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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 28, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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your storm shelter if you you are in ottawa county, kansas or that part of the country. that's "the fox report" for tuesday, may 28th, 2013. i'm jon scott in for shelter smith, back tomorrow and the factor is next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the problem is that it went to holder and he okayed it. >> he okayed the work of his investigator and so now as attorney general -- >> -- you are saying he is not ultimately responsible as the head man of the justice department that personally signed off on this? >> bill: a "fox news sunday" shootout between juan williams and brit hume on whether attorney general eric holder is guilty of persecuting reporters. tonight, i will talk to both men separately. >> the notion of naming a journalist as a coconspirator for receiving information is something that i find very disturbing. >> now even top obama guy david axelrod is casting doubt on mr. holder. will the attorney general be forced to resign? also tonight, bernie
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goldberg and charles krauthammer will weigh in on the growing chaos in washington. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. pressure mounting on attorney general eric holder. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, mr. holder is a very controversial guy. as the assistant attorney general he was involved with the mark rich pardon where the nation's biggest tax cheat ever was granted amnesty by president clinton. mr. holder was also involved in the fast and furious gun scandal and in the irs situation to some extent. as federal agents were used to scrutinize conservatives. finally holder signed off on calling fox news correspondent james rosen a coconspirator in a national security leak.
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but so far eric holder has not paid any price for his dubious decisions other than in the court of public opinion. but now that may be changing. one of president obama's top guys said this today. >> i do think that there are real issues regarding the relationship with the media on this leak matter. and certainly as you guys have been talking about all morning the notion of naming a journalist as a coconspirator for receiving information is something that i find very, very disturbing. >> bill: now, david axelrod would not have said that without president obama knowing about it. so this is not a good day for attorney general holder. sunday on fox news brit hume and juan williams got into a shootout over the attorney general's actions involving james rosen. >> the problem is it went to holder and he okayed it. >> he okayed the work of
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his investigator so now as the attorney general. >> you saying he is not ultimately responsible as the head man of the justice department who personally signed off on this. >> he signed off on it. >> he signed off on it -- >> -- to go back and look at the work of the investigating investigative. >> if he signed off on it how can he investigate it? >> because now is the opportunity and he is the exact right person as attorney general of the united states to see what prosecutors did and how they came to this conclusion. >> well, he saw -- wasn't he supposed to see all of that before he signed the affidavit. >> you can't see everything. >> bill: talk with juan in a minute. come on, holder knew what he was doing when he okayed the spying on rosen and fox news. to be fair, there is a valid national security situation involved in the rosen matter as the "the washington post" reported today in a story planted by the obama administration. the fact that james rosen went public with north korea's threat to test a nuclear weapon could have -- could have implicated someone giving information about that country. so national security was involved. but, not at the level that
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would prevent any decent reporter from doing the story. rosen didn't name a source and did not leak any information: did was stephan kim jim state department employee who has been charged with a national security crime. he has pleaded not guilty. the rosen in the associated press situation both come back to attorney general holder. right now he is just holding on by his finger tips. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. the aforementioned shootout between hume and williams over mr. holder for stuff from washington juan williams. holder can't see everything, juan? that was lame. come on. even you, can't see everything? this is big, juan. when guy comes and says i'm going to tap -- not tap, we're going to look at the phone records of a fox news correspondent, you look at everything, juan. come on. >> let me just tell you, what's lame here and i think you got it right in the talking points memo, bill, is people who don't
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realize this is about national security. that al qaeda has no right in the a.p. case to know that we have a double agent operating within their counsel in yemen, trying to bomb a u.s. plane. and sim harley in the north korea case there is a real national security issue. >> bill: i don't dispute that and i don't think fair minded americans dispute that. but with holder, you have got a whole different ballgame. number one, he says on the associated press leak, which was about yemen and al qaeda that he recuses himself because he may be one of the leakers which is ridiculous and absurd. he doesn't put that in writing. he didn't put it in writing. >> you don't have to. >> bill: you are right you don't have. >> to right, you don't have to. >> bill: he should have as any lawyer will tell you he should have. >> judges don't put reghiewstles writing that's not the issue.
