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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 10, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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megyn: fox news alert as the drum beat of the wall street protests grows louder today, democrats take a bold new step to support what protesters call an effort to launch a new american revolution. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. as the occupy wall street protests head into week four, growing signs today that the growing crowds in cities like new york, washington and atlanta are union members and progressives who see this as an opportunity to attack republicans. and there is a big move today by the democratic congressional campaign committee, now supporting a petition calling for 100,000 people to join these protests that have featured a range of causes and occasional violence against police, indeed, the count last week was 70 arrests -- 700 arrests so far. chris stirewalt, so now the democratic congressional campaign committee which is responsible for electing democrats to congress has
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officially weigh inside on this, throwing its support behind them. and why not when you've got groups like union members and other left-wig causes joining in the chorus that we're hearing on wall street and elsewhere? >> reporter: well, sure, and it's sort of the next step in the progression we've seen over the weeks that these protests and sit-ins and rallies have been going on where you see people like president obama, vice president biden and certainly to a greater degree house minority leader nancy pelosi expressing sympathy or even solidarity in her case with these protesters and saying they have the right idea and for democrats this is, it's a risky bet to believe that they can tap in to this energy and not, ultimately, be held accountable if americans are uncomfortable about the messages coming from these folks. megyn: do the democrats who are speaking to this know, do think of us exactly know what the protesters on wall street and elsewhere stand for? because the administration seems to be saying this is about upset
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with corporate greed and unemployment numbers, and that came as news to most of us. >> reporter: two things going on, one is the initial groups we saw and certainly here in washington the protest camps are literally divided into two with one group that is more sort of the organic, freelance protesters who are out there, and they have that varied message that you describe, but on the other hand you're seeing the public employees' union groups joining the ranks and being there and giving a little bit more rigor to the discussion. what they're talking about, they're focused on organizations like the u.s. chamber of commerce, other traditional republican allies to try and rebut the tea party and be a counter-tea party movement. megyn: it's interesting because you see all this focus on the administration and the unemployment rate and so on, and then you have this hodgepodge
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group of people who go down to wall street and say we hate these big banks, we hate the millionaires, we hate stock traders and investment banker. and suddenly we hear top democratic officials telling us that this is about, you know, income disparity and a different theme, and now you have some suggesting, chris, is that what this is really about by is the seiu and others is trying to distract folks who are unhappy with democrats into believing there's this other movement in the country that they need to pay attention to and fuel lest we see a republican takeover in branches of government in the next election. >> reporter: well, better to get in front of it and lead it than be walked over by it. so what democrats are trying to do here, there is deep satisfaction on the left with president obama and with the obama democrats in general. embracing this and doing this is a way, as we've heard the president say for weeks, i share your frustration. i, too, am frustrated. this is another manifestation of that for democrats to come out
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and say, solidarity, brother, we're with you in the trenches. megyn: solidarity with the guy who as you point out in "power play" had the sign deploring the high price and low quality of current movie theater offerings? >> reporter: the guy makes a point. solidarity with those more organized protesters. i think what we're seeing cooking up nationally is a larger version of what we saw in wisconsin where the union groups and democratic groups involve inside getting the protests organized, getting them going, and i think you'll probably see something like that play out over the country over the next year. it's going to be tough stuff. megyn: well, i'm disappointed to hear that because the movie prices really are out of control, and we could use a little solidarity on attacking those things. >> reporter: amen, sister. megyn: what is it, like $12.50?
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who am i kidding, i've got two young kids. >> reporter: you're not going anywhere. megyn: in my dreams. chris, thank you. we are hearing back and forth between leading republicans and democrats now on these wall street protests, the issue even getting the attention of one in particular presidential candidate. let's take a listen to what we have heard just over the past couple of days on this. >> my parents, they never played the victim card. my parents never said we hope the rich people lose something so we can get something. no. my dad's idea was i want to work hard enough so i can buy a cadillac, not take somebody else's, and this is why i don't have a lot of patience for people who are going to protest the success of somebody else. >> i, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying wall street and the other cities across the country. and believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoneed the pitting of
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americans against americans. >> i need to hear -- i didn't hear him say anything when the tea party was out demonstrating, actually spitting on members of congress right here in the capitol. megyn: hmm. so could there be some partisanship gain behind these to tests? you see them aligning along party lines? pelosi and the president suggesting that they're in favor of them or, at least, failing to condemn any of the arrests and so on and so fort, and the republicans calling them mobs? which is it? are these protests changing the game in washington just in time for the next election? we'll have a fair and balanced debate later in the show. well, there is new fallout today following remarks by the dallas pastor who created a firestorm when he called mitt romney's more man faith, a cult. robert jeffers who introduced rick perry at the value voters
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submit this weekend afterward reporters, quote, there is a mainstream view that mormonism is a cult. megyn: now the pastor is answering questions about his comments. here he is on "america's newsroom" earlier this morning. >> a reporter asked me personally about my feelings about mormonism, and i said mormonism is not historical christianity, it's been called a cult, and i stand by those comments. megyn: mitt romney not directly commenting but saying rhetoric like that doesn't help anyone out there looking for a job. as for governor perry who was introduced by this pastor, heath the texas governor, and -- he's the texas governor, and he said no when asked by reporters if he thinks mormonism is a cult. we will have further examination of this issue and ask whether the texas pastor went too far or whether he has actually tapped
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into something here and also examine the question about whether rick perry may have, in fact, condoned that message even though he came after the fact and suggested no. fox news alert now, brand new reaction from the white house to the deadly violation in egypt. the obama administration coming out and saying that the bloodshed there we have seen n particular two dozen christians almost dead now, should not stand in the way of timely elections or the country's transition to democracy. but there are few hopeful signs of the arab spring right now. christians coming under attack in this a second day of clashes, dozens of people killed so far, most of them are coptic christians. hundreds more were wounded, and the bloodshed began after an attack on a christian church sparking a protest set upon then by muslim mobs. leland vittert is live from our middle east bureau in many jerusalem with the very latest. >> reporter: hi, megyn. those clashes continue between
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the coptic christians who are near one of the hospitals and the police and military there inside egypt. it's pretty clear from the video that egypt has become an entirely lawless country. it all started over the weekend when a muslim group burned down a christian church. the christians took to the streets and started marching towards downtown cairo. they were attacked by a muslim mob, and the army joined in and attacked the christians there as well, more than 24 people were shot and killed as the egyptian military brought out live bullets here. now, the thing to keep in mind is all of a sudden now you have the military which used to protect the coptic christians under hosni mubarak, now all of a sudden turning against them. and the coptic christians are getting incredibly angry there, as you might imagine, because they feel betrayed. they were some of the first groups to come out and support the military when it took over back in february. since february the christians have come under increasing attack, they've had their ears chopped off, a number of women
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have been raped with impunity by muslim mobs, and, of course, the number of church burnings have increased. right now egypt is a tinderbox. the muslim brotherhood is rising to power, the military is made up largely of mubarak cronies scared on one hand of the muslim brotherhood winning an election, on the other hand you have them scared of the muslim brotherhood, so they're not doing anything to try and stop these kinds of attacks against the coptic christians. it's unclear whether there's going to be a reprisal attack which could bring more people out in the streets or if things are going to calm down, but november 28th is the scheduled parliamentary elections there in egypt. and the military has continued to push this date back and back. these protests and this violence would be a perfect excuse to push that date back again. megyn, back to you. megyn: leland vittert, thank you so much. well, predictions that the arab spring would lead to real changes in the middle east for the better now put to the test.
