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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 22, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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"fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. and good morning, folks. fox news producer tadik murkowski is in tripoli and joins us on the phone with the very latest. we don't know exactly where qaddafi is but we know the streets of tripoli are filled with rebels. what else can you tell us? >> steve, we just went down into the hotel lobby, the reporters are basically in the hotel where we've been for months trying to cover this conflict under heavy scrutiny and basically run into six armed men who say police officers are protecting the hotel but basically say we cannot leave. we're still waiting to go and do our jobs, get out on the streets and report these events. they are saying to us you can't leave and they're citing the
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fact that there's too many snipers in this area. i'll caution the figure of 95% of the army, 20% in pro government and pro qaddafi hands still including that compound you spoke of which is no more than, you know, a kilometer, half a kilometer behind the hotel where, you know, there's still some holdouts putting up stiff resistance there so right now, we're caught between the lines but we're hoping, you know, that some short time, we can actually get out and start looking and speaking to the people and find out what's going on here. >> how did this go from a stalemate with no end in sight to the collapse of tripoli with very little bloodshed? what happened in the interim? did you sense they were this vulnerable? >> brian, right up to the bitter end. even late yesterday, the government spokesman was saying to us, we're willing to negotiate. we're going to negotiate from a position of strength. we have 65,000 professional soldiers around the city and
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they're ready to fight to the bitter end. now, he seemed rather strained and tied but it was still coming out. but i think it was desperation on the government's part to in some ways avoid a massacre if you like. they're terrified of what the rebels will do. it reached a tipping point where the momentum with all of the rebels and they rolled over this place and i think when people saw the way the tide was turning, they just downed their weapons and joined the rebels and, you know, started celebrating. so basically, it was very -- it was lightning work. >> even though you are locked down there at the hotel for the most part, by the government of tripoli, government of libya, we don't know where qaddafi is? >> no, that's true. the best i can tell is you that he was in the city last week when a gentleman i spoke to who is here on a peace initiative said that he had gone and had
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talks from him. he was moving from hospital to hospital basically because, you know, everyone is aware that nato who was doing its upmost to protect civilians and wouldn't have after a target like that. he's got people around him who are very clever and are very good and basically covering their tracks. so until he pops up again on another audio message on state television and this is rather interesting, guys, state television is still running. they had a headquarters in the basement of this hotel for the longest time where some of their propagandaists were working from. they're showing medical shows this morning. it's business as usual. there's nothing to report here. obviously, reality has not caught up with state television in libya. >> maybe they'll air some brady bunch episodes and tell everyone there's no news today. check your own spider hole and maybe he'll be there. thanks so much. check with you again. hopefully you can get out of there soon. >> he just mentioned state-run television. look at this video, an anchor on
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state tv there yesterday lifted a gun on the air and -- look at that. there she is holding a handgun about rebels trying to oust qaddafi. the staffers at her station would become martyrs if they had to. >> she grabbed a gun from the top of the anchor desk as reports rebels were advancing towards tripoli. al jazeera gave this translation, "with this weapon, i either kill or die today." of course, remember back in march, we saw that guy on television there with the a.k. 47 saying he would fight to the death to protect qaddafi. >> that must be part of the opinion programming in that 24-hour stage. you're supposed report the news. i don't think shoot the people that disagree with you matches up. >> who has a gun on the anchor table? >> don't ask that question.
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president obama has been keeping close tabs on the situation and released a statement last night calling it a "tipping point." kelly wright is live with the rest of that. >> good morning to you. president obama is on vacation but keeping a close eye of what's going on. since early sunday, he's been receiving regular updates from his homeland security and counterterrorism advisor john brennan and the president conducted a conference call after 9:00 p.m. with members of his national security team who briefed him on the dramatic developments in libya. in a statement, president obama says the bloodshed must end stating tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant. the surest way for the bloodshed to end is simple. muammar qaddafi and his regime need to recognize that their rule has come to an end. now, as those jubilant rebel forces celebrate in tripoli, the capital of libya, senator john mccain and senator lindsay graham both have visited the country and they're strong proponents of nato military
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action, they have issued a joint statement saying the collapse of the qaddafi regime is a victory for the libyan people and put other dictators on notice. here's what they're saying. qaddafi's fall should now send a clear message to dictators around the region and beyond that, this strategy will fail. in particular, that is a lesson for bashar al-assad and we are confidence that his regime will soon join qaddafi's on the ash heap of history. by the way, the two republican senators of the president seemed to agree that the united states must remain involved with the main rebel movement to help make libya a peaceful transition towards establishing freedom of democracy and that will be the difficult challenge. back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> john mccain was the first over there to look at the rebels and say these are people we should support and free up the money that's frozen here for decades in this country that are libyan assets. meanwhile -- >> we are joined by ryan morrow, the founder of world
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and national security analyst of the christian action network. thanks for coming here. thoughts of what's going on overnight? >> qaddafi's regime has come to an end. the revolution has succeeded and that's going to scare the pants off of assad in syria and every other dictator because it shows that violent suppression does not work. and that you will lose. >> however, if the opposition is organized, number one, and number two, if nato agrees to bomb you for six months, we just yesterday -- the other day decided that assad should go. >> right, in some cases, yes, western intervention is necessary, as happened in libya. but not in all cases. look what happened in egypt, in tunisia, the syrian opposition, for example, is very confident they can do this on their own and they don't want foreign intervention but what i'm really concerned about is what follows qaddafi. now a new struggle begins between the islamists and the people fighting for a more secular democratic republic. >> exactly right. as you look at the crowd scenes
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there in green square, ryan, not all those people have been on the same side their whole lives. >> that's exactly right. if you look at the opposition, you can see this divide. there's some commanders on the ground that actually have worked with the foreign fighters that fought us in iraq and afghanistan. but then you look at the top and the vice chairman -- >> now we're supporting them. >> yes. but the vice chairman says there's no room in libya for an islamic state which the toughest language you can expect from that part of the world. there's a divide even within the opposition. then you have some other people there that want a sharia based state and that's very frightening as well. >> what does that mean for the united states and our effort to try to set up a government there, at least assist or support the government there? >> we have to go beyond trying to set up a government and helping the secular elements compete with the islamists. one of the thing that bothers me is a draft constitution was released by the opposition and it said that sharia would be the principle source of legislation for a perspective constitution and that bothers me. >> that bothers you?
