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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 15, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> dana: when do you take them down? >> andrea: good question. december 31 every year. >> eric: thank you for watching. see you tomorrow night. the thoughtful commentary in red, satin shorty robes. let's go to andy levy for our pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> keep the thousand and your mouth shut, america. coming up, "time" magazine names its person of the year. who am i kidding? you already heard. and ron paul goes turkey neck to turkey neck and the world waits for the gop debate. we will have full team coverage next. finally are dorky guys more attractive than babe guys?
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>> thank you, andy. >> i want to talk to you tonight. >> have i to bring it here? >> just move on with your show. i don't normally have a conversation and not in the mood. >> we could have just not had a conversation then. >> it would have been awkward. >> this is the passive aggressive crap you don't want to talk about and then bring it up on the show. >> i am saying i don't want to bring it up on the show. >> we are going to have it out right now. >> start your stupid show. >> i am going to sue. you know it will affect the show. >> it is anne colter -- ann coulter and her latest book is called demonic, the untold story of josh grobin. and all of his faces are funny faces. it is the delightful and disturbing. >> and "time" magazine has named him the huh maf raw dite
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of the year. it is bill schulz. and if he was a soup kitchen, grime me men would enter him regularly. with me is rick eleven -- leventhal. >> i love it. >> and none of his ink will make you stink. it is our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> according to the arts and leisure, he is in talk with warner brothers. everyone seems to have an impression of the secret agent funny man. i am austin powers, by gum, and balihoo. okay i admit i never have seen the blast blasted -- the blasted thing. ♪ all the news that's fit to print, yeah ♪ >> that's under well ming. >> you are over selling. >> what? >> what indeed. >> that's not an insult.
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>> you are not ain result. >> this doesn't work. >> you don't work. count it. >> that doesn't count. >> count it for two. >> no, it doesn't. >> yes. >> these are not responses. >> you are not responding. >> all right. >> right all. they made an appeal for the squeaky wheel. after months of frin -- frenzied speculation time that measures the calculation of events has named its person of the year the protestor. greece, moscow and the film fest known as occupy wall street. who could forget ryan goes -- goseling not being named the sexiest man of the year. >> these abs are fabs. >> and they are both bradley cooper on the cover. when it is clearly ryan
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goseling's year. >> and he didn't even shave. >> such anger. such rage. and it changed the world. >> the magazine explains thusly, for capturing and highlighting a global sense of comments and conventional comments and conventional that could describe my year. runners up were kate middleton, paul ryan and this guy. >> imorng,-- good morning, everybody. i am hanging out with my friend, john. >> it starts right now. >> services will be held next week at the cathedral church. >> i don't think it is funny, actually. >> time is one object that is
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thinner than you are. what did you make? >> speaking as part of the 99% who do not read "time" magazine, what confuses me is as if the protesters were the ones who pooped on the car? >> the way i look at it, time is telling children it is okay to poop on police cars. by putting protesters up there. >> i am glad you mentioned sexiest man of the year. i think that poll has a lot more gravity than "time" magazine's man of the year. >> but i don't know what that is. >> speak english, anne. >> i don't dispute it could be the protesters of the year. there are brave people that stood up in libya. protesters ended in the death of qaddafi. that's amazing. but i think it is weird to lump them with a grime -- grimy group of anarchists started by ad busters in canada. >> some of the protesters are criminals. they committed criminal acts. if they explain that in the
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article, then that's one thing. i do think it is sad they picked such a controversial topic that is getting all of this free publicity. "time" magazine is suffering through this right now. >> who is tom magazine's person of the year. >> it would be that guy. if he would just take that scarf off his face. >> he is the man of the year. just come out and show us your face. >> how do you know he is a man? >> i actually thought it was -- when i saw this, i didn't read a protestor. i thought the person of the year was some islamic woman who looks like the poster for "thought without my daughter" or something. she was escaping with her child. >> i just want you all to know that you are wrong about -- it is actually a transgendered protestor. i think it is sexist. >> how do you know that? >> i don't. >> i thought that was bo zoo caw joe's -- bazooka joe's friend.
