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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 6, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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peta. animal activists saying some people put spieders outside instead of killing them, that did not happen tonight. make sure you follow fox news for breaking news. go to good night from washington, d.c.. vote in the polls. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> al qaeda is on the path to defeat and usama bin laden is dead. [cheers] >> bill: just five days after that statement last september the u.s. ambassador to libya was assassinated. three other americans murdered. we now know it's a terrorist attack. was it a cover up and so f. so who ordered it. peters, brit hume karl rove and i will all focus on that question. >> what difference at this point does it make? it is our job it figure out what happened. >> bill: but eight months later we still don't know what happened. will this giant screw up hurt hillary clinton's chances for the presidency? >> these people politically want to cut his heart out
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and throw his liver to the dogs. >> bill: dan rather talking about barack obama's enemies. goldberg has analysis about the foes of the president. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. could be a bad week for president obama and hillary clinton. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. three key witnesses are expected to testify on wednesday about the murder of u.s. ambassador christopher stephens and three other americans in benghazi, libya on september 11th. while many americans have no idea what's going on, factor viewers most like know that the obama administration at first told the world the attack was a spontaneous anti--american action. instead, it was a well-planned terrorist attack likely by al qaeda agents. so the testimony this week
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could be devastating to the obama administration and to hillary clinton who ran the state department at the time. the key question was there a coverup? five days before ambassador stevens was murdered, president obama spoke at the democratic national convention. >> we have blunted the taliban's momentum in afghanistan and in 2014, our longest war will be over. [cheers] >> a new tower rises above the new york skyline, al qaeda is on the path to defeat and usama bin laden is dead. [cheers] >> bill: part of president obama's platform last fall was the assertion that on his watch terror agencies were badly damaged. but if organized terrorists did indeed kill ambassador stevens, that claim would have been dubious. a few weeks after the benghazi attack, fox news analyst charles krauthammer said this. >> of course it effects the president because just a week earlier they had been proclaiming the death of
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bin laden, of course, and by implication and often by statement at charlotte over and over again how they had disseminated and removed the threat from al qaeda. and this is a direct -- it was a direct takedown of that claim. >> bill: now, anti-obama forces are looking forward, looking forward to the house oversight committee hearings because they want to put the state department officials on the record. the anti-obama folks want to do that. but what about the regular folks? what about the american people? do they really care about the story? according to a recent fox news poll 46% of registered voters believe the obama administration is covering up what happened in benghazi. 43% say they are not covering up anything. so we have a split. we also have apathy. more and more it seems americans would rather watch the jodi arias murder trial than pay attention to how the country is being run. if you don't believe me, go down to the mall tomorrow
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and casually ask some folks about what they buy benghazi. two words are likely to emerge? blank looks. the obama administration and that includes hillary clinton made a calculation that the american people simply don't care about the benghazi story. we will see how things play out this week. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. joining us from boston fox news analyst david hunt and here in the studio fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters. first to you. i know you have said ton this program and others that you believe there is a coverup, correct? >> absolutely. >> bill: wait, wait. >> not a conspiracy theirist guy, it's evident. >> bill: you believe the obama administration didn't tell the truth to the world, not just the american people on purpose for political reasons? is that what you believe? >> i believe that president obama lied to the american people. >> bill: himself? >> himself, secretary clinton lied to congress. susan rice lied to the u.n.
