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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 26, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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end. >> congrats! >> that's it for us on "the five." have a great weekend, everyone. "special report" is next! the group charged with enforcing obama care objects to being forced into obama care. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. we are repeatedly told by the administration that the affordable care act is now the law of the land, and it is, but groups that traditionally support the president and his policies are now lining up to try to get out of obama care. tonight another bump in what has been a rocky road for implementation of the law. and this one involves the irs, responsible for enforcing that law. chief white house correspondent
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ed henry has our lead story tonight. >> reporter: to hear president obama's top advisers tell it, everything is going just fine, thank you very much, with signing new people up for his controversial health care law. >> for millions of americans they will have access to affordable care that they don't have at their place of work or that they haven't been able to afford in the past. >> reporter: what secretary kathleen sebelius didn't mention, some of his allies in organized labor don't seem to share excitement, with national treasury union employees declaring it doesn't want to trade generous health insurance for private insurance exchanges. ironic since some of the treasury employees are irs agents, tasked with enforcing the law. the fact the union is fighting a bill that would force them to make the trade shows the exchanges are not as advantageous as the white house has claimed. if the obama care exchanges are good enough for hard working
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americans and small businesses the law claims to help, then they should be good enough for the president, vice president, congress and federal employees. this follows three unions, including the influential teamsters, run by james p. ho a p. hoffa, claiming without changes, it will destroy the health and well-being of members. >> we are on the way to implementing the affordable care act. >> reporter: the president has been defending it on the economic tour, stresses it is aimed for people without coverage, not workers that have it. >> insurance companies will finally have to cover you and charge you the same rates as everybody else, even if you have a pre-existing condition. that's what the affordable care act does. >> reporter: meanwhile, republicans are divided whether to defund the entire law in the resolution to keep the government running past september 30. a strategy being pushed by at least a dozen senate republicans, including prominent conservatives ted cruz, mike lee, marco rubio. >> if republicans in both houses
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refuse to vote for any continuing resolution that contains further funding or enforcement of obama care, we can stop it. >> reporter: in blunt terms, richard burr says the party will take a hit if it results in a government shut down. >> dumbest idea i've ever heard of. as long as barack obama is president, the affordable care act is going to be law. >> reporter: they have town halls in august, also to whip up conservatives ahead of the 2014 mid terms, stakes are high for the president. that's why this week he huddled with hollywood stars like amy poehler to try to figure out how to get more young people to sign up for the exchanges. >> ed henry, thank you. more on this with the panel. tune into fox news sunday. chris wallace interviewing treasury secretary jack lew, and mike lee. check local listings for times. you heard the saying, if it looks like, swims like, quacks
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like a duck, it is probably a duck. apply that test to nonworking union advocacy groups. when you do, critics see a union trying to make an end run around the rules. supporters of worker centers disagree. here is chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> reporter: some 200 groups across the country are designed to help immigrant workers like taxi drivers and restaurant employees, now several republican lawmakers make the case over the past decade, the line between so-called worker centers and labor unions has blurred. for example, in dealing with employers directly on behalf of staff. john kline and subcommittee chairman filt row -- phil row, saying a case has been made that at least some worker centers are labor organizations as defined by the labor management reporting and disclosure act, which makes them subject to
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annual filing requirements. >> we're asking the secretary to clarify what the things are, and it is well spelled out if you read the law what it is, what you can and can't do, what reporting requirements are and are not. >> reporter: all seem to agree worker centers provide useful services like job training and offering english as second language classes, but some experts say some of them aren't purelial truistic. >> they use this as front organizations to organize workers, by pass unionizing tactics. since they are not regulated, they can use worker centers to drive away business. >> reporter: a group called center for union facts is running this ad can you tell the difference. shows richard trumka and trumka in disguise as a worker center big shot. the executive director of koreatown worker alliance in los angeles defended its activities,