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>> since you won't answer the serious question, do you think time was right in doing this? >> no. they are trying to find creative ways to cop out of their duty. we are all design russ of having a person of the year to look up to all year long. and they are deciding. do you remember when they picked stalin? i don't. >> those were the day when's they went out on a limb. >> it is not as brave as one would think. they think it is edgy. i said this before on "the five," the show at 5:00, that it is like the middle aged divorce man trying to hit on his daughter's friends. he is trying to get some audience. >> why did you look at me when you said it? >> you are twice the age of your girlfriend. >> one of the runners up was the admiral that took out bin laden. >> that should have been the winner. >> you know who else was? the purchasers of the fast and
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furious automatic weapons. >> really? i wish i read the article. >> i made it up. >> bill, you were part of the demonstration against "people" magazine for not naming ryan goseling. your protest was not specifically mentioned by "final -- by," time," but don't you think they meant you. >> it could have been me, face covered. ever since red eye debuted in 1985 to rave reviews, i have always based on what story fills up more of our a block as our time of the year and it is congressman anthony wiener. he has at least 35 straight of nonstop red eye coverage -- "red eye" coverage. i saw lute you,-- i saw lute
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you and not with my hand. >> in terms of filling up the a block no one beats wiener's girt. >> thank you, thank you. >> >> and that was a bter way to do it, i think. the weird thing is you have actual protests and it is leading to muslim brotherhood. i mean, in this country, the occupy wall street crowd, what have they accomplished? some random concerts have more affect. they changed congress. they really made a difference. what did occupy wall street do other than giving twitter or right wingers a bunch of jokes? >> they said they will come back stronger than ever. and they will because the media is on their side. for time "time" magazine to do have done this they would have had to mention the stuff done. my man of the year is my pharmacist. we can agree if not for him, the show would not run on time.
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people would be miserable. >> i would say you have to lower your medication because your pharmacist is a woman. that's disturbing. >> from a dying mag to the right to brag. could paul take it all? and is mitt in for a world of hurt. with the iowa caucus only weeks away, tonight's fox news iowa gop debate, quite possibly the greatest debate ever may help make things clearer. and a new poll shows that america's grumpy granddad may have a shot at winning. the survey shows newt gingrich running at 22% and ron paul trails him 1 point at 21%. that 1 point difference means there is a difference of only 1 point. mitt romney is 16%. that could change thanks to a key endorsement he picked up on monday. kristine o'donnell told our own shan hann ti y she is throwing her clout behind mc
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rom. >> i am endorsing mitt romney. it is not anti-gingrich or anti-anyone else. i am a pro governor romney. >> game over, people. and when it comes to being prez they don't think newt is fit. telling the "new york times," zany is not what we need in a president. zany is great in a campaign and great on talk radio and great for print and makes for fun reading. but in terms of a president we need a leader. wonder what zany means to him. meanwhile, it is like somebody who drinks diet coke. and a new candidate is starting to charm voters. >> bye. >> it is amazing where robin williams will show up. >> romney's campaign -- i love this. they issued a statement saying she was a leader in the
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conservative movement for many, many years or many years or something like that. >> they went over board with that one. >> you know, i feel bad for kristine o'donnell. there are craze yes, sir people out there. -- crazier people out there. she is pretty normal. she is pretty mainstream for what they have given her. she came about as a pundit. the reason they had so much goofy video tape is when you are starting out as a pundit you have to go on all sorts of talk shows. can you talk about witch craft? yes. you come on and say all sorts of weird things. >> that's a good point. she was on politically correct you can till she was saying unusual things. she thought that was unusual and quirky and now she is like so many people living with a past that anybody can look up.
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is it time to start taking ron paul seriously? my pet turtle says yes. >> they said ron paul was peaking? >> i don't want to call him the crazy uncle with the crazy eyebrows, but somebody did. >> i have to defend ron paul. i have to. his son is a strong political leader and where did he get it from? his dad has talked about nothing but small government for decades. he probably deserves more respect than people give him. i don't care for a lot of his political beliefs, but i didn't know obama's political beliefs. let me go to you, anne. what do you make of the rise
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of newt? do you think mitt is going to catch up? and do you think their names are cute? >> i would prefer ron paul as president than newt gingrich. what you say about ron paul is just to clarify. he is fantastic on domestic policy. you want to keep him away from the foreign policy. and foreign policy, doing nothing like ron paul wants to do is better than doing the bad stuff like our current president is doing. if i had a choice, i am thrilled that ron paul is catching up to gingrich in iowa. and if only he could have gotten the kristina o'donnell endorsement it would have put him over the edge. >> and newt. newt, bill, lost the gary busey endorsement. gary endorsed him, but then withdrew it. >> yes, and i don't think -- that demmon sfraited a -- that demonstrated a lack of gravitose. >> i did a lot -- i get a lot
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of my political insight from gary by see. i don't know if i can go there anymore. >> well, gary busey is the flip-floper out of all of them. >> and that's not just the physical manifestation. he is flip-floping on the floor. >> or he is wearing flip-flops and nothing else as he tumbles around the beach. i think the thing that surprised me the most is a witch was not voted for someone named newt. we know it is the key ingredient in any potion. >> she uses newt's eye in her poetry. >> then vote for him already. >> can we talk about how mitt called him zany? >> it is a polite way of saying crazy. >> and i am thinking if he is zany and a great historian he would have hair like albert einstein. >> i think of weird al jankovic. >> it was a polite way to say crazy. and it is true. newt gingrich is crazy.
