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tv   On the Record  FOX News  July 6, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops right here and we're definitely looking out for you. hannity. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here soon. tonight, high drama in the george zimmerman trail. tray vob's mother testifying that the voice here on the 911 audiotape screaming in the background belongs to her dead son. and the attorney for trayvon's family is here to go on the record. >> have you ever heard him while he was growing up, heard him cry or yelling? >> yes. >> you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> there just were gun shots. >> just heard gunshots? >> yes. >> screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be?
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>> trayvon benjamin martin. >> you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> whose voice was that? >> my son, george. >> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >> what was the manner of death, sir? >> the manner of death is home. he was killed by another person. he was still alive, and he was killed. he was suffering. >> objection. not a relevant issue. >> just a second. your objection is relevance? overruled. >> there's only one reason to squeeze the trigger at someone's heart and that's because you mean to kill them, there is no question of that. shooting someone in the heart is by itself on its face evidence of ill will. >> not exactly sure what the state's case is yet. we don't know yet who was screaming. this would be the textbook case. wouldn't make it to a textbook, because the inference of
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nonguilt is much stronger than any suggested inference of guilt. >> hello, welcome to "on the record." i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta, who has the night off. dramatic testimony in the george zimmerman murder trial. trayvon martin survived 1 to 10 minutes after being shot by george zimmerman. trayvon's mother also testified. joining me now is the attorney for trayvon mart you know's family, darrell parks. thank you for joining us on the program tonight. >> thank you. >> emotional day in court. sybrina fulton taking the stand. the defense has begun the case. >> it's been a tough day here in sanford for the family. obviously, they anticipated today and they were very prayerful as they prepared, and we worked with them to prepare them. and the moment came where
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sybrina fulton had to take the stand. tough to go, talk about about her son, hear the gunshot again and hear what she recognizes as his voice. did she maintain it was any hope? that was really something she wished she didn't have to go through. but they are allowed to ask her questions. probably even tougher than that, tracy martin today, sitting through court and to hear about how the bullet entered your son's heart, broke into pieces, went into his lungs, flood filled his lungs and his last moments. those were tough moments for him as he tried to hold on as best he could, to keep it together. >> very tough, but this is their child they loved very much. and tragic why in which he died. i mentioned before. the prosecution has rested. did you speak with the family, your thoughts, reflections on whether or not you feel that the d.a.'s office put sufficient
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evidence forward to get a second-degree murder conviction? >> i believe they have. i think you have to go back to the best evidence in the case. are the nonemergency 911 tapes that mr. zimmerman made to the police department. his mind-set. you start talking mind-set. you take the history that's now in evidence, george zimmerman calling the cops mainly on young black men, and then the night of the call, how he talks about the facts of this guy being suspicious, calling him an a-hole and how people get away with things. and that created a serious mind-set, and statement after statement, how george zimmerman clearly has in his mind, all of the occurrences in his neighborhood and he intended to do something about it. >> the prosecution has a burden, a high one, mr. parks, to prove there was essentially implied malice. that george zimmerman that evening was essentially going out to get justice.
