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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 15, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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hate world war ii. >> if you don't see the movie you hate world war ii vets. we have to go. that does it for me. i shall see you tomorrow. caution. on. tonight. >> do you know who told rice to do it? >> we know talking points came from. >> do you know who told rice to go out and mislead everything? >> the a.p. thing is a scandal. >> the idea that he we're giving the administration the benefit of the doubt. >> bill: i'm not giving the benefit of anything. >> you are saying it's not a scandal it is a scandal. >> wild morning with both the left and the right challenging me. we will show you what happened and analyze the growing pressure on president obama. this is about getting to the truth so people can be held accountable and we can prevent this from happening again. >> what does senator rubio think about what makes the
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baby mushy in philadelphia, there is another doctor under scrutiny. is it legal will have the story. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. analyzing the side show. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with president obama calling the benghazi controversy a side show yesterday. it is instructive to look at public opinion on the issue right now. according to the new pew research poll 56% of americans not really falling the benghazi story. something talking points put forth last week. 44% are interested.
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37% believe the obama administration has been honest about benghazi. 40% say they have been dishonest. 23% don't know. this week two more stories broke that cast doubt about whether the obama administration is running the country honestly. the irs has admitted it targeted some conservative groups for scrutiny. and the justin department secretly looked at the phone records of some reporters who work for the associated press. today attorney general holder said that decision was made by deputy attorney general james kohl who is working with the fbi to find out who is leaking classified information about anti-terror operations to reporters. now, this morning, i went on "fox & friends" and good morning america to promote my new book "keep it pithy" i found two very different situations. on gma my pal george stephanopoulos is not convinced benghazi is a big deal. i dissented. >> starting with with
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ambassador rice, who told her to say it? you explain it, mr. president. >> isn't that exactly. >> no he hasn't done it, george, unless you were on vacation. he hasn't done it all right? he needs to do it. who did it? do you know who told rice to do it? >> we know where the talking points came from. >> bill: do you know who told rice to go out and mislead everybody. >> i don't think she was told to go out and mislead everybody. she was giving talking points. >> by whom. >> prepared by the cia edited. >> bill: who gave her, handed her these talking points that turned out to be bogus? who? we need to know the name. >> bill: when we find that out, the name, the benghazi story will begin to crystallize but we don't know on the other side ms. laura ingraham already convinced the a. p r story is big. i say not yet. absolutely not.
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the justice department wecht through legal terms to get the phone records. they will didn't buy that. we don't know what did he did. >> that's not a scandal. >> i'm not willing. let me jump in here. >> bill: wait, laura. >> the idea that we're giving the administration the benefit of the doubt. >> i'm not giving anybody the benefit of anything. i am saying fact. >> bill: the reason president obama didn't get away with saying all troubles caused by political attacks is that some on the right go way beyond established facts. and effect they are giving him power cover. irs pound conservative groups. if they did that evidence must come forth. we the press need to investigate it we will. i will. same thing with the a.p. if there was an abuse of power, facts must back that up. benghazi is different. there are facts and they point to misleading the
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american public for political gain. there is no getting around rice's testimony or the shoddy security in libya. that story benghazi, that's huge. down the road, the irs and the a.p. stories might become nightmares for president obama, best of your recollection again, that has not yet been established. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. quite a morning for me, bernie. >> yes, it was. let's start out with your chat with stephanopoulos. liberal reporters with a few exceptions have played down the benghazi story. we all know that. they played it down because president obama, their hero, wants it played down. there is a history in the liberal media of playing down stories that he wants played down and playing up stories that he wants played up. that's why during the campaign we heard so much about the war on women. because president obama wanted that story played
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up. it's important to point out that things have changed and they changed when george karl a mainstream reporter on a broadcast network broke the story about all the rewrites of the talking points to scrub any references to that gave permission. permission to other mainstream trorts go after president obama in a way they haven't before. coach of the denver nuggets. jonathan karl abc news. he took that from the "weekly standard." >> that's right. that's right. that's also a good point. if catherine herridge comes up with something. and she has come up with a lot. or if steve hayes comes up with something, that doesn't filter into the mainstream press. that isn't permission for anything. but if one of their own comes up with it.