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jay carney lied to the media and the media have -- the mainstream establishment media have protected this administration right down the line and they will protect hillary. >> bill: those are very serious charges, impeachable charges if proven. how likely are we to get proof this week or going on? about what you believe? >> you know, analytically speaking, the proof was there from the start if you want to see it. a court of law would have convicted on this amount of evidence. on wednesday, it sounds like we were going to get smoking gun testimony, but, bill, really, the point here to me is how much the president can get away with if the media. >> bill: but it has to be -- look, we all know the media is sympathetic to barack obama. we all know they nurture him. they root for him. and they even promote his policies. that is beyond a reasonable doubt. in order for any president, richard nixon, bill clinton, whoever it may be,
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you have got to have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. and here, number one, do you agree with me that most people don't even care about the story right now. they're not engaged? >> that's a victory for the administration. >> bill: but they know that. am i right? >> yes. >> bill: number two you have got to have somebody say, look, i told hillary clinton that it was a terror attack because we have -- remember, we haven't arrested the terrorist. nobody has been arrested. you can't say we got mohammed over here and is he an al qaeda guy because we haven't arrested anybody. >> no. based on the preliminary word about what we are going to hear wednesday in the testimony, the state counter terrorism chief and his people were cut out of the loop immediately. >> bill: but they deny -- as soon as that was said today, that was denied by the state department. >> okay. you have got the number two man in libya saying he knew and said from the beginning it was a terrorist attack. i mean, bill, it gets to the point where how much evidence does it take? >> bill: it takes very
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strong statements like you made. that's what it's going to take on wednesday. if the republicans because i figure on the committee the democrats are going to try to cover for their party, right? you figure that's going to happen. if the republicans start to make speeches and all of that and don't really zero in on tell me what happened, then the american people are going, you know, i have had enough of this. colonel, let's go over to you colonel hunt in boston. we had action over the weekend, israelis bombed syrian positions because they say the israelis say that iran is giving weapons, missiles to the syrian government, okay? number one, do you believe that and number two, is there going to be any unintended consequence of this bombing? >> i believe it i think the cias had actually got a couple of these missiles. we have been traysing them from how they were built from where they were going to who they wind up with partially with hezbollah. and i think israel has a right to defend themselves with our help with some satellite help and two
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attacks as we know this weekend and yes, any time israel does an attack, there are consequences to us. but i think we -- we accepted that as it israel and it was a necessary thing. >> bill: it has been very quiet today. there haven't been any saber rattling or much saber rattling by the syrian government, hezbollah, hamas, palestinian authority and been eerily quiet over there. do you know why? >> there is a couple reasons. one, we have been playing with with their electronics with their ability to communicate. we have been helping in that regard. they got caught. israel excellent air strike on their republican guard facilities that actually makes these. they were two very accurate strikes. any more attention on this causes more trouble to the assad regime, which is already up to their ears -- ear lobes and still waiting to see what the u.s. will do in conjunction with or in addition to what israel
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has already done. >> you think it's not in the best interest of bashar assad to make a bell big deal out of this at this time because they are just raises ire towards him. you believe that iran are giving missiles to the syrian government? right? >> yeah. i believe it. more importantly the israeli government and u.s. government believes it. >> bill: do you believe it, colonel. >> i think it's uncontrovertible the evidence is there. israel is act in legitimate self-defense. >> bill: they don't want missiles on their doorstep given to hezbollah, that's craze. now we have this almost perfect storm of era of international intrigue. how about that arab international intrigue. you have got the benghazi hearings, israel pounding syria from the air, blowing iranian missiles up. and at the end of this week, i think that something is going to have to happen. >> yeah, well, i'm -- i hope that what happens is not president obama leaping belatedly into the syrian war because the golden rule
8:10 pm
applies here. if you don't understand a fight, don't step into the middle of it. and this administration has no clue what's really going on in syria. >> bill: if he gets into the middle of it. you know what bill clinton did when he got in trouble with monica lewenski started to bomb to divert attention and wag the dog theory. we are not going to speculate on that. all we are going to do is report the facts. gentlemen, appreciate it couple of footnotes colonel peters has a brand new book out novel called "hell or richmond." >> terror red written before boston marathon bombing happened. >> bill: brit hume on hillary clinton. will she take a hit on will she take a hit on benghazi. change makes people nervous.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight. president obama's job approval rating stands about 2 will%. will it go down after the benghazi hearing this week. joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. this is a story to me. and i'm right on top of story. i not only report the benghazi story and have been pretty fair about doing that since it happened. i also see the ratings -- television ratings that come in after we report it. and we do minute-by-minute ratings at the factor. we know everybody who is watching at every time and what they are interested. in this story really hasn't grabbed the american public yet or am i wrong? >> no. i think you are right. i mean, people are trying to figure it out. to the degree that they figured it out. it's not particularly a favorable towards the administration. the people who are concerned about the president's and the administration's handling of this from a negative perspective feel more strongly about it than those who applaud what he did. but you are right, as of this point it hasn't yet
8:15 pm
begun to bite. it might this week given the testimony we are about ready to hear. >> bill: it has to be very strong though. it has to be hillary clinton or president obama. if it involves unnamed people at the state department or i told xy this, then it just goes aways. it's the same thing that happened with watergate. once it started to hill, nixon's big guns, right up there, and then nixon started to literally sweat about it, then everybody, the folks started to pay attention. but if it's gonna be wishy washy in the hearing on wednesday, and, believe me, the democrats are going to try to make it such, folks aren't going to engage. >> yeah. well, look, a couple of -- first of all, i think you are right, there needs to be more to this than we have seen thus far there is a lot here. there is an excellent piece out by steve hayes and "the weekly standard" that draws this for the first time right into the white house on the afternoon of the 14th of september, friday afternoon, at about 6:52 in the evening.