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tired of the burglaries in his gated community. going unsolved, saw what he believed was suspicious behavior on the part of trayvon martin, but you also had testimony from the prosecution witnesses that, in fact, trayvon martin was on top of george zimmerman, one of the prosecution witnesses saying that it appears that he had a mixed martial arts, mma kind of wrestling hold on top of him. were you expecting that? >> of course we're expecting it. let's remember now. a lot of mention of him being on top, who was crying for help. you have to remember who started the al tr caution. we heard testimony on three different occasions. george zimmerman could have said, hey, i'm neighborhood watch what are you doing? we know that trayvon was scared of george zimmerman. george talks when trayvon walked past his truck, he put his hand
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in what he was wearing, because he was trying to intimidate george, but trayvon was moving away from him, when they finally met behind the townhouses, trayvon said hey, why are you following me? trayvon was not the aggressor here. and it's important, because george zimmerman could have done something to stop this incident. george had been following the instruction of the dispatcher and stayed in his vehicle, this never would have happened. >> mr. parks, in the state of florida, the prosecution has the burden to prove it was unreasonable self-defense. george zimmerman didn't have a reasonable fear of death or bodily injury, that he could die that night. george zimmerman says he did have that fear, he had physical injuries, broken nose, cuts, lacerations to the back of the head. consistent with his statement that trayvon martin on top of him. at what point does he he lose his right, ability to defend
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himself? he doesn't have the obligation to die if his head is getting bashed in, right? that's the law in the state of florida. >> i i had your characterization is misstated to a large degree. you need to look at, not just the photo taken outside right after it happened. the photo in the police car. the photo four hours later that shows a very clear george zimmerman. compare that to the other photos to let the public see it and make their decisions. are are what should george zimmerman done that night if he felt he was about to die, based on the positioning, head hitting cement. what should have he done? >> okay. i think you have to back up and think about what happen. george zimmerman was following trayvon, got out of the car, went and when he confronted trayvon, instead of saying who he was, went to his pocket as if he was going to pull something out. trayvon had to defend himself, he didn't know what a complete stranger was pulling out of his
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pocket. beyond that, when they go to the ground, george zimmerman's own statement to hannity, my head a little on the sidewalk, he could have moed beyond that, you heard testimony that trayvon's legs were up by george zimmerman's arms, holding him by the mouth and by the nose. that's important, because we now know from mr. good that this alleged mma beat down style didn't happen like that. take the evidence in totality, not just use sound bites to get a real feel what's going on. most importantly, what happened on that night of whatever licks he took to the face, whatever blood he lost, did not warrant him taking out a gun, sticking to the heart of trayvon martin, shooting him in the heart. no one can say that. >> powerful testimony from the medical examiner. a gunshot wound straight through the heart. evidence for the prosecution today, but daryl parks, thank
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you for being even the program, join us this evening. you had spent some time with the family as this is is an emotional and tough day for them. >> thank you. one of the main themes of the trial this week was forensic evidence. and then we heard about trayvon's death from the medical examiner. >> when that bullet entered the chest of trayvon martin, what happened? how did he die? >> i believe he was alive for one to ten minutes after he was shot. his heart was beating until there was no blood left. at that point, his heart stopped, and he was completely silent. >> joining me, fox news contributor dr. michael baden. pleasure to have you on the program this evening. want to get your thoughts. what was your assessment after
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hearing that testimony today? >> i think that the doctor began strong and then got into the weeds of not answering questions and of not having exam you knowed the clothes and answering the questions that had to do with what me call examiners are supposed to find in gunshot wounds, how far was the gun from the body at the time it discharged, how -- what was the direction? and i think the direction is open to questions. that he just testified to. and i think that the defense forensic pathology expert probably much more experienced with gun shot wounds will have a different opinion on this. see, he testified that the gun was .4 inches to 4 feet away. at the time of discharge. that doesn't make any sense and
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doesn't help in reconstructing the positions of the bodior how the discharge occurred. >> why to you say that. >> because you you got to say, it's four feet or an inch, that the reparticular louse number to give, because it's got to be either closer or further, with the -- the two-inch diameter stippling on the body that he describes in the autopsy, would give you about three incheses away. the clothing would be a little different, focused i'm sure on the defense, but also kimberly, the direction is not as clear as dr. bao said. the bullet enters and goes horizontally through the heart. and the right lung and right chest cavity.
