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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 4, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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bigger. i don't know. o'reilly probably has thoughts on this and other things. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> are these actually watergateesque? >>. no watergate was a constitutional crisis of the highest order. >> bill: not so fast. the irs investigation is just beginning. and things are looking very shaky for the federal government. we'll advance the story tonight with bob woodward. >> this is not a political pursuit. >> bologna. bologna. >> if it is not political why are only conservative groups being targeted? >> good question. how the press will likely cover the unfolding situation. >> he is still making up things. >> bill: is that a fair assessment of white house spokesman jay carney?
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bernie goldberg will weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the irs scandal like watergate? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first off, a clarification. talking points is not linking the irs scandal to the white house. we are not implying, insinuating, hinting or doing anything else other than reporting the facts. and so far we have been dead on. last week we told you you that former irs chief doug shulman visited the white house 157 times more than any other department head. it wasn't even close. logically you ask the white house to explain those meetings with whom did mr. shulman chat and what was the subject on all 157 occasions? any honest reporter would ask that question and the white house should provide
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the answer immediately. incredibly before my analysis last thursday there were no mentions last week plaintiff shulman's apundit visits to the white house on cnn. on nbc, on cbs, or on nbc. none, nad darks zip. -- nada, zip. that is what is called a news blackout. targeted. if the irs boss visits the white house 157 times, that's a big story. now, it would be wrong for any honest reporter to lay the irs scandal at the feet of president obama. to this point there is no evidence that is he involved. there is evidence that his deputies are involved. and we could be repeating history. on june 17th, 1972, some thugs broke into the democratic national headquarters at the watergate hotel in washington. two days later, the "the washington post" began reporting on the watergate story. 26 months later, president richard nixon was forced to resign. took more than two years to
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flush out the entire water gate mess. i'm not saying the current irs scandal is watergate. i am saying we should aggressively investigate the story and not do many to the conclusion that the tom brokaw has. >> we hear the word watergate thrown around a lot. are these actually watergateesque? >> no. watergate was a constitutional crisis of the highest order. a lot of president's men went to jail. the president himself lied. he destroyed tapes. it's pretty clear to me. >> bill: sad truth is that some supporters of president obama don't want to know the truth. it was the same way back in 1972. even when nixon quit about 30% of the country didn't want him to. it all comes back to honest reporting. and in 2013, the situation is much bleaker on that front than it was in 1972. back then, the press reviolated president next son. today much of it reveers president obama.
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and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from d.c. bob woodward who along with karl bernstein drove the watergate story for the "the washington post." comparisons to the irs right now, mr. woodward, are there any? >> independent agency is absurd. when george schultz was the treasury secretary for knicks and the irs commissioner at the time johnny walters came to see schultz and said the white house wants me to audit this list of democrats, you know what george schultz did? he said if they want me to do that they can get a new treasury secretary. they refused to do it. clearly in the pipeline. lots of people knew some of this or should know it and i agree, this needs to be investigated. but you know who should lead the investigation? president obama. and the white house put out
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his version of all of these things. i have found in recent weeks they still respond to questions. you say they aren't answering this question about the 157 visits by the irs commissioner. they should. they should get on top of this story. >> bill: sure, we all know that that would go a long way to stop wasting taxpayer time and government money, i should say and government time. we have got serious things to talk about here. we have got the economy, obama care, immigration reform and yet today everyone is locked in on this. it doesn't take a long time as you well know. everybody who goes into the white house has logged in. we are going to talk to karl rove about this coming up. they all are logged in. they all are written down who they talked to and how much time they spend there. so, president obama could easily come out through his spokesperson and say this is where mr. shulman was. here are the dates. here is who he met with. this is what was discussed. that's simple, the fact that the president doesn't
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do it should raise the curiosity of every reporter, mr. woodward, every reporter. yet, as i said, the major network news on television ignored the story last week in its totality. it's amazing. >> well, i will put it in a request on it 6/nr found them responsive to these things. as i said they are not yet in the bunker, that the answers are forthcoming sometimes. it takes a long time. >> here is why they are not doing it in my opinion with all due respect. because there is no pressure on them to do it. this is a totally different environment than when you and bernstein are running around. you got flack. >> more than flack. >> you guys got pressure. but the journalistic community was behind you. that's one of the reasons i'm sitting here today was because of what you did with watergate. i wanted to be an investigative reporter and indeed did do a lot of that because of what you did. >> in fact, bill, i lived through. this people did not believe
