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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 21, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. megyn: fox news alert from the campaign trail. we are hearing reports that all of the paid staffers working for michelle bachmann's presidential campaign in new hampshire have today quit. welcome to "america live," everybody, i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. the staff reportedly resigning in frustration in what is being told is the campaign's lack of commitment to new hampshire. carl cameron joins me now with the very latest on this. what do you know about this. carl. >> reporter: it appears she's lost the six paid staffers working for her in the grand state. this is a story broken by a reporter. six of them have departed.
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at least one is already working for rick perry's campaign and others will find their homes in other campaigns and leave michelle bachmann to her own devices in new hampshire. it's not entirely a surprise, the six staffers let it be known to republican officials in new hampshire for the last several weeks they were unhappy with her commitment to new hampshire. the minnesota congresswoman made no bones that she was uprooting her campaign from everywhere else in the country and moving it to iowa, putting her eggs into the caucus basket and taking advantage of her straw poll win. since she had that win she's taken a real drop in the poll and she has lost her campaign manager. earl rollins was her senior strategist and he has left. she has an interim campaign manager. there has not been the type of
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commitment to new hampshire that they expect of the candidate. the staffers now have begun to depart the campaign we're told. we have not got even a single phone call or email replied to by anybody in the bachmann campaign. multiple staffers have got even multiple phone calls and emails. not a single world. no denial with growing word in new hampshire that the bachmann campaign staffers are no longer. martha: clearly she is putting her eggs in all the baskets in iowa. we'll see what happens to her in new hampshire. new hampshire may not be an issue if she doesn't get what she needs to get out of iowa. >> reporter: she is far behind in iowa in the polls. without a strong performance and without a sam pain staff in new hampshire it's unlikely she gets farther than that. martha: carl thank you very much. carl cameron reporting on that for us. we are also a waiting a big event in detroit right now.
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herman cain is there getting ready to make a key economic speech tonight with the wind at his back in this republican race right now. check this out, according to the latest "real clear politics" national average herman cain now leads the entire republican field. raising a big question. what is next and how does he take the momentum from there. it's a sliver of a lead over mitt romney. that is a collection of polls. james rosen joins me live from washington with more on herman cain today. good afternoon, james. >> reporter: good afternoon. this event is in the record books. he was in detroit this morning. he delivered the last missing piece of nice 999 economic plan. it is a proposal to help the poor by creating opportunity zones in inner city america. the blunt talking former pizza chain executive has surged to the top of the polls has martha just showed largely on the basis of his strong debate
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performances and two the luring simplicity of the 99 plan. a 9% tax on corporate profits, a 9% tax on individuals. today while claiming it's been in his plan all along he announced a new exemption for the poor as part of the plan to create the so-called opportunity zones. if you're at or below the poverty level, mr. cane said in detroit just about two hours ago, your plan isn't 999, it's 909. say amen yall he said to the crowd. 9 zero 9. if you are at or below the poverty level based upon family size because there is a different number for each one then you don't pay the middle 9 tax than our income. this is how we help the poor he says. he addressed the recent criticism of his plan. an analysis here in washington last tuesday, the day of the last gop debate found that 999
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would raise taxes by almost a thousand percent on those household earning between 10 and 20 grant a year. political analysts were unimpressed by the sudden appearance of 9-zero 9. >> you know if you're going to present a simple plan it better be simple, and straightforward. once you start to have to amend it, modify it, elaborate. it's not the same plan. and he needs to understand that. >> reporter: and there is criticism from other quarters. as i reported exclusively on fox news last night canes plan for stkupbt zones angers big labor. to qualify the tax breaks they will have to take steps the unions don't like such as abolishing the minimum wage and school choice. martha: there is big breaking news in "what. it could be bad news for the herman cain campaign. he is being hammered there for a recent statement that he made on
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abortion. mr. cain will join us live in about 15 minutes to talk about this new controversy, along with the new round of attacks on his economic plans. we'll talk about the opportunity zones with him. we look forward to that. that is coming up about five minutes from now. fed chair ben bernanke expressing new concerns today about the u.s. housing market as rao*e riotsee skwrupt. he is suggesting a possible new and massive multi-million collar bail out for the u.s. banks, another bail out may be on the horizon. and will it prevent a crisis here in the united states? we'll talk to a writer from the financial magazine "barrons" about the specifics about how this potential bail out in the u.s. might work. there are new developments to tell you about in libya. one day after the violent death of moammar qaddafi according to one report the fallen dictators
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wife urged the u.n. to investigate moammar qaddafi's death. look at this. unbelievable video that we saw of this violent scene, as he was killed on the streets there in libya. as libya's new government is about to announce the country's quote liberation. david piper, streaming live from tripoli with the plan going forward in libya. good morning, david. >> reporter: hi, mart that, yes the plan at the moment was to bury moammar qaddafi's body within 24 hours but that has been delayed at this time because a third party international criminal court, we believe, has asked to examine the body just to make sure it is in fact the body of moammar qaddafi. his body is in the found of misrata at this time. it has been put on display over the last 24 hours with many citizens of that town having their picture taken with it. you need to understand, we've been to misrata, and large parts
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of the city were destroyed during the fighting, as moammar qaddafi's forces tried to get into that place. so there is still great anger over what happened there, and they've loss many people and their fighters were right at the front line of that fight for his hometown of sirte. there is also a massive debate still going on, what exactly happened to moammar qaddafi after he was captured in sirte yesterday. they discovered him in that drainage ditch and he was brought out, according to the libyan authorities, and he was u.n. scathed maybe partially injured. it seems as they took him to the car according to libyan authorities he took a bullet to the stomach and shoulder and another to the head during crossfire as he was in the car already. they insist that he wasn't executed, but there is some video evidence that suggests he was parade on the top of the car in sirte, and perhaps even roughed up, but really when he got to misrata they did discover
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he was dead an had bullet wounds to the body. so there is a lot of debate in groups like human rights watch and amnesty are looking now for an investigation into that. but libya is moving on, they are planning large celebrations tomorrow, because the libyan authorities will announce the whole country liberated then, and then, martha, there will be of course a massive party here in tripoli, back to you. martha: unbelievable scenes we have seen on that video and playing out on the ground. thank you very much. the "new york post" zeroing in on moammar qaddafi's killer, echoing arab media reports that a 20-year-old gun-slinging yankee fan fired the fatal shot. look at that, that was the headline we woke up to here in new york. moammar qaddafi killed by yankee fan. the dictator as we saw in this incredible hard to watch rid kwroe pulled from a drainage pipe trying to escape his hometown of sirte. the young man that we have shown
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you pictured in the upper right hand corner of the "new york post" there waiving a gold pistol he claimed to have swiped from moammar qaddafi. incredible. another big for redeveloping right now. we are getting some hints about a multibillion-dollar bail out that may be underway for america's banks, folks. we are going to investigate this report that will have huge ramifications for our economy, that is coming up. it sounds catchy and easy but herman cain's 999 tax plan is getting battered around especially by a top union leader. herman cain will join us to respond to that right after this break. >> workers are working hard and their wages have stagnated. to have herman cain a serious contender on the republican side make a statement like that, that he wants to further lower wages, he wants to do away with the minimum wage, it's almost laughable. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
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. >> today i can report that as promised the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years america's war in iraq will be over. martha: that was president obama just moments ago announcing what he calls the end of the war in iraq. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. first, jennifer what does all this mean in terms of your troops? >> reporter: what it means is that the 40,000 or so troops that are left in iraq right now, they will be home by december 31st as part of that status of forces agreement. it means that the obama administration failed to get the maliki government to agree to have any u.s. troops stay beyond that deadline. what were interesting about the words that were chosen by the president in a carefully worded statement about the end of what
