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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> bret: okay, okay. he is okay. it was just a joke. they edited that in. we saw the real tape. it was not really a crash. i know. we didn't want to end like that. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. moosey, moosey. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a mother and son murdered. the daughter believes kidnapped, and now the suspected murderer and kidnapper, we're told, may be carrying homemade explosives. plus, the victims of the fort hood massacre comes face-to-face with the confessed shooter in court. >> they survived the rampage but watched their friends die. tonight, dramatic details about the chaotic scene and a showdown between defense lawyers and a judge. also, the crash that sent a bus driver flying out a window. with passengers flying
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everywhere. and check your power ball numbers. woo! >> ran around the office. >> shepard: three winning tickets for a jackpot of almost half a billion dollars. >> started the day my boss end the day as my chauffeur. >> in a town that could use a little luck. >> shepard: but first from fox this thursday night, a suspected killer and kidnapper may be armed with homemade booby traps or explosives. that's the late word from the sheriff's office in the manhunt for james dimagio. we have new reports of possible sightings. police say the remains of a woman and a young child turned up inside dimagio's torched home over the weekend. they have identified the woman as christina anderson. they say they believe the child is her 8-year-old son ethan. but they have not yet officially confirmed that. the house is where sheriff's captain said investigators found new evidence suggesting the suspect here, dimagio, may have taken off with explosives he made right
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there at home. police say they believe the suspect is a family friend, abducted the woman's 16-year-old daughter hanna. investigators are involved in an extensive search from dimagio's home east of san diego, down to mexico and up the west coast to canada. now, state police say they are looking into not one but two possible are possible sightings. one in northeast and one in oregon. the state department sheriff's department said they are also taking a very close look at campsites. >> we're going to ask people to look outside in the rural part of the western u.s. or anywhere, for that matter, he does enjoy camping, he does enjoy the outdoor sports. there is a strong possibility that he has hunkered down somewhere. and so we're asking people if they're camping, look for that car, look for those faces. >> the car is a blue nissan versa sedan. the suspect's sister tells abc news he took care of those kids as if they were his own. will carr on fox top story
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in our west coast news hub. will? >> shep, tonight police are painting a picture of a suspect who is very violent, very dangerous around and still on the run. a little bit earlier authorities told us they may believe deahmadinejadio may have used homemade bombs in his on sunday and may have more homemade bombs on himself or the car. at the same time the "l.a. times" is reporting christina anderson died from a blunt force trauma and may have been hit with a crowbar before she died. also, according to the sheriff's department, now a number of people, friends and some neighbors say that dimagio may have been infatuated with hannah. hanna's dad says he has never heard or seen dad. at this point after everything that's happened, he says anything is possible. >> 100 different scenarios have gone through my head of what happened. and no one makes any sense all i know is that he killed my wife. most likely my son.
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we're still waiting on the d.n.a. test. and he took my daughter. >> as of today, amber alerts have been issued in four states and, shep, police are urging people that if they see deahmadinejadio simply call 911. especially now that they say it's possible that he has the homemade bombs either on himself or in that car, shep. >> shepard: will, according to law enforcement james dimagio's blue sedan has the license plate number you see here on the screen. they say he is 5'9", weighs about 150. has brown hair and brown eyes. the missing teen, hanna anderson is 5'7" with blond hair and blue eyes. we have now heard from one of the three winners of last night's 448-million-dollar power ball jackpot. and what a winner. minnesota came forward this afternoon. >> i have gone through this in my head some times in my life, that you almost feel like it's finally coming true. because i'm sure anybody who has ever bought a lottery ticket thinks about what they are going to do
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with the money the next day, all the people they can help and, you know, so i feel like it's almost been coming. i really do. [ laughter ] >> shepard: according to the minnesota lottery's twitter page, paul white, that's his name. chose the 86-million-dollar lump sum cash option. he will walk away with more than $58 million after taxes. so there are two more winners. both of them happen to be from new jersey or at least that's where the tickets were bought. none of them came forward. one of them bought the ticket at the supermarket in little egg harbor. that's the place where super storm sandy hit hard and an area that could use a bit of good fortune. trace gallagher has this in our west coast news hub. the minnesota winner gave quite a press conference today during "studio b." >> shep, i wish i had time to play the whole thing because paul white really was very animated and he was very adamant about how he planned to spend the money. for instance, he says he plans to take care of his family and his friends. take a long vacation, maybe