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what we wrote for a long time. the nixon won a massive re-election in 1972. and everyone was kind of saying watergate is over. >> bill: but not the journalist i can community. the journalistic community. >> oh yes the journalistic community. you know that only to people in the tank. the other people, well, you "new yorkng the "new york times'" butt so they weren't playing catchup. when you had a revelation it got out. now, i don't know if there is a desire to know. i really don't. >> let's hope there. because much hangs in the balance here. not just the reputation of the news media for aggressiveness and in some form of neutrality. but the whole relationship that the white house and the government has with the public about trust. and you know there is deep, deep suspicion about this white house in many quarters and it isn't just
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from your network or the right wing or the conservatives. lots of people are asking questions. >> bill: that's right. >> i think obama can get ahead of this and really answer some of these questions. >> bill: he could. >> but if he takes the position oh this is all politics and this is a side show as he has. >> there with one other element there. if he gets ahead of it as you are encouraging him to do and so am i, he has got it fire a few people and he doesn't want to do that as you and i both know there were people inside that white house that knew exactly what the irs was doing. i will give you the last word. >> i don't know that and but i suspect it and i think we should get answers on this. but, you know, this -- one of the things you learn doing this for 40 years is and i agree this is not watergate at all. but the road to watergate is concealment. is not coming clean and just saying oh we won't have to release that memo. we won't have to let so and
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so testify. let's call executive privilege. let's stonewall. if they do that they will dig themselves in a hole. they have moral and intellectual capacity to do that got to come up pretty fast. we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> juan and mary mary katharine will react to the irs scandal situation. also, did you know the irs has spent $50 million over the past three years entertaining itself? wait until you see this. moments away.
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story. irs scandal. the now learning the irs targeted itself. in a report the inspector general released tomorrow, the american taxpayers will find out the irs spent a
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whopping $50 million entertaining. over the past three years. apparently the irs put together 220 conferences where lots of fun was apparently had. we wonder if they served tea. joining us from washington and new york city mary katharine ham and juan williams. come on, juan, you have got to admit they are totally out of control 50 million? three years it was more like two. >> spending. dannyerer werfel says we got this under control didn't have any in 11, 12 or 13. >> bill: the tea party thing went back to the midterm elections as you know. and the irs was running out of control there this is just an indication.
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auto million dollars is a lot of money for these stupid pinheads. i don't want to pay for this. >> it's not a glamorous job to be an irs agent. >> bill: so what, get another job then. work for you. >> they want to build up morale and lots of companies have retreats. >> bill: build it up -- motivational speakers and educational speakers are fine. doing the the bugalew. >> do you doing the cupid shuf. one of my favorite line dances hate to have it as you will lead in this way. getting control now does not get the $50 million back. you can do you the cupid shuffle for free do it any time in your office just turn on the radio this is indicative of the larger problem here which is when you have these gigantic agencies that don't have accountability and when they do things wrong you can't get rid of people as we have seen with lois lerner and others. >> bill: you could get rid
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of them. they chose not to. >> they are very difficult to get rid of it. >> bill: they agency we are starting to see a profile was terribly mismanaged. it was corrupt on almost every level. and that will be proven. what do you think of the comparisons though with watergate, mary catherine? i mean, you know, all i'm trying to say is that you start an investigation and see where it leads. tom brokaw, no, no, no. what do you think? >> you ask the questions and you keep asking the questions. you learn other other employees documents about this irs targeting not two rogue employees, you learn things like that many of these directors might have been coming from washington. lawyer teams in washington were telling them what to do. you learn more about these as we go. white house question. they do that. >> again, i said in the talking points memo quite clearly there is no evidence linking president obama. >> thank goodness i'm glad you got to that there is no
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evidence. you are exactly right. let me ask you a question. >> bill: no, no. >> hectoring? isn't this just going after. >> bill: we are doing our job here, juan, trying to find out what happened. >> find out what happened but at some point it becomes wishful filament by republicans he is not a successful president and stop him from doing anything in the second term. >> bill: that's totally absurd. mary katharine, wait. was shulman doing at the white house 157 times? >> they were looking at excessive spending. >> bill: he was there trying to reign in the executive spending. >> talked about the healthcare legislation and tax implication. they also talked. >> bill: 1507 times. >> they had 157 different meetings at different times. he is the head of the irs. >> bill: how about secretary of state? how many times was she in there? >> job. oh, i do. 40.
