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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 10, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> i don't go on fox news so i can get rich and extort people. >> who works in your family? >> wife works on wall street. >> oh, okay. caution. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> bill: the assertion that how four americans died in benghazi doesn't really matter has now become the mantra of the left. we'll take a look at that question with charles krauthammer and the mother of a man who was killed in libya. >> the dramatic story told today by people at the center during that attack in benghazi last year. >> bill: so how much time did the network news give the benghazi story yesterday? we'll tell you and bernie goldberg will analyze. >> i would much rather die sooner than later. >> bill: well, jodi arias may get her wish as a jury in arizona is deciding
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whether she will live or die. megyn kelly with the latest. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. does benghazi really matter? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. many on the left are echoing hillary clinton's assertion that it doesn't really matter who screwed up, security and reportage in benghazi, libya. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> bill: mrs. clinton went on to say the important thing is that the killers be brought to justice and that kind of terror attack never happen again. but there is no question that the hearings yesterday were embarrassing for the obama administration and
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for hillary clinton. but immediately, the left wing spin found its way into the media. >> and why benghazi is generally emerged as a rallying cry for the president's opponents. when during the bush administration, there were 54 attacks on diplomatic targets that killed 13 americans. yet, garnered only three hearings on embassy security total. and zero outrage on fox. so why is this attack so different for republicans? >> bill: well, here is the answer. mr. stewart referring to a study by the university of maryland that pinpointed tear attacks from january of 2001 to december of 2008. but when you study the study, you find that many of the cited attacks occurred in iraq during the war. and none of the attacks were at the level of benghazi. not even close. should also be noted that jon stewart apparently got
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his information from the far left web site media matters and the daily kos. let's get back to the matter at hand. most riveting testimony yesterday was gregory hicks second in command in libya under the slain ambassador christopher stephens. mr. hidges described in visited detail how he tried to get help for the americans under siege in benghazi but was not able to secure cooperation in washington. after showing his displeasure with that, gregory hicks was demoted by hillary clinton. that is unacceptable. honest government is the corner stone of our democracy. there is no question, no question the state department screwed up in libya and mr. hicks, by all indications told the truth. and he was punished for doing that? disgraceful. today speaker of the house john boehner said congress would continue its investigation and hillary clinton certainly needs to come back to testify. mrs. clinton is up to her eyeballs in this. of course, this has political implications for
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the democratic party because she may very well run for president in 2016. bottom line, americans need to know the truth about what happened in benghazi, why our government mislead the world, and why they did not respond with more urgency on the day of the attack. we all need to know that. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. one of those killed along with ambassador stevens was 34-year-old sean patrick smith. he was an information officer with the u.s. foreign service serving libya. on september 14th, 2012. mr. smith was you'll eulogized by president obama. >> sean smith, it seems, lived to serve. first in the air force, then with you at the state department. he knew the perils of this calling from his time in baghdad. and there in benghazi, far from home, he surely thought of heather and samantha and nathan and he laid down his life in
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service to us all. today, sean is home. >> bill: joining us now from washington pat smith, sean's mother. first of all, heather is the widow. and then there are two children. how old are the children? >> 10 and 19. >> okay. 10 and 9. so, we have a situation here where the president, i think his remarks were heart felt. they looked sincere to me. but there was no follow-up. is that right? >> that's correct. >> did you -- what did you want secretary of state clinton and the president to do? >> >> i wanted somebody to tell me why this was done. i wanted to know why there was no security there when it was asked for. it was begged. they begged them. begged to have security. and instead it was taken away. >> bill: all right. so you wanted a full explanation before the
