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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 8, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure gou to greta there is a lot going on especially tonight. we'll see you there, tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern right here "on the record". we'll see you on greta wire in about five. sts of fox news i'm shepard smith. opinion and analysis start. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> do you know what title 10 is? >> explain it. >> bill: and i did. educating "the view" lady about the real story behind sandra fluke. but who exactly is running this young woman? we will have a follow-up report also. megyn kelly is furious over the story. she will be here. >> as we start using less, that lower the demand, prices come down. >> bill: not oil prices. they are going up. and mr. obama does not seem to have a solution. we'll continue our reporting on that. ♪ >> and network television is
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getting even more explicit >> the culture warriors will analyze. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> thanks for watching us tonight. who is running sandra fluke. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a we reported last night factor believes sandra fluke contraception manufactured to divert attention away from the disastrous decision to force non-catholic organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth control and the morning after pill. that might very well be unconstitutional. anyway, we're having trouble tracking down just to
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offending sandra around to the media it's very strange. so far, the 30-year-old activist has appeared on eight national news programs where she was not challenged at all. last week we called sandra on her cell phone and invited her on the factor. she didn't call back. very unusual. there was no other public contact for the woman. just her cell phone. a man named mike has booked her on a few programs, but we can't even get his last name. and mike doesn't provide call-back numbers with those to whom he speaks. so mike, who are you? and why the subterfuge? now, late today we found out that ms. fluke is now being represented by the progressive pr industry skd nicer booker where anita did you know, the former obama communications director is the managing editor. ah-hah. so this whole deal comes back to the white house.
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at least indirectly. so let's run down what we know. sandra fluke is a former head of the group georgetown university law students for reproductive justice. group called feminist majority foundation arranged for sandra to appear at press conference criticizing the catholic bishops for objecting to president obama's contraception mandate. after that congressman elijah consumption member of the black caucus invited her to testify in front of the house oversight committee. but she was turned down by the chair congressman darrell issa because she had no expertise in the church/state subject matter. nevertheless, ms. fluke went to the hearing and afterward complained to abc news that she had been denied. a week later, nancy pelosi staged a mock hearing starring sandra. after which rush limbaugh made derogatory comments elevating her to left wing martyrdom.
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it seems there is a powerful presence behind sandra fluke. as the polls show the controversy has benefited the president of the united states who is on the ropes with the church deal. this is all the more amazing because the controversy sandra is embracing is completely bogus as i explained on "the view" today. >> do you guys know what title ten is. >> explain it. >> bill: okay. it's in motion now that if you need birth control and you go to a federal clinic you get it. >> yeah. >> bill: that's under title 10 of the public health act. okay? so there really isn't any problem. you can get it and then if you don't want to drive down to the clinic you can go to wal-mart or you can go to target and get it for $9 a month. so, to insert this into a giant obama care bill seems to be unnecessary to me. >> bill: by the way the ladies were respectful. we had a very good and necessary discussion. now talking points believes that very quietly president
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obama will pull back on his demand that the catholic church cover contraception. he has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and would be foolish to continue flogging an unconstitutional mandate. mr. obama knows many american women believe is he protecting them. for that he can thank sandra fluke and whoever is running her. and that's the memo. now are to the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from washington, fox news analyst radio talk show star laura ingraham. so anita dunn magically appears. but i must say to put it in perspective, she wasn't in the game, knickerbocker or ms. dunn last week. they just got in the game now. you say? >> yeah. women, bill, first of all, great way of laying this all out. >> bill: thank you. >> for the people watching. this look, the bottom line, it's not about this law student, okay? it's clearly about the democrats ralph -- razzle does
