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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 5, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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im greg jarret. >> taking everyone by surprise. i am jamie colby in for megyn kelliy. 19 consulates in africa and the araban peninsula. it is saturday or longer. and authorities are not taking chances here at home either. >> security is raised as we are hearing the significant plot involved surgically implanted bombs. gen joins us with the latest. >> chairman of the joint chiefs arrived at the state department for a working lunch with secretary of state john kerry. in the top of the agenda will be a discussion of the current threat to embassy security in north africa and the middle east. the decision to close 19 u.s. embassies and consulates from libya to bangladesh through the
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end of ramma dan and three- day eat holiday is unusual but according to u.s. forces, so is the amount of chatter and intercepts which law makers say is compromise after the eve of 9/11. >> they attacked our consulate and killed our ambassador. they are stronger and we are weaker. >> it will likely to happen in the embassy. it could be in europe or in the united states or combined attacks. >> even the administration's toughest critic congressman pete king said it is not a smoke screen to help the nsa.
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>> we critize them for doing too little and now critize for too much. the worldwide alert is warranted in this situation. >> last week the al-qaeda leader called for attacks. the second 14 minute tape was posted on the internet on friday and marks the 15 year anniversary of al-qaeda's first attack. the si multiapous embassy bombings in tanzanyia. and the focus of the terrorist threat remains in yemen and why the british and french closed the embassy in yemen for the coming days. >> thank you, gen. >> gen mentioned, the focus is on yemen and a known hot bed of activity for al-qaeda. >> it is short for al-qaeda in
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the araban peninsula. it is considered to be the most dangerous al-qaeda affiliate. it is blamed for several terrorist plots in the united states. and including the bombing attempt on an airliner on christmas day. another plot involving bombs described as printer cartridges. that was broken up thanks for a tip from saudi intelligence officials. they are thought to have influenced the fort hood shotter hassan that left 13 killed and dozens more injured. his trial starts tomorrow. intelligence officials say too much information was made public in the warning by the obama administration and they are upset about it and that could hurt future efforts to break up potential terrorist plots. just a head at 1:30 we'll talk
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to ralph peters, what is it about the president's warning that is causing serious concern. >> a suspect behind bars at this hour, held on $1 million bail after a deadly hit and run in venice beach, california this weekend. the surveillance video shoes the suspect getting out of the sports car and surveying the sports car and gets in and out and goes back several times. and the final time he takes off and blows in the crowd. the witnesses recall a horr foying scene. >> this guy had an attempt to create mayhem and went straight down the boardwalk 60 miles per hour. >> he speed up and purposely was swerving back and forth it run over as many people as he could. >> people were flying everywhere and it looked like something out
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of a movie. >> in california, they join us with the latest, will? >> jamie, there were thousands of people down here on saturday when that crowd raced on the boardwalk and blowed into people. surveillance video shoes a dark sedan hitting any and everything in its path much the driver was nathan campbell and managed to drive past barriers and speed bo a group of people. killing one woman, and injured 11 others. the woman who died was from italy who was here on her honeymoon. the car hit her while she was standing next to her husband. he kept screaming her name and we were trying to cope him in a space that he was safe and his
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wife could get the attention she needed. >> campbell turned himself in at santa monica. when it comes to motives, they are not sure why things played out. but they have charged him with murder. people are coming together for a vigil tonight down here in the candle ca fe and anybody can come down and offer moments of silence for the victims in this tragedy. >> will, live for us in venice which was the scene of that horrific crime, greg? >> u.s. law makers are heading home for the august recess button. there is growing concern that members could find themselves the targets of heated debates. it was four years ago that a number of town hall meetings
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evolved in shouting matches and fist fights. >> you have awakened a sleeping giant. >> i charge you, it is not granted to you. how will you look at my children and tell them they are going to have a better future with $99 trillion. say it with me that you did. >> this is not about health care reform. it is a bill about government control. >> we'll pay more taxes because of you, sir. >> so what makes you think that the government could run a new health care program? . >> stay out of my business and stay out of my health care.
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>> the whole bill needs to be started over! >> you are getting ready it sign a check on the back of the american people and you will bounce another check. >> i as a 20-year-old person will have to deal with this for the rest of my life and i will have to pay for this. >> this is not a federal government issue. this is a people issue. >> those were the good old days, weren't they? could we see the same level of discord as law makers return home. chris playing for the nationals? just kidding he doesn't play baseball. what is it going to be like? is it rowdy raucuses if fights as in 2009 or a tepid bora or snooze fest? we are not as raucused.
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those town halls were grassroots and over a national fight of health care reform. congress had been dealing with this to the august recess and people were engaged and they went home, and law makers went home, they were told by folks, i don't like this. and what we'll see in august debates on immigration and spending, a lot of the folks who are pushing this is special interest groups. >> you mentioned health care issues in 2009. the visceral anger is greater now. i mean, look out in california, 60,000 people got policy cancellations from their insurance companies. and people all over america are experiencing in the mail every day sticker shock over their premiums and now, the internet is more organized and
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sophisticated to get out that anger in large numbers, don't you think? >> there is certainly anger and you will so insurance companies, u.s. chamber of commerce, get out there and sell a message that the sales tax on health care insurance will hurt consume sxers then the president and his organization trying to push people to enroll in to this to make the argument to help folks. but remember, there is not a bill hang negligent balance here and as much as the house tried to repeal all or part was health care reform. >> it is delay and so forth. but let me move on to immigration and what people refer to as amnesty. one group in particular that is fighting against amnesty and they have organized 58,000 people to either get out on the streets in protest or contact their congressman at their home
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offices. they know where they live in the home districts. what did that immigration? >> on immigration, you will have both sides gearing up here. folks that are fighting amnesty and senate gang of eight. and met at 50 lobbyist before everyone left town and they said you have to get out there and fight for immigration reform. and what i thought was interesting, greg, house leadership didn't take up immigration bills before the august recess. and part of the reason they didn't, they worried about creating a back lash and not doing anything a head of august and they didn't decree a lot of momentum and hoped to keep things quieter going in to the fall when they dealt with it in a peace meal way. >> if i am a law maker, i would want to be away.