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telling "the wall street journal," quote, as a nonprofit we are not allowed to negotiate and bargain with employers whereas unions are. alexander suh said we are not advocating, just for compliance with basic labor law. >> reporter: representatives klein asked for clarification by august 6th. san diego democratic mayor bob filner says he will undergo two weeks of therapy, but will not, will not resign amid allegations he sexually harassed women. >> it is simply not acceptable for me to try to explain away my conduct as the product of standards of a different generation. i apologize to my staff. i apologize to the citizens and staff members who have supported me over the years. i apologize to the people of san
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diego. and most of all, i apologize to the women i have offended. >> this after a series of women claimed he kissed, groped, placed them in head locks. four more women came out with new allegations this week. fellow democrats that called for him to resign did so again today after his announcement this afternoon, and a petition has started to try to remove him from office. acting as his own attorney, accused fort hood shooter major nidal malik hasan issued a statement to fox news. catherine herridge has details. good evening. >> reporter: his statement does not directly address the shooting in november, 2009, which killed 13 and injured more than 30 others, it claims the u.s. military is at war with his religion. the statement reads in part, quote, my come policity was on behalf of a government that only acknowledges it would hate for
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the law of allah to be the supreme law of the land. he says he regrets his years in the army as a psychiatrist, claiming it was inconsistent with his religious beliefs. i would like to repent to all might a allah and apologize to the mujahideen. the believers and the innocent. i ask for their forgiveness and their prayers and for forgiveness for participation in the illegal and i am moral aggression against muslims. it is believed to be the first lengthy statement by the fort hood suspect whose court martial begins august 6th. george strat enand his son wounded in the attack will testify at the trial. statten is not surprised by the statement. i believed him to be a muslim terrorist, so it confirms what i always thought. i believe that's exactly how he felt when he did what we did.
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we should take him at his word. if convicted on 13 counts of premeditated murder, he faces execution or life in prison without parole. bret? >> thank you. up next, protests in egypt as the ousted president faces prosecution. will cairo descend into violence again? is it getting closer to civil war there? first, a live look at atlanta, georgia from waga. big story there, an 11-year-old girl that caught a baby dropped from a window in a fire in atlanta. and murder charges may be dismissed against a woman that conspired with her boss to kill her husband. and "american idol" auditions live in atlanta tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals.
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going overseas, prosecutors opened an investigation of ousted egyptian president morsi on charges of murder and conspiracy, with hamas. all of this as rallies started through egypt, live through tahrir square. correspondent leland vitter is in the middle east newsroom. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, bret. just past mid night in cairo, streets are rocking. tahrir square, the site of the pro-government rally, also pro-morsi rally. the army trying to get a handle on things that could easily spin out of control. so far in 24 hours, at least five dead, more than 70 injured. crowds in cairo stretched as far as the eye could see, with people still streaming in on foot, shutting down major highways. in tahrir square, those supporting the army gathered
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chanting the army and people are one. on the other side of the city, the other side of egypt's political divide, the muslim brotherhood, supporting morsi. this is our president, god will help bring him back to power, said this protester. the divide is as clear as it is violent, with rallies descending into running streets, adding the july heat, comes the crack of bullets and tear gas, over crowds in tahrir square, the army flew in apache helicopters in waves. over the muslim brotherhood gathering, they dropped leaflets, warning people of violence. so far, morsi hasn't been seen, held inkmun cad oh by the army that took over in a coup. today, the army announced charges against morsi for breaking out of jail during