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even take up a charity. but he is not planning to go big. in fact, the car that he has got his eye on runs about $25,000. and there is something that he does not plan to do. work. listen. >> my good friends nancy and ron actually work with them. ron this morning was my boss. [ laughter ] who started the day my boss. is he going to end the day my chauffeur. >> i spent my whole life trying to figure out what it it was i wanted to do when i grow up. now i get the opportunity to do whatever i want. i know i'm not going to be one of those people who keeps on working. because i'm not working for anybody else anymore. it's not going to happen. >> he chose the lump sum payout of $86 million. after taxes, shep, takes home about 58 million bucks, not bad. >> shepard: you can live on that. anything from the winners in jersey? >> well, there is some rumors buzzing around but nothing yet has been confirmed. in fact, the new jersey state lottery came out and held a news conference at the super stop and shop in
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south brunswick and the check that the lottery official was carrying as you can see had question marks all over it. in new jersey winners have one year to come forward and because of issues in the past, even when a winner does step forward, the state will be extra cautious. listen. >> no one has come forward officially. we heard that they might have been a phone call received from somebody claiming to be the winner. but, if you remember, a few months ago when mr. kasada won, someone in bordentown at the truck stop claimed to be the winner of the prize and they weren't. so until someone officially comes forward, we can't say we have heard from anyone. >> and by the way she is referring to pedro who actually came forward in march after winning $330 million. keep in mind, shep, ever since they doubled the ticket prices from a buck to two bucks. we have in the past year had the three biggest lottery jackpots in history. shep? >> shepard: trace, dozens of people who just barely
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missed the jackpot got a mighty nice con legs prize. 34 people across america each one second prizes of at least $1 million. the labor department is reporting that despite a recent increase in jobless claims, the average number of people who applied for benefits over the last month actually dropped to 335,000. that is the lowest level since november of 2007. a month before the great recession officially began. the unemployment rate now stands at 7.4%. down from nearly 10% in december of '09. some economists are calling the number a bit misleading and it can be. they say the real jobless rate could be much higher, possibly in the double digits. doug mckelway with the news. is he live in washington tonight. doug? >> that's right, shep. another unemployment number that economists are now beginning to pay more attention to is the u 6 rate which includes under employment. part time employment and discouraged workers who have just given up. it stands at 14.3%.
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that is very unusual for a recovery. remember, we're in the fifth year of a recovery. and, yet, people are dropping out of the workforce. i have been an economist for 30 years. i have never seen that happen before. >> even worse, the unemployment rate for millennials is higher. it's 16.1% there is a tragedy going on. if you look deeper into that number it's not 16.1%. only 33.6% of young measures have full-time work right now. if you are in my generation, you are not finding economic opportunity. >> the implications of that are on must. millennials will need to pay entitlement cost for retiring baby boomers. complicating the picture show the longer one has been out of the workforce, the hard ter is to get back. in the difficulty is more pronounced in a tight labor market, shep. >> shepard: bret baier will are l. have more on the economy and the food stamp culture they are calling it airs at 10:00 eastern and 9:00 central here on fnc.
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another story on that giant python that strangled two young boys. investigators first said the snake broke out of a pet store. then we learned the python was actually in the apartment where the kids were staying. sort of a pet. now it turns out that pet store is still in big trouble. and we'll have the reason why ahead. plus, emotional testimony in the military trial of the accused fort hood shooter. one survivor said she had to make painful choices as the bodies fell to the ground around her. and why the suspect interrupted one witness in court today. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment.
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security cameras and a lot of them captured deadly highway collision in china. state media report the driver of the bus was backing up when a truck slammed into it from behind. look at this.