8:16 pm
early evening, they send out and draft talking points that have been really finalized just before noon earlier that day at the cia. and they are sent out. and literally within 40 minutes the spokesman at the state department, sick tore i can't new land says these are unacceptable. ben roads the national security communication chief says in an email we are going to decide what these are at a white house meek on saturday morning. saturday morning a meeting they white house. we don't know who is in it but we have a sense who might have been in this in those talking point they remove all the islamic extremists warning to the cia on the 10th of september about their being potential. they remove all of the references to the wide availability of weapons and fighters in eastern libya. they remove the reference to the cia warnings about al qaeda's activities in libyaened at five tax earlier on western installations and western personnel. that's all removed and
8:17 pm
happens in a white house meeting, probably held in the situation room. maybe in the' office of the national security advisor on saturday, september 15th. this is now inside the white house. >> bill: do we know the president was in residence that day or whether he was on the campaign trail? >> well, he is in the white house, i believe, on that day. look, we already know something about the president that has not stirred up much controversy but to me is just incredible. we know from the sworn testimony in front of congress by secretary of defense norm -- excuse me leon panetta and by the -- by comments by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, at 4:08 eastern time on september 12th, the embassy reports that it's under attack. at 5:00 eastern time, panetta and the joint -- the chairman of the joint chiefs tell president obama in his office that the embassy, the facility is under attack. it's repeated at 6:08. there is a second message about it it relaying that the al qaeda affiliate in libya is claiming credit for it. between 5:00, that's the last contact that the defense department has with the white house over this
8:18 pm
issue. for the rest of the evening the president's next briefed on it apparently the next morning. the president is -- you know, normally normally in a situation like this the situation room would get spun up. secure video link between it and the defense disement department and state department. the president would be briefed on periodic basis. instead they tell the president benghazi facility is under attack. and he basically says well, great, i will talk to you tomorrow. this, to me, is just appalling. we have known this now for several months. and there has been no attention on it by the mainstream media on it. it is shocking to me. but thatth president is alamo when it comes to astack on facility. >> bill: secretary of state hillary clinton wasn't engaged either on that day. >> we will hear on wednesday. apparently the deputy operations chief for the counter terrorism office at the state department says she was engaged to the effect of freezing out the guys inside the state department who is responsibility it should be
8:19 pm
for t. to respond to a terrorist attack. >> bill: that could have been after the fact. during the thing when it went down. we know what was going on at the white house. but we still don't know where hillary clinton was. because of that terrible testimony that she gave in front of congress when they didn't even ask her anything. and that's what i'm worried about on wednesday. i'm worried in the sense that i think the american people deserve the truth here. i would like to know what happened. i think we had a number of opportunities. mitt romney had an opportunity during the third debate he blew it 100%. that cost him the election in my opinion. i hope we got to get to the bottom of this thing. all right, mr. rove. thanks and directly ahead. hillary clinton for president? will that scenario be affected by the benghazi hearings? brit hume has some thoughts. redneck day in arizona. redneck day in arizona. those reps ] [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today.
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president clinton was. he was on in the white house hours after the attack on benghazi. where was hillary? was she working? >> so far she was in town and on duty when this happened. >> bill: we don't have any time line about what she did or what she said. >> we do not. guess to the fact that she wasn't closely questioned about that when she was before the committee on capitol hill which was a sad day and too typical what happens in congressional hearings. the interrogators are often not very good.