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a fragment of the bullet left in the heart, but the rest goes completely across. really a right to left -- i'm sorry. a left side to right discharge. with his right hand and helps construct better the two positions of whether martin, trayvon, was on top of him, punching him, or trying to get away. >> what does the evidence tell you as you tried to reconstruct it? lay it out? >> trayvon, many inches away at the time it discharged, and the gun could be in the hand -- against zimmerman's chest, where it stretched out, so the gun itself could be maybe six or eight -- a foot or two away at the time the muzzle is only four
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inches or three inches from the skin. a big point in the defense expert's testimony. >> how does that play into the idea of self-defense? he was in this struggle, the guy on top of me. afraid for his life. the trajectory, positioning of the gun? >> the trajectory could be consistent with trayvon getting up and moving away once he sees the gun. as opposed to being right on top. the odd thing, ballistics person who looks at the clothes says she doesn't know anything about the skin. bao, who looks at the skin, says he hasn't looked at the clothing. in the normal course, the medical examiner look at thes at the whole trajectory and is able to draw better reconstruction than the two people. that has to come from another person, probably a forensic
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medical pathology, coming up next week. >> it looks like the prosecution lost a great opportunity to explain just in fact what you did, could be more helpful to your case than dr. baden. he came up, having serious credibility issues. >> i think part of the problem, two experts, a ballistics expert and medical examiner, but they didn't communicate. one talks about clothing, nothing about the body, one talks about the body, nothing about clothing and to the medical examiner, kimberly, the loathing is part of the body, part of the skin, that's how you get trace evidence, distances of bullets, you have to do both, can't leave out the clothing without damaging the findings. and in fact, kimberly, just interesting. dr. bao made a mistake, put the
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clothing in a plastic bag. it's we will when he looked at it. when he is finished, his office puts in a plastic bag. the ballistics woman, it was still wet, so the dna she was looking at, the dna person, also damages by being kept wet. she puts it into a plastic bag. sort of a -- >> it's problematic, remind me of the o.j. simpson case, saying perhaps there was sloppy forensics. didn't do a job to do the job in the right day, which could point the jury into the direction of reasonable doubt. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you, kimberly. >> up next, all of today's developments, and later, a jury consultant gives us an up close account to how the jury reacted to all of the testimony.
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investigate oor testified earlier this week to
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we certainly hope as a mom, we certainly hope that your son, trayvon martin, would not have
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done anything that would have led to his own death, correct? >> what i hope for is that this wouldn't have never happened and he would still be here. that's what upsets my hope. >> absolutely. and dealing with the reality that he is no longer here, it's certainly your hope as a month, hold out hope as long as you can, that trayvon martin was in no way responsible for his own death, correct? >> i don't believe he was. >> and that's the hope you continue, correct? >> i don't understand what you're trying to ask me. >> and that was defense attorney mark o'mara questioning trav von ma martin's mother earlier today. one of the toughest balancing act, questioning a victim's mother. did he pull it off? thank you for being with me tonight. steve, this is tough. they had to call the mother obviously, the prosecution, a little bit of an emotional move
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there. right at the end of the prosecution's case in chief. what did you think? >> i think as you said, it was absolutely necessary, and it is a good piece of evidence. if anybody can identify the voice on that tape it is his mother. but the reality is, of course, it cuts both ways, because she, of course, is going to want to hear his voice, so her testimony is somewhat junior mined. one additional point that came out of testimony, to put this into context to remind the jurors, just what is going on here. a young man lost his life and that's terrible. >> it is. that's tragic and the defense has to get up to question her, of course, and you've got six women on the jury. >> but it was an a, b, and back to a proposition. the fbi voice expert said, a, i can't identify who is screaming. b, a relative may be in a better position, that's why this
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witness was set up. and then there is listen or bias. hear it from the defendant, ladies and gentlemen, all unbelievably sympathetic to a mother who lost her child. but there is listener biases and you have to take that into account in determining it's a deadlock in determininging who was screaming. >> i thought perhaps the mother would be more emotional on the stand, the impact, the effect of everything has gone on is taking its toll. the brother of trayvon martin testifying, a little issue there, first he said, well, i wasn't sure, you know, previously and prior statements, but now he says, yes, he knows that was his brother. >> i think that was a bit of a mistake on the prosecution's part. i don't think they should have put him up there at all. the fact is, he initially wasn't sure. why not put the best witness up there to testify who has had that voice on that tape?
