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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 11, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> eric: thanks for joining us. >> jamie: have a great day, everybody. saving hannah. the week long search for a missing california teenager coming to an end. the 16-year-old rescued by fbi agents at a remote carbon monoxidcamp site inidaho. we'll have a live update on this developing story all throughout the show. and irs mess. just when you thought things couldn't get worse, news the agency is still targeting conservative groups and that it could create a massive security breach trying to keep up with obama care. what happened to baseball? what drug scandals and some see as lax punishment is doing to america's pass time. all that and a story you might not believe. a california surfer who is
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living large thanks to food stamps funded by you. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live starts from the nation's capitol right now. we begin with the very latest on hannah anderson, the california teen who went missing last week after the bodies of her mother and brother were discovered in a burning home. hannah was found alive and reportedly physically unharmed with her alleged kidnapper in the idaho wilderness. will carr is in cascade, idaho with the very latest on the case. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, shannon. i want to set the scene for you. i'm about five or six miles away from where hannah was rescued yesterday. throughout this entire process, authorities have said that it was their top priority to make sure that hannah could return home safe and sound. now, yesterday she was flown to boise, a hospital in boise which is about 70 miles from where we are now. she was being evaluated. we're told that she's in pretty good shape, if you can believe that, and she's set to be reunited with her father later today. at the same time we're hearing from some of her other family
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members, her grandmother saying that she has mixed emotions. she's elated that hannah is safe, but she's still trying to deal with the hoss of hannah's mom and -- the loss hannah's mom and brother, both of whom authorities believe dimaggio killed. >> now we have to focus on burying my daughter and my grandson who was murdered, and that's something that will take a long time to deal with, but the positive note is ha hannah coming home. >> reporter: and as hannah will be making her way home after this week-long manhunt that started in southern california and ended in this remote very isolated part of idaho, now i want to take you back to wednesday. that's when a horseback rider spotted dimaggio and hannah. authorities then swarmed the area. they actually found dimaggio's car. for the first time we're seeing some pictures of that car as it was towed out of the area. we'll told that car was found about five or six miles away from where they were initially spotted. authorities started looking all over the area.
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peacial they spotted -- apparently they spotted dimaggio and hannah from the area when the fbi swooped in. we're told an fbi agent shot dimaggio. they rescued hannah. there's a lot of questions about exactly what happened with that raid, but shannon, i'll show you the headline from the local paper here today. it says suspect killed, teen girl safe. that pretty much sums it up, and authorities say this is the best possible scenario with what could have happened here yesterday. shannon, back to you. >> will live on the scene. thank you very much. despite the joy of being reunited, we can only imagine what hannah's father and her family, we saw her grandmother there, what they're going through now. joining us for insight is psychotherapist and license counselor dr. karen ruskin. dr., thank you for joining us. we heard from the grandmother. >> my pleasure. >> who talked about losing her daughter, losing her grandson, and of course, the father in this case. the parents were separated, but he's lost his wife. he's lost his son.
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happy news that his daughter will come home to him physically unharmed. how does the family begin to put the pieces bang together. this isn't just together. this isn't just private pain. it's being done publicly as well. >> the first step is connecting with one another, sharing your feelings, talking about your pain, not putting your feelings inside, not stuffing them in a box, not escaping your pain and trauma through drugs or alcohol. rather, truly addressing what you're feeling and by having quality time together and mourning over the loss of what you have lost and whom you've lost and celebrating in what you have and the life to be. so in essence, rather than just surviving, this is about thriving. >> what would you say for all the family members involved here, but especially hannah herself. we have no idea what she's been through in the last week, whether she may have seen her own family members killed, what she was subjected to. what kind of treatment, help is
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best for her? do you wait until she asks for it, or do you begin that right away? >> that is a great question. begin the help right away, and the kind of help that is needed is a combination of family therapy and individual therapy and group therapy. the difference is families with the family members, so you're all talking together with the family therapist. individual is that you're talking individually with the therapist to explore what you're feeling, the trauma that you're feeling, and what coping skills you can use to move forward. group therapy is by being with other people who have been through similar circumstances so that way you don't feel so isolated and alone. >> well, there's so many interesting twists to this case. i think of one young friend of hannah anderson's telling the media that she was afraid of this man, that she had confessed a crush to her, and she was not comfortable being alone with him. how does she now go forward and rebuild her life and begin to
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trust again? >> oh, it's so difficult to trust again when you know you knew within your heart and within your mind that there was something not okay with this man. that is so important for parents to teach their kids. if something doesn't fit for you, commune it a communicate i. such a frightening case. for her, trusting again is all about recognizing the sickness of who this other individual was and for her to recognize that the signs that she saw, that her inner voice is wise, and that she can trust her inner voice. that's a significant part of trusting again, trusting that your inner voice is wise and that you can communicate that with others. >> dr. ruskin, we know it will be a long road to recovery for all of those who survived this. thank you so much for your time. >> of course. we have a brand new amber alert to tell you about, this one out of johnston rhode island for 2-year-old eyesia perez. two people apparently found dead in a home in johnston.
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investigators believe they were murdered and now little isiah is missing. police have identified the suspect in this case as 22-year-old malcolm crowell. he's considered armed and dangerous. if you see or hear anything, update local authorities. just days before the israeli and palestinian peace talks are set to resume, israel has approved 1200 new apartments in jewish settlements. there's final approval given to build the structures, some of them in the west bank. president abbas said he will not resume peace talks if construction continues but he did agree to enter these talks without a settlement freeze. israel agreed to release more than 100 palestinian prisoners in increments in connection with these ongoing negotiations. president obama has cancelled a one on one meeting with russian president putin next month. there's fury across the country and in washington over russia granting temporary asylum to nsa
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leaker edward snowden. last week he said the relationship hasn't been productive but the reset with moscow is pretty much on hold. wendell goler is in martha's vineyard where the family is vacationing. hello, wendell. >> reporter: hello, shannon. not a lot of criticism of president obama's decision to cancel the summit meeting. arizona republican senator john mccain called it a symbolic move. he said he was fine with it, but he's not fine with the russian-american relationship. he said putin put his thumb in america's eye when he granted asylum to snowden and said the u.s. need to be a lot tougher with russia. >> we need to expand the act that holds people accountable who commit human rights violations within russia. we need to move to bring georgia into nato. we need to continue and restore our efforts for defensive missile systems in europe which we had basically drawn back.