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that should have come out in a preinterview when we said we support the rebels if that's going to be in there. yet the french and the british really spearheaded this effort diplomatically but are we in the end ultimately responsible since we're the only one capable of bringing them to the next step? >> no, because it's a choice they'll have to make on their own and still the islamists element among the rebels is a minority. i'm still pretty optimistic and inspired by a lot of the leadership. at the same time, they'll have to disarm a lot of the militia and some of these guys aren't going to want to give up their guns. we'll have another struggle where we have to all the different militias and we have to unify them into a national army. some of them won't go for that. >> your honunder the u.n., does back out and the u.n. come in? >> i don't think so. i think nato has been somewhat affected. they have the intelligence on the ground. you want a direct u.s. role in this definitely because not everyone in the u.n. is going to have the same interest in us. we want the secularists to
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defeat them there, and i think they can. >> we thank you very much for joining us on early on the curvy couch. big day. thank you, sir. >> thanks, ryan. let's get to other headlines. the sexual assault case against the former head of the international monetary fund reportedly about to be dropped. dominique strauss-khan, dsk, could be set free and head back to france as early as tomorrow. he's accused of forcing himself on a hotel maid in new york. prosecutors say the maid lied about the attack and lied about trying to get money out of him and tried to cover up those lies. a police officer in southern california is shot in the head and he survives. check this out. the officer and his partner were responding, excuse me, to a disturbance call, shots rang out from inside the house, a fire broke out shortly after. >> one of the officers was able to drag the other officer to safety and hold the position until we could get other officers here to help him, get him out here and get him to the hospital.
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>> at this hour, the gunman is still believed to be barricaded inside or near his home, at least. the injured officer is alert and in stable condition. tropical storm irene upgraded to a hurricane as it batteders puerto rico. it's left thousands without power. it packed a punch on the u.s. virgin islands. irene is expected to hit the dominican republic and haiti next. texas governor rick perry being urged by a g.o.p. powerhouse to choose former new york mayor rudy giuliani as his running mate. "the new york post" reports former new york republican chairman william powers says giuliani could help perry wind key swing states like new jersey, pennsylvania, and ohio. this as former new york governor george pataki is reportedly considering a run for the white house. pataki runs a nonprofit organization dedicated to repealing president obama's health care reform law. and those are your headlines. coming in all at once!
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jumping in! >> plenty of politics. >> a lot of people feel the g.o.p. field should expand. we have to continue. >> brian was just talking about this. coming up next on the rundown, will these three feel the pull to enter the 2012 race? our washington insiders tell us who they think is the most likely to jump in and who would make the best candidate. >> and we will bring you the breaking news from libya as it happens all morning long. plus how it's impacting oil prices in the market right now. it might surprise you. stuart varney always surprises us. i can't wait to see what he's wearing. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars
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>> welcome back. ok. we're wondering what the price of oil is going to be. libyan rebels pushing into tripoli, of course, price of gold rising, perhaps? stuart varney, you're here to tell us all about all this stuff. break it down for us. >> perhaps. it's going through the roof again. >> gold is? >> gold is up $31 an ounce as
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we speak. it's now at $1,882. closing in on $1900 an ounce. just in the month of august. gold has gone up $300 an ounce. and it's partly because of libya. >> stuart, we hate to interrupt you, here's david cameron, the prime minister of great britain. >> the vast majority of tripoli is now controlled by free libyan forces although fighting continues and some of it is extremely fierce. we have no confirmation of qaddafi's whereabouts but at least two of qaddafi's sons have been detained. his regime is falling apart and is in full retreat. qaddafi must stop fighting without conditions and clearly show he has given up any claim to control libya. as for his future, that should be a decision for chairman jaleel and the new libyan
3:17 am
authority. the situation in libya is clearly fluid. our task is to do all we can to support the will of the libyan people which is for an effective transition to a free, democratic and inclusive libya. this will be and must be and should be libyan led and a libyan owned process with broad international support coordinated by the united nations. i'm in close contact with partners from nato, the arab league, and chairman jaleel himself. clearly, the immediate priority today is to establish security in tripoli. we are working closely with the ntc to support their plans to make sure that happens. i spoke to chairman jaleel last week and will be speaking to him again today to agree with him the importance of respecting the rights, avoiding reprisals and making sure that all parts of libya can share in the future of
3:18 am
that country. and the wider nato mission which is to protect civilians, that will continue for as long as is needed. this morning, the national security council also discussed the work that needs to be done on medical supplies and humanitarian aid, on diplomatic efforts and on our work at the u.n. security council. let me say a word about each. first on the need to support the medical facilities in tripoli. we've already deployed medical supplies close to where they're needed and have now released them to the world health organization. in the coming days, it will be important to make sure that the communications networks, the electricity, the power supplies, fuel and water are maintained or repaired when they need to be. the national transitional council have been planning for this for months and we have been helping with that work. diplomatically, we have a strong mission already in ben-ghazi consisting of foreign military aid office and we'll establish office in tripoli as soon as
3:19 am
we're able to do so, this will include stabilization efforts that have been planning with this effort for months. at the united nations, we'll be taking early action in the security council to give the new libyan authorities the legal diplomatic, political and financial support they require. we will soon be able to release the frozen assets that belong to the libyan people. the foreign secretary is returning to the u.k. and with the deputy prime minister, the defense secretary and the development secretary, they will coordinate our efforts with the ntc in the weeks ahead. six months ago, this country took the difficult decision to commit our military to support the people of libya. i said at the time that the action was necessary, legal and right. and i believe that even more so strongly today. it was necessary because qaddafi was going to slaughter his own people and that massacre of innocent people was prevented.