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it was the mother. she gave the best testimony. he equivocated, a mistake to put him up at all. >> definitely one way to think about it, look at it. the other way, they have to reemt, maybe the defense could call him, he ultimately says it was his brother, and we saw the defense start their case. kind of a surprising move. we thought they concluded. the jury wants to hear from the defense. defense calls george zimmer man's mother to the stand. >> let me get back to the point about preemption. the point is, i agree on many levels with what steve is saying, why is why put up a voice that will be heard on cross. the father, also, a potential defense witness, he said early on he could not identify who was screaming. the whole issue, when you
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describe an fbi forensic voice analyst, that says you can't determine and b, a battle of two mothers on the screen, this case as i was telling steve earlier, this is a textbook law school burden of proof case, kimberly, the state effectively tried to a deadlock a tie. >> two voice recognition experts. someone who know them would know best on that call, and then, of course, what is interesting too, george zimmerman's uncle took the stand, jorge, who plans to be a deputy sheriff in that area, takes the stand, says he's known george all of his life, and that he's concern that's his voice, without knowing the case or anything, he knew that was his nephew. and an emotional moment, first sign of emotion, he saw george
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zimmerman wipe away a tear. >> sure, truth is, this is a tragedy for both families. no doubt about it. the fact that george zimmerman finally showed emotion, a good thing for him. it humanized him to the jury so some extent. >> two from each side that say we know that was trayvon, and the defense calling two saying it will be george. >> you just -- you lose the effect of it, if you keep calling witnesses to keep testifying to the same thing, when you are putting up witnesses that aren't as certain as your main witness, which, again, is the mother, avoid putting them up there. not the type of witness that the defense is going to call. won't happen. put up your best witness and stick with that, and a much better impression to the jury. >> this issue has already been tried to a dead hock essentially. now if you call the father it
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basically makes it 3-2. no way that the prosecutor can prove yard that it was the victim screaming. >> perhaps now, they made the point, tally of back and forth voice recognition, maybe it's unclear. each side wants it to be the voice their loves ones. makes their case, makes their point. trayvon, he was calling for help and gorge was the agregressoagg. >> not definitelytive definitive either. it does not prove the case one way or another. >> another pivotal area of testimony. we heard from the medical examiner, a lot of discussion and criticism how well the doctor did. what did you think? >> defense very effective. playing a number of different angles and doing it in a very, very smart way. one, insinuating that mistakes and errors were made. we see that all throughout
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criminal trials, and the jury with the impression that maybe there was compromise. and, two, an idea, what is the difference? how the body was preservatives. the tea moment is the moment of the encounter, you could look at the body and retrotively determine critical factors about the case. >> i thought his testimony was terrible ow ". he had no memory whatsoever about the autopsy. we need to not find little inconsistencies. not a got you came. a major point brought out through his testimony was where was that bullet hole? it went straight through his heart. that defense argument, he was going for the weapon. let's face it. if he was going for the weapon, there would have been a struggle and there wouldn't be a bullet
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shot straight through his heart. >> another witness talked about it was a contact injury, but gsa, gunshot rescue, blowback on his hand and contact on the shirt, body of trayvon. >> real quick, the big question, will george zimmerman take the stand or prosecution witnesses and the state and his previous statements of george zimmerman, helpful was in to the defense? >> well, it's so interesting. they actually make the strategic decision not to call him. telegraphing to this jury, look, we feel they are knotted able to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. somewhat of a scandal. they should refrain from calling him. >> it looks like the cases because of video testimony. the prosecution let it all come in. the reality is, also, the jury may want to hear from him. this is a case where they may
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want to hear. bottom line, most important part of this case is did trayvon martin go for the gun? his injuries are not significant enough to claim that he was in fear of his life because he was being beaten. that weapon is going to be a major issue. i don't think he covered that clearly enough. >> remember, the state of florida, the prosecutor has the burden to prove it was unreasonable self-defense on the part of george zimmerman. didn't have the excuse. >> i'll count every steve's point. i agree as the injuries as they played out may not have been deadly, but one -- a good lawyer can get up and say, well, wait a minute, if he didn't kill him, he could have mashed his today ten more times and killed him. >> doug, steve, thanks. up next, how did the jury dramatic from testimony from a medical examiners and trayvon's testimony. and the police investigation
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into the shooting. did florida cops do everything by the book? ther,
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it puts a big smile on my face. he was so warm and loving. he died from melanoma when he was 31. every hour someone dies from melanoma. it doesn't have to be someone you love. we hear from td it in the m office. how do i -- i wasn't -- i guess i didn't want to believe that it was him.
