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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 9, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> steve: that's going to wrap up "fox & friends" for today. who loved the eli young band? [ cheers and applause ] >> anna: next week we have hour of power. you can join us on for more with eli young band right now. >> steve: have a great weekend, everybody. >> peter: thank you. bill: pretty good turnout. even in a rain on friday. good morning, everybody. a fox news alert. there is now a new terror threat. for the second time in a week, u.s. telling americans to clear out of posts overseas. this time lahore, pakistan. this is a specific terror threat in that city. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to friday. back to "america's newsroom." >> i'm browne here for martha maccallum. they said it is out of caution and not related to the original threat. bill: we expect the president to address some specific concerns in a news conference from the white house. here is press secretary jay
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carney late yesterday on that. >> when it comes to protecting americans serving in our embassies and facilities around the world, it is very important to take the necessary precautions when there is this kind of credible threat information. bill: greg palkot leads our coverage. he's working the story out of london today. what is the latest out of pakistan, greg. >> reporter: that's right, bill. we were talking just a short while ago with officials at the u.s. embassy in islamabad, pakistan. they had confirm ad drawdown of what they called non-emergency personnel from the u.s. consulate in lahore. that is about 180 miles southeast of islamabad. that personnel is in fact being brought up to islamabad in that capital area. they also confirmed to us that it was all due to a specific threat against that installation. we have been to lahore of the it is a lovely city and also the home base of very ugly islamist ideologies. countrywide we're seeing a lot of violence in recent days.
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in southwestern pakistan city of quetta there was another attack. a gunman going after a government official outside of a mosque killing at least six, after a suicide bomber yesterday killed 30. quetta, which is near the afghanistan border, is the home base for taliban activity. i think most of our viewers know that pakistan is also home base to al qaeda central and its current captain, ayman al-zawahiri. that said, much of the violence we're seeing inside of pakistan is against the locals but again that threat to americans right now, bill. bill: all right, now, greg, there is 19, 20, 21 embassies cleared out earlier in the week. is this related in any way to that threat or is this different? >> reporter: again the state department today is saying there is no direct connection with the closures of u.s. diplomatic facilities that we've seen throughout the muslim world. the timing though is somewhat similar. today is the muslim holy feast day of eid. that marks the end of their
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ramadan month of fasting. it was thought these religious days could be a trigger for some kind ever terror activity against u.s. diplomatic facilities throughout that section of the world and it could have been in pakistan as well. most of these diplomatic facilities which had been shuttered throughout the entire week will be opening up section couple days. we talked to u.s. officials. they say the consulate in lahore, pakistan, will be closed for the foreseeable future. they also tell us that that broader warning to americans to, in their words, defer non-essential travel to pakistan, also will be staying in place. again they say, because of the presence of terror groups inside pakistan, which could pose a threat to americans. bill: this is a big deal. i tell you, you go back 12, 13 years, to 2001 before you have seen this much activity at these diplomatic posts. greg, thank you. greg palkot on that out of london leading our coverage on that story.
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got another fox news alert now. later today expect these topics to come up at a presidential news conference, 3:00 eastern time, you will see it live here on the fox news channel. president obama faces reporters before he heads out for a summer vacation, 10 days on martha's vineyard. this is his first solo news conference since the 30th of april. he held 16 briefings this year. half of those were held jointly with a foreign leader. 22 solo news conferences at the white house since 2009. this will be his 23rd. some of the topics he could face today, canceled meeting with vladmir putin. possibility of a government shut down in the fall. nsa, obamacare, irs, benghazi, all the quote phony scandals the white house talked about for the last two weeks. we want to know what would you ask the president? tweet me your questions @billhemmer. we'll read a couple on the air for the next two hours. fire away. lines are open right now.
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>> another emotional day expected in the fort hood shooting court-martial today after major nidal hasan was given permission to continue representing himself despite his standby attorneys claim that he is trying to secure his own death sentence the army psychiatrist admitted he opened fire at the texas army base in 2009, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. casey stiegel is live at fort hood, texas. casey, hasan still not cross-examining his witnesss? >> reporter: , no, patti ann, he is isn't. i was in the courtroom. i had a chance to study him. he looked down at the table most of the time. when the judge addresses him he is very respectful, yes, ma'am, no, ma'am. but as these witnesses are giving gut-wrenching testimony, he mostly stairs at the table and doesn't make any kind of eye contact with them. major hasan had a relatively bizarre interruption of court
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yesterday. it came during some of the most horrific testimony we heard thus far. the sergeant who supervised the medical facility where the shooting happened was on the stand. she was in middle of describing a scene of non-stop gunshots and chaos, when hasan randomly interrupted and objected asked please be reminded she was under oath. clearly she was under oath. she had already sworn in. so everyone kind of moved on. when it comes to the cross-examination of these witnesses not really happening by hasan. in fact 27 witnesses have so far taken the stand in the first week of this court-martial. hasan has only asked questions of two of them. patti ann. >> all right. casey, a bit of an argument yesterday in court? >> reporter: yeah there was. this was all over hasan's standby counsel requesting the judge, requesting that they sort of play a lesser role in this case the judge came in yesterday morning and said that was all denied. saying that they simply just
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disagreed perhaps with hasan's trial strategy but then colonel chris poppy, one of the standby lawyers stood up at the table said continuing to assist the accused gunman is violation of our professional code of conduct and it is quote, morally repugnant help hasan achieve the death penalty. the judge, colonel tara osborne seemed annoyed. she took a short recess and came back and said this court-martial was moving forward and denied all of the requests and they were ordered to continue working. hasan is arriving right now as we speak. the helicopter landing here at fort hood. this all gets underway in less than an hour. we're of course going to be here on top of it and keep you posted throughout the day, patti ann. >> casey stiegel live in texas, thank you. bill: we want you to take a look now at faces and names of the 13 people killed on that day in november of 2009.
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12 soldiers, one civilian. some of the victims gunned down as they tried to charge the shooter. one 21-year-old army private was pregnant, returning home after serving overseas in iraq when she was shot and killed. hasan was shot and paralyzed from the waist down by a police sergeant this is the worst mass shooting at a military post in american history. >> it has been a long and difficult road to the start of this court-martial. nidal hasan was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder after the shooting rampage in november 2009. the following month attempted murder charges were tacked on. in april 2010 hasan was transported to a prison in texas. he was finally arraigned in the summer of 2011. it was decided that the court-martial would remain at fort hood. on june 4th of this year, the judge ruled that hasan can represent himself. she has stood by that decision. once again, yesterday, despite warnings from hasan's standby
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attorneys that he is using the court to try to martyr himself. through all this nidal hasan has continued to receive his military paycheck. since the shooting he has been paid nearly $300,000. bill: because we have a winner. the first person powerball jackpot has come forward and gone public. one lucky minnesota man, here he is. check him out. a electrician i hear. becoming one of three winners splitting 448 million-dollar jackpot. 45-year-old project engineer, paul white is his name. describing the life-changing moment when he realized he had the real stuff, the real numbers. >> i welcome paul white and present a check for 149.4 million. [cheers and applause] >> and sure enough, they were right and i said i will have to call you back later. and i went, whoo. ran out of the office. everybody was like, oh, my god. what happened?
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i don't want to work for anybody else rest of my life for a paycheck. but i don't mind spending my money, if i find something, a charity whatever it might be to keep myself busy. bill: sound like a great guy. really has right attitude through all of this. white taking lump sum of 58 million after taxes. meanwhile overnight the owners of a second winning powerball jackpot were revealed. turns out 16 workers at a county garage in toms river, new jersey. haven't seen them just yet and gone public to show their face just yet. that is who we believe the second winner is. tell you, said it yesterday, moment they go forward tell america how their lives have changed it put as smile on your face. congratulationses to paul in minnesota and we'll what the folks in new jersey say. >> sure. bill: whether irs or benghazi, lawmakers back home on their break and getting an earful from the people who sent them to washington in the first place.
