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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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but meet us now on greta wire. i put a thread up about the irs. it is the scandal blowing up or blowing over? we'll see you again tomorrow night. newt gingrich and karl rove will be here. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have decided to follow my counsel's advice and not testify or answer any of the questions today. >> bill: the irs scandal getting bigger. now some executives there think they may be in criminal territory. also, the link between the irs and the white house getting stronger. >> how many times did you go to the white house? >> bill: we'll have a full report on everything that happened today. >> the president said he was outraged last week by the irs scandal. is he outraged then that lois lerner is taking the fifth? >> bill: white house pounded over the irs scandal. we will show you what happened to jay carney. >> i don't think obama had anything to do with it you know, maybe he didn't. sometimes things go wrong. >> bill: jesse watters goes
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into obama territory. will the president supporters stand by their man? >> you didn't have a lot/áiw of high hopes for transparency to begin with? >> no. it's the u.s. government. >> bill: also tonight, dennis miller going wild over the irs. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the irs scandal getting even more intense. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today, the woman in charge of the irs department of tax exempt organizations refused to testify in front of the house oversight committee. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations. and i have not provided
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false information. >> bill: all right. now ms. lerner still on the job if you can believe it she should be suspended immediately. yes, she has the right to remain silent. but she does not have a right to hold a job that has paid her about 750,000 bucks over the last four years. hey, lady, that's taxpayer money. you owe us the truth not the fifth. lerner knows she is in big trouble. it's possible she was clueless about the irs abuses, but not probable. many believe she will be charged with a crime. which is why her lawyers have clamped her up. another guy in major trouble former irs director douglas shulman who was lerner's boss. >> are you sure you didn't talk to anyone at the white house about this issue, mr. shulman? >> about singling out conservative groups for special scrutiny? >> well, that's what we are talking about, isn't it. >> i'm absolutely sure i
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did not talk to. >> didn't come up in a casual conversation after 132 members of congress contacted you about it, you sure you didn't bring it up with anybody at the white house? >> not to my memory. there might be many reasons that you would be at the white house what would be some of the reasons why you might be at the white house? >> the easter egg roll with my kids. >> bill: that's a wise guy answer. totally inappropriate to the subject at hand. as you heard shulman visited the white house 118 times. 118 times. a red flag for sure. now, here is how bad the irs scandal is getting. even devoted liberal democrat elijah cummings is disgusted. >> i believe that there was gross incompetence and mismanagement in how the irs dermined which organizations qualified for tax exempt status over at
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the white house briefing room the message remained consistent. >> the president said he was outraged last week by the irs scandal. is he outraged then that lois lerner is taking the fifth since she said -- is he outraged she is taking the fifth. >> i can't speak to anyone's decision how they will approach congressional hearings. what i can tell you is that the president will not be deterred in the effort to find what happened here and who is responsible. >> bill: i would have lunged at mr. carney and i would have been dragged away by the secret service because that wasn't the question. here's the question that henry asked: is the president outraged that lois lerner took the fifth? yes or no? carney can speak to that. he just will not. our tax dollarsq, again. president obama must know his image has taken a hit. a new fox news poll asks do you feel the government is out of control? a whopping 68 percent said
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yes. 26% don't think so. another question is barack obama honest and trustworthy? 49% yes? 48% no. if the irs scandal continues and the white house continues to dodge that untrustworthy number will surely rise. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, reaction with us, one of the stars of the five bob beckel. so, lerner, what do you think about lois? >> well, here is the problem with it. if you start by saying i didn't break any laws, i didn't break any regulations, i didn't say anything to anybody and then you take the fifth, that's the problem. i mean, if you -- i don't know what lawyer in the world, if you convince didn't break any law is going to say take the fifth. it goes beyond that look, she is a career civil servant. are we to believe that nobody but nobody suggested to her that these things should be looked into, i for one don't believe that do i believe obama did it? absolutely not. but there are people around obama who may well have done it. so, i think yeah, she should be suspended.
