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tv   Stossel  FOX News  August 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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is us behind the scenes of his radio show and for taking the time to talk with us and thank you for being with us. make sure you go to and let us know what you thought about our interview with rush limbaugh. . >> that is all the time that and let us know what you thought about our interview with rush limbaugh. summer is deadly. >> a number of unprovoked shark attacks is on the rise. >> if the sharks don't get you, the bees might. >> the killer bee could soon be heading your way. >> and global warming will create bigger storms. >> dirty energy creates dirty weather. >> and the mosquitos will get. >> you it's itchy and i keep on itching it. >> what are the risks? what's the truth? summer myths, that's our show tonight. it's hurricane season, and
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i'm told that because of global warming there are more hurricanes, and that hurricanes are stronger, and, of course, we know you're supposed to put masking tape on your windows in the shape of an "x" or an asterix to reinforce the glass. so most of us understand that those are just facts. why romania i talking about them on a show about summer myths? none of them are true. fox meteorologist maria molina says it, too. what do you mean? i've always taped the windows, but let's start with the first one. i hear there are more hurricanes and that it makes sense, global warming, the water is warmer. it's worse. >> so a lot of people think that there are more hurricanes now than in the past, and that is absolutely false. there is no data to support that, and we've actually seen in the data that in past years we have actually seen more hurricane activity. in the 1880s there were more hurricanes making landfall in the united states than in current years, and can you see that on that chart right there.
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now, i think logically people try to make sense of it, so you mention global warming, the oceans are warmer, hurricanes need warm ocean waters to fuel themselves with. >> i would think they would be worse. >> to get stronger, to form. >> there are counterveiling forces when water gets warmer that even the experts don't understand. >> don't fully understand and hurricanes are a lot more complicated than just warm ocean waters. >> now the property damage does keep going up, but that's just because more people build on the coast. >> possibly because more people build on the coast, and also reports of severe weather have been going up, let's say in terms of tornadoes, so that's another type of myth, but you have to also remember population goes up. people move. it's easier to report severe storms. >> more reports doesn't mean there are more storms. >> exactly. social media has made it much easier for people to be able to share information. people have cell phones now, cameras. people can take pictures of severe storms and report it much easier than 50 years ago. >> all right.
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second myth, tape your windows. this just makes sense. >> this is scary. this is not something anyone should be do.g. if you put tape on your windows debris comes and hits the typically it would shatter it if you didn't have tape on there. you have tape on there, it's going to break the windows and now you have potentially larger pieces of glass, potentially deadlier pieces of glass flying around. >> every time a hurricane is coming, they show pictures of people doing it, and your colleagues are saying you ought to -- people don't know this, and it was the weather service originally that suggested this, though now they have takent back. >> that's right. it'son old meteorological brochures so people were seeing this as do s it confusing for people to do it originally and now they are telling them do not do it, and i believe about 70% of people currently in the southeastern united states believe this is what you should be doing. it's a scary statistic. please do not put tape on your windows. >> stay away from the windows.
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>> stay away from the windows. what you should be doing during a hurricane is be in a room with no windows and also in a lower part of your home? another myth people should believe, you should open the window to equalize the pressure so when the storm comes you don't blow the grass out. >> no home is air tight so the pressure will be equalized and storms anyway, they are so big. hundred of miles wide. >> don't open the window. >> don't. >> it lets the wind in and the debris and with the wind coming into your home will do is possibly blow down the walls of your home and then the roof is gone. >> four, animals act differently when the storms approach. >> this is very interesting. animals could instinctively know when a hurricane is approaching, and there has been research done that sharks, this research from florida, that sharks actually seek deeper water when a hurricane is approaching. >> so this one is true. just because we call it a myth doesn't mean it can't be true.