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so that's why during that interview, i said i wasn't sure. listening to it was clouded by shock and denial and sadness, and i didn't really want to believe that was him. >> today, the jury heard emotional testimony from trayvon mart knyou know's family. how will the six women who will decide zimmerman's fate reacting to this? let's ask susan constantine. very emotional. a mother on the stand, brother on the stand. concluding with these two emotional witnesses and then you also have the defense, beginning their case and starting off with george zimmerman's mother and that's, you know, pretty much the last thing that the jury is seeing before they go for the weekend and defense resumes on monday. your thought on that? >> okay. well, first, i'd like to share with you, i was not in the courtroom to watch the jury during those two testimonies, only through the medical
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examiner's, which i can speak about. what i would like to share with you is what i saw. >> overflow room. >> that's correct. i was in the overflow room which does not show the jury, just actual witnesses testify and everything else that goes around it. >> okay. what was your reaction? >> me reaction was that in their body language overall pretty control. guarded and protected. i know they are trying to guard and protect themselves out of self-preservation. the only thing i could lock at eye movement cues or voice inflexion. when someone says i recall that voice, their eyes move auditory, so when someone's eyes are moving up and around and back and forth. it is not constructing ponderi can recall that visual image.
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but this is an auditory mang. they both wanted to believe that was trayvon mart you knin's voi. but i was not truly convinced based on what they share. >> two witnesses testifying that it was, two witnesses say it was george zimmerman. how the jury sorts it out. may result to reasonable doubt. but what else about your observations at the point you were ever able to see the jurors in this case? >> well, we know when we had the medical examiner there, normally, the jurors are really big heavy note takers, you could see their pad, and they are sick. during the medical examiner, they put it down and looked at him, listening, heads would bob side to side. i was looking for, that they would find something interesting that they sink their teeth into. i didn't see that at all.
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really concerning whether this jury found him confident and competent in what he was saying. >> six women deciding the fate of george zimmerman, what about the jury makeup? a little bit unusual? >> first of all, five women, six women, it was really important with this six female jurors, to really connect with them and anchor them emotionally. i would liked to have seen, even though ian that moms were protective. gone through a whole lot in their lives, but at the same time, i would like to have them at least slard a little more, like i know my son's voice. when he was a little boy, i heard those screams before. i know it was them. unfortunately, we tint here. ry stoic, controlled look, and didn't have any emotion. i would like toed tothem to fee
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vulnerable and share how they really felt about it. so they can use it. >> we tend to see something like that from trial s covered on television. who knows how they are processing their grief, anxiety or depression going through. just listening to evidence and reliving it over again. we'll see how the sick women what they thought of the testimony today. we heard from both of the mothers, powerful testimony to consider, susan, thank you for joins. >> thank you. what happened that fateful night trayvon martin was killed.
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now back to "on the record." the death of 17-year-old
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trayvon martin in 2012 shocked the nation, a look back at what happened that fateful night. >> february 26, 2012, early evening in sanford, florida, just outside orlando. trayvon martin, seen here, just about to leave this convenience store. 7:11 p.m. neighborhood watch captain, george zimmerman, spots the teen walking along townhomes in the gated community. zimmerman called police. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good or he is on drugs or something. utt raining, and he's just walking around, looking about. >> reporter: he tells the dispatcher there were break-ins around the neighborhood and he is following the man while on the phone. >> are you following him? >> yes. >> okay. we don't need you to do that. >> 7:16 p.m. a neighbor calls 911 after hearing a disturbance. someone screaming in the background. >> 911, police, fire, medical? >> maybe both.