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it's harder to suspend a career service. >> bill: no it's not. you can ask for her resignation and she will have to give it just like they did with what's his name. >> she doesn't have to give it leave that side. your poll, of course, is just ridiculous. everybody thinks the government has been out of control by 50 years for from that number. >> bill: not my poll. fox news opinion dynamics poll. >> i will say this the positives on he obama manned at negatives are something to be concerned about. >> bill: why are you giving president obama the benefit of the doubt? i mean, you say obviously things aren't adding up. nobody believes that it was just a few people in cincinnati doing this. so why -- i'm not -- i think it would be wrong and i want everybody to understand this, to accuse president obama of anything. i think it would be wrong to do that. but why are you giving him the benefit of the doubt? why not remain neutral and see where the investigation goes? >> you just got finished saying that people are pointing a finger at the president and then you say
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we shouldn't raise the specter. >> >> bill: no i say remain neutral. you are giving the president the benefit of the doubt. you stated you don't believe he is involved in this i know barack obama. >> bill: you know him. >> i have met him seven times. i think that's well enough to say i know him. you have met him one time. >> bill: i have met him a few times. i don't know him enough and i don't think you do either to make a blanket statement that i'm convinced he is he not involved with this. >> do you think barack obama would ask the head of the irs to come in and say i want you to cop looking at tea party groups? >> no. >> of course not. >> bill: conservatives would do it. >> that's what i said at the beginning. >> bill: ask youd me a question did you not. >> you expheed a question i'm answering your question with a question. >> bill: i'm answering your question. i don't believe barack obama would be foolish enough to order lois lerner or shulman or anybody else to target the tea party or conservatives. >> right. >> bill: however his surrogates would be that stupid. if the president knew about
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it and didn't take any action, that is big trouble for him. >> you said to me why am i giving him the benefit of the doubt. >> bill: yes. >> i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because of exactly what you said, o'reilly, this is what i don't believe he would have done that why didn't he know. >> bill: no, no. it's a bigger question than directly do it. shulman goes in 118 times that he is a lo the of times. >> a lot of easter egg rolls. >> bill: a lot of times. 118. but he never raised this with anybody at the white house. never. even though congressman were battering him. the inspector general was telling him you guys are in trouble. but 118 times shulman never said a word. >> do you believe. >> bill: does that add up to you. >> no. >> of course not. so he lied. >> probably did. he took the fifth. >> bill: and you i are simpatico in the fact that this doesn't add up. why would he protect the white house? well, because. >> bill: oh. >> because he was a bush
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appointee. maybe he should not have protected the white house. >> bill: i'm just saying he is not telling his truth about the meetings at the white house. >> did somebody at the white house say to shulman we want you to investigate these groups? this is a time when groups were proliferating everywhere and causing trouble for obama. >> bill: and the election. >> the question is why would shulman a bush appointee say all right i'm going to get you out of this thing here and i will get my people in cincinnati to look into it. >> bill: because is he working for the obama administration. >> is he on his way out. he knows that. >> bill: he wasn't on his way out a year and a half ago when this all started. >> five year term. he knew he was going to go. here is the point did somebody say to shulman or lerner more to the point. i think that's more to the point, and did lerner say to the people in cincinnati, look into these things. >> bill: we can't answer any of those questions. >> no, we can't. so why are we raising it? >> we are praising it because the testimony is getting closer and closer. >> bill: to what. >> to what? >> bill: white house involvement. >> can we play -- do we
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believe that a political appointee somewhere around barack obama was involved in this issue? >> bill: i think that the evidence right now points to that. but you can't say it with any definition. >> this is amazing. i guess i'm farther right than you are on this one. >> bill: you are very rarely right. >> no, no. i said right. >> bill: bob beckel, everybody. >> when i come on here. >> bill: you are befuddled when you come on here. >> i'm not befuddled. you give yourself too much credit. you are a good interviewer but not that good. >> bill: cbs news correspondent says she may have been investigated by the feds along with james rosen. rosen is going to be on the factor tonight. we are coming right back. welcome to the new buffalo... where new york state is investing one billion dollars to attract and grow business. where companies like geico are investing in technology & finance. welcome to the state where cutting taxes for business... is our business.
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scandal story for you. the fbi investigated the associated press trying to find out who leaked the story to them about a terror operation in yemen. the fbi also secretly looked at fox news correspondent james rosen's personal emails investigating a story about north korea. finally, cbs news correspondent sharyl attkisson says her emails may have been monitored as well. joining us now from washington republican strategist kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers, also a fox news analyst. what about attorney general eric holder in? now he reciewsd himself on the a.p. story but rosen, we don't hear a word about that and that's right in holder's domain. and you say? >> well, look, there is no point in signaling out holder without president obama. they both believe the same thing. the president even when he was asked about the a.p. scandal has said he makes no apologies for what they did. when he hasn't said a word about james rosen.