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former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins me later on "america live" weighing in on the deadly violence in cairo. you may recall during the arab spring when this happened in egypt and folks were predicting we would have a democracy and it would be a good thing, ambassador bolton raised some real concerns and raised some serious red flags. we'll get his take on what he is seeing right now as we witness this incredible videotape. did you see that? did you see the tanks literally rolling over the crowds? that's how most of those 24 people died, those tanks just literally rolling over people who were protesting previous violence. that's the situation there. look at this, this is just -- look at this. can you imagine? look at people running for their lives. many, unfortunately, were not able to keep them. well, we have new progress to report on the president's jobs bill and the new look at what the president's team promised us when it comes to the unemployment rate more than two years ago. coming up, lou dobbs on whether these numbers could spell major
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trouble for president obama. in less than, well, just over a year. and one year in jail and 90 lashes for this iranian actress. we'll tell you what she did in a movie that brought that brutal sentence. plus, real-life drama on the high seas. a group of people surviving 20 hours off the florida keys after their boat capsized. we'll show you the dramatic rest sue. rescue. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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is without equal. ♪ visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. usaa. we know what it means to serve. megyn: story out of tehran getting a lot of buzz today, an iranian actress sentence today a year in jail and 09 lashings -- 90 lashings over a movie role. the woman was arrested after appearing in the film, "my tehran for sale," which criticizes iran's clampdown on artists, of course. she plays the role of an actress force today lead a secret life in iran, only to eventually escape. the film is being distributed
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illegally throughout iran. the actress is now appealing her conviction. well, democrats in the senate have now scheduled a procedural vote tomorrow night on the president's jobs bill. there's still a real question about how many democrats can get behind it, never mind the republicans. the first real movement since president obama released this plan a month ago. as of last friday, unemployment was running at 9.1%. that is almost 30% higher than what the administration promised us when congress passed the stimulus bill. remember back at the start of 2009, the president's economic team projebted that the stimulus would drive unemployment down to 8% by the summer of '09 and down to 7% by 2010. 7% by 2010. they warned that not passing the $850 billion stimulus plan would result in unemployment hitting 9% in the first half of 2010. nine, without the stimulus. but all those numbers proved far short of the mark. the unemployment rate, of course, hit a peak of 10.1% in
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october of 2009, and it was still at 9.1% just last month even after we spent nearly a billion dollars on the president's stimulus plan. so how does this chart and the reality of it play with voters as we gear up for the presidential election? fox business network's lou dobbs is with me now. lou, i mean, the promise wasn't kept, and the charge already is you overpromised and underdelivered. >> reporter: well, that's sort of typical, though, of government, isn't it? this chart points out a number of things. one is the underestimation of the depth of the crisis that we faced going into 2009. it also is a tribute to a monumental excess confidence in government power to do something. over the economy. this is an absurdity that is trying, that this administration's trying to compound now with the jobs act. every economist points out, every major economist points out
10:18 am
that the jobs act is just a continuation of this nonsense. and it's really, it is really just amazing, it's mind-numbing to think that this president continues to perpetuate the idea that government has some sort of magic power over the direction of the economy. megyn: well, you know, it's interesting because it almost sounds like president obama is starting to realize that. in an interview last week, he says he believes if he had it to do over again, i think it was last week or the week before with bet, he suggested that he would work on the messaging, he should have made clear it was going to take longer to the american people. so let me ask you this, do you believe that he messed up the messaging that he should have at the beginning of the presidency said this is a catastrophic situation, don't put out any chart promising us 7% unemployment because you don't know whether you're going to be able to deliver that. >> i think the idea that there is some sort of dissonance between the messaging and his policies is utter nonsense.
