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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 2, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> bill: if you guys can't see us in person around the country, we do have at bolteder fresher dvd available on it's a rowdy show. factor tip of the day i'll be back in new york city and reality will set in. average temperature in california, 75 degrees, sun out every day. is that why many folks come to the golden state. the weather is so great, but life is a tradeoff. california is a chaotic state. for every gallon of gas you put in your car you pay 68 cents to jerry brown. state income tax in california, 13.3%. sales tax, 7.5% and real estate
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and places like l.a. through the roof. you can see the tradeoff, nice breezes, scant take home pay. life is like that, no place is perfect. we have to make decisions and my decision to come out here in california this week was a good one, but you pay a big price for living here. factor tip of the day. check out our website and we would like to spout off from the factor in from anywhere in the world. at any time if you wish to opine do not be a lemming or in life. i will see on the leno program tonight. we should have a good time there. i'm bill o'reilly and the spin stops here in l.a. because we are definitely looking out for you.
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>> sean: top news alert, despite dire alerts, i am happy to report there are no major delays at airports all across the united states nor is a pandemic gripping the countryside and day cares, believe it or not from coast to coast, they are still operational at this hour. all that remains true despite the fact we have arrived at the day when the sequester starts to kick in. we'll have complete coverage of this developing story with former economic advisor, austin gool sby and james carville and the man that had the truth to speak power, benjamin carson. he is live to give us his take on the cuts. earlier today, to no mondays surprise between the president and congressional leaders failed
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to result in any progress. we do have a stubborn xhad they are chief who is incapable of conquering his addiction, spending your money. here is what he said. >> let's into make it clear that the president got his tax hikes on january 1st. in my view is over. it's about taking on the spending problem here in washington. >> sean: not to be upstaged, the anointed one fled to the briefing room to field some hardball questions and in other words, the lap dog media. >> to your question, what could you do, could you refuse to let them leave the room until you have a deal? >> you know, i am not a
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dictator. i'm the president. ultimately if mcconnell or boehner says we need to go to catch a plane, i can't have secret service block the doorway. >> sean: no, you are not a dictator but you are not a leader either, the fact of the matter is, the sequester, that was your idea and put back in place way back in 2011 which leads me to my next question. what have you been doing the past two years? we have heard all your prophecys and what will happen but why didn't you do something to stop them. here at hannity we think we found the answer to the mystery because the president has been busy very, busy with important other things. watch.... >> congress allow,000 meat cleaver approach to take
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place -- allows this meat cleaver approach to take place. >> now is not the time to make schools more expensive for our young people. >> education like head start and early start would be eliminated for nearly a thousand children. ♪ ♪ >> border patrol agents will see their hours reduced. >> f.b.i. agents will be furloughed. >> federal prosecutors will have to close cases. ♪ ♪ i'm so in love with you >> airport skluirt need to be cut back. >> many middle-class families will have their lives disrupted. >> this all dates back when we were growing up together in
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kenya. >> all of this will cause a ripple affect. >> you look sharp. >> you haven't seen me naked. >> we're going to keep it that way. >> the longer the cuts are in place the more damage to the economy. >> congress might allow a series of immediate, painful, arbitrary budget cuts to take place. no one in known in washington as the sequester. >> sean: few moments ago he signed an order to begin the sequester cuts. joining me to react his old boss's to avoid this mess, former chairman of economic advisors, austin is back with us. president panic, doom and gloom, i thought he was going fix this mess. we can cut $44 billion out of
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$3.5 trillion. >> beam me up scotty. >> i never took you for the jealous type. the show at the oscars and now you want best editing and best acting. he has good drum. i'll give you a prize. what do you want? >> sean: we're going to cut poor kids or disabled kids. this is what he said, on military, readiness, education, energy, early education, border patrol, airport security, doom and gloom. wait a minute, here is the question.... >> you change your tune on me, sean. i was here three years ago. the summer of recovery which you love to mock, you were willing to blame every traffic jam in america on the repaving of roads on the stimulus.
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now when we're actually going to cut a bunch of programs. >> we're going to cut military readiness. >> now you don't want to do it. >> how much was money did this president spend in 2008, you know the answer to that. how much did he spend? >> he wasn't the president in 2008. >> sean: excuse me, 2009. how much did he spend? >> he spent only a small amount more than was projected. >> sean: how much? >> it barely more than what was projected. >> sean: how much? >> barely more than what was projected. >> sean: here is the thing, spending has gone up 20% almost across the board under obama in four years. we have $6 trillion new obama debt, 20 million in o food stamps, one in six in poverty. wait a minute -- this year we are going to spend about the
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same probably more than we spent last year. explain to america how that is a cut. >> wait a second. you you are that the congressional budget office has said over the last 18 months that the deficit has shrunk faster than any time in the history of united states. government spending.... >> sean: if we're lucky is under a trillion. you are not answering my question. this is important. are we going to spend more money than year than last year or about the same? is that the average amount we are going to spend? >> significantly less as a share of the economy. >> sean: because we're going spend about the same. it's impossible to inflict this much pain of $40 billion.
