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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 14, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> kimberly: bob? >> bob: one of the greatest threats to the united states security and intelligence comes from cyber attacks. hackers. the biggest and the worst are the chinese, who we have given technology to, they useded and turned around and come back to hack computers. we educated their students here at the best universities in the world. we have send them back and they continue to do what the chinese government asked them to do, hack in the united states security apparatus. it's time for this to stop. if we are going to spend money on anything, spend more money on taking down hackers. >> brian: we were talking about what was happening with the vatican. it's special. but what is happening in the n.f.l. is titanic. 31-year-old wes welker left tom brady and gone to john
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elway and peyton manning. he had 116 catches. going to devastate the franchise. does anyone know what he has done in the last six seasons with the patriots? >> dana: absolutely. 672 receptions over six seasons. i think it averages out to 112 per season. he will be huge for broncos. >> brian: wow! i can't wait to watch the game with you. >> eric: what do they call bronco stadium? >> dana: mile high stadium. >> kimberly: we want to end this on an appropriate solemn note. wish all the best to the new pope. as a laity know women i'm excited to have someone from latin america. very exciting day today. historic one as well. jesuit educated as mr. bolling here. all private catholic schools. this is a special day. thank you for sharing with us. >> brian: privilege to sit in for greg gutfeld. >> kimberly: that is it for
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us. so you tomorrow. stay tuned for more continuing coverage of the selection of the new pope, pope francis. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who is disappointed the new pope didn't take the name gregory. now to jedediah bila with our pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> catholic cardinals chose a new pope, pope francis. our panel will tell you what they think of him and discuss why in heaven's name bill schulz didn't get the job. sorry, bill. and senator rand paul is looking for a gop that resonates with a younger generation. is he on to something? or another whacko libertarian like andy levy. and joy behar and elizabeth
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hasselbeck are too polarizing. come on. we all like a good cat fight. back to you, andy. >> thanks, jedediah. see you at the half. let's welcome our guest. i am here with ann coulter, political commentator, author and columnist. her latest book is called "mugged." and rick grenell, lovely sweater. bill schulz, ignore any black smoke coming out of his body. and next to me is tom shillue. his latest cd is available on march 26th. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> well, dennis rodman was wrong. there is something you don't thought hear every day. the pope is divine, and argentine. with white smoke lifting from the sistine chapel they picked jorge bregorgio to be the new leader of the church. the newly named pope francis who is 76 and the noneuropean
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pontif in a thousand years thanked his fellow cardinals saying they have, quote, chosen one who is from far away, but here m why. he is of course not from africa as a certain vatican observer assured us during the day. >> one of two black guys will be the pope ssments simple as that. >> the black p the world. he is more understanding and peaceful individual. >> okay, dennis. rodman was at the vatican on a mission to promote a gambling website. never change, dennis. for more let's go to the vatican correspondent. we need a bigger budget. itthe caliber has gone downhill. tom? >> hi. >> hi, andy. >> you are catholic, but my
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understanding is that 120% of the world's catholics do come from latin america. does this choice make a lot of sense? >> what was that? >> 120%. >> i didn't know that. it is the fastest growing and it is south america and africa. that's where we are getting our catholics from. >> but 120% are from south america. just tell me what you think of the choice. >> the attendance is dwindling in my parish. this is a great opportunity for a lot of local reporters to say argentina. they love to do that. otherwise, i don't know what -- how does everyone -- i am looking at the news and everybody seems to have an opinion of this pope. what am i supposed to do? i am catholic and go to church every sunday. i don't know this guy. give me a little time. >> tom, that's how the tv news