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he described as the long war in iraq he presented its the fulfillment of a campaign promise. he laid out how he promised to bring troops home. he used words such as all of our troops in iraq will be home for the holidays. really what he failed to mention is that the maliki government did not give the pentagon and the state department what they wanted, which was going to be diplomatic immunity for the thousand of troops that would have stayed onto train the iraqi forces and insure there wasn't a vacuum and that fighting between shiites and s u.n. nis didn't break out, and the president wanted to present this as the fulfillment of a campaign promise to end the iraq war. martha: thank you very much. jennifer griffin on that big news out of the white house at
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the pentagon today. we also have this very big story that is breaking today on the campaign trail. there is a big backlash that is growing in iowa today following herman cain's recent comments about abortion. a conservative radio host coming out and calling cain in iowa, pro-choice for making these remarks. watch this closely, to pierce morgue tpwapb just last night. >> what is your view of abortion? >> i believe that life begins at conception, and abortion under no circumstances. >> no circumstances? >> no circumstances. >> because many of your fellow candidates, some of them qualify that. >> they qualify it but -- >> rape and inch crest. >> rape and inch crest. >> are you honestly saying again, it's a tricky question i know. you've had children, grandchildren. >> yes. >> if one of our female children, grandchildren was raped -- >> uh-huh. >> -- you would honestly want her to bring up that baby as her
10:17 am
own. >> you're mixing two things here. >> why? that's what it comes down to. >> it comes down to it's not the government's role, or anybody elses role to make that decision. if you look at the statistical incidents you're not talking about that big a number. so what i'm saying is it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family, or that father hamother has to make. not me as president, not some politician, not a bureaucrat, it gets down to that family, and whatever they decide, they decide. i shouldn't try to tell them what decision to make. martha: we are joined now by herman cain. mr. cain, welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you, martha, happy to be with you. martha: it's good to have you with us again. >> thank you. martha: that description sounds an awful lot like choice. >> it's not martha. let's go back. he was asking me two questions. my position on abortion has
10:18 am
been -- and pro-life has been the same throughout this am campaign, and that is i am pro-life from conception, and i don't believe in abortion. when he then tried to pigeonhole me on my granddaughter being there as a victim of a rape, then what would i do? the only point i was trying to make, a lot of families will be in that position and they are not going to be thinking, well what does the government want me to do? my position is, no abortion. my position is no abortion. but all i was trying to point out was, take the typical family in this country and you don't know what they might do in the heat of the moment, that's what i was trying to say that. martha: i understand that. here is the issue that pro-life people are having to have with that. they are saying that you're presenting it as a choice, a decision that is to be made by the family, not something that is considered murder lie the laws of this country, so that's
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where you draw the line. rick santorum who we will have on later came out and said for him there is absolutely no dividing line. there are plenty of people out here, catholic politicians, for example that said exactly what you just said. when it comes down to it they are absolutely pro-life but they want the government to stay out of the decision and they want the family to make the ultimate decision and they've got even a lot of grief for that. that is where the tough line is on this for you. and you're getting a lot of backlash from a very influential radio host in iowa for you this morning, and they say it will be problem math cal for you with the people in iowa. >> i'm sorry it will be problematic. i'll state again, i am pro-life from conception, no sepgss. i was trying to separate two situations. if they won't allow me to separate those two situations that's unfortunate. if i'm pro-life from conception,
10:20 am
no exceptions, eupl not fund any abortions by the government. i will sigi was trying to make another point, and if that point was miss construed or misinterpreted -- martha: the question is do you believe abortion should be legal in this country for families who want to make that decision? >> no, no, no, i do not believe abortion should be legal in this country if that's the question. martha: then you're saying that if those circumstances come up and the family does make that decision, that they decide that that is the best thing for this young person, or she decides that on her own if that's what they decided that it would be an illegal abortion that they would need to seek. >> it would be an illegal abortion. look, abortion should not be legal, that is clear, but if that family made a decision to break the law, that is that family's decision, that's all i'm trying to stay. martha: understood. mr. cain stay with us.
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we have a lot to talk about. your opportunity zones you want to talk about and your 9-9-9 plan that you want to talk about, those are very important issues, will you stay with us until after the break. >> absolutely. martha: we'll be right back in three minutes from now. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks...
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martha" back now in our conversation with herman cain. mr. cain you are being attacked today on your economic plan, in particular by richard tr u.n. ca, head of the aflcio. let's listen to this. >> it's tough to take anything like that seriously. workers are working hard and their wages have stagnated. to have herman cain, a serious contender on the republican side
10:25 am
make a statement like that that he wants to further lower wages, he want to do away with the minimum wage, it's almost laughable. martha" let's do a little background on that. that was richard tr u.n. ca. he's talk being about the stkupb opportunity zones. you might have to do away with the minimum wage as part of the process, explain that to us. >> the opportunity zones would be determined on a city by city basis. what we're saying under 9-9-9 businesses already can duct purchases and capitol expenditures, in an opportunity zone they could qualify for deducting payroll and other expenses to give them a better chance to succeed. now what i'm saying is if the field is not leveled from one city to the other, if one city is a right to work city and another city has so-called prevailing union wages, that is
10:26 am
not fair. we cannot subsidize one city that is trying to do the right thing by having competitive wages and another city that is having union wages. so that's what we're saying with opportunity zones. you've got to level the playing field. martha" you're touching in a very interesting part of the economic recovery issue in this country, and it's no surprise that richard tr u.n. ca is pushing back on this. the big question is, how are you going to neutralize the union issue in dealing with this. >> the way i plan to neutralize the union's objections to it because they really don't want the tax code change. they like the fact that they can lobby with all the stuff in it. i'm going to have the voice of the people on my side. the voice of the people is what will make the difference. the reason that he and others are pushing back is that people understand 9-9-9. they intuitively feel that it is the right thing to do, and, yes, it is bold. so the voice of the people is what's going to make the
10:27 am
difference. the unions might have 12% of the workers in this country but i'm going to be speaking on behalf of the other 898% in terms of what we need to do to get this economy growing again the way it can. martha" this 9-9-9 is obviously a huge issue for you and your campaign. the more it gets sort of picked apart and looked at, and the more adjustments and changes that you make to it, now that there is a 9-0-9 i understand for those who fall under the poverty line, some say once you do away with leveling the playing field, once you stop doing that by making exceptions for some groups doesn't it kind of undercut the validity of the plan as a whole? >> you're right, mart that, but here is the thing. we've had that poverty provision in there all along in terms of the amount of revenue that we were going to generate with 9-9-9. we've had the opportunity zone in there all along. martha" why didn't you bring that up earlier then, i guess is
10:28 am
the question? >> the reason, martha i didn't bring it up earlier is because i wanted to introduce people to the idea before i unveiled some of the other pieces. look it's already been attacked because they said that it didn't do this. and didn't do that. my point is this. they didn't read my plan all the way through. and so now i'm explaining that piece. so my point is simply this. those provisions were already there. the people who are attacking it simply did not look at the analysis. martha" the tax policy center has put out their analysis, mr. cain and they are saying that 84% of taxpayers would see an increase in their taxes, rick santorum brought this up recently with you in a debate. we will talk to him in a little while. >> martha, i can't let you go with that. that is erroneous information. even the tax policy group that did that admitted at the end of it that they took out the poverty provision we had and they took out the stkupbt zone
10:29 am