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now we can go after president obama because we now have permission. let's go to your appearance on the morning show on fox. you say that this is -- well, let me agree with you first. the administration, the justice department acted legal they got a subpoena. they will acted legally president obama involvement. no evidence of that i totally agree with you. you don't like the word scandal. no question, bill. what word would you use if the justice department got a subpoena catherine rarge, bret baier, catherine herridge and all other reporters who have done fine work on national security. >> i would use the phrase abuse of power this they did that. here's the difference. and i'm two minds on this. we know that the fbi is
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investigating national information leaks. just like the weeks thing. very, very similar to that and also we know the story crerntsz around a cia operation in yemen. all right? that found its way into the associated press. of the fbi is trying to find out who leaked the classified information to the a.p. now, you can agree or disagree whether the fbi should be doing that it's legal to do it and they're doing it? >> absolutely. >> bill: here is where it gets me furious. holder, the attorney general, recused himself from this investigation because he himself might have leaked it all right? he says i'm not going to do it because i might be a target of the fbi's interviews. so i'm going to give it to my deputy. so then holder going i don't know anything about it that's not true. holder knows a lot about it so it's a big charade as i said, it's we don't know anything but we're going to find out. we're going to find out about benghazi. we're going to find out about the irs and we're going to say and they never
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find out. >> no. but it's worse than that this is what they do. they say we are going to find out about it so we can't answer your questions now because we don't know yet. then when you ask about it. 8 months later everybody knows the game now. now, final question for you. i'm trying to convince conservative americans who think i'm soft on obama or, you know, all of that business. that by saying the a.p. story is a scandal before you know anything about it, hurts the cause of legitimate investigations into the obama administration. do you buy that? >> i think you are on to a good point. but i think the a.p. example is not a good one. because i do think that is a scandal. but the point you are making is that there are people on the left who will not acknowledge that benghazi is a big story. and there are people on the right who, if barack obama
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came up with a cure for cancer, wouldn't give him credit for it and, by the way. i mean that literally. so, we're not dealing with journalism. we're not even dealing in this day and age with honest opinion. we're dealing with raw partisanship and that's not good for the people out there. >> bill: it helps poom because he could just throw it out. >> it does. it does. >> bill: it's all political. it's the fox news people. they don't like me so whatever they say doesn't matter. >> right. the best single example and i could do this in a half a sentence are the birthers. these people who still think barack obama was born on polluted toe or some place only, only help barack obama. >> bill: all right, benchy. it's true to a lesser extent in all these other examples. >> bill: next on the run down. what does senator marco rubio think about the irs and benghazi controversy. the senator will be here. later, stossel public servants getting their portraits painted and we are paying for it. you will be angry.
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we are coming right back.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
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>> and in the impact segment tonight, chaos growing in washington. benghazi, the irs, scrutinizing conservative groups. and now attorney general holder getting the call sheets of journalists only he didn't get them. his assistant got them. wait until you hear this. it all adds up to political confusion to say the least. here now to try to sort it all out o. senator marco rubleio of florida. let's take the irs first, senator. do you believe president obama had anything directly to do with this? >> well, i don't know if the president did, bill. i don't have evidence of that can i tell you what has become clearly apparent is a culture throughout the federal government. not just theist but the department of justice, the state department. et cetera. we have seen that now. three different incidents that basically use the government as an instrument