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business works. you don't have to though something to have an opinion. how long have you been doing this show? come on. were you as surprised that the catholic church picked a pope who opposes abortion and gay marriage? >> i am not a catholic, but i do have an opinion. in fact, that's probably why i have an opinion. but listen together liberals talk about the catholic church makes me love the church more. the only thing they hate about the catholic church are the only things i like. to answer your first question, how important is it he is from latin america, it is fantastic. it means we will have a pope mobile with the hydrolic lifts and the tinted windows. >> oh anne, anne. >> right? isn't that cool? >> i condone that. >> why are we talking about dennis rodman? >> we are going to. do you want to talk about dennis rodman? >> he is talking about having gambling while we are picking a pope. >> absolutely. what is wrong with that? >> that is nobel peace prize
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winning stuff. we can nominate him. he is excellent. he should be in the president's national security team. this is -- >> this is arguably the bigger vatican story of the day. >> send him to north korea and get two people talking on the phone and give the guy a peace prize. >> and he is an expert on that kind of thing. >> bill, speaking of experts, you have been covering the vatican for four decades. we were arguing about this in the office. i kept saying it was going to be the guy it was, and you kept saying you were positive it was going to be escolo, the archbishop of milan. >> i did not say that. i said this guy is a fraud. before dennis leaves the vatican, the tryout will come out -- the truth will come out and it will show to be the black guy from ghana as the worm has for told. and so in rod we trust. i know my mom is disuh
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interest pooed it is not an american -- disuh interest pooed it is it was an american pope and more disappointed it is not me. one of the first things she taught me to say when friends are over she would say, bill, what do you want to be when you grow up? i would say, first american pope. it was the last time i was ever at a cocktail party. >> i am guessing there will be a pope who will not be catholic before you are pope. >> the first pope was jewish. >> that's true. >> pope peter was jewish so you can cross that off your list. sorry, andy. >> i want to play a bite of something else rodman said. >> the ambassador of the world. if obama calls kim from korea, nobel peace prize. >> you can't argue with that
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because you can't understand it. >> i heard nobel peace prize. i was looking at the flowers. i actually like the jacket. >> he is basically saying he should get a nobel peace prize because he will be the one that puts kim jong-un and president obama together. >> president obama should call kim kim jong-il to make it happen. >> that coat was less flamboyant from any the pope was wearing. from the pope on down. >> and vice president biden, your favorite person he will lead the delegation. is this a what could possibly go wrong situation? >> well, if you bring in dennis rad money. dennis rodman. rodman, you could be right, a young, naive black man mostly known for smoking pot and leaving foreign policy, what could go wrong?
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>> and winning a know -- nobel peace prize. >> as much as we make fun of dennis rodman, his policy of having the north koreans talk with obama is not that far off from what hillary clinton has vowed and what barack obama himself wanted us to do. he wants to pick up the phone and talk to these guys. he just thinks i haven't made peace yet because we haven't met each other. just think, rodman is articulating the obama policy. >> rick, i wanted to ask you, venezuela's acting president since hugo chavez died. he credited chavez for the election of a south american pope. he said, quote, our commander ascended to the heights and is face-to-face with christ. something influenced the choice of a south american pope. something arrived at christ's side and said it is time for south america to come. >> if he is at chide's side how are they face-to-face?
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>> you just shutdown the theory. >> now i am starting to think we didn't give chavez cancer. >> read my blog. we did. >> under your theory, they got him out to get upstairs. >> i think we can move on from that. from rodman to randman, it is a plea to the gop. rand paul is calling for the party to be more tolerant and to embrace the younger generation. in an op-ad, they hit back to the critics of the filibuster that accused him of catering to the impressionable kids in their college dorm. writing at policy, a site i assumed was for political rappers, they said, "we need a different gop speak together rising generation. i believe a republican party that is more tolerant to keeping them out of people's lives as much as possible would be more appealing to the rising generation.