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zell move here. edict coming down isn't about catholic institutions. wrongly framed as catholic issue. this applies to all employers across the united states. also catholic institutions all employers, like myself. i pay for my employee's health insurance. if i have a conscience problem with this type of coverage, then i have no rights whatsoever. that's the issue that the house judiciary committee hearing was trying to get at and that's why they have the witnesses that they have. mind you, it was a republic run hearing so the guest did weight toward the point of view. republicans do the same thing when they're in charge. elijah cummings complaint. sandra fluke as a law student somehow has time and when i was a law student i could barrelly do the work. it was crushing amount of work. she somehow finds the time to jet around the united states to appear on behalf of this issue. free country. she certainly can make her point of view known. >> bill: she doesn't have enough money to buy the pill
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at $9 a month. >> that's a lot of time away from law school. >> bill: look, here is why this is a very important situation. there is no doubt in my mind in my investigator's mind that this woman from the very beginning was what they call run by very powerful people. >> oh, yeah. she is a pawn. >> bill: not an accident that elijah consumption, nancy pelosi, all of these people got her and put her in a position to give her some explosion. >> plucked her out. >> right. now we see, that anita dunn and her firm has embraced her. now, she appeared on nbc 1, 2, 3, 4 times, cbs once. cnn once. so, five for nbc. and "the view" also. each of these times, all right? there was a shadowy booking process because i spoke to some of these people. >> i love that we tried to get her on too by the way our radio show and we're unable to book her. >> bill: she appears and she
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shows up. somebody pays for all of that. >> yeah, of course. >> bill: i'm going to say i can't prove it yard i think i will be able to this was run out of the white house. the white house ran this. >> anita dunn it's smarting from her own experience exiting the white house. so this is whether it's pay back or just helping out someone who is friendly i had long call basis sticking it to the republicans, i don't know if we'll know the answer to that but the bottom line point is everyone watching the show now, it has nothing to do with a law student who chooses to go to a catholic institution. >> bill: no it doesn't have anything to do with that. >> she is a willing pawn in this process. it's the democrats' refusal to acknowledge the truth about what's happening at the hands of catholic kathleen sebelius. >> bill: they don't have to acknowledge it because now they are winning the issue with american women. >> i don't know if that's the case, bill. >> bill: the polls say it. >> let me just say. this is the beginning of this political process. i think a lot of people are just starting to pay attention to this republic primary and
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the presidential race. i don't buy this conventional wisdom that all women in the united states believe that conscience rights should be overrun by desire to get a bunch of free stuff to make your life more fulfilled. i just don't believe that once you stay on this and others like myself continue to dig into this and let the word go forth that it is your conscience's rights that could be overridden next. i think people are going to start to refocus this issue a little bit. i think it's already happening. >> bill: it's the issue that you are bringing out that is a major issue about freedom. no doubt about that but there is also the mechanics of how a disastrous situation for the white house, this whole catholic church thing was turned around in a very shrewd way. using, using the media who, absolutely played right into it. i will give you the last word. >> bill, the media operatives that have been involved in this are nothing more than accessories to electorate distraction. there is maybe not a crime
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involved here. they are accessories to, in my mind, subverting the truth to the voters. they deserve the truth about this issue. unfortunately, sandra fluke is just another willing pawn in the process to object straight and subvert the truth and we at this point in our country's history need to know the truth about what's happening to our constitution. >> bill: all right. thank you laura as always. next on the run down will exploding gas prices bring down the obama administration? we will have the "special report." network tv going blue big time with very young actors. culture warriors on that upcoming.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. will gas prices bring down the obama administration. since he has been in office the price of gasoline more than doubled. $4,155 spent by the average family on gas. up 840 bucks from 2010. gas prices continue to rise as you know. the president believes that if the u.s.a. can shift into alternative fuels, that will drive down gas prices. so his administration has invested nearly $100 billion in green energy projects. so far the results have been grim. nevertheless, mr. obama is holding to his strategy. >> we have got to develop every source of american energy. not just oil and gas but wind power and solar power.