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>> reporter: even though president obama and putin are talking, other u.s. and russian officials are. secretary of state kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel met with russian counterparts on friday at the state department. there were no break throughs on syria or europe missile defense. the russia said later the u.s. overreacted to their decision on snowden. president obama at a news conference that day was pragmatic about the relationship between the two countries. >> we're going to assess where the relationship can advance u.s. interests and increase peace and stability and prosperity around the world. where it can, we're going to keep on working with them. where we have differences, we're going to say so clearly. >> reporter: the president said he's still going to the g-20 summit in st. peters burg early next month because expanding trade with emerging economies like brazil, south africa, and china is an important part of
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growing the u.s. economy. shannon? >> wendell live in marl martha's vineyard. thank you very much. ranking member of the foreign affairs committee and republican committee member, welcome to you both, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> hello. >> congressmen engel, i'll start with you. this morning senator mccain said the president doesn't have the right read on putin. he said he's an old kgb column l and doesn't care about the u.s. or our relationship. your response? >> well, i think the president has the right read, but i think senator mccain is right. i think putin knew what he was doing when he granted asylum to snowden. putin basically said he didn't care about his relationship with the united states, and i think that the united states has to fundamentally reassess its attitude towards russia and towards putin. on the other hand, russia is an important country. they are helping us in afghanistan to remove some of
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our supplies, and so we don't want to cut off our nose to spite our face. i think it's outrageous what putin did, and i think the united states should respond in kind. i think the president by canceling that meeting with putin, it was very appropriate, and i think there are other things we should do as well. >> congressman collins, what should be those other things? i mean, there are a lot of discussions not only on the snowden issue, but russia is regularly bucking the u.s. when it comes to votes in the un involving syria, involving iran and its nuclear program. i mean, what tools do we have to quote unquote get tough with russia? do they take us seriously? >> i thi think the biggest thins not the issue that's got the president's attention, but it's the reset that was supposedly taking place where we reset our conditions toward russia and they did not toward us. we need to deal with them and their conditions that they're working with in syria and the problems they're causing there, the relationship with iran. this goes back to a problem of our own weak foreign policy. i think this is something right now that the president made a
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good first step. he said he's not going to meet with him, but it's not the first step the president has trouble with. it's the second and third step where we're not effectively communicating a clear and concise foreign policy. i believe that's the cause of a lot of this right now, our weak standing in the world because we're not decisive in doing things and standing up to those as the ranking member said, thumb their nose at us, sticking their finger in our eye. those are things we have to deal with. >> congressman, i'll stick with you on this issue of foreign relations. the president said there's a sealed indictment with regard to benghazi. because it's under seal, we're not going to learn a lot of information. you on the hill may have more. are you encirnlgd we're moving -- encouraged we're moving forward and making progress, building accountability for those who killed four americans? >> here again. if the president showed as much passion about the four americans killed in benghazi as he has about the snowden incident, we would have found out a lot more a lot sooner.
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transparency is still lacking here. the administration is still not answering questions from espns from our -- subpee i subpoenas r committees. we've got it continue and push this. we've found many holes as we continue to dig into this. benghazi should never have been off the front page. we'll continue to seek answers because we have four americans who were killed. we have americans overseas right now who need to know that america's looking out for their security interests. i think again it just goes back to a weak foreign policy statement that is not consistent and is not overall thought out very well. >> congressman engel, i'll cite a new poll on benghazi and whether or not folks in the administration are covering up. 62% believe there's some kind of cover up. 27% believe the administration is being open an transparent. your take on whether this indictment moves us closer to justice. >> well, look. i'm a hundred percent for finding out what exactly happened in benghazi. what i'm not for is politicizing
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the issue which i'm afraid some of my friends on the other side of the aisle have done. i believe the investigation should be bi-partisan. as americans, we all grieve for the people killed. i want to get to the bottom of it. we want to make sure it never happens again. that's the important thing. there's been a whole series of changes that have been adopted to try to make it sure that it wouldn't happen again. that's what we need to concentrate on. i think the closing of our embassies over the past week is a direct result of what is acknowledged that mistakes were made in benghazi, so i think we've got to give the administration credit for trying to react and trying to move forward. i think it's very important that we stand united and not try to score political points out of an american tragedy. >> all right. just a show of hands from both of you. we've got to leave it there, but i've got a quick last question for you. you don't have to say a word. i just want to see a show of hands. you're home for the month of
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august. are you having any town hall meetings or meetings where folks can talk to you. all right. we thank you both. we have to leave it there. good luck, and let us know what you learn in the august town halls. thank you both. we mentioned congress is on the august recess enjoying time in their districts. a new poll shows 82% of you do not think that members deserve a vacation. they would argue this isn't really a vacation. many of them. although some are getting out of town and having some fun, but especially in light of a looming government shutdown, so we asked you today, we want to know. do you think members of congress should be required to hold some kind of town hall meetings or have public access during the august recess? we want to hear from you. tweet us your answers to @anhqdc or @shannonbream. we'll read your responses throughout the show. at least 69 people are dead after a series of bombings across iraq. officials say attacks against security forces and civilians
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have increased during the muslim holy month of ramadan. the state department condemned the latest attacks, saying in a statement that terrorists who committed that he i these acts s of islam and a shared enemy of the united states, iraq, and the international community. lawyers assigned to advise the accused fort hood shooter are preparing an appeal, arguing that major hasan is trying to get himself a death sentence. hasan, who is representing himself in the trial, is charged with killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others at that military base in 2009. the trial resumes monday and is expected to take weeks, maybe even months. last night t dozens gathered to honor the victims killed when a small plane crashed into two connecticut homes friday. among those in attendance was 39-year-old joann mitchell, the mother who lost her two daughters in the crash, 13 years old and the other one just a year old. >> it's so sad. i have my little son right over here, jake, and god bless if anything ever happens to him
9:17 am
like this, i won't know what to do. i feel so bad for the family. my prayers go out to them and the little babies rest in peace. >> the pilot, bill henningsgaard, a former microsoft executive seen on the right, and his son maxwell, pictured on the left, were also killed. investigators found no obvious signs of anything wrong with the plane itself. this was not the pilot's first crash. in 2009 he crashed into a river in george following a mechanical -- in oregon following a mechanical problem with his plane but survived. the search and recovery effort continues in colorado for those missing after a massive mudslide. next, how many victims are still missing in the colorado town that's been devastated by wildfires and now floods. plus, new testimony from an irs agent showing the agency, while it may never have stopped scrutinizing conservative groups, and it still may be happening. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on the so-called scandal. some call it phony, some legit, but it seems to be growing. has a-rod single-handedly