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how about the head of cia. >> 20. there is a lot you don't know. why are you defending people when you don't know. >> i'm not defending. >> bill: you are not. >> you don't want to impugn someone because they visited the white house 100 times. >> bill: stop. that's an explanation we are demanding not impunity. what do you say mary katharine? >> look, what i don't understand is why juan thinks it's hectoring to ask the person doing his job not to persecute people for personal beliefs. >> juan: go on like beating a drum. >> juan, this is important not to let this happen again. we have assurance we -- we have no assurances that the white house was meeting with doug shulman going on at the time and happening. i would like that to happen in the future. thank you. >> bill: i don't want to impugn. i don't think juan wants to know. that's my opinion. directly ahead karl rove shoots it out man defending scandal. >> if it was not political why were only
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bill political in the impact segment tonight of course the obama administration says had nothing to do with the irs scandal. we still do not know much about former irs chief douglas shulman visiting the white house 1 a 57 times. that's extraordinary. so on sunday, former white house advisor david plouffe and karl rove got into it. >> this was not a political pursuit. >> bologna. >>. if it was not political why are only conservative groups being targeted. name one that didn't. one what liberal group had tea party or patriot in its name that was targeted? not a single liberal group has appeared to say.
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>> license here, karl. >> i am not at all,. >> this was not an effort driven why the white house. it was the dumbest political effort of all time. okay. >> i didn't suggest it was being driven by the white house but i do think. >> people sitting in the cincinnati office decides. >> no, i think people sitting in cincinnati, laguna, baltimore, d.c. listen to people like senator max baucus, senator schumer. president obama. when he goes out in 2010 and calls these groups, quote: a threat to democracy. is he blowing the dog whistle and people heard it. >> bill: with us now, fox news analyst karl rove. you made a couple mistakes in that interview with all due respect. listen to the professional here. number one, you should have let him answer the question what liberal groups were targeted because both you and i know how many? >> he couldn't come up with any. >> bill: you should have backed away. >> he would have talked straight by it. >> bill: that would have been more apparent. he couldn't answer the question and then he ran away from the question. i would have said okay, what group? let the silence hang.
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number two, the 157 visits to the white house, plouffe was sent out there by the white house. is he there on those programs representing the white house is that okay? who are they? when did that happen? >> well, actually it's 161. >> bill: oh it's four more. how do you know that? >> because i'm keeping up on the stats. >> bill: so it's more. >> 161. which is -- look, i would have loved to have the moment to do it. five people and 23 minutes. >> bill: you ignore them. you just do what i tell to you do. two things. tell me what group and 161, what happened? >> after they heard tonight you giving me this guidance i'm supposed to ignore them. do you think abc is ever going to ask me back? no. >> all right. you do touch on something. 161. i wish we had had a chance to get into it. >> bill: you got to ram it through. they are never going to give you a chance. >> it's just interesting. it's shocked. mark emember son used to come to the white house when he was at treasury.
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when he went to the irs we never saw him again. >> bill: once. he was there one time we had him on last week. >> particularly the way shulman answered it he was asked at that time it was 151 or so times that he had been there i went to the easter heck. >> bill: we all should have thrown easter eggs at him. what i'm trying to get across is. this the white house basically is trying to tell everybody that they had nothing to do with it. that's what they are trying to say. you can't link to to president obama. there is no evidence that links it to him at this point as we talked with mr. woodward, there may be but there isn't now. however, you can say to the white house, hold it, until you tell me about each and every one of those meetings i'm not believing you. every meeting is logged. every time shulman went in they knew where he was going and who he spoke to. >> he shouldn't have been there too many times.