8:24 pm
it is stanley cupping that we don't have a time line of what did you know, when did you know it? who told you what and all of that? because that president obama and hillary clinton two of the best known politicians in the world saying okay. what did you do when you heard? who told you what? do you think we are going to get on that on wednesday? >> i don't know what we are going to get about about what hillary clinton did that day. find out more about from the people who were there on the ground at the time. what they thought, what they said, what they asked for and what they did if the advanced information go what they are going to say pans out it's going to paint a very different picture from the one the administration was painting in washington and make it beyond doubt we won't no we know about meetings that
8:25 pm
were held. we know where they were held. we know which departments were involved in them. there is no way if this testimony turns out to be what it is cracked up to be that people like former secretary clinton are going to be able to escape responsibility for this. lack, ambassador susan rice is the subordinate in the state department. she went out and gave the false talking points over the weekend. talking points we now know from information that surfaced was false and they knew a lot of it was false. >> bill: the three people that are going to testify are all career state department people. >> right. >> bill: it's hillary clinton's butt right now that's in this sling this week and then later on it might shift over to the white house. historically mrs. clinton has gotten away with an awful lot of stuff in the sense of controversy. >> bill, what has been missing ingredient from the whole episode from the get-go has been the relentless coverage and
8:26 pm
questioning that occurs when the news media riled up about something. >> bill: not going to get it? >> news media don't get riled up about this. very good reporting lately on cbs news by sharyl attkisson and we're beginning to see a crack in this and it may begin to change. this testimony might bring to us critical mass or even the hesitant members of the mainstream media will decide gee there is something here after all we better pursue it i'm not predicting that but i'm saying it's possible. >> bill: ask bernie goldberg to come in on thursday and take a look again. bernie is coming up today as well how the network news hand delegates it that night. they will have to cover we expect some of the cable networks make excuses for the president. we will see. final thing, i think that hillary clinton is almost the teflon lady. nothing really seems to stick to her no matter what it is. she kind of blightly goes along. two years ago benghazi, oh well what was that all
8:27 pm
about? let's see what happens. too early to say. this needs to do further blossoming it might not happen. if it does, it has real potential to harm her going down the road and would -- look, this is a weapon in the hands of her -- any primary owe porch nents she has and weapon in the hands of any general election opponents she would have nomination. no doubt about that. >> bill: the folks have got to care for the weapon to be locked and loaded as they say. >> brit: well, participating in a coverup is very dangerous stuff for a politician running for high office. >> bill: thanks as always. bernie goldberg mentioned on whether those who oppose president obama are doing so for the right reasons. then, adam carolla on redneck day it happened in arizona. controversial to say the least. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage,
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8:32 pm
the corny. you should -- corner. you should reject these voices. >> bill: joining us is mary katharineham and juan williams both fox news analyst. i don't think the president said anything wrong there, juan. it's obvious that there are people who want a smaller government and demonize big government and don't trust big government. that's the fact. that's happening should he have told the college kids and frightened them on their day of graduation. >> i don't think he frightened anybody. >> bill: he frightened me. >> oh come on. >> bill: i don't want anybody gumming up the works. >> gee we don't see any any of that in washington. we don't see the republicans president obama's agenda. never. no filibustering. all the president said to these young people. this is in keeping with what george w. bush said to ohio state graduates in 2002. we want you to do more than just be an occasional voter and a taxpayer. we want you to get out
8:33 pm
there, start a business, run for office, get involved. >> bill: that's not political, that's motivational. >> that's exactly. >> bill: he didn't say we want you to go out there and power away from the big bad government. he was motivating them. mary katharine, do you see an undercurrent of malice from will president in this speech? >> i think that particular part of the speech illustrated one of his worst habits which is to dismiss and demonize his opponents. he claims, i think he thinks that he doesn't do this but he in fact does. in fact, something like cynicism toward the government can actually just be an honest disagreement and healthy skepticism born of actual experience with the federal government. which is not always good wait. frankly, some of that certainly exists the line between cynicism and horrible destruction in obama's eyes and just regular disagreement is --
8:34 pm
they are very close together for him. i think he ends up lumping in half the country. here is the thing. bill, during his time in office it young people specifically have grown in skepticism toward the federal government and not just congress but towards the president. let me give to you with examples why that might be from this week. what we have got benghazi. then we have got -- he named a lobbyist to the head of the sec. and one of his biggest donors to the head of commerce. so, when people see that and they compare it to his promises to change things. they go, well, maybe this isn't the best way to that i think things. i think that's a fair position. >> bill: college kids in the world who knows what the president did as far as the. >> have smart people. juan and i regular folks watching the softball games you know what i'm talking about. now, look. we have a major situation here on wednesday and juan,