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>> but doc brown was zany. >> i would love to have him around. >> you will lose him in a landslide if these newbies to politics run gingrich. >> before i came here i looked -- national review had a scathing piece. >> as do i at ann coulter .com. all i do is cite fact frtz 90s. people are jumping into politics and don't know what happened the day before yesterday. he isn't a conservative. >> if newt gets the nomination, you won't back him? >> of course i will vote for the republican, and then we will go down in a 49-state land slide defeat. >> that's kind of sobering. what they said is happening is that it won't be a referendum on obama. it will be a referendum on newt. it is taking away all of
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obama's failures because everybody will focus on the historian. >> we need a generic republican. a generic republican is mitt romney. >> i think other than bachman he is the most conservative. >> i would have run, but i have the indecent exposure charge. >> at least you didn't take $1.6 million from freddy mac. >> you should have seen what i did. thank god there is no internet back then. coming up, how many people can a serial killer kill before he is caught? first, you are a serial killer, we know that. what is this? victoria secret model? i'm sure this tape is completely relevant for whatever story we are talking about.
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they say can you talk about witch craft? you say all sorts of weird things. >> that's a good point. when she was on politically incorrect you can tell she was saying unusual things because that's why they invited her back. she was a cute girl in her early 20s like being a life long virgin. she thought that was unusual and quirky. and now she is like so many people living with a past that anybody can look up. unlike you, rick. is it time to start taking ron paul seriously?
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>> i don't want to call him a crazy uncle. >> have i to defend ron paul. everybody talks about who really inspired the tea party. his son. he is a strong political leader and where did he get it from? he talked about nothing but small government for decade. >> can you picture ron paul as president of the united states. >> he probably deserves more respect than people give him. i don't care for a lot of his political beliefs, but i didn't know obama's political beliefs. let me go to you, anne. what do you make of the rise of newt? >> i prefer ron paul as president than newt gingrich.
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what you say about ron paul and he just wants to keep him away from foreign policy and doing nothing like ron paul wants to do is better than doing it. i was thrilled that ron paul was catching up to gingrich in iowa. >> you watched the gary busey endorsement. he endorsed him, but then withdrew it. >> that demonstrated a lack of gravitose. that's a made up word. >> i get a lot of my political insight from gary busey. i don't know if i can go there. >> gary busey is now the flip-floper overall of them. >> and that's not just the physical manifestation. >> they are seen wearing
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flip-flops and nothing else as he tumbles around the beach. >> i think that the thing that surprised me most was that a witch was not voted for somebody named newt. as we know it is the key ingredient in any potion. >> then vote for him already. >> can we talk about how mitt cawldz him zany though -- called him zainy though? >> he is lass great historian. if he is a great historian and zainy he should have hair like albert ion -- einstein. >> it was a polite way to say crazy. it is true. newt gingrich is crazy. >> but doc from "back to the future" was zainy and great with history too. >> i would like to have him as president. he would throw an awesome party.
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>> here is the thing. before i came here, i looked at -- national review had a scathing piece -- >> as do i at anne ann coulter .com. >> and all i do is site -- >> the ex-presidents. >> it would be hard to pull that off because the presidents who leave the office and make boat loads of money and live like george sorrows are all deem -- democrats. they go back to the ranch and write a few books. you don't see them running around the world and making $75 million in speeches. it would be a small tv show. and i agree with you after obama they have nobody that will run again. >> maybe hillary. >> i just want to add a point to that. that being the case, this idea, there are two options with mitt romney. either he was saying liberal things in one of the most liberal states to get elected or he is secretly a democrat. why wouldn't he run as a democrat because they have nobody else after obama? >> that's a good point.