8:15 pm
and what happened there. so he is obviously not, you know, too up in arms about that since we know he called -- just picks up the phone and calls people if they have been insulted by a radio host for example but he hasn't spoken out about the government and their thuggish tactic its against journalists. i would say that both attorney general holder and the president don't look very good right now. >> shepard: okay. and you say, kate? >> i agree completely. i mean, it's very clear that this is an executive level decision that holder had to have been involved. holder admitted to the committee they asked him that he couldn't remember how many times he had authorized the department of justice to look into different press issues, to look into phone records. so, we know it's happened before. this really shouldn't come as a surprise, but it is an atrocity. this is a scandal of serious proportions, bill. we are seeing the tip of the iceberg right here where the white house and the department of justice have made the determination and it is a determination that they are going to go
8:16 pm
after reporters and news organizations that print -- print facts or print untimely manner, something that makes them mad and so they go after. >> go after "new york times" on the wikileaks things and the "new york times" printed all kinds of stuff that came from classified files. you say. >> they didn't go after the times because the times leak made the president look good. they go after the news organizations that make him look bad. >> hey, he was talking about drone strike. he was a tough guy. >> bill: it didn't make him look good. it wasn't a deficit but its with a lot of embarrassing stuff. let me ask one more question kate about this. you say that this is a scandal and there is an iceberg coming or something with an iceberg. >> yeah. >> bill: do you have any sympathy at all for the cia, the nsa, all of our other intel agencies that basically are trying to plug leaks? they don't want, you know, secret stuff that could get their agents killed and
8:17 pm
u.s. military killed out in the press? do you sympathize at all with that? >> i sympathize with the need to go after the leakers, to go after members of the administration who are leaking but you don't go after the press because that's when you sometime me the freedom of the press. >> can i say something about that bill? >> bill: what about social media like wikileaks and people like that who don't get national security stuff and throw it on out there and our people could get killed, powers? >> where do they get the information? >> bill: take that seriously. it's a question of whether you think wikileaks should be treated as a journalist and i think. >> bill: social media thing. >> yeah, i think they should be. i just want to address this argument though that the administration they -- holder made this argument about the a.p. why they went after the a.p. because there was a grave security risk, right? >> bill: yeah. >> turns out completely bogus. not even remotely true. that is not what happened. the a.p. actually was just going to break the story a day earlier than the administration wanted to break the story. >> bill: it's worse that be that. >> had nothing to do.
8:18 pm
>> bill: what you are saying is true. they didn't really know what the a.p. had been b. yemen and who the sources were. they were trying to find out. with the rosen thing, this is just a stupid story about north korea reacting to a u.n. threat of boycott. this has nothing to do with any agent in the field. that's why this is so agree expwrus. the rosen thing is ridiculous. and for them to go after his private emails and his parents' phone lines, his parents phone lines. >> let's remember, also, that, though -- what they call leaks are often whistle blowers first of all. and when they leak things, like they did about the usama bin laden raid, you had people from the military saying that actually the white house was putting seals in danger, was releasing information that shouldn't be released. >> bill: i don't want to main point. the main point is that eric holder, the attorney general, who i do not believe is going to survive. this i'm going to make a prediction right now on the factor that holder will
8:19 pm
have to resign over this. because you are going to see more of this coming out. he is not going to be able to defend it you know what, mr. attorney general, between you and me, you can't recuse yourself from your job. >> he was just doing what the president wants him to do though. >> bill: that's what you say, powers. and, again, we'll see. >> but, still, even if he was doing. >> bill: right now, it's right in holder's lap. and he ain't going to get out of this one. and i have got to go. because we do have james rosen but we can't ask him anything. we also have a very interesting bill o' poll question for you. in your opinion which situation is more damaging to the country? benghazi or the irs? more danging benghazi or the irs? we will give you the results tomorrow. directly ahead the aforementioned james rosen will report the fbi in identifying some suspects in the benghazi terror attack finally. also, coming up, dennis miller and jesse watters. will these guys cause trouble tonight? i think that's a safe bet. those reports after these
8:20 pm
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>> bill: washington beat segment tonight. three terrorist situations. florida man shot by the fbi. that has to do with the boston terror attack. update on the benghazi situation. breaking this afternoon, two muslim extremists in custody in london, england after they apparently hacked a british military man to death in the middle of the street. one of the suspects was interviewed with blood on his hands, viewer warning. this is troubling. >> we must fight them as they fight us. an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. i apologize that women had to witness this today. but in our land, our women have to see the same. your people will never be safe. they don't care but. >> bill: joining us now from washington carl cameron and the now very