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>> it's about the congressional budget office says it will cut the growth rate of the u.s. by .6 'you can say small or big but, did .6% you can say small or big. >> sean: next four years are going to be the republicans fault and the debt is republicans fault. >> remember the recession. we were at the edge of a depression. >> sean: is it immoral, i think it's immoral, i'll ask you to borrow $6 trillion in four years because he accused bush of being unpatriotic and irresponsible for $4 trillion over eight years. >> it was unpatriotic in a boom to run a deficit.
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if you are an emergency. >> sean: he didn't say that. >> yes, he did. >> sean: no, he did not. >> you have to remember this. >> sean: here is the question. >> you played the one snip etd. >> sean: wait a minute. he cut the deficit in his first term in half or no? >> he is about to. [ laughter ] >> sean: first term is over austan. >> look it was projected to be $1.3 trillion. it's going cut just in half that is what the cbo projects. it would be easier if republicans were willing to do a bargain. >> sean: didn't they offer him authority this week and he rejected it? >> no, not exactly, that was only the discretionary part. >> sean: if they want to cut
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social security and medicare. they should prosecutor it. where is the president's budget. we haven't seen a democratic senate budget in four years. they proposed it. >> sean: i want to read it. can i download it. >> yes, you can. it's on the office of management and budget's website. >> sean: i'm checking. austan, fox news alert, charles manson is still in jail as of this hour, we're going to watch it closely throughout the evening. >> my daughter had a bloody nose in school today and i'm blaming the republicans. >> sean: probably my fault. probably my kid, go ahead and blame him. all right. austan, and the president is hoping his doomsday present dikth really happen. charles krauthammer will weigh
2:13 am
in and james carville is back, why he thinks the democrats are going benefit politically from the, quote, drastic budget cuts, but i'll be sure to remind him it's obama's idea. and benjamin carson will weigh on the gridlock in d.c. and attempts to intimidate bob woodward and other media woodward and other media officials.
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>>. >> sean: fox news alert. prisoners are still behind bars at this hour, despite president's panic warning that criminals would be walking the streets due to cut. there is no reason to fear that charles manson will be handing his n his prison jumpsuit. charles krauthammer has figured out why he came up with the doomsday scenario, president, in the first place. in his brand-new column, he points out there is nothing more than a political ploy going on. joining me the man himself charles krauthammer? >> happy to be here. >> sean: doom, gloom, the revelations have opened up, the heavens and sorrows going to be bestowed upon the people on earth? >> when i woke up this morning, i check for locusts and frogs and pestilence.
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it looked okay. i went outside. look, it's very clear this president from the very beginning has had no interested in cutting spending or in deficits. as you increased by record 5 tyd in one term. so all of this is about something else. it's about the -- $5 trillion. he explained it very openly and it is inaugural address he gave in january. he wants to change america, make it into this sort of left entitlement state european style, but in order to get there -- and he plays the long game -- he has to eliminate the one obstacle. one is the one obstacle that stopped him in the first term? that was the g.o.p. house. he got obamacare in the first couple of years, he got the
2:19 am
stimulus and then he stopped cold. in order play the long game, in order to enact the vision he has and legacy he wants to leave behind, he has no neutralize, to marginalize and fracture the republican house. look what he did on the fiscal cliff, he broke them on taxes. now what he wants to do with the sequester is to break them on spending. if he does, if the pain kicks in a month or two or three and the media portray it as the republican cuts, he sits there, he expects -- you saw that today in the press conference he gave -- he expects that this is going to kick in. it will be highlighted in the press, and republicans will feel the heat and come crawling and cave in on taxes and spending. >> sean: what you are saying to advance his agenda -- by the way i agree with your natural said
2:20 am
system -- but it -- analysis -- but this spent willing to make the cuts in the areas that will inflict the maximum amount of pain on the american people to make a point to advance his radical agenda. in other words, he could make the cuts in areas where we wouldn't feel it, but he doesn't want to do that? >> we know that is true because just yesterday in the senate, there was a bill presented by the republicans that would have given the president a lot of leeway and authority to shift the cuts because right now as the dumb set of cuts. it doesn't allow a lot of leeway. the president's own party rejected it but the president himself would issue a veto. in other words, he would rather impose the sequester and all the doom and gloom than be given the leeway to make choices between the programs that work, between