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you know what else is appealing to the rising generation? this. >> do it for the kids. >> what was that? i was expecting a cute animal to come in and save him. >> awful. >> anne. you are generally very complementary. continue to be so. >> 13 hours attacking drones? our position is we love drones. we want to use them for stop and frisk. joy what should he -- >> what should he filibuster? jew -- >> mccain calling him crazy and then rand saying that's my
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boy. but him saying i am going to appeal to the new generation of ma 11 y'alls by taking -- ma 11 y'alls by taking a poll. no that is a follower. we are looking for a leader. my generation which is your generation is the first generation that voted for the republican which was ronald reagan. and it was not because he was polling to see if we wanted pot legalized. he was a leader. you drop the voting age to 6 and rand paul would be for longer nap times. >> that's not -- he didn't say anything about polls. >> he said i am going for the millenial. >> he said a more libertarian candidate may have a better shot. >> right after the election he said his two main issues are legalizing pot and amnesty. and then spent 13 hours on a synthetic, ridiculous issue because he is the only person in america who apparently doesn't understand what imminent threat means. his response was perfectly legitimate. >> the obama administration doesn't understand what it means at all.
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>> this is what the e-mail exchange is like. if you saw what he actually said which was -- we would use the drone against an american and only in extraordinary circumstances. what was the additional clarification. >> i want to move on to rick. but i po nie t out the obama administration used the phrase imminent threat. i don't think it is bad. >> can i add one point? >> he got the liberal media to say that there are college kids who are libertarian. at least now we have them saying we have a shot. >> why should the gop change anything? ann coulter's gop is doing just great, isn't it? >> i gather that is for rick so i will keep my mouth shut. why isn't it your gop? >> i am not in the gop.
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>> we have to be able to win elections. there is a bunch of reasons why we don't win elections. i don't buy we have to become more libertarian to win elections. i don't know what the magic sauce is at this point. it is about the candidate, the guy delivering the message. yes, i think there are things we can do to change the message, but at the end of the day the messenger, people vote on who they want to have a beer with. it is a really light, low bar. i think we have to have candidates that can deliver a powerful message and who are also willing to be stronger. i think the romney campaign demonstrated it in ways that were too timid, and they thought the campaign would be more about obama, and we didn't have any idea that we were pushing for him. >> tom, what do you think? does the gop need to be what rand paul considers more tolerant or less tolerant or keep the same amount of tolerance? >> i think everybody is right here.
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rand paul is right that the gop should stress libertarian principals. anne is right when she says holder was right on this. you are right that we don't know what the secret sauce is. you said something else. everyone said correct things. >> what did i say that was right? >> before that. what about the romney thing. >> you say the right thing. >> that would have been a mistake. but the wall strait journal was right. if you read the editorial it would say it is disking him on his 13-hour stunt. they said this is a stunt and it is not real politics. it was a stunt and that's why he did it. he has a right to do the stunt. >> it wasn't the best timing, i will give you that. why do it then? >> there are a million things we could protest.
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>> why 13 hours? >> that was why. >> at least three days. >> the reason it got so attention was the liberal media agrees with him on drones. we act like it was so magnificent and finally we are fighting back. for the first time the mainstream media covered it because code pink is on his side. >> bill, rand paul talked about it, and he specifically said he didn't mean being more tolerant of you. >> i am a voting block. >> please respond to this fact is all i want. >> you have been saying a lot of facts. >> it is liber -- liberating to be the person with the facts. >> shakespear makes up words so i don't want to hear this. if rand paul, if he goes to c-pac and says those things i will applaud him. we have a cpac that won't even
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let in chris christie. they are letting three birthers, not one, but three birthers speak of -- a donald trump of trump speech will be classy. the only person in cpac i i can see is ann coulter. >> your response? >> you are not going to cpac. >> i am having drinks afterward. i am boycotting. >> i think they should have a convention next door and call it my big, fat, gay, convention. >> you had me at big, fat, gay and convention. you had me at the end of the sentence. >> pretty much. coming up, do guys named rick have it easier than everyone else? don't be stupid. i have it easy because of my face, and not my name. first, what is the real reason behind joy and possibly elizabeth's departure from the view? i will share what i learned in our pilates class.
