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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and do not be a jacanate. have a great holiday rebound. we're looking out for you. is tonight we continue on the road on 2012 right here on hasn't at this. i'm in for sean. it's been a week to remember for herman cain. as for the latest poll shows him with a 4-point lead over his closest rival, mitt romney. rick perry has dropped to 10% and ron paul received 9%. despite the surge to the top of the republican field, herman cain is still reluctant to call
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himself the front-runner. take a look. >> i would say that i am one of front runners because as you know, if you are three to five points that can change from one week to the other. i don't see myself as a clear front runner but i am right up there in the pack. >> in a double digital lead to require front-runner status, mitt romney is another front-runner. latest poll shows him with 41% of the vote to cain's 17% and ron paul in third with 11. so with romney boasting a clear lead in new hampshire how much important are the iowa caucuses for the other candidates. here with an analysis. ron williams along were the chairman of the state and
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freedom could litigation. gentlemen, good to see you. i want to begin with you, something struck me over the last week and that is herman cain, now that he at front runner a lot of these polls is getting roundly mocked. left is trying to diminish him. trying to marginalize him. this the same thing that happened to sarah palin. this week we say the washington posted begin the routine with rubio. the things in common they represent threats to liberalism. you've got a black man, conservative women and conservative latino. if any of three were to gain traction with the democratic party, the democratic party would be over. so the left is on the nationwide destroy them and how its herman cain's turn. how do you think he is handling it being in the crosshairs on the left? >> i think you really nailed it.
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you look at the 2008 election results, barack obama got about the same percentage of the white vote that al gore did in losing effort against george w. bush in 2000. the thing that really drove obama landslide he was able to win 98% of the african-american vote and he was able to win 70% of the hispanic vote. if you had a cain-rubio tickets, i know i'm getting ahead of myself, but an african-american and latino of a cain or a rub yeo type credentials it is without question a dagger aimed at the heart of the electoral strategy of the democrats. even got a bigger problem in this respect. herman cain is the personification of the american dream. this is a man who grew up in the city of atlanta in the shadow of segregation. he was the first member of his
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family to go to college. he rose through itself ranks of american business in the corporate world to great success. he has lived the american dream and obama argues it's america's sins and short comings that we need to focus on, cain embraces everything that america stands for. >> that is what makes him powerful. they said they would three to slow the campaign down a little bit. they wanted him to send a message and cain to grow more disciplined. it calls to mind the last scene in the movie of the candidate with robert redford and he looks at the stop strategist and he says now what do i do? so they are looking at the numbers state by state. he is tied with mitt romney. mitt romney may be slightly ahead. romney has a demanding lead.
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cain invite there. i'm wondering in the cain campaign is pulling back a little bit to try to make sure that cain is focused so there is no more gaffes. does that work against him because he is non-tradition candidate, if he starts playing it safe, does it hurt him? >> look, herman cain, he may be the only, but he is the biggest asset of the cain campaign. pulling him back is not going to make sense. he has to be out there. he has to be the charmer, the person that ralph was just talking about. you like herman cain. there is no getting away from it. if you have this guy who presents himself as an authentic conservative you want to make sure that conservative audiences are hearing from herman cain and do not view him as a blip on the screen or the temporary alternative to mitt romney. now, the problem has been one,
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money. he doesn't have the money. certainly we talked about the poll difference numbers like in a state like new hampshire. there is no comparing romney's money to cain's money. romney is a superpower when it comes to money. he is going to be able to bombard and shape hear man cain's image if he is not out there introducing himself and presenting himself as a different kind of conservative than mitt romney. i would add to what you have been saying, monica, what strikes me the republican establishment has been pointing out their problems with herman cain saying the 999 plan is going to raise taxes. he is not thought through his position on abortion or regard to foreign policy. it doesn't seem to matter because herman cain comes back and say, i'm going to learn. i'm different than the rest of these guys.