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of political activity. to target your political opponents. to make life difficult for people that are saying things you don't like to make life difficult for whistle blowers that are saying things about the state department that you don't like. and i believe that all that comes from the top of any organization. so i think that's where the questions are increasingly leading. and it's embarrassing for the country. these are things you typically see in the third world unestablished republicans and. you don't see that here. that's what's troubling about the recent string of events. >> bill: it's one of two things. either, it did come from the highest order of the irs and maybe somebody else told them to do it. or, it was just zealots within the organization giving the tea party a hard time. it's one or othe other. but right now we don't know. we don't -- so we have got to be careful about that let me say, this bill, i don't think that kind of environment can flourish unless there is created a space or environment where it is encouraged. here is what we do know. we do know donors to mid romney and republican causes last year were
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targeted biobama's campaign apparatus and gentleman in idaho targeted and his operations. others complain about it general culture of the willingness to use the instruments of government to put what you consider to be your political opponents in a bad position. you have seen that on issue after issue. whistleblower saying benghazi they felt threatened for their jobs. >> hicks. >> the a.p. now being targeted in widespread effort to find information out about. >> bill: let's talk about the a.p. thing. all right, now. earlier today as you probably know attorney general holder gave a press conference. and then carney, the white house spokesperson also took questions about the a.p. questions about the a.p. here is the bottom line on the a.p., senator. i want to get your reaction to it holder says he recused himself because he, himself, might have been under investigation in these leaks. there were leaks about a cia operation we believe in
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yemen. and made its way into the associated press. the fbi is trying to find out who the leaker is. all right? now, possibly could be the attorney general of the united states. so, holder steps back and says, you know what? i'm not going to conduct an investigation that might even look at me. so, all right. that's what he he did. so there he can get up and he goes i don't know anything about it i recuse myself. it was my deputy who ordered the a.p. leaks. number one, does that make sense to you? >> it doesn't. because your deputy is still your deputy on everything else. certainly that person -- you need to put someone independent there. not someone who works direct little underneath you. here is the second problem. this was just targeted at the leaks, that's a valid law enforcement endeavor. the problem is this is such widespread. if you looked at what the request was and how widespread it was. what it basically feels like and you are seeing people in the press saying that by the way the curiosity in all of this is how the press wanted to ignore benghazi and ignore all this other stuff when it touches them now this thing is the next
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watergate. back to the point about the a.p. the request was so widespread. it wasn't targeted widespread like a fishing expedition. they wanted to find out if anybody in the associated press is talking to anybody with access to classified information if why don't like what you are doing we will use the apparatus of government to intimidate you and make you uncomfortable. that's the story of the irs and the justice department and the a.p. issue and that's the story of benghazi. >> bill: on the a.p. i'm not sure i buy into that. on the irs i do. >> what about benghazi with the state department? >> bill: i want to get there now, benghazi cashy, the attorney general, all they say is they are investigating. we want to know the truth. we need to find out what happened. and then they never do. that's the oldest reuse in
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the world. we are still undefined about who. from benghazi, to tripoli, who did it? they will not tell us, senator, so here is my final question to you. can you and your colleagues in the senate make them? >> well, number one, that's what we are trying to get to the bottom of in all of this endeavor. the answer is you can put people under oath. if they are willing to lie under oath they are going to commit perjury. we did a hearing and secretary clinton came before us and answered questions and obviously as more information comes out what she said in that hearing will have to be compared with the facts. i hope they match up. if they don't consequences for that look, here is the bottom line. two separate issues to look at in enbenghazi.
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one is were the talking points manipulated for political purposes. number two should we have been there to begin with in benghazi after a steady stream of intelligence reporting that told the state department it is a very dangerous environment to have been there they should have closed it down. keep benghazi open adequate security and adequate plan to rescue those people, they did not. >> bill: all right. are you confident we are going to get answers to any of these stories because right now that stonewall is pretty damn intense in washington. >> we have got keep at it that's our job. >> bill: all right, senator. my job, too. so we are simpatico here. directly ahead, crowley and colmes react to the senator and then a vicious student in florida will not be expelled even though she may be dangerous. she is going back to the classroom. is it legal on that upcoming.