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>> innocent people, if you will, are getting slammed by partisan politics. bill: there are brand new poll numbers what people are thinking about obamacare and a whole lot more. we've got those coming up for you. >> flash floods forcing people on to their roofs in the southeast. we'll show you dramatic pictures of extreme weather. bill: nationwide manhunt yet again for the man suspected of abducting this teenage girl. a new warning from police they have given about the suspect if he is approached and what we're learning about the suspect as well. >> he had a crush on her. and, and she supposedly was really, really scared. she didn't want to go around him anymore but she didn't know how to tell anybody. ♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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patti ann: and we have a fox news alert now. there is a barricade situation. it looks like it might have ended just moments ago in
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waldorf, maryland, near d.c. charles county sheriff's department were in process of delivering a warrant, search and seizure warrant to a suspect. shots were fired. we know one citizen has been shot. we're working on getting more details right now but apparently -- bill: sure will. meantime new fox polling numbers show deep frustration and anxiety over obamacare. 63%, nearly two out of three voters want congress to keep working to change that law. and at the following town hall out of maryland is any indication, americans are frustrated over range of issues. watch and listen now. >> now we have all these embassies closed and they still don't know what the heck happened there. >> you have not seen the end of benghazi. definitely not seen the end of irs investigation. no question you're not seeing end of that. >> innocent people, if you will, are getting slammed by partisan
6:16 am
politics. >> let me answer your question. >> living in the house, can't pay the bills but you -- >> when did this government going to come clean with the american people and tell us what this secret law says, how secretly interpreted, how it is secretly being implemented and affects every person in this room. bill: they touch about everything there. want to talk with joe trippi, former howard dean cam pan manage ir, mary catherine ham, and fox news contributors. welcome to you. we're dieing out here because you guys are being nice guys, mary catherine. we're losing the country. i want to see more defiance. innocent people getting slammed by partisan politics. go. >> i don't think we ever should be surprised with congress with 12% approval gets people upset when they come home. send them up to the hill and pay
6:17 am
them quite a bit of money in taxpayer dollars a work four days a week and come home in august and get an earful. that is how this works. saw a range of issues. i thought surprising but edifying anger about the nsa program coming from some folks. they say look, everything seems to be out of control. we don't seem to get a lost answers. this is our chance to ask you. you need to answer. as you noted earlier in the show, the president himself doesn't take questions very often. this is a good chance for for them. bill: get back to that in a moment. joe, what do you make of the anger in voices of people in that room? >> part of the, it is conundrum for a lot of members of congress right now. when you look at the polling, bill, people are saying, yeah, 63% want to change the law, fix the law, improve the law, but most people do not want to demolish the law. the problem is, obamacare. the problem is in the republican base they ban, they want it demolished. and you're seeing that anger
6:18 am
really put people, gop members of congress, i think in a very difficult spot where i think they're going to end up siding with their baseballs that's what they need to get reelected. bill: look at poll numbers. we asked whetherr not obama increases or decreases following things. this is astounding. your taxes will go up, 71% believe that. federal deficit, increase, 65% believe that. health insurance costs, 62% think they will go higher. quality of care and quality of health care, 43% say it will decrease. and 41% say the quality of health care will decrease. that's like a straight flush in poker, mary catherine. >> but bill -- >> wait. think joe's right to put a note of caution for the gop as far as tactics go but it is really hard to find any good news for obamacare in these polls. we're talking about, not just people who are agnostic or about the bill, we're talking about people who are genuinely frighten and will make things worse for them.
6:19 am
here the thing, president will go up and he will be asked about it, he will say, everything will work out exactly as we promised. reason people are still upset, passed something they didn't like from the beginning. has not fulfilled promises since then. it has been three years. things gone terribly wrong many ways. people feel that in their own lives. that is why they're reacting. it is a real thing. bill: react to that, joe, it is a real thing. >> no, it is a real thing. the key here is if all those facts, if what people believe, if these polls are accurate, republicans have made clear, everybody knows that they don't, that the republican party in washington doesn't like obamacare. has tried to repeal it 40 times now. so, if these things are all true, if they come to pass, then in november it is going to be a very bad democratic year and there is, for the democratic party and there is nothing the republican party need to do about it. so they should step back if they really believe this. this is my advice for republicans would be to do that.
6:20 am
but the problem is, the republican base wants it killed now. bill: i have got a minute left. there is a major event this afternoon when the president takes questions about all this stuff one would assume. to mary catherine first, then to joe trippi. what is the essential question you want him to answer today? mk, go. >> well i would like a little bit on obamacare while we're on the subject because the implementation as you see in the polls, people are reacting badly. they're scary about what is coming. things are not going well for them. i wouldn't mind a question about the cia and benghazi and how many people we had on the ground and exactly what was going on there. bill: that's two. joe, go, quickly. >> i like the president. that's what he does. >> mary catherine, it would be interesting to see does he put the stake in the ground and continue to say obamacare will be implemented on time and it will, by november, of 2014 people will be loving it. if he does that, that should tell people something. bill: thank you, joe. thank you, mary catherine.
6:21 am
3:00 eastern time. see you live. here's patti ann. >> thank you. patti ann: still to come, outrage on a congressman on congress getting a pass on a law congress passed. what one lawmaker wants to do to make sure washington has to live under the laws as everyone else. bill: you would think it would be simple. new concerns about the fort hood court-martial, whether or not the judge is allowing the victims to be brutalized all over again. >> you heard him yell, "allahu akbar!"? >> uh-huh. bill: are you sure of that? >> 100%.
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♪ bill: suddenly it is 1956. a new study showing dolphins can
6:25 am
imitate human actions and even how we solve our problems. scientists in florida say they blindfolded a bottle nosed dolphin. strucked the dolphin to mimic movements of a trainer in the water with him. the results? the dolphin was able to replicate the trainer's movements by emitting sound and listening to the echo in the water. cool stuff. patti ann: new developments in a bizarre murder in florida. the suspect turning himself in after posting a photo of his wife's dead body on facebook. derek medina telling police he shot his wife in self-defense when an argument turned violent. phil keating is live in miami. we're learning that the couple had a pretty rocky relationship? >> reporter: 31-year-old derek medina, and his wife now deceased. jennifer alfonso, were married four years ago. then they divorced. last year they remarried but
6:26 am
clearly they had a volatile relationship. then yesterday afternoon, in a gruesome, facebook homepage posting by derek medina, he had a photo of his dead wife crumpled on the floor with this caption he wrote himself apparently. quote, i'm going to prison for death sentence because of killing my wife. i love you guys. my wife was punching me and i'm not boeing to stand anymore with the abuse. so i did what i did. i hope you understand me. now according to the police arrest affidavit, released to us this morning, the two got into a fight according to to medina, around 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning inside their home. he goes upstairs. grabs his pistol. she grand as knife. he disarms her. according to him she starts punching him repeatedly. that's when he shot her multiple times. according to interview from the police, he went back upstairs, changed clothes. drove to his parents house and confessed to what he did. >> i love you and, only god
6:27 am
knows the reason that this happened. only god knows. >> reporter: threw out the yelling, fighting, shooting ultimately, the entire time upstairs in her bedroom was alfonso's 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. she was taken in out of custody unharmed and now is in miami-dade county. patti ann: that facebook photo was up how long before it was removed showing her body on the floor? >> reporter: i think five hours before word got to the facebook headquarters and they removed the homepage entirely. we in the miami bureau saw the photo fishing around for details on the ongoing story. very disturbing. it shows jennifer alfonso's lifeless body crumpled on the floor, clearly dead. you could sigh blood on her, a gruesome, gruesome photo.