provision. i get frustrated. they changed the assumption saying that 84% of the people is going to pay more in taxes is a lie, l-i-e. i'm not mad at you mart that, i get passionate. martha" you're one of the few people that come out with a bold plan. [applause] martha" rick perry has a flat tax. he wants to take away the ground that he has grabbed in this campaign. what do you have to say about his flat tax proceed proceeds al? >> when i see the details of his plan, then i will comment on it. i'm not going to make the mistake that some of the others have made. they are attacking my plan before they actually understood the whole plan, and we have made the analysis available. so when i see governor perry's plan and the details then i will make comments and compare it to 9-9-9. martha" mr. cain we love to talk to you. >> all right. remember, 9-9-9 means jobs,
10:30 am
jobs, jobs, and that's why they are attack being it. martha" we always say you have the people with you, and you definitely have the people around you with you today. we thank you very much for being with us. look forward to talking to you again soon, thank you, sir. >> all right. [applause] >> yes we can. martha" that's a pretty good idea. he has a whole bunch of people giving him applause. we thank him as always for being with us today. he has a speech tonight we will watch closely as well and we'll talk about that later. this story has captivated the attention of so many people in this country, the search for this little baby girl named lis a. she is 11 months old. she vanished from her missouri home two weeks ago. just ahead there are new leads today in what happened here. that is coming up. stick around for that. in the meantime the president is trying to push his jobs plan at a fire house, getting less than an enthusiastic response on this. how does all this go down with the american people? >> there are things we can do right now that will make a
10:31 am
difference, and that's why i sent to congress the american jobs act. the jobs bill -- you can go ahead and applaud, go ahead. there is nothing wrong witness. verizon 4g lte.
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martha: all right. let's get you a couple stories we are following around the country right now. two nuclear reactors in virginia are about to go back online
10:35 am
since an august earthquake, the reactors were not damaged and they are ready to restart. plus, walmart no longer offering health insurance to new part-time employees working less than 24 hours a week and will now charge workers who use tobacco a little more for their health care plan. ask the largest study on cell phones and cancer. danish researchers are finding no evidence of any link between the two. good for us, we spend a lot of time on our cell phones, right? to washington, now, and a strikeout for a pair of job measures, one part of the president's plan to help the states keep workers in place including teachers ask fire and policemen in those states. several democrats broke ranks to vote against it. the other plan, the gop plan, this is sort of the untold part of this story, had six democratic cosponsors and a lot of leverage, but that one went down as well.
10:36 am
so what happens now for the whole america's jobs act plan in this country? joined by christopher hahn, former aide to democratic senator chuck schumer, and chris plant. the chris and chriss. welcome, guys. chris han, to you first on this. it's fascinating when you look at this gop bill that was presented by scott brown, i believe, that had the support of a number of democrats including mccaskill and, well, independent joe lieberman, a number of democrats were in favor of it. actually, mccaskill wasn't in on that, but why do you think that got so much support, and it went down as well? >> well, you know, six of the democrats out of 52 is not exactly an overwhelming support for the democratic side. but, you know, let's face it, the republicans right now are putting up the same stuff that got us into this mess to begin with. i don't know how mitch mcconnell keeps a straight face on the floor of the senate when all he advocates is failed
10:37 am
policies that haven't created jobs over the last 12 years -- martha: march -- but, chris, the point of what i was trying to say is the republican jobs bill got more support than the president's jobs bill in passagement. >> it got five democrats and joe lieberman, and i don't think joe lieberman's been a democrat for some time. you know, there are 52 democrats in the house -- in the senate, and we have to get some republicans to say, listen, we care more about creating jobs in america than the next election because republicans want to see this economy continue to fail because they care about november 2012 and not what's happening -- martha: all right, chris plant's shaking his head. go ahead, chris. >> yeah, well, this is the mantra, it's name calling, blame the republicans who want to burn your house down, want you to be raped, murdered, they call you terrorists. you know, the president's jobs bill is not a serious jobs bill. everybody knows it. it was not serious when it was
10:38 am
hatched. it's been put out there to pick fights with so, you know, chris can do his duty as a good democrat and attack the republicans and blame them. the bipartisan side was the republican side. the republicans with democrats. the purely partisan side in both votes has been the democrats sticking to -- martha: well, it does make it kind of difficult to say that republicans and democrats respect willing to get together because -- weren't willing to get together because the closest they got was the scott brown gop bill. you can't deny that actually is a fact. chris hahn, marco rubio came out and said we can't afford to be bailing out local governments, and one of the main issues with this $35 billion bill which was the first kind of piece that was broken out of the bigger jobs bill that failed would have gone to keep teachers in their jobs and also policemen and firemen in local commitments. >> right. martha: but he's basically saying, look, you know, these states and local levels have done such a hour remember discuss job of running things on
10:39 am
their own, you know, we can't just throw good money after bad, and we don't know, essentially, that that money will go once it's given to these local municipalities and states to actually keep those jobs. >> well, you know, marco rubio's ignoring what happened with the last stimulus. those dollars did go to keep teachers, cops and firefighters in their jobs. i'm surprised at marco rubio. usually republicans are strong on defense and public safety. rubio seems to not like our american military from his comments yesterday, and he seems to not like cops in america. i don't want understand this. i -- i don't understand this. martha: camden and newark have laid off huge numbers of police in their departments because they could not reach a deal with the unions. it had very little to do with whether their budgets are getting -- >> you know what? having been in a position where i worked in local government in nassau county, it's very, very difficult to keep these forces properly staffed, and the negotiations with the unions are very tough especially in these difficult economic times we're
10:40 am
facing right now. the city of newark, for example, has really been hurting. their tax base has almost disappeared, and they need help from the federal government to -- >> oh, please. martha: the mayor there walked away from those negotiations because the union would not give them anywhere near a deal on this. chris plante -- >> well, and a democrat mayor, and democrats are bankrupting city after city and state after state because of the corrupt and dirty back room deals with the unions who are largely responsible for the financial plight that the states and municipalities and cities are in. the reality is we're starting now only under the obama administration to federalize the obligations for corrupt democrats and their colleagues, their allies in the corrupt union leadership who have bankrupted the states and the municipalities, and now they're coming to the federal government. we're already bankrupt, pal. enough of this name calling. this is a math problem, not just a political problem, and democrats are bankrupting this country. >> mr. planete --
10:41 am
martha: we've got to go, guys. [inaudible conversations] >> municipal jobs? they call a municipal job a job, and if we lay off cops and teachers and firefighters it's just going to add -- martha: you know what? there has been in this argument a bit of an oversimplification as to whether or not one side simply doesn't care if people get hurt and thievery takes place on the streets because this bill doesn't pass. obviously, they've really -- >> very generous to call it an oversimplification. [laughter] thank you. chris hahn, chris plante, see you next time. all right, brand new poll numbers to show you, and they do point to new concerns for president obama's re-election effort. at the top of the hour, we're going to show you what americans are saying about the president's plans and how hopeful they are about whether they can fix the economy. those numbers are going to shock you, they're coming up. and first, a taxpayer-backed loan goes to a green company
10:42 am
that goes belly up, but now there's another $500 million loan went to an electric car company that is, guess what? building cars in finland. that's right. and rick santorum is here. he is bashing the 9-9-9 plan from herman cain, as you know. so how does former senator santorum plan to get the economy going on his own? what's his plan? we're going to ask him when he joins me live in about ten minutes from now. >> number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine ♪
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martha: this is the weirdest story of the week, right? now we've got new details on the killing of dozens of exotic wild animals that were freed by their owner at an ohio preserve. basically, the owner had multiple complaints against him over the years including allegations that he starved cattle, that some of the cages
10:46 am
were not padlocked, and authorities thought that the fences were just too low to keep the animals in which certainly turned out to be the case. this man's name was terry thompson. he had run-ins with his neighbor as well. police say he released most of the animals before he took his own life. six animals survived. they were the ones that didn't run away, basically, and they have been taken in now by the columbus zoo. let's get to the world's finances and the u.s.' finances for a moment here and some comments from fed chair ben bernanke that are getting a lot of attention today. he's hinting that we may be in for another round of a massive bailout for u.s. banks. this is a huge piece of news, and he is citing, of course, the debt woes that are happening in europe right now. we've got a new plan to prevent a similar situation from happening here at home. joined by bob o'brien, good to see you. >> thank you.