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bill, real quick, should obama move back to his homeland, kenya? >> i should speak with kenyan-born secret muslim corporate to see if there is any openings. >> how are they doing now? >> not great. it is a down market in the winter. they hate christmas, greg. >> why wouldn't they? >> as a veteran of the war on christmas -- >> and god bless the work you do. >> i know you love my uniform. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at fox news .com. to leave an e-mail, 212-462-5050. and still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. why is he even here? >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by tug of war. the sport which directly pits two teams against each other in a test of strength using a long rope. thanks tug of war.
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welcome back. let's see if we have anything wrong so far. >> how are you? >> doing great. >> i'm doing pretty good. >> it is stronger than ever. >> good. >> a bunch of new hobbies. >> forget this whole segment.
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>> time names the protestor the person of the year. you mention the protest not naming ryan goseling as sexiest man of the year. as far as i'm concerned he got screwed by "time" magazine. >> i don't know what these magazines have against ryan goseling. >> what does a guy have to do? >> he will have to keep being goseling. >> i just hope he is not so demoralized that he stops being goseling. >> you ask if this is all of the protesters or just the one who pooped on a police car. and greg you get the irish spring protesters, but not the occupy yes, sirs. isn't that the point? what "time" magazine accomplishes is it el vats the occupy yerz -- the people who wine about being pepper sprayed to the level of the arab springers who risk death and in some cases actually die. >> the weird thing is you could actually compare the
12:32 am
occupy yes, sirs to the oppressors of the other countries and not the protesters. there are women being sexually assaulted by the oppressors in egypt, and there are women being sexually assaulted in the occupy zone. so there you go. >> you guys are way too soft on the arab spring. if anything you are insulting occupy wall street. it was great. >> it was a different year. >> but okay. i am just saying those were brave protests. it is not going to lead to something good. >> i don't think that's -- i agree with you. it may well lead to something completely awful. >> we know it is. >> i don't think -- you can't bash the arab spring protestor. >> i can. >> well, i know you can. you can't say they weren't brave in risking death. >> well this is the big thing on politically incorrect when
12:33 am
they said after 9/11 you can't say the protesters weren't -- or not the protest protests, but the 9/11 protesters were not brave. okay they were brave. but what they accomplished was something bad. that's the case under obama's foreign policy. this is going to be a big problem that they will have to live with for the next 20 years. >> thank god i won't be alive. >> i think you are right. also i found interesting, the guy who wrote the piece in "time" magazine he says, all of the quotes have been begins systemic status quos. the protests in greece? weren't they for the stays toss quo? >> they didn't want their stuff taken away. >> how he lumps them in, that's even worse than lumping in the occupy yes, sirs. the greek protesters just wanted their free [bleep]. >> you didn't have to swear
12:34 am
there. >> i know. >> he used the s-word. stalin was the man of the year in 39 and 42. >> wow. >> what is that, greg? >> 42 was actually fred stalin, his younger brother. >> is that right? >> do you see what happens when you do a google search? >> i should have done josef stalin. >> or joseph which is how it is pronounced. >> i don't believe it is. you asked what the occupy yes, sirs -- occupie rz accomplished. the fact you have to ask that means you don't even get it. come on. it is not about accomplishing anything, anne. tom, greg brought up the fact that romney's campaign says kristine o'donnell has been a leader in the conservative movement for many years. talk about zainy. but doesn't it show that romney has no knowledge of the conservativism? >> no.