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and that's where they go. chris, good to so you, next. >> and a planned implosion of a power plant, goes terribly wrong. several folks in the crowd were injured and new details about that just a head. >> and army majorna dal has an set to begin tomorrow, four years after the shooting rampage at fort worth, texas that led 13 people dead. they will face him in less than 24 hours. >> we call it mind, those whom we honor in the sacred time in space. juanaa, michael, john, francessa, jason, amy, do barto, aaron, russell, justin, michael,
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cam, and frederick. rrn let's get the ball rolling.
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a one man wrecking crew caught on tape. look at this. that car goes streaming in the gas station in cincinnati. doing a flip. it took out a light pole and pay phone. the barricade that products the puchs is the only thing that stopped the fire from crashing over and causing a fire ball. the driver gets out of the car and nothing happen here and then tries to hail a cab and get away on foot. police are on the hunt for him. he managed to get away. we call to mind those whom we
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honor in the sacred time and space. juanita, michael, john, francess ca, jason, amy, dobarto, aaron, russell, justin, michael, cam, and frederick. >> those are the names of the 13 soldiers read in a somber ceremony four years ago honoring the fallen of the shooting of the fort hood rampage. now the trial of major has an is set to begin tomorrow. he opened fire and killed 13, and leaving 30 others wounded in fort hood. he denies the charges, but military charges prohibits him from entering the guilty plea because of the death.. he fired his two attorneys and will repreponderate himself.
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the sargeient thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> you have stared major nadal has an in a prelimary hearing, what was that like for you? >> he doesn't she any remorse for the act he did on the 6th of november. my thought is if i would give eye to eye contact he would she remorse and he did not. and also locking eyes that i show i don't she fear.
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and justice will prevail. >> i know you stand strong for justice and for the country. after being shot seven times, you are clearly a survivor, but there is post traumatic stress and being questioned by major has an himself. how do you prepare for that? >> i start with my belief in god and my support system from my family and friends and all americans and i think about the 14 that was lost that day and i think about the british soldiers that was killed in great britain and i draw strength for them and we make sure it doesn't happen again. >> you are so unselfish and so thoughtful. they are seeking the death.and
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realistically as a result he cannot enter the plea. that is the rules of the military court martial that goes on. i am wondering given all of the appeals that happen in this case. he said he did it, this could go on for a very long time. you are seeking justice for you and the others. are you prepared to continue to see this through? how dow do that? >> i have no choice to be there until it is my time to go home. they need to make it a speedy process. and if he gets the know one of the murderous acts in fort hood. in the state of texas justice needs to be served the right and proper way.
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what upsets me, as time goes major hassan feels like he is a victim. and survivors know what went on. and you need to put him to death and rid the world of the cancer. >> we'll be thinking of you and check nothing with you. thank you for your bravery and courage and service. >> i appreciate you as well, ma'am. and i say let's make history and justice be served. >> bless you and your family. >> his disappearance changed the way children are reported. he may go free and we'll have
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the debate on whether the confession of an alleged killer is enough to keep him behind bars. >> plus, what began with a party- like atmosphere turn ugly. more when we return. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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>> we get's report from major league baseball concerning the suspension of alex rodriguez. we haven't gotten that yet, but have been able to report to you that 12 players suspended 50 games. here they are. nelson cruz, johnnie pereralitia. and eric cabrera. and jesus monitory. scissor perulo.
10:26 am
and hernandez. and tony bastarlo. and sergeio escologna. it does not mention alex rodriguez yet. we are awaiting a release from major league baseball. mlb source tells him there will be a release and no presser. it looks like they are leaning to a couple of releases and a lot of speculation that a rod will be suspended from this year and the entirity of 2014. and the commissioner could ban him for life under the collective bargaining agreement. it could be a major stand off here and we await the major developments. >> this is a shocking scene in california. a power plant implosion goes
10:27 am
terribly wrong. and hundreds of people had gathered in bakersville to watch the demolition and flying snap nel injured some. >> they would implode this thing and a huge crowd gathered to see it and people were camping out overnight to make sure they had front row seats and they set up a security perimeter around the plant and the fire department pushed it back further to be safe. it was not far enough. and remember, in an implosion, things are supposed to fall in and listen to the implosion and watch the shrapnel fly.
10:28 am
looking at the shrapnel. it is difficult to see. the people are a thousand feet away. see it shooting out over there? five people were hit by flying metal including a man whose leg was severed. >> they looked down and his leg was cut. and his to the was missing and leg was all torn up. >> that man was rushed to the hospital. he was watching with his kids when he got piece of a metal which was big as a dorof a house. >> i think the impact of the idea that my boys were with me and my knee was and two to the left. it could have taken them out. it would have been horrific.
10:29 am
>> the company that did the implosion is apologizing and vowing to investigate what went wrong. pg& e are looking for moe answers. demolition people say when you are doing this thing you have to push people back 2 or 3,000 feet back. there is a hot line for people who suffered injuries and damage to their cars. >> thank you for the latest. >> the intelligence community sounding the alarm that the alarms may have done more harm than good. >> and changing the way u.s. law enforcement deal with missing children. new reports that the confessed
10:30 am
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>> now back to our top story as
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we wait the white house press briefing concerning the intelligence community that the obama administration may have revealed too much information in the latest terrorist warning including details on how the plot of how u.s. embassies may be carried out. lieutenant coronel author. it is pretty easy for the enemy to figure out sources and methods. did the president reveal too much and thus, compromising our future enteleigence gathering? >> there is no question he blew it up in international headlines and this administration does everything with political lens. and this is after the debacle, this is the white house saying
10:35 am
so we know what it is going on. bad guys are like they figured it out. we'll kick the can down the road and the impact on intelligence. al-qaeda leaders now how ever they communicate. we cracked the code and monitored the patterns and al-qaeda people know there is an agent in their ranks and they will purge them. the right approach would have been to quietly close the embassies but not going screaming and yelling internationally. >> there may be line between prudence and retreat. some critized the closing running and hiding. and some think they should fight the enemy if they dare attack.