3:20 am
it was legal because we secured a resolution from the united nations and we have been acting in accordance with that resolution ever since. and it was right because the libyan people deserved to shape their own future just as the people egypt and tunisia are now doing. i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked so hard to support the nato mission and the work of the ntc. our forces, as ever, showed incredible bravery, great professionalism and dedication. this has not been our revolution. but we can be proud that we have played our part. there will undoubtedly be difficult days ahead. no transition is ever smooth or easy. but today, the arab spring is a step further away from oppression and dictatorship and a step closer to freedom and democracy. and the libyan people are closer
3:21 am
to their dream of a better future, free from the terror of qaddafi. thank you. happy to take some questions. sky news? >> you've always said -- >> all right. we've been listening to a statement by the prime minister of the united kingdom talking about the situation in libya. he said muammar qaddafi stopped fighting, his two sons have been taken into custody. the regime is in retreat and stuart varney joins us from fox business. stuart, he also said that they will soon release the frozen assets. ok, that could be a lot of money. >> it could be. i don't know exactly how many billions it is. america froze libyan assets in america about 10 days ago, as i recall, i think the europeans had frozen libyan assets a little bit before then. how much, i don't know. but there's probably not going to be that big of a fallout in the stock markets around the world. the impact is going to be on the price of oil. it's already falling in europe although not yet. >> because we're taking away the
3:22 am
fear factor? >> well, before this revolution, libya produced 1.6 million barrels of oil a day. it's very high quality oil and most of it went straight to europe. if they can resume that oil production, the price of oil goes down in europe. that's an immediate impact but you're also seeing chaos throughout the middle east. this is a wonderful victory for the rebels here in libya. good stuff. but what follows and there's a degree of chaos going on there plus in syria, that's why the price of gold has gone through the roof again this morning. >> so when you were watching david cameron speaking, you were saying you kind of whispered the big story here is where is -- where is muammar qaddafi? if they do find him, whatever the results of that is, does that affect the markets? more about the chaos or nonchaos? >> it does not affect the markets. i'm stepping outside of the financial arena and saying in my opinion, the big news is where is this guy? is he being attacked? is he fighting himself? has he gone? i don't know.
3:23 am
that's a very interesting story, isn't it? >> it is indeed. we don't know where he is but we know that you will be on fox business in exactly three hours from right now. >> that's correct. exactly. >> and you're on duty. >> 8:00 tonight, we're doing a varney at night, yes, we are. can't wait. >> oh, yes. >> very nice. all right. brian, over to you. >> in the dark, thank you very much, stuart varney. all right. 23 minutes now after the hour. change gears and put libya on hold for a second. the g.o.p.'s 2012 field may not be complete just yet. there's growing rumors that sarah palin, paul ryan and governor chris christie are being strongly encouraged to run. will they? who has the best shot? our washington insiders is here to examine, former george w. bush administration official and political strategist, tom biseil. first off, tom.
3:24 am
>> good morning. >> what is it about the current field that there's three big names still being pushed to get in? >> well, i think that a lot of this discontent with the present field is artificial and manufactured. you've got rove and daniels out there trying to blunt perry's momentum. you have sarah palin out there trying to blunt bachmann's win in iowa. some are trying to convince christie to get in. i think we'll have a very strong field but these are three very important political properties and remains to be seen what they're going to do. ryan -- ryan's campaign, i think, would end up being defined by the medicare issue. i think republicans are looking for a much broader issue about jobs and the economy. at the end of the day, ryan is young. i don't think he runs. he has plenty of time if he wants to be president. >> and governor christie repeatedly has said that but sarah palin is getting quite intriguing with karl rove saying look out, she's ready. on the democratic side, how do you view this?
3:25 am
>> as most viewers, just taking tom's words. in one word, it's confusion. rick perry in the highly anticipated entry of his race was to have cleared the field to go up against mitt romney in contention for the nomination. the day after he announces, you've got three other candidates reminding that he's really not a threat to us. we don't have any fear and he doesn't have anything really to bring to the table which we have seen with karl rove calling into question along with peter king, the chairman of the house homeland security committee, calling into question, you know, his statements and whether, you know, he's unpresidential or not. you have others that have questioned, you know, casting himself as the lone ranger and bringing texas to where it is, when we all know it's public, private partnership that's allowed texas to deal with the challenging we're facing economically. so it's chaos. >> but no one could hide from the fact that governor perry gets in, immediately becomes a
3:26 am
top contender according to one poll, he's up by 18 points and he had so much scrutiny on him. people feared him so much that every word out of his mouth is examined. yet, when governor perry did get in, it brought up other names, tom. >> the trial lawyers which is eye major democratic constituency are circling the wagons and raising money against rick perry. obviously, he is a threat to the president. sarah palin is in the same position that she was in two or three years ago. she's got to decide whether or not she wants to be a celebrity or she wants to be a leader and if she's going to get in, she has to get in now. the major donors are being gobbled up by both romney and by perry. and chris christie is -- the base loves chris christie and what he's done with the union. >> the big story is and this goes to you, david, when governor huckabee was thinking about it and mitch daniels was thinking about it, it looked as though president obama was untouchable. he was going to run away with this thing and let something happen and now looks so
3:27 am
vulnerable, this field is continuing to grow. don't you see that playing a role here? >> first of all, no one at least from our side has positioned ourselves as untouchable or obama being untouchable. when you say -- >> i'm just saying analysts have said that. >> i'm saying that would be a misperception and that we are going to do everything we can to put our record forward but going back to the republican field, again, there's a lot of indecision, "the wall street journal" was lamenting last week that the g.o.p. does not have a candidate that can get them not only through the primaries but also through a general election much that's all being called into question with more possible entries and perry not being the panacea that everybody thought he might be and stumbling out of the gates, so right now, we're focused on jobs and the economy and moving that forward and we'll let the republicans take the time to sort out what they need to sort out. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> great job. great debate. it's getting really intriguing. now 27 minutes after the top of
3:28 am
the hour. two american heroes lost their lives to an iraqi sniper but now the killer has been set free. seriously? we are going to tell you why and examine that. >> and this man could play a key role in libya's future but who is he? and what do we know about his loyalty? we'll take a closer look as we follow the breaking news from tripoli this morning.
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prime minister david cameron just confirming two of muammar qaddafi's sons have been captured. no word yet on where they are being held, though. this as libya's rebels control as much as 95%. there are conflicting reports as to the percentage. but 95%, yeah, of tripoli, as muammar el-qaddafi's regime is on the brink of collapse. heavy fighting reported all around the qaddafi compound today. pockets of qaddafi resistance still remain. president obama and other world leaders are calling on qaddafi to give up power as rebels celebrate in cities all around the country. >> there is no word on qaddafi's location. but two of his sons are reportedly in custody. craig boswell is live in washington, d.c. with the very latest on qaddafi's kids. good morning to you, craig. >> good morning to you, of course, these are his two eldest sons you're talking about. one is wanted by the icc, an arrest warrant was issued in june for crimes against
3:33 am
humanity. right now, what we know about the situation on the ground in libya, the forces loyal to the libyan dictator have tanks now stationed near his compound in central tripoli and are resisting rebel attacks. the situation there unstable. there's gunfire, of course, everywhere and as you said, opposition forces now in control of 95% of that city, sweeping in quickly yesterday covering just about 20 miles in a matter of hours. we've heard from u.k. prime minister david cameron who says regime is falling apart and that qaddafi must resign. here's what he had to say. >> our task now is to do all we can to support the will of the libyan people which is for an effective transition to a free democratic and inclusive libya. this will be and must be and should be libyan led and a libyan owned process. >> u.k. prime minister david cameron. now, the future depends on a number of things.