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it is revisionist history on his part. he was scaring the hell out of the american people going into february 2009 enactment of the stimulus legislation. what followed for months was the rhetoric of fear, not hope and change. and now for this president to say it was failure of messaging, this is a failure of policy, it's a failure of comprehension of the dimensions of the problem and the understanding of how leadership works in establishing confidence and an understanding of the direction that we're going to go as we build a future. megyn: at the end of the day, what really matters is how people feel and how the economy actually is when voters go to the ballot box, and that's true now, and it's going to be true in november of next year. there is a firm called the economic cycle research institute which has correctly predicted the beginning and end of the last recession, and it has gotten all its recession called right over the last 15 years while issuing no false alarms. it is predicting a chilling
10:20 am
forecast saying it is about to get worse if we're not already in a recession worse, we are about to enter one. unemployment will certainly go higher, more pain is coming, wouldn't be surprised if it goes up to double digits. if that happens, if unemployment rate goes up, we're officially going back into another recession if we're not already in one. how do we square that? >> megyn, let me say this, with all due respect, this will be their first big mistake because the choice is really that of this president, this congress and business leaders. we can either sit here acting like, you know, like fatalists, accepting the future that somebody else is handing us, or we can start acting like americans. our small business can start driving forward. we've got a great opportunity. we all talk about free enterprise capitalism in this country. i am a free enterprise capitalist. we have a great experiment in front of us right now. congress isn't doing anything. this president isn't doing anything. and the federal reserve is done
10:21 am
doing. so now what's left is a free market. let's see what individual initiative, real leadership -- megyn: is it free? >> -- can get done? megyn: is it free? >> is what free? is. megyn: is it a free market? >> >> when you get rid of business, when you get rid of the government -- megyn: but you can't. that's not our situation right now. >> no, it's exactly what's happening right now. the federal government is not moving on these two policies; the jobs bill, there will be no further stimulus from this congress and from this president, the fed is out of bullets. what is left is as close as we've been to a free market in a very long time. megyn: interesting. lou, thank you. always a pleasure. >> good to be with you. megyn: catch lou every night on the fox business network weeknights, 7 p.m. eastern time. late on friday when you were figuring out your weekend plans, the white house released dozens of e-mails about the solyndra scandal and who in the administration knew what about the green jobs company that's
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megyn: fox news alert, joe -- known to most of the world as joe the plumber -- has filed papers to run for congress in 2012. he submitted a statement of candidacy for ohio's ninth congressional district. he filed to run as a republican. he was an employee of a plumbing contractor when he famously talked to barack obama as the candidate met with residents in his town of holland, ohio. joe the plumber suggested that obama's tax plan would flult higher taxes for him -- would result in higher taxes for them, and the then-senator obama
10:26 am
famously talked about the need to spread the wealth around. interesting. well, if you missed it, we don't blame you. late on friday when you were figuring out your weekend plans, the white house released dozens and dozens of e-mails and other documents about the solyndra scandal. late on a friday on a holiday weekend. solyndra, of course, the solar panel company recently raided by the fbi after declaring bankruptcy and then defaulting on a half billion dollar taxpayer loan. among the e-mails, some eye-opening revelations about communications between high-powered lobbyists, the kind the president said his administration was not going to be beholden to, and the president's team. we go live now to senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goarl for an update. >> reporter: congressman darrell issa has questions about government loan guarantees made the friday before the last day of the energy department program that authorized them. now, the white house says that all those government loan
10:27 am
guarantees were made on the merits, and there was no rush to get them done before the deadline, but congressman issa isn't sure, and he wants to ask the energy secretary about it. >> on the last day that the law was there, $4.75 billion was thrown into loans, and one of the questions we have for secretary chu is tell us why that last day somehow you had everything you needed, and you didn't have it over a period of time before? >> reporter: concerns follow solyndra's bankruptcy leaving taxpayers on the hook for loan guarantees, and because of a restructuring deal mentioned in e-mails. pram many said last week new -- president obama said last week new technology is risky, and the u.s. has to compete with china. >> i'm not going to surrender to other countries' technological leads that could end up determining whether or not we're building a strong middle class
10:28 am
in this country. and so, you know, we're going to have to keep on pushing hard to make sure that manufacturing's located here, new businesses are located here and new technologies are developed here. >> reporter: a house subcommittee plans hearings on solyndra on friday, and they probably won't be the last because lawmakers have decided shot to call secretary chu to testify meaning his time in the hot seat is probably still to come. megyn? megyn: wendell goler, thank you. whenever i see the president in front of those yellow curtains, all i canty is captain von trapp called, he'd like his clothes back. is it just me? does that remind you of anything? i know they're green, but they're very similar. well, the democratic congressional committee is now getting fully behind these wall street protests. political debate heats up, and we'll show you what's on the line. and testing the waters on the campaign trail, new
10:29 am
accusations that the perry campaign may have orchestrated a dallas pastor's attack on mitt romney's faith. we'll speak to the man behind those claims. and dr. conrad murray in his own words. we are finally hearing directly from michael jackson's doctor at his trial. this is the moment everyone has been waiting for. what he says happened on the day m.j. died. >> [inaudible] >> what -- >> that you were familiar with? >> [inaudible] [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste?
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megyn:ing fox news alert, the search for little lisa irwin, police in missouri say they are waiting for the next good idea in the desperate search for this missing baby. the ten-month-old disappeared about a week ago. her parents say that she was taken from her missouri home in the middle of the night last monday. now the participants are work -- now the parents are working with the police to recreate the scene of what they say was a kidnapping. trace gallagher live in los angeles with the latest. trace? >> reporter: and, megyn, it is day seven in the disappearance of lisa irwin now, and police have gotten 250 tips all told. they've checked out the best ones, and none of them have led anywhere, but they do say it's a big deal the parents are cooperating again because they can research the house and
10:34 am
grounds. that reenactment, take a look at some of the video of this. the police were actually trying to come up with a theory, remember that theory that a kidnapper went through the window of lisa irwin. they went through this thing, and you can see at times it's not easy. the comes went through this thing, and they couldn't get in there. it was very time consuming, several officers went in that window and out of the window kind of checking the timing and how easy that would be, and you see there it was not easy. police have not released any information at all about tracking those three cell phones the mom said went missing along with lisa. no tracking, no records, they've released anything about that, nor have they released about the mom failing the lie detector test or reportedly making that phone call at 2:30 in the morning. aside from checking the irwins' house, police are still going door to door checking out neighbors' homes as well. listen. >> we have a list of every resident in the neighborhood. we don't just knock and move on,
10:35 am
we track it, we log who we've spoken to, we log which houses haven't had an answer at the door. i can only assume that we just keep going back to the places that haven't had an answer yet, you know, hey, keep trying. that's it. >> reporter: i think it's important to reiterate that national statistics say that the odds of lisa being abducted by an intruder are very, very low. but on day seven that she's been missing, it's also a point to say that if she was abducted by an striewder, the odds are very, very high that she'd still be alive because they say people who kidnap babies out of their homes are wanting babies, not to kill them. megyn: trace, thank you. back, now, to our top story. new developments today with the wall street protests now growing in several cities. the democratic campaign committee now getting behind the protest movement as the political debate heats up. take a listen to what we've heard on this movement just over the past couple of days.