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stick around.
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were they too loud for the daytime crowd? joy behar is leaving the view and elizabeth hasser -- elizabeth hasser beck is reportedly on her way back out too. blondey is safe for now, but viewers found liberal behar and hasselbeck too polarizing. abc commissioned a study and ase out of sync with the audience. and now let's go to our senior media correspondent. >> we have to get a budget. we need real correspondents.
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this is embarrassing. >> i love that correspondent. >> anne, have you been on "the view" many, many times and lived to talk about it. what are your thoughts? >> i love those gals, but i think you read the research wrong. it wasn't they are polarizing, they are paralyzingly stupid. they paralyze the audience. >> you are lucky they don't watch this show. >> truthfully, joy behar is not political. she is fun intoe and a fun gal. elizabeth hasselbeck, she is funny and i like her, but she has three brain cells. >> richard, based on the survey is it possible that maybe people watching this morning's talk show don't want to hear about politics? is that what they are saying? >> it is about abc news. summarize. abc news did a poll that says elizabeth hasselbeck is too extreme, but george
12:24 am
stephanopoulus can host the morning show. he is so political he interviews rahm emanuel and says there is chatter that you will be the next president of the united states. that's mainstream and elizabeth hasselbeck is not mainstream? ben sherwood running abc news, is truly running it into the ground. there is no credibility left. it is all about obama and covering for obama. and now it is migrating into hillary clinton. i think they are forcing elizabeth out. >> why would they say the same thing about joy bear then? >> i think -- joy behar. >> there is no question they want to get rid of them. >> i love the idea that whoopi goldburg is just straight. we are keeping her. >> it is the glasses. do this and america will love you. make your point and do this. >> tom, if elizabeth leaves will it be another liberal on that show? >> they will get another --
12:25 am
they will get a more moderate conservative. she thinks pretty moderate to me. >> megan mccain perhaps. >> that would be a good choice. polarizing? this just shows you who ever said that lives in manhattan. their polls are like the upper eastside and the upper west side, that's it. >> the mainstream is whoopi. >> bill, you are often mistaken for joy behar on your way to work. >> no question. i just wanted to let everyone know that. >> who cares? that's my attitude. they can think i am joy. i wish i had the money. >> don't believe this bull. this is a perfect example of people saying what they want themselves to be rather than the truth. the truth is that people lovejoy going back before elizabeth. they like elizabeth giving it to joy and joy giving it to elizabeth. see the view's ratings. you don't think that
12:26 am
combination works. see the top table news show ratings. but people don't want to think that. they don't want to be portrayed as that. they will saying in -- they will say something. in the meantime when they are by themselves they will say, shut up, baby. that's what they really are. >> "teen mom 2" is celebrated. >> yes and the baby star ofs. the real loser is the baby. >> and the fun thee thing is it is exactly the kind of diversity you get on the mainstream media which is five liberals and one conservative. >> that is all of prime time. that's why megan mccain is the perfect person. >> do you have a comment on the show? do you have video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye. click on the video. still to come, the half time report from jedediah bila. >> tonight's half time report
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is sponsored by x rays. a shorter wave helping and capable of penetrating solids. thanks, x rays.
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we're back. let's see if we -- well, how many things we have gotten
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wrong so far. and now to jedediah bila. >> how are you guys? jay good. >> all right, well we will start with the pope and dennis rodman. interesting segment. i will go to you, tom, first. tom, you actually suggested you need to be informed on a topic to talk about it on television. come on, tom. >> he was looking at me like a catholic and i thought i should have information. it takes me awhile to come up to speed on the pope. >> i am catholic and we have that guilt about things sometimes. >> the pope and dennis rodman, sounds like a great show with charles nelson riley, doesn't it? >> all right, anne, i have to ask you, when this story broke about the pope, all i kept hearing about was this pope needs to modernize his opinion about things. he is anti-contraception. he is pro life. he is pro traditional marriage. these things are so out of date. what do you say to people when they say that to you?