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>> bill: he is not a judge. he is the top in this country. recuse himself write a memo saying why so everybody knows it number two, it isn't about national security with james rosen. it's about accusing rosen in a stupid affidavit which i hope you have read it's stupid of being part of a conspiracy to out a source in north korea. when everybody knows that's hellacious and dumb yet he signed off on it come on. >> let me respond here. one, this is really an outrage to call any journalist but especially james rosen who has a lifelong career in journalism and works for a mainstream news organization. here is the thing, bill. you have got to distinguish between a julian assange and wikileaks case or daniel ellsberg and pentagon papers case. these people are leakers. rosen is a real journalist. >> bill: what are you saying now? are you saying that holder made a foolish mistake and your defense of holder is
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he can't see everything. that's absurd. absurd. >> let me finish my point, bill. my point to you is what happened in the rosen case is rosen is using sort of dead end, email. is he using aliases, you know, phony names to try to get this information. >> bill: so what? get to the point. >> that let the fbi and some of these prosecutors then to decide we want to know more about james rosen. >> all right. fine. at that point they should have said james rosen is a real journalist and we shouldn't go after him. if that's the case he doesn't have to be named a coconspirator. you go to the judge ridiculously after two judges wouldn't by the bay a third judge signed off on it. >> a third judge did. holder says he alerted fox news and news corps that this was happening. we don't have any record of that no record at all, all right? >> hopefully that will be proven one way or another. >> bill: hopefully? where is the memo? holder should have done it last week that's when he said he alerted under the circumstances. tom cruise money.
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movie shows us the money. show us the memo. >> i'm all for it he can't. he doesn't have it then you, juan williams, after all of, this tells hume, who i think wanted to punch you, that holder should investigate all of this himself. how absurd is that? >> it's not absurd at all. he is exactly the right guy. >> bill: oh my god. >> i will tell you why. is he a veteran prosecutor. >> bill: oh yeah. who obviously prosecutors make a severe mistakes abo a legitimate journalist and someone interested in a probe leaks that could endanger american national security. we need to have some guidelines. >> bill: watch the replay of the factor tonight. listen to yourself is. you are saying that this guy who made all these mistakes, holder, should investigate himself. >> he should investigate the prosecutors underneath him and the fbi agents. no it's him. he signed off on it. >> he signed an affidavit. you could say that about the judge, mr. o'reilly. you want the judge
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investigated? no, i'm just saying to you as a matter of law enforcement, we need to have clear lines so that real reporters don't get caught up in a national security snare and somehow treat it as coconspirator. >> bill: we have holder investigate himself that will be great. >> no. it's not investigating himself. he is investigating mistakes made in the course of looking into why national security information was leaked. >> bill: he made them. he ordered it. all right. >> he didn't -- he signed an affidavit presented to him. >> bill: i have got to get to hume, well have a good time because i think that you will hear that national security is an interest of us all. >> bill: all right. so hume will be here in a moment. and then, we will talk with a woman who says both the fbi and the irs investigated her conservative action group. she is suing. and we're coming right back. e great outdoors, and a great deal.
