rest monday or tuesday of next week. we move in closing arguments and the soonest a verdict could be reach is on wednesday that according to fort hood public affairs. if he is found guilty, the court will move in the penalty phase
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that last 4 or 5 days. of course, the time line is derailed if something crops up. hasan stand by counsel to appeal getting off of the case. the judge ordered them to work on. it they are appealing it and they will not help hasan get the death penalty. >> thank you for the update. we reported about how egypt's christian population is collateral damage as the muslim brotherhood battles the army. what this means to america? and fox uncovers evidence that some of americans wounded veterans, recovering in one major military medical center will have to transport themselves a half a mile to get to the dining hall and the pain
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does not end there for them. >> and a mom catches a glimpse of something on tv that every parent should know b. what is making her upset and what it means for your favorite shoes. . okay, a, or b?
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he found her unconscious. she died after two days on life support. many people on the bachelor are talking to social media with measures of shock and sadness. >> back to our top story on the violence erupting for egypt. not only the military and muslim brotherhood, but learning how a dozen churches have been torched or set on fire for now apparent reason. it appears that the christian population is being collateral damage. a short time ago president obama addressed the situation in, egypt and condemned the violence and blood shed. >> to the egyptian people let me say, the cycle of violence and escalalgz needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect universal
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rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the attacks that we have seen by protestors including on churches. >> ralph peters is a fox new analyst. great it so you. >> great to see you. >> this is an underreported story that christians are appearing to be targeted. homes and business businesses and churches are being burned and rocks are thrown at them. and they are chased from building to building. are they collateral damage in the battle or specifically targeted. >> the muslim brotherhood always desired to religiously cleanse the middle east. get jews and christians out. this is part of a muslim brotherhood and islamist program. the president in a rambling address this morning had one
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line, that one line that you played about churches, the rest was basically proclaim muslim brotherhoods as peaceful protestors. peaceful don't clash and kill policemen and burn and kill christians and take the prisoners in the mosque and torture them. allison, can you imagine the outcry that would rise to the heavens if it was a case of christians burning dozens of historic mosque. but since it is muslims burning churches and other religious buildings, and burning christian businesses and killing christians, the administration and presidency it is worth one phrase in a long monlog. they just don't care about the dead christians. >> ralph, it seemed like
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something more significant is happening in egypt against promorsi and anti- morsi struggle that it is framed if the christians are being targeted what does it mean and what should the president say or do? >> the president needs to get a grip on reality. it was a coup when the muslim brotherhood after making promise was inclusiveness came to pour in a election that was held prematurely and exlewded everyone from the government except muslim brothers and tried to push egypt in sharia law and imprisonned journalist and shut down the media. it was an islamist take over and president obama did not protest that. in fact, his ambassador up to the bitter end moved. and i tonight like military coups and i don't like military
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movement, but we have to recognize in this one, our enemy. the enemy of the egyptian people and american people is the same. islamist extremist. muslim brotherhood will never be our friends they had a chaps and blew it. the egyptian military responded to the will of the people and on the side of the people trying to build a modern economy and society. there will be differences of what shape that society takes. but the muslim brotherhood wants to drag egypt back ward in an authority state. this is a titanic struggle in the middle east. they don't see it as we see. it they want to encompass everything. syria, iraq, tu nissia and libya
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and egypt, same struggle between the arabs who want to modernize and humanize their societies and the forces of medevial perversions of religion. >> interestingly, ralph, egyptian media is reporting on the troubling development of christians being pers outed and some in the u.s. it is reported on but buries eight paragraphs down. ralph, great to see you. >> thank you. >> as the september 11th anniversary focus there is a new call to action bee a muslim group trying to organize a million person march on 9/11. and disturbing new details in the murder/kidnapping as we learn about the horrors that hannah anderson and her family endowered in the hands of a trusted friend.
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>> the soldier who leaked documents to wiki leaks spoking out. badly manning taking the stand and starting with an apology he told the judge he was sorry for hurting the united states and didn't think it was doing harm. the psychologist said the gender identitiy. put pressure on him. he faces up to 90 years in
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prison. stunt men mark sutton has died. you know the stunt. the 42-year-old dazzled the world last summer jumping from a helicopter in the opening ceremony in the london olympics games. here's more on what happened. >> it is awful. mark sutton was in the swiss a lps. and he was wing flying as they call it with 20 other flyers at the time of the accident happen. he was being videotaped and we'll not show you that. i want you to watch before he launched on a earlier flight. >> see ya! he jumped and planning to swim by the mountains and instead he
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crashed in a ridge he may had been hit by a gust of wind. the others continued as a tribute to sutton. it allows the flyers to covers ground at 200 mills and they use the body to control the speed and lift. mark sutton was a pioneer of the sport that started in the known 90s and his big moment was in the 2012 olympics games when he dressed as james bond and wing flew and parachuted in the opening ceremonies and it was amazing and it was the talk of the opening ceremonies. it is an amazing man and veteran and terrific lite lot. >> the dare devils make it look
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easy to us and called death defying for a reason. thanks so much for the update on his life. >> the president reacting to the chaos in egypt as the white house condemns the violence and we detailed the growing worry over whether it could through the whole region in to crisis. >> and a slap in the face of vet reasons. we'll growing controversy after a sharp eyed mom caught a glimpse of this commercial while eating break fast and her reaction getting national attention. store. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah! at our biggest sale of the year, every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599.