12:32 am
>> i think "the new york times" needs to modernize. i think the polls show that people think they are very much out of step. all of these attacks on the catholic church are because they are against abortion. that's what it is. >> that's true. >> i have my warmest feelings for the catholic church when i read "the new york times" attacking them. >> and you can think of other reasons to you a tack the catholic church. i don't think that is number one. >> the whole anti-woman thing. that is about abortion. what is "the new york times" position? they are mad at the catholic church for doing what the boy counts are doing. to keep the gay scout masters away from the little boys and not let them go camping the way the gay priests didn't stay away from the alter
12:33 am
boys. which one was it new york times? >> if you are gay you are going to molest him. >> you are equating being gay with ped do feel yaw. >> no, but that was the problem in the catholic church was. 99% of the molestation was not of girls. >> it wasn't that they were girls, but they were molesting little boys. >> it was men molesting little boy u.s. and can insist that is not gay, but my thought is under my definition -- >> most molestation is with heterosexuals. >> but not with the catholic church. they are mad at the catholic church for not preventing what they are mad at the boy scouts for trying to defend. andy levy thinks men molesting boys is not gay. >> i will leave to to andy levy. >> it is not even worth it. >> rick, first of all, goodbye richard, hello rick?
12:34 am
that is very sexy. >> with an exclamation point. >> only my close friends call me rick. >> i am on the list now. i don't have a point for you by the way. i just wanted to say that and have this moment for you, rick. >> united states once again, barking up the wrong tree. >> wouldn't be the first time i have done that, bill. bill, i have to ask you, you did not get the job of pope. i'm sure that was disappointing to you. but if dennis rodman does not get the job of ambassador of the world, are you sending in your resume? >> if dennis rodman was ambassador of the world it was him declaring himself as such after he dosed himself in whatever drink he was having. >> if he can't fulfill that role, will you step up and present the platform? >> don't use this stepped up to the plate stuff. he played basketball, madam. he played basketball. do a lay up and give me one of
12:35 am
those metaphors. >> it is unfair to alcohol to blame everything dennis does on that. >> you are right. there are also severe developmental issues. >> that's true, very true. >> and other substances. >> absolutely. do you have an hour? he has done stuff i have never heard of. >> oh you have heard of them. >> i heard of them, but can't get them. >> let's go on to rand paul and the tolerant gop. anne, you said i want to use drones for stop and frisk. am i the only one who thinks that should be your 2016 campaign slogan? that would launch it great for you. expwrai i have had campaign commercials and bodega being robbed 116th street gone. >> i have to say you are politically correct tonight. >> i know, i don't know what has come over me. >> tom, you talked about the filibuster.
