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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 13, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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greta van susteren standing by live to go on the record see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. tonight lois lerner, is she pulling a fast one again? >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations, and i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. while i would very much like to answer the committee's questions today, i've been advised by my council to assert my constitutional right not to testify or answer questions related to the subject matter of this hearing. after very careful consideration i've decided to follow my council's advice and not testify or answer any of the questions today. because i'm asserting my right not to testify, i know that some people will assume that i've done something wrong.
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i have not. one of the basic functions of the fifth amendment is to protect innocent individuals. and that is the protection i'm invoking today. thank you about. >> lois lerner took the fifth. she is not talking. she will not tell congress what is going on with the irs targeting scandal. what about her e-mails? any secrets there? the house oversight committee wants lerner to turn over from her personal account that she may have used to conduct irs business. karl rove joins us. nice to see you, karl. >> nice to see you, greta. >> karl, i have a letter dated august 13th from chairman issa and jordan. congressman jordan, and sent to lois lerner. they want her personal e-mails. they think this is something there. why do they want that? >> because they -- in the course of the investigation, they uncovered that she had certain e-mails on her government account that she had sent to her personal account.
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an account that was carried on her irs computer as lois lerner home. she was apparently sending e-mails from her government account to a private account, and they want to know what happened, they want to know what she did with that, did she take those documents and alter them? did she share them with other people? did she pass them on to other people inside the government or outside the government? they want to be able to follow the trail here. so they sent her a letter on the 13th today, and they demanded that she produce these documents to both the majority and minority committee staff by the 27th of august. >> now, she was quite coy at the end of april, which started the whole ball rolling, they had a setup question as to the targeting business. and she had a right to assert her fifth amendment right. the president has been critical. saying this is a phony scandal
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and it does seem like it has been pulling teeth to get information. is it time for a special prosecutor or not? >> i don't think so, just yet. the committees are doing the patient work of starting at the bottom and working their way up. as a result, we know a lot more today than we did when this broke in april. we know it is not a couple rogue employees in the cincinnati office. we know this was widespread. more widespread than that. we know that irs officials in sacramento, california. two offices in southern california, ogden, utah, baltimore maryland. and washington, d.c. office, including lois learner herself, were involved in subjecting c conservative groups in to intrusive screening. we know that this did not happen because of people at the bottom of the food chain. we know that this goes all the way up to the office of general counsel. there are two people in the irs out of 60,000 appointed by the president. one of them is the general
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counsel of the irs, and we now know his office was involved and personality taken away from a 50-year career employee of the irs some of these applications in order to take them in the counsel's office. we know more today than before. and as i've talked to members of congress who are involved in this investigation. they feel very confident that they're patiently working their way up. i suspect in september and october, we will see additional revelations that are going to trouble the american people. greta, you mentioned something earlier about the president. it really does trouble me that when this came out on a friday, and then on a subsequently on a monday. the president and his people said, if this happened, this would be really terrible. we now know this did happen. we know that conservative groups, political opponents of the president, were targets of the irs. and the president at the time, when this came out, said this is wrong, it shouldn't happen.and
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poo-ppo oing this, saying there is nothing there. don't worry about this, this ought to deeply concern anyone in america who's concerned about an open and free democracy. when we start talking about the irs being used to target the political opponents of any president, republican or democrat, if this can happen under a democratic president to his political opponents in the republican party and the conservative movement it could just as easily happen with a republican president against democrat or liberal groups. this is fundamentally dangerous to our society. >> i think you just made my case for why i think there should be a special prosecutor. we've gone just about as far as we can, with a congressional hearing, there's enough there to be curious, a congressional hearing at most what they do, they send letters back and forth, like some little cat and mouse game asking for documents. they have subpoena power, they don't exercise it. if it went to a special prosecutor, a special prosecutor would issue subpoenas and get to the bottom of this.