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead tore, will attorney general holder have tore resign. joining us from washington, brit hume. after that interview on "fox news sunday," did you like throw the free pastries at juan in the green room? were you bouncing them off his head? strongly. >> bill: he doesn't like you. >> i disagree with that. we like each other fine. we just disagree with this. >> bill: juan's due argument with respect to juan is weak. >> i think it's weak. >> i'm not saying that because you think it's weak. it's weak. you can't investigate yourself and the buck stops with holder on this whole rosen and a.p. thing, it's him. he knew it, he signed off on it. he saw the language, he saw the judge's dictum. he wanted it done. is he going to investigate himself? look, it's absurd. but, to advance the story
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now, juan is going to lose the argument in the court public opinion and is he going to lose the argument legally, i believe. i don't think -- i think there is going to be a special prosecutor appointed. do you agree with that? >> well, i don't know if it will be a special prosecutor. i think there is a hesitancy, certainly on his part, holder's part to take that step, because, once you do that you have basically said to the world this is big, this is different, and i'm not capable of handling it and i -- because of my involvement in it or potential involvement in it, i shouldn't be the one that handles it. >> bill: with the a.p. thing he recused himself from that. >> that was ahead of time if he we are to believe him. this would be now saying that the thing has grown so big that he can't handle it, that's it is a huge big deal. outside agent needs to come in to avoid a conflict of interest. i don't think he wants to say that. >> bill: he wants to control it but if he refuses to appoint, can congress override it. can somebody do something and say we're going to take
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it out -- >> -- i think the person who could override it is the president. the president is now looking at a guy who is a problem, who has caused him more than one problem. >> bill: is that why axelrod did what he did? >> look, you said the president had to know. >> had to know. >> that axelrod was going to do that. what i would say is axelrod had to know that this was not out of line with the white house's thinking on this when he said that of course, remember, axelrod is a former journalist so he may have some of his own sensibilities about this. but the fact is that the president would have to be the person who passes the word that someone from outside needs to look into this. i think he will be hesitant to do that too because it enlarging the case. >> bill: but then the republicans are going to hammer the house in the senate through hearings, they are going to subpoena all kinds of stuff. just the fact that holder says hey, we alerted news corps that we were going to do this with rosen and news corps says, we don't have anything. i mean, just that. that's a black and white issue. okay, mr. attorney general.
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let's see. the alert. let's see what you did. >> and of course the other question, bill and this is very important that holder will have to answer is whether there were other journalists in these or other cases whose emails were snooped on or seized and whose phone records were subpoenaed and all the rest of it, that would enlarge the case and make it harder for him to remain in charge of it. >> bill: that's speculation. >> bill: i know all of it is to it some extent. >> bill: not really. >> i'm talking about a question that has to be answered that has not been. >> bill: can he answer the question but can he always say i don't know, i don't know. i don't know. that's what he always does. you have two facts in stone. have you associated press. yemen at divide. you have rose in north korea. >> brit: right. >> bill: rosen thing is ratcheted up because the judge signed off on a warrant to snoop. >> not only that. >> bill: is he a coconspirator. >> days before the story broke, we're talking about here, about the rosen
5:17 pm
emails that were seized, holder, under oath, before congress, had been asked about this question of, you know, the prosecution of the press and he said he had never heard about anything like that answered wouldn't think it was wise policy. well, the affidavit that he approved basically accused rosen for the purposes of that affidavit and for the purposes of being a criminal. >> bill: right. he didn't tell the truth. >> there well, he has got a problem there. >> bill: got a problem. because is he on the record saying i would never do that and he did it. but this is what i mean. you don't investigate yourself when there are these kinds of serious questions in play. >> yeah, i agree with that. >> bill: all right, juan. brit and i are not going to beat up on juan anymore. but after the show we are going to take him out and trash him. >> no, we are not. >> bill: you just don't want him to get your tie and hankie messed up. >> hey, hey. >> bill: directly ahead, go ahead. you got a last word on it? >> no. >> bill: good, that's smart. ahead, the texas woman