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[explosion] >> incredible, right? the impact from that bus crash clearly knocked the bus over on its side. here is another angle. you will see that after the point of impact, it looks as if the driver is thrown right out the window. see that? gone. we don't yet know what kind of condition he is. in state media do report that 23 people were injured in the crash. including a passenger in the truck that hit the bus. and the truck driver reportedly died. well, the owner of that python that strangled two little boys during a sleepover is losing more than just that snake. a canadian zoo manager says officials are now -- getting ready to remove more than a dangerous dangerous exotic animals from that objection 00 particular pet store crocodiles and alligators and more snakes because the store didn't have permits for any of them. that store is right beneath the apartment where the boys died in new brunswick, canada. we reported on this story throughout the week. cops say a huge python like this one escaped from enclosure inside the apartment overnight sunday
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snake slithered its way through a ventilation system and fell where the brothers 4 and 6 were sleeping and strangled them. police have said it is too early to tell whether the owners will face any charges. there were bodies everywhere. that's what one survivor the fort hood massacre said today as she fought back tears on the witness stand. she said she had to make heart breaking choices about which victims to save and which to leave behind. major nidal hasan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding dozens more in the shooting spree at the texas army post nearly four years ago now. he is he also acting as his own lawyer which means he can cross-examine some of the people he is accused of shooting. today he did not do that. but he did interrupt a witness at one point. casey stegall was in the courtroom and is live in fort hood for us tonight. casey? the interruption really made no sense. frankly came at a time of the day when we heard some the most horrific testimony that we have heard in this trial so far when a sergeant was on the stand. a woman named sergeant
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marie a who supervised the medical building where that shooting happened. she testified hearing gunshots and hearing a woman screaming saying please don't, please don't. my baby, my baby. and then i heard shots. the prosecution asked her did you hear that voice again? her reply: no, sir. that is when hasan spoke up and said i object. would you please remind the sergeant she is under oath. it is odd because the sergeant had already been sworn in so they moved on. one could only assume sergeant guerra was talking about private francesca have aless who died that day as did her heart -- baby. hasan's stand by counsel and the judge. consulting lawyers fought to basically get off the case because they believe hasan wants the death penalty. the judge denying those motions and said they are ordered to assist the accused.
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shep? >> shepard: casey stegall at fort hood tonight. a major development to report in that brutal beating on a school bus in florida. surveillance video shows the whole thing. and we have now learned school officials have taken action. plus, a teenager is dead after police say they confronted him because he was spraying graffiti, tasered to death on miami beach. how it all went down and why investigators are taking a much closer look. a celebrated artist has died and his story is coming.
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>> shepard: tonight we know school officials in florida expelled teenagers they beat a student while riding on the school bus. there is video of it. we showed it last night. it happened a month or so ago in gulfport, florida.
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20 miles south and west of tampa. the surveillance camera caught the boys punching and kicking the child. the bus driver stopped and called dispatcher. eventually yelled at the kids to stop. but never physically stepped in to help. prosecutors are not filing charges against the driver. but the three teens are facing aggravated battery charges. according to the police report the victim included up with injuries including a broken arm and two black eyes. phil keating in our florida newsroom tonight. phil? >> shep, the gulfport police chief tells us that the 13-year-old victim is recovering and pretty much doing pretty well at this point. and, according to the police report, the victim claims all of this started over a $10 bag of pot that the suspect or rather the victim claims joshua redden and' tried to sell him. their friend jumped the victim on the bus later unleashing about 50 punches and kicks in 60 seconds. as revenge for the victim telling teachers about the attempted drug deal. >> the race difference between the victim and the
4:22 pm
defendants in this case is purely coincidental. there is absolutely no indication that race was a motivator in the attack. the motive was retaliation. >> the 64-year-old bus driver john moody retired right after this. and the state attorney is not charging him due to unclear instructions on exactly what a bus driver should do when a fight like this breaks out. and in the police interviews with each of the 15-year-old suspects, they all individually claim it was actually the 13-year-old victim who approached them for the marijuana in the school bathroom. three 15-year-olds will all be in juvenile court tuesday morning and, shep, we will be there. >> all right, phil, you may have seen on that video nobody jumped in to break up the thing, not the driver and the other students. according to the police report, all the other students on the bus deny even seeing the incident. though you may have seen them up with their cell phone cameras taking videos. a 17-year-old who police call a graffiti artist is dead tonight. after cops on miami beach tased him in the chest.