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attack. it's documented that -- did your son, ever by the way talk to you about that he felt uneasy with not enough security in libya? >> yes. as a matter of fact, he called me the day he died to tell me that there was someone out there taking pictures of the compound or the area over there. and he was really concerned about it. >> bill: so, he was concerned about his own security. obviously the state department did not provide enough security for the four americans who were killed and they asked a month ahead of time for it and wasn't given. so you want to know why, who turns it down and when you hear hillary clinton say, listen, it's all in the past, what's important is that we prevent the stuff from happening again, what do you say of that? >> i would say how come somebody hasn't told me about it? how's come somebody has not owned up to their decisions i'm so very afraid that other people that are serving our country are are
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going to be treated the same way. my son can't be saved. he is already gone. but what about the ones that follow? and how about the guys that did finally come up and state their concerns. how come they got demoted? why is that. >> yes, that's very very troubling on mr. hicks' case. did hillary clinton say anything to you? did president obama? did they say anything to you on that day? >> oh, yes. they all told me about the reason that this happened was the video. every one of them told me that. >> they actually told you it was the video both secretary clinton and the president told you it was the videotape? >> yes, they actually did and susan rice, also. >> face to face? >> nose to nose. they were hugging me. >> that was days after the attack, correct? >> well, whenever it was. it was at the ceremony. >> bill: september 14th,
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three days after the attack. >> yes. >> bill: that's disturbing. do you believe there is some kind of conspiracy coverup thing going on here or do you just don't know? >> i don't know. i don't know what the reason is i have no idea of the reason. i asked them, including -- well, i asked them all, every one of them all panetta and biden and hillary and obama, i asked them please, please, tell me what the story is. why did this happen? why isn't somebody opening up to this? and they all said that they would check it and get back to me. and i heard nothing absolutely nothing. oh, i take that back. did i hear once from some clerk that called and started reading me the time line that was made two days after this happened. and i told them i already had that. and they said okay, and that was it. >> when was the last time anyone in the obama administration contacted
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you? >> never. >> bill: okay. so that day, september 14th, that was it. you never heard from anybody. >> that was it. >> bill: all right, ms. smith. sorry for your loss. is heather and the two children okay? >> yes. i assume they are fine. they are still in holland in the hague. >> bill: if they need anything you let us know. we want to point out that sean hannity did help mrs. smith with some of her expenses in the situation. >> because they told me that i was not part of the immediate family so they are not going to help me. >> bill: right and sean did and we want everybody to know that all right, ms. smith, thanks very much. charles krauthammer's reaction to the importance to benghazi. next on the run down, bernie goldberg on how the network news covered the benghazi hearings hearings
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. we asked bernie goldberg to
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watch how the benghazi hearings were covered by the network news. on cable we can tell you that the live hearings were carried for one hour:48 minutes on fox news. 17 minutes on cnn. and zero minutes, nothing on msnbc. one footnote i'm not surprised by msnbc. what does surprise me is that nbc doesn't just spin off that channel. make it a liberal concern, take it out of the news division because it obviously doesn't do news. on the network news front. nbc, abc, and cbs did not lead with benghazi last night as the factor did. they led with the cleveland abductions. as for time, brian williams gave benghazi three minutes, diane sawyer 2:24. scott pelley 4:41 seconds. in the morning, "the today show" gave benghazi 3:17, and, remember, "the today show" is on for four hours. good morning america spent less than a minute on benghazi. that's a two hour program. and the cbs morning news spent 3:15 seconds.