6:28 am
i can tell you derek medina will be in court sometime today. he is facing a charge of first-degree murder. but paved on his postings and what he told investigators, it seems pretty evident he is settings himself up to argue a self-defense case. patti ann: yeah. that facebook photo, by the way we're obviously not showing it. it is out there. quite disturbing. phil keating, thank you. bill: sick stuff. president obama will give his first solo news conference in nearly four months. chris wallace joins us on the timing of this move. we'll also tell you this. what i will would you ask the president? you get a shot now. send me a tweet @billhemmer. lines are open right now. we're getting several by the minute. fire away. patti ann: yeah, people are definitely interested in that one. new questions over whether the judge in the fort hood massacre court-martial is forcing victims families to suffer unnecessarily all over again. the attorney for the families of
6:29 am
13 shooting victims joins us with his take. >> somebody crying out, he is coming around the corner with a gun, shooting people. sat there felt helpless, helpless, waiting for this person to come in and finish the job. [ man ] look how beautiful it is. ♪ honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not,
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bill: want to get out west now. there's a fox news alert on the chilling new details in the search for a 16-year-old girl out of california. the hunt for this woman, hannah anderson, now stretching over four states, mexico and canada.
6:33 am
police say the murder and kidnap suspect, james dimaggio, seen here, may be armed with homemade explosives. will carr out of our bureau in los angeles. why do police think he may have explosives on him? will, good morning there. >> reporter: good morning, bill of everything started on sunday when dimaggio's house went up in flames and that led to chain of events that eventually led to this manhunt. arson investigators are saying they believe dimaggio may have started that fire with homemade bombs. for that reason authorities believe it is possible that dimaggio has more homemade bombs either on himself or potentially inside his car. in fact they're warning the public that car, the blue nissan versa, we continued to show you, may be rigged with explosives. they're asking for anyone who actually sees that car, to call 911 immediately, not try to intervene. now police believe that dimaggio is with hannah. they say they could be anywhere from mexico to canada, to anywhere in the united states. while the hunt continues, hannah's father is continuing to
6:34 am
hold on to hope his daughter will be okay after his wife and possibly his son died in that fire. >> i believe the hardest thing emotionally is still to come when i have to go, and start, cleaning up their apartments and rooms. >> reporter: right now there is a million dollar arrest warrant out in dimaggio's name. there are amber alerts out in four states. bill: there was a home burned down. have they identified the body after child found inside that home, will? >> reporter: bill, they'retill waiting on the dna results there. the autopsy results say the body found in that home was roughly around the age of eight. we can tell that you hannah's brother, ethan, was eight years old. his family members for that reason do believe it is him. they are waiting on the official results to come in. as for his mom, christina anderson, "the l.a. times" saying she died of blunt force trauma, possibly hit by a crowbar before the fire broke
6:35 am
out. some new information. her family is telling a local paper in san diego they believe all of this may have been premeditated. they say that dimaggio invited family over because he said his house was foreclosed on. he was going to move to texas and he wanted to say good bi. the next thing they know, all of this started playing out, bill. bill: will carr, thank you. very disturbing story. out of l.a. patti ann: back to the fort hood shooting trial now. new questions about whether the judge is allowing the victims to be brutalized all over again. many of them suffered serious wound during the 2009 attack at the texas army base and then the army declared the shooting workplace violence instead of terrorism. now dozens of victims could face questions from the very man who admits he carried out that attack. reed rubenstein is attorney for families of victims of the fort hood shooting. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, patti ann. patti ann: hasan is representing himself as we know. so far he has not actually opted
6:36 am
to cross-examine any of his actual surviving victims but how do do your clients feel about the prospect that he could? >> as you can imagine they are disconcerted, but they're recent light and they're -- resolute and determined to stand up and not let the man have a victory. they will tell the truth and conduct themselves the way you would expect american soldiers an american citizens to do so. patti ann: these victims, many of them have already testified for the prosecution and their testimony, just heartwrenching listening to. hasan meanwhile has standby attorneys who were appointed by the court. they want off this case. they say hasan is trying to get the death sentence and it would be morally repugnant and as well as unprofessional to help him but the judge says they have to stay. they are appealing. so, can they be forced to stay on? >> well, the military system is different than the civilian system in some respects. they are still subject to military discipline.
6:37 am
if they are ordered to stay, they will stay. what we find interesting though, is the extent to which the government is really twisting itself into a pretzel to accommodate hasan. twice daily helicopter rides. he continues to receive his pay. he has a trailer. while the victims of his attack, all of whom were loyal american soldiers, not murdering traitors, not to put too fine a point on it, have had to fight and claw and in many cases been denied benefits. so, the victims and many of us frankly look at this proceeding and shake our head and say, can only wonder why. patti ann: yeah. let's talk about that, denial of benefits that you mentioned. this is because the government has classified this shooting as workplace violence as opposed to terrorism. they would be entitled to certain benefits if they were wounded in battle, but they're not classified as that and because of that, they're not getting the same level of care?
6:38 am
>> that is correct. sean manning, who is one of the victims and in fact the lead plaintiff in the suit that the victims were forced to bring against the government wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" the other day that lays out really in heart-wrenching detail the impact of the determination by the department of defense that this attack which obviously was terrorism and which the shooter admits was terrorism. it is classified as something else. it has tremendously deleterious impact on victims and frankly on a whole variety of larger policy issues that the government to date has really refused to address. patti ann: you mentioned the lawsuit. you have filed suit on behalf of about 150 victims and relatives of victims. saying essentially that the u.s. government should not have allowed to stay in the army given what you call his obvious jihaddist views. now i understand that lawsuit is on hold until the end of the
6:39 am
court-martial? >> well, the government has asked the united states district court to put the lawsuit on hold until the completion of the court-martial proceedings. that is not a verdict and a sentence. there is another process that will follow. essentially what they have asked the court to do is put this matter on hold until approximately august or sent of further fourth -- 2014. that would mean another year of delay for the victims. and again, they look at this process and they say, you know, it's taken longer to bring hasan to trial basically than it took the united states to defeat nazi germany. they don't understand it. patti ann: yeah. >> frankly we don't understand it. we're asking the court to move forward. but we're moving forward. our friends in congress are moving forward and we are going to do what's necessary to try and secure justice for the victims of this terrorist attack. patti ann: reed rubenstein, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having us. bill: we've gotten headlines
6:40 am
every day of this week once the trial starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll follow for you there, if there are we will certainly pass along to you. the kind of break you will not get under obamacare but members of congress and their staffers will. next the representative who is trying to stop all this and he is none too happy. patti ann: torrential rain causing deadly flash floods. we'll tell you where. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. need a little kick? ooh! ...and a great deal. grrrr! ahhh!
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let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 40% off. only at
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patti ann: a former dallas mavericks hip-hop dancer is accused of going on a shooting rampage that left four people dead and four others hurt. police say erbie bowser, shot his ex-girlfriend, toya smith and her 17-year-old daughter on
6:44 am
wednesday. he traveled to nearby desoto killed his estranged wife and her daughter. smith's mother described scene. >> i ran across the street trying to get people. >> he had under duress where he was trying to get me off the phone. >> i heard a loud boom. literally could feel it in the house. patti ann: here bowser with his dance troop, the man-iacs. some reports say he also served in the army. bill: have you heard, have you heard congress getting a pass on obamacare. you think that's right? my next guest is trying to stop it. republican from florida, ron desantos is here. presenting a amendment excluding lawmakers from exempting themselves from their own law, that they passed into law. sir, good morning to you. why in the world is this happening? >> well, i'll tell you, bill, the founding fathers believed members of congress and their staffs were supposed to be part of a servant class.