4:23 pm
according to the authorities, the teen was tagging an abandoned fast food restaurant. they say he resisted arrest and led them on a wild chase throughout downtown miami. is he a celebrated artist in that area. well-known. when they eventually cornered him he ran at them, they say. and that's when witnesses say the cops shot him with a taser. >> before i could even go to warn him, he was already on a foot chase. >> he lifted up his arm and collapsed back to the floor. >> they were making fun of how he tensed up when he got tased. they were just laughing oh, you should have seen him. >> shepard: that teen died at the hospital. teachers at miami beach high school tell the associated press he was a talented and respected artist and photographer. dead at 18. well, when a huge fire broke out at a major airport, the first priority really of some of the first responders was not to save the people it was to start looting electronics and cash. that is from officials in kenya. the flames broke out yesterday in the arrival
4:24 pm
hall at insurance nairobi's international airport. now we are hearing reports of those first responders stealing money from an atm and police guarded the site overnight and that they tried to take a safe from a bank located in the burned out section of the building police say the gunman is a former dancer for an nba team. the details on this coming. plus, what you can write in an email that will pretty much guarantee that the nsa will read it. and how would you like to have a comedian performing on your next flight? or maybe a singer belting out a tune in the aisle? the airline that plans to have performers on its planes. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. mom always got good nutrition to taste great.
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boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen! home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers. >> shepard: better hope you have noise can delegate head phones the next time you fly hip hop -- may be hip hop by now. entertaining passengers or planning to with live music and stand up comedy on certain flights. sir richard branson says this is part of the airline's goal to be sure we offer unforgettable flying experience. that would do it it today on "studio b," public relations consultant frazier cytell explains some the down sides. >> you go on a plane, i go
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on a plane, to escape humanity, not to be imprisoned. this is just the opposite. it's a fiercely bad public relations idea. you don't have the noise canceling head sets, how do you get -- you don't like the act. >> shepard: i don't know. >> you can't turn them off. >> shepard: no. >> and you can't jump. >> shepard: if you are interested you may need to buy your tickets now. enjoy the live shows on flights across the united kingdom next month. nearly 100 brand new motorcycles go up in flames as we go around the world in 80 seconds. china, stayed media reports the fire started at six story fire department in the northwest. witnesses say people ran from that building as the flames quickly spread to a nearby parking lot. the fire destroyed a car and charred 95 motorcycles. no word on the cause. russia. government officials have declared a state of
4:30 pm
emergency in the country's far east after heavy rains triggered widespread flooding. authorities evacuated thousands of people from across 5 different territories and regions. in some areas homes are reportedly flooded up to their roofs. a teen from a dutch university is prepping for this year's world solar challenge. it's an auto race across the australian outback. some of the cars can reportedly top 60 miles per hour. dozens of international teams are set to participate in the event. it starts in october. hungry, a persian learned cub making debut in zoo in budapest. officials say the cub will head to another zoo next year as part of a breeding program that aims to save the endangered species and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and there is word that the national security agency may be reading more of our emails and text messages than we even realized. according to the reporting of the "new york times," the nsa is intercepting communication into and out of this country without warrant. and you can become a target even if you are not communicating with foreign terror suspects. analysts are reportedly searching for any mention of any thing related to those suspects. a spokeswoman for the agency says nsa collects only what it is explicitly authorized to collect. any implication that nsa's collection is arbitrary and unconstrained is dead wrong. ed henry who is live at the white house on the top story at the bottom of the hour. hey, ed. >> shep, all of this happening as the head of the nsa today general keith alexander revealed the
4:32 pm
dramatic new step to try to crackdown on some of these leaks. crackdown on some of the computer systems administrators like edward snowden from leaking classified documents. he revealed that a cyber security conference today general alexander did, that he is slashing by 90% the sum 1,000 system administrators he has ed snowden the idea being to try to cut down the number of people that have access to this info. take a listen. what we be in the process of doing, not fast enough, is reducing our system administrators by about 90%. for the first reason, which was to make our networks more defensible and more secure. >> now, the move comes as you noted as the president is facing some tough new questions about how wide the scope is for these surveillance programs by the nsa on "the tonight show" with jay leno just a couple nights ago, the president suggested the scope was a lot more narrow than you just noted from
4:33 pm
that "new york times" reporting. though jay carney, the white house spokesman today insisted there are safeguards in place. take a listen. >> inadvertently collected information is minimized and dealt with appropriately. >> now, the nsa situation could come up tomorrow. the president facing the media here at the it white house. first time he has had a solo news conference here at the white house since april 30th. a lot of big issues like the nsa a lot of pentagon up demand to press the president about some of these issues, shep. >> shepard: ed, that could be an interesting one. of course we have live coverage tomorrow. u.s. drones have killed more than 30 suspected al qaeda terrorist in yes, ma'am then in the last two weeks. that's what yemeni officials are telling the associated press. the u.s. government doesn't comment on drone strikes. but the fe did order measures out of yemen a couple of days ago. and removed nonemergency staffers. the embassy in yemen is one of 19 diplomatic posts that
4:34 pm
the united states shut down this week because what some lawmakers call the most serious terror threat they have seen in years. officials say the threat came from communication between the al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri and the head of the terror network's affiliate in yemen. the college of -- that should say the college friends of the surviving boston bombing suspect' dzhokhar tsarnaev are now facing obstruction of justice charges. a federal grand jury has indicted the two men you see here for allegedly hiding evidence related to april's deadly terror attack. both then obtained fireworks. pictures of the two brothers. of course dzhokhar tsarnaev is now accused of working with dead brother building homemade bombs and setting them off at the finish line of the boston marathon. the bombs killed the three people you see here and injured more than 250 others. molly line with the latest live in boston. molly, what else are we learning here?