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on the story. joining us now from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. and you say? >> before i comment on the media, that interview was disturbing with mrs. smith. if president obama hillary clinton allege susan rice didn't tell her face to face it was about the video. that is beyond outrageous. it's one thing to lie to the press and the american people in general, but to tell a story like that, that was obviously not true and by that point they had to know it wasn't true, that is deeply troubling. okay. i just needed to get that out, bill. on the media i would like to make three points, first, msnbc which ran zero seconds or minutes or anything of live coverage of the hearings, msnbc is not a liberal news organization or a left wing news organization it is not
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a news organization of any kind. it's a pluck relations firm. and some of its clients don't want this story to go anywhere. barack obama doesn't holy hillary clinton doesn't and congressional democrats don't want it to go anywhere. and msnbc along with other news organization they oblige. and that's shameful. the second point i want to make is that there were three stories yesterday vying for media attention benghazi, the cleveland kings and jodi arias. now, i understand the people on this network care about benghazi, but by and large, benghazi comes in third. because there are millions and millions and millions of americans who are like babies who like to follow shiny objects. these people don't care about benghazi. they know more about jodi arias than benghazi and that's how they like it. that's also troubling. by the way, i wrote what i think is an important piece
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on this subject on my web site bernard i hope people will go to read it. the third and final point that i would like to make is about mike huckabee. on his radio show recently he said that barack obama would not survive benghazi. that he wouldn't be able to serve out his second term because of benghazi this is wishful thinking masquerading as political analysis. barack obama is going nowhere because by and large the american people don't care about benghazi. it's not interesting. it's not sexy. doesn't involve a woman who committed murder, doesn't involve any of the things that millions of americans care about. i'm totally depressed over this whole thing. >> we're going to have governor huckabee, i believe tomorrow on the factor we will play him your clip and he will react to that. as far as the networks news is crnd, it looks like cbs did its job almost 5
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minutes on the pelley broadcast. they got a 22 minute hole. he did his job. >> right. >> bill: morning shows absolutely could have done more. all of them. you know, but i think you are right. i think that there is no drive by the folks although 5 million people, 5 million people watch the factor last night. and we managed to cover it all, bernie. we managed to get all of it in, you know. it wasn't that hard to do. we got it all in. >> right. right. let me say two things. unrelated sort of. the first thing is that, you know, i don't think you and i, bill, are web guys, you know, i mean i get minus from television and newspapers. >> yes, absolutely. >> but a lot of americans, especially younger americans, they only know what's going on in the world to the extent that they know it all by going on the web. so at 10:30 this morning, i went to google news. there were 31 stories on the home page. 31. zero on benghazi.
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yahoo news which is another major web site had a story from the a.p. they linked to that story a.p. and the associated press. where i had my first job, this is the gold standard of american journalism or used to be. >> bill: isn't anymore. >> the stories -- not anymore. the stories they ran were about how the republicans were out to get hillary clinton. if i ever wrote a story like that, they wouldn't have fired me. they would have killed me. and the final. >> bill: not a hard news piece. >> the final point i want to make is if the viewers out there understand just one thing they will understand everything they need to know. 8 plus years ago, the so-called mainstream media decided that it was going to try to help barack obama win election. just substitute barack obama's name for hillary clinton's name. if you understand that you understand everything you need to know. >> bill: right, it was four plus years ago, not 8. >> no. four plus. i'm sorry. >> bill: you got in a lot in tonight.
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i got it and we appreciate you coming on the program. directly ahead, convicted killer jodi arias says she would rather die sooner than later. megyn kelly has some thoughts on that. charles krauthammer has some thoughts on the benghazi story. is he warming up in the bullpen. those reports a
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>> bill: kelly file segment tonight, jodi arias convicted of first degree murder in arizona. she brutally killed her boyfriend. said this shortly after the verdict was announced. >> i would much rather die sooner than later. longevity runs in my family i don't want spo spend the rest of my natural live in one place. you know. i'm pretty healthy, i don't smoke. and i would probably live a long time. so, that's not something i'm looking forward to. um, i said years ago that i
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would rather get death than life and that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom. so, i would rather just from v. my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> bill: with us now is fox news anchor megyn kelly. the first thing do you when you are convictside go in and run in front of a television camera what next? i'm going to disney land. >> our fox affiliate reporter is an attractive guy. he worked the story as he should have, but you tell me whether it was some coincidence that this master manipulator who is acan you seed of trying to, well, of killing travis alexander to the point where she nearly decapitated him just happened to pick very attractive reporter. >> bill: so unemotional. >> not taking anything away from troy hayden who did a great job and got the interview every reporter in the case would have liked to have gotten. let me tell you how he did it one of the headlines that happened yesterday. he made contact with her a few months ago.