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight. more proof the irs was scrutinizing conservative groups. if you want to start a tax exempt organization, you have to file papers asking for 501 c 3 status. you also have to prove to the federal government that your group is either charitable, religious, educational, scientific, and so on. it cannot be, cannot be primarily political. yet, under the banner of 501 c 3 we have groups like media matters for america
5:22 pm
which smears conservative americans, the center for american progress which exclusively promotes far left wing causes. and the tides foundation. a george soros funned group that exclusively promotes progressive causes. so give me a break with this. the whole system is a ruiz. there are conservative 501 c 3s gaming the system as well. enter a group called "true to vote" monday the election process. the group's captain breck was unfairly by not only the irs but the fbi after she filed for 5001 c 3 status. she is now suing. she joining us from milwaukee along with her attorney who is in raleigh, north carolina. more interested in the fbi presence here ms. albrecht, tell us about that. >> sure. the fbi on several occasions contacted us wanting to know specifically about people who were attending our
5:23 pm
programs. and we told them what we could. and then it became a series of follow-ups that frankly you might not have thought too much about until you start lining that up with the other irs audit and atf and osha all the other things time line that don't add up. >> bill: let me get specific. the fbi's interest in your group happened after you filed 501 c 3? >> yes, yes. >> bill: so have you meetings -- >> -- everything happened after we filed. >> bill: you have meetings and you have people coming to your meetings. they were asking about certain people who attended your meetings, correct? >> that's right. they came up with a domestic terrorism unit. >> bill: did they tell you why they were asking about those people. >> no, and frankly at the time we just, you know, we were being gadd citizens and answered the questions and thought that would be it. >> bill: you don't know why they were singling out
5:24 pm
people they must have give you their names. didn't ask you them why do you want to know about shirley or whoever it was? >> all we could tell them is whether or not we knew they attended a program. we don't have members so we don't have any clue about any more detail we knew they were looking but. >> did they show you pictures of these people or give you names? >> they had a specific person that they were asking about, yes. >> bill: okay. and this was the domestic terrorism arm of the fbi. so they obviously wanted to know about this person and what they were doing. okay. now the irs agents they come down to texas where you are based and what do they do? >> well, are we not only three years limbo of nonprofit exemption being held up but personally i was audited. our businesses were audited for the two years my
5:25 pm
husband and i were personally audited for two years and that's the first time. >> what do you do. >> we have a manufacturing company. >> bill: you were personally audited. your business was, your husband was and this it had never happened before? you didn't have a beef with the irs before? >> no. in fact we got a refund. you have got irs guys on you and fbi guys on you and you are a little group. you are not a big concern, correct? >> yes. >> and all you wanted. >> you wouldn't think so. >> bill: what does your group want to do? >> election integrity. we are about free and fair elections for everyone. >> bill: that means voter registration and ids and all of that? >> that's right. that's right. >> bill: of course, holder doesn't like that. ms. mitchell, you are going to go after them now for what? what are you going to sue the federal government for and what are the odds that you will win? >> i think our odds are pretty good. we filed suit a week ago in federal district court in washington, d.c. on behalf of true to vote. and we have three counts in our lawsuit. the first one is to
5:26 pm
to-to-ask the court to grant our 501 c 3 status which we have the right to do under federal law. >> bill: sure. okay. >> our second count is we believe that the irs manicallyees and agents abused and violated a particular section of the tax code, which prohibits the irs from requesting or and inspecting or releasing unnecessary confidential taxpayer information there will civil money penalties and damages for violating that section. the third count is a civil rights complaint violation of true-to-vote constitutional rights free speech by virtue of this targeting really viewpoint discrimination because of the particular ideological or philosophical vantage point that true to vote
5:27 pm