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>> bill: do you have any idea? >> the implementation of obama care. he shouldn't have been there they should have had the assistant secretary for tax policy at treasury. the policy person there to talk about those policy questions. not the enforcement guy. >> bill: they didn't even have the secretary of health and human services in there and she is charge n. charge of obama care. >> i will say that she may have about been there more than the logs show. the cabinet official can come in and out. that was not close which makes me very suspicious. either this guy really wanted to be in the white house all the time which is very problematic i want to be at the white house all the time. >> bill: they still wouldn't have let them. in you know how barack obama is he doesn't want to meet with anybody. >> or he had a pal there all the time it. it is troubling and one of the questions that need to be answered. do i have a disagreement with you about one thing. we can't and will probably not find any evidence that president obama picked up the telephone and called shulman and said go do this or called lois lerner.
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i do hold the president responsible for setting the tone. the head of any organization sets the tone. and the president has errors of omission and commission. the commission is that he is running around in 2010 making speeches in which he is attacking tea party groups. at one point calling them tea baggers and another point a series of speeches saying that the groups like this represent, quote, a threat to democracy. that's setting the wrong tone. the act of commission is when this stuff popped up in 2010, if he he really was exercised about it, he or the chief of staff should have called secretary of treasury geithner and said get the under secretary to look in this. this would be wrong if it's being done and if it's being done stop it and make sure it doesn't happen that people are punished for having done it he didn't do that. >> bill: i want to know what about these meetings and the white house knows. see, this is -- you know i'm a simple man. you are complicated. you are scanned navin. very complicated. >> we look at our shoes a lot. >> bill: i am a simple man.
1:27 am
the white house knows why this man was there just tell us. >> bet a a dime to a dollar when the request is made as it will be made by congress to delineate what those meetings are about that the white house is going to exert executive privilege. >> bill: then it becomes a bigger deal than it is now. karl rove. one of the guys who chase tornadoes for a living was killed on friday along with his son and another man in oklahoma. tell you what happened there very dramatic. also ahead, bernie goldberg disagrees with me over whether
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, fascism must storm chaser tim samaras his son and paul young were killed on friday chasing a storm. three were killed what they often did photographing the violent weather. mr. samaras was found dead inside his vehicle seat belt still on. blocial vehicle got hammered photographer in the hospital two others shaken up. joining us from state college, pennsylvania joe bass bastardi. what you can tell us about what happened to the three deceased in canadian county, sheriff? >> well, bill, what we think and it's just an educated guess based upon the evidence, we believe that he they were traveling east bound on 10th street about a mile and a half out of interstate 40. and it's my belief, i have been to the scene, i saw the vehicle and i saw the
1:32 am
debris from the vehicle. i believe they were trying to travel in an easterly direction parallelling the storm in what they probably believed was a safe proximity to the storm. either the storm turned on them or this massive tornado and funnel spun off additional vortex. you want to know why i believe they were traveling eastbound the debris rests behind the car to the west. a half mile of debris from that vehicle. what i'm talking about is car parts, the engine, front end, wheels, tires, catalytic converters, things of that nature. the vehicle came to rest east of that location. that means to me they were probably traveling eastbound on 10th street. the storm grabbed the vehicle, tumbled it probably end over end. probably side to side for about a half a mile. and that's what did them in. >> bill: dragged the vehicle a half mile. we understand that mr. samaras was found inside the vehicle but the two other men were found considerable distance away from the vehicle; is that
1:33 am