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>> shannon: crews battling a raging fire in southern california expect to have the blaze fully contained by this evening. it's already burned 30 square miles east of los angeles. one person is confirmed dead, three others still missing after flash flooding and mudslides near colorado springs. check out the damage there. authorities say they found a 53-year-old man's body in the debris from a mudslide that shut down part of a highway on friday. this was the very same area hit hard last year by the waldo canyon fire which, of course, then makes that area more prone to flooding. colorado is not the only state that's been dealing with major flooding. fox news meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox extreme weather center with all of our weather news for the day. hey, janice. >> hi, shannon. we're looking at the heavy downpours that moved through colorado yesterday at this time bringing over an inch of rainfall through the colorado springs area, and as you mentioned, the burn area in that
9:23 am
region, the water just has no place to go, so the possibility for flash flooding not only yesterday but through the new work week as well. taking a look, we could see some scattered thunderstorms with heavy downpours. people are urged to stay alert. as shannon mentioned, not only the colorado area but across the central u.s., the potential for flash flooding as well as large hail, damaging winds, and even isolated tornadoes in this area that you see in yellow. we're also keeping a very close eye on portions of northern arkansas where just in the last 48 hours, they have received over a foot of rainfall and flash flooding is imminent in this region. we're expecting more rain for the area over the next 24 to 48 hours. just a brief look at where it is hot, hot, hot across the central u.s. and the southern plains. dallas at 90 degrees, but with the heat index, it feels really around ninety 4. it feels like 98 in houston, 96 in shee shreveport. the average high in the dallas area is around 97 degrees, so we're going to be looking at the century mark for the next three
9:24 am
days and then a brief cooloff. well, cool for them. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: they'll take it, i'm sure. janice, thank you very much. still ahead, new details on the dramatic end to a kidnapping case out west. how young hannah anderson is doing this morning and where the investigation goes from here. plus, you know him. he's never one to mince words. senator ted cruz lashing out at the white house, calling for efforts across the funding to cut off obama care. more on that ... next. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ]
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>> she seems to be in pretty good shape, and i have not got to talk with her yet. they're still doing all of their prelimbs and stuff like that this they need to do, and right now i'm just trying to get ready because i'm going to be leaving here son. >> shannon: the father of missing 16-year-old hannah
9:29 am
anderson said he's ecstatic that his daughter is safe. elizabeth prann is standing by with more on that and your other top stories. >> reporter: that's right, shannon. hannah anderson and james did i imagine joe were found -- did i imagine joe were found yesterday. he was confronted by officers and killed. hannah was transported to a hospital to get checked out. a jury will continue deliberations monday in the trial of mob boss whitey bulger. bulger is facing 32 counts including extortion, money laundrying, and drug traffic. the historic c casino and pr in new jersey has reopened less than a year after superstorm sandy decimated the area. you may have seen pictures of the coaster in the water. they've turned pieces of the coaster into a memorial. why did this chicken run down a georgia highways. authorities tried to escort the
9:30 am
bird off the highway, but the chicken didn't want to go. no word on exactly where the chicken came from. >> shannon: shannon, i lived there, and just about anybody wants to be on the highway at any given moment. that little thing stopping all kinds of traffic for miles. look at him. i will admit that the traffic is normally at a stand still without a chicken on the highway. now there is poultry on the roadway. it will probable cause issues. >> shannon: wonder if someone had him for dinner. >> reporter: hope not. >> shannon: i do love fried chicken. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> shannon: republican lawmakers raising the alarm over new revelations that the irs is still reportedly targeting conservative groups. chief correspondent mike emanual tells us what sparked the outrage. >> reporter: three months after the scandal broke, newly released transcripts reveal a ta party griewpts ge groups get ex.
9:31 am
one was asked what he would do with a group who had no evidence of political activity. he responded that i would accepted it to secondary scrutiny. so you would treat a tea party group as a political advocacy case even if there was no evidence of political activity on the application? is that right? >> the agent. based on my current manager's direction, uh-huh. based on that, house ways and means chairman dave camp said the fact that the irs still continues to treat the te tea py differently and subjects them to additional targeting is outrageous and it must stop immediately. a senate conservative said this proves this irs investigation much go deeper. >> this is a have i important story. it's not a phony scandal at all. it rises to constitutional protections in the bill of rights, and this story is far from over. >> reporter: in a statement, the irs said it looks forward to seeing the full transcript to better understand the context
9:32 am
and, quote, irs policy is now clear that screening is based on activity, not words in a name. the lawyer representing 41 conservative groups suing the irs saying they were targeted fired back at the agency. >> the irs is so bloated that is has an inability to self-correct, that the bureaucracy is out of control, that they can say we did something wrong, but they cannot fix it. >> reporter: fox news tha has confirmed a sixth senior irs official has left the agency since the scandal broke. sharon light was an advisor to lois lerner who is on paid administrative leave after refusing to testify on capitol hill. shannon? >> shannon: mike, thank you very much. so are we any closer to resolving the irs targeting scandal, or is the agency still operating in a way president obama himself called out rages? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, radio show host allen colum colmes and mike gal. great to see you both. >> hi, shannon.
9:33 am
>> shannon: mike, you're chucking. i'l-- chuck ling. the irs said they've taken steps and this is not supposed to be happening. >> shannon, i'm chuckling because we conservatives play this little game. what would be happening if this was occurring under a republican administration? we know that the "new york times", everybody would be going bonkers, all the major networks would be going crazy, you know. i mean, the bottom line here is the key in mike emanuel's report was the phrase words in a name as opposed to activity, and the truth of the matter is this is yet another huge bombshell that this administration stubbornly refuses to be fair to organizations that have tea party affiliations in any way shape, or form. then again, why would we expect an administration to be fair when you consider that they just broke the rules and unlawfully gave congress and their aides an exemption for having to pay the costs of obama care?
9:34 am
there's nothing fair coming out of these guys. they are onerous. they are corrupt. once again, we see another example of this real deep degree of corruption coming from the obama administration. >> shannon: all right. allen, to be fair, i want to read a little bit of what the irs says about the latest news. in part, their statement says irs policy is now clear. this is something that mike referenced, that screening is based on activity, not words in a name. your response here because it sounds like this testimony is that at least this worker who has testified before the committee says, you know, what i understand right now, if it says tea party, it goes to the secondary screening. >> my friend mike who i love dealedearly and his conservative friends. >> shannon: i feel a but coming. >> there's always a but. they're trying to hang their hat on a testimony of an unnamed source in a redacted transcript. by the way, this so-called unnamed source in the redacted transcript said he would still use the conservative groups for
9:35 am
secondary screening. he wasn't asked whether he would do the same thing for progressive groups which we also discovered after darrell issa kept that from views. when ththere's a double standar. in fact, this did happen curing the last republican administration. the naacp was targeted, a liberal church in pasadena was targeted, and we had specific proof of that. nothing new has been revealed. >> shannon: i want to talk about some factual numbers, important to everybody who is having this conversation. >> sure. >> shannon: the house ways and means committee got information from the irs, you know. dave camp who is the chairman there used his power under the irs code to get this information. what they found is these groups who were on the list, whether it was using the word tea party or progressive. they found 111 groups. only seven of those were described as progressive groups. so 104 of them were singled out. now, the inspector general from the treasury department says
9:36 am
that none of them got delayed. they may have been pulled for that initial screening, but none of the progressive groups were ever delayed. in fact, 100% of them have been approved while there are 56 conservative groups that still have no idea if they're going to be approved. >> and shannon, this is important because folks on the left like alan said well, there's progressive groups, too, that have been ta targeted, and you're right. the fact don't lie. alan, the numbers are there. 104 conservative or tea party affiliated groups targeted, only seven liberal groups targeted. come on. >> you know why? this is nothing new. this the same story we talked about weeks ago. there's no new information. the reason they were targeting tea party groups. this was at a time a couple of years back when this was initiated that all these so-called tea party groups were registering at the same time. >> but alan -- >> a plethora of groups registering at once.