10:36 am
>> so this president and the administration wants to continue to try and spend our way to prosperity. part of it is jealousy. i stand by that. and here's why i don't have a lot of patience with that. my parents, they never played the victim card. my parents never said that we hope that the rich people lose something so we can get something. no. my dad's idea was i want to work hard enough so i can buy a cadillac, not take somebody else's. and this is why i don't have a lot of patience for people who want to protest the success of somebody else. >> i, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying wall street and the other cities across the country. and believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of americans against americans. >> i didn't want hear him say anything when the tea party was out demonstrating, actually spitting on members of congress
10:37 am
right here in the capitol, and he and his colleagues were putting signs in the windows encouraging them. but let's not get down to that. >> but you think -- megyn: uh-huh. so has this now spiraled into another partisan issue, and will it change the game as we approach the elections in washington? brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and dick harpootlian. brad, herman cain says this is about jealousy and playing the victim. does he have a point? >> he certainly does. this president is running on a platform of it's us against them. the problem is, he's the us. he's a multimillionaire. he's the guy who picked the pockets of wall street to the tune of fundraising that no president in the history of the united states has done. the tea party was real, it was organic, these protests of wall street and you're seeing now in the l.a. and other places is organized. it's organized by labor, it's organized by people like george soros and it's not real, it's phony, and they're trying to take a page
10:38 am
out of the pea -- tea party, but it won't work. megyn: we know that a lot of this has been organized by labor unions, but he says that this is, that the reason they're doing it is to distract americans from the failed policies of the obama administration. any truth there? >> i don't think so. i think there are, certainly, labor unions involved in this, but again, we've got to compare it to the tea party. and i think we have extremes on both sides of the aisle s. that's why this president's proposed jobs bill will put americans back to work that ought to be voted on. and by the way, the republicans ought to give the president the jobs bill he wants. if it doesn't work, then 24 or 18 months from now -- >> no, we've been down that road before. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, let me finish, brad, let me finish. we'll give him what it wants, and if it doesn't work, then you can vote him out of office. but you can't on one hand --
10:39 am
megyn: you're off topic. you're off topic. we're not talking about the jobs bill. >> necessary to make it work. now, these demonstrations are a side show on both sides. the tea party is one side show, and i think the wall street demonstrations are another. neither one are going to move the body politic much. megyn: brad, is that true? the accusation is that these organized groups have co-opted this anti-wall street movement to make it something that it didn't start out being. >> sure. look, the tea party was real, and i beg to differ with dick. the tea party made a difference, dick. it made a difference on health care, it made a difference on the deficit and made americans aware of the terrible problems we're in. the wall street protests are quite the opposite. they're trumped up, they're not real, they're propped up by this administration because the president needs images and actions to match his rhetoric. it's phony. you know it's tony, you even said so. so if american people think they're going to be brought into class warfare, i don't think it's going to get this president reelected. megyn: dick, you had nancy
10:40 am
pelosi coming out and saying, look, she loves it. she loves these protests and can says i support the message to the establishment, change has to happen. people are angry. and then you had paul ryan coming out and saying, well, you know, the president is preying on the emotions of fear, envy and anger, and even newt gingrich came out and said, of course they're angry. he said, this is the natural product of president obama's class warfare. who's right? >> i think president obama's right, and i think he's right because he's trying to get this country focused on putting people back to work. i will tell you this about the tea party and the wall street demonstrations. i think the tea party did focus a lot of anger against incumbents, and that's why a lot of incumbent democrats got beaten in 2010. the wall street folks, when you say it's put up, these folks began without any labor involvement or organized support. other folks have coalesced with them because they understand that when hedge fund managers
10:41 am
are paying 15 president, hedge fund managers work until january 28th to pay their taxes, and the average american works well into march. it's not fair, and we need tax equity. everybody ought to pay the same piece. when ge doesn't pay any taxes, it sends the wrong message. not that they're wrong about that. they're, ge's living by the laws that have been passed. but let me say one last thing. megyn: quickly. >> jeffrey immelt, the chairman and ceo of ge was on "60 minutes" last night. he was asked by leslie staal, you're an american company, do you feel any allegiance to america, any patriotic support for america? he said, i feel that i am answerable to my stockholders. now, as long as wall street is more answerable to its stockholders than the united states of america, that's not patriotism. that's not what this country is about. >> isn't it ironic that the person you just quoted is the president's czar on american jobs, the -- >> no, no, and i understand he's the president's czar on american
10:42 am
jobs. maybe, maybe -- no, listen to me. he is bringing jobs back to this country. but what he tipfies and what's wrong with wall street is that attitude that they are, they have more loyalty and allegiance to their stockholders than they do to this country. megyn: all right, i've got to go. >> shipping our jobs -- megyn: ten seconds or less, last word. >> well, look, we're not going to give the president what he wallets because we've been down this road, and we're not going to do it again. the american people deserve monies that are spent well and are accounted for. not another solyndra or another solyndra or another solyndra. we're sorry. megyn: all right. >> or iraq war. megyn: i don't know about that apology, dick, i'm not sure about that. but thank you both so much for being here, always a pleasure to see both of you. coming up, playing politics with mitt romney's faith. new suggestions that rick perry's team may have played a role in a pastor's comment calling mormonism a cult. is there any evidence of that? we'll take a closer look right
10:43 am
after this break. and christmas -- sorry, christians shot dead right in the middle of the street, literally run down by the government on the streets of cairo. the white house says, quote, don't let this stand in the way of the elections process, but is it missing the message here? ambassador john bolton's coming up on that. those first young men.
10:44 am
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10:47 am
ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor. so the white house has come out and said that now is the time for restraint on all sides so the egyptians can move forward and saying the president's deeply concerned about this violence, but saying they should not, these events should not stand in the way of timely elections there. put in perspective for us what is happening over there. what a mess. >> well, this will come as news to the coptic christians that they're supposed to exercise restraint. they're the people who are being attacked, they're the ones being victimized both by mobs of their fellow egyptian citizens who are muslims -- megyn: the muslims are upset that the christians want to build churches. >> right. look, this is a source of controversy that egypt that under mubarak was largely avoided because of the policies he pursued what the cops are worried about is that the process of elections in egypt is going to lead to a very repressive government. meg when you say cops, you're talking about the christians.