10:47 am
martha: all right, what's the plan? >> to once genre start the fed's process of buying up a lot of these, you know, kind of toxic instruments the banks have been generating over the years. we thought that program, those kinds of initiatives came to an end in september of this year. martha: yeah. >> it was, you know, the longer it went on, it became increasingly controversial. the fed seemed to be taking its foot off the pedal, but now there's indication that really the fed's just kind of backed off a little bit, and now they're thinking -- martha: this is a tough situation because these european banks are in this serious situation they appear to be in without any real wherewithal to take care of the problem, it's going to end up hurting our u.s. banks that hold so much, you know, have such big interests in these u.s. banks, right? so he wants to bolster our u.s. banks so they don't collapse or drive us into another recession in this country, but he's going to do it by buying up bad stuff and putting it on the government's books instead of leaving it on the banks' books?
10:48 am
>> yeah. so who are you bailing out? the are you trying to help the unemployed in the united states, are you trying to help out homeowners? no. you're trying to once again help out bankers and, you know, the banks that created this problem in the first place. but you're right, the problems start this europe, but they're going to whip their way around the world, and they're eventually going to land on our shores. martha: you know, it brings us back to the question of eventually do you have to take the pain? does somebody have to take the pain? do we have to see some of these banks, perhaps, go out of business? do we have to count on the government to protect the investments people have in these banks, but do we have to let somebody fail along the line? >> it really has to start in europe, and europe has to come to grips with the problem which european regulators have not done at all. they're going to have to take a haircut on some of their investments -- martha: but they have to do that, right? >> and there's nothing that we can do, i mean, you know, if you
10:49 am
give bernanke any credit, at least he gave those european regulators sort of an example, sort of a road map for how we managed to at least reduce -- i mean, nobody's, you know, we had a financial crisis, how much worse would it have been if fed hadn't done -- martha: if we don't do what he's advising, what happens here? >> well, we could, you know, then all the efforts we have made over the last four years prove to be for absolute naught, and then we're back into a global recession and perhaps a global depression. that's a worry that's getting kicked around a lot more. martha: great. and you know the senators who were this that briefing with him came out with long faces. they said this is a very serious situation. >> it's a very serious -- and there's no political appetite right now, obviously, for the fed to, you know, increase its own spending. you know, because at the end of the day all that's really doing is empowering this budget deficit that's crippling the u.s. economy. martha: scary situation. >> it's awful. and there's not a clear road map out of the problems.
10:50 am
martha: great. bob, thank you. [laughter] for sharing that cheery news with us today, thank you, bob. bob o'brien from barons -- baron's. we're getting breaking news that is coming in just moments ago in terms of the search for the baby known as liver -- lisa irwin. new eyewitnesses are offering the police some possible new leads in this case. we're going to go out to trace gallagher, he is next from the breaking news desk on that. >> what happened was we were having a meeting, and one guy went postal. went postal and pulled out an ak-47. p . martha: march what an awful morning that was. we're getting the 911 call for help moments after a gunman opened fire in california. p a dy helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria
10:51 am
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martha: all right, we are back, and a brand new survey revealing the sad state of health among u.s. workers. the gallup poll showing 86% of full-time workers are overweight, obese or suffering from at least one chronic health problem, and those pounds add up to dollars and cents. according to gallup, unhealthy workers miss 450 million more days of work each year than healthy workers do, and that is costing u.s. businesses a lot of money, $153 billion in lost productivity. that is a tough situation for american companies. and now getting back to this 911 tape that we played going into the break. for the first time, we are hearing the desperate calls from a deadly shooting spree in california. on october the 5th a gunman went on a rampage at cupertino rock quarry killing three coworkers
10:55 am
and injuring seven other people before leading police on a fatal manhunt. trace gallagher has more on this. hey, trace. >> reporter: we listened, martha, to several minutes and, boy, the sense of urgency in these calls is palpable. you have people begging the dispatcher saying, please, please, send police. in a matter of seconds the gunman shot nine of his coworkers. in the next ten minutes after that, four people called 911. listen, now, to a call from a man who'd actually been shot himself several times. play it. >> reporter: that man, by the way, went on the say that he was more worried about his boss who'd been shot in the heart. the dispatcher told that person, look, grab a towel, try and stop the bleeding. the man responded by saying there's no cloth in the world that could stop what's going on
10:56 am
here. listen, now, to two more callers including one person who says he knows the shooter. listen. >> reporter: please help me, everybody's going to die in there. three did die. the map pled the scene, was on the lam for 27 hours before killing himself during a police shootout the next morning. again, three dead, certain wounded. martha: terrible story. all right, trace, thanks. we'll check back in with now in a little while. so moments ago herman cain
10:57 am
was here, and he was taking on his critics. just ahead, former senator rick santorum fires back as he calls out mr. cain on abortion and the economy. we're going to ask him why he thinks his ideas are better. we're going to take a break, we'll be right back with more. on by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree wl see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ed to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring yr challenges. new fiber one 80 calories... ...with its sweet honey taste, 40% daily value of fiber... ...and 80 calories per serving... may want to tell a few friends. ♪ or all of them. ♪
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martha: breaking news on the president and his re-election hopes. we have trouble new polls on the economy and how president obama is handling it. that is a brand-new hour starting now of "america live." i'm martha maccallum in today for megyn kelly. here is a brand-new survey we are looking at. it is asking americans to rate the president's handling of the u.s. economy. only 40% approve and 60% disaeu property less than 40% say that the president's proposals for lowering unemployment will actually work, and that may be the most troubling number of all for him. chris stirewalt shows knee now, fox news digital politics editor. welcome. lots to talk about here today. what was the overwhelming take away from these numbers for
11:01 am
you? >> your take away here is that the president has been on the road, on the campaign trail since labor day, and he has been pushing very hard on the notion of his stimulus package, and package of tax increases for top income earners. the take away from him is he can't credibly pressure republicans or make them into the bad guy if americans don't like his ideas and don't think that he has a good way forward on the economy. when you see numbers that say that more than two-thirds of americans think the country is on the wrong track, and simultaneously don't think that the president has a good plan for getting the economy going, that is sort of a dead spin for the president that is very hard to break out of. martha: it sure is. as you say he's been working hard to turn that notion around. let's take a look at the next number that came out from this apjlk poll. it looks like this. this one, actually this is the