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the american people, specifically the republican primary audience, a conservative audience says we like him and we trust trust. these is authentic conservative and that is the message. and not a professional politician which is a big strength. when you look at the field, do you see any real opportunity for anybody else to emerge as the conservative alternative to romney or to cain if there are some misgivings about gain when they go into the ballot box, gingrich, bachmann, anybody else have a shot? >> i think it's very fluid. it's a highly volatile race. if you look at some of the polling. on an the polls you cited at the top of the show, if you dig a little deeper, up to half of the voters say they haven't fully made up their minds, 80% the in
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some of these polls say they could change chair minds. we had an event saturday night in des moines, iowa, with the faith and freedom coalition and we had all the candidates there. i thought rick perry did a very good job. i thought gingrich did a good job. perry, keep an eye on him. keep an eye on gingrich and santorum and michele bachmann. if you look at this electorate, those that know herman are not surprised. this electorate, meaning the republican primary electorate is 65% conservative. 45% self-identified evangelical and half of them or tea party members. what is herman is doing he is overperforming among conservatives, self-identified evangelicals. that is 60% of the vote in iowa. about half the vote in south carolina and among tea party
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members where he leads romney by about 32-18. the danger forromney is when this field begins to winnow after iowa and new hampshire, he may end up on monoing with somebody and he has to do better. >> very fluid situation. we talk about the polls but not a single republican has voted yet. great to see you guys. thank you. >> coming up, the debate over collective bargaining privilege privileges is raging in idaho. the person vowed not to accept money from lobbyists but stunning new evidence he has broken his pledge to the american people. it was all exposed by the "new york times." make sure you tune in tuesday night for sean's cable exclusive with former secretary of state
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step toward fulfilling this campaign promise. lobbyists be subject to stricter limits than under any other administration in history. there will be a ban on ban on lobbyists for anything serving in the administration, as well. >> that was barack obama speaking to reporters on the very first day in office claiming that his administration would take a tougher stance against lobbyists than any other in history. the president has doubled down that pledge but once again promising this campaign will not accept donations from lobbyists. however, according to the "new york times" the president and his campaign have received upwards of $5 million from 15 people associated with lobbyist firms in washington. the white house claims because these people are not officially as lobbyists the pledge is intact but the "new york times" is not buying it, reporting, registered or not the bunglers
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are indistinguishable. dave carney was asked to address it at a press briefing. >> this president has been the most trand parent in terms of disclosure and most ethical in the money he will search. there is no one to compare thus far. >> here with reaction are the former campaign manager to howard dean, joseph and republican strategist and former advisor to george w. bush, matt. joe let me start with you. it's the hypocrisy, here is a president that said no way shape or form are lobbyists going to have an influence. now, we learn from the "new york times" so many of the big money supporters are tied to lobbyists.
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he is going saying, lobbying here and he says it with a straight face. >> first of all the administration has done the most to shut down the revolving door. i don't think they have done enough but they have done more than anybody else has. they don't accept anything from any registered lobbyist which is a technicality that i do agree is ridiculous to say these 15 are not. i wouldn't have done it. the goal is raising a billion dollars, do you really need $5 million raised by these people. i think it was a mistake for the campaign to do it. i think not just this campaign but all the presidential campaigns should put a ban on taking money from lobbyists. none of the republicans have done that. i think the president should have gone the extra mile.
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even though they are not registered, not taken the money. >> more hypocrisy because he has embraced occupy wall street, but he sure likes the money for millionaires and billionaires, doesn't he? >> that is right. this is kind of an artful dodge by the president. what he is really trying to tell the american people, his administration will be above h boef reproach and they won't be involved with anybody that are involved in lobbying. there are a lot that knows how pass legislation, if you going to build a house, you hire an architect and engineer. this administration looks painfully they don't know how to pass their agenda. he made a promise in a strange way like joe was saying, he hasn't lived up to the promise and raised $5 million from the
6:18 pm
people that he is demonizing. >> here a question for you. when he ran in 2008 he built the obama brand on hope and change, he was going to change the way washington works. yet here he is taking a lot of big money. his administration getting cozy to people that are close to lobbyists. he is pounding the rich, occupy wall street, he is taking more money from wall street than any other candidate in u.s. history. isn't that damaging to the obama brand? >> he has raised more money than anybody in history. most of it in millions of contributions of less than a hundred dollars, $15, $25, something i pioneered in the dean campaign hoping to push aside the big money. in the obama campaign, the president has done it better than anybody in history. he did fulfill a lot of the
6:19 pm
promises on lobbyists, he did shut down the resolving door. some people are critical of that because they think there should be more lobbyists in government. he didn't do that. i think in the end this is like dissonance. if are going after millionaires and these people associated with lobbying firms raising millions of dollars it's bad optics and i wouldn't have done it. i think frankly, with the way the supreme court ruled on citizens united there are a lot easier ways to move that money into something without it being seen. he is being transparent about that. that is something most of the candidates are not doing. >> matt, can he get away with
6:20 pm
it? >> i think it does hurt him. i think i have been amazed that his personal approval ratings have been good while job approval ratings have tanked in the 30s. here is what a story like that does for president obama and supporters. it makes the american people say wait a minute, i know he can't run the economy very well but is he shooting straight with me that he would be an outsider and do things differently. if he loses those voters that care about getting corruption out of government i think he is i am imperiled for reelection. >> great to see you. >> coming up a showdown over the collective bargaining privileges in ohio with unions.
