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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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what would you do with $149 million? there is more on gretawire. make sure you can go to gretawire. lots of polls questions and lots of information. see you tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." that was greg. there is not much a majority of americans can agree on except this. washington stinks. president obama's approval rating plum sed. 82% think the lawmakers deser s deserve to take off the month of august. congress is never popular. washington doesn't rate well on
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the popularity scale. people tend to personally like their own congressman. the reports we are getting back is that this time it could be different. i wanted to ask you, do you think some of the incumbent are in trouble? >> i talked to democratic campaign committee who handles the house. the average rating of approval for members of the house is about 88% or 89%. 70% now. i think the idea of a safe incumbent -- when i was in the business if you had an incumbent very rare they lose. if a wave if a big issue comes along a lot of people who think they are safe will be in trouble. >> anything we are learning in august 2013 tell us something about what will happen in mid term of november 2014. because president obama's numbers are not good now it's hard to get those back up.
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and then if you take the fact that most incumbents lose seats from their party in congress at the second term, second election do you think we can tell anything about what will be in the cards in 2014 now? >> i think it will a little bit. typically i say it is too early. the signs look exactly like they did almost two years into the first term where he was dipping in the polls. this is when the wave started up where the tea party really form. scott brown went on to win a special election in massachusetts. i do think that this is telling us a lot about the dissatisfaction and i think obama care is a big issue. i think republicans can run on this. as far as 2016 we had a big wave in 2010 and then we lost in 2012. >> we are going to get to specifics of obama care. do you think it is better for
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congress not to be in town? would you ratherer have them on vacation? >> absolutely. vacation means they get nothing done. it is funny. we ran on the success of big government. and then we get mad if they are not in town. we should rejoice every time they are not in town. i vote for a year round vacation. think how much money we would save if we paid them not to work. being happy with politics is like being happy with gang green. government is the e. coliat the cafe. >> i like that. >> bring in highlight ms metaph.
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>> i want to ask cavuto. you can talk about general congress and dissatisfaction. one obama waiver. >> i am glad congress is taking a month off. peop are so ticked off about obama care. they are going back to their districts and getting an earful in town halls like they have in 2009 right before the 2010 election when they were hearing about obama care. they are hearing defund this thing, push it back. this is a great time. it is also a great time because of the upcoming election. i think you are going to see clearly the republicans hold the house and maybe have a shot at the senate. it is like every day there is something new that the nsa admits to. now they are looking at the texts of our e-mails. so if i send an e-mail to a
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server offseas it happens to be offseas now i'm technically they are allowed to look into my ee-mail. they can now read them. >> i'm out of here. >> so when you are doing anything illegal they are searching for a pattern. i have been a defender of them based on congress asked them to do it. i trust them. everything that i have read that the they are talking to somebody overs overseas. >> after they said they wanted to have a national dialogue about it. i have a chance tomorrow. >> the interview he gave. was jay leno a comedian. this is something people were really ticked off about.
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>> when obama care was a big issue in 2010 it was on the floor of the house and the senate. there is absolutely no evidence of obama care being an issue. >> it is an issue at town halls. it may or may not work. >> there is frustration especially when it comes to the waiver. what do you think he should say when he has a press conference -- hopefully he will get questions. >> he should ask people to stop calling it obama care. it is like your name is tommy hindenburg or carl leprosy. it was cool having it named after you. it is a monstrosity and it has his name on it. >> he asked us to call it obama care. he gave everybody permission. >> this exemption thing is interesting. it shows you most people today,
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the difference between the leaders of today and the past is people got into power to help people and now people get into power to help themselves. >> let's explain it more. you had congressional aid. they weren't considered federal employees. the federal government gets a very generous subsidy towards the premium. there was a question after the amendment passed whether or not the aides get that. president obama intervened and said yes, no problem. apparently there is a truce between the democrats and senate staff saying let's leave this all alone. >> they can say they are on obama care even though the government is funding up to 75% of their premiums. it is a joke. if they funded it themselves they wouldn't want it. >> long recesses, increase in
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pay, increase in benefits and redistrict ourselves. >> decrease in approval ratings. >> the other story we were going to talk about in this block is this hasan trial, the fort hood shooter who shot and killed 13 people and wounded many others. the trial is on going. he is defending himself. the government declared this a work place violence incident and not terrorism. do you think it is a big march of government that waters down the language? >> yes. and they do it on everything from foreign issues to domestic issues. major nidal hasan and i hate calling him major, he doesn't deserve that title. hasan is believed wants the death penalty and wants to be a martyr in the muslim world. let him. the fact that we are paying