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in the barack and hard place segment tonight. let's get right to crowley and colmes colmes, fair interview. >> i thought it was fair. covered a lot of ground. i thought you were fair more questions on benghazi than perhaps the a.p. issue. i thought the questioning was good and i thought he was fair too. the obama administration promised to be transparent is this transparent. >> i would like more transparency in this administration. whole series of things i would like more transparency about. >> bill: the reuse he would want to find out what happened. we are going to find out. jay carney today, you just wanted to go with a flyswatter, bang! okay? hey, we can't -- we'll find out but -- and they don't
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find out anything. >> you have to admit there is certainly an ageneral dap. >> bill: yes, i will admit that wait, wait. i will admit that i did in the talking points memo. they are hurting those people who, you know, everything is a scandal. everything is watergate. they hurt it because they give president obama cover. i want to direct this question to you. do you agree with that? do you agree with certain people who despise president clinton and hillary clinton so much president obama and hillary clinton so much that everything is a scandal, everything is a watergate. we don't each know the facts about the a.p. thing yet. but it's already they are coming for us. they are going to arrest me you and colmes, probably not colmes. me, you and we are going to be arrested and put in cuffs. do you -- do you agree that gives -- the president cover. >> giving cover is separate issue. what the press has done and what obama and hillary have done over years is create
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personality. with the protection of the press both hillary and president obama. >> bill: you are dodging my question. there are certain right leaning people. >> without having to perform, bill, and when they screw up, they don't get nailed and they deserve to be nailed. i have to deal with facts. however, on talk radio where you live, all right, there's a lot of speculation, and you guys can do it. that's what you do. when i was on talk radio, i did it. but it hurts the cause of people who believe the obama administration is corrupt to throw out all of these unsubstantiated charges. >> you be substantiated is one thing. when you have a core of facts, whether it's on benghazi and what you're seeing with the irs. >> tell me what we have on the irs that links it to president
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obama. >> we don't have anything that likes him directly yet, but this is at the very beginning of the story. >> and it should be investigated thoroughly. the conversation is as it was with president nixon, president clinton, do we have a pattern of behavior? >> there is a pattern of behavior, is there not? >> the question is how high up does the pattern go? does it extend to the secretary of state and the president? where do you draw the line? the investigation that pickering did along with mike mull sglns stop with the pickering business. >> i'm glad you reminded me. >> wait a minute. >> no, no, no. react to this. roll the pickering tape for colmes. >> i had thomas pickering, the ambassador who co-chaired the accountability review board with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mike mullin who said there was nothing that went untoward in terms of the time. they could not get time to benghazi quickly enough. >> let me understand what you're saying. you had secretary clinton but you didn't ask her any questions, and why not?
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>> because, in fact, we knew where the responsibility rested. she had already stated on a number of occasions she accepted as a result of her job the full responsibility. >> that's the biggest joke in the world, and this is the guy you're pointing to to justify your thing? >> he pointed out, when i interviewed him, that it rested in two places, the department of middle east affairs and the bureau of diplomatic security. >> why would we take him seriously on anything if he doesn't even ask the pertinent questions to hillary clinton? >> he should have interviewed hillary clinton. >> colmes is actually being sane today. >> because i don't like you yelling at me. >> i'm telling you that he actually pointed to the bureau of diplomatic security and the nea. >> that may well be true. and he didn't want to go high, correct? >> can you not accept all of the glory of your office, whether it's the presidency or the secretary of state job and not accept the crap when the crap comes down. crap is coming down right on
1:29 am
hillary clinton's head. the buck has to stop somewhere. >> we don't know that yet. >> has to start with the person in charge. what was he doing? what was the president doing? >> let me say this so colmes will understand. >> talk slowly. >> they won't answer any questions. holder won't answer them, hillary won't answer them. >> hillary testified before congress. >> and they booted it. >> all she has to do is come in here and we'll clean it right up. >> she did testify. >> "the factor" moves along this evening. walking away for big money. one mod dell that for religious reasons. she's here to explain. and is a very violent student being put back into the classroom in florida?