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some myths turn out to be just sayings and some are true and this one is also birds sensitive to air pressure changes as they hunker down before the hurricane. >> they hunker down, that's right. so they know when it's approaching. >> so watch the animals. another myth, hurricane katrina was the deadliest hurricane in history, 1,800 deaths, pretty bad. >> pretty bad. >> and, unfortunately, it's not the deadliest storm in the united states. the 1900 hurricane galveston, back in the year 1900, 8,000 deaths in the united states, so that was a category 4 storm. hit galveston, texas, just heartbreaking. >> thank you, maria. now the most controversial weather myth. i'm told extreme weather is getting worse because of global warming. >> none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms. >> raging fires, drought, more powerful storms. what are we going to do? well, let's ask the author of
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"high tide on main street, rising sea level and the coming coastal crisis." that's oceanographer john englander, and let's ask climatologist pat michaels of the cato institute. pat, should i be so scared as the president suggests? >> that's so 20th century. what's happened in the last ten years is global warming, particularly in the last two years, have begun to come down. we're seeing so-called sensitivity of temperature being reduced by 40% in the new climate model. >> that means we're going to live. >> the old climate models predicted. >> the old climate models were too hot. that's finally being recognized. >> so it's 40% less, so if weather is worse, that's a problem. >> if you look at hurricanes, tornadoes, these things really don't show the signals this they are supposed to. the whole thing about billion dollar disasters, you heard that. billion dollar disasters are going up, but what you have to
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do is take the damage and adjust it for gross domestic product and inflation and when we look at that it simply has no trend whatsoever. >> yet more people spend more. >> there's more stuff in the way of the weather. >> john, you don't buy all the scare mongering, but you are scared about parts of it. >> right, absolutely, because the ice sheets are melting, seen the polarized cap diminishing year by year and decade by decade. there are variations in the year, take a seven-year time frame or 17-year time frame and get a different picture but we've reached a bit of a tipping point or turning point, i should say because we're at a warming period when we should be entering the 80,000 years going into the next ice age. nobody cares about the next ice age obviously but the fact that the oceans are warmer, and that the oceans are rising, new jersey and new york is 14 inches higher than 100 years ago, and we just see the photographs of the arctic ice cap disappearing and we go to greenland and
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antarctica and we can see signs of increased melting which will raise the ocean. >> so your book says a coming global crisis. why crisis? why can't we adjust? >> we can and that's what we need to do. we should slowly adjust. we should recognize that after years of instability the sea level is going up. we need to plan because it will have drastic catastrophic effects on the shoreline all over the year. >> pat, do you dispute this? >> john, we've been adapting. over half of the sea level rise on much of the east coast doesn't have anything to do with the water. it has to do with the fact that the land is sinking, so these 14-inch rises that you've seen in new jersey, 18 inches at the southern end -- >> over the past 100 years. >> we haven't noticed it. >> exactly. you would not have noticed that unless somebody told you that it happened down there. the adaptation is a slow, steady thing and that's what people do. >> you're shaking your head in
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disgust here. >> pat is a great professional contrarian and i've read his stuff for years but let's be practical here. in miami beach there are streets that are flooded during lunar high tide a couple of days a month and wheels of cars are rufgt out in some neighborhoods because they are getting salt water on them regularly. that's different than has been the case for 100 years. >> what do you want to do about it? >> we need to realize that it's happening because we need to slowly adjust our shorelines, our architecture, build up, set back and come up with technologies like the dutch do where they actually allow for storms to go through the ground floor of buildings. >> so, pat, i assume you don't dispute that, and i assume you don't dispute john's point about the melting ice in greenland. >> whoa, wait a minute, i don't agree with him on antarctica. antarctica is the largest body of ice on world. 90% is in antarctica. computer models for the 21st century. if we're going to believe these things, they predict that
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antarctica gains ice. why? >> because the ocean around antarctica warms up a little bit. there's more water vapor in the air and when it' merges what do you think it falls as, as rain, no snow. >> john is saying no. >> antarctica is a little complicated to understand. >> it's complicated. >> antarctica is confusing because it looks right. the east antarctic park, two-thirds of the continent is growing more moisture in the air from a warmer ocean goes up and has to come down as rain or snow and it comes down as snow. east antarctica is getting thicker and has overcome the loss on west antarctica until three years ago but it's now losing because there's glaciers there that could slide into the ocean in a decade and cause some catastrop catastrophes. >> all right. we're not going to solve this, but do either of you not drive a car or say we can do anything about this in terms of not
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causing global warming? >> i could short on apocalyptic futures. i've lived through nine end of the world environmental apocalypses begins with silent spring, and, you know, we're still here and i have a feeling that this is going to be one and long theories. ocean sledification will be its replacement, a prediction. >> john, you want to tax carbon? you want to do something about it. >> i think we should price-op. i think the free market -- >> you mean tax carbon? >> there needs to be a pricing mechanism and we need to get away from the subsidies like coastal flood insurance. >> we agree on that. i lost a beach house. i think we have a picture of it here. how stupid is this. the government encouraged me to build on the edge of an ocean. >> we need to stop subsidizing and letting people think that if they people in harm's way the government is going to come and pay for their rebuilding because we'll go broke quicker doing that. >> all right. on that note, thank you. pat michaels, john englander. coming up, killer bees.