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taxpayer dollars and getting benefits is ridiculous. the families are still mourning and have to watch the survivors get interrogated by him is a disgrace. >> easy for you to say. one thing about this administration that baffles me is why they let time go by before they correct things. it seems to me that the work place violence thing is coming out within a week wrong way to describe it. you guys have been running this out on the table. >> because it really doesn't matter. the fact is the white house and government in general, d.c., looks at the nature of politics as a polarizing event in which you can't please one side and the other side is with you. it doesn't matter. you don't have to do anything. we are placid and only come to life in the playoffs when our teams, the democrats and the
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republicans are up against each other in the election. we are a jaded and unfocused society. we are basically cocoons by technology and basically bored. >> i think there is a reason why they don't correct it. they can never assume responsibility. they have been wrong on so many things. fast and furious, benghazi, irs, nsa. they are all phony scandals. we screwed up. >> you think all of this is i am going to have to see if any of the things are listed. >> i think that's the point of the poll which is the last word on this which is this is the preponderance of evidence of washington being broken and the
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feeling of work place violence and we feel weak. >> i would argue that this administration can act swiftly if it is something they want to act swiftly on. they dragged out the hasan trial. they finally press criminal bogus charges against the benghazi suspect and act quickly to save the privileged class of the congressional staffers that live tampered lives. the fact they were saying we might leave if we don't get our benefits good, go, see you. two americas, a connected one and a nonconnected one. i think people are getting so rang angry about it. >> we are going to have more on that from a different angle. see if the viewers can figure it out. some celebrities are using popularity -- bob is okay. they are pushing causes that say they care about. matt damon being criticized for not practicing what he preaches when it comes to education.
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that discussion when "the five" comes back. ♪
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every kid in america deserves a good education so they have a shot at success in life. they are not getting it in america's public schools. it does not help when celebrities support teachers unions. we told you about matt damon sending his kids to private school after being a supporter of public schools. bush doesn't begrudge damon for choosing public or private over public but says he shouldn't push to give the option to every parent in america. we don't begrudge anyone from having a choice. why don't you think this is an issue in d.c. that republicans and democrats can't come
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together on? why do stla to make it so vicious and political and involve the teachers? >> it is that he stood on the podium saying what a great public education i got, a real progressive public education i got. he moves to l.a. and says it is not progressive enough. i can't think -- >> some cities are trying to make an effort. new york city just released the common core standardized test results. english and math blacks were 15% and 16% of a passing grade. hispanics 16% and 19%. it is very vigorous.
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this is actually a very good knowledge based move. what is going on now? >> you can't fix a problem if you don't know what the problem is. the problem is if you have only 15% of african-american kids able to meet even if it is a higher bar for reading and math, 15%, that is criminal. we are deeming these children to a future life of dependency on government. they will not be able to find jobs. we are not -- you should not have -- rice said you can pin point somebody's education. that is not the only thing that we need to do in education. if we need to do something and long range in the united states is bizmal.
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>> the standardized tests in new york city are harder? >> this common core program is something pushing in different states. they expected to have the low performance rates. but the issue of blacks and hispanics is a big one, greg. i think that the problem with education is that families either value it or they don't. we so often talk about the value of a good education is taught at home. if the kids aren't getting the parents that say study, how do they have this value, then, that it becomes important? >> what makes any education problem worse is the structural support for education and achievement, what scientists call the family. you are more likely to do homework if you have mom and dad there to force you to do homework. the matt damon piece people think of him as a rich hypocrit. he also has the wife, the mom,
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no mom is going to say i am sending the kid to school because it is a progressive ideal. the mom is going to say no. as long as there are two parents there you are more than likely to make the right decision. there are three things that the government manages to wrestle away from private control, education, health care and retirement. all three of them are a mess. can't we just agree that it is not a war against right versus left, it is private versus public and public is losing? >> do you support vouchers? >> let me say one thing after listening to this stuff around the table. the overwhelming schools in this country are great. the teachers are great. averages in math and science are up. >> they are not up. >> up where? >> wait one second. >> you said up. >> you ask people around the country if they think they have a good education system they will say yes. >> in indianapolis you mean where they put in the most
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rigorous -- >> you pick out black cities and say there is terrible education and teachers. you are playing the race card. >> it is the reason why it doesn't get better. >> it is a fact. it is unfortunate that -- don't give me this behavior. i am not going to put up with it. if you look at the majority of hispanics and blacks they favor school choice. it is in the same cities that you talk about. black and hispanic parents are desperate to have the same choices. >> let's look across the country. 30% -- only 30% of people that take the military entry exam can pass it. 30%. if you don't do some serious changing -- i want to value teachers, as well. i don't blame the teachers union for everything.