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egypt's 2011 revolution. his rise to power culminated with narrow win in egypt's first democratic election a year ago. opponents complained he tried to use the presidency to turn egypt into an islamic state. now the strong man is learning it is easier to take power than to govern. late into the night duri, those holding his poster with him and against him. >> they have given the brotherhood until saturday night, roughly 20 hours from now, to end the protest, enjoying a peaceful transition or else. that else has not been defined. the brotherhood says they're not going anywhere. bret, if we learned anything in the past month, the egyptian army's unwillingness to allow deadlines to pass without some kind of action. back to you. >> leland vitter, live in the
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middle east newsroom, thank you. decades of competition are driving some of the top guns from the air force. there are new concerns what that means for the future of american air superiority. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that story from the pentagon. >> reporter: the air force estimates without a serious recruiting effort, it will be short 700 fighter pilots eight years from now, offering retention bonuses up to $225,000 to stay in the service for another nine years. the deadline to respond to the unusual help wanted ad is september 30th. >> we do have fighter pilot shortage, currently about 200 fighter pilots short. we are concerned about it and we anticipate that that fighter pilot shortage will continue to grow in years to come. >> reporter: the reason, fighter pilot fatigue after 12 years of war, sequestration, which has one-third of the air force fighter squadrons grounded, higher salaries on average at commercial airlines all
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contribute. boeing estimates there will be global need for 460,000 new commercial pilots in the next two decades, which will add to the need to woo the u.s. military ace pilots. the faa raised qualifications for commercial co-pilots from 250 flying hours to 1500, making u.s. military trained pilots with years of experience even more attractive. some fighter pilots are retiring, frustrated their experience was wasted when they were reassigned to fly unmanned drones. the air force has revisited that policy, is now training drone pilots without cockpit experience. >> these fighter pilots are flying $100 million airplanes or $150 million if they're early models of f-22s or f-35s, so the experience that they need to keep flying such expensive material aircraft is what they're aiming at. >> reporter: it currently costs the taxpayer $6 million a year
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to train one fighter pilot in today's air force. bret? >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. the defense says accused wikileaks bradley manning is a whistleblower, not a traitor as the government claims. his lawyer said he wanted to provoke more debate on policy out of concern for fellow americans. he is accused of 21 criminal counts, the most serious of which, aiding the enemy. there's a life sentence. a plea deal for the man at the center of the cleveland, ohio kidnapping case. ariel castro agreed to life without parole, plus a thousand years to avoid the death penalty. the former school bus driver had been charged with hundreds of counts of kidnapping and rape, plus assault and other counts as well. the mother of slain teenager trayvon martin was in philadelphia today to address the national urban league. sybrina fulton supports
3:19 pm
investigation into whether george zimmerman could be charged under federal civil rights laws. she also issued a call to action against stand your ground laws. >> no grandkids coming from trayvon, all because of a law, a law that has prevented the person who shot and killed my son to be held accountable and to pay for this awful crime. >> it is important to point out george zimmerman's attorneys did not rely on florida's stand your ground law, but persuaded the jury he acted in self defense when he shot and killed trayvon martin. still ahead, ten terrorists hack your gps. and first, every time ben bernanke speaks, the stock market seems to move. we'll talk about who his replacement might be, and how
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stocks finished the week in the green, dow gained three, s&p 500 up three, the dow up a tenth percentage point for the fifth week of gains, even though just a tenth of a point. s&p 500 finished down, nasdaq gained seven-tenths of a point. this fall we should learn who will be the new federal reserve chairman. that's a big deal. discuss the successor, our chief economics correspondent at "the wall street journal." >> thanks. >> who are the leading contenders? >> there's a horse race. larry summers, one of the top
3:24 pm
economic advisers to barack obama, and janet yellin, number two at the fed, isn't known as much or as widely as summers, but is known inside the fed in the economics community. >> already just with this word circulating out there there's some push back about summers. >> there's a storm that erupted in the last weeks. a lot of people assumed janet was the front runner, that was going to mean couldnntinuity at fed. within the last week, it is clear from talking to people inside and outside of the white house that summers is a serious contender, and he does not have a lot of support on capitol hill. >> why? >> so there's a few reasons. one is he lost his job as president of harvard some years ago for comments about women which some saw as denigrating.