8:35 pm
are you looking forward to this or are you already writing your apology for hillary clinton and barack obama? you have started the apology yet? >> i don't need to write any apology. when there is something on the table. when there is a smoking gun. i will say hey, let's jump on the bandwagon. yes sure or yes bill i am. yes, sure like a 12-year-old would say. >> we are 8 months in. remember, this was highly politicized by the folks who were trying to defeat obama back in, you know in november. people that care about what happened'. >> bill: all i want to know, juan, is he going to keep an open mind. mary katharine, you have taupe coon open mind too i can't convict you have to listen. >> thank you, bill. >> part of having an open mind and getting to the
8:36 pm
bottom of what happens in government is asking questions. the mere action of asking questions does not equal politicization. in fact, not answering questions sometimes equals politicization when you are going into an election and you don't want to answer questions about something that's inconvenient. >> bill: mary katharine someone on this committee has got to get the right questions because they totally blew it with hillary clinton. >> let me tell you quickly. >> hold on. >> bill: mary katharine and then juan. >> 20,000 pages, 20 plus hearings. you know,. >> >> bill: the rubber is going to have to meet the road on wednesday. mary katharine, 20 seconds, go. >> i just want to say that fox news reporters and many of the people who according to juan were politicizing things out in the united states of america by being skeptical about these answers are being vindicated by some of the stuff coming out this week by whistle players. vindication is good. those opposing president obama are doing so for noble reasons bernie is
8:37 pm
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8:41 pm
hill. these people politically want to cut his heart out and throw his liver to the dogs. that does make it very very difficult to come on nice to them. >> bill: nice appetizing thing at dinner time. joining us from miami the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. isn't it true people in power particularly presidents. different party or whatever, president obama is no different, is he? >> no. that's a good point you and i know dan rather. when i heard that first reaction i felt like a porcupine at a fourth of july barbecue when queen elizabeth was asking me to dance the cha-cha. >> bill: that's something rather would say. >> i was at cbs too long. >> bill: two words came into my mind i'm sure they came into your mind. richard nixon. rather was brutal on him. >> exactly.
8:42 pm
here's the thing. people in power have enemies as you said. yes. and barack obama is no different. that's also true. i don't remember my good personal friend dan rather worrying about not only richard nixon but george w. bush when liberal democrats were out to figuratively and maybe otherwise cut hirst heart out and throw his liver to the dogs. >> bill: did dan rather have the scalp pull on that one? was he going to do the incision i believe he was with the national guard story. >> he was. very good point. >> thank you. >> we live in polarized culture. in polarized culture democrats and republicans have two very very different visions of how to fix america's problems. so, dan rather i is right some aren't going to
8:43 pm
cooperate with barack obama they have different visions. he left out the other half that barack obama isn't going to cooperate with those republicans. he annualized the politics of this situation from a liberal democratic point of view which will come as no surprise to the people watching this tonight. >> they always carried him to the race area which we are not even going to bother with today. could you possibly put a percentage on what people have noble intentions by being dissenters and what people are just -- if you don't agree with plea i hate you and i don't care? if you asked me that 10 years ago i would have put a much higher percentage on people with noble motives i think we have become so polarized that anything where you side with the person if you are a republican side with barack obama give ammunition to the enemy. i don't think that's good for america. i think we have become way too polarized, so i think a
8:44 pm
the loft criticism is not noble. >> okay. bernie and i -- and i will be criticized for saying that by the way. >> or criticized for anything. >> bill: bernie and i criticized hosting a children's program going to do it for part-time job the ad said you can be a male, you can be any race except caucasian and you have to be nonunion. except caucasian bernie. you couldn't apply you and me. what fascinates me they had the audacity to tell the truth. >> 24 hours later like people like you and me. they pulled it out. >> that's right. exactly. they said whites need not
8:45 pm
apply. i read the entire letter that the cbc sent to the casting agency that. they went for the host of a kiddy show. that's what they wanted. anybody but a white person. in the employment policy by the cbc they used the word diversity about 20 times. real world of employment we know what that means when they say we want diversity. we all know what that means we don't have to get into that. the casting agency did precisely what the cbc wanted but the cbc didn't want them to be so damn honest about it i try to find out what kind of kids show it was. i mean, you know. >> i will tell you. hold on. you are going to think i'm making this up i swear i'm not. in the requirements they said the person needs to be great with kids that makes sense. love physical comedy and would enjoy hanging out
8:46 pm
with puppets all day. i swear to god. that's what it says. >> bill: puppets? >> would enjoy hanging out with puppets all day. you could have gotten this job. >> bill: that's right. we love puppets. what's his name my pal jeff dunham would be great for this job. is he a white guy so he can't get it? >> can't do it. whites need not apply. >> redneck in arizona. hide the silverware on this hide the silverware on this one. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. you get 5% back, on everything. everything. everything. everything. everything? [ all ] everything? everything.