3:34 am
how soon muammar qaddafi steps aside and then, of course, the tribal region, how quickly they can work together and begin the transition from dictatorship to democracy. back to you. >> all right, mr. boswell, thank you very much for that live report from our d.c. bureau. joining us live on the curvy couch, judith mill whoer has interviewed qaddafi many, many times. >> as well as his sons. >> we had dinner in vienna when he still had a nice house that hasn't been confiscated. now it has been. >> ok, so qaddafi currently out of the picture. his son out of the picture. that leaves the number three guy. >> right. >> where would he be? >> well, my sources told me overnight the three hours that i've had awake that he is in tunist. now, this is the indispensable intelligence chief and the man who really is his brother-in-law, the closest person who qaddafi that we know. if he's fled, it raises lots of questions about where qaddafi
3:35 am
is. >> and where he went is interesting because isn't that -- isn't tunisia where his wife and kids were sent to months ago? >> i believe that's where they were. we don't know. i don't know. maybe somebody does exactly where they are. what's really important is that the rebels now say that they have learned the lessons of iraq. and that they are not going to leave their key installations and facilities and oil facilities unattended. and they are not going to make the mistake -- >> are they also not going to make the mistake, perhaps, of getting rid of all the nonviolent libyan government workers that could help them in this transition? >> absolutely. and that will be key to the kind of cohesion of the tnc, this transitional group. >> how do you know who these people are? >> well, we do know some of them. i interviewed the one that got a master's degree and the ph.d.
3:36 am
from the university of pittsburgh in 1985 and we know the finance minister is another american graduate that taught at the university of washington and left his job when the rebels started uprising and said i've waited for this moment all my life. some of these guys are hugely impressive. some of them we don't know. some of them are undoubtedly islamists, they have never denied that so it will be very important to see how the power relationship within this council plays out. we're want going to know that for many weeks. >> this whole thing started about six months ago and, you know, we saw many times these -- the people who were those rebels there in green square, we've seen them over the last six months driving around the back of pickup trucks and shooting guns seemingly aimlessly, are you amazed at how quickly qaddafi's elite forces caved and they saw the ribls coming in, they took off her uniforms and left them in the streets and put down their arms and tried to melt into the crowd. >> i'm not surprised with that.
3:37 am
that typically happens as well. nothing is typical about this in the arab world. we have to say, let's stand back for a moment. this is the first successful revolution in the modern arab world. egypt is still a military dictatorship. bashar assad in syria is still killing his people. this is the first time that people have actually taken up arms and what amazes me is how fast nato has taught these rebels how to really carry off a successful -- >> is it too early to say it's successful, though? >> it's successful for the moment in that they've gotten rid of him. >> it could have happened a lot sooner had the united states kept our foot on his throat. >> well, i -- i was one who called early on for no-fly zone when those people who were closest to qaddafi had their fingers in the air saying which way is the wind blowing there? i would have loved right then and there for america to have said a no-fly zone now. we didn't but so far, so good. let's hope for the best. >> i remember them saying this, what are we waiting for?
3:38 am
we finally got in and the president made the announcement i'm going into libya. in reality, what has been the u.s. role to this point? >> it's kind of been indes pen-- indispensable but leading from behind. it was really france who took the lead in saying these rebels have credibility. they have political standing. we've got to get behind them and the americans did not get out ahead of the europeans. i mean, look -- >> this is a big win for sarkozy. this kind of resuscitates nato. everybody was saying what are they doing? 5,000 sorties and they can't get rid of these guys? >> that's true and sarkozy was the one who convinced hillary clinton who convinced president obama. that's where the story goes. in terms of military hardware, people were astounded how little the rest of nato had and i understand it was our drone technology that provided the rebels and told us exactly where in tripoli the rebels could go in. >> right, what we're now seeing
3:39 am
is that nato's aerial support, those drone attacks were indispensable to this last phase of the great rush into tripoli. if you see that kind of fire power coming at you, you'll probably try to blend into the background, too. the issue will be, can the die har hards now with the kind of inuri insurgency that we saw in iraq. are they courageous enough to ask for nato and american help now when they may need it? >> the rebels at this point hold 80% to 90% of tripoli. this could be a big tipping point day. thank you very much for joining us. >> lovely to be here. >> thank you, judith. >> thank you. >> keep work the story. don't get any sleep. >> not likely with you guys around. >> fantastic. >> thank you, judith. let's take a look at some of the headlines. a boy scout troop leader stabbed
3:40 am
to death for what appears to be no reason. this man, a 22-year-old is behind bars accused of stabbing arthur anderson while he led two boy scouts on a trail. witnesses say he came out of nowhere to attack anderson. the suspect then took police on a high speed chase before being caught. he's also accused of hitting his mom and killing one of her dogs. two air show stunts end in tragedy. we warn you, this video is hard to watch. an aerial wing walker killed in a 200 foot fall near detroit. he was trying to climb from the plane on to a chopper when he fell. he had done this stunt many, many times before and we told you on saturday over this weekend, a stunt pilot in kansas killed at the kansas city air show when his plane crashed. the engine didn't start when it was supposed to. the pilot flew commercial for delta and had been doing stunts
3:41 am
for 15 years and all of those people had to watch that live. a new jersey community in shock. four high school football players killed, four others hurt when the s.u.v. they were in flipped over. they were heading to lunch after practice when the 17-year-old driver somehow last control. he crashed. four players who were killed, 15 and 16 years old. >> these four boys, that's the way they were. they stayed out of trouble. they challenged each other academically, they supported one another. >> so tragic! >> the town came together for a vigil. the team's first game today canceled. a couple returns to home to find someone stuck in their chimney. someone being an 8-year-old, his name was steven hawkins, he was yelling frantically for help and climbed on his neighbor's roof and fell in chimney. he got stuck half way down. he was apparently looking for a drink of water. rescue crews passed him a face
3:42 am
mask and gave him some water and gave him a blanket. after about six hours, they cut a hole in the wall and pulled him to safety. he had some scrapes on his arm and his leg and probably a little bruise, too. but he's doing ok. >> that's something. those are the headlines. meanwhile, straight ahead, the families of these brave marines are outraged. sniper responsible for taking their lives a free man. we will tell you why coming up. >> and our next guest is outraged it took this long to bring qaddafi to his knees. former congressman curt weldon traveled to libya back in april and says president obama is responsible for the delay. ♪
3:43 am
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3:46 am
free because the court said there wasn't enough evidence against him. the more than 2,000 bikers rode to the trade center site. they raised more than $270,000 in scholarship money for the children of first responders. steve? >> thanks, brian. prime minister david cameron addressing the world about the fall of muammar qaddafi. he confirmed that qaddafi's two eldest sons have been taken into custody. former pennsylvania congressman joins us on the line right now. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, steve. great to be with you. >> great to have you as well. you met with qaddafi and your message was it's time to go. >> i met with qaddafi more than any other u.s. official. i went over as a private citizen in the first week of april telling him to get out and his time was up. i met with the prime minister of baghdad and i met with his chief of staff, his son and during the period of time when i came back,