8:24 pm
famous james rosen. we will get to your situation in a minute, rosen. this is pretty bizarre what is going on in london. tell us about it. >> i just got off the phone a short while ago, bill, with the british embassy here in washington. they told me flat out we are not calling this a terrorism event just yet. but they caution this is still an unfolding investigation. the prime minister, david cammeron is returning early from a trip to france so that tomorrow he can chair what's called the cabinet office briefing room cobra. sort of the equivalent of our national security council on this. what you had is this man in the video, with his bloody hands, his meat cleaver and his knife and another man apparently armed also with a gun attacking the figure that you see in the screen there, who was apparently a military official or a military personnel of some kind of serviceman just a few blocks from a barracks in the section of london, southeast london. and then the same camera then captured the two assailants or suspected
8:25 pm
assailants. the two guys they suspect of having attacked that guy and perhaps beheading them who were them themselves shot by armed british police. those two characters are now in british2 and they are taking it very seriously it could potentially be a terrorist attack. you heard the remarks of the gentleman on screen. so far they are not formally labeling that, bill. >> bill: they're islamic extremists we know that whether you call it terror or not there was no reason to kill that poor man. right now benghazi situation, finally i need to you go real quick on this one, rosen. the fbi has isolated five suspects? >> well, law enforcement and military officials tell fox news the figure is much higher as many as 18 suspects. some of whom we have been tracking since october. there is a problem in that the security situation in benghazi is still very dire. the fbi, we are told, has not been there in quite a while. we could probably take these people out with military assets but it's the preference of the obama administration to capture them and try them in a
8:26 pm
certain way. and so, it's taking a long time. that's -- i'm told that's one of the reasons why. >> bill: they have the guys they think did it, killed the american ambassador. it's just getting them now that is the problem. >> well, they think that these were involved. we're told 60 people stormed that compound on 9/11. we are talking about 18 suspects right now. >> bill: all right. now, cammeron, a guy in florida, in the central florida, shot by the fbi who was a link to the boston bombing, tell us about that. >> yeah. 27-year-old a chechen living in boston and moved to florida. being questioned late last night and early this morning by a pair of massachusetts state troopers and the fbi in orlando about his friendship with the dead boston bomber tamerlan had been questioned before. he was a suspect. he and tsarnaev knew each other through martial arts. both were suspected in a triple murder two years ago on september 11th in which
8:27 pm
tsarnaev knew one of the victims. late last night investigators thought tadashev he and tsarnaev's role in that murder. he flew off the handle rage. pulled a knife and lunged at one of the state troopers and started stabbing him until an fbi agent who was on the scene actually shot and killed todashev. >> bill: there was a lot of drug, pot and stuff like that involved with it. >> oh, absolutely. >> bill: okay. now i have got to get back to rosen. when you have going to jail? we are taking up the collection for the bail now. when are you going to jail? >> i'm touched by your sentiment. [ laughter ] >> bill: but that's about all i would say. >> bill: okay. i know that fox news and your attorneys have told you that, you know, not to talk about it. but this has got to be harrowing. your parents are involved now. and their phone lines and stuff like this. so anyway. we just want to tell it the audience that rosen is okay. we are protecting him. getting all the support you need, right? >> i feel good about where
8:28 pm
i am. >> bill: just let me ask you one thing, are you surprised this whole thing came down this way? >> the only thing i really feel comfortable saying, bill, is that which was included in shannon bream's report on "special report" with bret baier on monday which was a quote from me, which was the effect that as a reporter i will always honor the confidentiality of my dealings with all of my sources. >> bill: yeah, sure. you don't do that you are no longer a reporter and you are one of the best. so, rosen, we have got your back and cammeron has got your front and you are in good shape, man. you let us know how this goes. it's going to be an interesting book you are going to have some day. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. jesse watters talked to some of the president's most ardent supports, will they stand by their man. not a supporter of president obama. president obama. weigh in on the irs and
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>> bill: lou's the boss segment tonight. big controversy over apple keeping massive profits overseas to avoid paying taxes in america. >> is it true you told our staff you are not bringing the 100 billion home unless we reduce our tax rates? is that accurate? >> i didn't remember saying that. >> is it true? >> i said i don't remember saying that. >> bill: according to the "wall street journal," apple is keeping the money overseas so it won't have to pay u.s. taxes. joining us now to sort it all out lou dobbs the anchor on the fox business channel. this is kind of an old story but a new player apple.