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earlier this week, sean was in columbus where voters will held to the polls on november 8th to decide whether to repeal legislation for collective bargaining for state employees. it was passed by the ohio gop lawmakers. while in ohio he spoke with the governor about why this issue is so important to the buckeye state. >> this issue was designed to give local governments the tools to control their costs. what i know is the costs at local levels are too high, it makes it an i am dead immaterial for jobs. we want our government workers to pay 10% for guaranteed pension and 15% for health care. that is reasonable but in addition to that, if local governments keep raising taxes, what it does it makes it more
6:26 pm
difficult to create jobs. and the issue is now being debated on the national stage. gop hopefuls are weighing in. joining he republican state senator kevin bacon and state senator eric carney. great to see you. let me begin with you, you are a governor like so many other governors across the country is facing a train wreck in large part because the demands made by the unions over the decades that are unsustainable. you are a governor totally in line what the private sector expects, 10% are government employees contributing to their pension, 15% to their own health care and performance based pay. i think most americans watching us tonight saying that is totally reasonable. yet, here we are a referendum on
6:27 pm
the reforms coming up next week. where do we stand? >> thank you. the reforms are reasonable and what we have government entities are ready to burst. we have school districts that pay zero for health care. city of columbus pay 9%. the economy is bad in ohio. we cannot expect them to shoulder the burden. we have great public employees but we have to use the tools, new fools to be able to bring some cost controls and cost containment because we can't go down the road of tax increases, of having to lay off our firefighters and police officers and teachers at a time when we need them. our chiefs and city managers, they have to be able to manage local government so we can bring costs under control. so without a doubt we are fighting hard in ohio. we have an $8.5 billion budget
6:28 pm
status quo is not going to cut it. >> isn't it true that you and your fellow democrats oppose these reforms you don't want to upset the gravy train of the very corrupt and relationship and the government sector unions. nobody here has been looking out for the taxpayer which is what the governor is trying to do. you want to keep this up. why? >> good evening. a couple of points. this is a bill about collective bargaining but there was nothing about bargaining in the bill. the way it was introduced in the senate was ran through a committee in 20 hours worth of hearings. also the opposition to the bill was bipartisan but the proponents of the bill were only from one party. as one of my republican colleagues said in the ohio senate the bill is heads i win, tails you lose type proposition. with respect to the senator's
6:29 pm
point about cincinnati, the whole things about klfg it's bargaining for. the people in cincinnati which i represent could have said to the city council, we don't like that particular provision. also in the city of columbus, the mayor of columbus has said issue two would be harmful to the city. that collective bargaining has saved the city approximately $140 million. >> so senator, if you agree your that your state is in dire straits, how would you agree to fix it. are you for raising taxes? >> no, i'm not for raising taxes. here is the key point. >> how would you fix it then? >> this is business case for it. if you had a supplier you had a 28-year relationship with, how would you deal with them if you want to change the relationship. you talk with them and enter in
6:30 pm
discussions. >> but we have billions of dollars -- >> you would be negotiating with them and come up with a resolution that was favorable, favorable for the employer. so what happens in that is not what is happening here. we got the point. i want you to respond to that. >> i was chairman of commerce labor committee. i can tell you our doors were wide open. i met with anyone that wanted to meet on the proposal. we could not get any dialogue or any alternative ideas. the whole strategy was to kill the bill regardless of what it looked like. it didn't matter what we did. there was no one from the labor community willing to work with us to craft anything out so this is what we have today. its good proposal. its fair proposal. the people in the state of ohio
6:31 pm
understand, for example, you can't pay government employees the same you have to have merit pay. they understand that paying 10% of their pension isn't unreason reasonable. the city to ledodo if they were able to require employees to pay 10% of their pijsz they could have salvaged their street cleaning program. we are changing tools without a doubt. >> i'm sorry. >> we're out of time, senator. i'm sorry but thank you for being here. >> perhaps another time. >> thank you, monica. >> coming up, it's the outrage story of the week, a catholic university in washington is being criticized for being too catholic. a professor filed a complaint against the university joins us next why he thinks crosses in
6:32 pm
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so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great. welcome back to hannity. while there is outrage brewing in washington, d.c., they are investigating on whether or not muslim students rights are being violated at a catholic university. one professor who is not affiliated with catholic university believes it is well, too catholic. he takes issues with crosses and catholic sim being hung in rooms and no space for muslims to work without christian symbols. they issued a statement that