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nuclear power. biofuels. we need continue to vest in the technology that will help us use less oil in the our cars and our trucks. in our buildings, in our factories. that's the only solution to the challenge. because as we start using less, that lowers the demand, prices come down. pretty straightforward. >> bill: no. the rhetoric may be straightforward but the results are not. americans have cut back drastically on oil consumption. right now it's at a 15-year low. home heating oil sales down 13% this year because of the warm winter. so there is plenty of supply in the u.s.a. yet oil prices are going higher. you just heard the president say that when we use less prices come down. no, they don't. there are two reasons for that, one, speculators are bidding up the price of oil because of iran and other middle eastern days os. of course, the feds could change the rules on speculation requiring big money bidders to actually take
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delivery of the oil they buy on paper. but the feds have not done that. and, two, u.s. oil companies now export oil to china and other countries, so, domestic consumption doesn't mean that much anymore. they don't sell it here, they will sell interest. money is money. oil exports from the u.s.a. now bring american oil companies close to $100 billion a year. tall cotton, indeed. it's clear that no matter how much oil we don't buy, the price can and will go up. are we all understanding this? then there is the chevy volt. big bet for the obama administration. if you buy the $40,000 hybrid electric car, the feds will credit you 7500 bucks on your taxes. and you will get a car that gets 60 miles to the gallon. 60. but production of the volt is being suspended because not enough folks want to buy it one draw back some volts have caught fire. not a friendly option. we hope that some day electric
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cars will rule but the truth is they are not good enough to compete in the marketplace right now despite the big government investment. finally, the feds are now paying wind wind farms in the northwest not to generate power. like everything else in the energy business it's complicated. but sometimes there is too much wind generated power and the delivery system becomes overflowed. now is one of those times. but in order to keep the wind people in business, the feds are paying them to shut down. again, our tax dollars at work. bottom line, chaos. all throughout the energy industry. mr. obama is correct that alternative fuel would be great for this country. is he wrong about the massive public investment into risky situations. those are not paying off. running up the national debt big time. the private sector should be the developer with generous tax credits as incentives. there is no question the federal government is a lousy entrepreneur and president believes that gas price also fall in fails of increased competition.
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seems to be very wishful thinking. sad truth is working americans are getting hosed at the pump. and there is no solution in sight. directly ahead, megan kelly on sandra fluke and the culture warriors on sexed up network tv. we're coming right back. i think about the future every morning when i wake up. i care about my car because... i think it's a cool car. i think it's stylish and it makes a statement at the same time. and i've never had a car like that. people don't totally understand how the volt works. when the battery runs down the gas engine operates. i don't ever worry about running out of battery power... because it just switches over to my gas engine. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i love my chevy volt and i've never loved a car. ♪
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>> continuing now with the impact segment. chaosed inchaosed inchaosed in d costing the american taxpayers billions of dollars. tyson slocum director of energy program a group that favors green energy. where am i going wrong, mr. slocum? >> the fact is we are never going to have jeep gasoline again. and as long as we understand that reality, we have to start investing today for the energy future of tomorrow.
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>> bill: who is we? why can't private do it. >> the private sector does. but they are going to need complementary investment. >> bill: why? >> because of the infrastructure challenges of bringing new technologies into a marketplace that dominated by big oil. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. i understand that the government would have to give incentives. the government would have to give waivers on building new gas stations or whatever, environmental, that kind of stuff. but they don't -- look, $100 billion, i don't say it's wasted because i don't know what's coming down next year but so far nothing -- president obama has been in office for three years, okay? he is the wildest spending president of all time. 16 trillion plus in a day. he invests all of this money in green energy and none of it has come to anything right now. so i say enough, you guys don't know what you are doing. you are investing in solyndra. you are investing in other
8:22 pm
things, the chevy volt. not working out, okay? let the private sector do it. i think i'm making a pretty persuasive case. >> well, i think the issue has been we have had the wrong types of incentive program. something loan guarantee. >> bill: who is we? i'm not in on this nobody watching in my audience tonight. >> bill, you are a federal taxpayer. therefore, we are all in on this. >> bill: the administration, the energy secretary, those execute that. >> bill, the fact is that we have focused on a strategy of loan guarantees which put government bureaucrats in the role of a money manager or a private equity firm. what we need to do is focus more on demand-driven renewable energy market investments, germany, for example, which has higher g.d.p. growth in the united states. they spend $30 billion a year on demand-driven solar and other renewable energy investment and they have 630%.