12:36 am
you said it was a stunt. i have to tell you that i talked about this on this show before. rand paul really cares about these particular issues. when it comes to the constitution, when it comes to privacy, it may look orchestrated, but these are the issues this guy cares about and he is willing to fight for. >> mr. smith cared about the boys' camp in colorado too. that was a stunt. it is always a stunt. >> it is politics. it still had a purpose. he had a legitimate arangement. legitimate argument. >> come on, evil knievel went over the snake river. it had a purpose. >> the purpose was to get laid. >> on that same note, rick, you talked about how you said i don't buy we need to become more libertarian in order to win elections. i think that's true. i think a lot of it is about leadership. but when you look at some of these issues like supporting
12:37 am
gay marriage, these are issues that a lot of young people, even on the right and in the center get behind. so should the gop step back and say, you know what, i on these issues the young population does stand with us. >> i call it being a consistent conservative. i am consistently conservative across the board. i want government out and i want government to be there when there is a market failure. or do the things we can't do in the private sector like defense. there is an appropriate role for government. i am not somebody who would say no government whatsoever. >> and jedediah, define your terms. the gop does not call them the young population. they call them the young whippersnappers or the young nar do wells. >> i never have heard them call them that. by the way, bill, being you are on the screen, you said the only person you want to go to cpack to see is ann
12:38 am
coulter. what am i, chopped liver? >> i didn't know you were watching. now i am -- >> now i am definitely not going on a date with you now. >> don't dangle that in front of me and then take it away. >> i want to get to joy behar and elizabeth hasselbeck. you said you need a budget and more cory spawn dents. my dog, she is available. >> that's the thing i want to get away from. >> she is cute and only charges $100,000 a year. it is a bargain. it is like me. and anne, i have to go to you, you called the entire -- once again being politically correct, you called the whole cast of "the view" paralyzingly stupid? i just want to say the next time you will go on that show can you give me some heads up so i can definitely dvr that one? >> that was just a joke on the word polarizing. during the commercial break i
12:39 am
was arguing with my friend, rick, and saying how fantastic ben sherman is and i love good morning america." >> let me correct the record it was ben sherwood. >> ben sherman. >> ben sherman if you are watching send a cotton polly blend. she wants it made. >> you have some shorts coming! >> back to you. i would like everyone to know i love polarizing. have fun. >> thanks. coming up, everything is to the back with a little slack because inside out is wiggidy-wiggidy whack. anyway, how long have we been wrong about the right brothers 1234* hint, more than one day, but less than infinity days.
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with washington in a mire, should they hold their fire? u.s. marines are instructed to preserve things like ammo and fuel and ammo due to sequestration budget cuts. the marine corp and others have to slash billions after the white house and congress couldn't reach a debt deal prompting james amos to urge frugal firing. >> if you understand what is going on, you understand all we are trying to do to maintain the essence of why america has a marine corp, then you are more apt to understand why i ask you to save every gallon of gas or take every aspect to get the most bang for the buck. this is no time to do business as usual. things have changed. >> i believe we have tape of the marine training exercise from earlier this week.
12:44 am
>> this is not good. we need a budget deal. this is bad. anne, he obviously means marines should save in training. shouldn't obama be impeached? >> well, i don't know. i think they can just barrow it from the department of homeland security. they #r buying up rounds of ammo. >> that's a good point. tom, are you trigger sad the marines can't be trigger-happy? >> all of this stuff is nonsense. can you imagine if during the last administration this nonsense was pulled about we are running out of money. we can't supply you with ammo. he would be rid -- ridiculed as a fool and a fill lass steen. it is one more story. it is not coming down on obama, right? nothing sticks. it is unbelievable.
12:45 am
>> rick, we spend more than the rest of the word on our military jie. we did. >> well, good point. how about we use them to stop sub saw sizing the -- subsidizing the defenses. >> clearly we have to start prioritizing. we have budget problems. i am pretty sure that clip is running in iran right now. they realize what is happening. they are brilliant. they want to get a nuclear weapon. the u.n said they should not enrich any uranium. and obama last week cut a deal saying we will let you enrich some uranium. he cut a deal weaker than the u.n. and our military does president have enough money? this is getting serious. we have a white house press corp that is absolutely not paying attention. it is all about television fun for them. we are getting to the point where it is serious. >> i think it got to the point we were serious when the tours
12:46 am
of the white house got canceled. let me correct you on that. >> that did get better press than this. >> that's sad. bill, even worse, airshows are being canceled. can you live with that, you monster? >> well, first of all if you have ever been to chicago in the summertime, the airshow is a cul brynn nation of fourth of july fun. i urge you to come by despite we won't have it. and this is crap. does anyone believe what this guy said. do you really think they will have a problem with ammo? it is a pot shot at obama for the military cuts that were just as much the fault of the republican congress who voted on it obama. you are right though. let's get out of germany and japan. last i checked at least five years ago, we have no business being over there anymore. those #r some smart cuts we
12:47 am
can do. this ammo thing is not true. >> i agree, but it is not a pot shot at obama. it is consistent with the position of the obama administration that everything people like and want must be cut. we can't cut the crap? >> why couldn't it equally be a shot at congress? >> hopefully it is both. >> it is the democrats saying we have to cut the f.a.a. we have to cut meat inspectors. i didn't even know we had a meat inspector. >> they don't inspect my meat. >> oh god. >> i get it out of a dumpster. >> as usual it signals time for a break. when we return, performance from the musical guests.