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>> how did you throw your votes like that? >> what do you expect him to say? >> you can just politely thank someone and move along. you don't have to make stuff up. >> i agree with you. i am trying to disagree with you, but i agree with you. >> i won't talk on any of the other topics if i can just keep talking about romney. >> there is not going to be any other topic once you talk about -- >> he gets endorsed and the conservatives say the sustain -- the establishment. romney can't win. >> kristine o'donnell was the pre em pre-eminent tea party candidate? >> i think so. >> i think a lot of tea partiers would disagree with that. >> i am defending the tea party like ron paul and rubio. there are a lot of fantastic elections. they were the tea party
12:36 am
candidates. they are the not so good ones because they ended up losing. and it is true that they keep denouncing everybody supports romney. >> but anne, my point is more like -- i am not saying you don't accept the endorsement or whatever, but to say that kristine o'donnell has been a leader in the conservative movement for many years, that's not true. >> i think it is. she was a public -- pundit. >> shy is wrong. >> what do you consider a leader? >> somebody who leads. >> why does this always happen? >> what does it matter how big the booth is or whether you approve? >> she is on the far right wing of the spectrum. >> you know what -- >> stop! >> this has nothing to do with my political beliefs. she has not been the leader of any movement for a number of years. >> let me just make a point. mitt romney said about the
12:37 am
christine o'donnell endorsement, "i am pleased to have her on my team." that's not a glowing endorsement. if i say i am pleased to see you, andy -- >> which you would never say. >> would i really be happy to see you? >> you wouldn't say that. >> my point. i am not pleased to see you, andy. >> i can tell you by your eyes. >> i am pleased to have you on my team. >> i am not on your team, rick. and you said it is wrong to talk about ron paul and peaking, the fact that people say he is peaking at the right time. perry and romney show gingrich slipping and he is indeed peaking at the right time. ron paul will be the next president of the united states. by the way, people in new hampshire are apparently getting robo calls asking what they think about romney and getting rich versus jeb bush.
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and lastly, what will obama do if he loses? i think your long digression of fist bumping shows how important this story is. >> somebody has to talk about it. >> tom you pointed out that obama will be the biggest celebrity on the planet. i am thinking he could use that celebrity to devote his time to earning the nobel peace prize. >> he could. those are the guys that will keep loving him. >> i am interested in what you said about the row bow calls. are you saying robots love jeb bush? >> no, tom, that's not what i am saying. >> he raises a good question. when robots develop actual consciousness thanks to our ingenuity, will they have a right to vote? >> absolutely not. >> why? >> they won't be born in this country. >> that didn't stop you know who. >> can he vote desm -- vote?
12:39 am
>> yes, he can. >> seriously? >> yes, he can. >> i didn't know that. >> well maybe you should do a little only only -- ambudsing for yourself. instead of pick everybody -- picking on everybody here on the panel. coming up, what are the right ingregients for a sexy party. we discuss rick leventhal's new book "just me, baby. just me." what is the greatest christmas movie of all time. i am partial to it is a wonderful lap dance.
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well, the sport is banning tafts. at least ones that advertise companies. yet baseball wants to bar turning the game into nascar. and so under new mlb agreement, quote, no player may have visible markings or logos tattooed on his body as part of the uniform
12:43 am
regulations. so no ads on their brawny bods. we must discuss this in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuuunnn nd. lightning round. >> rick, why should baseball have a say over the players' bodies? >> because they can. don't ballplayers make enough money already but do they need coors light on their arm? >> why do race car drivers get to do it then? that's not fair. >> that's a different sport. >> that's a good reason. why do they have slavery? oh it is a different country. >> why are hockey player usa loued to beat the crap out of each other while referees skate circles around them. >> probably because it is a different sport. >> i rest my case. >> i can barely walk on ice. app if a company -- anne, if a company offered you a million bucks to tatoo their symbol on you would you do it?
12:44 am
>> only if it is "red eye." how will these four baseball players mange ends meet? they will be clipping coupons. >> we have a baseball player in the audience. waive to him a san francisco giant is in here, and i don't want to say who it is because i don't want to get him in trouble. >> because he has a tatoo. >> you have a full body tatoo. you are against discrimination. >> it is incredited believe a. >> how long did that take? >> it took all day. >> it grows with you. >> whatever you said. whatever your real question was they should be allowed to make this rule. i don't think they should be able to tell people they can't get tattoo. they can get a tats few if they want. -- tatoo if they want. what if they have a passion for shoney's or sizzler, as
12:45 am
long as they cover it up no one can tell them not to get a tatoo. >> yes, but you forget, no one has a passion for shoney's. >> better question, what if your girlfriend or child has the same name as appleby's? >> my daughter, appleby's. what happens then? you have to think this stuff through, america. this hurts my head. >> or if you wanted to get around it you say i am a fan of gwenyth paltrow's daughter, apple and bees -- oops. sorry i didn't mean to advertise. >> baseball already has drug testers. would you volunteer to be a body inspector? >> are you kidding me? volunteer and then some. that would be my charity work. >> i agree baseball players -- and this is a bold statement and i will get letters, but they make a lot of money. if they could do the tatoo advertisements it would take them to the next strike that toss fear.