8:23 pm
germany dominates in the solar manufacturing sector. >> bill: engineers better than our engineers. i'm telling you, this the federal government has failed dismally, dismally to develop alternative energy that could drive the price of oil down. it's not going down. it's not going down unless newt gingrich gets elected president because he promises it will be $2.50 a gallon. >> that's a promise he cannot deliver. >> you say. so he will say he can deliver it he would give you an explanation and we don't know and he tries. but the fact of the matter is that the federal government has got to get out of all of this because we are broke. germany is not broke. we're broke. >> bill, i understand your frustration. but if we continue with the status quo that big oil, remember, dominates the energy transportation infrastructure system in the united states and they are blocking any and all effective competition to
8:24 pm
their control over gasoline. >> can't block anything. if i have got good scientists and can i come up with the chevy volt that doesn't catch on fire and you can get four people into, the oil company is not going to be able to block anything. going to go out. people are going to go hey i would like to get 60 miles per hour as long as i don't get friday by flames when i'm driving car. a matter of efficiency and developing a product that works. come on, you know that? >> >> absolutely. and the prius is a perfect example. that was the recipient of the same tax credit that the volt got. the fact is. >> bill: nobody is buying the prius. >> there are entities, there are entities that are providing energy efficient affordsable to the market. >> if you want to have a role. >> bill: americans will buy products that they like and that they feel help their lives. i'm telling you this is craziness.
8:25 pm
barack obama getting on television and saying if we have more alternative energy, that's going to bring gas prices down. that's insane, no, it's not. take the oil and send it to china, 4% now it will be 40%. they don't give a hoot. they will make the money no matter what. there is nothing insane about developing a national energy policy that puts american manufacturing of the clean tech segment front and center in our economic and energy policies. we are losing the patent race to our oforeign competitors for clean patents. >> we are not good enough, mr. slocum. we are not good enough. >> that's why we are losing. >> we are not good enough because we do not have. >> bill: the volt is not good enough. solyndra is not good enough. we can't keep taking taxpayer money and keep giving it to people who aren't good enough. if they get good enough, then you take a look at them. but you don't throw billions,
8:26 pm
hundred billion dollars into companies you don't know jack about and that's what's happening now this president has no control over any of this. it's the folks. >> it's the wrong type of subsidies. >> okay. it's him. it's that. >> competitor. all right. kicking our butt here. >> under the bush administration. >> let the private sector do it. mr. slocum always good to debate with you. plenty as the far tore moves along. network tv becoming far more explicit than ever before. show called parenthood will demonstrate that megyn kelly a bit teed off about the entire sandra fluke controversy. we will find out what's we will find out what's bothering m [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift in what passes for common sense. used to be we socked money away and expected it to grow. then the world changed... and the common sense ofetirement planning became anything but common.
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now the gap has began to close. illustrate this we will use a scene from the nbc program parenthood. there is a viewer warning here. what we are about to show you is very explicit. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ >> bill: so they are 16 years old in that show. here now the warriors, margaret hoover and gretchen carlson. i don't watch this show. i don't watch a lot of this stuff. >> too late for me, too. >> bill: i'm used to andy griffith on tv land. aunt bewould have a heart attack if she watched that scene. what's going on? >> as a parent of children who are much your than 16, my
8:31 pm
heart also fell because i thought look what we get to look forward, to bill. >> it's going to be worse when they get up there. >> no kidding. here's the thing if there is some reason for this story library like next season they are going to battle teen pregnancy. >> they always have a reason. come on. then maybe there is an explanation for it if it's simply gratuitous sex. i have huge problem with it? human story line and they like each other. >> i don't know if they will show the consequence of what can happen. >> bill: no, they show the consequence. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> do you know what percentage of high school students having sex 47.%. less than 50%. but about 50%. this is a realistic story line kids in high school having sex. the male -- but i'm not. >> bill: 47.8 of american high school students are having sex then we have to watch it on television? >> no, we don't. here is what i want to say about it because i'm actually not for this because apartment i don't think kids in high
8:32 pm
school should be having sex. b, i think if they are going to show it they should show the moral dilemma matchett guess hot risk falls upon when high school kids have sex the girls. they are the ones who get pregnant. end up carrying std's and they put nothing of that on this show. >> bill: i will submit to you that people people in hollywood don't see a moral dilemma here. they think this is good. if they didn't think it was good why would they put it in. >> it's gratuitous. what's the point of showing the underwear the boxer shorts? >> bill: gets ratings. provocative and get kids to watch. look, high school kids will watch this. this is the lure from mtv and from jersey shore and all of this the bad language. what i'm trying to get at though is a wider question. up until maybe five years ago, network tv. cable is a whole different thing. cable had no standards because you buy cable. you pay for that service. but network tv didn't have this in america. in europe they have been doing crazy stuff forever, all right? but here we didn't do this
8:33 pm
because we have what they call starnsdz and practices and you couldn't. but now that's gone. is that not gone? >> gretchen: it is. but look at the evolution of everything we have seen on tv. when mary tyler moore was married to dick van dyke there were separate beds. >> bill: did we get to vote? like the oil thing we own the land and the ocean we own the airwaves and the federal government administers them in our name. do we get to vote on this. >> consumers can vote on shows and this has happened in multiple shows. for example there is this show about housewives in dallas where there is a controversy about sponsors being taken away because they didn't like the portrayal of christianity in the show people can vote with clickers no doubt about it but, look, we are living in an age where this is becoming increasingly acceptable new england 16-year-olds. i'm not worried about adults. if you want to this stuff go ahead.