3:25 pm
he's also got a history of deregulation from the late 1990s, which liberals in the senate very much oppose. we broke a story today that he's gone back since he left the white house to work, to do consulting for citigroup and other financial firms, so his connections to wall street and this idea of a revolving door between washington and wall street could cause him problems if obama decides to offer him the job. >> yellin, not a lot know about her, she has been in the number two position, qe 3, quantitative easing has been happening. >> right. >> big supporter of that. >> is she the safe bet? >> well, depends how you see it. she seems a safe bet within the fed. if you worry about inflation, she is not a safe bet. she has been very supportive of the fed pumping money into the financial system. but i think on wall street she is seeing it as safe bet.
3:26 pm
there's continuity there. you know very much where she stands and she has been at the fed for the formulation of all of these policies. she understands how they work. presumably she understands how to unwind them, because they have been talking a lot about whether or not to start pulling this back. in that respect she is safe. >> we're getting ready to do a big piece about federal reserve, try to explain to people, we talk about it all the time, how much money is in the economy from the fed. >> right. >> but the important thing is that this job will be big because eventually you have to turn the spigot off. if inflation is coming, you have to stop pumping money. >> this is important for a variety of reasons. one, the fed decides how expensive your mortgage will be, credit cards, auto loans, it ts interest rates. that effects every american. it matters to all of us. but it does more than that. when the fed talks about what it is going to do with interest rates, that effects the stock market. we have seen a lot of volatility
3:27 pm
in stocks as the fed talked about whether to pull money back or continue to push it in. some would say that president obama has been talking about the economy for the last few days, possibly the most important economic decision he is going to make in the rest of his term as president is who runs the fed because of influence that it has. >> thank you very much. love to have you back. >> thanks a lot. no grapevine so we can bring two other important stories, including this one, the reality that terrorists can take control of planes and boats remotely. a fox news exclusive. (girl) what does that say? (guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places.
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it looks like the end of an era. new regulations threa bring the american coal industry to its knees as the administration insists there is no war on coal. of correspondent doug mcelway is in west virginia with more. >> reporter: the next time you turn on a light, thank john, or 86,000 others working today that dig the coal that fuels 40% of the electricity, for the most productive nation man kind has ever known. >> my son makes his living by doing some contracting work in the coal industry, and i have a couple grandchildren, one is going to west virginia university right now to get a
3:32 pm
degree, a mining engineering degree, and hopefully the coal industry will be around. >> reporter: but warning signs are ominous. the power plant behind him sits idle as do 150 others or one-sixth of coal plants in the u.s. obama administration rejected the accusation they launched a war on coal, but presses ahead with more carbon regulation. >> i direct the environmental protection agency to put end to limitless dumping of carbon pollution from power plants and pollution standards. >> reporter: the latest proposal provoked 23 coal state members of congress to accuse the president in this monday letter of circumventing the will of congress which has repeatedly voted against carbon regulations. they bear the effects of unemployment, struggling business and lower tax base. >> the plants are taxed on the
3:33 pm
value of the plant. >> there's regulations coming at you could be a factor in the community. >> going to stop the coal mine's in west virginia, we're going to end up like a ghost town. >> reporter: in the heart of coal country, opinions are changing. >> i believe that the epa needs more enforcement. we're producing more coal than we ever have. >> reporter: u.s. coal exports have doubled from 60 million tons a year, start of the obama administration, to 120 million tons today, while regulations force retirement of domestic plants, exports on u.s. coal are ironically fueling our competitors like china, which often burn it without pollution controls required here. u.s. exports, too, may be threatened. one of the reasons coal exports continue to thrive is that coal export terminals are controlled by the u.s. army corps of engineers, not by the epa. they report tremendous pressure on obama administration to