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investigators recovered the flight recorders that they hope will shed light. it is unclear what caused them to go down. the plane may have been on fire before it hit the ground fox news uncovers changes in walter
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reed center. it could set back recovery efforts. fox news learned that the military deceiteded to invalidate the meal tickets. and all of the multiple amputees and recovering patients lived. it would affect the sergeant. a double amp tie and families that spend time in government two. they would have to go across the campus to food trailers. i would say it is close to a half a mile.
10:34 am
and building 62 is right cross the rod. it is a half a mile. it is around there. and for guys that don't have legs and new and in a while chair it is a long-distance to go. and it is all of the guys coming men and women coming home and how they felt like. i didn't think it would come to this. >> the warrior ca fe is a meeting point and gives them a since of independence and they have learned to walk again. partners and wives of the warriors say it is a setback. and some say they would not eat on the weekend. and we were told by lieutenant cornel that cathy woodsop.
10:35 am
assistant secretary of defense has decided to reverse the changes. and the patients at walter reed hadn't been notified of that decision. >> let's hope that that is for real and he's serious about that decision. that is an important place for them. and for more on all of this. we want to bring in a member and concerned for veterans. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> can you tell us the significance. what is the significance of the warrior ca fe this is inexcusable that the army is so insensitive to those that come home from war and having to experience. this provides them an area where
10:36 am
they meet with wounded warriors. and provide them with a sense of independent that is kushl for the recovery for a. and the army needs to fix the problem now. >> when we are talking about multiple amp ties. you can't say it is a food court a half a mile away. it is hard to wheel themselves and use crutches. but there is also a psychological impact. what is that? >> there is a mental and emotional and psychological recovery process to those who fought for our country. they come back double. triple amputees. and when you tell them all you have to do is walk a half a mile
10:37 am
to get food when they are used to something so close to them. it hinders their recovery process. this is not just something to walk out and do. this has to be planned now and the trailers where the new dining facility is. they may have handicap accessible ramps but it is not accomdating to all of the soldiers needs. >> president obama spoke and said the best way to protect the va care is to get rid of the secrestor all together. is that a result of secrestiation and the budget cuts. they are making cuts all over the place. it is a management issue.
10:38 am
and a struggle going on with the contract and what they are choosing. they are choosing where it is coming from. and the facts involving any form of care for the wounded warriors is inexcusable. there is so much waste going on. and they renows to have talks. it is a terrible terrible decision. you heard it is management to blame. fox news got involved in the pentagon. response was dr. johnathon said they would reverse the change. no announcement was mentioned
10:39 am
and it is not open on the woke weeks. are they saying that to placate fox news. . it is easy to make a declaration to make it sound like they are addressing the problem. it doesn't mean it is fixed. if they are correct and going to reverse what they made for the warrior ca fe. open it and allow them to go to the warrior ca fe on the weekend and extend the hours and don't just make a statement to sort of attempt to quiet the people who voiced their concern. we don't need to hear you are making changes when you don't. thank you so much for coming on.
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there is disturbing new evidence in the kidnapping of hannah anderson. we learn about the horrors that the mother and brother endured in the hands of the abductor. and a con -- growing controversy after a sharp- eyed mom caught a glimpse of this ad. if you think it is little racy, we'll wait and show you what happens next. . ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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is and not appropriate. an a d for a prime time show popped up in abc's good morning america and her young son watched. it it features a naked man and woman in a sex scene. she complained and blogged and not advocating censorship but said it is going to far when kids are enjoying the cheerios. we have a welcome to all of you. >> i. >> here is the problem. this was not prime time. she was not watching at 10 o'clock p.m. she was watching good morning america at 8 o'clock a.m. and her son sos two naked people engage in a sex act. what do you think? >> personally, it is too racy
10:45 am
for 8, 9 or 10 o'clock television. it should be shown after 8 o'clock p.m. at night. it is not appropriate to be on tv that early in the morning. you don't need to so the sex scenes. myself, if i was watching at 8 or nine in the morning, i don't need soso. that there needs to be a time and place and especially since the child was there watching this, it shouldn't be there. >> stacey, i know you disagree. you think it is okay at 8 o'clock. >> it is fine at 8 o'clock and 8 night. they were not showing fwenitals or's woman man handled. it is child's play to what is a click away to what is on the internet. we need to work harder if we want to protect our children from violence on tv. nviolence, but do we have to choose between sex or violence.
10:46 am
can we have neither? >> what parent hasn't had parents to walk in on them seeing what is on tv? the kids are not scarred for life. >> ask the child psychologist. is it appropriate. if you don't want to have a conversation with your six or sen-year-old son nudity. >> i think it is highly inappropriate to have this advertisement on morning television where your children are exposed to it. ages of 2 and 6 are negotiating their bodies and trying to figure out what their bodies are doing and it is important for them to feel good about their bodies and not have feelings of guilt and shame. >> but when parent's jump and turn off the tv god forbid their kids see something naked what message are they sending. they are saying it is not okay.
10:47 am
and in europe they have shown a ds, advertise ams and commercials with women's breast and but thes for decades. it is not a big deal. >> but i think it is appropriate for the parents to do it in a healthiy way and not react out of own fear and stigma. >> this was not reacting. >> this does pose questions that six-year-olds would be asking. they see nudity. that would not be in their head. and a mommy blogger who alerted the fcc. this is not something my son can unsee. >> it was not a bad image. >> i think it was. it was for sexy. >> and why not have a little conversation and mommy and daddy do that and it is private. it is part of life. >> i think it is a natural part of life and a time and place. and i have a 9 and 6-year-old.