8:34 pm
knock yourself out. 14 and 15 watching this stuff. that looks like fun. looks like a good thick. >> i was in seventh grade watching 90210 they were doing the same things. >> bill: not ethics police sitly. >> you knew they were having sex. i don't think that's a good thing to be communicating. >> bill: would you let your 16-year-old watch this if you had one. >> not if i had a choice of what they could watch. >> bill: as a parent, you have a choice, okay? >> i don't have children yet. >> bill: would you let your 15, 16-year-old watch. >> you don't know it's coming up, that's the problem. the revs the whole show 30 minutes in there basically is no teenage sex. it's a stunner. even the blogs, people who watch this show on the regular basis the blogs were pretty much cut in half. a lot of people were stunned that they included this in the story. >> bill: i don't watch the show so this doesn't happen every week? >> no, it does not happen every week. >> bill: consequences were not shown. >> not yet. this is a season ender.
8:35 pm
being. >> bill: take the clothe to dry cleaner ran up a big bill. >> none of the risks involved were shown. >> the mother did ask why he was perspiring when she met up with him later on, yes. [ laughter ] >> we should leave it there. >> bill: tv land, everyone. that's where i live, tv land. death of bin buy gillis that's where i live. tead off. the great american news quiz come back edition. you will like this one. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuali. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned.
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8:39 pm
ms. megyn has been talking about the sandra fluke controversy in personal terms. she joins us now. you have something in common. >> we both went to law school and that's about where it ends. this story jumped out at me in a significant way and our viewers reacted to it immediately when we aired the sound bite of her testifying. this is before the controversy erupted because i, like ms. fluke, went to law school. i also didn't have a lot of money to pay, didn't look like her parents are paying for her. she has got a scholarship. doesn't look like -- we have different attitudes about what it meant to be in law school. let me tell you, i didn't go to georgetown i went to albany. georgetown top 14 law school. she would have the world believe she is somehow a victim because she is at georgetown law school and not getting her contraception paid for by the law school. when i went to law school, which i put myself through for $100,000 of debt, i didn't expect anybody to pay for my health insurance, which i had none of. no health insurance. and i'm sure a lot of your viewers can relate right now
8:40 pm
because they, too, didn't have health insurance. they too didn't have anybody paying their way through college or through professional school. so i put myself $100,000 into debt. didn't have health insurance at all. never mind contraception coverage and never once did i think of myself as a victim who needed somebody else to step in and pay for those things for me. >> bill: you went to law school in 30s, right? >> starting to feel that wait a minute early 1990s. >> bill: aren't we getting more benevolent in this country now that we are extending the government largess to people to make their lives better? isn't that the theme of the obama administration. >> ironically i think that sandra fluke has done more to undermine support for that type of program for the president's health care law than anybody else in recent memory. because. >> bill: latest polls show that president obama has support among american women has gone up seven points. all right? because i guess women think that he is sticking up for
8:41 pm
them. >> because the democrats are talking about how there is war on women now. but, my point is this: there are people out there who are really hurting right now. i think of my own sister. she doesn't have a job right now. she is a beginning -- single mom of three kids two in college. she does not care about where ms. fluke is getting her contraception coverage from. she cares about getting a job and hopefully getting health insurance for her family. she doesn't want to see our congress people wasting time talking about her contraception coverage of a georgetown law school student. guess what the starting salary is if you graduate from georgetown law school the average starting salary our viewers may not know this $160,000 a year for your first year out of law school. these are not victims. these are the elite. these are the luckiest, young professionals among them in our country. >> bill: you know as i said in the talking points memo and on the view today that it's not really about. this it's not about sandra fluke and her desire to get free birth control. that's not the issue.