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this is very troubling and the best way is to lift it from the sphere of being a political weapon or allegation of political weapon. let's get it over. get it behind. we are in august. this started in may. if i were a federal prosecutor on this, i can tell you, we would have a lot more information a lot faster if i were running as a prosecutor, as a special prosecutor than this. >> well, perhaps, but i'd raise a couple points in response to that. one is, i think it is useful for the american people to learn more about this. we will have a chance for the additional hearings likely to occur in september and october to learn more. they are patiently interviewing these people, and as we saw in these dramatic hearings, somebody who served our government for 50 years and left the irs because of his revulsion at the methods being employed by the irs on these groups. the more the american people get, the better we are to heal on this. second, look, appointment of a u.s. -- of a special prosecutor will mean this is more likely to take longer rather than shorter.
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that is to say, we are not going to -- >> depends on who it is. i understand your view on it. it happened in the bush and clinton administration special prosecutors of getting things done, and not dragging it out, not making their names -- not going hog-wild as they say, where i grew up. >> that sounds great, greta. the person who's going to have to appoint them is the department of justice, the attorney general of the united states with the backing of the president and does anybody have any confidence that attorney general holder will have somebody that will go in to it and come out rapidly? let me tell you this, at the end of the bush era, at the end of the bush term, there was an allegation that the u.s. -- the white house was involved in making political decisions about u.s. attorneys. this became a big brouhaha, i was at the center of it. it was alleged i played a political role in firing nine
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u.s. attorneys for inappropriate reasons. the department of justice, when president obama came in, had a respected career u.s. attorney who was the -- who put in charge of investigating this. we are here nearly five years later and the justice department refuses to release that report because it exonerates attorney general gonzalez and the bush white house of any attempt to bring politics to bear on the remufl of nine u.s. attorneys for what were good and justifiable reasons. so if they won't do that when it's an issue involving the previous administration because they don't want to remove the cloud over attorney general gonzalez and over those of us who were accused of being involved in a political effort to remove u.s. attorneys, do you have any confidence that attorney general holder would appoint a tough, rapidly acting special prosecutor who would get to the bottom of this? no, i don't. >> karl, the failure to release
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can't drive us completely. the problem is there are so many allegation of political overtones in this. i will get to the op-ed piece that was elijah cummings, congressman cummings and congressm congressman levine submitted in the subpoena "washington post." but there's so many allegations they claim, that there's the targeting of the president's political enemies, this whole business that all this targeting business is political. and i'm trying to get it out of the political sphere, and it's not perfect to get a special prosecutor. but what are we going to do, just keep battling it out and let the democrats say it's political? >> no, no, no. i -- look, my view is, i'd like to hear what they have found in these hearings, in their further investigations. i'd like to hear what they have to say in september and october. maybe by october and november i'll be with you on this, it's time to get a special prosecutor. my point would be this, i think the american people, this is so pernicious, this is so dangerous, this is so horrific
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in its implications for democracy, i think the country would be better off if we do more now rather than having to wait in suspense for years to come. >> if it's so pernicious, where are they? they're on a five-week recess. if it's so pernicious, if this is so important, why -- why do they send letters across when they have subpoenas, they could step it up a little bit, if the republican communities wanted to get to the bottom of this quickly, there's an easy way to do that. >> my understanding is, they found out about this private account business, they sent a letter. i know they're doing interviews now, there's plenty of staff work going on now, pretty consistent, they're getting prepared for the hearings in september and october. they have not put this in hiatus, a lot of work has been done. i'd say, give them another 60 or 90 days to do their work, and let's be honest, the administration is not going to move rapidly when the united states congress says we have reached the end of our useful efforts on this, you need to
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appoint a special prosecutor. we can't expect the administration to do anything except slow play this. the president feigned outrage when this came out. even then it was fake. if this happened, this is after they admitted on friday it did happen. on monday the president says, if it did happen, i'm outraged. wait a minute, they admitted on friday, it was happening. >> i will concede one thing. it may very well be that the president will resist, and the attorney general any appointment for a special prosecutor. the president says it's phony, and it's not in his interest. so there's a great likelihood you're right they will never appoint it. the only thing is, i think some pressure should be put on it so we get to the bottom of this. they claim that liberal groups were targeted which is also very bad to do. if that happened. that's why -- let's get to the bottom of this, so maybe if indeed -- if they claim liberal groups, maybe the president will get on board, he won't think it's so phony any more.