6:37 pm
needs pat parted. the fact that no muslim student at catholic university has protested or registered a complaint with the university -- today we learned from another article that he has not received any complaints from muslim students. joining me now is the man stirring up the controversy, john banzhaf. >> if i have to correct your introduction, it charges the president of catholic university with discriminating on the basis of religion for refusing to recognize a muslim organization. much has been added to the allegations and i quoted an article suggesting that he lied about the reason and most of what you read simply comes from a "washington post" article designed to show that he is not
6:38 pm
acting in good faith. since you brought it up, what is wrong with asking to set aside one tiny little room so the hundred or so muslim students have a place to study? >> let me ask you about that. catholic university has 122 muslim students registered on campus. how many of those have complained? how many students do you currently represent? >> i notice you ducked the question but, if you are a muslim student at catholic university, do you think you would be filing too many formal complaints? let's be real. >> professor, the muslim students that have been interviewed in the "washington post" and elsewhere, they say they are perfectly happy at catholic university. the university has not infringed on their rights to worship whatsoever. so my question to you -- >> wait a minute.
6:39 pm
>> what is really behind your lawsuit? this is a private university can do whatever it wants. the students are perfectly happy. not one have registered a complaint. here you are making a formal legal complaint. what is it all about? >> let me tell about you it. first of all the complaint has to do with the fact as the "washington post" reported, students not because i asked them to, tried to form an association and the school said no, we won't let you do it. the only associations that are permitted are catholic ones and they have a jewish one. that is against the law. my answer is that our it's discrimination. i brought the the laws i've been doing it for 20 years. i've done hundreds of them. that is what i do.
6:40 pm
what is wrong for asking them. >> answer my question. >> i did. >> who is being digs cripple nate against here. they have an arab association group on campus. there are places in campus where they can worship. nobody is stopping them from doing that. had who is the aggrieved party here? >> the muslim students who tried to form an association and were denied it. you should know arabs and muslims are not the same thing. they tried to form the association. >> who is the group? who is the group. muslim student, so that wanted to form, is that the group? >> get it straight. muslims are not arab. >> was it muslim students association the nsa that was trying to form on campus? >> yes, it was. >> do you understand the muslim student association is associated with the muslim brotherhood in the united states? do you understand that?
6:41 pm
>> i have no idea that is true. if you want to talk law, i will be happy to law. if you want to interrupted you will never learn anything and your listers won't find out what is going on. >> i'm trying to bring clarity here because you are all over the place. >> that is why we have a lawsuit. >> are you working on conjunction on islamic relations? >> that is totally irrelevant. that is a legal issue. the answer is no. it doesn't make any difference. >> so is it part of the muslim brotherhood, you won't answer that question? >> you can read anything off your sheet but why don't we talk about the issues. is it christian to deny them the right. >> they are not denied. they are not denied.
6:42 pm
the muslim students, they are not denied. >> they didn't say that. you will not tuned a single quote. >> i have a quote from the student, catholic university. he was quoted as saying, the community here, meaning the catholic community is very respectful of other religions. i feel free to openly practice it. name one name -- >> they fried to form the association. that is the issue. you are dropping the issue. the issue is forming an association. >> answer my question. >>er try to answer all your questions whether legal or otherwise. they are legally irrelevant. >> you haven't answered a single question. all right. >> what is wrong with giving them -- >> you have been talking in circles and i thank you for your time, sir. don't go anywhere the great
6:43 pm
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and tonight on great american panel. a fox legal news, peter thompson. and alicia menendez and david brody joins us. great to see you. let's start with the last story which was really crazy. peter, let me started with you on the legal aspect. he kept saying that my questions were legallyer relevant but a legal point of view. he hasn't had any student that has filed a complaint. he represents nobody. we are talking about a private thauvt can do whatever it wants? >> monica, i'm willing to admit
6:48 pm
to the bar. there is no standing as you pointed out. if they have no student who are making a complaint, all they have is a lawyer who seems to turn catholic university into a pinata. frankly i'm sick and tired of christian institutions and especially catholic institutions becoming victimized by nonsensical suits like this. catholic university is known as one of the most inclusive universities and welcomed universities for muslim students in the world. go on youtube. look it up. absolutely. alicia is here they have 122 students basically on the record we are fine here. we have not beef with the institution. we can worship the way we want. there are five islamic centers within five miles of the university.