4:35 pm
the 219-year-olds were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. they were already in custody in this case. today, it was all about a federal grand jury coming down with this two count indictment. the u.s. attorney's office announcing the the men are also charged with obstructing justice with the intent to impede the boston marathon bombing investigation. attorney robert stall representing byaed. tells fox news the indictment was not unexpected. both spoke to the fbi for over 12 hours over two days without an attorney present or assistance from their consulate. and that they both, quote: cooperated with authorities and told them where everything was. both men are scheduled for arraignment next tuesday. if convicted they face up to 20 years in prison on that obstruction of justice count and five years in prison on the conspiracy count. both men also face the
4:36 pm
possibility of being gee ported. shep? >> shepard: another 19-year-old from cambridge, massachusetts was initially arrested and charged with the two friends from kazakhstan. prosecutors accused him of making false statements to it law enforcement during a terrorism investigation. is he not named in this indictment. he was slated to appear in court on monday. the court paper show his lawyer has filed to waive that appearance. resolution of this matter meaning they are going to settle. four people are dead after police say a former hip hop dancer for the dallas maverick basketball team went on a shooting spree last night. here he is his name is herbie bowzer. he danced for the all male dance troops they call the maniacs. they describe themselves as beefy men who entertain fans during games in dallas. police say bowzer shot and killed a woman and her 17-year-old at a home in dallas then drove about 20 minutes south where he killed two others according
4:37 pm
to authorities. four other children and teens injured in this shooting spree. relatives say those killed include the suspect's girlfriend and his estranged wife. a judge today convicted of murderer, a monster hiding behind the sort of human skin. today that murderer got 30 years in prison for killing his first wife who had been missing for more than two decades. his name is robert jarrett jr. he reported his wife missing back in 1991, saying that she had walked out of their home after some kind of argument. police finally discovered her whereabouts last year when jarrett's second wife let them search his property. that's where they found the first wife's remains under a shed in the backyard. the court convicted jarrett of murder in the second degree and today the judge handed down the maximum penalty 30 years in prison. we're now getting a much better idea of what george zimmerman's life was like in the months after he shot and killed trayvon martin. records of the sheriff's office in seminole county, florida, released today
4:38 pm
show that zimmerman ordered a bullet-proof vest and infrared home security device last year while he was awaiting trial. he was under orders to check in with deputies by phone every two days that he moved at at least three times. the records indicate george zimmerman also wore a g.p.s. monitoring device. that would have notified authorities had he left the county or gone to the local airport. a jury acquitted george zimmerman of murder in that shooting. an out-of-control wildfire in southern california is serious now. it's forced more than a thousand people to evacuate their homes. we will get a live update. plus, researchers have new information on the link between diabetes and the risk of developing dementia. in essence, they now say it goes beyond diabetes. the details as fox report continues in just a moment. e c. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan.