6:45 am
we serve the american people. but that has changed over the years and to the extent that we have a essentially a ruling class. you have members of congress, bureaucracy, and it is almost like we have a different culture in washington and different rules than the rest of the american people live by. and that is unacceptable. so our amendment would basically prevent members of congress from passing laws and then exempting themselves or their friends from its operation. and i think that has the approval of 90% of the american people. bill: you know, where are republicans on this? where are democrats on this? where's the media on this story? how in the world can you pass a law and come back and change the rules for a certain class of people? when you pass a law and everybody's got to live with you except for you folks? >> exactly. so matt salmon and i introduced this constitutional amendment last week. we knew there was some discussion about trying to change the law but we thought it was going to actually be an attempted statutory change through congress. the day we put our amendment in
6:46 am
the hopper, we get news that the administration, which is going to do it by fiat because they knew they probably wouldn't get a law through congress because people like me would object to it. it is wrong because it is treating members of congress differently from the rest of the people, giving members a special subsidy in effect. it is wrong because it is not lawful. there is no legal authority to divert the money to members of congress. no other american will get that money. bill: there was an amendment in the law to prevent this! that has been overrun. talk to chuck grassley about that. it is unbelievable that this is happening! do you just shake your head and think, what in the world, what in the world is happening here? >> absolutely. and i think it's true. republicans who stood against obamacare, this is a perfect example for us to unite and to criticize this. this is just not right on any level. you don't fix obamacare for members of congress and leave the rest of the american people in the lurch. there will be opportunities for
6:47 am
us to fight back on this we can try to defund it. we can seek legal redress. this is not over but i appreciate you having me on. i wish more of the press in washington was interested in the story. bill: we're not letting go of this. we'll bring people like you on, every day and ask you whether or not you're going to live with this on your staff or will you refuse the exemption. what will you do? >> well, i have already solved that when i got elected i declined health care because i knew this was coming down the pike. and i didn't want to be in a situation where i was accused of getting a special subsidy. so i am completely out of the congressional health system and will not be getting any subsidy at all. bill: you're on the record as a no. we asked viewers at home, what do you think? how's the law going? is it okay or is it a joke? 57% say it's a joke. who is laughing? >> well, that's the thing. i mean it's, so confusing and it is 2500 pages. so you know this will happen in bureaucracy. so in some ways you can kind of
6:48 am
laugh at it but this is affecting real people. it is sad. it is even more sad that members ever congress are looking out for themselves first. bill: we have asked viewers what they would ask the president later today during the press conference. a couple came up on obamacare. well a couple? a couple dozen. you gave congress an exemption of obamacare. why isn't that against the law carving out individual groups? there is another one that we got. >> another tweet to the president. why is it more important to delay the employer mandate for big businesses and not for individuals? can you answer either one of those? take the second one? >> well, the, there is no real explanation. individuals are facing this burden. at love the big companies are being relieved. worse than that unfairness, there is no legal authority for hymn to delay the employer mandate in the first place. the statute says it shall take effect. both in terms of congressional exemption and employer mandate delay, there's no authority in the law to do it. it is just unilateral executive
6:49 am
action. that is something we in congress have got to respond to because we ultimately are the ones charged with making the laws. bill: ron de santis, thank you, republican out of florida, serving people in jacksonville. a freshman in congress. thank you for coming on. you were number one, first up for this one. to our viewers at home, send me a tweet @billhemmer. what do you think about this, is it right, is it fair? log on right now. patti ann, what's next? patti ann: new claims the irs is still targeting conservative groups claiming tax-exempt status. why one age sent says nothing has changed coming up. bill: amateur racer taking his wife on the ride of her life. see it in her eyes, can't you? that's something. check it out. ♪ sleeping apart. things should never come to this.
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♪ bill: the eyes have it, right? jason stewart is an auto cross racer. does it as an amateur. that is his wife who went along with him for her first race and first ride. for years she apparently said no. she finally agreed on her anniversary. a camera mounted inside the car caught her reaction as jason took the turns at top speed. look at those eyes. that is one anniversary she will never forget. well don. showing a lot of guts out there, kid. nicely done. patti ann: well, extreme weather in tennessee.
6:54 am
slow-moving thunderstorms triggering major flooding the floodwaters overtaking vehicles and homes, forcing some people to seek safety on their rooftops. emergency officials say they have received more than 200 calls for help. in nash veil alone. maria molina is live now in the fox extreme weather center with more for us. good morning, maria. >> good morning, patti ann. heart breaking to see images out of parts of tennessee. that was the story in missouri, parts of kansas even down into oklahoma. i want to show you how much rain was picked up in some of these states, just over the past 48 hours. in the past two days, some areas have seen more than 6:00 inches. some areas locally over a foot of rain. -- six inches. we saw images out of extreme flooding. warnings and watches continue to be in effect. why we're seeing heavy rain out here, an area of high pressure remains in place over parts of louisiana and texas and southern parts of arkansas. north of the system we have
6:55 am
moisture riding up along it producing showers and thunderstorms. forecast next day and couple days for heavy rain to continue out over those states, patti ann. patti ann: maria molina in the fox extreme weather center. thank you. bill: have to figure that storm will go on for some time too. it covered a big part of the country. a lost folks got dumped on this past week. president set to face reporters in a wide-ranging news conference before he sets out on vacation. we'll talk to chris wallace. what would he ask the president? plus what would you ask from home? tweet me your questions @billhemmer. we'll read a few of those after the break. get a cued up for wallace. patti ann: oh, yeah. the fight to save hundreds of homes from a raging wildfire. where firefighters fear that blaze could spread to next. we're live on the scene.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
topics from reporters, and you'll see that live here on the fox news channel. i'm bill hemmer on a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." martha's got some vaca time with the family. patti ann: i'm patti ann brown in for martha. president obama's last solo news conference, some topics that could come up this time around, his decision to skip a meeting with russian president putin and phony scandals and the economy. bill: chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday, our fox poll that came out yesterday with regard to serious or phony scandals, four of them in a row, benghazi, six -- sorry, 78% say it's serious. nsa, 69%. department of justice and james rosen, 59%. irs, same number at 59%, serious versus phony. how does he handle this now, chris? >> well, it's going to be interesting, because he's definitely going to be asked about it.
7:00 am
right after the terror alerts and the decision not to meet with putin that i would ask him, and it's going to be hard because one of the things you'd say is, mr. president, let me give you three scandals here, the irs, the targeting of conservatives, benghazi, the killing of four americans including the first u.s. ambassador in 30-plus years, the targeting of a reporter, the sweeping up of information about all of americans. i did four. which one of those, sir, is phony and why? i'd be interested to hear his answer. i hope somebody asks the question. bill: there's another item in our fox news polling too. the question is this, with regard to benghazi and the obama administration, trying to cover it up versus being open and transparent. that number's creeping up to 62% now. that's about 2 to 1. versus what the administration's line has been on this. i mean, that would seem to beg that you have to have a bit more explanation for all this, don't you think? >> yeah.