6:49 pm
they have got no problems. where is this guy coming from? >> i think the institution is being victimized. if anyone is paying any attention, it doesn't seem to have merit to it. i any it's very strange there are not any students standing behind it. on a legal basis there is nothing here. >> and david, what do you make of the fact he would not answer my question whether or not he was working in conjunction with care the council on american relations, we're going to fund whatever you do? >> care is toxic. it's clear on many of the shows and care has a long track record here. what is interesting to me, the bullying factor. he was trying to obviously try to bully and intimidate you. this the tactic, a liberal environment use that. the question is for conservatives, for evangelicals,
6:50 pm
are they up for the task to fight this. >> quickly, there is an alliance between the left and the islamic radicals and muslim organizations that are here in the united states. i'm not saying this is an example of it, but we are seeing these kinds of things. >> it's disturbing, you look at occupy wall street. you look at the arab spring and you see some of the ain't semitic signs and arab and do they go together. it's disturbing. we need to geet keep an eye on it. >> and care made an appearance on occupy wall street. more of the panel coming up straight after the break. i heard they found energy here. it's good. we need the jobs. [customer:] we need to protect the environment.
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and we continue with our great american panel. big story, attorney general eric holder will be testifying in front of the house judiciary committee on november 8th about the fast and furious scandal. he is really up to his eyeballs because in may he testified he only recently a few weeks ago heard about it. now, we have found subs kent to
6:55 pm
that, now we find they were sending memos back and forth. so the question is when did he know it. there is a lot of momentum behind the investigation? >> i don't think it's that big of a deal. >> what? >> this is program that starred under the bush administration. it has proven to be successful in a number of ways. they did have a problem where they had one rogue organization. that is a problem, they should be focused on that. to make it fast and furious overall, i don't think there is a story here. >> let me remind alicia, the story is about. you have a gun walking scandal across an international border with one federal agent killed by one of these weapons. the 2,000 weapons to mexican drug cartels. this is a huge story.
6:56 pm
>> this is not a success story. this is a story of failure a tragic proportions. one is the program to begin with which is different than the bush program. two, was the truth told about when they knew about it and what they did about it? we had even more testimony this week in janet napolitano who for three months investigated nothing with regard to the connections between fast and furious, the death of agent. said i don't know. >> any communications. >> no, not there was not. so we had had a collection of incompetence or malfeasance and now we're going to find out was mr. holder telling the truth? did he get it confused? i hope he got confused. >> it goes to a transparency
6:57 pm
issue. look at the obama administration solyndra, you go back to no health care hearings on it. it goes to the point what this administration said they were going to do when they came in 2008. now, we're getting a collection of evidence which republican candidates can clearly use. >> we are up to eight members of congress openly calling for the resignation of eric holder. there are all republicans but there seems to somebody momentum for holding him accountable. >> yes. members from the republican party. you made a list of the biggest non-stories that we talk about here, but this is one more story to add to the list. if we want to go back to the conversation earlier about how they are bullying people on this issue of muslim rights. i think invite trying to bully the american government on a non-story, creating drama when there is no drama. >> you don't think the death of
6:58 pm
a border agent is not a big story? >> absolutely. that is a story. that is why the head of the asp has been fired. there has been done. >> peter, doesn't it seem that the attorney general in this case is either a liar or he is gross incompetent. in either case the american people should not be arresting easy? >> yes, and both of these issues go to the issue of competence and goes to the issue of transparency. together, where are we going in this country when we make decisions? the white house has decided after the six other investigations they are going to open their own investigation now on solyndra for whatever reason. we still don't know the answers on fast and furious, we don't know how it worked between these agencies. >> i would say that if you line ten people up the street in peoria, i don't think you're
6:59 pm
going to get nine out of ten that know everything about fast and furious. when it gets to seven, eight or nine out of ten, its major distraction for obama and whether or not holder will be left over. >> the mainstream media won't cover these stories. >> bigger political question, why is it politicians never learn. never the actual crime or situation that gets you in trouble. it's always the cover-up. we don't know if there is a cover-up here but, what have we learned? >> one word, ego. two words, they believe their own press corps. >> i don't think it's an example of that. >> we can move on to some extent. there still needs to be justice for the people that have fallen


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