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>> i hope we can examine that in detail, that was an interesting letter they wrote. look, i think we have a better chance of getting a special prosecutor appointed if there is more -- if there's evidence of more smock and more fire. i think the hearings in september and october are going to help provide exactly that. >> what about the letter that -- or the op ed piece by elijah cummings, they claim this is political? >> i was embarrassed for them. i was frankly embarrassed for them. senator levine and cummings have served a long time in congress. they should be embarrassed. i mean, we don't know the extent of all of this, we do know this. we know that on the basis of search words, 19 liberal groups had their applications pulled for additional scrutiny. of those, six were turned down, and 13 were approved. we also know that in the same timeframe involving the same process, 292 conservative groups had their applications pulled. and we know that during the same
10:13 pm
time frame, none of them were turned down, and none of them were approved. now, why is that important? because those six liberal groups that were disallowed had a chance to appeal, they had a chance to sit down with the irs and say, what are your issues and how can we go about answering your questions and getting it approved. 13 were approved, 292 conservative groups were simply held in abeyance, which -- >> i know, that's terrible. >> so the -- my point is, elijah cummings and levin say there's no politics involved. wait a minute, 292 conservative groups were put in limbo. 19 liberal groups were subjected to extra scrutiny. six turned down, 13 approved. what would happen if these 292 groups on the conservative side had -- decisions had been made about them, they turned down a third of them and approved two thirds of them. we would be in a better place than simply telling those 292 groups you cannot operate because we're not going to tell you, yes or no. so the idea that this op ed
10:14 pm
today, that there was no politics involved in the scrutiny of these groups, the extra scrutiny given to these groups is laughable on its face. and elijah cummings and congressman levine ought to be embarrassed for having their names appended to this puff piece with the encouragement of some white house staffer. it was laughable. >> they say, as you noted that there's -- this is all about politics. if you jump over this, and examine it, there's certainly enough for a criminal investigation. which goes back to our earlier point about a special prosecutor. when you have a false allegation that this is done by a couple rogue guys in cincinnati, that's not true. it's obviously an effort to cover it up. it goes all the way to the general counsel. there is certainly enough to go beyond that. i agree with you, being left in limbo, no decision was far worse. let me ask you about one other thing, before i let you go. if some republicans are willing to allow the government to shut
10:15 pm
down in an effort to defund obama care, i know your position on this, that you think that's a very bad idea. expound on it more for me. >> well, look, i want to -- i understand the impulse to do something about obama care. it's a terrible law. it's hurting our country. it's having an impact on people's lives today. people who are part time, hourly employees, seeing their hours cut. they fall beneath the limit, the 30-hour limit that makes them fall under obama care. premiums are going up, people were going to find it harder to get insurance. they're all kinds of really bad things that are happening as a result of this. i want to kill the law. let's be honest about it, we're not going to be able to kill the law until we have a president who will sign a repeal of the law. when we have government shutdowns before, like in 1995, we had funded the defense budget for the entire year. we had funded most of the rest of the government for most of the rest of the year. as a result, we had a shut down,
10:16 pm
and we know what happened, which is the republicans got blamed for every bad thing that happened. fast forward now, the idea is, pass the bill out of the house that says, we'll fund all of the government except obama care. both the mandatory and discretionary spending, the bill goes to the senate. the idea is that the senate is somehow or another, the democrats this the senate will say oh, well we have to pass that bill and defund obama care. no, all they have to do is amend the bill and say we fund all of the government and send it to the house republican and then it is on the republican doorstep. because none of the government is funded that means the first week of october no military family is going to get its paycheck. we're going to have people who are fighting abroad for us, serving our country in harm's way, whose wives and husbands and children are not going to be able to get a paycheck to help them live. i mean, it's going to be terrible. we won't be able to pay a single border guard, a single federal -- you know, prison guard. we won't be able to pay for
10:17 pm
anybody in government, because the congress has provided no funding for any part of the government and everything will be shut down, i think that's a horrific outcome for the republicans. the second thing i'd say is this, i think it is very dangerous for republicans to say, conservatives to say, this is our last and only shot at breaking obama care. no, it's not. and we need to fight this bill at every single day we can, in a way that moves forward, and the idea of saying this is our last thing we can do, and if we come up short on this and it's all over, it's ridiculous. it's not all over. and it -- but saying it may make it so. so i -- i think this is a bad strategy, i see no way for us to get to 51 votes in the senate for a measure on obama care. i see no way to get to 67 votes to override a presidential veto. as a result, the republicans will be in a place where they will be blamed for a shutdown of the government and that means a total shutdown of the federal government with nobody getting paid the first week of october