9:37 am
>> so you're saying there's nothing new here because you dispute the source that says that there continuing to scrutinscrutinize the tea party? if and when the source is confirmed, would you say it's a story, alan? >> not particularly. tell me there's nothing new here here. >> oh. >> this is one person we don't know saying he would put it for secondary screenings. he wasn't asked the question about progressive groups. >> shannon: we shall see. if this person comes to light, there will undoubtedly be more hearings on the hill. maybe we'll learn a name and we'll see what alan has to say once there's a named source. >> good luck with that. >> shannon: thanks to you both. some say major league baseball is over the multi-million dollar salaries are simply worth it for players to risk failing a drug test, and that the players don't actually fear anything major like an actual lifetime ban. well, fox sports radio host has a solution.
9:38 am
i'll talk with him coming up, and also ... >> they have your bitter certificate and social security card. i've got a paycheck coming in, so i qualify. >> shannon: and that is how easy it is to get food stamps in this country. wait until you hear how high on the hog that california surfer is living on your tax dollars. this is a fox news exclusive report. stick around. ♪ when i'm halfway into your heart ♪ [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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>> this is something that we'll have to take day by day, and see what kind of help she's going to need and what kind of help that i'm going to need, and we'll move on from there. >> shannon: a man rejoicing while also in mourning. the father of rescued california teenager hannah anderson told "fox & friends" this morning that while he's thankful his
9:43 am
daughter is going to safely return from her tragic journey and kidnapping, this journey for the family is far from over. although his daughter is safe, his estranged wife and young son were murdered. fbi agents first spotted hannah and her alleged kidnapper, james dimaggio, from the air. they reportedly moved in on their camp site in idaho. she and her father are expected to be reunited later today. search warrants have been issued for a storage facility in bristol, connecticut paid for by former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. the bristol press is reporting that search warrants for that storage facility suggest police may be looking into hernandez' girlfriend, shayanna jenkins, as well. the warrants reportedly allege that hernandez may have told his girlfriend to take a gun safe or a lock box from his home to the storage facility the day odin lloyd's body was found.
9:44 am
there's not even a question. it was a good day for baseball because we faced up to the problem. nobody's hiding it. nobody swept it under the rug. we did what any social institution should do. >> commissioner bud selig may be okay with the suspensions handed out to a-rod and several other major league baseball players, but there are plenty of fans and others who say not so fast. some say the fines and suspensions are not enough of a deter rent in a sport that pays millions in salaries. how is the use of performance-enhancing drugs and the punishment for key players impacted the game of baseball? who better to ask than the fox sports radio host and the author of a brand new book called the handoff. j.t., thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. >> so bud selig said he's gotten support from owners, fans, players, from trainers, from baseball officials. they think he got this right. do you think he did? >> absolutely not.
9:45 am
it's all spin. just like splil spin coming out of -- political spin coming out of washington. that was a dark day in baseball a couple of weeks ago. how can a day in modern baseball history where more players are suspended for performance-enhancing drugs be a good day? it's a terrible day, so baseball claims they're cleaning up the sport. i don't agree. this goes back to mark maguire in the late '90s to barry bonds in 2000-2001. now it's 2013, and 13 players are getting suspended and only one, alex rodriguez, who is probably taken advantage financially with peds more than any athlete in modern history. he's still playing third base for the yankees. >> shannon: so where do you think baseball should go from here? what do you think would be an appropriate penalty? we thought about weighing it against those multi-million dollar salaries and if players are willing to risk, you know, doing things, you know, that don't get caught by the drug test or the framework set up for now. what would get their attention,
9:46 am
if anything? >> that's a great question. there has to be a much, much stricter penalty phase. the first phase has to be 100 games instead of 50 right out of the gate. the second time, you're banned for life. there must be a stronger deter rent. remember, shannon, if you're a baseball player hitting only .240 or .250 and you're able to take performance-enhancing drugs and hit over .300 and increase your stats, you could make 15, 20, 30, 60 million dollars on the back end of a super contract. this is what's been happening in baseball over the last 15 years. average players have become good. good players have become great, and then some of the greatest players can't stop at that. they become more greedy for the money, and the hall of fame stats. the only good news that comes out of this is that none of them are getting into the hall of fame. if you get caught and you're a great player, your legacy is finished. you're done. you have to buy a ticket to get into cooperstown. >> shannon: j.t. , while you're with us, i want to ask about the new book.
9:47 am
it sounds like a personal book. my boss at fox was diagnosed with cancer. he asked me to help and be a chemo pattern for him. over the 13 months that i watched him battle, one of the most courageous battles i've ever seen up close. this is my tribute to him. it's the back story about all the great trips we had to the daytona 500, to the nba finals, to all of the super bowls. when he went on the battle of his life, he asked me to come with him and help him out. winning was the only option as he tried to fight for his life. then he handed off to me so many great life lessons that would hopefully improve my life and everybody who reads the book. i think the lessons from this book will stay with everybody forever. i'm just happy i was able to pay tribute to my late friend who gave me the opportunity to be here today and the opportunity to talk about sports for a living. > >> shannon: well, it's called the handoff. we wish you all the best with it. we know folks that have being walked that path with loved ones and friends will appreciate it and for others out there, so
9:48 am
many good life lessons as well. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: air jordan still around. check it out. michael jordan who turned 50 years old monday. this comes from a basketball camp out in california. his airness, by the way, you'll remember won the nba slam dunk contest twice in 1987 and '88. 18 u.s. embassies and consulates just reopened across the middle east and africa today. the obama administration order theedthem close after a security threat they said was the most credible since 9/11. is the threat now over? [announcer] there's no hiding the goodness of the latest from
9:49 am
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9:52 am
a new amber alert tops our top story. this time, out of johnston rhode island. missing child, 2-year-old isaiah perez. police believe the child may be with 22-year-old malcom crowl. he is believed to have killed two people in a home there if owed island, then took off with the child. heading off funding for president obama's healthcare law. this time at family leadership summit in iowa. ahead after push by some
9:53 am
lawmaker pulling funding, or defunding obama care. some call this counter productive. netanyahu is recovering from surgery and the hernia surgery was successful. the u.s. state department is issued to release a global alert. >> hi, shannon. more of the few embassies remaining closed is at the epicenter of this latest threat. the embassy in yemen is still shut down after alkieda and the arabian plotted attack. the other still closed is the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the branch of alkieda based in y in yemen.