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going swimming this summer? are you willing to swim in the ocean? thanks in large part to that movie, a lot of people are scared of sharks, and every couple of years, especially when there isn't other news, the media scare you to death. >> shark invasion, a number of unprovoked shark attacks is on the rise. >> beach-goers beware. it's summer. they are hungry. >> a scary start to shark season. >> shark season? what does that mean? sharks get hungry in the summer. no. it just means we spend more time in the water, but are sharks what we ought to worry about? no, again, other stuff is much more likely to hurt you. >> andy understands that and works at ripley's aquarium in toronto and helps the discovery channel produce its shark week
7:17 pm
program, and andy, this fear is largely silly? >> absolutely. the fear of sharks is unfounded. around the globe there's less than 100 shark bites per year on people. the counter to that is we kill 73 million sharks per year. >> and in terms of stuff to worry about, driving to the beach, it's more dangerous than the shark. there's a lot of things more dangerous than the shark including vending machines. more people killed every year by falling vending machines than by sharks. >> more seriously, 3,500 americans drown. if you're going to worry about something in the water, worry about them drowning or at the reach bee stings kill many more people. >> definitely. making sure your kids are safe in the water and avoiding rip currents. those are far more dangerous than the sharks that are potentially at the beach. >> still, you got interested in sharks because you had a close encounter. >> i did. >> i was 5 years old. i was snorkeling with my dad in the florida keys and saw a six
7:18 pm
foot caribbean reef shark, and as you can imagine it's a pretty life-changing event when a shark that size swims by. it was calm and peaceful and knew i wanted to work with sharks. >> and turns out if you swam in florida you would be within feet of sharks and probably never knew? >> up and down the east coast people have been closer to sharks than they realize. the reality is sharks are not hunting people. there's over 500 species of sharks. no one of them has humans on the diet. when it does happen, it's a mistaken identity. a great white might see someone on a surf board and think it's a sea lion which is their normal prey item. people should enjoy being at the beach and don't worry about sharks. >> thank you, andy. i hope people feel better. >> you bet. >> as you just heard, sharks are less likely to hurt you than bees. bees, bee stings kill 50 to 100
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americans every year, and it may get worse because as this documentary puts it. >> a storm is gathering on the horizon. an invasion decades in the making is under way. an alien species is staking claim to the americas. creatures that will die rather than retreat. >> i don't believe that we're going to stop the spread of africanized bees. >> they are moving through florida and headed to georgia. killer bees now number more than 1 trillion, and the killer bee could soon be heading your way. >> oh, no, what are we going to do? let's ask this guy who appears on the animal planet show "infested." he's bee removal specialist mike mollicka. should we be scared killer bees are coming? >> i want be anymore afraid than
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you would be of being struck by lightning. your odds are probably higher. >> what's with the tv show? they are infesting and moving north and moving everywhere. >> when they were released from brazil in 1997 they spread at a rate of 100 to 3 pun miles per year. >> explain that. >> this was an experiment that went wrong. >> this was. the bees were originally taken from africa and brought to brazil to try and create a new and better bee that would create more honey, that would be more resistant to various pathogens and it was an accidental release from one of the assistants that actually allowed these into the wild where they spread very rapidly north in roughly six states right now. >> and they are more dangerous because they don't get discouraged. they will chase you farther. >> this is true. >> any measurement of how far a bee will chase you in regards to european honeybees is which is what we're used to other states is measured in yards whereas with africanized honeybees the quotes vary, but it's usually
7:21 pm
somewhere from a quarter mile up to a mile. >> enough bee stings can kill you. >> texas a&m and the merck manual for diagnosis say ten stings per pound of body weight can be lethal so my 40-pound son could take 400 stings. >> i would take 1,600 stings. >> i won't tell you how many i could take. >> the answer is to run away. >> the safest thing to do would be to run. >> but very few people are being killed by killer bees. >> one or two per year. >> right. >>ow when the media isn't worried about bees killing us, they worry about bees vanishing. a beepocalyse, beemageddon that threatens food disaster. >> something is happening. first at 9:00, see the dangers of the decline. >> every third bite you eat is pollinated by a honeybee. >> as utah copes with the mystery of disappearing bees.