3:47 am
i talked to him on the phone and arranged conference calls for members of congress. he should have gotten out and he would have gotten out if we would have given him breathing room. i'm happy this is being resolved now. the libyan people deserved better than this as i wrote in "the new york times" the first week in april. they didn't deserve the kind of massive attacks. i think we could have settled this. i think there have been mixed signals sent by allied nations but like all americans, i'm happy that libya hopefully can be stablized now. >> we're looking live at pictures in downtown tripoli, some of the rebels there in the center of that city and there, we just lost the shot right there. how do you feel, congressman, about the way this administration has handled what's going on over there? >> well, when i went over in the first week of april, even though i'm a republican, i fully supported the president and secretary of state hillary clinton and joe biden and said -- and i was going there to face
3:48 am
qaddafi as i had done in 2004 and 2005 and telling him, time to leave. no room for negotiation. step aside and allow the libyan people to decide who their next leader should be. the problem in 2004 and 2005 and beyond, both the bush administration and the obama administration didn't take the steps that we recommended to establish a civil society. we had supposed that we established a direct relationship between the people and the congress to identify the next generation of leaders to build a civil institution so that you wouldn't have this kind -- instead, we had former u.s. officials and other allied nation facilities going in and cutting deals with qaddafi and cutting business deals. the real investigation that should take place is who made the money during the last seven years when we should have been stablizing libya with institutions, who made the money for themselves in going in and
3:49 am
grabbing the profits of the libyan people for themselves. that's the real story that needs to be looked at. >> that's a great question. although it's probably unlikely they would launch an investigation into that. you say we missed an opportunity there. >> we did. you know, the brits are all high and mighty now and i'm a great fan of the british people and britain but they were in libya in january selling weapons. selling the latest and most sophisticated weapons to the qaddafi family. the u.s. didn't do that. we didn't sell any arms to libya. but the brits were there. a sarkozy has been having private discussions with qaddafi and he said this a month ago, he said that sarkozy tried to shake qaddafi down so he could control the oil. libyan people deserve better and we should have provided more capability for them to govern their country through institutions. you know, the people we're dealing with now in the transition council were all qaddafi loyalists for the most
3:50 am
part at one point in time so we really have to kind of wait and see whether or not they're going to turn out to be the reformers that we hope they'll be. >> that's a good point. all right, former congressman from pennsylvania, thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> thank you, sir. coming up, what goes on behind the scenes of the white house during breaking news like this especially when the president is on martha's vineyard, on vacation, someone who knows this well, former white house press secretary dana perino with a first hand perspective coming up shortly and the course of complaints growing louder over accusations the word god was banned from veteran burials. we'll hear from the military widow who says she was forced to move her husband's service to keep the prayers in. that's straight ahead. akes me s. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> welcome back.
3:54 am
today, the director of the houston national cemetery returns to court. she's being sued for banning prayer and the word god from military funerals this as more families coming forward saying they couldn't bury their loved ones the way they wanted to because of this ban. lisa ward is joining us from texas, she moved her husband's funeral, she says, to a private chapel so she could include religion in the service. she's joined from the liberty institute attorney who added her to the original lawsuit. thank you both for joining us today. we appreciate it. first of all, i want to say that the v.a., veterans affairs department, we -- they say that they deny that they have banned any religious speech or mentioning of god. what is your response to that? >> well, obviously, that's not true. we have veterans from the korean war, world war ii, vietnam war, the persian gulf war, we even
3:55 am
have a congressman who have all witnessed the religious discrimination and hostility going on at the houston national cemetery. i think it's time that the v.a. stopped trying to call our nation's heroes liars and instead fess up and start changing its ways and end its religious intolerance at this cemetery. >> here's the thing. they say that they received -- the cemetery received a complaint in 2010 of a family member -- from a family member who was upset because the military funeral honors included a reference to christianity. they did not want that reference to christianity. they did not want any religious symbols so essentially, the move was made to provide only general condolences without religious reference. that's the case, according to the v.a. lisa, you say that the situation seems a bit different. explain. >> well, when i went to go make my husband's arrangements, when i got to the funeral home, the funeral director and i were talking and i was with a friend of mine who was very active in
3:56 am
the vfw, and the funeral director asked me if i wanted the full vfw ritual and i said yes, of course, my husband earned it. he had 30 years federal service. and i said yes, i did, and he said well, you're aware that you can't have that over at the v.a. cemetery. and i was a little confused about that. he was a veteran. he served in the persian gulf war. he had 30 years federal service. i was very confused as to why he couldn't have the traditional ritual. >> you had to move the service to a private chapel. >> i did. i did. so the funeral director said no, they don't allow that over there because god is mentioned five times in the traditional vfw rituals. so he said what i can do, he says, we can have it here in the chapel of the funeral home. he said i can make other accommodations for the 21-gun salute for the playing of the "taps" but you can have it here.
3:57 am
>> you had a lot of people that attended that funeral who missed all that because they weren't allowed inside the chapel. we'll follow this and follow what happens in court today. appreciate you joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> and by the way, we reached out to the houston national cemetery and did not get a response from them. all righty, what goes on behind the scenes at the white house during breaking news like the crisis in libya? someone who made her job, former white house press secretary dana perino here.
3:58 am
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>> good morning, everybody. it's monday, august 22nd. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. we start this morning with breaking news. libya may soon be liberated from muammar qaddafi after more than 40 years. rebels making lightning fast advances now control about 95% of the capital. we have a live team coverage from around the world. >> yes, and this video seems to confirm at least some of qaddafi's reyeem is on the run. his allies leaving their
4:01 am
uniforms in the streets. >> and a stunning sight, an anchor on libyan state television waving a gun as the rebels reportedly close in and wait until you hear what she is saying there as she holds that gun. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starts now. >> one of those days where you're going to get right to the news because we are in a fox news alert because libyan rebels now have, as we just mentioned, control of 95% of the capital but there's no word of where muammar qaddafi is or if he's even alive. his two eldest sons captured. >> and another major victory for the rebels, now tunisia is recognizing the rebels as the legitimate representatives of the country. >> interesting. dominique is live in tunisia with the very latest. good day to you, sir, what can you tell us?