10:36 am
>> the place to fight iraq and we won and obama ran away. and libya and after the benghazi debacle. but we have to protect the diplomats. i don't have a problem with closing the embassies and cutting back on staffing, but i have a problem with making a political display out of. it the benghazi consulate was inadequately protected. and he begged for reenforcements and one could argue had his request been heated. but if his request was heated and a heavy military presence there, the terrorist might have been repelled and killed. is that the lesson of benghazi instead of closing down and hiding? >> so many lessons on benghazi and that is.
10:37 am
and with the embassies, the locals have to have access and you can't have an embassy -- it is a strug toll balance protection and access. you can't put enough marines to guard it perfectly all of the time. butñr benghazi, that was just, u made a check list of how to screw up protecting a u.s. diplomatic facility, we checked every block. >> the problem with closing embassies and announce when they will open a week from now, you are telling the terrorist to wait it out and then you can attack. the end of the week, the administration is back to square one, rrnt they? >> yeah. they certainly are. you can't keep them closed forever. but i also think that a problem that we americans have, we look at this and think it is always
10:38 am
about us. they want to hurt and kill us. but what is going on now, greg, is an internal power struggle with al-qaeda and the core al-qaeda as we call them. they are gutted and then the young studs fighting in syria and libya and iraq resurging the al-qaeda and the plot looks like a l- za hwera. escalate the chatter and al-qaeda, which i control, we can shut down embassies. >> they like jerking our chaen. but you have a struggle between the old core jihaddist who have global aspirations and perfectly
10:39 am
in the heartland. the new al-qaeda wants to establish emiates on their own turf and then move out. there is a lot behind the story. we can't just see it through the white house lens of how do we dodge the political bullet. >> always good to speak with you. >> his disappearance changed the way law enforcement looked for missing children. but the self- confessed killer of eta n patees may go free. >> death of a hacker, he is found dead just before he was to deliver a big speech on how to hack in life saving devices. >> and helping wounded u.s. veterans. one man has serious help after
10:40 am
lying about his service. ♪ when i'm halfway into your heart ♪
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>> as i mentioned his disappearance changed the way law enforcement looked for missing children. the confessed killer of eton patees may go free. >> you remember pedro hernandez was arrested after police got tipped off that hernandez confessed to people he knew. he was a clerk in soho, of new york city. he claimed he used soda to lure the six-year-old in the basement and he put the body out with the trash and put the book bag in the freezer and neither of them
10:44 am
were found. despite numberous searches police have no physical evidence. no blood dna or fibers linking hernandez to the crime and the only witnesses are the ones that heard hernandez confess. prosecutors say it is difficult to win. his client is bipolar and low iq and his confession is unreliable. and the attorney said hernandez has been in jail for a year and time to try him or set him free. investigators are scrambling to come up with more evidence or may have to let him go. and if they do try him, jamie, the trial would likely be in early or late spring of next year. >> so many years. trace, thank you for setting up so we can have the discussion from burns. and keith sullivan who is
10:45 am
a defense attorney. welcome to both of you. you both practice here and it is all new york law. let me ask you first, eton's parents, they want answers about their little boy, but other than the confession they have nothing. >> it is a straight legal rule. forget the facts. it may be a hard case to win or convince the jor, if they held the trial tomorrow and had no evidence under new york procedural law it would be reversed. you must have evidence. >> and at this point, you think they can uncover additional evidence? >> i don't. the police department did a thorough investigation. they dug up basement of buildings where another
10:46 am
pedophile said he was responsible for abduction and death. he said it was buried in certain basements and they didn't uncover it. and the family in jersey said hernandez told us that he did something terrible in and around that time and he worked up the deli. he never confessed he molested or abducted eton. and as a result that sparked a further investigation and arrest. there is not a shred of evidence other than than his open statement. >> if they move forward with the trial and case against him, what is more persuasive for the defense council to use. the fact that someone was held for the death and said he did it or the fact they don't have circumstantial evidence. >> the advantage of defense attorney you can work both sides of the rom. you would work every angle you
10:47 am
would. on the one hand, keith said you have jose rams on held liable for the death. that is a huge point for a defense and then just sprinkle in that there is no physical evidence what so ever. it would be possible to get a conviction. it is not a valid legal conviction. >> he could a pole and there is no stat u of limitation. >> five years from now. they can hold him what period of time and how much more. >> there is no statute of limitation or move to dismiss without prejudice. and they will not want to go forward on the case and have him obtain an acquittal. >> his own attorney said he is bipolar and he didn't do the crime and if they have to let him go, he is on the streets?
10:48 am
>> absolutely. that's why the reporting is making it a issue. but working off the previous point. not only the statute of limitation. once they are in the court system on a particular charge you move forward or dismiss and that leads in to your point oh, my god. >> keith, what does a prosecutor do? >> this is a tough situation and they took it upon themselves. they campaigned on this issue and only campaigned on it because the opoept had a moting and said i am going to resurrect all of the cold cases. and not to be undone, he will do the same thing and threw himself in the patched case. it is a political issue. >> that is an astute point. why would you indict a case when
10:49 am
you have someone else liable for the death. >> why? >> no, i mean, as keith said political pressure on a case that is decades old and everything in law, you know as well as anybody it is a balancing test. do we get the short term gain today knowing that we will have a problem down the road. >> what is your prediction. we'll go forward with the case. >> federal prosecutors went after jose rams on who is in prison and haven't looked at hernandez. i don't know when they will do. they are in a really, really tight spot. they will not want to go forward if they believe he is the right person because it would be an acquittal. >> isn't it true that you can get an expert that examines him and he has certain dreams that show he has a tendency to do something like this. if it is possible you go forward
10:50 am
there are things you can raise and convince the court? >> you might be able to convince a jury of that but have you no corroborating evidence, which i think doug said at the beginning and laid out eloquently, you need that from a legal standpoint. >> as a matter of law you must drop the case? >> it is more after legal point. the point of you made real quick is there may be a way to put together corroboration theory. and what is corroboration? so they may be able to try. >> all right. tough for everybody. hope to see a resolution in this case. thanks to both of you. greg? >> new outrage after man claiming to be a highly decorated vietnam vet, three purple hearts and three silver stars. turns out to be nothing but a fraud. we will look at the stunning lack of oversight and consequences for real vets who do need real help. plus breaking news in major league baseball suspensions.