10:48 am
i talk to them about everything. the nine-year-old has a lot of questions, and i try and do think appropriately by reading books and looking at certain things on the internet and not allowing him to look at certain things. blocking youtube and certain things are not appropriate for a child to have access. >> what age is it appropriate to see nuditiy and to advertise if you the abc new steamy sex show. >> when they are aware of their body and having strong sexual urnls so they can relate to. it the image a man a dpreszivey on a woman. that particular question you can see it. and to me if i am a six year old child or a patient what is it. it looks like the man is doing something aggressive and painful. >> sometimes kids walk in on
10:49 am
that with their parents. >> this is projecting your own. >> i saw the clip too. and didn't think it was aggressive sex at all. >> you are not six years old. >> this is morning television. that is unusual. we have pushed the envelope. >> and now graphic nudeitty and now they are showing. it what about, the blurred lines graphic songs there. and i hear my eight-year-old singing. it is pop culture the radio; is that less alarming to their central nervous system. >> i constantly struggle with this. it is blurred lines and the truth of the matter they are sexual and all of the rapsongs. they are rapping and the sex and there is a lot of it everywhere. but at nine years old.
10:50 am
thank god he doesn't know what he's singing. and he knows thattine mommy thinks it is. >> that is from a brain perspective and looking at the child's brain, it the back of t brain all instinctual and developing their pre-front at cortex where they're trying to make sense out of the world. when you see a graphic image like that it's all a back part of the brain and emotional. >> there were no breasts or no genitals shown. better that than showing violent images which can really really damage kids. >> we don't want either. >> we don't want either. >> thanks for the spirited conversations. meanwhile, we do have terrifying new details on a case that gripped the nation. search warrants just released giving us new information what happened when this man kidnapped a california teenager and killed her mother and brother. the largest city filing for
10:51 am
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we're getting disturbing new details on the search warrants on hannah anderson's abduction. trace has more details. what are we learning, trace? >> there are seven search warrants in this case, one of the search warrants say for thes and brother of 16-year-old hannah anderson were actually tortured before they were killed. the other search warrants only say their bodies were found in
4:28 am
this burned out house of james dimaggio. now, a big focus of this investigation appears to be on a number of phone calls. remember, the mother and brother went to dimaggio's house where they were killed and someone, presumably james dimaggio, picked up hannah anderson from cheerlead i cheerleading practice and kid p kidnapped her. there were 13 phone calls between james dimaggio and hannah anderson, unclear who made the contact and what the calls were and we learned dimaggio and hannah anderson went on a number of day trips in a recent months. an how anderson addressed it on a social networking site and did not address the content only saying i wish i could go back in time and risk my life to try and save theirs. i will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them. a large number of calls were
4:29 am
made on the day of the killing between james dimaggio and his sister, laura, and now police are investigating if she hd any part in helping him get away. now, we are hearing from the first time from the marshals who first spotted dimaggio and anderson in the idaho forest. listen. >> the light hit it just right and it was clear as day, it was a blue tent. we were able to confirm that it was a male and a female with blond hair and a small animal, which we knew could potentially be that cat. >> it was ink fact the cat. minutes later, authorities confronted ander son and james dimaggio, shooting and killing dimaggio five times in the chest and head and killing him. >> what a horrible story all around, trace, thanks for the update. as we near the 12 year mark of 9/11 there is a controversial call by a muslim group to organize a million man march on
4:30 am
accept 11th. the "washington post" editorial board says the obama administration is quote complicit in the bloody crackdowns we're seeing today in egypt. [ male announcer ] america's favorite endless shrimp is back!
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call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? a fox news alert now last hour we alerted you to the growing attacks on christians in egypt. moments ago the state department spoke out. it's a brand new hour of "america live." i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. a crackdown left more than 500 people dead across the country. things are relatively quiet at this hour. a curfew is still in effect and will remain so the rest of the month. earlier we learned under the cover of yesterday's violence, more than a dozen churches were reportedly burned. christian businesses were ransacked and christians themselves were targeted for atta attack, it seemed, based solely
4:34 am
their religion. here is state department spokesperson jen psaki moments ago. >> the united states strongly condemns all attacks and acts of violence and bloodshed across egypt. we are outraged and deplore in the strongest terms the reprehensible attack is in the past few days against numerous coptic christian churches. we also condemn the recent attacks on public buildings including police stations. there can be absolutely no place for such violence in egypt and call on all of egypt's leaders to condemn such attacks aggravating an already fragile atmosphere. the government has a responsibility to create an atmosphere egyptians can have assembly and media and christians also have a responsibility to exercise those rights peacefully and those doing so peacefully should not be labelled terrorists and encourage taking the utmost
4:35 am
steps for compensation and avoid further life or injuries. >> you heard the state department remark on the persecution. the president also remarked earlier today. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is traveling with the president today and joins us live from martha's vineyard. what's the president saying? >> reporter: the most violent day in egypt since the ouster of hosni mubarak pulled president obama out of vacation mode and he will can sellcel a joint exe next month and still not ready to call the military takeover a coup he suggests the egyptian army is blowing its chance to put the country on a democratic path. >> after the military's intervention several weeks ago there remained a chance for reconciliation and an opportunity to pursue a democratic path. instead, we've seen a more dangerous path taken.