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>> shepard: wildfire alert now. crews are battling fast-moving flames that are
4:42 pm
forced people out of their homes in southern california. in the mountains about 90 miles east of los angeles. the second major wildfire in those mountains this summer. it exploded in size overnight. now covers about 17 square miles. at least five people hurt, including four firefighters. one victim reportedly burned from head to toe. this is one of six fires burning across california now. dominic dinatale is on scene live now in banning, california. dominic? >> shep, two fresh communities now under mandatory evacuations. snow creek village and also black mountain. this is the silver fire devoured the landscape has it has done in the past 24 hours. fire chiefs here in california saying this could turn out to be one of the toughest wildfires they fight all season. take a listen. >> the conditions at the front right now are very dangerous. the fire is spreading rapidly to the east toward snow creek village and burning up the mountain to the united states forest actually it's in the united
4:43 pm
states forest service holdings right now. it's a dangerous fire. >> the mountain range actively burning behind me as we speak. we understand that the fire will get beyond the 11,000 akers is currently is that's what the fire chiefs are saying and that the area of containment just 10% of it will actually proportionally even though the fire crews are making progress. we understand it's up to 30 homes could have been destroyed. 16 so far confirmed. 500 more homes at risk. overnight who knows how many of those will burn down. 12500 people so far are displaced and by dawn they are expecting many more. back to you, shep. >> shepard: dominic while fire crews in california could probably use some rain. pars of the midwest have way too much. deadly downpours in missouri. emergency management officials say one person died there when creek waters suddenly rose and swept the victim's car off route 90. parts of southwest missouri reportedly got 10 inches of rain overnight. and heavy floods are also swamping parts of
4:44 pm
tennessee. this is what water levels look like in nashville. covering vehicles up to their roofs in one spot. now folks across several states are bracing for more rain with new storms in the first alert forecast. our chief meteorologist. >> rick: mouth watching it all from the weather center. rick? >> shem, i can v. to tell you the pattern we are in does not look like it will break down. the areas where the flooding concerns we have a number of states where you see these greens and this red here where we have flash flooding or flooding going on and more rain is going to continue over the next number of days, kind of in the same pattern. this right here where you see these reds, oranges and yellows, those are some areas that have seen over eight inches of rain. seen spots over 15 inches of rain over the last couple of days, especially southern areas of missouri and couple isolated spots around nashville and north georgia mountains where we have had massive flooding going on o. take a look at our pattern, our set up though. area of high pressure below. you will notice none of this rain really penetrating this area.
4:45 pm
in fact, we have all kinds of heat advisories here. this high pressure is moving all of the moisture just to the north of this. and this pattern stays with us. it looks like well in toward maybe sunday, even monday of this coming week. that's not good news. down here across areas of the south we have severe weather tonight. pretty strong windsenned hail. maybe isolated tornado but more wind than a hail threat. you will notice more concerning this very heavy will continue to be in the area. shep, unfortunately this manor doesn't change for us, it doesn't look like, for a while. >> shepard: rick reichmuth, thanks. apparent tornado touched down in northeastern ohio and tore part of a roof off a home. witnesses shot the video of the funnel cloud southwest of akron. the thing traveled about 200 feet on the ground. the owners of the home say they found part of their roof in a field hundreds of feet away. the same twister reportedly cut a path more than 100 feet wide and cornfield across the street from that home. luckily nobody got hurt. doctors have long said by
4:46 pm
beats is a risk factor for dementia. a new study shows people with higher blood sugar levels are at greater risk even those without diabetes. researchers at the university of washington say they kept track of a couple of thousand people for nearly a decade. they say they tested their mental skills every two years. according to the findings, those with higher blood sugar scored lower on the test. regardless of whether they had diabetes. dong doctors point out other risks. this proves exercising and good diet can help delay or even prevent it. the white house says president obama yesterday called former president george w. bush, who is recovering from a procedure to clear a blockage in an artery in his heart, doctors say they inserted a stent on tuesday and the former president got out of hospital yesterday. a spokesperson for bush 41 says is he doing great. bush 43 i meant to say. actually, they are both doing real well. the white house says president obama wished the former president well and says is he glad to hear that the procedure was a
4:47 pm
success. 50 years ago president kennedy awarded the first medal of freedom. this year the white house says president obama will give the nation's highest civilian honor to 16 people. including former president clinton. oprah winfrey, loretta lin and posthumous award to sally rid. you can see the full list at no word yet on a date for the ceremony. more and more fans at the ball park are keeping track of everything except the game. instead of fighting social media, some are encouraging it with ball parks that will soon make it easier to pick your picks and fantasy teams. live report from the stadium in san francisco just ahead. alert.