10:51 am
we're going to tell you which players are in a whole lot of trouble and whether a-rod is on the list.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
there's outrage growing after a man claiming to be a highly decorated vietnam war vet with three purple hearts and three silver stars is exposed as a liar. now he is accused as using his fake status as a disabled vet to get big business contracts. while real wounded warriors miss out on the money pch doug mcel way has this story forness washington. doug? >> that's right, jamie. there are many, many others. you may remember the case of raul castillo who won the largest contract in history,
10:55 am
$500 million for ip services. he applied for the construct through the business program designed to give wounded warriors preference in contracts. but his disability was a twisted ankle al military prep school 27 years ago. when he testified in june about that contract a real double warrior, double amputee, tore into him. listen up. >> twisting your ankle is not serving this nation, mr. castillo. the veteran owned program is ripe with fraud and abuse because nobody in government checks for honesty. take the case of warren parker who won $5 million in government contracts for his construction firm. >> mr. parker add tremendously heroic r heroic resume. three purple hearts.
10:56 am
he even kept a diary of snipers hits from vietnam. it turns out it was a fraud. mr. parker served five years in missouri national guard. he never left the state. >> after parker was sentenced to jail, the v.a. tightened up verification procedures. >> in 2011 when they changed the process for verification, 10,000 firms stopped, just dropped out of the program. so that showed how much fraud there was in the program. >> but the vooe was the only agency to tighten its standard. as a result, nobody knows rampant really is. the house strengthened controls for all programs and hopefully something will now happen. but fraud is rampant, jamie. >> all right, doug from d.c. thanks, doug. >> we are moment from the white house press briefing. we are expected to get new
10:57 am
details and reaction to the global terror warning issue had of course after the nsa picked up what's being called a serious threat. we are going to ask ambassador john bolton whether this will be enough to change minds about the surveillance program. this is la, investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. is that what you're looking for, like a hidden fee in your giant mom bag? maybe i have them... oh that's right i don't because i rolled my account over to e-trade where... woah. okay... they don't have hidden fees... hey fern. the junkrawer? why would they... is that my gerbil? you said he moved to a tiny farm. that's it, i'm running away. no, no you can't come! [ male announcer ] e-trade. less for us. more for you. ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor
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a fox news alert on the kind of terror threat we haven't seen in years. we are awaiting new reaction from the white house following the decision to extend the closure of some of the u.s. embassies an cons lates in u.s. hot spots. great to have you here. >> any moment now we expect white house press secretary jay carney to provide new details on the threat to american citizens and installations overseas. well, there's our live camera. in the press briefing room. and again, jay carney will appear any moment. but a travel alert remains in effect through the end of the month. there is the map where our
11:01 am
diplomatic outpost, considered american soil, by the way, remained closed this hour. and the latest indication that al qaeda's mission to kill americans remains in tact. and bringing us back to the terror environment we find ourselves in today, our next guest made news over the weekend by saying high level al qaeda operatives are already if place. democratic congressman from maryland is the ranking member of the house intelligence committee and sir we are so pleased that you could be with us. >> well, it's good to be here to communicate to our citizens. >> would this overseas have prevented a benghazi. >> we need to learn from what happened in benghazi. with respect to benghazi, the administration was criticized for not doing enough. we will always do what we have to do, pursuant to the law, to protect american citizens.
11:02 am
this threat is credible. i've seen the intelligence information. it comes from high level operatives in al qaeda and talks about where some of the location we are concerned about, arabian peninsula. i've been to yemen on numerous occasions. there are a lot of al qaeda operatives. and they are the al qaeda branch that has been focussing on the pup pup the united states. the underwear bomber. times square bomber. so we have to be diligent to protect americans and our allies throughout the world. >> and talking about a major attack over the weekend, you said we would do everything we can to keep americans who are in other parts of the world safe. are we at risk here on our shores? right now? >> well we have to be vigilant. we know right now, al qaeda has learned ways to avoid us learning the intelligence of what they are doing, what they are trying to do. one of the things in the techniques used with the underwear bomber is more after lone wolf situation.
11:03 am
where there are fewer people involved. but with the higher level operatives in al qaeda talk about a serious threat, making a change in policy, being out there and trying to be in a situation where they will kill anyone from the west and attack anyone from the west, not american. so to answer your question, clearly we have to be ready. get intelligence. and we need the public involved. you know, when you see something unusual, let your authorities know. because they are not going to be as many people involved in these new conspiracies because they are trying to avoid detection from us. >> congressman, they have all kinds of new ways that jennifer griffin was telling us, surgically implanted, using women and children. that's the situation everyday. so what changes when this broad -- let's show the map again, of the number of embassies and consulates. how do you, in this large
11:04 am
region, keep things safe at home and what is different since everyday since 9/11 when we know they want us dead? >> the best defense against terrorist attacks is intelligence. we have a tremendous, great intelligence community that is working everyday it gain intelligence to protect us. also working with our allies. but we have to be aware. now for the rest of our lives that people, especially al qaeda and other terrorist groups, that want to kill us everyday. and they will try to plan. we are trying to be a step ahead and get this information so when we get a threat like we got we are doing whatever we can to be very safe and put all-americans on alert all over the world, especially in the hot spots. >> and i appreciate that. but why not say, look -- well with you don't want to give too much information, i understand. but such a broad warning for folks. should they be traveling, planes, trains, do we have everything we need in place? >> let me address that. you want to protect your families. we should not change our lifestyle because of al qaeda but we have to be careful.