true? >> yeah. that's absolutely correct. one of the three victims was inside the vehicle. you identified him as mr. samaras. the other two, one was located about a quarter of a mile west of the location, which he easily could have came from the vehicle where he was ejected or sucked out has yet to be known. >> bill: a quarter of a mile away. that's a lot. >> yes. and the other victim was located about a quarter of a mile east of where the vehicle came to rest. now, obviously joe is there with you. he is a meteorology gist. he can explain the forces from these storms and how it could have taken somebody a quarter of a mile further east and. it was going end over end, bill. as a matter of fact, this vehicle when it was finished and where it came to rest it was in the bar ditch along tenth street and it really -- i mean you know it's a vehicle. it didn't look anything like a chevy colbalt. >> we have a picture of it right here. we appreciate it very much. let's go to joe bastardi
1:34 am
who knows about these vehicles. 150 miles per hour in this one. how are you piecing it together, joe? >> i think they were doing exactly what the sheriff said. that they were trying to travel a safe path and the tornado was moving east to east southeast. and spun back to the north and intensified again right over top of them. basically like a bull whip came out of of the sky. if you watch the way tornadoes work a lot of times, even hurricanes you see these movement. if you ever want to figure out why that's ha, sit by a stream, you will see a stream of water come by and then all of a sudden you will see it spin real fast and release itself. this tornado on the radar picture almost looks like that. you see it spinning up very, very quickly around turning north right over top of where these guys were. they were in the right position because they felt the tornado was going to continue to move east. it jogged north a mile or two, intensified as it did and then you see it spin back down east and southeast eastward. very unfortunate. >> bill: no car can outrun a tornado at 165 miles per
1:35 am
hour. and the problem we have here now, joe, is that we have a lot of these tornado chasers so you can get money selling the video to the television stations now. and i think we all know now how dangerous this thing is. >> nature power. sometimes man thinks he can control nature. it's just amazing when you watch the average lifetime of a thunderstorm is 35 minutes. cells are always popping up and down. as far as what happened to mr. bets, i think he just got hit by a little satellite vortex. it wasn't the main thing. he was in a relatively safe place. >> bill: you are talking about the weather channel guy who is in the hospital right now. he is going to be all right. and then two other guys were shaken up. i have got to run, he gentlemen, thanks very much for your expertise. we appreciate it there is the car the weather guys got hammered in. when we come right back, eric holder should be forced to he resign. it should be interesting segment. adam can a carolla school
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trying to get boys to trade
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. the purveyor of bernard goldberg and i have a slight disagreement over whether attorney general eric holder will be forced to resign i say he will have to. bernie says not so fast. he joins us now from miami. even tom brokaw agrees with me on this. roll the tape. >> does he stay on the job? >> boy, i think it's tough to see how he does in this case but it's up to the president. from a political point of view, one of the ways that you can measure the impact of all of this and the fairness of it is think if this had happened in the bush administration with john ashcroft as the attorney general. you know full well if the democrats on the left would be going very hard after them with these issues that are in play.
1:39 am
>> bill: wow, brokaw trying to be fair and balanced there, bernie and you say? >> well, as moved as -- i mean as touched as i am, bill, by the fact that you and your new best friend tom brokaw finally agree on something. >> bill: right. >> in this case that eric holder can't survive, i'm saying unless you give me a timetable to go abelong with your bold prediction, you are not telling me enough. for one thing, when is he going to go? >> bill: he is going to go in late august. >> oh. >> bill: when everybody is on vacation. friday. >> exactly. >> bill: friday late august about 5:30. >> we have no disagreement at all if that is your position. i didn't know that was your position. >> bill: he is not going to go now. ease him out when everybody is on vacation. late august, 5:30. he goes hey, i need a break. i have got to go. see you. >> that is word for word my
1:40 am