7:22 pm
>> there's no argument that bepoplations are declining. ♪ all we're saying is give bees a chance ♪ >> couldn't understand that, they were singing all we are saying, give bees a chance. and so if bees are disappearing, should we worry. well, mike is worried, wally thurman from the property and environmental research center says don't worry, why not? >> the demise of the honeybee has been greatly exaggerated in my view. what they are referring to in that clip is colony collapse disorder, a recent uptick in bee disease which is concerning beekeepers, but an important fact to keep in mind is that beekeepers have responded to disease and we have more bee colonies in the united states today than we did before colony collapse disorder hit. >> the beekeeper can just mate more bees. mate more queens. how does that work? >> exactly. individual insect bees live six
7:23 pm
weeks but whole colonies of bees are managed by beekeepers and they can split a healthy colony, took an empty colony and put a new queen and in six weeks they will have a full strength colony ready for poll nation and making money. >> just the fact that they need to do that now suggests something bad is happening. it might be the pesticides. europe plans to ban certain kinds of pesticides. you say that's a good thing? >> absolutely i do. i think it's important that we put the safety of our children in front of perhaps corporate profit. i think that there's a lot of money to be made on the agorochemicals. >> that's the scare being used by the anti-chemical people. chemicals makes our lives better. without these pesticides foods would cost much more and they would have to use much more land
7:24 pm
and use other insecticides which might be worse. >> here thefor nicotinoids were green and environmentally beneficial. the seed coatings, a farmer will purchase seeds coated in this insecticide and it's taken up sift timically. >> in the plant, in the fruit. >> exactly. the corn plants becomes poisonous to the worms that try to eat the plant. what this -- what this makes unnecessary is the farmer indiscriminately spraying his field with pesticide later on, so to ban the pesticides now would be to resu greater application of pesticides. >> more spraying, more runoff into the water, more environmental damage. >> exactly. >> thank you, wally, mike. next, it's fire season. putting out these massive blazes is a job that must be done by government, right? what you think you know is not so. what you thank you knnw is what you thank you knnw is not so. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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wildfires raging out of control right now in texas. >> raging wile fire already killing two people in the state of colorado. >> summer is wildfire season. now, this is a libertarian show, but even many libertarians say fighting fires is one of the few things that government must do. who is going to do it if not government? well, private companies, that's who. you probably don't know that nearly half the people the federal government uses to fight wildfires work for private companies. it's a myth that fire fighting must be done by governments. in some parts of america if your house catches fire it's a private business that will come to put it out. the assistant chief of a privately run fire department joins us. how does that work in the house catches fire. you put it out and then you send them a bill? >> it can work that way, but generally folks pay us ahead of
7:30 pm
time. they subscribe for our services. this helps lower their insurance rates. >> the insurance company when they buy homeowners insurance often says you better get covered. >> yes. >> and that helps lower their insurance rate which means they save money, and, in fact, the amount of money they save on their insurance actually pays for the subscription fee, plus they get to pocket some. >> sometimes, but not always but sometimes. >> almost always. >> and your fees are about if your house is worth $100,000, about $100 per year. if it's a $300,000 house, $320 per year. >> yeah. >> is that cheaper than what other people pay in taxes for their fire department? >> yes, it is cheaper of the you look at our overall budget for doing three services, fire, ems and security, we're lots cheaper than most of the government. >> why? >> how can you be cheaper for the same work? >> it comes in being efficient
7:31 pm
with what you do and watching how you spend your money and stuff, and our board of directors, a bunch of great guys who have business experience, and that really helps and saves a lot of money for folks. >> you often pay less for a fire truck? >> yes, we do. and i've talked with a variety of fire chiefs across the nation, and one that i talked with, i was just asking him some simple questions about what are you paying for fire trucks and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and the next thing i know he's telling me we pay $500,000 for our fire trucks and i went we don't pay that much >> you pay? >> we pay only about 250,000. >> what's the difference? >> the difference was about an extra 4 to 6 inches on the length of the cab of the truck where the fire fighters ride in air ride seats, and i'm thinking you're riding five miles to a fire maybe at the most, for five or ten minutes and then turning around and riding back and you're paying twice what i'm paying? i could have bought two fire
7:32 pm