9:54 am
>> capital say you have destroyed quote poor alkieda. you can't say that and at the same time close embassies in the middle east. alkieda is not the rise and have continued to rise. they continue to penetrate. >> 22 embassy and consulates in the middle east and africa were shut down last sunday in the wake of intelligence showing a terrorist plot was posing an imminent danger. democrats defend the president's precautions and his assessments. >> there was strong intelligence information and any time an american is put at risk in the world or on our homeland, we have to deal with them. we have to be cautious. we've done a good job in afghanistan and pakistan deal. but they are getting stronger and their focus has been the
9:55 am
united states. >> in his use con frns friday, the president said once again, the core has been decimated but the region groups pose a danger to the u.s. still. shannon? >> thank you very much. still to come, suspected kid map victim found safe and alive but her joordeal is far from ov. what is next for her and her father who lost half his family. so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
this is something that we like to take day by day and see what kind of help she's going to need and what kind of help i'm going to need. and we'll move on from there. we've got plenty of things we need to do and we need to set up services for my beautiful wife and son. and there's lots to do. >> a father relieved, thankful his daughter is alive. but it is a bitter sweet ending for brett anderson whose wife and young son were murdered. he spent more than a week praying for the return of his 16-year-old daughter hannah. father and daughter are set to be reunited today. the crime scene is being looked over where james dimaggio was killed. he is the man suspected of killing a mother and brother. will kar is live in cascade,
10:00 am
idaho. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, shannon. i'm about five or six miles from where hannah was rescued. she was immediately flown it a hospital in boise, about 70 miles from where we are now and we're told she will be reunited with her father later today after a week filled with strange twists and turns. you remember that last sunday, dimaggio's house burned near san diego and in there was found hannah's mother and brother. fbi shot dimaggio. they were able to rescue hannah. we were told this may not have happened if a man on horse back may not have seem them on wednesday in an isolated part of this area. so i'm joined now by the local county sheriff's department. just talk to me about how important it was that he
10:01 am
immediately reported that seeing when he realized who they were. >> the pefrn in the backcountry didn't see any of the amber alert but however did think there was something odd. didn't see anything that caused him immediate alarm or made him feel like he needed to intervene in some way. when he got home later that night, he sought amber alert and knew something was wrong. really, that is what led us to focus the search, at least initially, on the area where he last saw them. that's where we saw the car and within a day was able to get hannah out safely. >> i know there's been controversy with the amber alerts but in your mind no doubt that without that amber alert, the man went home, turned on the news, saw hannah and the picture of dimaggio that maybe you would not have known they were in the
10:02 am
area. >> he was the want on horse back and saw them. he said, because he saw the report of the amber alert and because it was published on local news, that is the reason that alerted law enforcement. had he not done that, we certainly would not have had this effort. at least not this quickly. >> people who have never been to this area, explain the terrain and why it made it so difficult to get in there, to find these two. >> this is, you know, very unique, one-of-a-kind piece of land in the u.s. it is wilderness area. so it is protected. no vehicles in. because of that, very rugged. we are talking rocks, steep po topography, water. and there is wiand there is smod fires and the wind is blowing that tirelessly. >> this is the best case scenario that could have
10:03 am
happened, dimaggio killed and no members of law enforcement were hurt. back to you. >> all right, will carr on the scene in idaho. thank you so much. keep it here, later on in this hour, i'm going to talk with the man who created the fbi hostage rescue team. he was also in the bombing investigation in boston as well. 2-year-old isaiah perez, two people found dead in a johnston home where the little boy lived. now isaiah is missing. police identified the suspect in this case as 22-year-old malcom crowl. he is considered armed and danger poups. he may be driving a small black passenger vehicle. as soon as we get more information, well bring it to you. the news that irs is still targeting conservative groups
10:04 am
despite national outrage. no worries about the agencies role in the implementation of obama care. 57% of those in a brand new fox poll say the implementation of obama care and it being rolled out is a joke. here now with more thoughts, fox news politics editor, mr. power play himself, chris, good to see you. >> happy sunday. >> despite the points he had on earlier in the show, he doesn't think it is a news scandal but we have testimony who said, if you were asked today, i believe the interview was january 1st. he said, yes. that's doesn't sounds like what the irs said the changes would be. >> the president has new appointed a permanent or nominated a permanent replacement to lead the agency. but basically the interim phase has been to do very little. they've sort of pressed pause. and a hundred thousand people work the at irs. if you have a rule that is
10:05 am
flawed, inside an agency of that side, it is unionized pb heavily bureaucratic. things don't turn on the dime. this is a reflection of a go-slow strategy inside the administration where in order to prevent it from looking more scandalous, the president expressed initial outrage and then quieted things way, way down. they may be able to reinstill some public confidence in this. but when you couple that with implementation of the president's healthcare law, then it is even tougher. >> there is not a high level of confidence in the irs right now. they continue to hear about these things. i think about this person, we don't know mail or female who testified in the house means committee, things are still ongoing, even if there are a hundred thousand people in the irs, does this person not have a television or newspaper? do they not know the controversy going on with the tea party and
10:06 am
have not changed their conduct? >> yeah, but this person isn't interested -- a person in the cincinnati field office of the irs a probably primarily interested in keeping their job and following the rules. this is understandable. they are not going to be an entrepreneur and follow what they think the rules should be. in the ways and means committee, you see, they aren't telling us to do it, but the rules are the rules and we will keep doing what rules said. >> as you mentioned, irs, responsible for a big part of implementing and enforcing healthcare law. portions of it have been delayed. there are fights over whether other portions will be delayed but there is concern this agency isn't ready to handle implementation. >> as you said, you can think with a large persianage of people saying it is a joke, even people supportedive it and think it should be implemented. and people like max who called it a train wreck. harry reid's comments were maybe
10:07 am
the most revealing. we read yesterday harry reid's comments, talking about, this isn't good. but a pathway to single pay or universal healthcare system. >> that's the whole goal from the beginning. >> sure it was. we didn't like what was in the president's law. they were happy that it would destroy the existing form of employer based insurance and ehaven'tly in order to fix it, the only remedy offerable would be a single payer european or canadian style system. if you notice the only part, only significant part that the president delayed so far, have been related paying for it. so the signing people up for it part will still go ahead. it maintains data even though there are problems with the irs that will force it. if it blows up the existing insurance system, harry reid will have the answer which was, it's okay, because on the other side of that will be what the left wanted all along which is a
10:08 am