2:21 am
the programs that are essential and programs that are not. it shows a lack of good faith in this in wanting to make the cuts as the minimal and less painful as possible. >> sean: that is a terrible thing to say about a president, but i agree with you. let me ask you, bob woodward was on the program last night. bob, along with for example max baucus. the president has lied on numerous occasions that it was his idea. second part of this he moved the goal posts. he wasn't supposed to be talking about more tax increases. he also lied there. why do i focus on basic character flaws, if the president lies to the american people. should that bother me so much. should i not pay attention to
2:22 am
that. >> what kind of medical insurance are you carrying before i give you advice. i'm still a psychiatrist. >> sean: i'm on the fox plan. [ laughter ] >> i'm less a motive guy than action guy. i have looked at what the president has done. if he wanted the leeway and wanted the authority to be able to allocate the cuts. that would minimize the pain and he would ask it and that tells me a lot. >> sean: it bothers me when confronted about the truth who advance this had idea, he just outright lies and the lap dog media goes along with it. charles, thank thanks for the free advice. five cents, i'll put it in the kitty. >> my hours are really good. >> sean: you deserve it. still ahead, ben carson will
2:23 am
talk bus common sense solutions and an interview you can't afford to miss. first twhq we come back, the raging cajurn, james carville is here and why he thinks the party will score points because of the sequester and then also.... >> kill them all. why kill the women? why kill the babies? they are just innocent babies [ bleep ].... >> sean: the man you just heard from is a radical islam leader and has ties to this man, minnesota congressman. we'll explain and ex expose it
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>>. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. despite the dire warnings by the white house, teachers did not pack up their classrooms even though our president panicked and warned that thousands of educators would be handed pink slips. let's not forget whose idea was sequestration was in the first place, it was all obama's. and republicans will be blamed. welcomes back james carville.
2:28 am
my wife always got your team again. >> very painfully. 58 minute game we would have been fine. >> sean: that is good point. you know something, you and i have had debates and done a couple events. i enjoy debating you. you are politics guy. you discussed the magic of what happened with clinton and newt gingrich. bill clinton changed. era of big government is over and era of welfare. why doesn't obama change. >> first of all. i don't know right now it's a very good idea to change. the economy is starting to recover and i think the best thing we can do is try to get this sequestration thing out of the way and that is basically that the fed chairman said before congress. it's not a very difficult time
2:29 am
coming out of this recession and it's different time more like 1997, 1996 when the economy was different kind of world and that world doesn't exist today. >> sean: can i gently disagree. the news that came out incomes for most americans now dropped the most in 20 years. last quarter we just had a contraction, the last quarter of 2012, no growth. 6 trillion in obama debt, 18 million more americans in o food stamps, one is nicks in poverty. we spent all this money. we're robbing from our kids -- tell me where it is better. >> the economy was shrinking about 7.5% when the president took office. secondly, not many in the world is doing much better. all the economic research, it's
2:30 am
horrific and going through now. the jobs and numbers are better from some numbers, more numbers are better than not good. i'm not -- i don't like this recovery that much either. there is sequestration. microeconomic advisors, goldman sachs is going to take a half pointed off of g.d.p. . >> sean: the president is running out there and i know you are democrats and you still have your morning coffee calls with each other? >> all the time. >> sean: we're talking about cutting $44 billion, we of $16 trillion, $6 trillion came from obama. $3.8 trillion we can't cut $44 billion without scaring the hell out of americans? >> why do they want to cut anything?
2:31 am
the debt is stg going down. the health care cost numbers are looking good. we have to keep to the extent to have a recovery and keep it going. the best private forecasts, macro economic advisors, says it's going to take a half percent off of g.d.p.. >> sean: hang on. a report came out on healthcare. it's going to add over a long period of time $6.2 trillion. are you suggesting -- don't you think it's immoral to put the debt on our kids? >> right now we are 75% of g.d.p. good news is if healthcare costs in the last three years have really started to flaten. we don't know it will continue and not certain, but if that were to continue that would be the best news possible for our children.