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he had an in jail, in cell interview with her where he talked to her 45 minutes. she said if you keep some of this stuff off record then i will give you interview after the verdict if i get convicted of first degree murder. he honored the agreement and kept some of the stuff off the record. as soon as she gets convicted live shot and runs into the cell basically holding cell where they were keeping her back in the sallyport and she gives him an interview. her lawyers are gone. her lawyers beat it they left the building. there is no lawyer with her. and to troy's credit, he gets this exclusive sitdown for 45 minutes with her. now she is on suicide watch. nobody can get to her. this may be the only interview we see for a long time. >> bill: they shouldn't have -- they should have monitored it and stayed. number two, this is damaging to her because you know the jury going to hear about this. >> she thinks she knows better. once again she is trying to manipulate the jury. you really think she wants to be put to death? really? she is trying to manipulate them and hope they are violating their agreement not to watch the media and this seems into their
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consciousness and reverse psychology, right? so give me life. that's my own personal belief. let me say this. >> bill: go ahead. >> so i don't know whether this has affected what we saw today, because the penalty phase was supposed to get started. >> bill: it stopped it? >> they stopped it. in an unexplained way. at least as of this evening. >> bill: of course this is -- sure they did. >> is this effecting it? are the lawyers bailing because they are so p.o.d. at their nant to control their client they have had it. it's over between them and jodi arias. we will find out. >> bill: you may not know this. but do the jurors have email and phones with them? can they do all of that. >> they can talk. they are ♪ sequestered. they can talk they are not supposed to ache sets media. >> bill: yeah, they will. they will know what she said. you might be right she is saying put you to death. we're not going to give what you you want. >> she also continued with the -- i can't look at travis' family's faces in the courtroom because i just see the face of the man who abused me. that's what we are likely to get more of during the penalty phase.
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she is not going to take responsibility. >> bill: a the lo of manipulative people in the world. we go to cleveland with this aerial castro. and he is being charged with a rape thing. >> look how shameful he is he doesn't want us to see his face. >> bill: i don't want to he so his face. >> i didn't believe this guy? do you want to protect your reputation? you don't want your face it to be all over the news? >> bill: is he a slug. is he going to go away for the rest of his life that's it. that's going through the process. i'm skeptical what's happening with the two brothers. >> released after the police interviewed the three women. so you have got to believe the three women did not implicate them. >> bill: the woman would have said if they were abusers and on the premises. they had to know this guy was a nut. >> who knows. i feel like those facts will come out big headline in that case came late in the dayed when d.a. in the case said that they are planning on charging him now with in addition to kidnapping and rape, which we already knew of, ago have a gra valted murder,
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that's his public defender right there. the blonde, aggravated murder because of the babies he killed in utero say the prosecutors. >> bill: do we have a number on those babies? >> five. >> bill: that's what authorities are say. >> yes. actually. i think the reporters have put that number on it now. >> bill: five babies. >> yes. >> bill: one was born and she is 6 years old now. >> i'm not sure if it's five plus the one. the oldest. his oldest kidnapping victim michelle knight was, they say impregnated by him up to five times and he beat her and starved her for weeks on end and that is. >> bill: to cause a miscarriage. >> to cause a miscarriage. that's aggravated murder in ohio and conducted in the course of a kidnapping. that now makes this a death penalty case. >> bill: megyn kelly, everybody, thank you. >> you bet. >> bill: immigration bill finally coming to the public's attention there is very strange things in it laura ingraham will analyze. then charles krauthammer on the importance of the benghazi story and whether the american public will
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finally become engaged. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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>> bill: in the are we crazy segment tonight. what happens to people who are held captive? elizabeth smart kidnapped in utah spent nine months locked away and addressed the cleveland situation as well as her own. >> why were you not able to escape over those nine months? what was the thought process like for a young woman like yourself?
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>> >> well, it's difficult to explain because, once again, i could explain to you every single detail of what happened. but, for me, i was constantly threatened. and for these women, i can't even begin to speculate what they were going through, what threats were made to them, what was happening. that's a very difficult question to answer. >> bill: joining us now from san diego attorney and schooling gist dr. bonny forest and dr. wendy walsh. it seems to me that there are people and we were just talking about the manipulation factor of jodi arias who understand how to control other people in a negative way, dr. walsh. but, when you are held for 10 years and ms. smart was held for nine months, you know, what is that? what happens to people in that kind of a circumstance? >> well, it's a survival mechanism. bill, what happens is the brain is always trying to figure out how can i live?