4:48 pm
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>> shepard: just calm down,
4:51 pm
that's whether a russia's sports minister says today about the protests over the country's new ban on gay propaganda. gay right supporters say they are worried about what that means for athletes what that means for games in russia. sports minutester says russia's constitution protects privacy rights and everybody should be, quote, relaxed. the white house says president obama condemns the anti-gay law. >> the president absolutely opposes and as made clear in other countries laws that discriminate against individuals. ethnicity. gender, or sexual orientation. if there. >> shepard: the white house would not say whether president obama's support calls to boycott limps this law and other. decades sports fans hot dogs. spending their time at the games sharing behind the
4:52 pm
idea in a big way. adam housley san francisco giants. hi, adam. >> the guy at the game. save saw arod the other night when he was up to the plate the first time. everybody was booing and smart phones up. that guy and girl annoying always on their phone. some teams are catering to that type of fan by increasing wi-fi, here is san francisco they even have their own wi-fi cafe and encouraging fans to actually view social media in some senses. it's important to make sure some people get away from their homes and seats here. when they talk to the giants fans are are receptive. take a listen. we want to be able enable our fans to share photos, share video. do everything that they could do from their couch at home through mobile devices at the ball park. we see this as every facility is going to face that going forward. >> and it's not just the giants doing it and not just baseball. football teams doing it as
4:53 pm
well. 49 stadium doing it so the south of here. 1500 different wi-fi spots. double super bowl last year. post on facebook, have to worry about connectivity. shepard? >> shepard: adam, thanks. hockey is headed to the bronx. nhl invaded yankee stadium to announce games. the rangers will play two games in the house -- well, the house that george built. they are scheduled during the week before super bowl which will be in new jersey. the yankee stadium games among six scheduled outdoor games in the nhl for the last 10 years the league has scheduled only one or two so-called winter classics each season. historic european event that's been giving folks a unique adrenaline fix tore centuries is headed to america. get ready to run with the bulls here at home. we will show you where this is happening next. ♪
4:54 pm
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...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >> shepard: go to spain if you want to run with the bulls now you can do it here in america. richmond virginia, specifically. the american version will be bit different than the one in spain. the great bull run as they call it will drag racing strip middle farmland and anybody who wants to run with a thousand pound animals will have to buy insurance. dozens of people are hurt each year with the running of the bulls in pamplona spain. since 1994, 15 people have died. watch where you point your jet pack. you may have seen these contraptions out on the ocean or tv brian kilmeade. they pump water through a hose upped in the air. science and fishermen in hawaii are concerned that the noise and the dive bombing could scare away the fish. and they add that those jet packs can actually pump
4:58 pm
fish right through them. before we go, our team's top five things of the day number 5, miami heat star lebron james back in his home state of ohio to answer a jury duty summons. he reportedly did not get called today. number four a man in minnesota claimed his share of the power ball jackpot. he will share the prize with two others who bought their prize in new jersey. those winners have not yet come forward. number three the feds report unemployment benefit applications over the past four weeks dropped to lowest level since november of '07. number two, soldiers testifying today against the accused fort hood shooter major nidal hasan say they initially thought the gunfire at fort hood was part of a training drill. and, number one, authorities expanded amber alerts to four states today, including oregon and washington. in the search for a southern california man suspected of abducting a 16-year-old girl. they say the suspect may be carrying homemade explosives after they believe he murdered two people and that's "the fox
4:59 pm
report's" top five. and on this day in 1988, the chicago cubs played their first game under the lights at wrigley. nearly 60 years early a minor league team in iowa had become the first professional club to host a night game. the trend caught on at minor league ball parks all across the country and in 1935, it finally hit the bigs in cincinnati. over the next 13 -- seasons i meant, every other stadium followed suit. every other except wrigley for 74 years the cubs played all their home games during the daytime. but in 1981, the tribune company bought the team and the push for night teams began. fan flipped the switch, unfortunately the game turned out to be a washout. but the cubs led the phillies after three and a half innings when the friendly confines entered the spot 25 years ago today. no goat that day.
5:00 pm
and now you know the news for this thursday, august the 8th, 2013. i'm shepard smith, we're all back tomorrow for "studio b," noon pacific, 3:00 eastern time and right back here for "the fox report" tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is starting right about now. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have is mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an email address. new allegations about the nsa spying scandal show is widespread than initially believed. judge andrew napolitano is very worked up about this and he will be here. [shouting] get somebody out here quick, quick, quick. they where to beat this boy to death. >> laura: horrific beating in florida as thugs


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