10:48 am
>> right. egyptian christians. that's why nearly 100,000 coptic christians just in the past few months have left egypt, because they are worried about what the elections may bring. megyn: so they go out, and they start protesting because there had been some violence, and they protested that. and they've been, other folks have been trying to tamp down their efforts. and violence breaks out in the street, up to two dozen people killed. you see the tank literally running people over, trying to as they run for their lives, and now what does the united states do? because, you know, we had thought that the arab spring would be a good thing -- >> well, some people thought that, and if they did, they were needlessly optimistic. i think what the administration's mistake here is, is that they don't understand or are not acknowledging that a democratic process can lead to an illiberal result. that is to say you could imagine fully free and fair elections in egypt that lead to the coptic christians becoming second class citizens, and that's what the coptic christians are worried
10:49 am
about. megyn: what should we do? should hillary clinton be speaking out specifically about this? we have a white house paper statement, but what more could or should we do? is. >> well, i think it's important to have conditions in egypt that are conducive to elections that lead to a more liberal outcome. let's not have an election where it's one person, one vote, one time with harsh restrictions being imposed against the coptic christians that they can't fix. the ones who have left have voted with their feet. this is not an abstract debate about democratic process. they don't want to be in an egypt that's dominated by sharia law. megyn: they see that coming, and they're high tailing it out of there. are you calling for something less democratic when it comes to the election? >> >> no. i think the situation we're in now is largely beyond american influence. but i think what we can be saying to be clear to everybody is that holding an election and counting votes doesn't equal democracy. democracy is a culture, it's a way of life, and it implies in the broader sense the kind of tolerance the president spoke
10:50 am
of. i would have had that sentence first, not calling on the christians to exercise restraint as they're being killed. megyn: i thought that, you know, we were told that this was going to be a good thing, that the arab spring was ultimately going to be a good thing, the people were being liberated. i don't know that we expected to see these kinds of scenes on the streets of egypt, the worst violence since the uprising in the arab spring. >> well, when people get liberated, sometimes they get liberated to do repressive things. that's why the potential consequence of the upcoming elections in egypt could lead to a very repressive regime. we hope not, but it would be contrary to american interests not to understand there's at least a risk of that. megyn: which is something that israel's been saying over and over -- >> exactly. megyn: as well as you. ambassador john bolton, thank you so much. >> thank you. megyn: we can be on the verge of a massive nationwide deal to cut mortgage balances for homeowners in serious trouble. so you may be asking, what about
10:51 am
everyone else? we'll have the answer to that in moments. stay with us. ♪ drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
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megyn: incredible drama on the high seas, and an amazing story of survival. seven people, including a 4-year-old child, tread water for 20 hours after their boat cap sizes off the florida keys. the choppy water was not the only danger, they also had to fend off schools of attacking jellyfish. rick leventhal with more. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine hanging on for more than 20 hours, dealing with the effects of hypothermia, treading water, waiting for help to arrive and finally it did, although too late for the oldest of the eight in the water.
10:55 am
the group was in a 22-foot open fishing boat like this one setting off on a pleasure cruise saturday morning in the florida keys. some in the group were related including a couple who had just come from cuba a few months earlier. and at noon a big wave capsized the boat just off marathon key. there was an 80-year-old woman who went under during the ordeal and never resurfaced. her son was among the seven who spent that whole day and night treading water. three of the survivors were spotted clinging to the cabsized craft by a commercial fisherman. this good samaritan picked up the three, called the coast guard launching a search for the others spotted four miles away. three women and a 4-year-old girl clinging to a floating cooler. there are conflicting reports about whether some of these people were wearing life jackets, but still the coast guard called it pretty amazing that they were able to tread water so long in rough seas.
10:56 am
the little girl was crying and panic-stricken when she was brought to shore. she and some of the others were hospitalized, but all of them have now been released. the boat was also recovered and returned to the family, megyn. megyn: wow, it's incredible that so many survived. rick, thank you. well, the investigation into fast and furious is getting nasty and blunt. attorney general eric holder firing off an angry letter to congress, congress turning around and upping the ante for the justice department, issuing a new round of subpoenas. it is our top story, and it is right after this break. and a full-out brawl on aisle 9. the attack that sparked a shutdown and brought in a hazmat team at wal-mart. plus, we're finally hearing from dr. conrad murray on trial for causing michael jackson's death. what really happened on that fateful day? [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil
10:57 am
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and help pay for what medicare doesn't. call this toll-free number now... megyn: fox news alert. a subpoena for america's chief law enforcement officer. a brand-new hour of "america live." welcome, i'm megyn kelly. attorney general eric holder expected to get a subpoena this week. new subpoenas issued to the department of justice in the wake of fast rsh. it accidentally armed some of mexico's most ruthless dug lords. darrell issa firing off a letter saying "operation fast & furious" related to two of your los angeles initiatives.
11:01 am
2/3r. >> . megyn: trace gallagher is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the letter was lengthy and more than 20 paragraphs and it was scathing, accusing the attorney general of being incompetent or untruthful. it is arguably the most dangerous city on the planet. the vast majority of the violent there attributed to the sinaloa cartel. just this weekend four people shot and killed in juarez. two of them u.s. citizens. the chief assassin for the
11:02 am
sinaloa cartel is jose torres. recently his home was raid and look what they found. they found anti-aircraft machine guns, grenade launchers. grenade rifles. the governor calls this the most important cache' in history of arounds. 40 of those guns came from "operation fast & furious." here is darrell issa talking with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." >> this is about the justice department knowing that these guns were deliberately intended to end up in the hands of the drug cartels without any kind of traceability except if you find a gun at scene of the crime. that's the reason this is a felony stupid and i use the word felony deliberately program. this should be criminal to let
11:03 am
criminals have thousands of deadly weapons. report report assassin called the jaguar is still on the run in mexico somewhere. if you want to read the entire letter it's posted on and we do expect subpoenas to come in this week. megyn: the attorney general says he considers this irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric and it should be repiewd yaitd in the -- repudiated. trace, thank you. as we have seen before, these hearings do not always produce results, especially when the people testifying refuse to talk and when the documents provided are less than perfectly clear. so what will we learn from this latest round of subpoenas to the justice department? our panel brairkts down just ahead. -- breaks it down just ahead.
11:04 am
new information suggests victims of the u.s. mortgage crisis could see some help soon. the justice department and the banks have been working late into last week and the weekend to wrap up a deal. that has many wondering if a possible massive foreclosure settlement is in the works. maybe a check that would be cut by the banks to justice, and who would reap the benefits of it and who wouldn't. liz, this relates to the foreclosures that were signed with the robo pen. the banks were not going through all the right step to the foreclose? >> reporter: that's right. what we are hearing bank source, to address that issue, a $20 billion or more -- it could also be less -- a monetary relief fund for victims of the
11:05 am
robosigning scandal similar to the bp oil victims fund, the administration wants sweeping overhaul of the mortgage industry it many similar to what happened when the tobacco industry settled with the government in 1998 over harmful tobacco practices that hurt medicaid patients. this would be a $20 billion fund where banks would give this money into this potentially government-run fund and the banks would modify the loan using the money in the fund. that's what we are hearing right now. megyn: as you report in a very interesting piece on, a citibank source says to you, but who will get these loan modifications? what are the standards? no one knows yet.