4:36 am
through arbitrary arrests, a broad crackdown on mr. morsi's associations and supporters and now tragically, violence that's taken the lives of hundreds of people and wounded thousands mor more. >> mr. obama stopped short of cutting off u.s. military aid but with more than 500 people killed yesterday alone, he finds himself at a loss to exert u.s. influence. he called on protesters to be peaceful as well. the majority of his criticism was aimed at the egyptian military and his critics in this country feel that puts him on the side of the muslim brotherhood. >> the president has put his thumb down on the scale of the side of the muslim brotherhood. this criticism of the egyptian government i think will resonate all over egypt and will not do us any good. >> ambassador bolton says the brotherhood's attack on the military left 50 soldiers dead and takes on coptic christians harsh let 100,000 to flee the
4:37 am
country. >> thanks for that update on martha's vineyard. how did we get to this point in egypt? on june 29th, more than 22 million egyptians signed a petition calling for mohamed morsi to step down. the next day, large scale demonstrations broke out. million is in the streets denouncing morsi's government. on july 3rd, the army kicked morsi out of office, detains him and moves him to an undisclosed location. then yesterday, reports of at least 525 people killed. close to 4,000 people hurt in a violent crackdown on pro morsi p pro-muslim brotherhood protesters. as the accept 11th anniversary approaches, there is new focus on a controversial call to action by one muslim group as it tries to organize a million man march on the nation a
4:38 am
nation's capitol. more interesting is the story behind this march. trace. >> you have to remember the reason the timing is so controversial because you have this muslim group pushing for muslim civil rights on the anniversary of 9/11. the group is ampak, the american muslim political action committee. what they're planning on doing is holding a march on 9/11 with hopefully a million people. they believe the american government and media has lied about who was truly behind 9/11 and they say that has led to muslims being victimized. interesting because the man who heads up the group has a proven controversial past. he is md rabbi allam, ran for secretary of state of missouri and once claimed no jewish people died on 9/11 saying, i'm quoting here, my question was what's the reason not a single jew was killed on that day? was there a single jew killed on that day? he want on to say his position was based on facts, not on bias against jews.
4:39 am
when he was told between 270 and 400 people who died on 9/11 were jewish, he apologized. but continues to claim that the cause of the twin towers collapsing was not solely the airliners. the missouri democratic party has tried to distance itself from rabbi alam. but now the rabbi and his group are seeking a new path to notoriety. we should point out that they've got ample work to do with this million person march because they're planning on holding it less than a month from now, ali and right now ampac has grand total of eight members in their group. quite a ways to go. >> yes. that's quite a disparity. thank you for that background. just to give you more context on accept 11th, it is an official national day of service and remembrance. congress gave it that destination under federal law in 2009. it was to give americans a positive way to honor the victims and survivors of the
4:40 am
terror attacks of 2001 as well as those who served in the aftermath. in the years since the attack, people across the country have marked the day by participating in community service projects. so this year will be no different. a wide number of organizations will put together what will be one of the largest days of charitable service in u.s. history. an urgent warning now for american cities raising new alarms about our financial future. there's growing fear big cities such as new york could go bankrupt just like detroit unless steps are taken to get the costs of pensions and health care under control. live in fox central, this is chilling. tell us more, david lee. >> consider this, alisyn. detroit is the largest city in the u.s. to declare bankruptcy in the red more than $18 billion. other even larger cities could be next. in a little more than three
4:41 am
months, new yorkers will elect a new mayor. in a recent warning from mayor michael bloomberg to his successor is now reverberating around the city. >> avoiding the hard choices is how detroit went bankrupt. >> reporter: bloomberg says health and pension costs for city work that's right contributed to detroit's financial ruin threaten economic stability. most new york city employees and retirees pay nothing for $6.3 billion in health insurance. workers also pay little for tensi pensions that have taxpayers on the hook for $8 billion this year. >> new york city has right now 10,000 police officers retired who are under 40 and collecting pensions and they will technically collect those pensions for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: contracts for almost all 300,000 city workers expired at least three years ago. the next mayor will be under pressure to win concessions. >> the unions have tried to wait it out. they don't want to negotiate with mayor bloomberg because he's a tough businessman.
4:42 am
>> reporter: many rein 1975 when the city almost went broke after president ford said no to a bailout. since then a state financial control board oversees the city budget. the editor of the chief, a newspaper for city workers calls bloomberg's warning about a detroit style bankruptcy fear mongering. >> i think it's partly a scare tactic and partly about spin looking to deflect any blame for him basically abdicating his responsibility as mayor for timely negotiating with unions. >> new york mayor bloomberg says every city has a lesson to learn from the motor city. state pensions are under funded now more than a trillion. for example, chicago recently laid off more than 2,000 public school employees, including teachers, a key reason? the cost of escalating pensions. >> yeah. it's a problem when the math just doesn't add up. david lee miller, thank you.