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this is an epidemic of a problem. >> it is an epidemic of a problem because we rely on ridiculous test scores. >> against the globe we are getting our butt kicked. our kids are coming out of the schools ranked in the low 30s. >> asians are up here as across the country. we educate them and send them home. >> it's a family. >> i think they should eat our lunch because our kids are fat. >> not as fat as they used to be. >> they are fat. >> if we removed to your point -- i think we should remove the antagonism between teachers and politicians and more of a community-based focus. i think we should pursue vouchers and core education is good trying to give the kids a knowledge based curriculum, not the history of bubbles and what to do with garbage. >> the unions have to meet politicians half way.
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99% of efforts and money go to democratic candidates to perpetuate the problem. >> most teachers are damn good. >> and they are. >> some of them are really good looking and like to date their students. >> bob, i think you have a couple of tales like that. >> i do. if you thought the mayor of san diego's sexual harassment scandal couldn't get worse it has. we have the latest allegations against bob filner and a new tape from one of his biggest supporters. we'll tell you all about it up next.
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it's official. bob filner is a pile of crap. a nurse has accused the san diego mayor of sexually harassing her as she tried to assist a severely injured marine. she said she met with him on behalf of veterans needing help with red tape. >> it was extremely disturbing to me that he made it very clear that his expectation was that his help for katherine depended on my willingness to go to dinner with him, spend personal time with him and be seen in public with him. >> call it a quid pro quo but i call it a pig pro quo. a new accuserer claims the mayor tried to put her in a sleeper hold. i guess that is a poor man's roofy. it gets worse.
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some members say they had unwanted encounters with him. unwanted encounters. that reminds me -- >> hello, this is president bill clinton. i'm asking you to join me in supporting bob filner for mayor. bob has the experience to move san diego forward, to create good paying 21st century jobs and put neighbor hoods first. >> remember him, he offered hope with a grope. it was part of a rich tradition going back. it is nothing new. marilyn monroe died of an overdose not just of drugs but of kennedy. the silence is astounding. that is the benefit f. your heart is in the right place your hands can go anywhere. democratic women fail to see the two behaviors are linked.
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hence the male feminist who never has to say he is sorry until he is caught. until then marching for women means you can trample all over them. >> i loved that monologue. it was hilarious. >> very serious. >> i wanted to light a candle. >> why wasn't there some kind of intervention? >> you mention the two most popular presidents, beat every republican president by a bunch. >> they slept with with everyone who could vote. >> that didn't include you. >> she wasn't born yet. >> that would be a very big offense. >> they would dead. >> 13 accusers. why aren't democrats calling for his scalp?
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>> that is a good question. i think they should. there are opportunities it seems to me that my party has dismissed every day. why there is -- eat each other like little kids for breakfast. >> who eats little kids for breakfast? >> republicans. >> president obama never misses an opportunity to miss an tunlt. yesterday he was giving a speech in san diego to the military. he addressed a very important topic, military rape, very serious. however, he could have mentioned something with filner.
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it would have been a huge opportunity. >> especially since filner was hitting on women who were victims of sexual assault. >> in the business world this guy wouldn't last five seconds. he would be thrown out the door. i don't know why he is technically still mayor. >> the private sector would say no way. we are not dealing with this. >> this guy -- what? i have been to a bunch of the parties. the women were treated like crap. >> those were politicians. dana, i want to get you in on this. is this the real war on women? >> this is what is amazing. i am a big admirer of discipline. it is amazing how democrats don't say anything. they know better not to say anything because republicans can stand to be a little more like
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this. especially -- to your point, the cannibalism on the republican party when somebody does something wrong. i would with rather be for the one who sticks up for something. there are a lot of women in washington, d.c. who would be all over if it was a republican. tomorrow there probably be a republican announced again. he is 70? at what point do these guys slow down? >> i don't know. >> when you can. >> pharmaceutical help. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> tmi, bob. >> viagra come through, you have something wired and i need to know about it. why a teen is brutally attacked by three black teens on a bus?