7:01 am
i mean, he can say that, look, it's being investigated, we filed charges against one of the people, although it did take about 11 months to do so, and nobody has been brought to justice. but again, you can't -- and as you had the earlier number, what, 78% who said it's a serious scandal and of course it's serious when four americans are killed, i don't think you can dismiss that. i think he'd be very hard pressed to say that that is somehow -- i think what you might hear is he'll say, well, it's been thoroughly investigated, but it really hasn't. congress has not gotten the ability to speak to most of the people who were on the ground after that, they haven't had an opportunity to talk to some of the key decision makers and why we didn't send people in to try to save the people who were on the ground during those seven hours between the first attack and the second attack. there are a lot of open questions -- bill: and as you know, i mean, it felt like we were on an island for a long time reporting this, then some other media
7:02 am
outlets started picking up out on it. >> absolutely s. and cnn just the other day -- and good for them -- talked to this fella who is the one that we just charged who somehow we've not interrogated, we've not brought to justice, and yet news organizes are able to talk to this guy, and he's walking around libya. so you kind of wonder, maybe we should just schedule an appointment with him. be i'll bill unbelievable. coffee at noon in a town in the northern libya. we asked you what you would ask him and also our viewers at home by way of twitter. here are just three examples right now, we'll show our viewers at home. how can he push ahead with the affordable care act when nearly all businesses say it will cost jobs? i think that's intriguing. also here's another one, what's the purpose of the massive nsa data storage facility being built in utah? i think that would be an interesting answer as well. and where were you the night of september 11th, 2012?
7:03 am
your coming up on that one-year anniversary of what happened in benghazi. i'd imagine all three are legitimate and all three may come his way. >> well, i asked the last question when we had dan pfeiffer, the president's senior adviser, here on fox news sunday a few weeks ago, and he got quite testy, said the question was irrelevant. and i said, well, was he in the situation room? because, you know, all we know about the night of september 11th, 2012, is that the president met on a completely unrelated matter, but then they ended up discussing this with the secretary of defense, then leon panetta, and general martin dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs, on another matter, discussed this, he said do everything you can to protect our assets there, and then we know he had a call i think at midnight with hillary clinton, and we don't know anything else about what he did. when i asked dan pfeiffer that, he said it was irrelevant. i said, well, was he in the situation room, and he said, well, i don't know what room he
7:04 am
was in. it's not like the library or the dining room. i'm not playing clue here, i'm trying to get a sense of how involved he was. bill: i mean, you worked at the white house. was it typical to get a readout of the hour to hour if you requested it or not? >> well, it depended on the situation. if it was a success like the takedown of bin laden, we not only knew every place that president obama was, we also had pictures to demonstrate and, you know, to chronicle where he was. in a case like this where things went very badly, they're trying to separate him as much as possible from it. bill: chris, thank you. we'll check you out on sunday too. i know you're going to sit down with john mccain, he was just in the middle east, returned from a trip to cairo, egypt. that should be fascinating, getting his perspective. chris wallace, fox news sunday and the exclusive with senator mccain. check your local listings. thank you, sir. patti ann: and a little more context on the president's q&a sessions with reporters. today will be the president's
7:05 am
third full-fledged solo news conference of 2013, and it will be his 17th news conference overall. thirteen of president obama's news conferences have been joint appearances with foreign leaders. a fox news alert, another terror threat this morning targeting a u.s. consulate in pakistan. the u.s. ordering the evacuation of nonemergency government workers from our diplomatic post in the city of lahore in the northeastern part of the country near the border with india. the u.s. also warning americans not to travel to pakistan. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. is in this the related to the terror threat that led to the closure of 19 diplomatic missions earlier? >> reporter: good morning. not according to u.s. state department officials who issued the following statement. quote:
7:06 am
>> r eporter: this comes just days after the u.s. air force carried out an ordered departure of 70 americans from the embassy in yemen. the state department says this is a separate threat from the one that led to the closure of the 19 u.s. diplomatic missions across the middle east and africa. the u.s. embassy and cobs lates -- consulates in pakistan were not part of that alert. the personnel will move temporarily to the embassy in islamabad where there is greater security, and the state department issued a warning yesterday urging americans not to travel to pakistan right now. patti ann: so, jennifer, if this is not part of that broader terror alert, why specifically do officials think the lahore consulate would be a target? >> >> reporter: think say the taliban are looking for additional soft targets where americans congregate. remember, ayman zawahiri, like bin hadden, has been hiding in pakistan, and most importantly on july 30th there was a large prison break orchestrated by the
7:07 am
taliban. taliban fighters disguised as police and armed with bombs broke 250 prisoners out of a pakistani jail. in light of the holiday and the end of ramadan, u.s. officials are taking this added precaution moving nonessential personnel out of the u.s. consulate to islamabad where the embassy is a little more secure. patti ann: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon, thank you. ♪ ♪ bill: this is an ongoing story now that continues to get our attention in southern california. the sun is coming up there, it's 7:00 in the morning there, and nearly 2,000 people have been on the move because of this ongoing fire near palm springs. emergency crews saying the fire was expanding so rapidly it was erasing, rather, any progress they were making by the day. dominic di-natale live in snow creek, california. you had to evacuate last night, dominic. good morning, how are things now? >> reporter: well, we've got strong winds picking up here,
7:08 am
bill, and we're getting gusts between 25 and 30 miles an hour, and that is certainly going to push the flames forward. snow creek village currently evacuated. let me explain. on the ridge behind me, you'll see that smoke. it's bigger than it actually looks because as the light comes up, you can't see the flames. fire crews telling me it's going to come around the back of the ridge above the village, and they're worried it'll creep around from the east and take the village itself. that's the danger there because the village is quite wooded. you can probably see all the trees, it's lush, it's green, and that's ripe for catching fire. this fire has been taking trees and wooded areas and just scorching its way through. so now 36 hours. we saw in the village there were sprinklers on the roof keeping the houses wet and the perimeter of the houses as well, and we believe that this and pine valley are the two villages that are at greatest risk today, bill. bill: i mentioned these people on the move and not a moment too soon, frankly. what's the estimated size of
7:09 am
that fire now, dominic? >> reporter: well, cal fire coming out saying it's now 16,000 acres. the good news is that that's 25% contained. about 12 hours ago they were just looking at 10%, so there's clearly been progress overnight, but what is going to make things difficult is these unanticipated winds coming through. the gunfights are super -- the gusts are super strong. high into the san jacinto mountains which are a very wooded area. the other side is palm springs. cal fire saying the city should be safe, but a lot of buildings taken or expected to be taken in between that distance, 26 houses destroyed so far is what their saying, 2,000 people displaced by this fire so far, bill. >> ever since may 3st we've been having significant fires in southern california that are moving very quickly, they're burning very rapidly, and they're burning up a lot of vegetation. so people need to really be cautious and not underestimate
7:10 am
what could happen during this fire season. >> reporter: and this fire now needing 1400 firefighters, that's almost 50% more than yesterday. bill: they've got a big day ahead of hem. thanks, dominic di-natale, live in southern california can. patti ann, what's next? patti ann: well, it is still happening. why new testimony shows the irs is still targeting groups for their political beliefs. we'll have details. bill: also, planned parenthood getting half a billion in taxpayer money, so what are they doing with that money? a new investigation looking into just that. patti ann: also shocking new details in the hunt for a missing california teen. what police are revealing about the man suspected of kidnapping this 16-year-old girl. >> way to actually predict which travel routes that these persons will take. people on the run will take any measure to avoid law enforcement. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little, to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards.