8:33 pm
so, this if they bring their profits back overseas how much to the feds. >> 35%. that and the difference between whatever country they are making the money in. it gets complicated but the fact is they will have to pay at least 10%. >> bill: that's a big bite. 100 billion. it's 100 billion they have got over there, right? >> complicating it further. tim cook has promised that he is going to put out $100 billion to his shareholders. the only way to do that is to bring mahoney back from overseas. >> bill: he can't do that because he doesn't want to pay the 35%. >> that's exactly right. >> bill: he borrowed billions of dollars i understand to pay off the shareholders. >> exactly. the interest rate on borrowing money. he will but he hasn't quite yet. he will be borrowing money. rather than bring that money from overseas and pay that differential which we will call it 10% will be immensely cheaper and that's crazy. absolutely crazy. >> bill: the united states treasury loses all of this corporate money because corporations like apple and
8:34 pm
they are not alone. >> yeah. >> bill: hundreds of though sands of corporations that stash money overseas. >> without question. the last time we had an amnesty, if you will, for these folks was in 2004. $360 billion poured in. >> the real issue here is not the tax money. i know this is unreal in the era of obama but that money doesn't have to go to the treasury to do good. to bring that money back here to invest and create jobs and a lot of people think bill that's one of the reasons we have such a lousy period of job creation right now is that businesses aren't investing that money. >> bill: also, doesn't apple have a lot of business in china where they make stuff over there? aren't they making stuff over there? >> they are making stuff over there. they are selling stuff here. they have got 600,000 employees in this country. i mean, it's crazy what carl levin is doing here.
8:35 pm
>> bill: g.e. doesn't pay any taxes. why isn't levin grilling g.e.? >> i think it may be something to do with jeffrey immelt. >> bill: wasn't jobs a big obama guy in the beginning. >> no, he wasn't. >> bill: not in the beginning in. >> not in the beginning, in particular there was a lot of, well, ego clash if you will. guys like you and me couldn't imagine there being an ego clash. >> bill: what's ego clash? >> they didn't understand. >> bill: the president and jobs didn't get along personally. >> no. ultimately they did. >> bill: okay. provide people to invest. that's all good. they want them to pay. they don't want them to dodge. you know? that's what levin is implying. dodging responsibility to the country. >> we have to be careful with this. carl levin guy.
8:36 pm
because what we are watching may be a political production. that is temp cook appears before him to drive the discussion of lowering corporate taxes. the effect of corporate tax rate in this country, folks is not 35%. it's 17%. this looks like a gam bit to me. these folks are trying to game us and get corporate taxes lowered as the president pushes up individual taxes. isn't that crazy? >> you think that levin actually wants to bring down the corporate tax rate? >> suggest. >> is he. >> is he. >> he wants to bring it down. well, we have on paper we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. but you are saying that's basically bogus. >> the effective rate. >> 17%; is it that fair? 17%? >> that's very fair. >> sounds fair to me. >> but the fact is, they should be paying their share. this nonsense about not paying tax, leaving money parked. give the corporations a tax holiday on that. bring that money in here and invest it. >> bill: do a lot of good. lou dobbs, everybody.
8:37 pm
we come right back, it will be miller time, the d man a bit perturbed over the irs hearings today and rosen, miller is next. lets get the ball rolling. in communities like chicago we're coming together with the city and military veterans for the coca cola foundation's troops for fitness. an innovative program that's inspiring hundreds of people. with fun ways to move a little more. stay active and to see how good a little balance can feel.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight. let's get right to the sage of southern california.
8:41 pm
joins us now from santa barbara. i hear you are printing free james rosen t-shirts out there; is that true? [ laughter ] nothing is free in this country anymore, billy. hey, listen, i just wish that doj had been as tough on those black panthers holding pipe wrenches outside the philadelphia polling place as they are on james rosen and]8pí/ mom and his dad for god's sake. it's unbelievable. i think carl cameron must be jealous because they are not bugging him. and, you know, when you look at this administration, it's looking more nixonian. i would say the only difference is when obama says i am not a crook, they are going to have to put it on prompter for him. and would hope that they would move their stonewall on this down to our southern border, at least keep some people out who are here illegally. by the way, where has biden been lately. he is on a shorter leash that be the mayor of munchkin land pecan knees. nobody is going to let him talk.