11:05 am
we have to make sure we don't go to certain areas. i would not go to yemen if you planned a trip to yemen or other hot spots. i would not go to egypt right now. i would continue to do what you're doing everyday, just be alert, be aware and we have tremendous people out there, collecting intelligence and so do our allies that are trying to get information so that we can defer the attack. you know, one of the reasons this is out there, and we are putting this out there is to let them know, we know that they've got attacks or plans and we will do whatever we can to deter those attacks and protect americans and our allies all over the world. >> congressman, thank you so much. >> sure. >> greg? >> iran is swearing in a new president. that is stirring up a new debate about the rogue nationes a nuclear program. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent is live in the state department with more.
11:06 am
hi, wendel. >> hi, greg. he told the world, if you want a suitable answer, speak through the language of respect, not the language of sanctions. we presume he is talking about iran's nuclear program. u.s. officials think he is more likely to compromise. foreign dignitaries were invited to the swearing in yesterday. first time they've done that since the 1979 revolution. that is seen as a positive. deputies are being approved by the ayatollah. but he has said nothing specific about compromising over the nuclear program and it is unclear about how much influence he might have with the ayatollah, who is the person who controls the nuclear program. this thought rohani is more favored and make an offer iran can say yes to. >> if the defense is we can give and give and give, but there's
11:07 am
no way that the u.s. hostility will ever be blunted, there is no way congress will ever respond it a changed iranian policy than rather than helping encourage the iranians to do what you want them to do. you make it less likely that iranians will do what you want them to do. >> president obama may not have as much flexibility as he like in offering carrots to iran. 76 senators have sent a letter calling on him to toughen sanctions and to restate the military option in order to put more pressure on iran for a diplomatic resolution that removes their ability to produce a nuclear weapon. greg? wendel, thanks. >> a popular tourist destination, we are learning that folks on the transformers ride at universal studios in california got stuck a short time ago. and trace is taking a look at that for us live in our west coast newsroom. trace? >> just down the road from us, jamie. apparently this thing just
11:08 am
stopped mid way. transformers ride is a 3-d ride so they use a lot of 3-d screens and technology to make you believe you are moving faster than you are. it is inside and not really the roller coaster tracks. the ride does move a little bit. but apparently about 45 minutes to an hour ago, the ride just stopped. it got stuck. and the firefighters today had in and remove people one by one. we are told that six passengers have been removed and four others are still wait tock removed. but there are no reports of any injuries and nobody appears to be in any kind of threatening situation right now. if you haven't seen the ride, transformers is a 3-d ride where you have the decepticons that want it take over the earth, and the robots enlist humans to make sure they can't do that. in this case, clearly, the decepticons won the day, because the ride is shut down. have you humans that are stuck, waiting for the fire department to pull them out. if we get any updates, jamie, we will come back in.
11:09 am
but right now, no one appears to be in danger. it just delayed their day at the theme park. firefighters are going in to get the rest. we assume the ride will be shut down for a few hours or maybe the remainder of the day. jamie? >> okay, trace. thank you so much. >> new controversy over the death of a celebrated cyber hacker. coming up, grayson will look at the initial reports of just how that man known as barnaby jack died and why some of his supporters are not buying it. mlb releasing a list of suspended players as we await the possibility that yankees slugger alex rodriguez will be among them. we will tell you who's on the list so far. who isn't on the list. who is exonerated essentially and la it means for a-rod's plans to play later tonight. >> lifetime ban. >> lifetime ban? >> yeah. everybody else got it.
11:10 am
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts.
11:12 am
congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
11:13 am
roux happy. welcome back, everybody. an american military helicopters crashes at a u.s. base in japan. the air force says four crew members were on board when it went down at camp hansen on the island of okinawa. japanese officials say all four are believed to have survived. no word on their conditions right now. that crash comes as japan crows more frustrated with america's heavy military presence there. fox news reports. fox sports reports that 12 players have accepted 50-game suspensiones from major league baseball for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs. yankees slugger alex rodriguez not so far included on that list. but we're told the league is expected to make an announcement on this any moment now.
11:14 am
so stay tuned for that. join meg now, is sports attorney dominik romano. good to see you. by all indications, they are going to throw the book at alex rodriguez. not just 50 games. thissi year and all of 2014. does that seem likely? >> yeah. it seems about 214 games. there is a big distinct between what rodriguez is alleged to have done and who other players have done. they have been living with this problem for a number of years. since the mitchell report. they had a big black eye on their face and new they are taking strict action. >> let me pick up on what you said. what rodriguez did was so much worse than other players. he wasn't just using drugs for years, he was tampering with evidence, trying to buy incriminating documents. and intimidating witnesses, right? >> yes. obstructing the investigation.