11:02 am
gallop number which is very interesting, the approval rating and they break it down into quarters. we are now in quarter 11. he's at his lowest number ever in this rating at 41%, down from last quarter, a huge drop in just this last period, and the striking thing is when you compare him to other presidents in this regard, take a look at this next one, which shows him with jimmy carter, only jimmy carter was doing worse in this quarter 11 period that they gauge it by than all the other presidents combined, obama and jimmy carter are at the bottom of this list for this particular time period. there it is 31.4% for jimmy carter versus 41 for president obama. hathat's a tough situation if you're the campaign manager. >> we like the kwauter lease because they smooth out some of the day-to-day back and forth and it tkpwaeufs you a basic idea of where the electorate's head was at. this is the pivot point where you're now a year away from the
11:03 am
election, basically, and the cake starts to be pretty well baked. with top economists agreeing that the best case satisfactory kwraeur kwroe for the united states is barely approve replacement economic growth that is not a good sign. there isn't a lot ofee last advertise a tee in the numbers. it's hard to get a big change. the president can be happy he's not at 31% but he can be unhappy that he isn't where comeback kids like ronald reagan and bill clinton were at this time. he is substantially behind where they were. martha: people still, a lot of people still blame bush for the problems in the economy, almost three years later which i found really striking, and that seems to be part of their mo here, in terms of saying, you know, look these problems were baked in the cake, the president is doing the best job he can, and things will start look up, you have to hang in there with us. >> reporter: but the concern for the president and his re-election campaign is that it is possible for voters to day
11:04 am
that george w. bush was a bad president on the economy and still not reelect barack obama. getting bush to stick to the republicans and somehow make obama look later is going to be tough to make fly. what he is going to say is it could have been worse and that is not very appealing. martha: thank you. good to see you. something to report to you about poverty in america to you and it's a very sobering report. a u.s. census reports that a dozen states are now facing poverty levels of 17% or higher. mississippi is facing the worst levels 22.4% of the people in mississippi are under that poverty level. to put that into perspective, nearly one in four people in that state live below the poverty line. new hampshire has the lowest rate in the nation. and a glimmer of good news on the economic front, and we need that, right? the labor department reporting that unemployment rates fell in half of the states last month, possible sign that september's pick up in hiring was felt
11:05 am
around the country. nevada retains the highest unemployment rate for the 16th straight month. home of the last president gop wanna-be presidential debate. they are saying at stubborn lehigh 13.4%. california is next on the list with a 12.1% unemployment rate. tough times there. the big story out of washington today, president obama announcing that the u.s. will pull all of its troops from iraq by the end of this year. drawing the war to a conclusion the president is saying that america should be ready to welcome troops home for the holidays. >> the coming months will be another season of home comings. across america our servicemen and women will be reunited with their families. today i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. martha: that is good news, of course for those families. the obama administration did consider leaving behind a force
11:06 am
between 3 to 5,000 troops for contingencies, but a divided iraqi government could not reach an agreement that would give american forces some immunity from iraq's laws. the iraq war costing the u.s. more than $800 billion when all is said and done, and claiming the lives of more than 3500 american service members. many more wounded. we're getting details now on the death of moammar qaddafi as people across libya celebrate the law of the brutal dictator, his life ending where it began in his hometown of sirte. we are learning more about the very last violent moments of moammar qaddafi's life. jennifer griffin is investigating this for us. live from the pentagon, hey, jennifer. >> reporter: moammar qaddafi was supposed to be buried today in an unmarked grave but clearly the new government is deciding not to keep with muslim tradition, not to bury him within the first 24 hours. his body is still being essentially moved around, but
11:07 am
from place to place. people are lining up outside of a house we're told on the outskirts of misrata to see the slain body of moammar qaddafi, some of them taking pictures with the dead body. clearly not there to pay their respects. at first they weren't sure where to put him. we have video and i must warn viewers, it is graphic of his body being laid out in a small commercial freezer used by restaurants in misrata. investigators from the haig want to see the body to try and figure out how he was killed. clearly visible is a small bullet wound behind his left ear making it look less and less like he was caught in the crossfire. the obama administration deciding not to criticize the way moammar qaddafi has been treated, and how his corpse has been treat. this is how state department spokesman mark toner put it a few minutes ago. >> it goes without saying that there was -- that this was a clear case of the fog of war, of
11:08 am
a very fluid situation. we've seen snippets of film played incest tapbt leon media outlets throughout the world, but that does not provide a clear enough picture of what took place. >> reporter: we have more details from nato about the role of their air strikes. a convoy of about 75 vehicles were leaving sirte, nato aircraft struck one vehicle, we're told, 20 vehicles then broke away. in the end a u.s. drone and french warplane destroyed 11 vehicles all together. but nato is going out of its way to say that they didn't know moammar qaddafi was in the convoy, quote, the vehicles were carrying a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition posing a significant threat to the local civilian population. the convoy was engaged by a nato aircraft to reduce the threat. they are saying that, martha, was according to the u.n. mandate they did not have the right, nato didn't have the right to target moammar qaddafi or any individual himself, martha. martha: very interesting.
11:09 am
we have more on that coming up as well. thanks for that. news that you just are getting with regard to some grounded planes. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, we've just learned from u.s. air force officials that language lee air force base here in virginia has grounded all of its f-22 fighter jets after an incident with a pilot yesterday flying one of those f-22 raptors. he experienced what is known as hypoxia, not enough oxygen getting to his brain. he had to return to base. we are told that air force officials are meeting to decide whether to broaden that grounding of the f-22 to the larger fleet as a whole. the f-22 has been troeubld and they've had these problems in the past. martha: thank you very much. we'll look to hear more on that coming up. and there are some new efforts that are underway today in the search for a missouri baby who vanished more than two weeks ago. kansas city police are now pursuing 65 out of state leads in their investigation into what happened to lisa irwin.