trucks for the price of his one. >> most of the people subscribe. >> yes. >> they pay your fees, the people who don't, you put the fire out and send them a bill. >> that's right. >> and most of them pay? >> we're under no legal obligation to respond but we do respond simply because we want to help people. we're fire fighters. we want to do what's right. our ems crews, the whole nine yards. we want to get in there and help people so we do and we go through a billing company who actually sends them the bill, and, unfortunately, that can literally be tens of thousands of dollars depending on the time and hours involved. >> it pays to be paid up front. >> it lowers your insurance rates and helps you out. >> what else do you do that's more efficient than a government department? >> well, mostly it's the fact that we're very entrepreneurial. we are open to ideas as to how we can expand our services. we had a local company that wanted us to provide three levels of service for them, a
7:33 pm
first response fire, a first response medical and a security service, and we talked with them a little bit, got their ideas of what they wanted. we left that meeting and got in our car and went back to headquarters and said how are we going to do the security end of it? how are we going to do that? and we started thinking it over and less than a month we came back with a plan and said this is what it will cost and do it and they chose to contract with us. >> and a government department. >> the problem they run into is it has to go through other bodies. they may two or three weeks to determine whether they want to even consider it, and we're a non-profit. we're not doing -- >> there are for-profit private departments. >> there are, but we are a non-profit. we have volunteers. we have about 140, and that saves the taxpayer huge amounts of money. >> you may not know that most
7:34 pm
fire fighters in america are volunteers. i believe the national fire association has -- >> 69%. and your guys volunteer because they like helping people? >> they love helping people and they are in it for that reason alone. >> chief, thank you very much. coming up, myths about mosquitos, driving, full noon and marrying your cussin. and the full moon and [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money.
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in summer people drive more. the more you drive, the more you want to get the best possible mileage, so how do you do that, and what are myths about driving? let's ask race car driver lauren figure who calls herself the car coach. welcome. >> thank you. >> turn off the air conditioner, inflate your tires and change
7:39 pm
the oil every 3,000 miles and flush out the transmission. >> flush out engine in the transmission is one of the biggest scams out there. the reason you don't want to do that is you're taking out all of those important things that make lubrication of the engine work. you want your engine to function properly. when you flush out all the additives and detergent. >> oil can henry is advertising this for 50 bucks. >> you want to biggie those fries, an up sell. the truth is if you change your oil in the proper intervals using the book in the glove box underneath the napkins and ketchup packs, that's the correct way to do it. >> myth number two, increase the tire pressure and that makes sense because too little pressure, you get bad mileage. >> right. >> but actually what you're doing is wearing out the tire prematurely and affecting your performance breaking your fuel economy. you have less tires on the
7:40 pm
grown. the correct number, the number ensued your door. check your tire pressure once a month. >> if you can stand the heat turn off the air conditioner. >> that sounds good. newer vehicles are designed with the windows closed and some have electric air conditioning so it makes sense to have the windows up to get the best air flow and, of course, run your air conditioning, it won't affect your fuel economy. >> the aerodynamics with the windows closed are so much better. >> right. >> interesting. >> and then changing the oil. watching tv i would think this is something i must do every 3,000 miles. >> 3,000 miles you make us smile. >> we'll take care of your car every 3,000 miles. >> every 3,000 miles. >> see you in 3,000 miles. >> that's what i hear. >> every 3,000 miles is great for their pocketbook but not good for your pocketbook. the truth is some vehicles have synthetic oil, and if you read in your owner's manual, check that owner's manual, it could be
7:41 pm
7,500 and even 10,000 miles if you have a full synthetic oil. running full synthetic oil is better for your engine, better fuel economy and less emissions. >> washing your car. >> yes. >> i would think soap is soap. you can use dish soap. >> using dish soap strips off the wax like it takes the grease off your plates. it takes the grease and wax off your car. use automotive products on your vehicle. >> all the gadgets, improve your mileage, 15% more, add it to the air filter, the crank case, whatever. >> 99.9% of them are totally false. they are absolutely a waste. magnets, i have found a few that work. i test them myself. a couple of additives. this is one additive that i found helps balance the ethanol out. it actually works. about $4 for a container, but it improved my fuel economy by three to four miles per gallon. >> as you've writ ebt car-makers are under enormous pressure to get more mileage, if there was something they could do they
7:42 pm
jump on it? >> why would i believe you and the test on this thing? >> i know it works. this product works. >> other companies have more at stake and more testing ability. >> but the truth is they haven't purchased this yet. i'm sure eventually they will buy this company out and come up with their own version. be careful of all the gadgets and gizmos. 99.9% of them are a hoax. thank you, lauren. coming up, will getting a tan protect you from the sun? is it dangerous to swim right after you eat? that and other summer myths coming up. hey linda!