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giving up big money for religious reasons. 23-year-old kylie bisutti was on track to earn millions of dollars for the victoria's secret company, but after some soul-searching literally miss bisutti quit modeling for religious reasons. the author of the new book "i'm no angel, from victoria's secret model to role mold," and she joins us now. let's walk through this. you worked in, you know, for victoria's secret for two years but not constantly, right? you just did things -- they are mad at you, by the way. you know that, right? >> oh, i know. >> victoria's secret is mad at you saying kylie didn't do much for us, but you were in the
1:34 am
world for two years? >> i started modeling when i was 14. i won the victoria secret's runway angel competition when i was 19, and before 2010, i won it in 2009, before 2010, i had given up lingerie modeling so it wasn't two years, but, yeah. >> but your frooim primary focus was body modeling. in the beginning did you think there was anything wrong with this? >> you know, in the very beginning when i first got involved with modeling, i didn't think there was anything wrong with it. you know, seeing billboards everywhere of women half nude, it just kind of became a normal thing for me. >> okay. so what prompted the change? >> well, god just changed my heart completely. >> and how did that happen? did it come to you quickly? did it come to you over a period of time? >> it was over a period of time. different things taking place and him just opening my eyes more and more to different
1:35 am
things in the industry. >> okay. and the message that you believe you received from god was what? >> well, you know, a couple different messages. my younger cousin who was about 8 when she told me this, told me that she wanted to start throwing up her food to look like me and to feel pretty. >> she wanted to throw up her food? >> yeah. >> so she wanted to be bulimic to try to get skinny enough to do what you do? >> yeah, basically. >> but you weren't bulimic, were you? >> no, i wasn't, but she felt that that's what she needed to do to feel pretty like me and be accepted like i was. >> all right. so that weighed on my heart heavily as well as, you know, being seen in lingerie by millions of men, rather than only being seen by my husband. >> again, you were doing that for a while, but was it after you got married that that change occurred? >> i got married right before the competition took place, and
1:36 am
so being married and modeling lingerie was completely different. >> so it's safe to say that once you got married, then your outlook on this whole thing changed? is that safe to say? >> oh, yeah, it changed big time, definitely. >> do you now look back, and i'm sure you know some of the girls who still do this, and they are well paid, do you feel like they are doing something wrong, sinful? >> you know, for me, this is a personal decision, and i can't cast judgment on other models on anything that they are doing, you know. >> have you discussed it with any of them? >> i've discussed it with models, you know, some -- >> do they respect your view, or do you think you're nuts? >> some of them think i'm nuts. a lot of people think i'm nuts. >> did any of them say, look, we respect. you gave up the money so you're walking the walk. you're not just talking the talk. any of them respect that? >> yeah. there are some models that
1:37 am
definitely respect that, and my story has been a positive influence on models as well that are now, you know, giving up some of the things that i did. >> all right. >> the book is "i'm no angel." kylie, thanks for coming in. nice to meet you. >> thanks for having me. coming back. o.j. simpson is back in court, and a violent student back in the classroom. stossel on more taxpayer abuse now. we are funding political portraits. you're not going to believe it. those reports after these messages.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the "is it legal" segment, another late-term abortion doctor who terminates pregnancies in maryland. the pro-life organization live action has been investigating dr. leroy carhart and sent a
1:40 am
woman 26 weeks pregnant to ask the doctor what happens after the abortion. >> it gets soft, so you can push it through. >> so what makes the baby mushy? >> the fact that it's not alive for two or three days. >> so i'll have a dead baby in me? >> will it start to decay? >> not -- it's very, very minimal if it does because there's no bacteria there. >> okay. >> so it's like putting meat in a crock pot, okay. it doesn't get broke, but it just gets softer, it doesn't get infektd or, you know -- >> so, so the dead baby in me is like meat in a crock pot? >> pretty much. >> here's lise weihl. here's what we're dealing with. right when we reported on tiller, the guy that was assassinated, and that was
1:41 am
horrible and the guy who did it is serving a life sentence and he should. this is what we're dealing with, this mentality. state of maryland, this woman who went in to see the alleged doctor was more than six months pregnant so it's a baby, it's viable. you could birth the baby, and the baby would live >> right. >> but this guy is making jokes about a crock pot, so what can the state of maryland do to this guy if they wanted to? >> not much under maryland law, unfortunately, because it's a 26-week state meaning you can go up to 26 weeks and then beyond the 26 weeks, they quote, unquote give the doctor wide discretion to be able to tell whether or not she's still within that 26 weeks so it's -- >> viability. >> it's very, very difficult to prosecute. >> nobody is being prosecuted in maryland for late-term abortion. >> and federal law is partial-birth abortion that's illegal and that's it. i don't want to get into too many details but unless you can show that the baby is born and viable and coming out and then killed. >> he's killing the baby in the womb and then the babe woe have to stay there for three days
1:42 am
before it came out. but when you see a state like maryland, very liberal state. >> right. >> pass laws to protect guys like that, i mean, that's what it's all about. they don't want to protect babies because most states don't have those liberal laws, correct? >> yes, and people should care, like you cared about the children in newtown. care about the babies in maryland and all these other states. >> they don't care. the legislature of maryland and the governor simply don't. >> the science that we have, bill, it's very clear. >> everybody knows that. >> babies -- we have to have specific facts in evidence against him to prosecute him under state law. >> it just doesn't make any sense to me. >> o.j. simpson shows up in nevada, is that where we was? >> yes. >> what's he doing in court? >> this was the case, robbery occurred on september 13, 2007, and then it went to trial. he's alleging ineffective assistant counsel. the judge agreed to hear this on 19 counts of ineffective
1:43 am
assistance of the counsel of his attorney. >> what is he serving? >> 9 to 13 years on the conspiracy to commit robbery at palace casino? >> looks like he's eating pretty well. >> i think he's gained a few pounds. >> the food must be good. >> this will go nowhere. >> this is kind of like a hail mary for lawyers. >> you hired him. you paid him. >> and he's alleging all of these different things. >> simpson still has money from his nfl pension because no matter what lawsuit is filed -- >> hasn't paid off the civil lawsuit and has his home in florida. >> friends that still support him. defense took $750,000. >> got to get to this student story. a former teacher, just appalled. let's roll the tape on this student that is violent, a fight with another student. fight with another student, right? >> fight with another student. >> this is in florida, in the jacksonville area. look this, woman -- how old is this student?