2:32 am
you know this as well as i do, with all the natural gas coming on line we have a cheaper source of energy. >> we are getting cheaper energy only on private lands because he hasn't opened up public lands and there is report from last week, we're the middle of oil and energy. >> right now, on if we continue in this. i think things are starting to look better. i agree they are not looking better for certain working people. we have lost the payroll tax cut that was put in that was put in temporarily. look, i still think it's dicey out there. it's better than it was before but it's not where it needs to be. i wrote a whole book about the middle-class and what they have gone through in the last 20 to 30 years. >> sean: james, i can't find i like somebody more than you that i disagree more with you. >> you and i are able to disagree without being
2:33 am
disagreeable. >> sean: and you married a good woman. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> coming up straight ahead... >> sean: hate filled speech from a former top official from the nation of it's lam but why would keith ellison choose to associate oneself vuach vile low life and ben carson, truth to power, will be my guest live and about obama's failed leadership and bad stated of the economy and washington. [ engine revving ]
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2:38 am
program, but i'm not surprised he showed no interest in answering the questions on the sequester and debt. and past associations like louis farrakhan and other leaders of the nation of islam. congressman ellison responded by saying i was attacking his religion which is not true. i never discussed his religion. i was pointing out that his constituents, american people deserve to know whether he spent a lot of time with going around with farrakhan and khalid abdul mohammad. you may not be familiar with him but i thought i would my for you what this vile human being has said about people in the past, jewish people. he is a sitting member of congress, sharing the stage with this guy? watch this.
2:39 am
>> sean: here is reaction is the chief strategist for the tea party and radio host, david web, what was your reaction when you find out that apparently there is even a spokesperson for louis farrakhan and was associated with him and mohammad sharing the stage.
2:40 am
what does that say about ellison? >> what it says he chooses the people he agrees with. let's call it what it is. what our parents taught us, who you associate with is who you are. he doesn't need them for political power but he chooses to associate with them. he also plays another game now he is saying it's religion, it's going for that protected class, if you are a muslim. he is a muslim, what is the big deal? if he was catholic it would be the same issue. >> sean: it's not about religion it's about character. anti-semite and he is racist and khalid mohammad is talking about killing everything white in sight. >> fascist mentality. khalid says let's kill the cripple md, could till anything that has a narrative not in their vision. >> sean: you saw the video we had. he lost it. which is fine. we've had our moments.
2:41 am
this is live television, but do you think that scrutiny has been withheld from him in this case. would anyone else with these associations and gotten a pass? >> no way would the establishment media have allowed republicans to get away with these types of associations. let me tell you, michael myers was brilliant the other night but made one misstatement saying there were no black leaders that came out against the million man march and the wicked things that khalid mohammad and other radicals cal groups have said. david knows that is is not true. myself said so back then, opposed the million man march and this racial arson and racial
2:42 am
pyro maniacs and it's the key ellisons, congressional black caucus that apologize for these types. >> sean: do you think, ask both the same question. i will start with niger. do you think he is hiding radical beliefs? one time she hanging out with the radicals, he must share their views. do you think that -- >> i think guys like ellison, guys like president obama when he was a state senator and when he was rising through the ranks in chicago, they hung out with guys like this. this paled around with guys like jeremiah wright and louis farrakhan, so it's hard to know. i can tell you this. everybody is talking about the sequester is gloom and doom, but what is gloom and doom is
2:43 am
double-digit unemployment and black and brown communities all across this country. that is an apocalypse. these politicians, little caesars like maximum seen waters, they have no culpability maximum seen waters. they have no -- they foster racism because they have no real solutions. they feed racism into those communities. >> they are not interested in solutions because, look after voting in civil rights and two generations now essentially, we have involved. the nation has eradicated that disparity. we have law that has protect our rights. look at the response to justice scalia's question. they pushed these race narrative because it's about power and control. they want to keep it. >> sean: last question. do you think there would be any
2:44 am
republican in the 1990s that was hanging out with radical anti-semitic that they could ever have on chance of being elected? >> i agree on the million man march. i covered that. i was down in houston and a lot of people went out of sheila jackson ee's district to do this. go down to the fifth ward. the legacy that they have left is disparity, it's destruction of a community and that hurts all americans. >> these black politicians give the black community circus known as racism. >> sean: coming up next a man that stole the show at national prayer breakfast. benjamin carson is going to give us a live take about the scare tactics of the president this
2:45 am
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>>. >> sean: world-renowned brain surgeon benjamin carson made national headlines at national breakfast speech.