12:46 am
raphael palmeiro used to do viagra ads. if he had a viagra ad tatooed on his forehead, he would make a mint. we know he needed it because he was steroiden enthusiast. >> i would have to add allegedly to that comment. >> he was busted. >> well, scratch the allegedly. >> a new study found dorky, less attractive guys are more likely to think they are babe magnets than better looking dudes. tom, you are the expert on this. >> i am. >> do you buy this that you are better with women? i i do buy it. and people mix up their terms. there are nerds and there are dorks. they are two different things. a nerd is insecure. i'm afraid of girls. i can't play sports. a dork is a nerd with a lot of confidence. remember that guy in high school who you never wanted him around and he had no idea. what are you do -- what are we doing tonight? that was me.
12:47 am
>> so you are confident around women. why do you have to keep killing them? >> anne, you are a woman and you get approached by a lot of men. do dorks fare better than rick leventhal types? >> i can't believe anyone spent money on this study. why not just go to something called bars? let me tell you how the butter machine works. >> have i to say, doesn't this have to do with evolution? less attractive guys have to make up by being more confident so they can reproduce. >> first of all, i recent being called an attractive guy. the average age of the people in the study was 19. they don't deserve a study. they are too young to know at
12:48 am
19. >> bill, you are repulsive, so you must be cocky. >> and i am told sometimes i can make people laugh. that really gets you laid. every girl that says -- i am just looking for a funny guy. no, are you not. go hit on the attractive guy over there. >> it is true, actually. if you are in and you talk to the girl that is your friend who you secretly like, buts she just sees you as a friend, but you really, really like her and she is like, i just want somebody who can make me laugh. dorks are just so sexy. the first time a 6 foot 4 athlete who plays for the sfrn giants walk in you are gone. >> smell the flow right here. water comes out. nothing. >> they are liars these women. >> time heals uh wounds. we beat them in the end. >> i am saying the dorky guys win in the end. go to your reunion. look at the guys who were the big man on campus. they look like parade floats.
12:49 am
they are so big. and they have the high school face that is crunched in the middle of the big, fat head. >> on that note -- and they all run trophy shops. don't leave now. taking a break. have more stuff.
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number 10 christmas movie of all time, miracle on 34th street and then gremlins and then elf and the bish shool's wife. -- b si hop's wife, a christmas story, 1941, nightmare before christmas, brazil and number one, human centi peed. >> really? >> no, human centi peed number two. >> no, it is actually "die hard." what is your favorite? >> "elf." it is under rated. it is funny es special lead -- especially the second and third time. >> the eye rolling thing i am sick of. only eye roll if you have a bug on it. don't go like this. >> tom? what say you? >> no 12 dogs of christmas on the list. >> they -- "it is a wound of life" -- it is a wonderful life" 9 but they liked potter.
12:54 am
they are "forbes." the guy was just trying to make a buck. >> they saw it is a wonderful life as an attack on them. >> what is your choice? >> before i saw what their list was, die hard was my favorite. the rest i don't think i have seen. but don't get me started on my favorite kwanza movie. we will be here all night. >> bill, where was "love actually"? by the way, you joke. i am not. >> love actually should have been on there. i also think that batman returns. a lot of people forget -- it is a christmas movie. it was a relatively good sequel to the first michael keaton-vee. >> bad santa, bad santa. it is one of the greatest comedies of all time. >> i am going to be serious and say babes in toy land. the 1934 laurel and hardy movie that featured the march of the wooden soldiers.
12:55 am
i used to watch it every christmas morning while self-mu. >> bishop's wife is great. it is on there. it is carrie grant and another guy. >> so it is the first gay christmas movie. >> oh, it was the first gay christmas movie. >> close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com/red eye.
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there is no show tomorrow. we are bumped for the presidential debate which is happening later tonight. coming up friday, greg is back and anna gilligan is a delight and arizona congressman david schwickhart stops by the studio. >> tv's andy levy.
12:59 am
>> tom, >> hi, andy. >> how are you? >> good. >> you have a new radio show about to start? >> yes, it will be on serial -- sirius xm radio. it is me and my friends telling funny stories. >> i am opening for him on the 17th in jersey. >> are you overexposed. >> that would be cool. >> i like his joey bishop. >> nobody knows who joey bishop is. >> do you spawl laugh or laff? >> laff. >> i hear you are quarterbacking the new fox news special? >> you sent me an e-mail saying ask him about it. >> we just debated the team names fox and friends with benefits. >> and then we went with we


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