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nothing about viagra.
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by now you have probably seen or heard about this video i am about to show you. three african-american 16-year-old boys beating the day light out of a 13-year-old boy on a bus in gulfport, florida. probably happens more often than we want to think. since the victim is white i was wondering when race baiters like
11:39 pm
the reverend al sharpton will speak up. i called the reverend's office to see what he had to say about the beating but he never got back with me. let's stay on sharpton. he was the most prominent person after the trayvon martin verdict saying it is about race. where is he? >> if you showed him this video he would say that is nothing compared to 400 years of oppression. thankfully there are no white leaders who champion white rights or else maybe there would be this. you cannot address black on black or black on white crime because there is nothing to be gained from it. addressing such violence exposes the moral failing of certain black leaders who champion and embrace the poison of
11:40 pm
victimology. >> am i going to be called a racist for bringing the segment the way i brought it? three black youths beating up a white kid and we are pointing it out. >> i hope not. consistently sharpton and jackson pick the wrong cases. this would be an opportunity for someone from the african-american community to speak up and say something to the three black kids. this kid wouldn't buy drugs from them. and say something about getting lives in order. when bill cosby tries to get the message out and walk to the spot light he gets completely ripped apart. in this case i think silence is so loud. it speaks volumes. >> however, notice that sharpton and jackson are very disciplined. they will not be provoked.
11:41 pm
they will not be goated. in some ways i think because the media pushes along. the 911 tape is editted to make george zimmerman look bad. i think in some ways it is admirable to say we are not going to talk about this. they get to choose and set the agenda. maybe give it a shot next time. sit back and wait, hear what they are going to say. >> these three guys were accused by the 13 year old -- he said they were trying to sell him drugs. he told on them and they beat him up. >> it is not a hate crime. the hate crime has to be you are picked on because of your race. first of all, these guys ought to not be out -- tried as adults. the state of florida there are numerous counties that do not allow bus drivers to intervene. the bus driver took a bad rap on this. i would have taken the ax that
11:42 pm
every bus has in case you get in an accident. i would have used that. these guys are thugs. they are punks. they are disgusting criminals. al sharpton, here is an opportunity, man. say something, will you? just say anything. >> what about a new black leader that is not going to cherry pick cases? if they cared about black youth they would say something. >> hannity has been doing specials on this stuff. >> did wes speak up? >> he is always speaking. >> there is a number of them. >> which are the friendliest and unfriendliest cities of america. milestone on her road to
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by the way, asked to rate cities on factors that determine how friendly they may be. results are out and the travel site found the most city the most friendly is charleston south carolina. and the most unfriendly is ten miles west of here in newark, new jersey. i counter that by saying if you are me, this city. now, before i just jumped on these things, branson, missouri. the only thing branson has that says come see dolly pardon and her big shirt. >> we had fans from branson the other day.
11:48 pm
>> you have to look at how coded it is. if you look at the top five unfriendly, newark, oakland, new haven, detroit. those are four. atlantic city. if you look at the friendliest it is like savannah and charleston. it is about what is hospitable. the best way to see newark is from a distance, preferably the space station. this is a dishonest way of presenting this. >> i don't think this is dishonest. >> they are saying don't go to the city. >> south carolina, north carolina, texas, mississippi, colorado. i don't know, pretty red states. unfriendliest, new jersey, california, michigan. >> liberal, liberal. >> go to mississippi for vacation.