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look like a racist super hero in that picture. sort of like bigoted man. yeah, i don't think it's a good idea to drape yourself in that flag by any stretch of the imagination redneck day that's white on white crime. that's whitey making fun of whitey. 15-year-olds pretending to be roy clark from he haw. what happened to our sense of humor? why is everyone's nose out of joint constantly? >> bill: rednecks after the civil war were people who were perceived as oppressing blacks in the south. that's why the blacks came up with that term. i think there is a lot of that tied into it.
8:52 pm
lot of emotion tied into it nobody was suspended. the school district said it was because of duck dynasty that big show. we're going to have the guy from duck dynasty wily on here on thursday. wily is going to have to explain what duck dynasty is to me. >> bill, can i say this quickly? why is it queen -- why is it queens high school or queen creek or road. why not king? why not king? remember last time we were talking about handwriting. >> bill: killed the king, i don't know. >> i'm offended. >> you are our pop culture guy here. you know that iron man iii huge, second biggest movie opening ever in america. i was in iron man ii. people writing me all the time on that. i didn't see iron man iii. you didn't either. why is iron man iii so popular? why do people love iron man? >> first off no better segment than two guys who didn't see a movie to speak
8:53 pm
at length about the movie. can we find one person. >> bill: hypothesize. >> only two human beings on the planet who did not see this movie. i don't know what's going on. like when did it become okay for 45-year-old males to speak openly about their love of economic book -- comic books, heros, spider man to be devastated with batman, superman didn't live up to their expectations? remember when 45-year-old guys would drink brandy and smoke cigars and talk about mistresses or storm beaches at normandy? i don't know what's going on with this generation? >> bill: i think everybody wants to go back to when they were 12 years old because it was a lot more fun than it is now. s that my mother theory on iron man 3. downie making a lot of money. a ton of dough. factor tip of the day about our philosophy here on the factor. you have got to hear this. moments away. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
8:54 pm
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now the mail. richard johnson, missouri state university, springfield. ryan from parkland, florida. >> nicholas from west a.. >> as the public official in charge of prison oversight, mr. maynard allowed a national scandal, a gang thug to impression nature four prison guards. he has yet to explain how that
8:58 pm
happened and the warden has yet to have been fired. this is unacceptable. the people deserve better. john from kansas city, missouri. >>ed feds should pay, john, but the system is broken. i think we can raise the money to give every amputee and a paralyzed vet a chair. i'm not going to wait around for the feds to do it. way too much chaos in the va right now. >> that is what it is all about,
8:59 pm
dennis. there are more than 1700 amputee vets from iraq and afghanistan and others who are paralyzed. if you would like to help them, please go to the website later this week we will have an announcement what we are going to do to get every amputee a tractor. they are amazing. now from pennsylvania. >> donna, we need to think more about the elderly in this country. that's it for us now. please check out the fox news factor website, different from please sound off about the factor. o' the word of the day, do not be
9:00 pm
sophistic when writing to the factor. please remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking >> welcome to "hannity." this week may be the defining week in the obama presidency as the lies about benghazi now begin to unfold. tonight evidence is mounting to prove what we have been saying for months, and that's the obama white house engaged in a widespread cover-up immediately after the benghazi attack and they did it to win the election. there was an' salthat took the lives of four americans, including our ambassador christopher stevens. it is due, in fact, to the three men known as benghazi


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