3:34 pm
change that, and if successful, may mean the end of the fuel that powered america. bret? >> doug, thank you. commercial airliners and boats are vulnerable to a type of hacking attack that you've probably never heard of. in a fox news exclusive, senior national correspondent john roberts looks at the troubling possibilities. >> reporter: it was a stunning demonstration of how vulnerable the world's gps system is to hackers, even terrorist groups. in the mediterranean, university of texas professor todd humphreys and his team took navigational control of an $80 million super yacht by spoofing its sophisticated gps. >> we were able to turn the vessel to the left or to the right. we were able to make it follow our heading instead of its intended heading. >> reporter: with a $3,000 device, laptop and antenna, they took it far off course, even running zig zag patterns. the ship's gps showed it was
3:35 pm
moving in a straight line. no alarms, no sign anything was amiss. >> everything is reading normally. >> reporter: andrew scofield is the captain. >> they did a number of attacks and basically we on the bridge were absolutely unaware of any difference. >> reporter: the implications are staggering. every day thousands of ships across the globe are navigating narrow channels, treacherous waters. costa concordia proved what can happen if a ship is only slightly off course. >> you have 90% of the world's cargo going across the seas, imagine shutting a port, imagine running a ship aground. these are the implications we're worried about. >> reporter: what's more, the gps on this super yacht is similar to that of a commercial airliner. as the university of texas team demonstrated, a ship or aircraft could be slowly shifted onto a disastrous path with no one the wiser until it is too late. >> the whole reason in the beginning to do this is to make
3:36 pm
sure other people know, especially people navigating on the high seas, that this kind of attack is possible. >> reporter: so what's being done to protect against it? after fox news reported on another experiment last year where humphreys hacked an unmanned drone, the cia and pentagon took notice. but department of homeland security is according to humphreys fumbling in the dark. mike mccall is frustrated at the lack of action. >> this is a serious issue, you're right, cia and military understand and are looking at, and yet my belief is that department of homeland security has jurisdiction over the issue and are doing nothing to respond to this. >> reporter: congressman mccall and kol bert and collins asked government accountable office to look into what dhs is or isn't doing about the threat.
3:37 pm
a draft is due in august and could prompt congressional hearings. bret? >> i don't know, thank you. pope francis is on the move again in rio dejanuary ear oh with another agenda for the fifth day of his trip. he is celebrating world youth day, hundreds of thousands gather to hear his message of helping the poor, getting active for one's faith. stirring things up, he said, quote, i want to see the church get closer to the people. what does it mean and say about obama care that members of the irs who already to enforce it don't want to be forced into the system? we'll talk about that with the fox all stars when we come back. [ brent ] this guy's a pro, herbie. [ herbie ] there's no doubt about it brent, a real gate keeper.
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country for millions of americans. they will have access to affordable care that they don't have at their place of work or that they haven't been able to afford in the past. >> the health care debate is a debate that the president is not going to engage in, but he wanted to talk about it again yesterday, even though it is one of the things that's holding back full-time job creation and everybody knows it. >> well, some of the president's allies are not too happy about obama care and implementation. in fact, organized labor as we've seen has written numerous letters about it, and now the national treasury employees union has said that it does not want to be put into the exchanges. the treasury employees, some of them, are irs agents that would be responsible for enforcing obama care. with that, let's bring in the panel, steve hayes, charles lyon, and charles krauthammer.