4:02 am
>> good morning. well, yes, qaddafi's forces still trying to cling on to the last ditch effort but yes, they have about 5% of the city which means it's very much over for the regime. apparently, coming out of the compound which has been the main strong hold of qaddafi throughout -- throughout this revolution, they came bursting out with tanks. they came out with pickup trucks, apparently firing wildly in any direction. no indication of where they've gone but we are still hearing there were sharpshooters loyal to qaddafi around the city firing on some citizens. we are hearing from nato that they are saying qaddafi should now quit. it is over. they put a hold on the air strike, they're maintaining air patrols over the city but it appears the rebels have full control of the city now. where is qaddafi? that's the $70 billion question. why $70 billion? that's how much wealth his family amassed during the
4:03 am
42-year long dictatorship. there are rumors he's still hiding in the country. no one knows for sure he's even alive at this time. he could outfox and outsmart indeed the rebels even now. yet to hear exactly where he is on top of that. there are fears that if the forces loyal to him manage to escape the city, it could lead to a bitter civil war, like we saw after the fall of saddam hussein in iraq. however, that was sectarian violence. this would be tribal violence in a very rough and wild country like libya, who knows what kind of war would ensue as a result of that. president obama has told qaddafi to accept defeat. we're hearing from the european union that his time is up. seeing signs of post qaddafi regime change, normality and planning going on. we're hearing that oil production may resume, the italians have flown in over the weekend in an attempt to get
4:04 am
production going. that's absolutely essential to normality returning and, of course, adding to the legitimacy of the national transitional council. all and all, what we saw over the weekend with the start of the final siege on tripoli, it appears that the rebels are determines to carry through. they want the institution to stay in place and they've managed to keep key civil servants in place so it's business as usual. it appears that the country now is definitively in the hands of the rebels, guys. >> all right. dominique live in tunisia with the very latest, thank you very much. meanwhile, take a look at this. an anchor on libyan state television lifted a gun on air and warned rebels trying to oust qaddafi that staffers at the channel would become martyrs if they had to. auto take our word for it, that's what she said. >> she grabbed a gun from the top of the anchor desk. i don't know why it was there. al jazeera's translation -- with this weapon, she says, i either kill or die today. >> someone tell me they didn't put that in the prompter.
4:05 am
she ad libbed that. >> we believe she's still on the air. >> who will tell her her time is up? >> dana perino is the air right now. >> do you think the cameraman knew that was coming? >> yeah, the cameraman was probably armed, too. >> the thing was sitting on the top of the desk. i'm sure the cameraman, all the cameramen. >> we're talking about the fall of tripoli. what do you think about how this administration has handled this whole thing? do you think it's embarrassing that it's taken six months? i mean, we're the united states of america vs. libya. >> we go back six months, what did we call this? remember, it was the kinetic military action and now we know what kinetic military action means. it means six months of nato working to oust a rag tag dictator. now, i'm glad that nato participated. i'm glad he's going to be gone. i'm glad for the citizens and their joy. i worry a little bit for them at what is -- what happens tomorrow and the next day and in a month or two because the good thing is that the rebellion came from the ground up.
4:06 am
the difficulty is one of the things i read yesterday is there's no one that seems to emerge as a leader that everyone can respect although i thought, that's kind of like america. >> they're united against muammar qaddafi, once they rise to power, that's when the real fighting begins. within nato reportedly they're calling this catastrophic success. >> like it's own military action. >> chaotic success. >> yeah. right. >> interesting to see what happens once these rebels get into power. >> right. you can look at other places in the arab spring. egypt continuing to struggle. what they need now is going to be nato help or united nations help in order to set up a government. and institute the rule of law. they're going to have to figure out the oil wealth and how they're going to distribute that amongst citizens. the other thing that happens on a day like yesterday when you're the white house, the white house travels wherever the president is. the phone call, that's forwarded, you know, it just doesn't go to the situation
4:07 am
room. it goes to martha's vineyard so you can imagine that the white house staff yesterday, the communications staff that's not responsible for on the ground decision making in libya is having to make thoughts like, well, would the president give a statement? what time would he give a statement? on camera or off camera? >> is the president actually going to come out and say, you know, i -- i got rid of qaddafi or we got rid of qaddafi when this whole time he kept deferring, it's a nato mission. it is britain and france who are taking the lead. could he reverse things from the communication perspective and try to get the most out of it for lack of a better word? >> i don't think even this white house would attempt that at this point. i don't think they want to. take all of the credit. i think they want to share it around because of not just what's happening today, catastrophic success, what happens in a month and that could be dangerous. >> let me ask you about this. about an hour ago, we had david cameron in front of 10 downey street talking exactly about
4:08 am
what had happened thus far. so you've got the optics of the prime minister of great britain there at 10 downey street and then given the fact that our president is on vacation, you know, there he is right there. it would be hard for him to make a statement at nancy's restaurant where he was yesterday. >> at the white house, you travel with all sorts of things that you might need -- >> to look presidential. >> you got the blue backdrop, the seven flags, or however many flags it is and the podium and you can do that type of thing. something always happens in august. and then the other thing the white house communications office is dealing with is an insatiable press corps. and they want to know, when's the statement? when's the statement? the problem for making a statement right now is that we don't know where qaddafi is. we kind of need to wait. i'm a little surprised that david cameron made that statement so early but i guess he's got a different stwags. >> and the white house released something last night. >> sure, a statement. >> i guess it happens. you can clue me on this. it seems odd that our number one
4:09 am
economic enemy or rival seems to be china and the vice president is doing the talking there and then when it's time for assad to step aside, the secretary of state does the talking there. and the president is just kind of on the side. yet, those are the two -- >> he was on the golf course all day yesterday. >> not that he shouldn't vacation. >> he didn't play. >> the problem is no president goes on vacation anymore really. and they need to stop talking -- describing it that way. they should say that he's having time off. >> there's camp david. that was built for something. it's got a bowling alley. >> i remember at camp david -- camp david, do you remember the mumbai attacks, it happened around thanksgiving. you were probably here early the next morning, president bush was at camp david when that happened and so we were all back at the white house in the situation room and he was in his equivalent situation room at camp david and you could utilize that. i mean, that's good for that. but the press corps goes wherever the president is. he's got the tools that he needs. he can do what he needs to do where he is. >> ok.