single payer system. >> bernie sanders will be so excited. >> is a longer game but te will still win. >> yeah. and interestingly enough, games come out. thank you. according to a new inspector's general report, important securist tests involving the healthcare information hub in the field of obama care. months behind schedule, meaning a key determination about whether the technology handling your personal information with obama carol be ready. that determination won't be ready until one day before the healthcare exchanges are set to begin. let's talk about it with congressman marcia blackburn. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, shannon bp thanks for your attention to the issue. >> i have to ask you about this. there's been testing all along. there's a law that requires if you have this information, there
10:09 am
has to be security plans in place that handles p.m.'s identity, their income. these are applications to tell whether they will qualify for obama care in the exchanges or not and we hear testing is weeks behind and we may not know until the day before the exchanges start whether the technology is ready? >> you're exactly right. and what a plan, right? we recently had a three and half hour hearing at the commerce committee that i chaired. and in an exchange with lee terry, chairman of our sub committee on commerce manufacturing and trade, i think she said some pretty revealing things. and when you look at it, this is what we're dealing with. they have a single source contract with united healthcare and qssi. one of their divisions, to implement this data hub which
10:10 am
see interestingly enough described as just a big router. but as they route this information and put it to hhs, irs, dhs, all these different agencies that are going to look at your healthcare information, look at your income and your verification information and, by the way, they will contract with equifax on verification of that income, then have you a lot of eyes that will be on your information and you're right, they're saying, oh, well, one day before this goes into effect, is when it is going to be ready for us to say it works or doesn't work. >> and when it comes to personal information, income, identity, you know, your medical conditions, those kinds of things, i would guess that most people would want to know that is 100% verified and secure before moving forward. there would be many delays through key parts of the law, moving forward. you actually have a bill calling
10:11 am
for delay, further delay. but my understanding is that your bill would push the delay for full implementation of the healthcare law until after the 2014 mid term elections. do you think that is plus or minus. do you want people to know the negative side of what they're getting into before they go into the ballot box? >> i think everybody knows the negatives. and as you were just discussing with chris, what we want the implosion to do is tilt toward the free market. we want our infrastructure still standing. what you have those that have wanted that single-payer system, they want enough of it to be done away with that it would only go toward a single-payer system. we want to delay, refund, repeal, replace, and get rid of this. it is not ready for prime time, we have tried to talk to those standing up the data hub. they have referred us to hhs. they aren't giving us the information. we have been working on this
10:12 am
issue for a couple of years. and we're not going to let it go. we do not want them to win at this game and put us into single payer healthcare. we want to preserve the infrastructure is we have where patients are the center. not the federal government, but patience are the center of the healthcare system and are able to work with physicians to meet the healthcare need for themselves and their families. >> congresswoman, we are out of time. i'm asking the same question i'm asking all lawmakers on today. yes or no, will you have august town halls? >> oh, absolutely. we have been out working all week and what we hear from everybody, delay obama care. let's get it off the books. repeal it, replace it. >> we know constituents love the chance to speak to their elected officials. so we are glad to count you among those having meetings. congresswoman, thank you very much. >> absolutely. thank you, shannon. >> congress is on recess. but you know, they left behind real messes. you just heard about one
10:13 am
involving implementation of healthcare law. we've been asking, do you think members of congress should be required to hold town hall meetings during the august recess. bill writes, members should hold at least one well publicized town hall meeting during recess, holding one on ones isn't enough. frank adds those elect to office should always, available to voters. we enjoy your answers and we will read more later this hour. just three days before the israeli and palestinian peace talks are set to resume in jerusalem, it is relative proof apartments in settlements, there is final approval to build another structure. their president has long said he would not resume peace talks if construction continues. but he did not agree to enter these talks without a settlement freeze. also agreeing to release more than a hundred palestinian prisoners in inflemts with the
10:14 am
connection with the ongoing negotiations. a series of attacks hit iraq leaving at least 69 people dead. the bombing seemed to target those targeting the end of ramadan. >> reporter: this weekend's attacks are the latest in a surge of bloodshed across the country. iraqis were out enjoying the end of the holy month of ramadan when a string of car bombs ripped through markets and mostly shiite muslim neighborhoods killing nearly 70 people, injuring hundreds more. this violence is not knew in iraq. there's been a massive uptick in sectarian fightinging in iraq and recent months. sunni militant groups are targeting shia muslim areas. sunnis are also attacked and targeted as well. violence reaching levels not seen in years. it is estimated more than 4,000 people have been killed this year alone. now the united states has
10:15 am
condemned the voi lens s saying those who attacked islam, 18 m months ago attacking iraq. there has been sectarian fighting including overall chaos. it is worst with the bloodshed and violence next door in syria. making the problems in iraq much, much worse. >> connor, thank you very for the update live from our middle east bureau. is it possible to keep prison costs down and lower crime at the same time? sound too good to be true. but some say it is possible. a crack down on crime and spending. that and more, up next. ♪
10:16 am
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10:19 am
an am letter alert has been issued out of rhode island for 2-year-old isaiah perez. police have identified the suspect in the case, 22-year-old
10:20 am
malcom crowl. he is considered armed and dangerous. authorities think he is driving a small black passenger vehicle. they don't know how he is connected to those killed or the little boy. they cannot confirm if he believed in the home there. but two people dead and a little boy now missing. hannah anderson missing for a week after the bodies of her mother and brother were found in a burning home in san diego. she is now free from her abductor and is physically unharmed. he was found in idaho with a suspect killed in a shootout with officers. the number of people on food stamps surged 70% since 2008. it's been revamped snap and a lot of stigma behind getting government help is gone for a lot of folks. one beach bum is happy to be living off your taxpayer dollars.
10:21 am
>> meet jason greenlate, food stamp recipient. >> another day in the life of jason. >> and what exactly is the rat life? >> your tip of the day, like an early morn guy, get up and get waves or later in the afternoon. >> yeah, later in the afternoon kind of guy. wake up, go down to the beach, hang out with my friends, get on with some chicks. start drinking. all day everyday. >> we caught up with greenlate in la jolla, california. close to where he grew up. the 29-year-old has chosen the life of a beach bum in this seaside, paradise. with no fix aid dress, jason has floated from place to place. staying with family, pals and
10:22 am
girls he's dated. >> nice day today though, huh? >> he gets by with a little help from friend and you, his taxpayer. >> my ebt snap card. got across california on it. >> how do you get a snap card? >> just go out to human resource office. have your birth certificate, social security card. i got a paycheck coming in so i qualify. >> that's that. >> how often do you have to this? every month, every six months? >> they got it now to where you only do it once a year. >> things have changed. back in 1996, if you were an able adult with jason with no family, there were limitations. you could get food stamps for three months every three years. exception if you were working at least 20-hour work week or participated in work fair or training program. president obama wiped away those restrictions when he signed his stimulus bill in 2009.