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how can i survive? how did can i die? sometimes cooperating with the captor is a way too reduce pain in the short-term and survive in the long term. in a while especially for young people the brain has neuro roy plasticity it starts to shape and more they almost forget who they were. interestingly enough the one who made the escape was the one who was a momplet the power to super daughter supersede at that moment. >> bill: what people go through when they are being held against their will. >> i agree with a lot of what wendy is saying. let me try to take you there, bill. you are walking along on a sunny day, you are 15, 16 years old. you don't have a strong sense of identity yet. somebody takes you, grabs you you don't know you are going to stay alive. you start to look for things in your captor that the smallest clue about what he wants. so you start adapting to that. and then at some point again, because you're identity isn't really developed.
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you start to totally identify with him and do things that will make him happy or keep you safe. and in this case, he did the unthinkable, which is he set them up. basically he set traps for them oso they would start to get out and then he would beat them. there is this unpredictability that made him want to continue to try to get out but they could never quite do it. i agree that the identity issue with the kid is probably what got amanda berry out. but i also heard today he let them watch tv. they knew they had another life outside. so i think that that was a mechanism that really helped them hold on to hope. >> bill: what you both are saying is that here is the main ingredient in these cases. that they fear for their lives and they -- they feel hopeless and i better do what this guy says and i'm not going to take any chances. is that it, dr. walsh? >> absolutely. it's mostly fear based. but as bonnie said at a certain point they're also democrat jizzing if they comply with him. baby he will be nice. remember, is he issuing
1:35 am
what i call warm fuzzies and cold pricklies on a regular basis to try to shape their behavior. if i'm nice, maybe he will give me a little more food. if i'm nice maybe he will let me watch tv. they start to cooperate to get the pleasures never to push it too far because he would come in with the cold prickly setting traps for them if they tried toes escape. put them in a narrow band with acceptable behavior. i'm sorry to say it's not unlike training a small puppy with rewards and negative consequences. >> bill: this is the extreme. but unfortunately, there are a lot of manipulative people, dr. forest who use fear and reward and punishment to manipulate people into doing things they don't want to do and bad things for them. >> bill, let me just say. this for two years i flew around the country and did nothing but works with people on death row and i interviewed a ton of these guys, let me tell you i consider myself a pretty grounded woman. some of these guys would
1:36 am
get under my skin how manipulative and how slick and how they would look. they would make you feel so normal and they would be able to manipulate you by using familiar terms. they would know before i walked into the prison what i was wearing. what i was doing. they would find out facts about me they got into my head in the way other people can't. >> bill: very interesting. when we come right back, laura ingraham on the new immigration bill. does she like it? does she have a better solution. krauthammer on benghazi as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly in the angle week in review. the senate judiciary committee began writing up the new imgraption bill
1:39 am
today. couple of controversial things immediately emerged. senator orrin hatch wants illegal aliens d.n.a. gay illegal aliens to bring in their partners legally to the u.s.a. joining us now from washington with her view on the new immigration bill is ms. laura ingraham. last time we spoke you weren't real thrilled with it just summarize why. >> well, the main thing, bill, is that over the last six years or so, last time we took this up in congress, many of us said look, you guys don't have a lot of credibility and enforcing this border. we need to see this thing shut down as much as humanly possible. reduce the flow of illegals coming in strong on intradikdz and enforcement and then after that after that solidified we can figure out what to do with the people who are here that was none. obama did some good stuff on immigration for sure he didn't just throw up his hands. it's certainly not enough to address the concerns of
1:40 am