3:42 pm
steve, big deal? >> it is an interesting hypocrisy. for most people that haven't been paying attention to the details of this, they think wait, what? the irs employees might not be required to be part of the exchanges? they should be. all federal government employees should be. there's a common sense element to the argument you hear that of course people that helped design the law, who are implementing, enforcing it, should be required to be part of it so they know what's happening. it is a basic hypocrisy argument, works on a had rhetor level. makes sense for republicans to push. >> proposing the bill to push them into obama care exchanges, i think it is a bunch of political rhetoric at this point. these guys are in the federal employees union are already covered under federal employees health program, they were never
3:43 pm
meant to be moved into the exchanges. that wasn't part of the program. this is just politics. >> charles? >> but it's politics with the purpose, the purpose is to demonstrate the classic demonstration of the fact that the liberal left wants to make rules for everybody but always exempts itself. that's not just hypocrisy, it is a kind of arrogance. they are redesigning these experts on their own from scratch, one-sixth of the u.s. economy, tens of thousands of pages of regulations, all invented from thin air, with all kinds of ratios and decisions that are all arbitrary, which we know will be a train wreck, and of course who escapes it? the irs, among others. the irs employees who are supposed to enforce it. i think it is extremely important because it highlights something a lot larger, which is the arrogance of this political class. >> at the same time, you have a
3:44 pm
strategy by republicans, about a dozen of them, saying that defunding obama care, repealing obama care is the issue of the day, and it should be tied to whether the government moves forward or not funding. steve, what about this? >> well, it's interesting. this is something that maybe could only happen with republicans because you have an issue on which republicans are basically united, obama care should be repealed, delayed, stalled or something, and now you have this incredibly intense fighting taking shots at mike lee who proposed this plan to defund obama care through the continuing resolution, working on ways to not provide funding to implement obama care because obama care isn't going to be implemented as the law was originally passed. i think it is a good thing that republicans are having this debate generally. i think it is a good thing that some republicans, ted cruz, marco rubio and others want to be aggressive. i think maybe the better thing would be the debt ceiling, to attach suspension of obama care
3:45 pm
mandate or the subsidy exchanges, exchange subsidies to the debt ceiling, but it's good they're having this discussion about the future of obama care in the context of the budget battle we have in the fall. >> maybe it is in the party, chuck, you have richard burr saying it is the dumbest idea i've heard of, you have other republican senators saying this will make a big hit on the republican brand overall. what about it? >> what they're afraid of, i gather, is that since the president will never sign such a bill, that there will be a government shut down as a result of all of the fighting over the spending bills, then the republicans will get blamed for it. the experience of the government shut down under the clinton administration has been seered in the memories of some republicans and the huge political price they paid for being perceived as extremists in that time, and you already heard president obama in his speeches
3:46 pm
this week warning the republicans are about to risk a government shut down, et cetera, et cetera, and so they're trying to steer their party away from what they perceive to be this political wreck. >> charles? >> never issue a threat you're not prepared to in the end honor and deliver on, and if the republicans imagine they're going to either stop the funding of the government or refuse raising of the debt ceiling, they're out of their minds. it would be a catastrophe in the end. all the president has to do is wait and they're going to cave. this happened on january the 1st of this year. it happened with the debt ceiling, we know the end game. why would you threaten something and demand in return something you know the president will never do. it's his signature legislation. it would be repudiation of his first term. the only alternative is to go over a cliff, which is dumb.