10:18 pm
when the money runs out at the end of the fiscal year. i said one more question, but i do have another one, in the event vice president biden decides he wants to run for president. when tactically is the time for the vice president to jump into the race? >> well, i think this contest is getting steam on the republican side and the democratic side. much earlier than i would have thought. i think it's better for the vice president to be the vice president as long as he possibly can. now, he has to balance that because as the vice president he's got to go out and help his party raise money and take a elections. so he could be justifying his visit to iowa saying i have tom harkin asking me to come in and do a fund-raiser for the democratic party. tlaz governor's race, senate race. he may be justifying this in terms of the 2014 dynamic, not the 2016. but, you know, i think he ought
10:19 pm
to avoid doing anything that makes him look like a committed full-time, in the field candidate, presidential candidate because he's better off being the vice president as long as possible. >> karl, as always, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. now it's time for tonight's hot button issue on do you support shutting down the government to fight obama care? yes or no. go to and vote in our pole. straight ahead, did the obama administration try to sneak something past you? what you didn't see hidden in the legalese of obama care, you will now. ben carson is here to talk about that next. a record number of americans are doing it, what is it? and would donald trump do it? trump is here to tell you coming up. talk about hypocrites, you won't believe who hooters is banning from its restaurant. start guessing, the answer coming up.beli e who hooters is e who hooters is when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened
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the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ the hits keep coming. another obama care delay. this one hitting you in the pocketbook. >> the truth of the matter is, everybody's costs are going to skyrocket. that's the design of the plan so that you can't afford private-sector insurance and have to go to government. single payer is what they want. >> the administration is delaying again yet another one of the provisions of the president's signature health care law. >> this time the hangup is over costs for individual patients. specifically the part of the law that limits out-of-pocket insurance expenses for us. that will be pushed back to 2015. >> obama care is it called the affordable care act. this was the affordable part. the consumer cost protections, the caps on out of pocket expenses. >> the way our country works is, legislation is written by
10:24 pm
congress, passed by your representatives, the president doesn't get to write legislation. and it's illegal and unconstitutional for him to try to change legislation by himself. >> the bill is clearly unfair, it's unaffordable, it's very unpopular. it's increasingly unpopular as people find out what's in it. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> none of this is being implemented on time because it's unworkable, undoable. it's just a mess. it just can't be done. >> pediatric neurosurgeon dr. ben carson is joining us. good to see you, sir. >> nice to see you. >> i woke up this morning and read in "the new york times," the cap people will have to pay
10:25 pm
for their insurance, that back in february, sort of buried in the legalese, the obama administration had removed those caps so that suddenly you can pay a whole lot more. what do you think about that? >> well, i think it's pretty awful actually. but i'm in the surprised. as we roll out this health care bill, and you see more and more of the things that are happening to people, we are exempting big corporations. in this case we are helping out the insurance companies but what about the average joe, the average person? now we're saying to him, the insurance companies can do pretty much anything they want for another year, year and a half. and sort of build up their coffers on your back. you couple that with the regulations that limit contributions to a flexible health care account. all of these things are impacting the average individual, particularly those people with chronic disease.
10:26 pm
and very debilitating diseases. you know, they used to be able to plan. they used to be able to put money away that would work for them. all of these policies seem to be moving people away from a situation where they are responsible for their own health care. and gathering everybody into the government's little coral. >> it's so disheartening, it's almost like the fix is in for the little guy. i mean, this was -- this lifted the caps until 2015, benefits the insurance companies, they say it's because they didn't -- their computers aren't ready, they've had over three years to do this. you know, they knew this was coming, and it's always their two choices. who gets the advantage on this. should we put the foot to the pedal and require insurance companies to meet the 2014 with these caps or stick it to the chronically ill. well, we stick it to the chronically ill, they don't have a lot of lobbyists.