the middle class seeing their wages lower. now we are here again and, bill, this legislation 800 plus pages of it contains at least seven major provisions that give janet napolitano complete and unreviewable discretion to wave key factors and requirements for admissibility for aliens. that's the kind of stuff that the border patrol union. >> bill: give me example of one of those things. >> one of the provisions right at the end of the bill. kind of almost at the last page of the bill would allow her to waive in variety of relatives of people who can can come in here legally. >> bill: department of homeland security would have the authority to do that on their own? they wouldn't have to check with anybody? >> yes. just for quote good cause or for other, quote: economic benefits are are concerned. >> bill: kind of like the guy thought southern russia when they -- >> -- yeah. let them all in. we don't want to split up their family. >> bill: bring the whole family in here. go on vacation back there
1:41 am
after you get your welfare checks. >> it's odd, bill, the afl-cio kind of off shoot union is in agreement with jeff sessions on this saying this discretion you can drive a truck through it all the discretion in the political class and none in the enforcement class. >> it's got to be tightened up. if it were tightened up to the extent that there had to be border measures that, you know, you could see and, by the way, illegal aliens flow into the u.s. has dropped a lot. >> last three months it's almost tripled in parts of texas. since january to march. it's almost tripled the big cbs report on that. >> bill: is there a reason for that? >> they are getting ready for amnesty. they think the amnesty is going to be probably passed. >> bill: pars of texas we don't have the fence and a lot of people there. >> right. >> bill: but say that the bill gets streamlined down and it's it, you know, a fairly exact thing as marco rubio wants, would you support it? >> well, that's an ambitious goal and that
1:42 am
would be great but that's not what's happenings today for instance, bill. >> union row is staking whole political career on, this you have to assume is he going to be right on it. >> he is i like marco rubio. is he a good guy but i think he is incredibly naive in this regard. you don't go into a room with chuck schumer and bic durben and bob menendez and come out the end of it and they basically write the bill it's going to be good for republicans and good for enforcement and ultimately it's going to mean a perfect patch of all these immigration problems. let me just tell you two things quickly, bill. today, jeff sessions and chuck grassley both offered very common sense amendments to this bill. sessions wants a huge increase in the number of boots on the ground at the border, border patrol. that was shot down. okay, they don't want that that was voted down. they said no, we want high tech stuff on the border. we don't need more boots on the ground. grassley, his thing was let's shut down the border for six months, let's enforce it. after six months then we can proceed to consider all
1:43 am
theser issues. that was also shot down. if you can't say you will enforce the border for six months, we're supposed to think that over the next 10 years you're going to do it? oh, come on. that tells you all you need to know about the credibility thus far on the border enforcement aspect of this. >> bill: laura i ingraham. charles krauthammer on deck: moments away.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. as we discussed in the talking points memo, the benghazi issue libya story is very important because there may be misconduct by the federal government at a high level. however, democrats, they don't want to know about it and joining us now from washington fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. you know, i'm trying to be
1:47 am
fair on this. i'm trying to be fair on this story. i don't want to be perceived as somebody who is trying to get hillary clinton or get president obama. but the thing that really, really annoyed me was hicks when he said that he was demoted for pretty much telling the truth. and hillary clinton had to sign off on that. that really got me. and you say? >> that's the heart of the story. that's why the story changed yesterday. the story isn't going to explode. this is a drip, drip, drip. and what the drip, drip, drip is about is this the administration tried to suppress the truth about what happened in benghazi and did that consistently and deliberately while the president at the same time said publicly that his only objective was to collect the facts and to share them as they received them with the american people every piece of evidence that we heard yesterday contradicted that. this is not a hanging
1:48 am
offense. it's not a jailing offense. it's not a break-in. it's not a burglary. it is an administration trying to cover up what was not a criminal act that could have been misjudgments and there were. but there was a lot of human error. you can have some sympathy. they might have made a wrong judgment about rescue. you have to balance it left and right it was not that great of a crime. they have decided in the middle of an election where the president had proclaimed al qaeda is gone and we conquered all of this. the war on terror is over. i'm a big hero, osama is slain. gm is alive and osama is dead. they decided to maintain that line they would suppress the truth. they would demote a hero like hicks, they would shout at him. they would threat hundred him. they would not allow him to meet with congressional delegates. all of these things are part of a coverup.