they don't want you deposing them and snooping around and all of that. are you going to settle? >> actually, what we want more than anything, we want our damages, true-to-vote has been damaged financially. we want our damages and we do want to know the truth, bill. i think that's the most important thing to do. >> bill: if you start to depose them that's going to help break loose. please keep in touch with us. >> we will. >> bill: this is a fascinating lawsuit. arizona says jodi arias may still be executed after a hung jury delayed that. is it legal is investigating and they will weigh in on what you just heard as well. and then bernie goldberg and charles krauthammer will join us to talk about how the federal government is in disarray. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance
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>> bill: is it legal segment tonight three hot topics suing the federal government as you just heard. here now kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. what are the odds that ms. inglebrecht will pursue. >> 50/50. sovereign immunity applies. >> bill: nobody understands. what does that mean. >> the governor is sovereign. unless they really screw up and go against established law which is exactly what i'm quoting from the law here. they are immune. but, yet, with what she is presenting here, she
5:32 pm
presented tonight that they went after the fbi, the irs targeted her. >> bill: they are all in it. a couple in texas looking around all we want to do is have an honest vote. >> 501 c 3 is all they want. >> bill: do you agree auto/50? >> i think it's more like 75/25. >> bill: in their favor. >> no, against them. i think it's difficult. i think they will prevail on the first aspect identified as 501 c 3 status. >> damage. >> damage that cleta moore and her crew can do to them by deposition is just amazing, isn't it? under oath had to testify. they are going to say they didn't know anything. >> here is the problem, going to take the fifth. going to do. this the problem is they are going to be open to a lot of exposure then because it's just going to be a field day. >> they will try to settle
5:33 pm
it. >> 17 times they were investigated. not just the audits. >> bill: they feel bad they did it. it's no doubt they went after them. anybody could see that. >> this is a great case to bring forward. this one before the best cases they could have. >> bill: strong. we will see if our system is honest or corrupt. >> they should prevail that's the problem. >> they probably will settle because they want to get it complete-off. >> cleta moore and i don't know the other woman very well but i know ms. moore and ms. ingle brecket, they sound like they want the folks to know what happened and not the money. >> $85,000 a lot of money obviously but the government came in and said we will settle for 25. >> they are asking. >> bill: going to settle for a lot more than 8 a if they take it? >> they are after the admission. you are right it's not about the money. this would be a very damaging precedent to be established. >> bill: they want to know who ordered this. that's what they do. that's one way you might be able to get some.
5:34 pm
all the feds are going i don't know. i don't know. >> sound lawsuit. good grounds. >> bill: millions of americans care about this jodi arias person. i don't care about her. it is interesting because it was 8 to 4, guilfoyle to put her to death in arizona. >> right. >> bill: that's enough to hang the jury so they can't do anything now. they have to have another penalty phase trial with a new jury, correct? >> correct. which as you can imagine is going to be quite expensive for the state. they already spent like $1.78 million. >> headline news should pay for it the cable network because all they do -- they should pay for it? >> it's never going to happen. it's not going to get to the point of the second jury. >> bill: is that right? >> it's not going it happen. >> bill: here is what the prosecution is going to do. >> three options, go forward for death. and maybe you get life. or the judge can say 25 years to life. in other words, she could be out in 25 years. if i'm the prosecutor i would say i don't want the
5:35 pm
25 years. i want the life without possibility of parole. >> bill: the judge can do that. >> the prosecution can. they can come to an agreement. >> bill: county judge sentence her to that without a jury. >> yes. without a jury. the only thing a judge can't do is death. >> >> what do you think. >> no chance -- judge give her a 25 chance to get out absolutely not that would be mass teenager of justice. i think they should retry the penalty phase. >> bill: will they? >> i think it's going to be too expensive and cost prohibitive. they are going to settle for life without possibility of parole. however as a matter of principle and justice they should not. >> bill: nancy grace will be so disappointed. >> crying. i'm sending my friend flowers. >> bill: last year and a half. >> there is always another one. >> bill: all right. ladies. we will see if you are right. excuse me, when we come back, bernie goldberg on whether there will be real investigative reporting surrounding the sandals in washington. bernie is next. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly, weekdays with bernie segment tonight, growing pressure on the national media to begin scrutinizing the obama administration. even a liberal guy like bob schieffer is saying things like this. >> the president needs to re-think his entire communications policy, top to bottom. it is hurting his credibility and short changing the public and the