11:15 am
cooperating with ga leah, on two federal charges. >> isn't that worse than what pete rose did? and he got a lifetime ban. >> it is worse, if you look at it. there are constant denials this has been going foreign a decade. in 2007 he went national television and tote katie couric he never took peds. then two years later admits taking them earlier in his career when he was younger and naive. in 2002 and 2 003 i took them but nothing since. >> but obstruction in tampering that outraged the commissioner bud selig. >> yeah. the pattern of behavior to consider himself allegedly above the rules, above the law. what pete rose did, that was a personal thing. it could have been -- >> and he still claims that he didn't bet against the reds. which is a huge difference. >> right. >> let me ask you. as i read article 11 for the collective bargaining agreement, commissioner bud selig has
11:16 am
unfettered discretion to ban alex rodriguez for life. >> yes. very broad powers. and some are saying he may not envoc that under the circumstances. may try to work with the union to find a resolution here. but there's no love lost here between the parties. >> you know. a lot has been written that if a-rod does try to challenge this and go to arbitration, that might so provoke the commissioner that he will envoc the lifetime ban. and he could do it that way, right? >> he could. he has the right to do it. whether he will use that strong power remains to be seen. >> what's the point of going to the arbitrator? as i read it, he cannot stay, the suspension of a-rod. he cannot overturn it. is that true? >> well, in the past, arbitrators have add history of reducing suspensions. remember yankees pitcher from a lifetime ban to just over a hundred games. this this case, though, what we are hearing is the evidence is so overwhelming that at best he might just buy himself a few
11:17 am
weeks, a-rod. >> a lot of players have turned against a-rod. abandoned their support of him because he is so disgraced and his conduct was regarded as so egregious. would that inflew entinfluence players association and challenge selig. >> that's a good question. there are recent players who have been playing by the rules. one of the california angels, los angeles angels pitchers came up the other day and said, look, he is taking steroids or peds and not only inflated his own statistics, it affected our salaries went when went to salary arbitration. what yankees say publicly, what they are saying or thinking or feeling inside might be two different things on this issue. >> what would be a-rod's best course here? we hear and some have been written from his camp that the guy is in total denial. he doesn't get it.
11:18 am
he doesn't understand the full risk of a lifetime ban. some of them are trying to say, listen, a-rod, just take the year and a half suspension. you will still get $60 million. is that best course of action? >> yes. take the punishment, like man. admit what you did, and if you did it, and help your team. >> yeah. one of his advisors is quoted as suggesting that, well, we'll file a federal lawsuit. but look, the problem with that is, the only legal monopoly in america is major league baseball. supreme court granted them an antitrust exemption. i not sure a federal judge would touch this. >> i think you're right. he's in a tough spot. think about it, if he takes the year and half and comes back after 214 games. he will be 40. two hip surgeries. what will his career be than? it is a very difficult situation for a-rod. but an lot of sympathy for him today. >> if he tries to litigate it in
11:19 am
federal court, you know how long that takes? he would be in a nursing home by the time a decision is rendered. dominik romano, sports attorney, good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> thanks, guys. a truck sails off a highway overpass and bursts into flames. we will have the latest on the aftermath and what led up to the crash. >> is powdered food the wave of the few tour future? the new product that could help end world hunger? >> and infiltrating pacemakers. remember like they did on the hit show "homeland" is dead. a look at barnaby jones' legacy and what he did coming up in a live report. now it's stirred.
11:20 am
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we have incredible dash cam video to show you. a semi flying through the air. hits a patch of ground before bursting into flames. the driver swerved his truck to avoid hitting another vehicle but ended up veering off on to a hill and plowing right through a guard rail. get this. the driver and his 7-year-old son, in the passenger seat, by the way, at the time, walked away with just a couple of scratches. the crash is still under investigation.
11:24 am
>> a story about a famous hacker who died a week before he was to reveal one of his biggest techniques. of course rumors are now swirling about what or who killed 35-year-old barnaby jack. police reportedly ruling out foul play. trace gallagher live from our west coast bureau. i'm interested to hear this one, trace. >> you know, there was a television show showing someone hacked by a pacemaker. barnaby jack said it wasn't only possible but demonstrated on stage. he said terrorists could hack into pumps and infect them with the worms that could commit mass murder. keep in mind, 5 million people in america wear pacemakers including former vice president dick cheney. when barnaby jack was found dead in his san francisco apartment, the medical examiner said it
11:25 am
could take months to figure out. police say no foul play suspected. the internet was on fire. with conspiracy theorys. everybody weighing in saying, the government killed barnaby jack. or that his death was fake so he could secretly work for the government. barnaby jack spent his career demonstrating the dangers posed by unscrupulous hackers, pointing out that computer manufacturers failed to install the proper security measures. which is why it was so easily then to be hacked. jack was supposed to appear in vegas this weekend to show off his talents. and we should note that nobody knows of any kind of illness or any drugs he was involved in. but again the medical examiner said the results, toxicology et cetera, could take weeks, maybe months, to come back before we find out exactly when a died of, jimmy. very mysterious. >> very, at 35. trace gallagher live in los
11:26 am
angeles. thanks, trace. >> the next leader of the free world. we will tell but that. plus dramatic video tape of a bus crash. what we are now learning about the fate of the driver and his passengers. >> wow, incredible video. plus american citizens and installations overseas are under threat from potential attack by al qaeda. one lawmaker says intelligence has not been heard. terror chatter, that is, like this, since before 9/11. what could that mean in the debate over the nsa's widespread surveillance program? ambassador john bolton will be joining us to weigh in. >> after benghazi, they're on steroids. they attack our conflict. killed an ambassador in years past and nobody's paid a price. after benghazi, these attacks are onster roit on steroids, th we're weaker and they're stronger. my name is lee kaufman.