4:10 am
all right. >> dana perino, always a pleasure. are on you on "the five" today? >> i am on "the five" today. >> we love that show, by the way. >> thanks. >> good. >> thanks. >> all right. let's get a check of the rest of the headlines, it would be a stunning end to a now infamous case. sexual assault allegations against the former head of the imf, international monetary fund reportedly about to be dropped. dominique strauss-khan, dsk, as we call him, he could go free and head back to france as early as tomorrow. he was accused of forcing himself on a hotel maid in new york but prosecutors say the maid lied about being attacked. she lied about trying to get money out of strauss-khan and then she lied to cover it all up. developing story overnight. a police officer is shot in the head and survives. the officer and his partner were responding to a call in san diego county, california, when shots were fired from inside the house. moments later, a fire erupted in
4:11 am
the same home. >> one of the officers was able to drag the other officers to safety and hold the position until we could get other officers here to help him get out of here and get him to the hospital. >> the gunman is on the loose at this hour. the officer is in stable condition. tropical storm irene is now a hurricane. it's battling puerto rico at the moment. reports say that as many as 800,000 homes are without power as heavy rain and wind pounds the island. irene already pounded the u.s. virgin islands causing significant flooding and power outages there. she is expected to hit the dominican republic and haiti next. florida could feel the effects, though, later on this week. stay tuned for that. texas governor rick perry being urged by a g.o.p. powerhouse to choose former new york mayor rudy giuliani as his running mate. mr. giuliani looks very happy about that. "new york post" reports the former new york republican party chairman william powers says giuliani could help perry win
4:12 am
key swing states like new jersey, pennsylvania and ohio. this as former new york governor george pataki is reportedly considering a run for the white house. an announcement either way is expected next week. whether they're jumping in. >> better hurry. >> you can pronounce it jersey, it's ok. >> i feel like you -- >> on behalf of new jersey, i accept your apology. >> it's my state. >> thank you. >> it's 12 minutes after the top of the hour on this monday morning. a hero reunited with the 8-year-old boy she saved. >> how are you doing? >> well, this story is bittersweet. we'll have details coming up next. >> and it truly is political science, the details of the secret group of brainiacs plotting rick perry's 2012 strategy. something that's never been done by anyone except harry. household isilling to lay claim to its origin.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> welcome back. he's known by many as a down home texan but governor rick perry may just have the most sophisticated strategy in the 2012 race and it's all thanks to a secret campaign team of sorts made up of those four. sasha eisenberg, joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> so a couple much years ago, rick perry's campaign manager hopped on an airplane, he had a book called "get out the vote, how to increase voter turnout" and that really changed everything. what did it say? >> this is a book with these field experiments that had been run by a sort of smattering of political scientists. what they were trying to do was use experimental techniques to measure whether basic political tactics actually worked. whether, you know, phone calls, mail, television ads.
4:17 am
all the stuff that we're used to seeing actually had the effect that campaigns hoped that it did. and dave carney decided to invite these eggheads into rick perry's campaign. >> ok, so -- and that was there's carney right there. his campaign manager. that was in 2006 where they came in and watched. in 2010, they were actually part of the operation. how did they change things? >> then this whole body of work in 2010 that had come out of dozens of experiments they had run in 2006. one of the big findings that they took away from 2006 came from the experiment where they randomized perry's travel around the state and so they were able to randomly assign him to different cities and then track the effects on his approval rating, on volunteer signups, on campaign contributions in an individual city. what they realized is that perry's physical presence in a place mattered. that everything went his way, if he was somewhere and so they realized that the value of having him in abilene on a given day instead of just talking to
4:18 am
abilene from a satellite studio in austin was important. and so -- and i think we're starting to see the influence of that in 2012 already. >> absolutely, so the retail politics where you go door to door and shake as many hands as you can works. but at the same time, apparently what the social scientists discovered, in the effort to get out the vote, the campaign mailers, tv ads and the robo calls, they don't work. >> they realize a lot of this stuff doesn't have the effect that people had hoped. that was really the goal, you know, the goal was to basically bring in these political scientists to audit the campaign budget. campaigns don't have terribly good tools for measuring the effectiveness of what they do and these experiments allowed perry to really put a price on the things that he was spending money on and he realized a lot were a waste. >> sasha, these guys helped him in ways we'll never know but he did wind up getting a substantial victory last time they were on his team. what about this time?
4:19 am
are they there? >> some of them are talking to the campaign and i think they're still trying to figure out exactly what roles they might play. one of the -- these are very useful experiments for sort of long-term learning. in the heat of a very fast moving primary campaign, often it's difficult to sort of design these experiments and get the results fast enough to protect strategies, one of the things they'll be looking for soon is how they can sort of set up experiments that in real time that will allow them to integrate the findings in this year instead of having to wait until the next campaign to do it. >> that's really cool stuff. if you want to read sasha's new book, it is coming out on ebook tomorrow called "rick perry and his eggheads". thank you very much. >> thanks. >> cool stuff. all right, straight ahead, they've been called terrorists and racists and now somebody else is taking a shot at the tea party. >> the tea party can go straight to hell. >> oh, maxine!
4:20 am
what happened to toning down the rhetoric. we'll talk about that and where she said it. he's close friends with president obama so does he think the president can really create jobs? csi new york actor hill harper joins us live on the curvy couch coming up next. come on, juliet, bring him on in. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider.
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4:23 am
>> now time for news by the numbers. first, six years. that's how long until social security disability runs out of money according it a new congressional estimate. next 550 feet, the height of a new ferris wheel being built in las vegas called the high roller. it will feature 32 cabins.