1:44 am
>> eighth grader, 14-year-old student. >> 14-year-old girl with other kids videotaping it. >> should have been expelled right away but hasn't been expelled and is going back to the classroom. >> not the same classroom, not the same school but a different classroom in the county. >> same district. >> why wasn't that girl prosecuted? >> she's facing aggravated assault charges so that's still pending. here's what happened in the court system, a county clerk said you're out and you can go back to school and makes absolutely no sense to me. >> this is the d? >> paris cannon, and the victim is -- >> so she goes back to school, eighth grade? >> different county. >> in a different county. >> right. >> but she's still facing charges. >> aggravated assault. >> and this is why these kids do it because they know they can get away with it. >> and they record it had. >> i want you guys to follow the criminal case. >> okay. >> again, a slap on the wrist, 14 years old. >> she's a juvenile. >> won't get any time. >> won't get any time. >> this is in jacksonville,
1:45 am
florida. >> that's why the public school system is falling apart. ladies, by the way, thank you, and lise wiehl's new thriller is out, "a matter of trust." it will keep you up at night. >> and
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"back of the book" segment, stossel matters. one of the reasons i object paying higher taxes is the federal government wastes an incredible amount of money. i work hard for my paycheck and i bet you do, too. so when i hear things like i'm paying for political portraits i get a little steamed. here now the facts, fox news business anchor john stossel. >> good, get steamed. >> i am. this is so outrageous.
1:49 am
let's throw up lisa jackson's picture, the portrait of lisa jackson. the portrait of what i'm talking about. she is the epa administrator. >> okay. >> $40,000 for that portrait. not even a cabinet secretary, but you paid for it. >> $40,000 for a picture of lisa jackson, all right. >> paid $41,000 for an air force secretary, michael donnelly. >> mm-hmm. >> and let's go to ken salazar. he's the secretary of the interior, $25,000. >> oh, look at that. >> his was a bargain. >> 25,000. look at that -- look at the hat he's got. we paid for that stupid portrait, right? >> a congressman has a bill that would eliminate called the ego act, which i like it. >> yeah. >> and in some ways this is just rounding errors in terms of money these people waste, but -- >> where does that money come from, stossel? >> from the taxpayer. president obama in the last two years -- >> is it in the discretionary
1:50 am
fund? what fund pays for it? >> i don't know which fund. >> we've got to find that out. we've got to find out where these pinhead cabinet people. ed schaefer, former secretary of agriculture. there's ed, okay? and this -- you know, they go around -- between $20,000 and $45,000, and one more, jim nicholson, the former v.a. chief, there's jim. look at him. he has the same tie on in the portrait that he has looking at the portrait. >> that was worth $10,000. >> all right. so this comes at i think it's probably discretionary funds in their organizations, in their government organizations, and they just peel it out, you know. jim, i like jim nickson, but, you know, 40 grand could buy two track chairs for the guys who have no arms or legs in the v.a., you know what i'm talking about? >> a rounding error. let's eliminate the entire department. we don't need them.