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11:31 am
weep have it at the top of the hour. >> americans in the u.s. to follow up on -- [ inaudible ] >> jeff, what i can tell you is that we face an ongoing threat from al qaeda and its affilia s affiliates. there are individuals and organizations out there that are focused on doing the united states and the american people harm as well as doing harm to our people. now the statement we put out made clear that our current information suggests that al qaeda plan it to attack in the region and beyond. and they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of august. >> what you know, we know is that the threat emanates from and maybe focused on occurring in the arabian peninsula, but it
11:32 am
could potentially be beyond that or elsewhere. and so, we cannot be more specific, which is why we've taken soft actions we've taken and made the statements that we've made. >> there is some breaking news. white house press secretary jay carney reacting moments ago to our top story, worldwide travel alert issued for americans abroad is now appears, expanded. and while 19 u.s. diplomatic outposts, embassies and consulates remain closed in the middle east and africa, the linger about the potential attack by al qaeda, one wonders whether that may now mean that embassies will remain closed for a while as well. fox news contributors ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. ambassador, always good to see you. can you react it what jay carney
11:33 am
said? it would go through and including through at least september 11th, wouldn't it? >> yeah. that was a mystery to me, in the state department travel warning issued on friday, which did go through august 31st and it seems to be tied to the information directly related to the embassy and consulate closure, which was also announced at end of last week. but obviously any time you come up on the september 11th anniversary, that has to be a matter of concern. and i would say, not just in and around the arabian peninsula but particularly in the united states as well. >> so the travel alert, we just now learned, will extend. but one wonders whether, does that mean the consulate, and embassies, and so forth, in the region we've identified, do you think those will be extended, the closures? >> i don't think we can tell at this point. obviously they've been extended through the end of this week. and one has to wonder just how much more information we have or
11:34 am
what we've got. obviously we had a particular focus at the beginning of the week. but it is unclear whether it'll extend further. that's why i think this question of our ongoing intelligence gathering capabilities become so important. >> well i want to ask you about that. was the nsa's controversial surveillance program the source of this intelligence and warn something on capitol hill are saying, no, not at all. but are you pretty sure that it was? >> well the nsa has a lost intelligence gathering programs. that's its business. it spies on foreigners. despite the hoopla we heard, it focuses own americans only if there is a connection with foreign enemies, foreign terrorist or foreign espionage activity. so i would be surprised if one of the nsa's electronic service programs wasn't involved. whether it was prism or x key
11:35 am
stroke or the telephone logs that have been the subject of controversy. we don't know. but i tell you, going forward, it seems to me that those programs are ideally designed to try and help nsa and the government as a whole, put together these bits and pieces of information to tell us more of what the actual target of this might be. >> if the nsa program was indeed responsible for uncovering a terrorist plot, do you think, in the mind of many americans, their opinions about the surveillance by nsa will change? they may say, wait a minute. this does justify and vindicate the program in uncovering terrorist plots? >> i certainly hope so as more information comes out, whether we want it to or not, we will have a debate about the nsa programs. and i hope as more people understand what the nsa actually does, they'll see that it is really critically important to protecting us against these foreign threats. i mean, hon liestly, i will tryd
11:36 am
be polite here, but the people discussing what nsa does, have very little information about its direction, its focus, and what it uncovers. >> yeah. well this program, of course, was exposed by ed snowden. and it invites the question, since he is now being granted asylum, at least temporary asylum by vladimir putin and the president has an upcoming bilateral summit with putin, in your judgment, should the present cancel his meeting with putin? >> i think he should cancel the meeting given that the russians have granted snowden temporary asylum. but depriving vladimir putin of barack obama's presence hardly constitutes retaliation for the harm we've suffered as a result
11:37 am
of russirussia's activities. i think more needs to be done against china for allowing snowden a few days in hong kong then permitting him to go on to moscow when they knew very well we wanted him turned back over us to. so i think both countries need to feel some pain. >> after the benghazi attack on our consulate, almost a year ago, you know, the president said on many occasions, more than 30 occasions, in fact, he said al qaeda has been decimated. or he sad, on the path to defeat. was he wrong? was he naive? was that just political rhetoric? what do you think? >> probably all of the above. i mean, i think it is revealed now to be a tissue thin narrative that suited the president's political purposes by trying to define al qaeda into the narrowiest terms. and then by saying because they were badly harmed that al qaeda
11:38 am
as a whole is badly harmed. al qaeda isn't a corporate organization chart. it never was. and it is now evolved. turned into a network organization. but it still reflects the radical islamic terrorist bent that osama bin laden was trying to get going in many countries and has succeeded in iraq, in the arabian peninsula. in north africa and perhaps elsewhere. >> ambassador john bolton, as always, sir, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> democrats and republicans are coming into the start of t20 /* the 2016 presidential campaign. we see how one side struggles to define what its party is all about. campaign carl cameron takes a look at what the contrast here tells us about the campaigns to come. he is live in washington. carl, only you would have a heads up at this point. >> well, congress goes on
11:39 am
vacation in august and most lawmakers go home. but anyone running for president, any politician of any stripe or size, goes to early voting stage. iowa, north and south carolina. overwhelmingly backing hillary clinton for president come 2016, she dom naeinates in all these possess. if she doesn't running with there aren't many choices. maryland's martin o'malley is making what he called vision speeches and andrew cuomo may run too. three white men, all lawyers. career politicians. liberales from east coast blew states. blue states. that is quite a difference and it runs the gamut. in the senate have you several tea party types. rand paul pushes the libertarian conservatives.
11:40 am
ted cruz, only been around eight months and he is taking d.c. by storm. people telling him i should run. then mark rubio, latino, and sponsoring the immigration bill which has given him attention, good and bad. and eyeing the white house race, chris christie, charismatic and often contentious. he just got into a beef with rand paul, senator from kentucky, over drone policy. also mike pence. governor of indiana. he often says i'm conservative but not angry about it. he thinks people in his party come across as too mad. louisiana governor bobby jindal. and scott walker from wisconsin. he took on a union and lived to tell about it. you have two candidates who came up short in 2012. two ricks. texas governor rick perry and rick santorum.