11:06 am
a lot of people are under water with their mortgages. a lot of americans are. and some are working overtime to pay them and some aren't. if you just bail out the people who aren't, the people working double time get a little upset. >> bank sources told fox business that they have been concerned about the inequity and the unfairness of the prudent borrower who is paying their loans on time and we feel in some instances this feels like a political deal is being crafted right now. but the administration wants this deal and they are pushing for it. whether this goes forward remains to be seen. one big sticking point is the fact that immunity from future legal lawsuits filed against the bank, that's the key issue. that also came up with the tobacco settlement. that's what the banks want.
11:07 am
california said why should we give legal immunity to the banks? the question of who gets the mortgage modifications remains to be seen. megyn: from the campaign trail, sobering poll results show president obama facing a challenging fight for a second term. adoargtd new poll just 41% of american say president obama deserves to be reelected. 51% say it's time for someone new. mitt romney is seen as the front runner according to some polls. but that comes with pitfalls. romney is almost their common enemy and they try to knock him out. that's how the process works. there is an up side and a down
11:08 am
side to being in the lead. carl cameroon knows that. the perry camp released an ad against romney and ouch. >> reporter: it's tough. it's the synopsis of rick perri' scorched earth attempt in the next three months to try to disqualify mitt romney. he leads all the national polls. he is the favorite in the new -- the new hampshire polls. no other candidate is even over 5%. so rick perry is well back in the polls and mitt romney is far ahead. so pore rick perry it's up to him to restore his credibility with conservatives and get in the race. this is not yet a tv ad, but it's produced and ready for it.
11:09 am
mr. perry banked $17 million in the last square. it starts out with an attack on romney for his healthcare plan in massachusetts. mr. romney sees obama looking back at him in a mirror because of his passage of healthcare in massachusetts. and the last half of the ad is an allout attack on romney as a flip-flopper. >> romney has flip-flopped on many of the issues. >> reporter: any time an ad end up with there are a lot of reasons not to elect me, perry hopes to keep romney there with this attack. there are lots of questions for romney to answer as a front runner. megyn: when romney said that you my that would wind up in an ad.
11:10 am
campaign carl cameron, thank you, sir. up next we'll speak with a political anally who thinks a new attack may have been -- may have been engineered about it perry cam. >> will be a brawl on aisle 9 at walmart. a suspect firing several rounds at point blank range. what really happened the day michael jackson died. dr. conrad murray in his own words in today's "kelly's court." >> i loved him.
11:11 am
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megyn: a violent gas station robbery in houston caught on video. you can seat suspects firing at point blank range hitting one of the clerks in the leg. police later tracking count wound gunman fooling trail of blood from the scene. cops say they are closing in on the accomplice. we are getting new reaction to controversial remark by a texas pastor who attacked mitt romney many faith while calling on people to vote for governor perry. the question now, was that attack intentional and was it
11:15 am
possibly organized to some extent by the perry campaign? pastor robert jeffers saying there is a mainstream view that mormonism is a cult. every following of christ ought to embrace a christian over a non-christian. mitt mommy not directly commenting on that but saying rhetoric like that don't help anybody trying to seek a job. >> in my remarks in introducing governor perry i never used the words cult or mitt romney. that came later when a reporter asked me about my feelings about mormonism. i said it's a theological cult and i stand by those comment. megyn: scotting with you gave an interview to in which you said you believe that the perry campaign orange
11:16 am
skating this. why do you believe that? the perry camp said no we con deputy the remark or at least said we don't agree it's a cult. and they say it was a value voters summit organizers who chose this pastor to introduce perry, not the perry camp. >> it's not a question so much of intentionality or orchestration, but an important campaign strategy for the perry campaign to get that information about mitt romney's mormonism to some key voter especially in iowa where rick perry needs to generate and activate and mobilize them on his behalf. megyn: when they tell us it was the value voters summit that chose this guy to introduce to perry, and perry says i don't believe mormonism is a cult. how does it happen in your view?
11:17 am
>> on a microlevel, a whole network of fundamentalist evangelical churches are spinning out a message -- it don't have to come from the perry campaign. it's been around for four years. higher percent angts of frequent church going protestant evangelicals have a more unfavorable view ever mormonism than the rest of the country. this is something that affects their vote. it's an important piece of information i think the perry campaign is happy they would have. i don't know and i can't possibly say that what happened with pastor jeffers was orange straight or ordered -- was orange straight or order by the campaign. but they are drawing the contrast between rick perry and mitt romney in terms of
11:18 am
religion. megyn: i want to clarify this to be fair to the perry cam. on you said you believe the perry campaign orchestrated the attacks to test the waters. rove knows when you go on the attack you make sure a surrogate do it. you have no evidence rick perry was behind the attack. >> no, it's not so much as evidence i have heard rick perry say things like this. what i'm talking about is rick perry's election strategy requires that he make it clear that he has a fundamental values difference between himself and mitt romney. one way of talking about it is calling mitt romney a flip-flopper. but also to burnish his protestant record, and leave this question out for voters. it's a question that's out there. it will he morning, it emerged
11:19 am
four years ago with mitt romney. to the extent it's possible to have others who claim to speak for rick perry to say things like this, it does help perry with a key segment of the voting population. megyn: you won't hear any of that from the candidates themselves. the polls suggest you are right in terms of the public sentiment. there was a recent gallup poll that showed 23% of republicans and 23% of protestants said they would not support a mormon for president. rightly or wrongly that could wind up being a problem or romney or huntsman who is also a mormon. >> mitt romney will have to talk about his mormon faith. their is a significant portion of the voting population that thinks this is an important issue. it's certainly not a
11:20 am
disqualifying characteristic. but for a small segment it's more important than whether you are female, african-american, or a catholic. this is an important question for a lot of voters. and they need to be satisfied. it's almost as if we are replaying the john f. kennedy election in 1960 when there were a lot of questions about his catholicism. the onus is on mitt romney to clarify his views and his relationship and how it would relate to his views as president. megyn: he did that last time he was running. he said he won't be subject -- subserviant to any dictates. many candidates spoke out on
11:21 am
this over the weekend. they say what does this discussion have to do at all with putting people back to work which is why this election is about. why are we talking about mormonism. is there some effort behind it? we don't know. we report, you decide. if it feels like you are worse off financially than you have been in years, there is a reason for that. we'll show you what it is in three minutes. attorney general eric holder gearing up for a new round of subpoenas after the botched gun running scheme "operation fast & furious." some are saying the nation's top law enforcement officer may not be up to the job. dramatic video of a rescue at sea hundreds of miles off the hawaiian coast. >> he did it picture perfect. it was a textbook handling if there is such a thing in the water for an ear plane like
11:22 am
that. he came in level and touched down. my mother froze everything. i was 18 years old before i had my first fresh bun. the invention at i came up with is the hot dog ez bun steamer. steam is te y to a great dog. i knew it was goi to be a success. the invention was so simple that i knew i needed to protect it. my name is chris schutte and i got patent, trademark and c on legalzoom. [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch theidreams. go to legalzm today and make yourusiness dream a reality. at legalzoocom we put the law on your side.