4:43 am
we're hearing very powerful accusations levied against the white house today. the "washington post" editorial board says the obama administration is quote complicit in the bloody crackdown that is unfolding in egypt. we will weigh in on that. dr. marc siegel says president bush's recent health scare holds an important medical lesson for every single american. he joins us with the story he says most media has overlooked. plus, dial you for unfair. cell phone users across the country could see new charges as part of a plan being pushed by president obama. what that plan is and the uproar in congress over it straight ahead. ♪
4:44 am
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4:47 am
good news doesn't normally come this fast. we have an encouraging update to share with you about a story we brought to you 30 minutes ago. the warrior cafe is a place where vets at the walter reed hospital often share meals with their family and friends. while we told you earlier about plan that would have forced those vets to use a different facility a half a mile away, the pentagon was blaming budget cuts, we just got word the military is marching on a different direction on this story. the warrior cafe is apparently open again on the weekends and the meal cards that had been invalidated at that location have now been reinstated. as if you're cell phone bill wasn't confusing enough with all the extra taxes and fee, the obama administration is looking to tack on yet another charge. the white house wants to expand a program to pay for high speed internet in schools. instead of asking congress for the extra funds, the
4:48 am
administration is trying to go through the fcc to make you pay for it without any voting on this plan. a radio talk show host and political editor at to guy, great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> this is an ambitious plan by president obama. he wants to bring high speed internet access to public schools all around the country, some of which don't have the internet or at least runs very slowly, makes it almost unusable in classrooms. what is the problem? >> this is the perfect president obama story in my view, it involves three of his favorite things, tax increases, government spending and short circuiting the democratic process by circumventing congress when they're standing in the way of something he wants. in this particular case, what the president and his administration are doing is effectively demanding a tax increase via regulation, via unilateral executive order from thesec -- fcc we want you to
4:49 am
place a $5 tax on every cell phone in america to pay for this. i would remind americans who has a cell phone of a promise this president made as a candidate was he was not going to raise taxes on any in the middle class or below, he was only going to raise taxes on the rich he did that with the fiscal cliff deal, $600 billion tax increase on rich and small businesses. now, once again, as he did with obamacare, he wants to come after the middle class and below and tax your cell phone. >> as taxes go, $5 a year, which would sunset, $4-5, i read, which would sunset according to the white house three years from now, 12 bucks is not that big of a deal. mea americans might even be willing to cough that up to allow high speed access to go into underserved areas. the larger issue is this is what some call an end run around congress. he doesn't have to go through congress to get this tax.
4:50 am
>> right. >> how is he able to do that? >> first of all, call me skeptical this tax will sunset. a lot of taxes they say, it's just temporary, don't worry, three years from now, it will be gone then it's not. they're trying to raise $6 billion. it might end up being a lot more than that. when it comes to the issue of maybe americans would be willing for this trade-off, $5 or $12 for your cell phone bill over the year, and then that will go towards money in the schools and they can get high speed internet, that's fine, have the debate in congress, the elected representatives of the american people. if this is such a no-brainer seems like an infrastructure project to me, why wasn't this paid for and done during the $800 billion stimulus plan we have already borrowed lots of money to do. seems like a taylor made stimulus project. why wasn't that accomplished back then? >> the answer, i guess, according to the white house, they see congress as being just obstructionist, basically no tax, even if it's $4 a year for
4:51 am
three years, could get by this congress. >> well, they've called congress disfunctional. in the eyes of this white house, any member of congress who doesn't agree with the president is a symptom of dysfunction. in fact, divided government, the republican house of representatives in itself is disfunctional. there is still a system of checks and balances. those pesky american people elected a house of representatives in 2012. this is the way the system works and the president doesn't like that and is trying to do a back door tax increase that will affect every single american. >> is this a legal loophole? we have checks and balances. if the fcc can levy a new tax at their whim, if it can be sold to them as a good idea, this is legal and a loophole perhaps the white house has found. >> the republicans i've heard from and read in the story, they are slamming this. they say this is an end run around our power. whether they can actually
4:52 am
prevent this president from doing what he does so often act unilaterally when he sees fit. even if it's not legal, there would have to be a legal challenge, go through the courts and take years to finally resolve. the president has decided time and time again, take and seize power now, ask questions and maybe apologize later. >> it does sound like the president has decided he can't work for whatever reason with this congress. he does want to have a major accomplishment for his second term. sounds like, based upon what some of his spokespeople have said is that they see th this -- they're not far from being ashamed of this end run, they're proud they would be able to claim this as a feather in their cap. >> they can try. if you look at the gallup poll just released today, only 36% of americans approve of this president on the issue of taxes. he's already hiked taxes on the so-called rich. he got that last year, now he wants an even bigger bite at the apple. keep this in mind if you're an american just watching now,
4:53 am
don't follow politics too closely coming up in the fall there will be big budget battles. this president will used words like fairness and taxes just on the rich and fair shares, this is a tax that will slam the middle class and the poor the worst. the poor are the people least able to afford a $5 increase to their cell phone bill. >> guy benson, thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> great to see you. there is a storm brewing on the radar that could become this season's first hurricane. we'll show you where that is in five minutes. dr. siegel says former president bush's health scare is an important lesson for every single one of us. is your watch waterproof? digital? can it tell you how long you have left to live? up next, a scary new piece of technology. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
4:55 am
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fox news alert for you now because we are just getting word from reuters news service members of egypt's muslim brotherhood have just stormed and torched a government building in cairo. this happened while families tried to identify hundreds of mutilated bodies piled up in a cairo mosque, a day after they were shot dead by the security forces. egypt's health ministry says 578 people now have been killed. thousands have been wounded in the worst day of civil violence in the modern history of egypt. back here at home, we have newly released tapes of the 911 calls made after that deadly plane crash in connecticut.