3:47 pm
>> if you believe obama care will be so detrimental to the country, as many of the republicans that signed on believe, then aren't you by representing who you represent supposed to fight for that which could hurt the country? >> but you don't engage in a tactic that you know from the beginning will lose, will injure the republicans who had a come back since the 1st of january. only way to do it is to recover the senate and do it with full control of congress, if ever, or the white house. you can't govern from a single house of congress. >> you can effect changes and delays to obama care at a time when obama care is as unpopular as it has ever been which is saying something. republicans should focus on this, come up with some strategy. that's what mike lee and this group did, i think it is a good thing. next up, the friday lightning round. ♪
3:48 pm
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3:51 pm
from benghazi survivors? >> well, i think if we don't, that audited to be sort of one of the major elements of the scandal. it is scandalous that for the first assassination of an ambassador, in three decades, we still cannot have not, and, perhaps, as you suggest, will not hear from anyone who was on the scene. and if it's discovered, it has been reported that the -- that they have had to sign nondisclosure agreements, that truly is a scandal and that's where the inquiry ought to go. >> bret: chuck. >> actions speak louder
3:52 pm
than words and whatever testimony that david albmu who is recovering from his injuries his bravery that night are something that everybody can agree the opposite of scandalous. they were valiant and admirable. >> bret: steve? >> you have some survivors that are engaging, writing a book wanting to tell their story. we will hear from that the full story about benghazi will require republican leaders in the house of representatives to decide that they want to make it a big issue. and if they want to make it a big issue, it will be one. if they don't, it won't. >> bret: okay. this was a big inner party moment when governor of new jersey chris christie said this in an interview. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines i think is a very dangerous thought. president obama has done nothing to change the policies of the bush administration in the war on terrorism, and i mean
3:53 pm
practically nothing. and, you know why? because they work. these esoteric intellectual debates i want them to come to new jersey and sit across from the widows and the orphans and have that conversation. and they won't, because that's a much tougher conversation to have. >> bret: he was asked if he was talking about senator rand paul and he said he and others, senator paul tweeted a response, quoting here: christie worries about the dangers of freedom, i worry about the danger of losing that freedom, spying without warrants is unconstitutional. back with the panel. think lightning. steve? >> well, look, i think it's good that chris christie is pushing back against libertarian strains on national security. he left a whole half of the field for other republican potential contenders because he, essentially endorsed president obama on the war on terror, suggesting it was the same as president bush's. it's not the same there are many, many differences. for republicans who want to
3:54 pm
run for president in 2016. you can be the hawk who is not defending president obama's war on terror. >> bret: chuck? >> chris christie is not nothing but forth right and a man who speaks his mind. he laid down the gauntlet. the most clever part wasn't in that clip but i listened to the whole thing is actually where he compared rand paul to barack obama. that is the barack obama before he was president. and essentially said, you know, rand paul is advocating all the things obama used to be before, before he took the oath of office. >> bret: charles? >> extremely important moment. rand paul represents a sort of isolationist wing of the republican party by this direct fearless attack on him, by christie, i think he takes up the mantel of the majority of g.o.p., which is interventionist, and that's a really important moment. >> bret: there is a libertarian movement in stream within the
3:55 pm
republican party. >> that's what makes what christie did in taking it on so important and electrifying. >> bret: i only have 30 seconds so i only need a loser of the week. steve? >> bob filner for mayor of san diego for reasons that don't need to be explained. >> bret: chuck? >> anthony weiner who wants to be mayor for reasons that don't need to be explained. >> bret: charles? >> do i have to explain why it's kim kardashian with the arrival of george alexander louie of cambridge, the celebrity gossip press is now going to be turning its attention to someone who is more interesting and at least equally accomplished. >> bret: there you have it to end the week. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how many stories ended up in one place this week. role throughout our lives.
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>> bret: finally tonight anthony weiner also known as carlos danger admitted this week to having online lewd conversations and texts with at least three women since he resigned in congress in 2011. that story was everywhere. every channel, every paper, even in some stories that at first seem totally unrelated. >> scientists studying sounds made by dolphins have determined that certain distinct whistles are, in fact, dolphins names for other dolphins. also, other cries have meaning such as what are you doing up so late? or do you think i'm hot? >> anthony weiner acknowledges having had inappropriate conversations with various marine mammals including dolphins. he regrets these transgressions that are now behind him. >> let's hear from average americans, show of hands how many of you received a lewd message from anthony weiner? that is amazing.
4:00 pm
how many of you wanted to receive a lewd message from anthony weiner? one of you. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," make it a great weekend. >> shepard: this is the fox report tonight u the stunning announcement from the san diego marijuana. going in for treatment, needing help he says with the monster inside him. but he and the monster won't step down. plus, locked up forever. the new normal for the cleveland kidnap suspect. >> i plead guilty, guilty. guilty. >> shepard: ariel castro pleads guilty more than 900 times. but he claims he is a victim, too. >> my addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mind. >> he raped them, kidnapped them, beat them, this man is the worst of the worst.


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