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megyn: a new report shedding new light on your shrinking paycheck. according to a new study, household income dropped nearly 7% since the recession officially ended back in 2009. this on top of a 3.2% drop during the recession. and that adds up to heartache for millions of americans. the question is why. we are dropping it to over 7% when we are not in a recession and 3.2% when we are in the recession. most people want to go back into the recession. >> reporter: today's report comes from a software and data
11:26 am
research firm in annapolis, maryland. and it will only intensify the debate among those who say obama has worstenned the economy and real median household income declined during recession in the first half of '09 by $2,000 per household. over the last two years a period of so-called recovery it has plunged by $4,000 per household. this decline is in part driven by chronic unemployment. the longer you are unemployed the more likely it is you will accept a lower-paying job just to make ends meet. during recession the average length of unemployment shot up by 45% from 6 1/2 weeks to 6 months. since this so-called recovery began. the average rate of joblessness
11:27 am
has risen to 68%. once again those demographic groups already struggling in periods of long check downturn people it the worse. for americans as a whole median household income has declined by merely 10%. for wiets was less pronounced. for african-americans we see the biggest drop in income, almost 9.2%. tonight on "special report" with bret baier you can see my full report on this and you will hear from one of the you a those of the report. megyn: thanks so much. james reasons, everybody. coming up, "kelly's court" will take on the trial of michael jackson's personal doctor. there was some stunning testimony that we listened to late friday that you did not hear. it's conrad murray in his own words on what happened the day
11:28 am
the king of pop died. new questions over the competency of the united states attorney general. what a new round of seen as could mean for eric holder. a fight over a boyfriend leads to a major haz mat situation. details on the bleach, the brawl and at walmart. >> it was crazy, kind of scary. >> it's pathetic that you would let something get that violent.
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
megyn: a toxic scare at a walmart in baltimore after one shore attacked another with bleach and disinfectant. the shopper sphietion serious charge -- the shopper facing some serious charges. >> reporter: it turns out his fight didn't begin in walmart. it ended in walmart. police say the woman who launched the attack has a child about it other woman's boyfriend. teresa jefferson allegedly followed this woman into walmart and trailed her to the household cleaning aisle. she began punching her and kicking her. then she grabbed a bottle of bleach and pine sol and powered them on her. what she didn't know is it created a dangerous gas.
11:33 am
19 people are overcome by the gas and the whole walmart is shut down. >> it's crazy. it's kind of scary. >> it's pathetic that you let something get that violent to send 18 innocent people to the hospital. >> we were starting to get a lot of calls throughout the store from patient suffering irritants to the eyes, the respiratory passages. >> reporter: the suspect went to the police station and tried to file a restraining order against the woman she just attacked. the cops said don't we know you? they recognized her. arrested her, and charged her were assault and destruction of property. all the victims turned out to be fine, including the woman with the bleach and the pine soh powered on her. megyn: darrell issa says he will
11:34 am
issue more subpoenas to the justice department this week. investigating attorney general knew and we did not know about the botched federal gun running scheme called "operation fast & furious." this in the wake of an angry letter from attorney general eric holder to congress in which he made clear that he claims he did not know about the operation at all until the spring of 2011. he said he knew about the controversy aspects of april 2011. now he's saying he didn't know about the operation until april 2011. but that could be problematic for mr. holder. >> if we assume for a moment he didn't know, the question is, is he competent if in fact a border patrol agent has been murdered. his program has completely gone off the rails. why didn't he know? megyn: the former counsel for the house judiciary commity.
11:35 am
darrell issa don't accept attorney general's statement that he doesn't know. he believes of did know and he misled congress. there you saw him making another point. if we accept him at face value an didn't know about this botched gun running operation where we gave guns to the bad guys what we wound up doing was arming the awful bad guys with no good results, he's saying if you accept that he didn't know, he's also in a bad position. that's no excuse. dose have a point? >> he does have a point. how does the attorney general of the united states not know the united states is running guns into mexico and the impact that that project is going to have? "operation fast & furious" was a major undertaking. quite controversial. and the idea that the southern general of the united states did
11:36 am
not know this project was underway and was not informed of the problems and difficulties and issues as it was being implemented, come on, you are the attorney general of the united states. he has a dual problem. congressman issa said them both. how do you not know if you were the attorney general of the united states. if you did know why did you tell congress you knew two week before the actual hearing before congress. something is not right here and it's serious either way it goes. i said last week i this was simmering around a 5 or 6, i think it's going up teen 8 quickly. i don't know what they are going to do to get it back down to a 2. the attorney general has a lot of explaining to do. unfortunately it look like he will be doing it through subpoenas. megyn: eric holder said i didn't know about the operation. i get lots of memos. i do not and cannot read them cover to cover.
11:37 am
no issues concerning "operation fast & furious" were brought to my attention because the information in the report did not suggest a problem. this is the way it work for republicans and democrats. you get a lot of information and you don't necessarily right all. but what is a is saying fine you didn't know about it. he seemed to be saying but in december 2010 you had a border patrol agent die and these guns were used in that murder of border patrol agent brian terry. so how could it be you the attorney general didn't know we lost 2,000 guns and a border patrol agent died in december 2010. and it wasn't until april you found out about this operation? >> nobody defends this program. everyone would agree this was and i ill-conceived program. chairman is a was briefed about this program.
11:38 am
megyn: we are talking about the attorney general. >> the attorney general runs -- is in the justice department has thousands of investigations. there is no conceivable way he can stay abrefs all the details of each of the investigations. -- that he can stay abreast of all the details of the investigation. megyn: but the question is how could he not know about 2,000 guns being given to bad guys in the wake of brian terry's murder. >> the bush administration authorized this program as well. the memos he got in 2010. none of them indicated -- megyn: you are going back to the memo. i'm giving you all of that. let's move the debate forward. >> but that's how attorney generals get informed. i think i'm answer it, megyn.