4:58 am
this happened last friday in east haven. the plane was about to land at tweed-new haven airport when it crashed into two homes, four people were killed including the pilot and his teenage son and two children inside one of those home homes. >> just had a plane go down by the tweed airport. i was going into -- and i just saw it go straight down into the ground. >> one of the planes going to tweed new haven airport just crashed into a house. >> are there people injured? >> the woman is saying she has two children in the back room where the plane is. >> okay. where did the plane crash into? >> into a house. >> how many people on board? >> we don't know. i mean he was inbound. >> you are my eyes and ears. do not hang up the phone. i'm going to put you on hold. i'm sending help. >> so tragic. the ntsb is still investigating the cause of this crash. right now, there is this new piece of technology in
4:59 am
development. it looks like a wristwatch, but instead of telling you what time it is, inventors say it will tell you how much longer you have to live. trace gallagher has the details from our west coast newsroom. you're freaking everybody in the studio out, trace, with this. >> i hope, ali, have an annoying little alarm that tells you when your time is up. i don't think it does. hope not. >> it's actually been called the death test watch. the way it works, the watch measures these vital cells inside your tiny capillaries because apparently those cells produce all kinds of chemicals that tell you everything that goes wrong with your body, whether you have a stroke, heart attack, dementia. it can also tell you if you have cancer and how fast your body is aging. the hope is people will use this watch to kind of better their health, improve their lives. there is also concern the device may lead to depression and people kind of throwing in the
5:00 am
towel and giving up. there's also worry insurance companies can use the information to kind of alter your premiums and your payouts. the company that makes it has tested 220 people and they say they were very surprised at how fast some people who looked great were aging more quickly than anybody expected. the death test watch could be available i don't know maybe sometime late next year. right now, it's a much bigger device. they hope to scale it down so it really is the size of a wristwatch so that more people can actually buy this thing. we don't know the cost of it. me, i'm going to plead the whole ignorance is bliss thing and skip it. i will skip the watch all together and just take my chances with the annual physical. >> you're looking pretty good, trace, i think you can skip it. how much warning does it give you? is it like, okay, pick up the dry-cleaning, get the kids from camp, die. how many days does it tell you in advance? >> that just says it gives you an idea how fast you are going
5:01 am
to die. in other words, someone like you, ali, who's like 23, it would say, look, your life span is going to be shortened because you have this this and this and your heart attack risks this and you have symptoms of this and this. it gives you information to go to your doctor and get more information. it's not neend all be all but it really is, they say, is a fairly good indicator how fast your cells are aging. >> interesting. the next time i see you, trace, i'm going to kiss you. thanks so much. meanwhile, there is a tropical storm headed straight for the u.s. predictions are it will only get stronger. next, we will get the latest on the storm's path and whether folks along the east coast should start preparing today. an op-ed in the "washington post" suggests the obama administration bears some of the blame for the bloodshed we're now seeing in egypt. actually, it's an editorial and casey mcfarland will weigh in on that. >> we've been blamed by supporters of morsi.
5:02 am
we've been blamed by the other side as if we are courter e sup morsi. that kind of approach will do nothing to help egyptians achieve the future that they deserve. olympiad but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinuandrogel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased ris of prostate cancer,
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now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. the national hurricane center track iing tropical stor erin as we enter the peek hurricane season. rick is live in the hurricane
5:06 am
center. >> we have two things we're watching and unfortunately neither of them should have any significant impact to the u.s. this is the first one. you see this cloudiness and storminess across parts of the eastern atlantic. it's very far away from the u.s. we will continue to see this pull up towards the west. it will probably strengthen a little bit in the short term and weaken eventually. we don't think it will make its way all the way towards the lesser antilles intact, probably ripped apart by then. good news to that, probably getting scot-free on erin and this is parts of the caribbean and we're concerned about moisture that could come in across parts of the southeast that don't need it. the model all over the place maybe pulling it into the central gulf but likely won't strengthen into anything significant. what it potentially will do is bring big moisture across parts
5:07 am
of the southeast that has seen such a rainy and wet summer and unfortunately some more rain heading towards them probably saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday and could see flooding. i think as far as strong tropical storms, the two we're watching will be just fine. >> good to know. thanks. >> we don't take sides with any particular party or political figure. i know it's tempting inside of egypt to blame the united states or the west or some other outside actor for what's gone wrong. we've been blamed by supporters of morsi, we've been blamed by the other side as if we are supporters of morsi. that kind of approach will do nothing to help egyptians achieve the future that they deserve. >> back now to our top story, that was president obama earlier, distancing his administration from the violence that is raging in one of america's most important middle
5:08 am
east allies. while he is taking criticism from both the egyptian army and muslim brotherhood he is also taking heat here at home from the "washington post." the newspaper's editorial board suggesting the president actually does bear some responsibility for the current bloodshed. casey mcfarland was the deputy assistant secretary of defense for president reagan and a fox news national security analyst. good to see you? good to see you. >> let's talk about this "washington post" editorial, pretty scathing. basically what they're claiming is the obama administration does bear some responsibility for the bloodshed we're seeing in egypt because their position was so schizophrenic on morsi and whether or not it was a coup that overthrew him. is that fair? >> look, i think they should have gone much further than one year back, i would have gone three or four years back. we had a seat at that table when the mubarak government was in office. what the president should have done is say, look, we want you to have political and economic reform, spring more people into your government.