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patti ann: pop star usher's
7:14 am
ongoing custody battle is back in court today, the ex-wifed the hearing after their 5-year-old son nearly drowned while in the care of usher's aunt. the child got his arm stuck in a drain. two employees at the home managed to get him out. usher has had primary custody of their two sons for the last year. bill: a house committee now claiming that the irs is still targeting conservative groups. the chairman of the house ways and means committee releasing part of a transcript from an interview with an unidentified agent. that committee member asking the following: so you would treat a tea party group as a political advocacy case even if there was no evidence of political activity on the application? is that right? the agent answers: based on my current manager's direction, uh-huh. jordan sec hoe is the director of the american center for law and justice, and he represents 41 groups.
7:15 am
good morning to you. what do we need to understand about the limited knowledge we have about the conversation i just read here? >> sure. well, we can go to what president obama said and the administration has said which was that the targeting stopped may of 2012. and then we came out and we said, wait, we've got letters as of may 6, 2013. this scandal broke just about exactly, tomorrow marks the three-month mark from when lois lerner went on and answered that phony question that was planted and said the irs inappropriately targeted the tea party, but it stopped a while ago, and everything's fine now. this agent's testimony would confirm what many have expected, this is that the irs has still not fixed the problem internally, that they have not been able to self-correct. and so they cannot actually move forward with in -- with any of these applicants. if you are a tea party group and you apply for tax-exempt status,
7:16 am
you'll get the same treatment as of today, that's what this agent's saying as the groups that we've represented and are representing in our lawsuit. bill: this is an irs statement that came out yesterday, okay? react to this. irs policy is not clear that screening is based on activity, not words in a name. the irs will not tolerate any deviation from this. based on activity would seem to suggest the number of applications that come in, and that's the reason why the red flags go up. do you buy it? >> well, that's not what the agent's saying. so they're giving testimony, and, sure, this needs to be further. this is big news if the irs is still not able -- it hasn't made the corrections and stopped targeting people only because of the words in their name and because of the viewpoint that they have, that they're conservative groups that have the word tea party in it. we still have these groups that we represent, bill, they still haven't gotten approved, a yes or a no from the irs. the longest group we have has
7:17 am
waited over 1300 days. they applied december of 2009, the albuquerque tea party in albuquerque, new mexico, and they still have not gotten a yes or no. we filed a lawsuit, so we have groups the average is two and a half to three years, that one being the longest. bill: jordan, is there a liberal group that's been delayed that long? >> we have not seen evidence of a single liberal group that got the questionnaires -- bill: not one? >> not one that got this kind of scrutiny. all people, all prints should get scrutinized by the irs, that's fair, but you shouldn't get this heightened level of scrutiny just because you're a conservative, and no one has been able to give us evidence that a single liberal group, even those occupy groups which were also anti-obama, by the way, i would point out, they have not come forward and said, here, look at our questionnaires. bill: democrats say you're just going in and selecting certain aspects of a conversation or parts of a letter and putting that out, making it public to build up your argument.
7:18 am
what would you say? >> well, i would say that the attorney general shouldn't have announced a criminal investigation three days after lois lerner answered a planted question that she coordinated with the white house counsel. they are the ones who initiated, the obama administration initiated a criminal investigation three days after this. they brought them on themselves -- bill: okay, got it. now, so if this is true now, okay? >> yeah. bill: based on the conversation we relayed to viewers at the top of our conversation, why would the irs not stop in its tracks its current policy? why would, as you suggest, it allow it to continue happening? >> when well, this goes back to the abolish the irs movement which has come from this. the fact that the irs so bloated that it has an inability to self-correct, that the bureaucracy is out of control, that they can say we did something wrong, but they cannot fix it. this is what we suspected was going on for years, and now we're getting confirmation that it is still going on. so i don't think nip out there
7:19 am
should -- anyone out there should trust that the irs is going to fix this at all. they can't approve the groups we represent, they've been waiting for years, why would you expect that they're going to be able to have this new process available -- bill: would you need a special prosecutor to get that done then, do you believe? >> >> it may be necessary. this is the key. when you tie it with also the sec information that came out, bill, this is why lois lerner took the fifth. these are lies under oath as well as a continued targeting of conservatives only based on their viewpoint even though they try to make that caveat that it's, well, their political activity. but only, what, conservatives' political activity? and 501c4s can engage in the political activity, so what's the problem? bill: jordan, thank you. we'll see what we get from it. patti ann: more survivors taking the stand today in the court-martial of the accused fort hood shooter. why the judge is allowing major nidal hasan to defend himself when his backup lawyers say he's just using the court-martial to set himself up for martyrdom.
7:20 am
bill: also, a violent crash here. an alleged stolen car flipping on its top, the suspect still refused to get up. we will show you how this ends. ♪ ♪
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
bill: mother nature lighting up the nt sky over tulsa, oklahoma. look at those. a heavy rain triggered severe flooding out there. police say a 60-year-old man drowned when he was trying to rescue a stranded family member. more thunderstorms expected this morning in oklahoma as well. ♪
7:24 am
♪ patti ann: brand new information on an amber ammeter for a missing california teenager -- amber alert. police are searching for 16-year-old hannah anderson, the manhunt now expanding to four western states as well as parts of canada and mexico. authorities also warning that the man, suspected of kidnapping her, james lee dimaggio, may be armed with explosives and his car might be booby trapped. police also suspect him in the death of the girl's mother and possibly her 8-year-old brother. speaking on fox news yesterday, their father struggled to come to grips with what happened and pleaded for dimaggio to release his daughter. >> which i believe the hardest thing emotionally is still to come when i have to go and start cleaning out their apartments and rooms. like i said before, you've taken everything, the damage is done. just let my daughter go. patti ann: joining us now is gil albaugh, a former nypd homicide detective and private
7:25 am
investigator. thank you for being with us. the mother, christina, was found dead in dimaggio's home, and the body of a child. police suspecting that would be the 8-year-old son ethan. the 16-year-old daughter, hannah, still missing. obviously, a huge manhunt underway right now. what does your gut tell you about this case? >> well, you know, i'm a little afraid for her, basically, after what he did -- you know, it's not easy to go cross-country or try to escape with a 16-year-old. so, you know, hopefully she's all right, and that's why the manhunt has to keep going on, and that's why you need fbi and everybody else. any tips that you get, you have to follow up on them right away was this is a -- because this is a crucial time now to get her back. math path yeah. so what is -- what do you make of the motive here? a lot of friends and neighbors of hannah saying that she confided in them that she thought that jim was creepy. he was a family friend, he drove her to events, but she apparently told friends i don't really want to be alone with him, but she never told her
7:26 am
parents that. >> you know what? for this to happen -- because he was a family friend and all that, even the father's saying i don't know how he could do all that, he must have some kind of infatuation with her to do something like that. this, to me, seems premeditated. you know, she was last seen on a saturday. this, his house burped down on a -- burned down on a sunday night, so maybe he had explosives, and he timed it for a sunday night. so that's why police are looking for bomb devices. patti ann: yeah. as you mentioned, his house was byrneed, and that's why -- burned that's why they can't identify the boy. they were not even able to extract dna. but why would he kill the mother and the brother if his goal was just to run off with the daughter? >> i don't think it was to run off, i think he wanted the daughter somehow and they're going to object to that, and this is the only way he can do this. i mean, and i think that his life -- i'm not sure his
7:27 am
financial, the house was being taken away from him, so everything was falling apart from this guy. desperate men do desperate acts, and i think he had something with the 16-year-old, and i think that's what he did. he killed them both, you know, put them on fire so they didn't know, you know, can't identify them, and then took off with her. but how long could he carry her around? how long could he have her in custody when he's trying to escape if his car and all that? that's why it's imperative that everybody search for her right now. patti ann: yeah. amber alert, we're looking for this blue nissan versa, and the manhunt now, it's the entire west coast. the fbi, obviously, involved. they've gotten some tips, but it seems like they really don't know at this point. >> they don't know at this point, and sometimes the tips are good, but is he driving around in the same car? where does he have the money, how's he going to get gas? got to go across the border and do stuff. it's not easy to get away for a period of time with this manhunt going on. the thing we're concerned about is how is hannah, the
7:28 am
16-year-old, is she okay. patti ann: yeah. time of the essence. gil albaugh, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. bill: thank you. police also searching for a brooklyn woman who sent a chilling text message to her mother before she disappeared. that text said one word: scared. dana bonano vanished about three weeks ago. her mother received that text message on the night of her daughter's disappearance and told police she received no other text explaining why her daughter was scared. still missing almost three weeks later: who did the background check on ed snowden? new questions about that company, and now an entire community's future might be on the line if the company did something wrong. patti ann: plus, the feds looking into planned parenthood. what is the group doing with millions of your taxpayer dollars? [ man ] look how beautiful it is.