8:42 pm
the issue is to take away the unconstitutional mandate about the catholic church and divert attention into women's rights. and then she, sandra, allowed herself to be not manipulated but allowed herself to be run that's the word by very very high forces. we have traced it now all the way back to the white house. anita dunn. >> that may or may not be the case, bill. i'm trying to tell you this has the risk of back firing against the administration because people who are on the fence about the president's health care law, people who genuinely need that health care law or could benefit from it, for example, my own sister, right? , who doesn't have health insurance who could use free health care or however you want to describe it from the federal government, their argument in favor of this law is now undermined because people think i don't want that law because that law is paying for sandra fluke's birth control. >> bill: trivizeing what is a legitimate issue. >> right. if you can get behind a law because you think of single
8:43 pm
moms putting three kids through school you are starting to cross over to it different story thinking about wait is it about paying for birth control for georgetown university law school students who are going to get 160 grand a year? she is a public interest scholar but she said she was testifying on behalf all the women at georgetown law school and those women are going to be in the 1%. that's where they are going. >> bill: they are empowering themselves. all right. real quick, 90 seconds. florida man arrested for threatening president obama on facebook. pick it up. >> it was pretty explicit what he wrote. the president was coming down to miami he made these vial postings. he is apparently a racist as word using an n word that's a pellet gun he was found with detected on facebook page. he has been arrested. and he will likely to go to prison. >> bill: secret service obviously threatening a president get involved. >> local cops let the feds know. they went down and grabbed him. what key get? >> he pleaded not guilty i should say he is denying it he did admit that these are his facebook postings that's not
8:44 pm
good for him. likely headed to jail between 12 and 18 months. depends on whether they think he took affirmative steps towards fulfilling the threat. >> have pro-to-prosecutor him. can't plead down or ignore it? >> might plead down. typically a year in prison for making a threat to assassinate the president. they will probably raise a first amendment challenge to the criminalization of speech, but this guy is looking at likely a year in prison. >> bill: all right. megyn kelly, everybody. thank you as always. >> you bet. >> ahead as the factor rolls along. reverend pat robertson wants pot legalized. did a higher power tell him that? sorry. great american news quiz, the come back edition. we have great q and a moments away. ok, guys-- what's next ?
8:45 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz the come back edition. quiz kids themselves. martha maccallum playing for curtis, georgia. steve doing representing suzanne from washington. like to win great prizes sign up on bill o' you got thrashed by martha last week. in 2008 hillary clinton made astounding come back to win the new hampshire primary. some analysts thought that she had been helped by a moment during the debate where it seemed like barack obama was condescending to mrs. clinton. in that debate senator obama told senator clinton that she was, what? >> what can you say to the
8:49 pm
voters of new hampshire on this stage tonight who see your resume and like it but are rest tailgating on the likability issue or they seem to like barack obama more? >> well, that hurts my feelings. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, senator. >> is he very likeable. i agree with that i don't think i'm that bad. >> you are likeable enough, hillary, no doubt about it. >> thank you. >> bill: both of you got that right. 1980 men's olympic hockey team pulled off one of the greatest upsets in ports history coming back from 3-2 deficit to beat the sof yet team. >> five seconds left and the game is over. >> do you believe in miracles? >> yes! >> unbelievable! >> bill: okay. now, the olympics that year were held where?
8:50 pm
>> answer is c, lake placid. >> i was leaving in kansas then. >> not in kansas anymore. >> maccallum breaks on top. meaning that doocy needs another come back to win the quiz. >> this is my show. >> question number three, barack obama's political career had to come back from a brutal defeat in the year 2000 congressional race in illinois. mr. obama lost the democratic primary to congressman bobby rush. >> com rush is more hesitant about campaign finance reform high priority for me. senator trotter is in discussions about taxes talked about flat taxes possibility that something we may differ on. for the most part i think we agree ideologically. >> bill: okay. now that's a problem because congressman rush is known for his involvement with what group in the 60's and 70s?