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so itchy. i just keep itching it. >> and when she does scratch, will she make the bite worse? and what attracts mosquitos? dr. peterson has researched a bunch of summer health myths so let's start with mosquito bites. myth or truth, do you scratch them? >> they get worse. that's truth. >> what happens when you get bit by a mosquito she actually leaves saliva. >> it's a woman. >> it's a she that bites. only female mosquitos bite actually, a little piece of
7:47 pm
trivia. so when they bite they leave saliva under the skin and the body looks at that as a foreign substance and reacts to it to try to remove it and in the process allotted of chemicals come along one called histamine which is the chemical that causes redness and swelling and itching and the characteristic bite that you see. if you scratch it, you now exacerbate that inflammatory process. all those chemicals come racing back to the skin and the itching gets worse. >> and lasts longer. >> lasts longer and makes it more difficult to heal. you're aggravating the process. >> other myths that i've heard, mosquitos bite people who have sweet blood. >> that's a myth. >> what's sweet blood? >> i don't know. i don't know where that term came from. there's no such thing as sweet blood. what we do know is that mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide which is the gas that we exhale when we breathe, so if you breathe more rapidly, if you're exercising, they are more likely to be attracted to you. >> or if you're pregnant actually. >> pregnant women are more likely to get bit because they
7:48 pm
breathe more heavily and have a higher content of carbon dioxide in their breath and body heat is a factor and pregnant women have a higher body heat and if you exercise again more likely. >> moving on, if you get a base tarn that prevents sunburn. >> that is a myth. now, there is some truth to that in that a base tan will give you about an spf of 4 so if you normally burn in 20 minutes you'll now burn in 80. however, what are we trying to protect against? we're trying to protect against uv damage. uv damage causes skin cancer and premature aging. the base tan does the same exact thing so you're not alow ofating the damage done to your skin simply by getting the base tan. >> you're delaying the burn but the wrinkles and the crummy look happens just as quickly. >> exactly. >> your eyeballs can get sunburned. >> they k.many people don't realize this. i had a patient who came in a couple days ago.
7:49 pm
i was out on a boat all day this past weekend and the next day my eyes were so sensitive to the light i.said to him your eyeballs got sunburned. >> bloodshot eyes, light sensitivity, extra tearing. >> those are the symptoms you've done damage to your eyes so it's very important to wear sunglasses with uv protection in them. >> don't they all? >> no, not all of them do. >> they all have some, right? >> not necessarily. you really have to look on the label, they all do. >> assuming they can trust the label. >> the jelly fish stings, they can be nasty, and if you watch the sitcom "friends" you may think you know the cure. >> no, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts. damn all the jelly fish. >> there's really only one thing you can do. >> what is it? >> you have to pee on it. >> i saw it on the discovery channel. >> myth? >> myth. >> there's no evidence to show that peeing on a jelly fish sting helps at all. >> might make it worse in some cases. >> it can potentially irritate
7:50 pm
the skin. what can work is white vinegar. if you soak a wash cloth in white vinegar and place it on the sting for 30 minutes, something about the acidity of the vinegar can deactivate the stinger of the jelly fish. >> last myth. don't swim on a full stomach. >> an old wife's tale that perpetuated for a decade. >> my mother said you have to wait a half an hour. >> you don't have to wait. when you eat food is diverted to the gut to digest and if the blood is in the gut how is it going to get to the muscles, you get cramps and then you drown. >> right. >> that's the thought. makes sense. it's never actually been documented, and, in fact, the american academy of pediatrics and the american red cross have never made recommendations to wait after having a meal. >> what may happen is the act of swimming, the adrenaline is up and the blood circulates more and it still gets to the muscle. >> could counteract it.