5:09 am
they didn't do it and the egyptians didn't do it. mubarak was overthrown in large part because we helped push him out, pull the rug out from under him. at that point we had no idea what the new egyptian government would be. when the new government comes in, morsi with a seat at the table, why don't you have an inclusive government, include all groups, christians and everybody else? we didn't do that. and the morsi government cracked down just as dictatorial as anybody else, here we are again, revolution, counter revolution and we're somehow not applying pressure where we should. >> come on, the bloodshed. egypt is devolving right now. 525 people killed. the "washington post" claiming the obama administration has blood on its hands because we couldn't figure out whether or not to call it a coup. it was complicated. we normally don't support military coups but we didn't support the morsi government. we were win a pickle, right. >> morsi was democratically
5:10 am
elected. but so was hitler. what did hitler do? started squishing all the opposition and taking dictatorial powers for himself. that's what morsi was doing. the question is is this new government doing the same thing? on tuesday they replaced the provincial governors with their own guy. took out the morsi governors and put in military generals, 19 of the 25 provinces are governed by generals tuesday. are they doing the same thing the other guys did? my worry you take a step back, we could be seeing the beginning of a syrian style civil war, where everybody's killing everybody. the next 72 hours will be the telling point. i think the military government decided they were going to take a risk, they were going to see if they could quash the opposition, restore security and calm because without that the egyptian economy starts going in this vicious cycle. the economy gets worse, people are on the street. people are on the street, violence ensues, less stability. countries -- people don't go -- there's no investment in
5:11 am
egypt now because of the instability. >> so now what do we do? you've outlined where we made our missteps in terms of not inserting ourselves earlier into the process. now what do we do to avoid it becoming syria. >> i think the president needs to do what he did today criticize the violence. there's violence on all sides. al qaeda on the peninsula attacking israel and muslim brier hood attacking coptic christians. say we condemn violence all around, i would not have canceled the military exercise between egypt and the united states. >> why? >> there is no better way to influence the egyptian government than working side by side with them in a joint military exercise. we get a pulse of what's going on in egypt and in a position to influence from within. >> don't we also influence with the aid we give? there's always a debate whether or not we should be giving that $1.5 billion a year. is it time to pull or time to give it?
5:12 am
>> i think that money buys us a seat at the table. it's mostly military assistance we give them. military to military ties, u.s. to egyptian military are very close. what egypt needs right now. they can't feed their people. 40% of egyptian people have nothing to eat except the subsidized bread they get from their government. we're not writing those checks. those big checks are written by the saudi, kuwait, united arab of emirates who have written a check to the tune of $12 billion. egypt will need a lot more than that to feed their people. you think those people are angry now about the political and economic situation, just imagine how they will be by the end of the year when they run out of food and fuel oil. >> today, whose side are we on? the protesters, it's hard to identify who they are. >> right. >> how are we navigating this? whose side would we even send money to? >> our money goes -- our military assistance goes to the egyptian government. that is now an interim government predominantly military government where our assistance goes.
5:13 am
at the same time, we can use that influence we have with them to say, look, the answer here is not to go slaught ear lot of people, the answer is to bring people in. what egypt needs more than anything right now is stability, calm secure stability. to get their economy going again, get tourism back. >> don't they know that? how can us saying that to them change anything? don't they know they need stability? >> they don't know how to get there. what they feel is what they've seen in egypt the last 50, 60 years, crush the opposition, then you have a free reign. this is not the new egypt. the new egypt has to include all the different groups. maybe they don't want agree with you budget you want to have everybody in the tent instead of people outside throwing rocks in and the violence will inevitably lead to a bigger and bigger problem down the road. >> is secretary kerry working on this? >> the israeli palestinian peace talks, like saying mr. kerry, the roof is falling in, flooding
5:14 am
and you have termites in the walls and he's like, great, i will go fix the pool house. >> i like your humor. >> it's very tragic. >> it's always great to have your perspective on it. great to see you. president george w. bush is widely regarded as a model of physical fitness and you see him riding his bike he always did during this is presidency. why then did he have a heart scare? dr. marc siegel is here to tell us why this is a warning for all of us how he was decadiagnosed heart disease and should be a wake-up call for all of us. we bring you to the garage sale that will get you ready to invade a small country.
5:18 am
with many concerned that obamacare is pushing us towards a one size fits all medicine, there's now this case for a personalized approach. it involves former president george w. bush. news of his heart surgery last week shocked many americans. our next guest says under obamacare, mr. bush may have gone undiagnosed. dr. marc siegel is on our fox news medical a team. also a professor of medicine at nyu's medical center. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do you mean under obamacare, president bush would have gone undiagnosed. >> first, there have been physicians in the media irresponsibly speculated about president bush's case without looking at details looking for a one size approach. cardiac accidestents no good, overused. there was an article in the medical journal in 2008 that say maybe initially stne, ts don't give you survival advantage.