8:51 pm
the cards are up, please. and it is the black panthers. oh. so, you know, president obama saying he aligned ideologically with him is an interesting sound bite. >> i will be darn. >> bill: maccallum leads with two questions to go. >> i need to make a come back. >> bill: you need something. this is humiliating. after his career flagged in the mid 1960s, elvis aired in come back special in 1968 ♪ my hands are shaking ♪ my knees are weak ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm all shook up ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah. >> bill: if you wear pants like that you can get chapped. that special apparently worked. a few months later elvis had
8:52 pm
his first number one hit song in seven years. what was the name of that song? the answer is caught in a trap, can't get out. >> you guys really should be embarrassed on that. suspicious minds that's his biggest. >> i thought i would clear that with you. little personal. >> bill: lintel less conversation. >> a little more action, baby. [ laughter ] >> bill: staying away from it. staying away from it. [ laughter ] >> maccallum leads with one question to go. question number five richard nixon famous for many political come backs, even he declared at one point he was retiring from politics that journalists wouldn't have him to kick around anymore. nixon said that famous quote after losing what election
8:53 pm
cards up, please. let's roll it. >> you will now write it you will interpret it. that's your right. as i leave you, i want you to know just think how much you are going to be missed. you don't have nixon to kick around anymore. >> bill: the gubernatorial california race. you both got it wrong. doocy, did you get any right? >> i got one right. >> bill: maccallum turning in a dismal performance. >> there is nothing dismal about winning. a win is a win. just ask anyone in the primaries. >> bill: let's just have a little less conversation. >> leave with you that thought. >> bill: midway georgia wins the big crew and irene from washington please send doocy a scorpion. >> isn't it proportionally? >> bill: pinheads and patriots on deck.
8:54 pm
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>> bill: marijuana in a moment. no mail today because i want to tell you a story. as you may know i graduated from boston university with a master's degree in broadcast journalism. i had a great time at b.u. even though the tuition wiped me out. over the years i have kept in touch with the school, supporting many of their projects but my good experience with boston
8:57 pm
university was not, was not shared by alexa branchini. in 1999 she was a freshman living in a dormitory at b.u. right off commonwealth avenue. one night she was brutally raped in her room off campus intruder obviously very horrifying experience. what happened after that is almost as bad. for almost two years alexa and her family had to travel from their hometown buffalo, new york back to boston because she had left school. they had to do that for hearings and trial. finally, the rapist was convicted. received 4 o0 years in prison. the ordeal cost the family thousands of dollars and untold heart break there was no support system to help them. two years later, alexa and her parents founded it happened to alexa foundation in order to raise money for crime victims and their families so they can tiff against violent criminals without going bankrupt. for the past three years i have anchored the annual
8:58 pm
benefit for the alexa foundation and will do so again on friday march 16th at boston university. we hope you will come to that event. if you can't do so, please consider donating to the alexa foundation. details are posted on bill o'reilly cot come. alexa chargeini went through hell and devoting her life to make sure others in her circumstance get justice and support. she is a very special american and it's my high honor to help her any way i can. i hope you will do that as well. finally tonight, pinheads and patriots the reverend pat robertson general lay conservative guy but on the issue of legalizing pot he wants to do it. he is not calling on a higher power, pardon the pun, it's just his opinion telling the "new york times," quote: i really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat the beverage alcohol. i have never used marijuana and don't intend to. but it's just one of those things that i think this war on drugs hasn't succeeded,
8:59 pm
unquote. even though i oppose legalizing pot i would decriminalize it. >> imus: not going to call pat robertson a pinhead because he has done a lot of patriotic things for this country. in this case you can make the call about the reverend's opinion on marijuana. please check out the fox news factor web site different from bill o'reilly cot we have memo posted about sandra fluke. if you missed it you will certainly want to see that. it's posted there. also we would like to you spout off about the factor anywhere in the world at o'reilly at name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day we are bringing it back. do not be a jackanapes when writing to the factor. and, again, i hope you do go to bill o' got a good stuff there for you and you know consider helping the crime victims of america. i mean, a lot of these people are working class, poor people. they don't have the money to pu


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