7:29 am
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patti ann: the nation's largest abortion provider is facing new scrutiny over the way it spends taxpayer money. last year planned parenthood got more than half a billion dollars in federal fund, and now the government accountability office wants to know exactly what the organization is doing with that money. jehmu greene is the former
7:33 am
president of the women's media center, and mallory quigley is the communications director for the pro-life group susan b. anthony. thank you for joining us. how much does planned parenthood get? let's look. here's the federal funding for fiscal year 2011-2012. $542 million, and that is 25% of the group's total revenue. meanwhile, a recent gallup poll found that 48% of americans are pro-life, 45% pro-choice. with roughly half the country opposed to abortion, should a group that provides abortions get taxpayer dollars? >> well, certainly not. and you're right. last year alone planned parenthood received more than half a billion in taxpayer funding, and they performed a record number of abortions, more than 333,000. compare that to the cancer screenings and contraceptive services, that's actually declined if you look at previous reports from previous years. we know that planned parenthood does no do mammograms and
7:34 am
provide comprehensive care, so what is it that americans are getting for their taxpayer dollars? it's abortion. patti ann: okay. so, jehmu, federal funding has increased 49% since president obama took office. aren't there other women's health groups that could get this mown that stay out of the abortion groups? >> i don't know. why don't you ask one of your girlfriends or the majority of women in this country who have used planned parenthood at some point in their life. first of all, the gao has done six of these reports over the last, you know, few years and have found nothing. any member of congress can request a report. they put out over 900 reports. this is a regular situation. there is no news here. what is happening especially in states like texas that have created an extremely hostile environment for women's health care centers, they are slowly,
7:35 am
not even slowly, aggressively trying to chip away at women's reproductive health at a time when planned parenthood is the only, in some cases, only place women have -- >> there's more than 7,000 -- >> child care or -- [inaudible conversations] >> yeah. there's more than 7,000 federally-qualified community and rural health centers across this country that women can go to for comprehensive whole woman care. women need more than what planned parenthood can provide, and taxpayer dollars should not be going to a business, an abortion business. and you want to talk about -- >> taxpayer dollars aren't going to abortions. 90% of the services -- [inaudible conversations] planned parenthood provides are for health care screenings, cancer screenings, std screenings. now, and you also have to keep in mind that the abortion services planned parenthood provides are completely separate from that federal funding. there are laws in place, there are accountability standards -- >> jehmu, you know money is --
7:36 am
>> none of this is new. you want to outlaw abortion, and this is what you're attempting to do. it is the law of the land. it is about reproductive justice for women. >> okay, well, let's -- >> chip away, trying to chip away at it is pretty transparent. patti ann: mallory? >> jehmu brought up texas, and we had a planned parenthood affiliate there just this week is going to have to pay back $4 million to the government for overbilling the texas medicaid program for services that they never even provided to women. you want -- >> not true. >> it's right there. they're paying back $4.3 million for overbilling. there's numerous whistle blowers and former employees that have come forward to tell, explain about the financial waste, fraud and abuse that's happening -- >> what's laughable about what's happened in texas is that texas fights so hard to stop frivolous lawsuits, and when the state itself puts a frivolous lawsuit
7:37 am
in, again, the most, one of the most hostile environments that has been created by governor rick perry. >> it's not frivolous. >> this planned parenthood center settled the case so they could go back to the important business of providing health care services for 50,000 women in texas. patti ann: we're going to have to leave it there. we have to leave it there. jehmu greene and mallory quigley, thank you for joining us. and once again, the gao now taking a look at exactly where the planned parenthood money from the taxpayers is going. >> good news. patti ann: thank you. >> thank you. bill: the fate of more than a thousand jobs may be linked to the case of nsa leaker ed snowden because the company that vetted him is now under federal investigation, possibly putting all those jobs at risk. laura ingle's in our new york newsroom. the story relates to pittsburgh, pa. the company handles people's private information on behalf of the u.s. government, right? >> reporter: that's right, bill. they have a $200 million
7:38 am
contract with the government to conduct and vet security checks at its offices nationwide. and usis could lose that contract if a central investigation finds the company rushed background checks to boost production numbers. now, usis refused to comment, but a former analyst who did not want to be identified tells fox she was constantly pushed by her managers to get her work done fast. >> for one, it looks good on your production, and you're getting paid, you know, the more you get for your production. that's how you get your raises. so i can see where they're going to cut the corners and get them out quick. >> reporter: the former analyst says she is surprised it took this long for the feds to investigate. bill: so then are jobs at stake? thousand on the line, that's a big deal. >> reporter: it is a big deal. usis has about 7,000 employees nationwide. three of the offices are in western pennsylvania, one in iron mountain, two in grove city, and that's where snowden's background check was double
7:39 am
checked. roughly 1500 people are employed by usis, concern for those jobs has touched local and national leaders who hope there isn't a rush to judgment. >> nobody wants it to be perfect more than the usis people. they understand the importance. they understand the importance for the country, they also understand the importance for their company. >> reporter: but missouri senator claire mccaskill says we need to be sure that the people with access to classified information are trustworthy, telling fox, quote: private contractors are doing a huge bulk of these background checks, and it's nothing short of a national security threat if they're not conducting those checks with the care and attention needed. no word on when the investigation will wrap up, a spokesperson with the office of inspector general tells fox she can't give an estimate on how long a complex case like this could take. again, 1500 jobs in the western pennsylvania area possibly. bill: laura ingle's on that story here in new york.
7:40 am
patti ann: serious new concerns over the accused fort hood shooter continuing to defend himself despite claims he is trying to set himself up for martyrdom. all hasan's appointed lawyers can do is watch. >> hasan decides he wants to go down this road which will eventually lead to a death penalty and that's, in fact, what he wants, their duty is to be there to advise him on the law. patti ann: we will break down the legal questions over the decision to let hasan mount his own defense. bill belle also this carjacker flipping his car. that was not enough to make the man give up, oh, no. there is more to this, next. [laughter] ♪
7:41 am
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7:43 am
patti ann: a wild police chase ends with a wipeout. california police tailing a carjacking suspect when he blows through a red light, runs off the road and flips the van. police approached the vehicle with guns drawn, but at first the suspect refused to get out. cops did finally manage to take him into custody.