10:27 pm
it is deplorable, isn't it? >> i think the insurance companies figured obama wasn't going to get re-elected. they were shocked and then they figured that maybe the supreme court certainly wouldn't uphold this, and then they did. and they're kind of caught with their pants down in this situation. but honestly, we're all caught with our pants down. we're all going to suffer the consequences of this. we keep delaying things. why don't we just delay the whole bill permanently and come up with a solution that is really affordable and will take care of everybody? i'm sure we can do that. i've talked to a lot of people with a lot of extraordinarily good ideas and if we didn't make it in to a political football, we are americans, we are capable of solving problems if we really want to. >> did you have a sense that when we crafted this obama care, they talked to doctors and patients, or did they talk to money crunchers and insurance companies? >> they talked to people who
10:28 pm
they thought would agree with them. >> they talked to me. and i was talking to a person actually making some good suggestions, having a good conversation. when they said what did you do for the president during the election and i said i'm an independent and that was the end of that conversation. a couple of months later, they felt maybe badly so they called me again. i was teaching a class. i said i'm in the middle of a class, can i talk to you in 40 minutes. they were incensed. that was the end of that conversation. so i guess they tried to talk so some people but perhaps the conversations didn't go the way they wanted them to and they moved in a different direction. i think again, there are a lot of people who have a lot of good ideas, the hsa's, health saving accounts are a tremendous idea. it puts people in charge of their own health care. >> dr. carson, as always, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. coming up, oprah is the
10:29 pm
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americans giving up their citizenship they're fed up with our tax code. how about donald trump? hello, donald. >> hello, greta. >> there are a number of americans renouncing their citizenship. and moving to other countries. what are your thoughts about that? >> people are discouraged by everything that's happening in this country. we have a lack of leadership. we don't have any leadership at the top and people are very discouraged. while it is surprising, perhaps when you think about it is not so surprising. >> would you ever consider anything like that? would it ever get so bad for someone like that you that the
10:34 pm
thought would cross your mind. >> i would never consider it no matter how bad it gets and it's pretty bad but i could not consider that, no. >> 2016 seems like a long time away but with everybody in iowa last weekend including yourself -- let me ask you a kwe few questions about 2016. first of all, what are your thoughts about senator rand paul and ted cruz serving on the tea party side of the republican party. >> they are interesting guys an they have something to say. everybody has something to say i suppose. but some of their ideas are good, i met ted cruz the other day for the first time in iowa. i thought he was a terrific guy. we had a great conversation. >> what is it going to take for the republicans to win back the white house in 2016? >> it's going to take the perfect candidate. tough, smart, compassionate. if you don't have the perfect candidate, hillary will be president. i assume she's going to get the
10:35 pm
nomination. it looks that way. assuming good health and other things. it would certainly seem hillary's going to get the nomination. she will be tougher to beat than president obama in my opinion. they need the perfect candidate. >> two questions, let me ask you the first one. what would a hillary clinton presidency look like? the second one is, who could beat her? >> well, a lot of things, we're dealing with years away, and it's very hard to say who could beat her, it could be a person that hasn't emerged. it could be somebody we are talking about. it could be a lot of different people maybe. but i think she will be tough. what would it look like? similar to what we have now. >> i was asked the other day, people obviously see that i interview you often, whether or not i thought that you were serious about running. and i said, my guess is every day donald trump wakes up and thinks, i could do bigger and better deals than anybody else. so that you are tempted but i
10:36 pm
think there is a little part where you like to mess be our heads in the media and play us. am i half right or part right on any of this >> i don't like to mess with anyone's heads. i do think i can make fabulous deals for the country. i think i could make the country great again. i think i could make the country rich again. i don't think i'd be cutting social security and medicare and medicaid. i think what i do is make the country so rich you wouldn't have to bother. i would certainly try to stop the fraud and abuse. but when i look at some of the things that the republicans, and in certain cases the democrats say, that's not about greatness. what you have to do is make this country great again. >> do we need someone -- with business experience, is it republican or democrat, is that critical? or can some of it come out of policy? >> you never know where they come from, you can emerge as being a great mind in terms of the business of the country. the fact is, our country is in serious economic trouble. and you would ideally think that
10:37 pm