5:40 pm
review, how someone other than the attorney general who whose department is so deeply involved. that makes no sense to me. >> bill: juan williams not going to want to hear that joining us from miami, purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. okay. i believe that the investigative units at abc and cbs are actively looking for stories in this arena. all right? i don't know what they are doing at nbc or cnn but i do know that abc and cbs would love to get some stuff on this. is that a turning point? >> i don't think so. i would say no, if i have to give you yes or no answer for scandal to take off and become part of the general culture and have real political consequences. it can't simply be a story for news junkies, that means it has to become a recurring joke on the late night comedy shows. it has to become a
5:41 pm
recurring theme with jon stewart. it can't simply be on the sunday talk shows. it has to be a running story on the network evening newscast where 20 million people still get their evening news. and i don't see that happening, bill. the relationship between the press and this president is still way too cozy. there may be a love spat every now and then it never lasts long. and if it looks like the obama administration and the president himself is in some kind of trouble, the story will shift to becoming one that says the republicans have overreached. that will be the next one. >> nobody is going to buy that at this juncture. holder is in trouble. would you cede that right now? >> well, what do you mean nobody is going to buy that? >> well, because nobody who follows the news is going to buy that. >> bill: the other people don't even know what they're talking about. they can do that g.o.p. generated thing. that's not going to take root, i don't believe it
5:42 pm
is. but, holder, he is in trouble now right? >> i don't know. i think it's fair to say that he lied to congress. i mean, he said things to congress that were simply not true. >> bill: and can you prove that. we can prove that by the time line of events. >> that's right. there is no question about that. >> bill: okay. so you ever saying the attorney general of the united states, the top law enforcement officer it's your word not mine lies in a very public way when he is testifying under oath in front of congress and he is not in trouble? he has to be in trouble. >> yeah. that's right. there is not an automatic connection. look just so people don't think i'm taking a cheap shot holder said to congress in answer to a democratic senator's question, in regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, this is not something i have ever been involved in, heard of, or would think
5:43 pm
would be wise policy not only heard of it, he was involved in it, now i don't care what you want to call it it's not telling the truth. >> for him to be -- for him to be in trouble care about the news. into the people watch "dancing with the stars" and suddenly they will have to care about it it's going to take the networks, not just bob schieffer on face the nation, but the network broadcast evening newscast in general to make something of these things i don't see that happening. >> okay. it's true that most people's frame of reference is so narrow they don't know who eric holder is. they don't know who james rosen is. and they don't care. and so -- but leno and stewart have both embraced it and some of the others
5:44 pm
have as well, so i think if there is a couple of more stories that break open, it may pick up steam. >> possibly. possibly. let me just -- since you brought up james rosen. let me make one point here. there one part of the rosen story that while it has gotten some play, not saying it got no play. it hasn't gotten nearly enough. that is putting the james rosen angle into context. this administration, from the president on down to his top political cronies have waged a war for years. for years. they have waged a war on fox news. they have tried to tell the american people this is not a legitimate news organization. that it's pretty much a wholly owned subsidiary of the republican national party. i don't have any smoking gun memos, but i don't think it's some tremendous leap to say that they went after james rosen because in a way that they would have never gone after him if his name
5:45 pm
were brian williams. not that brian williams will ever i couldn't uncover ag like that. the media hasn't played that angle up to the extent that i think it's a legitimate story bell bill all right, bernie, thanks as always. krauthammer on deck. what happens next with libya on the irs and snooping on reporter's mess. we will advance the story with charles in just a few moments. v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. what will happen next as the situation in washington becomes even more chaotic? joining us now from washington, d.c., fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. so, the next hearing, charles, is a house committee on june 3rd, monday, on the irs scandal any prediction about that? >> look, the irs scandal has a couple of ways to go.