11:10 am
she was ten months old when her parents say that she literally disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. so far nearly 700 tips and leads now cleared and turning up nothing. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with, boy this is such a mystery, trace, what have we got today. >> reporter: there is a fascinating new report, martha, that is coming out saying on the night or morning that baby lisa disappeared, that a man in the neighborhood saw another man actually carrying a baby around lisa's house. here is the interesting part of it. 45 degrees, right? and the man wasn't wearing a jacket, he had a t-shirt on and the baby didn't have a blanket or a coat. the man said he didn't report it to police until a week later because he never made the connection. now of course police are investigating that. of course we're used to seeing csi wrap these things up in an hour, this is day 17. we have 20 investigators on this. the f.b.i., local police, dozens of searches. they x-rayed the home and still not one solid lead to go on, and the relationship between the
11:11 am
parents and the police is clearly strained. police saying the parents know more than they are telling and they are refusing to answer questions only they can answer. the attorneys for the parents are now pushing back saying the parents have done everything in their power to cooperate and they accuse the police of trying to force a confession in this. saying during their first interview they advanced this theory that the mom accidentally killed the baby, maybe in a fit of rage, well now the mom of course is sraoe h denying that. if you talk to the cops they really are back at square one. they've got nothing to advance them to the next search. martha: where is there child is the question, trace. thank you very much. breaking news coming in ahead. reports that the obama administration gave a half a billion dollars in taxpayer money to an electric car company. but in this case the jobs went overseas. we've got more on that for you.
11:12 am
and new york city may be just about close to taking a harder line with these wall street protestors, folks. people living nearby are starting to complain about some pretty outrageous behavior. i know that is shocking, right? wait until you hear what they are claiming and some of what is going on down there. gop presidential candidate santa ancandidate rick santorum taking on herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. >> they are attacking my plan before they understood the whole plan. we have made the analysis available. remember, 9-9-9 means jobs, jobs, jobs and that's why they are attacking it. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years.
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11:16 am
martha: residents of one cash-strapped town now proposing a special tax on one of the world's most popular whiskeys. john roberts is live at the jack daniels distill lee in lynchburg, tennessee. good afternoon, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, martha. it's raising a lot of charges that jack daniels is being targeted just because it is successful. every year they make about 23 million-gallons of this special tennessee whiskey. as you can imagine that brings in an awful lot of revenue. local folks are saying, hey, why doesn't jack daniels pay on every barrel of whiskey that it fills, a $10 tax. jack daniels is saying, wait a second here we contribute already to moore county. which is a dry county. 450 people work for jack daniels. they provide one-third of the county's tax base and tommy beam who is the general manager of
11:17 am
jack daniels says enough is enough. where does all this stop? this is what he told me. >> this industry is already taxed the highest taxed industry in the country. we pay almost 50 to 60% for the cost of a bottle of jack daniels which is already taxed. we think that is enough. a tax like this we think is a job killer. >> reporter: in fact beam told me that he's hired about 25 to 30 people in the last few months. but if this tax were to be implemented costing him not 4 to $5 million a year slow growth may mean he can't continue to hire people. the ballot initial tiff is driven by charles rogers, 75 years old, has eleven in moore county most of his life, born and bread here. he says if a film compan a a film company uses this. jack daniels owes something.
11:18 am
25,000 people expected for the international barbecue competition. they say why they bring in business they are an inconvenience, and jack daniels should pay the people in moore county for suffering through the inconvenience. here is what he told me. >> we get 25, 30,000 people coming in here, we can't even move around, there is no place to park, traffic is backed up sometimes a mile or two up the road. >> reporter: you don't like being a tourist trap. >> that's correct. i don't. a lot of people don't. >> reporter: you know i talked to a lot of businesses here in lynchburg and they are split on the whole thing. some people feel yeah, jack daniels has pockets deep enough to pay tpoerb schools, bridges and a new sewage plant which they desperately need. many of them are also worried that bringing in all these tourists, taxing them may be biting the hand that feeds them. martha: that is a fascinating story. i'm sure tourists spend their money at the hotels and restaurants in town.
11:19 am
i don't think that's persuasive enough for tt gentleman. interesting story. >> reporter: they are hoping to get it on the ballot in time for the primary in march. martha: it's kind of a mike ow microkosm come pictured to what is going on in in country. new fallout over accusations that the president is dividing our country politically. congressman paul ryan speaking out saying that the president, he believes, is picking sides. this is a really interesting radio interview that he did. we are going to get you some of that and let you hear it for yourself. plus the white house feeling the heat today over reports that the taxpayers are just -- just put up half a billion dollars to help a car company, except there is only one problem, the car company is in finland. that's right. that story coming up after this. we know a place where tossing and turning
11:20 am
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martha: the investigation into a deadly air show crash in reno shifting a snag. federal investigators say they found no usable on board video in the debris of the plane that plummeted into a crowd of spectators last month. 11 people were killed including the pilot in that horrible, horrible crash, technicians still hoping that they'll get some information from an on board memory card that was discovered in the debris. well the president today is facing new accusations of being a political divider for this
11:24 am
country. congressman paul ryan ramping up his criticism saying that the president's quote party dividing strategy is heurting the country. he said this in a radio independent view. the wisconsin congressman said this. quote, we are getting basically a strategy to dived people, to speak to people as if they are stuck in some class. they are stuck in some situation in their life, and the government's role is to help them cope with that. this is so inherently contrary to what we are about in this country. david webb, host of the david webb show and co-chair of tea party 65, and john rally is a tea party strategist. good to have you here today. we read through the transcript of the kreud kwroe interview this morning and paul ryan is coming out here fighting with the president's stance on this. >> he's speaking the truth, martha as of about a month ago we effectively saw the end of governs by president obama and what i call the class warfare
11:25 am
re-election strategy. paul ryan is exactly right. america relies and is grown on rugged individualism where we have the opportunity and given the right moves the ability to become the next steve jobs or successful businessman or whatever you want to be in life. but this is about telling you where you need to be, and getting reelected. you know, when you talk about the president's jobs/stimulus plan, there is nothing in there that is intended to pass. we've seen the failure of the prior stimulus, so now son of stimulus is designed to say republicans are blocking, but it failed in a democrat senate. so this is no longer about really reaching out and governing. martha: john, what is your reaction to the first thing that paul ryan said? then we'll look at a little bit more of it. >> when paul ryan starts throwing things out like last warfare those are the accusations and name calling that happens when you are
11:26 am
sinking and losing traction. when things go well for a party and candidate they don't say like that. i think paul ryan and a a lot of the republican presidential candidates are starting to have a credibility problem. you can't keep saying everything and in anything and wilder, wilder accusations. martha: he's being pretty specific, john. let's take a look at the other part of what paul ryan said and we'll go back to your suggestion that it's sort of a sinking ship defense here. it says it sounds like we're just taxing brett favre and brad pitt. a movie star and a baseball player. what we're doing is great damage to the entrepreneur aal engine of this competent and the small businesses of the question.