2:49 am
he joins us now how the president's failed leadership where we are facing a sequester, deadline midnight eastern. joining us is dr. benjamin carlson. got a positive response, great to see you again. thank you for being back? >> it's been amazing the response i've gotten. they are anxious to hear something that makes sense. >> shep: you addressed in that prayer breakfast, $16 trillion in debt, this year it would be $44 billion of $3.78 trillion and the president is scaring living daylights out of the country. what are your thoughts. i think it's amazing that anybody would buy that. i hope we bring the educational level of the populace where they know a little bit about math and that is such a small percentage. what is even more draconian is
2:50 am
the fact that you are not looking at the places where it can hurt the least. you are looking at the places where it can hurt the most. it would be so easy to simply say, if we want to get things under control economically, let's cut everything and let's do it proportionately. we come back to that word again. that way you don't have the left protecting their ltle goodies or the right, everybody gets cut equally but you leave the directors of the department the discretion to cut because they know where the fat is. >> sean: connie mack is is a congressman from florida, he cut one penny out of every dollar. we keep the budget where it was last year. cut one penny out of every dollar across the board. you do that for six year and we balanced the budget. >> that makes a lot sense and
2:51 am
six years goes by quickly. >> sean: it's sad. what do you think, everything was thrown on the tackle this week. i'll go through the list. you've heard it. meat cleaver approach, military readiness, early education, energy, medical, border patrol, f.b.i., criminals, president said this week you want to cut four kids or do you want to cut from poor kids or disabled kids? i think it's unfair that he is using this like a weapon and breaking the kids' piggy banks open? >> it's almost laughable and i hope at some point in the mainstream media will stop going along willingly with it. that is why, he is emboldened to do these things because they know they won't call him on that. some of the recent revelations
2:52 am
with bob woodward may give him pause. >> sean: it wasn't just bob but number of people came out and said i got intimidated, too? >> it didn't surprise me. i have seen things behind the scenes myself. i just hope we get more people looking at this critically. >> sean: i wanted to ask you a question about your speech, something that went on behind the scenes. we'll continue with dr. carson "common
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
>>. >> sean: so you give this speech the president was in the room, national prayer breakfast and gets all the publicity and then we discover the white house wanted a copy 6 your speech. they kept asking you to get a copy of that. what happened? >> that happened the last time i was going to speak also. i just simply told them that i don't have a copy of the speech because i don't speak from a script. i don't use a teleprompter. before i went to that prayer breakfast i wasn't hundred percent sure what i was going to say. >> sean: it's you tell your story. did you sense they were afraid because they knew maybe where
2:56 am
you might be going and you didn't agree with the president. did you get a sense they were saying, hey, president is here, don't say anything that might offend him? >> it was more than an implication. i was actually not to offend the president. i don't think the president should have been offended if the things i was saying didn't apply him. if the shoe fits, wear it but if it doesn't, you don't have anything to be offended about. >> sean: somebody told you directly? >> yes. >> sean: you want to share that? >> i probably would not be wise to share that. >> sean: dr. carson, you are a man of common sense and i know your message is resonating with a lot of people. you i could listen to you all night. one of the things i try to teach my kids, i have a 14 and 11-year-old and i talk about responsibility.
2:57 am
you talk about your mom. i want to play the list of blame from the president and i wanted to ask you about this after you see this. >> we were inheriting so many challenges, we knew this was going to take time because we have a big democracy. >> one of the reasons that our economy faltered because some on wall street made irresponsible bets. >> we've lost our ambition and imagination. >> we've weathered the arab spring's effect on oil and gas prices, the japanese earthquake and tsunami, affect on supply chains. the extraordinary economic uncertainty in europe and recently markets around the globe have taken a bumpy ride. >> there are structural issues with our economy that a lot of businesses have learned to be more efficient with a lot fewer
2:58 am
workers. you see it when you go to a bank and use an atmu don't go to a bank teller or go to the airport and you are using a kiosk. >> we've been a little lazy over the last couple of decades. >> sean: now he is saying that the republicans, it's their fault because of the sequester because they are trying to stop borrowing money. what is your reaction when they don't accept blame? >> one thing, i would say to the american people whoever is saying something, be they democrat or republican, if they start out by saying the other party, tune them out. they are excuse makers. the reason we have brains so we can figure out how to do things. my mother used to say, do you have a brain? if you always have excuses you can wallow in the excuse and you don't really have to do anything. it's not conducive to success in
2:59 am
any arena. >> sean: you are very well versed in politics. just a little analysis. why do you think the president plays politics this way? what is your analysis and what is your take on it? >> my take he comes from a background of a community organizer, what do community organizers do? they do the dis against them. he is very good. he is an expert at it, but i'm not sure it works well when you are trying to lead a whole nation. >> sean: what do you think about going into the sequester, two hours away, a little more than two hours away. all the doom and gloom. is it good thing we're finally cutting some of the money from the government when we have all this debt? >> it's better than we cut something. with the scenario of doom and gloom than we continue to increase the debt and to destroy


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