5:19 am
it was a flawed study and didn't take into account differences one to the next. wild speculation. president bush's people reached out to me and i found out facts in this case completely in the opposite direction. he was having mild symptoms, not chest pain, mild symptoms beforehand. do you know one-third of all heart attacks don't involve chest pain whatsoever. he had a stress test, cardiofactors, he's a smoker. do an angiogram and find severe blockage the kind in 2008 studied showed you definitely would proceed to either an stent or cardiac surgery. once he gets it he's back to golfing and exercising again, a dramatic example how modern technology works. obamacare wouldn't have caught it. obamacare wouldn't have caught it because they would say too many stents are being done and let's get the advisory board to
5:20 am
weigh in whether they're to be done. president bush's physician, i want to give him a shout and his cardiologist all were completely on the ball here. reacted appropriately and said this is one patient. what are his risk factors, what is he presenting with here not because he was a former president, because he exercised vigorously and could have been having angina while exercising without knowing it. >> where does obamacare say we won't be using stents. how do you know what it will do for people exhibiting some types of heart issues. >> we don't know if they have heart issues to begin with. what's been happening in the united states, panels have been making guidelines based on single studies like a trial. in canada it's hard to get an stent. the wait is four times what it is in the united states. meanwhile, this is very important, the technology of stenting keeps improving.
5:21 am
now, we're covering them with certain drugs that prevent plaques from forming. the old studies are obsolete. we can't catch up with the studies. a blanket approach, across the board approach will leave patients like president bush undertreated. >> i agree, no one wants an across the board approach. everyone wants personalized medicine. as you recall as president obama promised, if you like your doctor nothing changes, you stick with your doctor. are you saying when obamacare takes hold, i will go to my doctor and my doctor will the heat me differently, no longer give me a personalalized approach? >> yes. i am absolutely saying that. by the way, you will probably be going to a different doctor. your doctor will change because most are joining hospitals and trying to get out of the private practice situation not working financially. you will go to a different doctor and that doctor may be faced with medicare not reimbursing for a procedure that actually works in a lot of people. it's very hard to figure out how to cover something that works in
5:22 am
a lot of people and not all people. they'll be relying on these studies that show comparative effectiveness. is the benefit worth the risk? for stents, it is but not for everyone. that kind of decision has to be made by a doctor. i'm afraid physicians will lose the leeway they need to make the necessary decisions. >> meanwhile president bush was always the picture of health. we always saw him riding his bike and jogging and after as well. what did go wrong? >> president bush, i know this for a fact wants this to be a wake-up call for all americans that might have undiagnosed heart disease. 11700,000 dying every year. to get checked. in his fact he was a former smoker, the fact he's male and over the age of 50, the fact the diet in the white house may not be ideal with pastry chefs around and everything like that. there's issues regarding that. the exercise he did was incredible, continues to be
5:23 am
incredible. it's very important people continue to exercise and not say, wait a minute. he had that blockage, neexercise didn't work. the exercise is crucial. >> what check should we all get if this is a wake-up call for us? >> a great point. i don't think everyone should get a stress test. if you have risk factors and exercise vigorously, jim fix the famous guy who wrote the complete book of running died of a heart attack while running. a stress test would have saved him. peopled a risk should have stress tests. >> thank you. it may look like a war in california's desert. believe it or not, here to explain what's going on. >> from bulldozers from bdus to battle tanks, basically you have a look inside the largest military drawdown in history. that's coming up.
5:24 am
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it could be the world's biggest collection of military surplus, uncle sam gathering leftover supplies from iraq and afghanistan. william is live in california. >> the military has a dilemma. basically when the war is over, what happens to all the stuff? where does it go? does it make more sense to leave it there or absorb absorbent costs to bring it home? in most cases this is where it ends up. >> this is from afghanistan. >> after 12 years of war what isn't scrapped, sold or crushed-ends up here. >> we provide the catcher's mitt
5:28 am
for the nation. >> 35,000-acres of desert scrub and steel. sierra arm my depot is a large facility. >> go fight bad guys and then what? >> well then equipment comes home, arriving by plane, truck, train, and getting it here isn't cheap. >> at some point actually it becomes more sensible to destroy that equipment in place than to actually bring it back. >> that's exactly what the pentagon is doing. shredding 2,000 of the massive troop carriers nope at mrads, selling them for pennies on the pound in afghanistan. >> did we overbuy? almost certainly. >> in all the military will leave $7 billion of equipment in afghanistan. >> a lot of this stuff you're not concerned about bringing it back. a coke machine falls into the hands of the taliban, this is
5:29 am
just not a big disaster. >> yet with the click of the mouse, the spoils of war can beers. what isn't stored or shredded, from rafts to trucks and pressle stands is on >> so, basically you have your tanks, howitzers over there, trucks over there, and down below here, you have a train, and they got heir own railyard, three engines bringing in stuff every day loaded will me tear equipment from overseas. some may trickle down you at the army-navy store, and go to the web site and get amazing deals and this stuff will reach the consumer. here they hope to reuse it for soldiers in the field. back to you. >> what a back draw. just stretching as far as the eye can see. thanks. a new report shows dozen of our nation's nuclear power plants are at high risk for a terror attack. where those number clear
5:30 am
reactors are and why the study is a this danger is far from hypothetical. ♪
5:32 am
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[ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> thanks for watching today. stewed you b starts right now. >> shepard: thanks for anchoring. it was kind of you. >> it's my job. >> shepard: there's that. have a great afternoon. the news begins anew on "studio b." hundreds of people now reported dead. thousands more injured, after a night of antigovernment protests in a brutal crackdown that followed. and now president obama is weighing in. we'll have the details, and dana perino will be in to talk about it. a fright canning new report on the safety of the nation's nucleares plant, vulnerable to terror attacks,. the feds investigate aing after miss teen u.s.a. claims a hacker broke into her commuter and then used her


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