7:44 am
♪ bill: they never get away, do they? patti ann: but they never learn. bill: gut wrenching testimony expected yet again today as more survivors take the stand in the court-martial of the accused fort hood shooter. the judge allowing major nidal hasan to continue representing himself, this after strong objections by hasan's own attorneys. they put up a fight and did not win, at least not yet anyway. cully still stomp, seniorer legal fellow for detainee affairs and a military trial judge himself, culley, good morning to you. wow, this is a tough one. you think about the families and victims living through this, why in the world can a judge force an attorney to stay on the case when the attorney has said i want no part of this, this is not something i believe in? >> it's very typical for a judge, military or otherwise, to appoint standby counsel for a defendant who has the constitutional right to defend himself because the defendant may not be doing a good job or
7:45 am
be so, he may become so deficient at defending himself the judge forces the standby counsel to jump in. and this defense counsel, lieutenant colonel pope, he is obviously uncomfortable with the defense strategy here because he would not put on a defense like this, like hasan is. so he wants off the case. bill: so why don't you find another standby attorney? >> well, there's several stand biattorneys are assigned -- standby other thans already assigned. colonel pope, you know, he has a bar license in ohio. all jags are barred in some state so they can practice in the jag corps. and he looked at his bar ethics role, no doubt, that said you can get off a case if the pro se defendant's actions are repugnant to your sensibilities if the judge lets you off. and here he used that language to try to get off the case, and the judge says i'm forcing you to stay on. so for now he's going to be
7:46 am
standby counsel. bill: this is his quote now: it becomes clear his goal is to remove impediments orness cls to the -- obstacles to the death penalty, and that strategy is repugnant -- the word you used -- to defense counsel and contrary to our professional obligations. even that appeal failed. >> yep. it failed, and the judge ultimately has the discretion to force them to stay on the case. and, remember, this isn't the first case where a defendant had a very odd or weird defense strategy and represented himself. ted bundy did, colin ferguson, the long island shooter, the d.c. sniper did, they all represented themselves. standby counsel would never have represented them that way, but they did proceed pro se, they did get convicted, and two of the three got the death penalty. bill: in the end, do you see this legitimate in any way, or is hasan just going the make a
7:47 am
mockery of the system? >> the supreme court said in the feretta decision that defendants have the constitutional right to defend themselves. the fact that this defense is not one that any competent defense lawyer would put on, me included, is irrelevant for constitutional purposes. bill: so you get what you get, and whatever comes out of hasan's mouth, you know, that's the way it goes, huh? >> yeah. and and colonel pope is appropriately objecting, and now the court has ordered him to stay on, so he's covered ethically. bill: do you expect hasan to get the death penalty in the end, cully? >> i don't know. trials are trials, they're not plays, so we don't know the end. but his strategy is certainly one when he says in his opening statement that he's the shooter, that is not consistent with a not guilty finding. bill: but you expected that, right? you didn't expect him to put up a fight on that? he wants to make a statement that he was the guy who wanted to bring down the u.s. army. >> look, he's presumed innocent, and as a judge it would be inappropriate for me to say what
7:48 am
the verdict is going to be. but this strategy is not one where most people would see a not guilty finding. bill: all right, cully, thank you. we believe it began again at 10:0 eastern time which would have been 47 minutes ago. typically, we have gotten three or four headlines over the first 45 minutes of trial every day. not the case so far today. we don't know why that is, but when there are headlines, we'll bring them to our viewers. cully, thank you for your time and expertise out of washington. patti ann: well, "happening now" is coming up at the top of the hour, and jenna lee joins us now with a preview. jenna: hi there, patti ann. we're covering a new terror warning for americans oversea, we're going to give you a sneak peek of a new study into the resurgence of al-qaeda. also, two major internet companies who specialize in encrypting e-mail shut themselves down over the last 24 hours instead of cooperating with our government. we're going to explain why, and judge napolitano is here on that. plus, an american man who calls himself the shark sets a world record swimming a lake 51
7:49 am
hours, 22 miles pulling bricks because it just wasn't hard enough, i guess. we're going to talk to him coming up, top of the hour. patti ann: looking forward to it. jenna lee, thanks. and a chance to step back in time at chicago's famous navy pier. we'll take you there live to explore some of the world's most beautiful and historic ships. plus this -- [laughter] bill: he's got some game, doesn't he? the unusual story of a teenage basketball star has become an internet sensation. you'll see that again, by the way, too. coming up.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
bill: say hello to cole payne, he's a mormon on a mission taking his game to the court in henderson, texas. check it out. roll this.
7:53 am
>> oh! [laughter] bill: he's 19, admits to a few practice shots before he turned the table and started dunking not once, but twice and a couple more times after that. also the teen with a 40-inch vertical will be playing wide receiver for southern utah university when his mission is complete. guy's got game. 40-inch vertical? that'll work for a lot of places, especially that court. nice. patti ann: well, history comes alive in chicago as visitors get the chance to get up close to 14 historic tall ships. it's all part of an event to commemorate tall ship naval war fair on the great -- warfare on the great lakes. garrett tenny is live at chicago's navy pier. garrett, i understand there's some interesting history related to the ship that you are on right now. >> reporter: yeah, patti ann. right now we are on the ship called the friends goodwill, and this is a replica of a ship that was an american vessel that was
7:54 am
common deered by the british during the war of 1812. today we have just got out on the water, they are just getting ready to let out these sails. not a whole lot of wind, so they're going to get those sails down as much as they can, and this is part of the tall ship chicago festival. so you've got landlubbers like myself that are able to come out here onto these sailboats and be able to be part of the sailing experience. you can see these people on the ship that are getting ready to help let down the sails. the ship can get up to 14 miles per hour with some strong winds as well, so really just a throwback in time, if you will. right now we are with captain dell, the captain of this ship. and, captain, what is it like being out here and working with these people who don't have that sailing experience like yourself? >> we love it. we love bringing people onboard and letting them learn something about what sailing was like 200 years ago. and as you can see, we've got
7:55 am
passengers participating in everything we're doing, and we have got our own people are volunteers who have just learned themselves some, some have years of experience. and we pass that on to new people. >> reporter: wonderful, wonderful. thank you, captain. and we're just getting out on the water right now. the good news so far, no one has fallen over, and, you know, bill and patti ann, in case you were wondering, if you're looking to get one of these replica ships for yourself, it'll cost an easy, breezy $2 million. patti ann: i will have to check my bank account. bill: we'll take two, garrett! bring us back two. [laughter] good thing nobody went over, right? let's keep it that way. serious security warnings for americans overseas, and this time a new terror threat focuses on a u.s. consulate in pakistan. today where americans are being told not to travel and for many others told to get out. the great outdoors...
7:56 am
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>> this is dream come true for this guy. remember brian banks? he made the nfl debut last night in atlanta for the falcons. he was a top high school recruit. convicted 11 years ago. served time for a crime he says never committed. later the accuser was caught on hidden camera saying it was all a lie. made it all up. he played in the final minutes of the falcons-bengals game. i said i would make it to the nfl and i did it today. nice story. they given him a shot. positioned himself in the mid 20s to see whether he pulls off a dream of a lifetime. he was in jail and released. all that emotion that went into his acquittal was really felt. you could see that there. >> best of luck. >> have a great weekend okay. >> you too. >> big press conference 3:00 eastern time. thank you to everyone for your tweets today and questions. i thought chris wallace handled them pretty well, didn't he.
8:00 am
gave us a few of his own. 3:00 for that. make it a great weekend. "happening now" will start now. jenna: right off the top, fox news alert for you and a little more on what bill hemmer was just talking about. we're awaiting the president's first solo news conference since april. he will take questions from reporters around 3:00 eastern time on a slew of very, big, hot issues. throughout our show we'll take your questions. we want to know if you had the chance what would you ask president obama at his news conference today? tweet your questions to@happening now or eel mail us at happening now and we'll read some of your responses throughout the show. brand new stories and breaking us. >> indeed. new evidence potentially evidence on the deadly maris virus. what scientists know about the the illness. >>


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