11:49 pm
>> oakland is a beautiful city that is rotten. it is rotten because of liberal policy. >> i want to agree with my colleague here from wherever he is from. you are right. if you look at just the crime rates i would bet you the crime rates up against you would find a direct correlation. >> and economic freedom. if you look at a person's ability to start a business and sustain. if you go to places like in the top ten you will have that opportunity plus i think the weather is great in sonoma, california. >> the weather is great in oakland. >> it is because it is unfriendly. >> right to work states. no taxation. >> that's what they stop and think about because they are happier. they don't pay taxes. they don't have to pay union dues. >> can you blame detroit for being unfriendly? >> i wouldn't want there to be a city. >> i wouldn't want to live
11:50 pm
there. also, albany has the state government of new york. so does sacramento. i think there is something to that. look at these cities. charleston, south carolina. it is a friendly city. i love south carolina. red, red, red. deep red. >> it was a slave state -- >> i believe the study. i think it is right on point. >> take a shot. >> there is a horse running by. >> greg looked at him eye to eye. >> what a cheap shot. >> you are the unfriendliest person at the table. >> i'm sure they stop before they go on vacation and say i wonder if this is the right to work place. >> correlation. >> you get people to come to your town by having it safe and
11:51 pm
hospitable. liberal programs have destroyed that city, bob. >> everyone of them, brother. everyone of the colleges and universities have been destroyed by liberals. go to another country. get yourself another university. one more thing is up next and that is a communist free zone.
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test test.
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it's time for one more thing. i get to kick it off today. i am going to pay tribute to william walker. listen to this. this is how the obituary reads in the hundredsviltsville, alab paper. fox news' the five lost their most loyal viewer unexpectedly. sudden illness took this prankster too soon. when visiting him in the hospital the personnel had his tv to cnn and we think this has something to do with the passing. >>t that was in the newspaper? >> it was sent to us on twitter. did you not follow it on twitter. follow me on twitter not greg. >> you used his obituary to plug
11:56 pm
your twitter feed. this is a sick woman, america. unfollow her. bring it on. if you are a 13-year-old cheerleader in a competition and you are facing another cheerleader and you say bring it on, that is great. you should. if you are an aging talking head with bad hair, saying bring it on on twitter, kind of pathetic. >> that is brilliant. >> why are you picking on me? that's my favorite phrase ever. >> rhymes with splears blorgan. >> the hospitals should be paying attention to this. my mom worked at a place where they refused to allow the loved ones be put into the hospital if they do not have fox news. good people.
11:57 pm
>> update on a couple of people. sarah murnaghan celebrated her 11th birthday on wednesday. fox is all over the story. remember she wasn't on the transplant list because of her age? great news for her. also, vanessa riddle trying to get 20,000 followers by the end of the year last year so we did this twitter follower. we did this. go follow her. we got her up to 100,000 or so. look at this poster. that says i have kicked cancer's ass twice. she had 10% chance of surviving and now she is in complete remission. >> bring it on! >> thank everyone for your prayers. >> you can use any phrase you want. >> bob, you're next.
11:58 pm
>> this is one of the greatest days in history. august 8, 1974. i want to show you one of the greatest things that ever happened to america. go ahead. >> throughout the long and difficult period of water gate i have felt it was my duty to persevere, to make every possible effort to complete the term of office to which you elected me. in the past few days, however, it has become evident to me that i no longer have a strong enough political base in the congress to justify continuing that effort. therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> now, that is a phony scandal. >> that is a phony scandal, sure. it is a real shame. it broke my heart. a lot of people remember where they were when this happened. it is like when john kennedy was killed people remember where they were. martin luther king, two great tragedies. a lot of people remember where
11:59 pm
they were when this dude was around. >> at least you are not gloating, bob. >> he is dead so he can't respond. >> nobody died in that tragedy. >> in what tragedy? >> water gate. >> that is not true. >> who? >> reading a file for dead americans. i have a fun one more thing. paul white may not be the living in the friendliest city in america but may be the happiest man in america. he is one of the three lotto winners, $149.4 million. can you imagine. here he is at a press conference earlier today. >> you have to pick who in the crowd would match this description. their financial plan consists of playing the lottery. everybody picked my name. they thought it was funny then. who's right now? >> my good friends nancy and ron work with them. ron this morning was my boss.
12:00 am
he started the day my boss and he started the day my boss and welcome to "red eye." it is like house of cards if by cards you mean human ears i have been glueing together for some time and should be complete as soon as i find myself a zachary. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. coming up on the big show. the nsa is reading your e-mail. or do they? one thing is for sure. they either do or they don't. plus a new poll shows that 40% of white people don't have any close friends of a different race or as a racist would say, a new poll shows that 60% too many white people have close friends of a different race. and finally, ipads for prisoners? this time


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