11:39 am
megyn: you are not. and -- >> what is the question. megyn: let's assume has southern general said none of the earlier men offs point out any of the bad stuff about "operation fast & furious" and he didn't read them so he didn't know about the operation at all. is is a asking, that's fine, let's assume that true. why in december of 2010 when an american border patrol agent wound up dead at the hands of two these guns, why didn't you make a point to find out then. how could you have not known at that point about "operation fast & furious"? >> i understand the question. i was in the middle of answer that. the reason for that, the way in which an attorney general would normally get informed in december would be the folklore down on the front line -- the deputies would provide a memo up to the attorney general. there is no evidence the
11:40 am
attorney general knew about that, had any indication. megyn: why didn't they do that? >> we don't know what memos ... megyn: go ahead. >> it many simple. julian, the fact of the matter is this. 's. if the attorney general was not notified that a border agent was killed at hands of weapons that came from the u.s. government, it's malfeasance. this is serious. >> that's a different point than the point megyn is making. i think it, a legitimate question you and megyn are raising. but there is no indication whatsoever that the attorney general had any of that information from a memo or briefing or otherwise. did the system break down? >> you think somebody who sent the memo july 5, 2010 to the
11:41 am
attorney general might have come back in december and said, okay, mr. southern general, this problem is we had a border agent killed at the hands of one of those weapons we snried a mexican drug cartel. this is a significant issue. it's hard for me to believe it did not happen and if it didn't it means the office is dysfunctional. >> i would agree with you, jay, the attorney general should have had the information on or around the time that did occur. megyn: the operations that were doing this, atf, dea, those are within the department of justice. these are within the d.o.j. eric holder is at top. either he knew and didn't do the right thing or somebody beneath him didn't serve him well. >> atf is at the treasury department. >> i worked for treasury. the treasury department was not
11:42 am
doing this on their own. we got memos from the department of justice. they were involved in this. megyn: now we are talking over each oath which upsets people. julian. >> the department of treasury, derks a at the department of justice. i think jay being a superb attorney would be the first to concede there is no way in the world the attorney general would know the dials of thousands of investigations. >> this isn't one after thousand. this an investigation that had real consequences and we have a dead border patrol agent. the attorney general should have been notified. megyn: take your comments on it at we heard the time line from
11:43 am
everybody else except from him. what really happened the day michael jackson died from the only man who was actually there. dr. conrad murray in his own words next. >>
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket today, the day the king of pop passed away. jurors in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray hearing two hours of audio tapes. this was the moment everyone had been waiting for. it's dr. murray in his own words. you hear detectives interrogating the dock pore. he talked about how michael jackson was his friend.
11:47 am
painting river i'd picture of the moment he realize the singer wasn't breathing. >> his body was warm. there was no change in color. i assumed everything happened very quickly. just about the time. so i started immediately to perform cpr. and mouth to mouth resuscitation. megyn: joining me now lis weihl and mark eiglarsh. the thing went on four two hours. what did we learn? >> that he was there and he administered propofol. he said he didn't realize when he first took the $150,000 job
11:48 am
per month that jackson was addicted to froap penal was going to -- addicted to propofol. they sat alone on the couch. he administered more drugs and hooked him up to the i.v. because jackson could not sleep. we'll heart rest of the audiotape tomorrow when court starts again. megyn: he's talking about how careful he was in take care of jackson with respect to this propofol. listen. >> i took all precautions that was available to me. i made sure there was oxygen. that he was getting oxygen. i had a pulse oximeter. on the finger and toe.
11:49 am
it was battery operated that showed me that oxygen saturation level. megyn: he did everything since he started seeing him, he made sure there was oxygen by the bedside, there was a pulse oximeter that showed the oxygen saturation level. he was trying to convince the investigators what? >> that he did everything he could to care for michael jackson properly and would never be the one to show him gross negligence. he cared a lot for him. if the jurors buy it. an wouldn't be the one to set up an i.v. drip of propofol and leave the room. >> he didn't want to kill him, that's why it's involuntary manslaughter. megyn: what we saw last week, the parade of girlfriends taking the stand saying he called me. this is while michael jackson is
11:50 am
dying in the next room. >> he's texting on the way to the hospital. to the girlfriend by the way that he sent propofol. he's texting her to make sure everything is okay. he's on the cell phone with another girlfriend when he sees michael jackson go down. what he said to the police was this was taken two days after michael jackson's death, he said i just left for a few minutes. it's like the guy with the dwi saying i just had two beers. >> if i'm defending conrad murray. the prosecutors will say the way that michael jackson died was because there was an i.v. set up and a propofol bottle put in there and he created this drip and eight continued to drip into michael jackson. the coroner testified that the i.v. did not contain milky residue. it was clear. so you will have the defense lawyers say if it's not milky,
11:51 am
my client is not guilty. megyn: you will get to respond after this break. akes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. it's this... etrade's pro platform. , [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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megyn: is murray saying -- he's admitting he gave jackson some propofol that night but not the lethal dose. >> his words on that audiotape web was trying to wean michael jackson off the propofol. >> i didn't give it to him. >> more than 10 times? >> yes. much more than 10 times. 30 days a month, every day. daily. with the exception of three days
11:55 am
i tried to wean him off. megyn: there you herd him saying i gave it to him every day except the three days leading up to his death when i was trying to wean him off. yet the defense is developing a theory that that's why moing * gave it to himself because he was not able -- like any addict he couldn't take it. >> no good deefd goes unpunished. he's the one trying to save it. i don't buy it but that's what they are going to argue. >> any good doctor, competent doctor, it's not michael jackson's friend, it's his doctor. you are addicted to propofol. i can't handle this in a home situation. megyn: propofol is what they use to knock you out before they do
11:56 am
surgery own. have we heard medical testimony, is it possible to be give up a smaller dose of propofol. then somebody under propofol can self-administer more propofol? >> and get a catheter on yourself. megyn: murray admit he did all that because he gave him a little bit of propofol. >> we are going to have experts who will say it's a proper setting as long as somebody is monitored. megyn: if i get hit in the head with a mallet until i'm knocked out i can hit myself in the head. >> tomorrow morning look for the pathologist to take the stand and tef fight was -- testify it was propofol and the manner of
11:57 am
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