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i'm not sure, there's someone screaming outside. >> moments later, neighbors frantically call 911, reporting on the violence taking place outside. >> i'm pretty sure the guy is dead out here. >> oh, my god! someone has been shot. >>ith probably best if you stay in home for the time being, okay? >> i can't believe has been kill, and saying help. why wouldn't somebody come out and help him? >> breaking news. one man dead, and another in a jail cell after a shooting in sanford. one man dead at the scene. >> reporter: zimmerman taken into custody, questions, and released. march 16th, trayvon martin's father speaks out at a press conference. >> my son was murdered and we miss him. he was murdered and it's -- it's a shame that he's not getting any justice. >> come on, we are all one, no,
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black, one, white, we are all one. >> reporter: march 23rd. president obama weighs in. >> my main message, to the parent of trayvon martin. if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. >> reporter: march 28th, george zimmerman's father speaks up about what his father told him about what happen that night? >> asking, do you have a [ bleep ]ing problem? george said, no, you don't have a problem and started to reach for his cell phone. at that point, he was punched in the nose, his nose was broken, and he was knocked to the concrete. >> reporter: april 11th, prosecutors charged george zimmerman with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> today, we filed an information, charging george zimmerman with murder in the second dreg. i will confirm that mr. zimmerman is indeed in custody. >> we simply wanted that arrest.
2:44 am
we wanted nothing more, nothing less. just an arrest, and we got it. and i say thank you. thank you, lord, thank you, jesus. >> may 15th, new information about the night trayvon martin was killed. a medical report reveals george zimmerman suffered several injuries in the alleged scuffle that he says drove him to shoot the unarmed teen in self-defense. george zimmerman speaks out exclusively to sean hannity about that night. >> anything you regret? do you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night? >> no, sir. >> do you regret that had you a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> well, this week florida police testified there were inconsistencies in george zimmer man's story. joining me is bill stanton. bill, i've been looking forward to talking to you about this, get your thoughts on the case. how this is going so far?
2:45 am
prosecution has arrest. a lot of testimony that they put forward and quite a bit of it has helped actually the defense. but let's talk about some of the police work in this case. what are your thoughts? >> well, i mean, to sum it up succe, he felt when george zimmerman was telling the truth, good night, irene. case closed right there. very little on facts, a lot going on on emotion. break down what we think versus what we know, we doan know much. >> that's the problem. the prosecution put forward witnesses they thought would be compelling to help their case. a number of them were were turned in favor of the defense. one witness testifying, an eyewitness that thought he saw draw von martin on top of george zimmerman in an mma style sort of wrestling hold. >> and raining down blows on top of mr. zimmerman.
2:46 am
what are we to make of this? this man flight fighting for his life, yes or no? enough reasonable doubt, you don't see the jury coming back with anything but a not guilty verdict. >> and prosecution put forward a second-degree murder charge. you have to show implied malice and george zimmerman had ill will and hatred. >> you are saying it right here, the facts don't play out. people may want this to be a guilty verdict. you cannot put facts that aren't there. we don't know. one mother testified she heard her son, the other mother testified, she heard her son. >> and the brother of trayvon said at first he didn't think it was his brother's voice, but later he decided it was. >> that's right. i will tell you, kimberly, if they come back with a guilty verdict, i would say that would be as politically motivated and racially motivated as the o.j.