1:49 am
>> bill: it's because of the election. we have to refresh people's memories a little bit. the watergate scandal was because of the election. richard nixon wanted to know what his opponent was doing so they broke into the headquarters to try to figure that out. so, this is the same thing. they don't want the narrative that the terror warrior, barack obama had a slip up. >> libya. they didn't want that to be part of the election campaign. that's what it is all about. >> look, but that's the great irony of it. it wasn't as if obama ordered a burglary or a criminal act or had a plumber's unit or had any of this. it was simply to make him, look, i have to speculate because why else would you have the assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs write a memo the day after the attack saying it was an attack by ansar al sharia the al qaeda affiliate. state department commits it on day 2. cia submits evidence, its
1:50 am
evidence on day 4 that it's all about a terror attack. there is no speculation about a video. there was no demonstration. why else would you create a false story that you announce on the five networks. i mean, there is no plausible reason. the only possible reason is that they were trying to look politically good in the election campaign. >> bill: didn't want go after them. romney came after the attack. >> it's so disproportionate. it makes no since. admit they made mistakes. americans are forgiving. >> bill: in this crime 24/7 news. you think you are going to cover something like that up? come on. is it possible this was donte level -- i don't think it's possible in the state department. i think that hillary clinton had to know that hix was, you know, he was off the reservation. that's the term they use. she had to know that she was okay with the demotion
1:51 am
which is ridiculous. at the white house level, it could have been guys in the campaign. i mean, we have to give the benefit of the doubt here right now. do we not? >> it wasn't the members of the campaign who doctored the talking points. i'm not saying obama sat down and he ed difficultied them. but the story that jay carney has told that the only thing that was done by the political people on the talking points was to change one word, i think embassy into facility or something, is ridiculous. we know what happened in the email. >> bill: i wonder who did this? i wonder who actually sat down and changed that? >> the story they have put out, jay carney has said, this is the administration story. we initially assumed or thought the evidence was it was a demonstration, and as we learned the new evidence became a terror attack. that is completely false. they knew in the state department, in cia, everywhere as hicks had
1:52 am
said. there was no demonstration. there was no indication of it. they knew it was a terror attack. they subtracted that truth and ended up with a fantasy. >> bill: we need to find out who did it. >> who did it, it was high people in the white house and high people in state. >> bill: we need to know. >> all right. charles, thank you. factor tip of the day. update on america's military amputees and how we all can help them. the tip moments away.
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>> factor tip of the day, helping military folks who badly need it in a mommy. first we want to thank all viewers helping the fisher house. for every copy of my new book "keep k pithy" one dollar is donated to the fisher house and you get a free tote bag.
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mother's day sunday, father's day coming up after that. killing kennedy and killing lincoln make great gifts. if you buy one or both you get a copy of lis wiehl's book. now the mail. >> i'm sure you are right but when do we suspend the truth during elections? we don't. that's why this story has legs, jim. >> well, i agree, kathy. most republicans want the truth. but a by-product of the truth is that the obama administration gets hammered. that's the point. dan from miami, florida.
1:56 am
>> not true, dan. he parsed the issue. read the transcript. he cited the video but didn't say it was the cause of the attack. he did say it might have aroused anger. ambassador rice said it caused the attack. it's not as clear as you want it to be. joe from wilmington, delaware. >> i appreciate that, joe. you will always get it here as far as i can get it to you. and if i don't know, i'll tell you. from maryland. >> dan, i'm withholding his last name from california. >> i know what's going on, dan.
1:57 am
it's almost impossible to believe. finally tonight the factor tip of the day, as we reported last week, there is morning 1700 military folks who was lost limbs or are paralyzed as a result of the war on terror. we are trying to get all of them, all of them, high-tech track chairs. some viewers have already stepped up with contributions. we recently received a letter. >> you can reach steve and the fund at factor tip of the day. we are working on something else that will help our amputees and paralyzed veterans. i hope i can pull it off.
1:58 am
not easy. please check out the fox news website. different from also we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. brand new word of the day, make sure your e-mail is not insulse. i didn't know that word. make sure your e-mail is not insulse. thanks for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here. we are
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♪ good morning, everyone. i'm patti ann brown. >> and i'm ainsley ear hart. it's may 10th. thanks for watching "fox & friends first." new details in the house of horrors. prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty now for ariel castro as more family members, including his mother, are now speaking out for what actually happened over the last decade. >> marianne rafferty is here now with the latest developments. good morning, marianne. >> good morning. ariel castro is held on $8 million, charged with four counts of kidnapping, one for each of the women plus the child


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