1:51 am
>> don't go crazy. >> education, commerce, agriculture. we don't need them. >> if it was up to you, stossel, we'd have three tents in washington and one guy going -- >> we'd be better off. >> i know. interior department spent $222,000 to renovate the secretary's 100-foot bathroom. isn't that nice? >> this was under bush. secretary dirk kempthorne including a refrigerator in there, $3,000 sub zero refrigerator, $700 faus >> look at that. >> $65 tissue holder. >> under president bush this happened. >> what was the guy's name? >> dirk kempthorne. we called him. he didn't call us back. >> dirk kempthorne. >> oh, there he is. >> they don't care. they will squeeze us for everything they get. get paid a lot of money and work only half the year. >> true. how about the hud secretary steve preston got a $20,000 portrait. served only seven months, like
1:52 am
an intern. >> as soon as he got in, got to get that going. >> i think that fox news, i'm serious, should pay for your portrait, stossel. >> i agree. >> don't you think? >> you think i can get that done out of my expense account? >> you can get a portrait for $400. >> oh, yeah. down here in times square they will do it for 25 bucks. that's what we ought to get stossel. >> i'll take it. >> all right, stosen. can't you do anything about this? this is so outrageous. >> eliminate the whole department. >> tip of the day about elton john and me. the tip moments away.
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tip of the day in a movement elton john and me. but, first, want a great difficulty for dad on father's day. billo' has usa strong hats. in addition, my book still going strong, keeping the theme, dad will like them on
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billo' rancho maria, california, the obama administration is trapped, told so many lies and they can't come clean lest all their deceit will be revealed. bill, i'm amazed that after all the deception, you still take the president at his word when he talks about the irs debacle. you can speculate out there in pittsfield. i can't. we'll see what unfolds. robert winstad, the president has deceived us about fast and furious, benghazi and the irs. and as usual you'll give him the benefit of the doubt. if you want obama bashing there's plenty around. if we tell you there's deceit, there is, but we won't tell you that unless we have strong evidence. that's the way "the factor" is built. not some off the top of your head presentation. james reuter, jacksonville, florida, we do not have to accept dishonesty in washington. trisha wilson, maryland, i
1:56 am
should move there. mr. o, thank you and jesse waters for exposing the outrageous events at the baltimore city detention center. the arrogance of governor o'malley is something we've been living with for years. and ever since i moved to maryland i've been shocked by the lack of leadership here. when will things change? things will change when folks elect people independently and not party affiliation. isn't dr. gosnell killing babies at 40 weeks what some doctors are doing at 20 weeks? isn't the baby at 20 weeks moving all its limbs? it's the same act but at a different place. bill, your support for wounded service people is beyond words. the least i can do for you guys, steve. your service allows me the freedom i have. "the bold and fresher" show comes to spokane, which is nearby and it's my parent's 60th an verse on july 20th. take them to the show. talk about an unforgettable show. the one in spokane and the one in westbury on june 1st will soon be sold out. the tip of the day, appeared on
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"good morning america" to promote keep it pithy this morning and stephanopoulos made me tell this story. >> i was in a car with elton john one time. the longest car ride of my life. i'm a pretty good conversationalist. you and i, we can talk for like hours, right? every time i come on it's easy toe talk to stephanopoulos, but i'm trying to talk to elton john. you're a brit and you come to america, what do you like about this country? you know, it's like, okay. it's a little bit funny. i started singing in song. >> you didn't? >> yes, i did. to relax the guy. tried to say, hey, how do i sound here? "crocodile rock," you know, but he's kind of a guy who i guess was suspicious of me as many people are. didn't want to engage in that conversation so it's a funny story in a book. >> i guess the factor tip of the day is don't get in the car with elton john, or maybe it's don't try to sing on national tv. take your pick. and that is it for us tonight. check out fox news factor
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♪ >> good morning everyone. i am patty ann brown. >> i am heather cheryleds. it is wednesd -- i am heather childers. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". the white house trying to contain three growing scandals this morning. they are struggling to reflect a barrage of questions. >> clamoring why the justice department swiped associated press records, how the administration handled benghazi and the irs targeting of conservative groups. as you wake up there is brand new information on all three. we will get to that in a moment but first your


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