2:47 am
acquittal. i don't see a guilty verdict here. fact aren't there. >> judge declined motion of acquittal today. and mark o'mara said you haven't proved the case. insufficient evidence to show the second degree, the judge in this case denied that motion and then, of course, we saw the defense begin their case. based on what you've heard, the forensics, the medical examiner testimony, the prior statements of george zimmerman introduced by the prosecution, should george zimmerman take the stand at this point in his own defense? >> i mean, essentially what the defense attorney has to say is what they said, i mean, the prosecutor made the case for the defense in my opinion, and if you are looking at the facts, just the facts, not going with emore than, which is what the prosecution wants, i can't see a guilty verdict. i just don't see it. >> stan your ground law.
2:48 am
fox news exclusive george zimmerman sat down with sean hannity. george zimmerman said he wasn't aware of stand your ground. an expert came forward, said i taught him that. >> you can't calculate what punch is going to knock you out, which isn't. if you are in fear of your life, personal fear, you can aaparticulate, you need to meet the force to stop that from killing you. >> maybe a difference if the prosecution had some witnesses able to say that george zimmerman op top of trayvon martin. he could get up, get away. but there wasn't any evidence to suggest that. all of the testimony was that trayvon was on top of george
2:49 am
zimmerman, in that wrestling hold position. at what point does zimmerman lose his right to self-defense. >> you head that point on the five, now are you making now. when he was being assailed, and his contusions on the back of the head. nose was broken, who are you to say that he didn't know he could take five more punches. who are we to say, how he felt at that moment? and that will get him an acqu acquitt acquittal. >> they declined to charge, and then the prosecutor came in. >> mr. sharpton, where is he now? >> very true. we'll see if hes to the courtroom. always a pleasure. thank you. coming up, a look ahead to what's in store monday morning when the trial of george zimmerman for the death of
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week two of the george zimmerman trial is over. let's take a look at where we stand in the george zimmerman murder trial, what is in store when court back in session on monday. here is a prevau. >> . stand 35 witnesses. at 4:55 p.m. this afternoon, the defense began its side of the case and first witness called by the defense attorney, george zimmerman's mother, gladys zimmerman who identified the person screaming in the background of the 911 call as her son. two else can we zpokt see take the stand next week?
2:54 am
police detective the man in the sunglasses during that reenactment video had zimmerman do that the day after the shooting testified two days for the prosecution during cross examination, though, the defense extracted testimony helpful to the alibi. expect the defense to recall him to the stand to explore on direct more aspects of the investigation and evidence what he found and importantly, what he did not find george skim heerman has family members on the witness list on day one of the trial zimmerman's father, mother and wife were ordered out of the courtroom for that reason. zimmerman's father and wife could likely take the stand next week. the defense will likely call norm wolfinger the original state's attorney for weeks declined to file charges against george zimmerman. governor scott replaced him with a prosecutor out of
2:55 am
jacksonville which resulted in george zimmerman being arrested and charged with second degree murder, 44 days after he admittedly shot and killed trayvon martin. kimberly? >> bill, thank you. we'll be right back. [hip-hop music] ♪ - ♪ what's wrong with the world, mama ♪ ♪ people livin' like they ain't got no mamas ♪ ♪ i think the whole world's addicted to the drama ♪ ♪ only attracted to the things that'll bring the trauma ♪ ♪ yeah, madness is what you demonstrate ♪ ♪ and that's exactly how anger works and operates ♪ ♪ man, you gotta have love just to set it straight ♪ ♪ take control of your mind and meditate ♪ ♪ let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all, y'all ♪ - ♪ people killing people dying ♪ ♪ children hurt and you hear them cryin' ♪ ♪ can you practice what you preach ♪ ♪ would you turn the other cheek ♪ - ma'am. - [gasps] - you forgot your purse.
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good morning everyone. today is saturday, july 6th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us so early. we start with a fox news alert. he's been hiding out in russia. now edward snowden may be making his next move after receiving asylum offers from two separate countries. who will step in? we'll tell you. and welcome to part-time america. well, the white house spins the stagnant unemployment numbers as a good thing, we'll show you the numbers they don't want you to see. >> and facelifts for fido. dog lovers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their pooch plastic surgery. a little too much or in the name of love? >>


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