11:27 am
the president won't argue with this. he goes out all the time and says the people on the upper part of the spectrum should pay more. it turns out it is the small businesses that are the engine of the economy and not brett favre and just brad pat. >> i have warren buffet's number. if you're talking about one of the greatest capita capitalists of all time -- martha: there are a lot of lot of people in this country that fall into that category. many of them fall into the category of being over one million dollars because they own and run small businesses. >> you cannot support 300 million people with 20% of the pop laying. by the way, warren buffet was talking about the hedge funds
11:28 am
that, was the area the president took it too far and ran witness in an attempt to make a political point. let's look at this president by the numbers. $4trillion spent since his presidency and that's actually borrowed, 43% of it roughly. 5trillion spent in the pelosi congress, big spending is not going to get us out of this economic problem. we have to have an environment that tpos ters, growth, manufacturing, wealth creation not a redistribution of wealth from one sector of the population to the other, and if you took the wealth of every person in that top percent in america and you added it up you could run the federal government for about four months and then you'd be out of money. it's not a solution. look at greece, look at failed austerity. what we need is selfimposed austerity and the class warfare. let me tell you something, this is a president, pelosi who recognized occupy wall street when they didn't see millions of
11:29 am
americans on their front lawn all across this country. why, politics of distraction. he speaks every two days on jobs, goes to a new state about every six days and we are not talking about the economy and jobs, we're talking about occupy wall street, and frankly that's where we are. martha: we're going to have to leave it there. john, thank you very much for being there. david webb, thanks as always. coming up it could be the most important political story of the day and maybe the week. a growing firestorm in the critical battleground state of iowa over very controversial remarks that were made about abortion from candidate herman cain. he talked more about that here making big news on "america live" as well. in three minutes from now rick santorum will weigh in on this with some saying this could be a game changer in iowa. do not miss what happens next. >> i do not believe abortion should be legal in this country, if that's the question. martha: so then you're saying that if the circumstances come up and the family does make that
11:30 am
decision that they decide that that is the best thing for this young person, or she decides that on her own, if that were the case that's what they decided that it would be an illegal abortion that they would need to seek. >> it would be an illegal abortion. look, abortion should not be legal, that is clear. but if the family made the decision to break the law, that's that families decision, that's all i'm trying to say. endless shrimp is ourn at red lobster. there's so many choices. the guests love it. [ male announcer ] it's endless hrimp today at red lobster. amuch as you like ny way you like, like new sweet and spicy shrimp, all for $15.99. my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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martha: fox news alert, tracking a developing story on the campaign trail. a backlash is growing in iowa today following herman cain's recent comments on abortion. a conservative radio host calling out mr. cain in the pro-choice remarks he made last night on abortion. mr. cain defended his plan on "america live" a short time ago. here is what he said. >> i do not believe abortion should be legal in this country, if that's the question. martha: then you're saying that if those circumstances come up and the family does make that decision, that they decide that that is the best thing for this young person, or she decides that on her own, that if that were the case that's what they decided that it would be an illegal abortion that they would need to seek. >> it would be an illegal abortion -- look, abortion should not be legal, that is clear, but if that family made a decision to break the law, that's that families decision, that's all i'm trying to say. martha: all right joined now by gop presidential candidate rick santorum. you've had a lot of back and
11:35 am
forth with him on this senator santorum. what do you think about what he said here today moments ago? >> the question is, if herman thinks at all abortion should be legal -- martha: illegal he said. >> yeah i'm sorry, it should be illegal. you have to have a constitutional amendment that makes it illegal, because right now the courts have said it's a constitutional right, so you have to change that, and then you have to have implementing legislation to make sure that there are penalties for doctors who perform abortions. and so the idea that, well if it's the families decision that is find, i'm not sure he goes far enough as to whether he really wants to enforce the fact that this should be illegal. again, i mean i know herman has said in the past he's not a social warrior and that is not his thing and i understand that. but we need to have clear -- we need to better understand the positions of folks running for office. this is an important issue, not just for the people of iowa,
11:36 am
frankly, but for the people of this country to know where a presidential candidate stands on a very important moral i shall you've the day, i'd argue the most important moral issue of date. i've been very clear about it. i've been a warrior fighting these issues for more than a dozen years and have been successful doing so and will continue to do so. i'll be very clear and explain exactly why i feel the way i do. martha: how do you think this plays out for him politically in iowa. there was a talk show host there very influential who came out this morning and said my read on this is that herman cain is pro-choice. you cannot say that the family will have the choice to decide and be considered pro-life in this talk show host's mind in iowa. if it does cause a problem for him there who does it make an opening for? is it you? rick perry? how does the dynamic change in iowa as a result. >> i think people will look in iowa -- we just announced almost 200 caucus captains today, folks
11:37 am
who have signed up in 60 counties in iowa to help organize caucuses for us in the state. we are working very hard among the activists, the people paying attention who know my track record, who know herman and lack of really strong convictions on these issues. my feeling is that that is going to be the difference, not necessarily what he says, or tries to explain his language. and the language was, frankly the language that the -- that john kerry used in the last election about being persona personally owe mosted but allowing people to make decisions. that's what raised a lot of red flags to people. i know he's trying to walk it back and trying to explain it, but again there is a matter of someone who has a strong track record that you know you can trust, that you understand his position, why i believe what i believe and have a track record that shows that i'll follow through with what i believe, and i think that is the differentiation with me. martha: he's in the top spot right now in the rear clear politics average he's in the top spot just by a hair over mitt
11:38 am
romney at this point. the scrutiny is going to be very intense on these issues and other issues. you have held his feet to the fire with this 9-9-9 issue. it's getting a lot more attention. he's making changes to it. he's saying there would be opportunity zones where rules would apply where lower income folks would get breaks. they would be basically 9-0-9. you're coming out with something called zero-zero-zero. what the neck is that rick santorum. >> it's a little euphemistic jab at herman. the concept is, let's focus on the area of the economy that is hurting the most, the one that the people are most upset about and legitimately show and that's losing all of our jobs to mexico and china and you countries around the world. we need to keep the jobs here and create more jobs here in the manufacturing sector of our economy. we've lost over half our manufacturing jobs as a percentage of workers in the economy, and that is one of the reasons you're seeing income disparities.