10:23 am
and in 2010, obama used his regulatory powers to extend the welfare to work requirements. >> you fill out a form for a snap card, they give you that for a year, no questions asked is it. >> yeah. good to go. you're golden. >> $200 a month, right? >> yeah. $200. radical. why not. >> my job to make sure the sun is up. >> how big a part of your life is surfing. >> i surf everyday. it is wonderful, man. clear your head. get out with the boys and have a good time. >> living the life. another day in paradise. >> party. >> it is off to the gourmet section of the local food mart. >> i got my rainbow roll. we got ahi, salmon, eel, yellow
10:24 am
tail with rice and avocado. they have lobster on special. got a lobster. and coconut water. >> then jason is off to the automated check out counter. food stamp card at the ready. >> $200 a month and just like boom. >> thank you for shopping with us. >> all paid for by our wonderful tax dollars. >> is that typically the type of thing you'll get on the snap card? >> yeah. i usually get sushi. but make it my own way. but they didn't have any good fish. so i just got the prepaid stuff. >> does anybody want a piece?
10:25 am
safe to say this notion of holding down a steady job just is something that is not in your wheel house? >> that's not the direction i'm going right now. >> that's just not something that appeals to you now? >> not whatsoever. >> i have to say, i didn't really know what to expect when i sat down with jason. i was taken aback that he seemed completely unembarrass in taking advantage pf he is resourceful, intelligent, went to san diego state for a while then to technical school where he trained to become a recording engineer. but then he realized what he wanted in life. >> here comes motle crue, all carrying a bottle of jack, partying. and i realized i don't want to be the guy recording those guys,
10:26 am
i want to be the guys. >> so you want to be -- >> yeah. i want to be heard. i don't want to listen. >> if you're not angry enough, check it out. tune in for the great food stamp binge. astounding one in seven americans are getting food stamps. fox traveled the country. we are not talking about people who legitimately need help p.m. check it out tonight. search and rescue mission for hannah anderson was long and dramatic. with leads from california, oregon and to idaho. up next, we will speak to the man who created and commanded the nbi's negotiation team. how mu protein
10:27 am
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hannah anderson's dramatic rescue was after a week-long search through california and ended in idaho. a tmanhunt found the abductor from the air. joining us now to discuss, paul, major search much and rescue operation like this, danny, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. i'm looking forward to it. >> all right, there were initial reports that someone thought they saw a couple that something looked strange. then the search was on in idaho and obviously it would seem like this individual, the suspect here had prepared, in many respects, and knew he was going deep into the woods. how do you begin to approach that situation, not knowing if he is armed, what he has or doesn't have. >> well he just committed a murder, burned down his own house and killed two people. so he is armed in your mind.
10:32 am
but the first thing you do is rely on people like you to get the word out. this is how he was caught. he was caught by the media. the media isn't always that helpful for us, but in this situation, without the media, we wouldn't have found him np with local law enforcement at the scene and the rescue team and their assets and you deploy them. and you use technology and aircraft and everybody else available to them, which is pretty unique and they do the rescue. and this is the same team that did the little boy in the bunker in alabama and got the boston bomber out of the boat. so they are on the scene for just about every crisis we see. >> in a situation like this, how do you have any type of communication with the suspect in the case, are you able to use loud speakers, how do you connect with that person and determine what is going on and whether they could possibly surrender? in this case he was possibly
10:33 am
killed. >> i don't know the details of it, but frankly you don't want him to know you're there until you are close enough to either apprehend him. he is threat to the young lady until they neutralize him. this is what they do. going into a rural environment is an a problem. they initially train to do rural operations. they do them all over the world and this is their business. they are just very quiet professional people. very unassuming. but they do their job and do it well. unfortunately, the american public doesn't even know who they are. >> they are very humble, very brave and very well trained. how different is this situation, you mentioned boston, where you have a suspect on the run and you believe you have a kidnap victim or hostage. how do you approach the situation differently when there is that second person involved? >> basically, you do it both the
10:34 am
same way. first and hardest thing is to find them and you have to remember, boston bombing situation, he could easily have taken a hostage. he was in a position and desperate and heavily armed and just committed a heinous crime. so you approach them both the same way. you think, this your mind, this is a hostage situation. if it's not, that's good. but like it's goinging to be and you treat them beth the same way. >> all right, danny coulson, thank you for your work that led to success in this case and for your service if law enforcement. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> the supreme court has ordered the state of california to release thousands of prisoners by the end of the year because of evercrowding and lack of funds to properly house and care for the inmate. this news comes as a group of conservatives is spear heading a movement called right on crime. supporters in this move believe there is a way to both reduce the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on prison and also reduce crime at the same time.
10:35 am
check is with the write on crime initiative. chuck, thanks for your time today. how does this work? >> reporter: wait it works, you have to first acknowledge that most people convicted of crimes end up going to prison will eventually come out. if they eventually come out, what can we do then to redouse the chances of them going back to prison? how can we help them? using proper tools with either probation or job training? other skills. and help them to become productive citizens. and we have seen this in other states, kind of following what we did here in texas. you have seen it recently in georgia and ohio and south carolina. where efforts have been made to both reduce prison costs as well as improve super vision of people when they get out of prison or diverting nonviolent offenders before they get to prison and try to help them, prevent them from reoffending. >> chuck, you mentioned things like job training and rehabilitation. you know, at first blush, those sound like something that can
10:36 am
cost money, so how do you balance that with also cutting funds and maybe cutting the fat in some programs. >> well, that's a great question. first of all, as conservatives, we have to be skeptical of government and all of its forms. and unfortunately, for far too long, conservatives have given the prison system and justice system kind of a bye. when you send people to prison, that is the most costly thing to do. if you can divert some people to treatment or to other programs to encourage them from reengaging with a life on crime, what you find is that those programs are actually less expensive per prisoner or per offender. it is less costly to provide super vision and follow-up and drug treatment for example, than it is to incarcerate someone. so sometimes all you have to do is figure outweighs of balancing the budgetary pressures from the state level and the local level so that local level law enforcement doesn't have the
10:37 am
incentive just to send people to prison at the state level. that's part of the challenge here. by the way, that's a huge looming issue in the state of california. where this has been forced by federal court order in the other states where we've seen success, it is the legislature and governor coming together to solve the problem. california, not so. >> i think we all agree that the most efficient use of tax dollars is an allotable goal. chuck, thank you. >> thank you. the government is using federal regulationes it protect animals who are not endangered. a move killing much-needed jobs. hear from the man hoping it take this fight against regulation nation all wait to the supreme court. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
10:38 am
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fox news has confirmed three u.s. soldiers were killed in afghanistan today as a result of indirect fire.