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was it a lie? according to a shocking claim that will shock you, the brothers wright were second in flight by more than two years. an aviation historian
12:52 am
researched that a german immigrant buzzed over connecticut in 1901, well before the orville and wilbur's historic flight in 1903. john brown tells fox, it is really a radical revision of the history of i have aviation. up until then he was a fake and a fraud. the truth is opposite. whitehead's story lacked credibility because a photo was blury, even for 1901 standards and then later disappeared altogether. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> tom, this whole thing basically started with james who published "aviation and military equipment book." they would it as a forward to the latest edition of their aircraft book. they said whitehead was the first to fly a plane. >> who cares who was the first? everybody is obsessed with who was the first 1234* i don't care. the thing about this guy was
12:53 am
he didn't have the proper pr firm working behind him, and that's what you need when you do something. they had the wonderful vests and the mustaches. this guy had a blurry photo. if you are going to fly a plane don't take a blurry photo. >> they said it was because it was morning. >> the wright brothers worked that out. this is how you get press. >> this was in 1901. they didn't know about things like that. >> you have to learn. >> he did have two more years to take another picture. >> good point. the north carolina license plate says first in flight. do they need to change it or is it a cover up? >> north carolina elected a governor. democrats lost out. they will be able to say we were first in flight when the
12:54 am
democrats were in charge and now second with will democrats in charge. >> should connecticut go to war against north carolina? >> i don't care if this guy was first in flight. americans were first in the $50 surcharge for checked lug -- luggage. go usa. have you also added -- well, germans can be first. >> orville wright donated the plane the brothers used to make their alleged first flight. but he forced the institute to sign a document saying that it would never say that any aircraft prior to theirs was capable of manned flight. he clearly knew what was going on here, can we? >> i can't wait until you say that. >> i always liked the wright brothers and was upset by this. i did research byway of reading the small part of the
12:55 am
story you gave us in our pamphlet. it turns out this guy is a german. bin bill schulz like that. when did he do his flight? august 14th, 1901. happens to be my birthday minus the 1901 part. and i too like to get high. they call this the condor? from now on you can call this bill the condor. >> we are not calling you bill the condor. >> you will call my -- >> will not. >> you wul pit me on the cover. he is a guest host. >> if anybody thinks he really does that i will destroy every camera. >> you can call me the c man too. >> new drugs can help people live to be 150. god i hope that doesn't include bill. tess always five years like the wooly mammoth client. glacesy smith klein has drugs
12:56 am
that will significantly boost the anti-aging enzyme found in red wine. testing is underway and according to one doctor the drugs would, quote, treat one disease, but unlike drugs of today would prevent 20 others. in affect it would low aging. tom first of all it is always the 2350*eu6 years uh -- the five years away. >> i was looking at this on "60 minutes". >> they are not saying it will slow aging. ineffect already means you are lying. >> and every time i look at this they say you have to drink they qifl lebt of six cases of water. >> i have done that and don't feel the benefits. do we want people to be living to 150? your crazy neighbors are living to 150.
12:57 am
>> you gave me some moisturizing jeans. >> nice call back. a month ago call back. >> anne, we can't afford to have people. >> that's the only thing i have to say. they like to dringt hundred bottles of -- to drink the hundred bottles of wine. if we live to 150, democrats will still insist the retirement age. it has to be 65. >> and you will be a fashion queen for considering to raise it to 67. >> all right. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from jedediah. go to knox slash red eye.
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