11:41 am
both gearing up rit now. then there is some big known types. the veteran, running mate in 2012, paul ryan and jeb bush whose both dad and brother were president. so they could make lots of money fund-raising and have a national network. all, for now, are judged against one another in a republican context. but because of how unified democrats are around hillary, they are all measured against her too. and three years of this, jamie. >> we are all set now. thank you, carl. >> three years. time flies. . it will good by like that. big changes could soon be coming to some of your favorite foods as scientists tryout some new types of grub that were created entirely in a lab. we'll explain. >> and what do you call a kid who says jeopardy cheated him? alex? ♪ ♪
11:42 am
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11:45 am
every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? big changes coming to your dinner table. a new type of liquid food, created entirely in a laboratory. what in the world is it? jonathan is in our atlanta bureau to explain. hi, jonathan. >> hi. it could be a solution for world hunger because the product ships as a powder. it is easy to transport and goes for a long time without spoiling. the inventor says because half of the world's food production goes to waste, hunger on a global level is not about a lack of resources. listen. >> once we turn this into an engineering and logistics problems, we can solve those and i really think we can get the cost lower and lower to the
11:46 am
point where no one would have to worry about their supply for food. which would be a massive benefit to humanity. >> rob reinhardt named his product so i soylent, after the charlton heston film. but this issi vegan. he likes to add vanilla for extra flavor but says it is no replacement for a gourmet meal. listen. >> we have tongues, a tongue, that has taste buds on it. so that means they are there for a reason. >> we should definitely enjoy all of the social and cultural aspect for food because it can be really fun. but most of the time it is really not that ben ripple and most of the time i can't be bothered and i would rather be doing something else. >> to develop his product, reinhardt went it a crowd sourcing website with a goal of raising a hundred thousand
11:47 am
dollars. but within a month people donated $800,000. so a lot of people are really excited about this product. greg? >> all right, we will see if it tastes good. thank you, jonathan. jamie? >> jonathan tasted it and said it wasn't bad at all. >> i have to taste it. >> switching to an all-liquid diet is intriguing but is it a good idea? joining us is nutritionist lisa cone. i love any fact that any product would help feed the world. >> exactly. >> they are marketing this as something we might have in our cup boardboard to replace meals. >> the idea is terrific. everyone should have healthy food around the world. as a developed country we are actually seeing a trend of more powdered products and manufactured food products that is just for example, a large growing sector in our dietary needs.
11:48 am
weight loss population. as well as world could solve the problem of ebeesiobesity? >> absolutely. healthy diet, nutrients, safe, if it helps you achieve weight loss results, people follow it to a point. but we have to remember this prod subject from a lab. most foods come from a lab and start out that way. if the intention is to feed the global food supply then let's focus on those with need for calories and nutrient. >> $65 a week. at this point that's their projection. they have $1 million in preorders. and they are doingke this to inform the public that it is coming down the pike. is this the first time that anyone has done this? what's unique about this product? >> that the question. we have lentils throughout the world and the main protein source and might min source and most of the world actually and developing parts of the world. so nutritionally, lens lentils
11:49 am
will always be with us. in reality, does the cost of shopping, cooking, food supply, in your kitchen, that's quite a divergence from third world population where food and food necessity is primarily. >> hopefully it goes to places where they have water. >> excellent point. >> they need it to recons tate. >> and healthy water. >> any danger to these meal replacements, not meal supplements? >> i think in the big picture it is false hope and that many of us go on the regimen to meet our weight loss goal. but we have the human desire for delicious, appetizing, feel good, sharing, food that grows. food is a basic need and the human body is based on science. we can meet that on a science level but we must remember the taste, quality, texture and smell and taste and cooking is part of human existence. >> to be together. good news is that lisa, nutritionist, with us, says you can have that cheeseburger
11:50 am
occasionally. >> occasionally. but maybe a soy or lentil burger. >> no. >> are you willing it try? >> yes. of course. thank you for the recommendation. recommendation. like an n & p -- >> sonic. we can. absolutely. >> all right, greg. take it away. nice to meet you. >> just had one last week. one young man's minor mistake turning into a major headache for the producers of jeopardy as faithful watchers wonder whether the punishment by producers fits the so-called minicrime. ♪
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
prepare yourself to be outraged. an eighth grader appearing ton "jeopardy" saying he was cheat after he answered the final question correctly. except for a little it'sy bitty spelling mistake. trace gallagher investigates. >> the best thing about this is the fact the nation really is so split on this. some people say the kid got robbed. others say the kid should suck it up and move on. the question was about a document signed by abraham lincoln, and now here is alex. listen. >> and he wrote down, what is the emancipation -- well, because he misspelled it badly, -- you put p in there proclamation, that's unfortunate. the judges are ruling against
11:55 am
you. >> well, he didn't dismiss pel it badly. but the bottom line is, donald is 3,000 bucks t.a.r.p. -- taken away. if jeopardy were to give credit to an incorrect response the show would penalize the other players, those who support thomas say, quote, alex never seems to say anything when adults scribble an answer. the boy was robbed. shame on you, by jeopardy." those against the boy come out saying, he missed the answer. the spelling was wrong. he would not have won. he is obviously a very smart child. he needs to face the fact he spelled it wrong and get over it and, look, he lost by $60,000. not like this thing was close, right? i'm in the buckup camp. take your lumps. you spelled it wrong. get your $3,000 -- your $6,000 and -- >> come on, you have seen when adults play the game, they just butcher words and get credit for it as long as the intent is
11:56 am
there. right? and the intent was obvious on that one. >> the intent was obvious. unfortunately he spelled it wrong, and the rules are the rules, and if you spell it wrong, if you spell it wrong, you don't get credit for it. >> i don't think those are the rules. i have seen them give people credit for misspellings before. >> this is selective -- >> you have to show that evidence. >> i don't know, trace. need monday legal counsel. thanks, trace. >> i think that trace won't win that one with you. the kid lost. what are you going to do? he should get on another show. >> you would have given the kid the money. >> no. sorry. losing is losing. well, meanwhile, the closing arguments are underway in the "whitey" bulger racket yearing case, the prosecutor calling him one of the most vicious calculating criminals to walk the streets of boston. with the jury agree? the latest coming up next.
11:57 am
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>> that does it for us. >> we'll be back tomorrow. shepard now. >> shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." breaking news in the major league baseball drug scandal is set to come at this moment. the hammer is about to come down hard and we're just moments away from hearing the fate of alex rodriguez, the highest paid player in baseball history and many others. we're tracking the al qaeda terror threats they're telling us about that forced our embassies and consulates to stay closed for the rest of the week. john on the hunt will explain why the timing could be very important here. >> how about a delicious schmeat burger. a fake, very expensive hamburgers, that scientists grew in the lab from cattle stem


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