10:42 am
the service members died at the hand of insurgence, that's according to a department of defense official. if we get more details, we will bring them to you. in just the past 90 days, 6,364 new regulations have been posted on-line by the government. there are federal regulations to protect an animal that isn't even an endangered species. at a big cost to businesses and employees at a time when jobs are needed most. they are hoping to take this fight all wait to the supreme court. rob rivets, from the pacific league of foundation is spear-heading the effort and joins us live. >> thank one shannon, nice to be here. >> tell us about what this is about. we are talking about polar bears. a lot of folks think this is still an endangered species and this needs to be protected. what is wrong with that? >> they are listed adds a an
10:43 am
endangered species but they are the most in number they've been in half a decade. right now we have listed -- we have existing some 25,000 species. the only reason the polar bear is listed by the federal government as a threat in species is because of speculation and commuter modeling that indicates maybe within about 50 years some of its habitat will be threatened. and we're talking about 50 years even in the computer modeling that species will be at least 20,000 strong. it it is a thriving species. this is the first time a spesies has been listed, even though it is thriving, based upon speculation and computer modeling. that's an ominous threat for the future. >> and it makes the agencies ve powerful but these regulations aren't without impact. what is the economic impact and why are you pushing back? >> the real problem of course is that when a species is listed, the federal government as well
10:44 am
as individual citizens and environmental organizations have the ability to stop various economic activities. now the reason why the polar bear was listed is because of global warming. the speculation that global warming is going to cause ice to melt and therefore less habitat for the polar bear. when you have a listing like that, based upon the issuance of admissions of carbon dioxide and carbon, there are various entities that industries that emit that. you have transportation, energy, food producing industries, and now the government can regulate those industries more on the basis of the issuance of their emission of co which supposedly then will be impacting the habitat of the species. so you can see through the actual listing of species, the government has much more power on other industries and activity in our lives. >> we're almost out of time. quickly, i will ask you, what is the timeframe for you. i know you filed with the
10:45 am
supreme court. when will you know whether they will or won't take the case? >> this case should be heard. going to conference later this fall and earlier wintertime. we should know probably before the year is up. >> i'll be down the street a couple of blocks keeping an eye on this and the rest of cases they will handle. thank you very much for your time. >> you bet, thank you, shannon. >> well you know, the american dream has had a bit of an unwanted make over than what most americans are forced to cut corners, how can you live large on small budget is in we will have news can you use, coming up. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling?
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police are investigating former nfl player, aaron hernandez. he may have had help getting rid of a murder weapon. police are reportedly looking into hernandez asked his girlfriend to get rid of the murder weapon. jenkins may have been seen on surveillance video carrying a small box and playing it into a car before driving away. hernandez is accused of killing oden lloyd. >> this is a fairly accurate model of the rover itself. but to really get a concept of
10:50 am
the size, this is one of our test wheels. it's, as you can see, battered up. we have dropped it and done things with it that, in an environment that we expected cure os it to encounter. >> another popular story on-line. science director dr. jim green joins us on america's new headquarters yesterday, to take a look at accomplishment of the mars rover one year after landing on the green planet. one of the biggest accomplishments is finding evidence of a past environment on mars that could have supported microbial life. if you're not sure what it do with your left overs, get a load of this. a new app called left-over swap will allow you to take pictures of the food you dpt finish and post it on-line. people nearby can come claim your food or even offer to trade left-overs with you. the app is expected to launch at the end of the month. for more on has to stories, head to fox the american dream has
10:51 am
become a nightmare for a lot of folks. a school teacher an author of a simple book of financial wisdom, teach yourself and your kids how to live wealthy with little money joining us now, you say, we could do better on less. how do we get to where we are today? where a lot of people are living on debt. whether it is their homes, credit cards, where do we go from here? >> i think first and foremost, a lot of people didn't have a in place. if you want to save money, you have to have a plan. it is very easy. friday nights comes around and friends say, let's go out to dinner or let's do that. if you don't have a set-aside or think, this is what i want my money to do for me, it is easy to go out to dinner and blow it. that's where you have to have a goal in place, a plan in place, and work up towards that and save money towards that. >> a lot of folks are
10:52 am
discouragea disdiscouraged. there are able-bodied ripping off the system. >> i think a lot of people, we have money, but we are choosing to spend it in ways we don't realize. i talked to people who say, danny, i wish i had money to save for retirement but i don't have any mp yet they have the newest coach bag or iphone. and i say, you do have money, you are just choosing to spend it this way. so what i say, walk around for one month with a pencil and paper, and it's not easy, but write down everything you did. we went out to dinner or breakfast, and then you can see, wow we can cut back in this area. there's two ways it make more money.
10:53 am
either a, get a higher paying job, which is more difficult than five or six years ago. or option b, track our spending and eliminate items that aren'ts in necessary. >> it is common sense advice and from congress on down, we should be taking it. did not danny, thank you so much for the advice. >> thank you for having me on, shannon. >> check this out, if your kid is a troublemaker, do not worry about it. defiant kids grow up to be great entrepreneurs. it is not a surprise, business owners have more risk taking tenden tendencies, just like the feisty kids. i like feisty instead of misbeha misbehaved. your thoughts on whether congress should have to hold town meetings. why would congress jump out of a perfectly good plane? if you look closely, you might
10:54 am
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10:58 am
summer. it recognizes military heros across the southeast. the campaign raised $1.5 million in 80 stops so far. wilson jumps with retired soldier mark elliott. president and founder of all veteran's parachute team. by the way, elliott has jumped with former president george w. bush. he likes to do the jumps on his birthday. are you one of the folks who cannot unplug even while on vacation? if you need a social media fix, perhaps your next trip should be to the world's first twitter-themed hotel. check it out. guests can book a twitter party suite where they can have a virtual concierge. you can send a message to a friend sitting at at pool side bed. let us know if you go there. we love to hear from you, speaking of twitter. the president is in martha's vineyard and congressmen and
10:59 am
women have headed home for the recess. but should they work while out on break? should their time talking to you? we've been asking, do you think members of congress should be required to hold town hall meetings during august recess? we ask you to tweet that. one viewer writes back, yes, they should. how else will you know what the people want? plus, they don't need vacations. thanks. john adds absolutely. this might be the only way to get any kind of real answers. and jack says, yes, all members should. you at home are an important part of the show. we also love to hear from you. and a lot of you weighed in on the food stamps story. you are fired up about the ebt lobst lobster. don't forget, we have a special tonight on food stampes. fox news sunday is up next. thanks for watching fox news, where we remain on this sunday, proud and fearless.
11:00 am
i'm chris wallace. president obama faces new questions about how he's waging the war on terror. in a he prevacation news conference, the president discusses government surveillance. >> i want to make clear once again that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> the threat facing americans overseas. >> we are not going to completely eliminate terrorism p. what we can do is weaken it. >> the state of relations with rush why and battle over obama care. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have healthcare. >> we'll get reaction to all of you from senator j


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