position word for word. i would add this. he is not going to be forced out by the so-called mainstream media because they are unhappy today or tomorrow or yesterday because their unhappiness is not going to last. the story is already moring into how republicans have always disliked eric holder and there is nothing new that they dislike him now. and that he is a surrogate because they don't -- also don't like president obama. so he he will go. >> the real story is that eric holder now is a reminder of all of these problems. and that will never change. so he has to go. all right. i want you to react to darrell issa who is a republican. and he is on one of the committees that is investigating all of these scandals. and he says this about white house spokesman jay carney. >> the administration is still -- their paid liar, their specs person, picture behind, he is still making up things about what happens and calling this
1:41 am
local rogue. there is no indication. the reason that lois lerner tried to take the fifth is not because there is a rogue in cincinnati. it's because this is a problem that was coordinated in all likelihood right out of washington, d.c. headquarters. and we're getting to proving it. >> bill: now, mr. carney said today he is not going to get in a back and forth with congressman issa. to call the white house spokesman a paid liar. that's pretty strong stuff. >> right. yeah. whether jay carney is a liar or whether he simply is a public relations man who puts the best spin on things for his client, the president, this is not a smart thing for congressman issa to say. it's a distraction. because here he we are and we are not the only ones, talking about what congressman issa said and not the scandals that he was referring to. remember, when that congressman the republican congressman during the state of the union shouted you lie at the president? there aren't three people
1:42 am
out there who can tell us what that lie was. but we all remember that he said you lie. and it isn't a good thing for republicans to do. it feeds into the image of what kind of people. >> personal attacks and stuff like that. i agree with you but i will take it a step further. tony snow, former white house spokesperson for bush the younger is a friend of mine. and there were times when snow had to defend things, particularly about the iraq war where he could take it up to a line and, you know, hey, it's not going well. this and that and i said to snow. i said to him, look. you are by nature a journalist. what is your take when you get into a corner where you know the truth is not flattering to your boss? what do you do? snow basically said "i shut it down. i basically go on to another topic or this or that." because you cannot throw your boss under the bus.
1:43 am
you have got to make a decision whether you want to do that job knowing that even if the boss did something wrong you can't say it and that's why i don't think it's fair to carney because those are the rules. i will give you the last word. >> do you remember baghdad bob during the iraq war? >> sure. that was saddam hussein's pr guy. baghdad bob -- you would see missiles going into baghdad. baghdad bob missiles? what are you talking about? saddam hussein was hiding in a hole and he would say no, he is at the canned film festival. baghdad bob had a son. people don't know this. baghdad bob had a son. and in baghdad he was baghdad bob junior. they snuck him out to america and changed his name. they changed it to jay carney. i don't know what happened to this jay carney fellow. he is baghdad bob. is he saying things that you shake your head and you say are you kidding? that's his job. >> bill: white house press corps to nail him to the wall when he does that. >> we don't have to like
1:44 am
it, that's his job. our job is to say are you kidding? >> bill: that's the job of the white house press corps and i hope they do it. bernie, thanks so much. we have bill o' poll question for you. will attorney general eric holder be forced to resign yes or no? encouraging children to swap genders, unbelievable. carolla is next. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun.
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i like fun. well, that went exactly i as planned.. really?
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. rolling with carolla, two incredible stories. one about hitler. first to milwaukee, wisconsin at the partnership canoe grammar school they recently had a switch up day. administrators who run that place felt girls and boys should switch general ders. all voluntary but somewhat
1:48 am
disturbing thmplets mom who did not want to be identified. got the flier from school last week announcing that this friday would be gender bernard day. boys dress up like girls, girls dress up like boys. >> i was speechless, actually. >> she kept her son home from school friday as did a few others. >> he said well, no, i have to go to school because the principal said we have to dress like a girl. >> milwaukee public schools says it's all voluntary. but this mom doesn't want her child to be put into a position of not participating either. in the end we couldn't find many kids who showed up dressed like the opposite sex. just a couple teachers. and in the end it was the teachers and other adults in the school who had they said let's do cowboys in indians days.