8:42 pm
>> bill: that's true. i haven't seen him around. i made a prediction in the program that eric holder is north going to survive this snooping with the press business. is he the guy they are going to throw under the bus. do you believe that. >> boy, billy, that's pretty far up. steadman has been a good soldier for this cat. if he goes, you know it's screwed. you know that jarrett is the one beyond that. and if jarrett goes you know the whole thing has hit the fan. >> valerie jarrett is not going to go. but i think that now. >> why did you move on so quickly from that. é?a'a i'm saying i think jarret is behind it all. and i don't think jarrett will go either. but i think if you get up to steadman, you are one step away from her. >> bill: that's big. >> that's pretty far in. under the bus. they got problems. >> bill: i don't know about valerie jarrett, i really don't. i'm saying this honestly. i don't know. >> nobody does. what are you going on? you get a good vibe off her that she wouldn't participate on this? other side i get bad vibe
8:43 pm
off her. >> bill: i'm neutral on who in the white house might be involved because i don't have any evidence. i have plenty of evidence that eric holder is involved because his guys are doing it. he had to know. and recuse business is a bunch of bs. everybody knows it. >> billy, i will take you at face value and much like the president's biggest defenders, i will get on board tonight and say i'm willing to concede, too. that he is clueless, that's the default position now for anybody who is protecting the if the that he had no idea about any of this. i will be a good american citizen i think the president is absolutely clueless. >> bill: you think president obama is clueless about it. >> yeah. but then again i'm being a good american. i don't want to infer that he has -- >> bill: do you know what they call it? they call it deniability. this is the game. when you are the ceo of a corporation or an elected official, congressman, senator, president, there is a strategy that is employed by your guys and gals.
8:44 pm
the give, the person deniment. that's what's probably going on here. but we will see. now, on the irs thing, this woman, lois lerner, you and me, miller, have paid her $750,000 over the last four years. so apparently she is playing for the washington nationals when she isn't working for the irs this woman had the gull to go in there and not tell the truth today? it's just outrange just. >> well, if she is going to plead the fifth, she had a few appertits before she got to the fifth. you can't go in and lay down how innocent you are. issa is going to call her back in now because she screwed the pooch. either plead the fifth or don't plead the 50. don't sit there and tell me you are the absolute best we have to offer. best and brightest and oh by the way i'm not going it tell you anything about what's going on. nobody in the press is going to bear in on this. let's face facts. the american media is in appear abusive relationship
8:45 pm
with obama. they don't quite know what to do. if you take the "new york times," you could refer to it as "fifty shades of grey" lady. nobody is going to ask her the hard questions. now, they might take a little thing here, a little respite and say, hey, what's happening with obama? but they are all going to cave in on that. you know, but they have to do it a little. they have to just -- some exsass ter -- exasperation. >> bill: the irs story is big. mayor bloomberg of new york city says college students who really aren't that bright are up against it roll the tape. >> the people who are going to have the biggest problem are college graduates who aren't rocket scientists if you will. not at the top of their class. compare a plumber to going to harvard college. being a plumber actually, for the average person, probably would be a better deal because you don't spend four years spending 40, $50,000 tuition and no income. [ laughter ]
8:46 pm
>> bill: now that i think about it, ihould have been a plumber, miller, did i spend the 50 grand up there. and you say? >> i think what the nanny state is telling the kids here if you are going to live in your parent's basement for the rest of your life why not know how to work on the pipes while you are down there. one thing about a plumber is recognize a little drip that keeps you up all night and that's mayor bloomberg. no doubt once he does get these kids to be plirms. he is going to come in with a rural and measure their exposed butt crack and levy a butt crack on each end so you can see above the jns. >> bill: le-an. you are right. miller is absolutely right it's a leone. >> especially talking about the other direction. french pronunciation or greek one. >> bill: at least they are not your friends. earful if that's going up there. >> i'm out here with rosen. you have got to talk to your buddies over there. get them off my back. >> you love to read.
8:47 pm
miller's emails? oh my god, your head would blow off. just 20 tickets remaining for the bolder fresher show west bury. about 100 mat at this point nay spokane. info on bill o' watters world in a segment. jesse talking ardent jesse talking ardent suppor if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. welwhere new york state is...p investing one billion
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>> bill: the other day we sent our pall jesse to lower manhattan where president obama remains very popular. the question, will his supporters stand by their man?