5:49 pm
it's clear that this thing was truly an outrage when the president uses the word, you know it is. but we don't know how high up it goes. the only way to know how high up it goes is to flip people lower so they expose people higher who, in turn, flip people higher. that's how you do it in watergate. that's how do you it in a murder investigation. now, the question is you go to a special prosecutor. or do you do it in congress? and i think if you give it to a special prosecutor, the story will go away for six months because everybody will say i can't comment on ongoing investigation. so i think if republicans are smart, they will recall lois lerner you know the one who famously said, you know, i know nothing, i did nothing. then she took the fifth. offer her use immunity. in other words, anything you say can never be used against you and then she has to testify. there is no fifth amendment sher that if she lies
5:50 pm
gets perjury rap. the senator can do that. the special prosecutor as we discussed earlier, that has to be a presidential appointment, correct? >> it's not going to happen because the president it. everybody can hear it. >> bill: right. i just want to be clear the only person who can appoint a special prosecutor is the president of the united states. >> well, essentially he has got to veto. if he doesn't want it, it's not going to happen. >> bill: nobody else can do it. a committee couldn't do it or a vote in congress couldn't get a special prosecutor. >> maybe you, bill. >> bill: i might be grounds. >> bill: you are not that
5:51 pm
crazy, charles. i don't care what anybody says. so we have got a hearing next week on the irs. and now i understand benghazi documents have been subpoenaed by the state department by congressman issa, correct? >> there is a lot more there. there clearly was. people call it a turf war between cia and state department over the words. no. a turf war is when people are arguing over the dominion of a department over, you know, over authority, over power with no underlying issue. here, the underlying issue, all of the fights about the talking point were about who would take responsibility for the real scandal, which was the neglect, the dereliction in not having security. >> bill: right. >> for our people. >> bill: whose fault was >> that's what the argument was about. but i think there is a bigger story and here's the one that will in time come out. the biggest scandal of all, the
5:52 pm
biggest question of all is what was the president doing in those eight hours? he had a hue -- routine meeting at 5:00. he never after, when our guys had their lives in danger, he never calls the secretary of defense, he never calls the chairman of the joint chiefs, he never calls the cia director. who does he call? about five hours in he calls the secretary of state after the phone call she releases a statement essentially about the video and how we denounced any intolerance t looks as though the only phone call was to construct a cover story at a time when the last two americans who died were still alive and fighting for their lives. there is the scandal, and that i think has got to be uncovered. >> interesting. i have less than a minute left. does holder resign? is he done? >> i think holder is going to
5:53 pm
have to go because he is a liability to the president. it's all about the president. it's all about is there space under the bus where there are a lot of people. he may have to get a second bus in order to stuff everybody. but holder, remember, obama said he endorses him 100% and now he learns that he clearly did not say the truth, and he can't pretend that he didn't remember because he signs a lot of stuff. because the release from the department of justice was he didn't only sign the search warrant against rosen that essentially named him as a co-defendant, a criminal co-defendant, he actually discussed it. so he can't say like hillary did, oh, i sign a lot of stuff. i can't remember. >> he did say that, that he didn't do two weeks before and that's on the defend. >> he said he didn't do it, but he doesn't have the defense that hillary did and to say i can't
5:54 pm
remember because the department of justice itself said he not only signed those forms, he discuss it had. >> right. so he has no defense right now. charles krauthammer. thank you. >> a wild now segment only moments away. ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human using stereoscopic cameras
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>> wrong on all counts. drone use is not illegal, it's an act of war and we are defending ourselves. from california. >> left in a tough spot with that one, bill. in defense i believe intrusion by the feds , no way to pin it. >> from bethlehem, pennsylvania. >> norm from carlsbad. >> i appreciate that. from los angeles.
5:58 pm
>> i like that. charles from nevada. >> salep, oregon. >> chris from new zealand. >> order it on we ship everywhere in the world and fast. the book rise today number 6. we post add chapter on bill so you can see what you are getting. i think you will like it. from trinidad. >> i bring out the best in all my guests. thanks for noticing.
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all the ladies say that. i think they do. i hope they do. they probably don't. finally tonight the factor tip of the day. most celebrity interviews are garbage but on sunday in the new york times this man gave the most honest interview i have ever read. ♪ ♪ honesty is such a lonely word ♪ everyone is so unsmooth] >> you bet, i've no one billy joel for decades. he grew up in my neighborhood on long island. check out the billow joel interviews in the times. you will like it. for us tonight please check out the fox news website. different from and we would like to you spout off from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be
6:00 pm
eldritch when writing. i-like that word. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you! >> welcome to "hannity." tonight an investigation has been launched into whether or not the united states attorney general lied under oath. we have a complete update on this developing story. but he's not the only member of the obama administration who is misleading the american people. we have uncovered new evidence to suggest that the irs is still at this very hour targeting conservatives. if this is true it will directly contradict what the president and his top aides have been saying for week. >> despite all the media interest in our april, 2013 awareness, it's important to remember that the conduct, of course,


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