11:39 am
you're seeing the middle of america hallowing out and not as many jobs in that sector. i focused a plan on zero percent corporate tax on anybody who manufacturers here in america, right now it's 35%. we zero out any money that comes back into the country, repatriated from oversees operations and they bring that money back, it's about $1.2 trillion sitting off-shore right now that is public to an excise tax if it's brought back. we zero it out if you invest in plants and equipment in america to create american jobs, and we zero out every regulation than the administration has that burdens manufacturers to the tune of a hundred million dollars or more. create capital availability, you'll get that economy humming in a minute. martha: that's a big rise. i know we'll hear more about that from you. your thoughts on one other story with regards to the election, that is michelle bachmann and the reports that her six paid staffers in new hampshire have all quit. that is the report today. your reaction to that? >> we are going to be announcing
11:40 am
very, very soon a big laundry list of folks who have signed on to be our captains up there in the primary too. martha: have you hired any of michelle bachmann's staff? >> we just hired somebody yes up in new hampshire but it was not one of her people. it was somebody else. we are building our staff in new hampshire we are not going down, we are building, we just hired four people in eye washings we building our staff in iowa and we hired a former herman cain staffer in iowa. we are very much building our grass roots team and doing quite well thank you. martha: i want to get one more thing in with you, the announcement today essentially about the end of our troop presence in iraq. what is the headline as we walk away from this iraq chapter in america's history? >> well, the big concern, the big concern that i have going forward, and it's a concern that i've had more quite sometime even with the prior administration is the role of iran in iraq. we all now understand because of the most recent attack own america of iran and they are trying to reach out and spread
11:41 am
its power. there is no place that is -- that has seen more influence of iraq other than syria than iraq right now. iran has too big of a role, it's one of the reasons we couldn't get an agreement on the safety and security of our troops with respect to legal actions and if we leaf m leave, my concern is we're leaving a potential state that could turn into a puppet state tore iran. that is a big concern. martha: rick santorum there was a reporter in the room with the president who shouted that question to him about iran as he was leaving the room. we'll no doubt hear more about that. senator rick santorum good to talk to you. now response coming in from the white house to questions about why u.s. taxpayers are helping to bank roll a company that are building cars in finland. good question, right? more on that coming up. celebrations in the streets of libya after word that moammar qaddafi is deed. wh dead.
11:42 am
who really killed him? and what happened on the ground if the early hours yesterday? judy miller joins us with her inside scoop next, coming up. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million.
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martha: we are back. the question still is out there this morning, who really killed the mad dog of the middle east. that is a burning question right now in libya and around the globe in the wake of moammar qaddafi's unbelievable death scene. it looked like something out of julius cesar as we saw it play out yesterday. so what really happened on the ground between the nato strike, and the rebels that we saw carrying it out? some say he was taken out by a nato air strike. nato says that is not the case, that they didn't understand that he was necessarily in that convoy. now there is word on all of this that he may have been shot by one of his own body guards. that is one of the other stories that is floating out there.
11:46 am
judy miller is a pulitzer prize winner journalist. you know, in terms of what we saw play out yesterday, you know, there was a nato air strike, they are now saying that they hit the convoy because they thought it presented a dang tore people on the ground. take it from there. >> we are still not absolutely certain of what happened because there are different authoritative versions given by people who claim to have been there. what does seem fairly clear is that qaddafi was not killed by a u.s. ornate tow drone, that did not happen or an air strike. there was an attack on the convoy, but many eyewitnesses said that qaddafi was actually on foot at that point, that he did seek shelter in a sewage drain, appropriately enough, and he was pulled out. now what happened after that is very much in dispute. martha: let's play this video.
11:47 am
it's admittedly hard to look at. it is a moment in history and it is a document that will be looked at. he is by all reports still alive at this point, judy, and he is clearly being attacked by the rebel forces that are surrounding him. the word is that they pulled him out of this truck. there is also world, it's very interesting the way this is being phrased. he was caught in the crossfire, that the bullets that hit him in the head and legs were a result of crossfire and not directly an assassination attempt. you're shaking your head. >> i don't believe that's true. i think we've had several people step forth and say, i shot him, i shot him. martha: the man in the yankee hat. >> killed by a yankee support tere. what we have to keep our eye on right now is what this means for the transition of libya. if they can do this to the man who was the symbol of everything they claimed to detest and hate it doesn't bode well for the transition, because what libyans
11:48 am
tpraoer right now is that anyone who was associated with the regime will wind up like qaddafi, taken out, beaten up, shot. this has already happened to many, many people ph libya in libya. and the transitional council must get a handle on this problem, or libya and the future of libya will be in doubt. martha: you say that because you believe that some of the network of people that worked with them are salvageable and they will help create a stable government in libya. >> absolutely. they are indispensable. i was there for 20 years. every middle last person in one way or another, unless they were in jail or forced to flee were complicit in the regime. they were working for them or married to someone who worked for them. if you disinch franchise your entire middle class who is going to run the country? there must be a national reconciliation. that is the main job of the tny. martha: is this a victory for the obama administration, what
11:49 am
we saw yesterday? >> i think it has to be regarded as such. let's give the president his due. he killed osama bin laden, he's taken out a lot of bad guys, this is the latest of them. i think it's small for the republicans to deny him that. martha: judy, thank you as always. it's great to get your incite. we look forward to hearing your investigation as we go tporbd. million forward. why now are we talking about sending cash to finland? we'll be right back. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance.
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martha: new concerns and reaction from the white house on a proposed loan program that would send our tax dollars to a car company overseas. two years ago the obama administration approved a more than $500 million loan to a exact to assemble a line of electric cars. it's supposed to create thousands of american manufacturing jobs but instead the cars ended up being made in finland for some reason, the company saying it couldn't find a facility in the united states that could do the work. jim ingle joins us. >> reporter: an american company got loan guarantees to to manufacture a battery opted car. it had planned to use a shutter um plant in delaware to build the cars. it continue be done on the company's timetable. it outsourced to a company in finland surprising some u.s. lawmakers.
11:54 am
>> the stimulus bill was hope to help american jobs, stimulate our competent. if the purpose of the bill was to build electric cars somewhere in the world i suppose that's what was done. let's be transparent about this. clearly that is not what happened. and the goal became to make these and make them anywhere and that is a huge violation of what was told to the american people in the stimulus bill. >> reporter: fisker has 600 million in private money from the likes of al gore and green venture capitol tpeurpbls. it is more than a year behind in its production of a car that costs more than a hundred thousand dollars. only two have been delivered to the u.s. one to leonardo dicaprio. they hope it will cost $40,000 after tax credits. producing them in finland was not what many inspected from the program which was intended to create american jobs. nonetheless the white house defended the program today. >> i'm commenting on a brian ross report about the $529 million loan to a company called fisker to make cars but
11:55 am
there was no facilities in the united states that could make them, they are being manufactured in finland. >> i'd be delighted to answer that. the car that is being manufactured in finland was always going to be manufactured in finland. the loan that is being provided, the funds provided are not being used as i believe the ceo said to abc not being used for its facilities in finland. there are already jobs on the ground in the united states, both directly at the plant in wilmington, and at the headquarters on the west coast. and the model that will be built in the united states will be built in the united states, and the loan program that was provided will a sis in that endeavor. not only that, the model that is being built in finland relies on suppliers and others here in the united states for its manufacture. >> reporter: as you heard the administration argues that none of its loan money was actually spent in finland but an audit by
11:56 am
the gao says the energy department is not monitoring the loans closely enough to know what the companies are doing, or whether they are on track to produce what they promised. the gao said simply that, quote, u.s. taxpayers do not know whether they are getting what they paid for. martha. martha: interesting. jim thank you very much. jim ingle reporting from washington. a new study on whether cell phones cause cancer. this study said to be the largest of its kind. the results are in. we'll tell you what they found when we comeback. we're america's natural gas
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>> it is morgue duty for lindsay lohan. the troubled star arriving early for a change to the los angeles county morgue after being turned away for turning up too late to do her service duty. she will clean the toilets we hear. part of the 480 hours of community service. she is on probation for steal


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