8:51 pm
♪ >> the country right now, do you think we're in good shape? bad shape? >> which country? >> the united states. >> oh, my god, it's so american% to say this country and think it's america. >> which scandal gets yur goat? >> would the boston marathon bopping be considered a scandal? >> right now benghazi. he's been inundated with a lot of scandal recently. does that bother you guys as obama supporters? >> must be so rewarding to be one of your close friends. >> have you heard about the irs scandal by any chance? >> no, i have not. >> i don't think it's like a huge scandal. >> and you really believe that drool? >> i don't know. to me he seems like a good guy. >> the irs was targeting conservative groups and politics. >> well, that sounds fine with me. >> did he rip them off and take some money that he didn't need?
8:52 pm
>> you know, somebody comes out and said, obama, he targeted tea party groups, i have a problem where that. >> does the ap spying story bother you? >> no. >> why doesn't it? >> i don't know anything about. >> he's getting the phone records for from reporters for the associated press. >> oh. >> all questions must be submitted in writing. >> it's all been revealed, he looked into the phone records of the associated press reporters. >> maybe he was looking into it in order to make his next move. >> make his next move? >> as far as helping the economy. >> this is your opinion? >> it's a fact. >> i'm still trying to fight for -- >> you're doing a good job. >> i always assume a president will be a criminal. >> there's no way to be a honest. of a dishonest country. >> do you know where benghazi
8:53 pm
is? libya. does it bother you they didn't give those guys tactical support with a raid and tried to spin it afterwards? >> you talk to commanders in iraq, they will tell you they were equipped going into iraq when george bush was president. >> you know where libya is, right? >> yeah. egypt. >> close to egypt. >> obama, he brought us back from the darkness. >> there's something wrong with your love story, baby. ♪ >> do you guys ever watch bill o'reilly on the fox news? >> yeah. >> are you a "factor" fan? >> no. >> hey, bill, maybe you can hire me when i graduate. >> bill: watters is on
8:54 pm
assignment. he's looking landlord for my appearance this evening on "the jon stewart show." always wild with stewart. we'll talk about it tomorrow. check it out tonight. "factor" tip of the day, and it has do with christmas in a good has do with christmas in a good way. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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>> bill: "factor" tip of the day about christmas in a moment. greatest gifts this year for father's day on usa strong hats and shirts flying out of here. they're great items that dad will appreciate. of course my best three best-selling books. now the mail, the obama administration's review of james rosen' emails is shameful, especially the justice
8:57 pm
department saying he may have violated national security when "the new york times" reported stolen wikileaks information, no such thing. exactly right. as a former dod employees, i believe the leakers, not the journalists, are at fault, but the press is at an obligation to maintain national security. we're always aware of that. cnn's candy crowley showed her bias by showing the irs bias against the tea party could be a mistake rather than a plan. could humor error be the problem? when senator paul debunked that by pointing to the inspector general's report, crowley kept the mistake theme going, showing bias. jeff rowen, pennsylvania. bill, love the talking points about going bulworth, but
8:58 pm
president obama will never do it. he's nothing more than a figurehead. australia, with fox news going on a witch-hunt against the obama administration, maybe that will tone down the socialist rhetoric? witch-hunt? really? keep it pithy, it does contain 9ú my husband watches "the factor," but i can't stop myself. i can't give up the tip of the day, i can't give up saying "really." really, vicky? i know you can do it. we fought a righteous battle to make sure that the term "merry christmas" a$$ america. we won that, even though the far
8:59 pm
left denied there was any problem at all. now state of texas passing a law, a law, house bill 308, that says school districts in the lonestar state cannot stop anyone from saying merry christmas or happy hanukkah. for some it's trivial, but for you culture warriors out there, you know texas doing the right thing by respecting american tradition. "factor" tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news "factor" website, different than we'd like to to spout off about "the factor" anywhere in the world. o'reillword of the day, dowsabe. great word, dowsabel.
9:00 pm
thank you for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean:p('j5)tiátuá @&c @&c% alert, the top irs information who invoked the fifth amendment earlier today and refused to answer questions before the house oversight committee may be called back to capitol hill to testify. the bombshell development comes to us courtesy of chairman darrell issa who argues she waived her fifth amendment rights by delivering this opening statement. let's take a look. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations. i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. and while i would very much like to answer the


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