7:51 pm
let's say you do get a little cramp. it's not going to be debilitating for you not to be able to get out of pool in time. >> if you're out in the ocean. >> in the ocean, again, never been documented. >> thank you, dr. peterson. coming up, does a full moon really make people crazy, and if you see a roach should you buy one of those roach motels? we debunk more myths next. next. ♪ you know throughout history, folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. ♪
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7:55 pm
often what we think we know is not so. that's what i learned in my years of consumer reporting. i wrote that book about it. now, since then i've got six crack researchers here on the stossel show so the myths keep coming. for example, a full moon makes people crazy. lots of americans believe that. people working in hospital emergency rooms say oh, yeah, we got more accidents, more action the night of a full moon. cops tell me when the moon is full, people are crazier. the truth, over the past 20 years dozens of studies have searched for a full moon effect but have found none. no effect on people's behaviors. the tides, yes, but people, no. so why do so many people believe the moon makes people craze? because our memory plays tricks on us. our brains look for patterns, and when we find them, we remember that. if something happens on the
7:56 pm
night of a full moon we notice the connection. we say, ah, yeah. there was a full moon. but when something like a shooting happens other nights or when nothing happens when there is a full moon, we forget that. we remember the hits and forget the misses. now, myth number two. cracking your knuckles is bad for you. my parents told me it would make my knuckles big and cause arthritis. the truth, it's harmless. the arthritis foundation says the noise you hear when you crack your knuckles is the collapse of an air bubble. collapsing it won't hurt your hand and has nothing to do with arthritis. crack away. myth number three. you must never marry your cousin. if you do, it's incest, and if you have kids, they will probably be stupid or born with birth defects. in half the states, marrying a first cousin is illegal. but as with many of our laws there's little reason for the law. it exists because hundreds of years ago the catholic church
7:57 pm
campaigned against cousin marriage because in laviticus it says none of you shall approach any that is near of kin, but a cousin isn't terribly near. pop culture reinforced the idea that kids of cousins might have birth defects, a clip from the movie "brighton beach memoir." >> you can't marry your first cousin, you get babies with nine heads. >> nine heads in the society of genetic counselors says the risk of birth defects are maybe 2% higher among married cousins. age increases the risk much more. 6% to 8% if a woman is over 40. we don't ban older women from having kids. and albert einstein's parents were cousins. he turned out to be pretty smart. worldwide, 20% of all married couples are cousins. marry away. myth number four, to kill roaches, buy one of those roach motels. >> disgusting roaches. >> don't worry.
7:58 pm
we're sending them to a motel. >> to a motel? >> roaches check in but they don't check out. >> it's true. they don't check out. but the more important truth is that most roaches won't check in. for every roach we see there are hundreds behind the walls, and just one roach couple can have 20,000 babies. traps and insect sprays make it feel like we're accomplishing something because we can see the roach die, but that won't solve a roach problem. foggers which fog up the house with poison gas are better killers because they carry the pef side into more hiding places but have you to leave the house for hours. the better solution, say the experts, is simple bait like this stuff. the poison works, the poisons in here work slowly. the roaches go in here and bring the poison back to the nest and thereby kill their thousands of brothers and sisters. every expert we spoke to said if you want to kill roaches bait
7:59 pm
works best. works best on ants, too. too final myths. some people are just born happy. this one seems to be true. studies of twins show some kids are just born hapier than others, and they tend to be happier throughout life. senator john mccain is probably up of those people. he says even when he was a prisoner of war in north vietnam, sometimes tortured, he had a positive outlook and was happy a lot. that's a good attitude to have. i would not have been happy in a north vietnamese prison. and finally some people would say if we would just leave them alone they would be happy but that is a myth. it's close relationships that tend to make people happier. married people rate themselves happier than singles. >> give me another one, bill. that was good. >> and people who have several close friends rate themselves happier than people who don't. so go make friends.
8:00 pm
enjoy the full moon and marry your cousin and crack your knuckles. what you think you know is not so. that's our show. see you next week. that is our show. eastern, and on the west coast, red eye tonight on "huckabee." >> we should be doing everything we can as a country to create more good jobs that pay good wages, period. >> the president talks a good talk, but what's the truth about today's job market? >> i have been long term unemployed for four years. >> i have never been unemployed. this is the first time. >> i work two jobs. they're both part-time. >> it is depressing, defeating, humiliating. >> the real unemployment numbers and the real stories behind them. having the freedom to maybe start your own business because you know you'll be able to get health care, and it is about jobs. >> is it about jobs?


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