somebody coming out of business, who's done very well in business, who understands debt, who understands payrolls, who understands problems, you would think somebody like that would be good, but that doesn't mean they can't come out of policy. maybe it is a combination of both. >> if you look historically at the candidates that have been running, governor christie in the republican party, rand paul, marco rubio, ted cruz or anybody in the republican party they all seem to have a policy legislative background, not rich in terms of business and governor romney did but he hit the skids. so i'm thinking what's your ideal candidate? >> i think governor romney didn't stress the business enough. that was his strength, he should have gone out there and bragged about what he did. he did a good job. what he should have done is told people, this is what we can do. for some reason that just got
10:38 pm
lost. it should have never come out the way it came out. all of the candidates, i really think all of the candidates you mentioned, you never know who it's going to be. somebody will emerge at some point, but it's certainly early to be discussing. i was listening the other day, somebody said it may be somebody you've never heard of. look what happened with barack obama. it was going to be hillary, it was an easy hillary victory and barack obama emerged. and you have to give him credit for that. >> you mentioned president obama. i'm sure you've seen the picture of him golfing. frankly, the picture is one that the white house probably would have preferred not to have out there. and actually i think they're complicit in letting the camera people near the president golfing. your thought on this picture? >> i think he had a good chipping motion. i know a lot about golf. i have won many championships. i was impressed and maybe he'll like to hear that. his motion as a chipper looked very good. >> i think the issue is a little
10:39 pm
more, with people unemployed, the president talking about taking a bus tour congress is on a five-week vacation, and the continuing resolution is still not resolved, we're approaching the debt ceiling, and then we see, we don't bee grudge people's vacations, but we see this picture of the president, i think to many americans who don't have the ability to play golf a lot, they may not be so impressed as you are. >> it's a tough kind of thing to be doing right now. when you're having a problem like we're having in the country. you see what's going on with russia and snowden, you see what's going on with frankly china, the way they're eating our lunch. they are taking advantage of us like nobody's ever done before. it's a little tough to see people taking -- not just the president but a lot of people are taking vacations right now that should be working for the country. it's not that easy a situation. there's no question about it, i
10:40 pm
don't think it looks great for the president to be taking this extended vacation right now, no. >> would you take a vacation now if you were president or are you in the house or the senate in light of all the demands on all those offices and where we stand? >> i probably wouldn't. i've never been a big vacation person. when i take vacations, i go to my places, whether it's doral or los angeles. can i do it in a half a day i got my vacation. i have a lot of different places i go to, that's a little bit unfair. i've never been one to take three-week extended vacations. i think i go a little bit up here. i couldn't do it. i wouldn't want to be away that long. i notice some of the politicians and the president certainly fits into that category, they really like those long-term vacations. i don't get it. >> is there a disconnect between the very rich and very poor in this country. can a rich person ever understand a very poor person's problems to be an effective president for him or her? >> i do, i think so.
10:41 pm
i absolutely think so, in fact, actually, the people i resonate best with are poor people and people that are really blue collar. that seems to be a base i have. i have a tremendous base. those are the people that like me. because i discuss this country. i know what's going wrong with this country. we are losing our jo countries. we have countries that manipulate their currencies soin credibly well, so much better ethan we could ever do and they take our jobs. my base and the people that like me best, frankly, are poor people and working people, working-class people and i'm proud of that. i think the people that like me the least are the rich people. coming up, is president obama in trouble? he is about to beg oprah for help? really? why oprah? our next guest knows. he last da, back to the first. they're gonna need a lot of stuff. stock up now and get 15% off school supplies through september 21st when you buy a back to school savings pass. staples. that was easy.
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10:44 pm
morsi protest necessary capital of cairo. that's according to the country's state-run television. egyptian officials also saying security forces are firing tear gas in to the crowd at the larger gathering. video shows clouds of smoke, collapsed tent answer turning tires. there are eyewitness reports of several deaths, but fox news has not been able to independently confirm that. mohamed morsi was ousted early last month following widespread protests. at least 250 people have died in these clashes since the july 3rd military coup. once again, the military is moving in right now to remove pro-morsi supporters from two locations in cairo. stay with fox news channel for more on the developing story. "on the record" returns right after the break. thank you for joining us. [ slurps ] [ dad ] a new passat. [ dad ] 0% apr. 60 months. done and done. [ dad ] in that driveway, is a german-engineered piece of awesome. that i got for 0% apr.