1:49 am
>> bill: maybe cowboys and native america. >> let's do pilgrims day. what if you said i'll, give you a choice, favorite character from the bible or favorite character from the rocky horror picture show? which one would win if they dedicated a day to it? sad but true. let me tell you something. what? >> bill: it's all about anti-bullying and putting children's in other people's positions so they don't make fun of girls and boys. it's politically correct but far too sophisticated for the children to understand and that is why it's stupid and that is why the educators are pinheads. they have no idea how children process things. you don't dress up like a little girl when you are five when you are a boy, that is stupid. >> putting a boy in poodle skirt a bullying. listen, i have a
1:50 am
six-year-old son, a twins and he had to ride in a sister's pink car seat for a mile and he screamed like a stuck pig. >> bill: that is good sign. if he liked that you might to have send him to camp. i want to put something on the screen here. this is if los angeles billboard. it was right off the 405? >> it's a tea kettle. who does it look like, corolla? >> rosie o'donnell. >> bill: no, you want to try again? >> adolf hitler. >> bill: yes! a lot of people felt the ad looked a lotto like hitler so they ought to take it down. you actually saw this ad when it was up. >> i did. you live in l.a. you spend a lot of time on the 405 the worst freeway on the
1:51 am
planet. j.c. penney's is clearly against the tea party because they are trying make an association, hitler andrea tantaros tea. that is why i wanted to take it down. it was insane. i have a wrafl iron that looks exactly like man wal noriega. >> bill: i have note box that looks like joseph stalin. throw it up there one more time. it's so ridiculous. you know what? the tea kettle does look a little like him. i just don't know. lebenstrom tea? >> i don't know. what it says people are spending too much time on the 405.
1:52 am
>> bill: they did take the tea kettle down. maybe in milwaukee they will have something else. >> i can turn any cloud into stalin's head if you gave me enough time. >> bill: summer concerts, good,ed the bad and ugly. it tips are moments away.
1:53 am
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>>. tip of the day about summer concerts but first dad will like you very much if you go to bill o' here it is. it's flying out of here. we are ordering as fast as we can. get them on and three best-selling books, dad will like them and in an incredible deal
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you get lincoln free of charge when you become a premium member. here is a letter. >> bill: that is some question. corey from canada. >> bill: try to keep things fact based corey. i appreciate the compliment. >> bill: there is no question about that, tom.
1:56 am
>> bill: i urge all factors to go to the independent a last week a donor in phoenix committed to ten track chairs for wounded achbl few tees. maybe we'll have announcement about this fine charity. we want to get all the guys that need them. track chairs. >> bill: that is the chapter religion under attack, bill. it's one of the centerpieces of the book and i thank you for reading it. and dave lake...
1:57 am
>> bill: won, dave clam! keep it pithy. and tip of the day, we know money is tight. median income continue to drop and prices continue to go up. if you go to a rock concert you want to make sure the show is good. play your hits. new stuff -- you know maybe a couple. you keep that to a minimum. i won't go see a guy like van morrison because he rarely plays the classics. here are four concerts that will not disappoint you. fleetwood mack, eagles, huey lewis and the news and, of course, the beach boys. i know this are oldies but i'm trying to catch up with lil' wayne but i haven't done so. that is it for us tonight. check out or fox news
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factor website and we like to spout off anywhere in the world. word of the day, its good one, do not be rebarbative. very obscure word. maybe i should learn how to say it. that is the factor word of the day. i am bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is tuesday june 4th. thanks for watching "fox & friends first".
1:59 am
>> it is time for the top 5@5:00. overnight a south african judge postponed oscar pistorius' murder trial. he showed no emotion during the 10-minute hearing only saying two words, yes, sir. it was his first formal public appearance since he was released on bail in february. he is charged with murdering his model girlfriend. a 14-year-old florida boy questioned by police over a bomb hoax that forced two schools to be evacuated. he will be in court today. other students saw the suspect leave a bomb in the school courtyard. it looked like two sticks of dynamite with a timer. the bomb squad was called in 1500 students were cleared out of the building along with a child care center. the boy and parents cooperating with police. the fbi is asking for public help finding a marine kidnapped
2:00 am
in mexico. he was visiting his father and uncle when armed men stormed into their ranch taking all three at gun point. they have not been heard from since. the family believes it may be relate to do a landis put the fbi is investigating the kidnapping along with the police. a military judge will decide whether a man can have three months to prepare for his trial. major hassan asking for the delay after he asked to represent himself. opening arguments were expected to start july 1st. he will say he actd in defense of others. >> what do you do with a 70,000 square foot tax funder warehouse? use it for a gym? that's what the epa did. a new report reveals they lifted weights and watched tv while it became infested with vermin and mold.


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