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10:47 pm
and obama care? >> it is possible that the white house could invite oprah to promote the law to the public which they are having a hard time doing because so few people understand what the benefits and requirements will be but oprah is a major endorser of the obamas so it is possible they could ask her to take part in education campaigns. >> has she indicated she would be agreeable sh helped president obama win the nomination? >> >> when i contacted them for my story. they said, we're not touching this, we're going to decline to comment. in 2008 she endorsed obama and was with him on the campaign trail. economists said that she swayed a million votes for obama. it's possible if he were to tap her for this effort, we would see an increase in enrollment. i >> it's not to get her to say a good thing. it's to get the word out about it to the people who don't know about it? >> i think it could be either way. oprah, the amazing thing about
10:48 pm
her is she has an enormous effect on human behavior. we think about her book clubs, where 55 million copies of books have been sold in the last five years because she endorsed them. people go out and do things if oprah tells them to. i think the white house is weighing whether they could use that in this new effort. >> any other celebrities? >> a lot of celebrities were at the white house the other week, amy polar, jennifer hudson. they are going to be involved in different ways. i don't know if they're going to be cutting commercials for obama care, exactly, but we saw a lot of activity on twitter, they're saying, hey, go out and do this. but none of them compared to oprah. if they were to get oprah, that would be a major coup. >> i think we have $700 million spending on marketing. maybe we won't spend that much. >> it is possible. they say it is still enough enough. so we will see. >> always nice to see you. >> thanks. hypocrites? you have to hear who hooters just banned from its restaurants and why. that's next. hypocrites? hypocrites? [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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>> greta: okay, everyone time to hash it out. talk about being talk about being the top hypocrite of hypocrites. "the huffington post" reporting that hooters restaurants won't serve embattled mayor bob filner. yes, hooters won't serve him
10:53 pm
because of his inappropriate behavior toward women. have you ever stepped inside of a hooter. trust me, you don't go there for the wings and fries. talk about busted. check out what i retweeted today. bra sizes of female detroit cops mistakenly e-mailed to officers, fox 2 news headlines. lucky them. the detroit computer system isn't bulletproof a commander send their bra sizes to a good portion of the police department. how embarrassing. now my friend manuel summed it up tweeting me barks ah, bankruptcy. >> if you think you are the ultimate football fan check that thought at the door. tweeter superskin tweeted this, maybe the redskins should ask this homeowner to handle it. i know a pack of fans that can one up this one.
10:54 pm
now it is your turn to hash it out with us. follow me on twitter at greta wire. coming up we have breaking news in the bank hostage standoff. we will go to louisiana for the latest developments after this break. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as uneected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and meditions. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarg or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied,
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watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >> greta: this is a fox news thp is a fox news alert. right now a gunman holding hostages inside of a louisiana bank. mark henderson from the "news star" is joining us with the latest. tell us what is going on. >> reporter: we have one hostage that's been released, the female. the gunman continues to hold a male and female in the bank. the police are interviewing the released hostage to determine more about the gunman motivation. the superintendent of state police, mike edmondson says he believes it was an apparent robbery. the gunman is a member of the family that owns a convenience
10:59 pm
store across the street from the bank. nobody has been hurt at this point. the remaining hostages have expressed that they are hungry and food is being brought in for them. the authorities are bringing in food. all sorts of people are down there. there's state police, fbi, u.s. marshals office, the tensa sarks sheriffs office. deputies from sheriffs offices in bordering parishes have also reported downthere. a lot of police down there. the media has been moved back from the scene at this point to a wider perimeter. we're really at the mercy of police to tell us what is going on. we're not allowed within eye shot. >> thank you very much. to recap one hostage released, two held there still.
11:00 pm
bank under siege by a single person holding everyone hostage. a special question up there. good night from washington. nigm wash warn nigm


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