4:24 am
juliet will not be going that can hold 40 people each. it will be taller than the 443 foot london eye that i was on without juliet. and finally, 20 1/2 million dollars much that's how much money the movie "the help" made at the box office this weekend claiming the number one spot. >> i love that girl. >> she's great. >> emma stone. >> yeah. >> i didn't see the movie. he plays a doctor on csi new york. >> but off camera he's tackling another health problem with his new book called "the wealth cure, putting money in its place. ">> actor, author hill harper joins us right now. >> you say that dramatical. i like that. >> can you walk around with me wherever i go? >> actor, author! hill harper. >> i think i'll get on "the today show's" nerves, what is that guy doing? >> so tell me, what can we learn from this that will help us right now? >> you know, if we think about what's going on with the debt crisis, we as americans, it's not just happening in government. there's a debt crisis happening
4:25 am
with personal debt. in 1980, 355 billion dollars in personal debt is what we were carrying. 2008, we're up to trillions of dollars. what's interesting is all the issues with the debt crisis, we're really mirroring it in our personal lives and the question is how can we sort of redefine wealth but at the same time, take care of money and finances and get rid of our credit card problem? >> that's a great point. and i know this is personal to you because you -- you're famous. you got some money in the bank. but then when you discovered you had cancer, that puts it all into a different kind of perspective. >> i was writing this -- i have a foundation called the manifest your destiny foundation and i meet with a lot of people talking about how can you live your best life? the excuses are money. i'd get an education but i can't afford it. i have to do this or i have to pay for my kids so i wanted to write a straight forward financial money book about how can we return to values? get rid of credit card debt? let's budget and figure this
4:26 am
out. we only buy things we can afford, etc. but in writing this book, at the same time, i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that made me take a bigger step back and say what is true wealth in our lives? our health, our family, our loved ones so, ok, i came up with this idea, money is wellness equals wealth. money is still important because we have all these books out there that talk about money. they make you feel guilty about spending a dollar and you have these wellness books that say if you put up a vision board and you know a secret, money is going to find its way to you. >> that's the name of it. >> but hill, in particular, this book could be dictate to americans, like you said, the debt. >> it's in english. >> ho >> maybe it's to african-americans as well. it reads 15.9%. >> it's interesting, throughout history, the african-american unemployment rate has run higher than the general unemployment rate. we have a high unemployment rate right now. so 14%, 15% among
4:27 am
african-americans so hopefully, you know, the -- obviously, if we push innovation, to me, innovation is where jobs come from, you know, historically, you know, ronald reagan's quote that i love, putting people first has always been america's secret weapon, he said that, right? so i think that if we think about how can we push innovation, what can we do but at the same time, take a step back in our lives and say, you know what? money is a tool. most of us have been taught that money is a result so we chase it. almost like addicts chase a fix, right? if we take a step back and say money is a tool we can use to do what we want. that's the question. >> another question is regarding the very high unemployment in the country, even higher in the african-american community which we just detailed right there. the president has suddenly got critics in the congressional black caucus where they're saying, you know, on his bus trip, why didn't he visit any black communities? what is he going to do about jobs? you know, the hope and change thing, fast forward three years
4:28 am
hasn't turned up for a lot of people. >> you know, it -- i think that when you -- if you're speaking specifically about african-americans and the president, there are folks that are always going to criticize the president for a myriad of things. >> maxine watters surprised me when she looked outraged and she feels as though the president not going to iowa, wanot going the urban environment is a boad scene. she wanted to know the plan. >> obviously, i'm not a political expert. >> you're an author and an actor. ai leave that to you guys. i believe the president going to announce a plan or a jobs initiative coming up so i think folks want to see that. i was born in iowa. and, you know, i'll tell you, there's not a lot of black folks in iowa. you know? >> that's a great state. i was born there, too. >> no, you weren't. >> algowna. >> were you? >> i was born in iowa city.
4:29 am
>> look at that. >> how was the birthday party? you went to the president's 50th birthday at the white house. >> it was a ball. it is a lot of fun, you know, what was wonderful to see, you know, i've been to the white house at different times before and everything is usually super, you know, formal but really nice to have a nice relaxed event, hot dogs, hamburgers. >> karaoke. >> there wasn't karaoke but the marine corps jazz band was there and they have some wonderful musicians, just nice and classy, beautiful, but it was just really relaxed and -- >> congratulations on the book and your career, "the wealth cure" and i'm glad you're ok. >> yeah. >> always great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> all right. straight ahead on this monday morning, the very latest developments out of libya. mow muammar qaddafi is no longer in control, apparently. rebels have taken most of tripoli. where is qaddafi? we'll have the latest when we come back. >> this story, i love it. they tried to make lemonade out of the government's lemons. why did police arrest them for
4:30 am
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4:33 am
like the trip around the world you never took. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. see your lexus dealer. >> welcome back. let's get right to the fox news alert. we're just getting word that a
4:34 am
rebel convoy carrying members of the media was hit by qaddafi troops after libyan rebels have control of 95% of the capital. the fox news producer is in tripoli and joins us on the phone. what can you tell us? >> yeah, juliet, we just got the report some time ago from colleagues that were on that convoy. they were not far from the square, the siege that was used amongst rebels. that's ground zero for libya, for tripoli, the capital here and we're told that they basically came around the corner and there was a government force that opened up on the convoy and shot the first two cars to pieces. it's indicative of the fact that there's major pockets outside 15% to 20% of the city that haven't come under full control and there's fights going on as we speak. >> wow. you know, for a while, tadek, i could hear your frustration of being stuck in that room they say for your own protection. when you hear a story like that,
4:35 am
what does that make you think? >> well, i went down to the hotel foyer and walked out into the court where gunmen basically who, i believe, they actually are telling me they are, you know, supporters of qaddafi, still in charge here. and the green flags of the qaddafi camp is still flying in front of the hotel and that makes us somewhat nervous because we think, you know, maybe they will fight it out when the rebels finally arrive. we hear that the rebels are trying to negotiate with these guards, to negotiate a peaceful transition from the hotel and they're sort of holding our breath and waiting for this to happen. all the dinner plates are still sitting on the tables where they met last night. the cars are being looted outside and any fuel that was in them is being taken by people getting in cars and depict out. it's a rather surreal scene. >> so even though you have a government minder there and there are those security forces still loyal to qaddafi, we don't
4:36 am
know where he's at. who is calling the shots? >> that's a good question. the minders have all fled, all the government people, the ones that are listening into our conversations and monitoring our e-mails they took off last night when it looked like the tide was turning against them. we have these young men running around with guns, where is qaddafi? it's million dollar question. david cameron speaking outside earlier on saying where ever he is, he's on the run, basically and he must surrender. the fighting has to stop and has to fight unconditionally, he cannot keep asking his people to fight on, this hopeless cause it would seem. but he last night in another audio message said to the tribes in those areas unaffected by fighting yet to come into tripoli and basically fight the rebels that seem to control much of the city. >> being these -- the forces loyal to qaddafi have been giving up and for the most part, there's been no reports of them being tortured or in prison.
4:37 am
the logic would tell you there's such fierce fighting around the qaddafi compound that those there are more than likely protecting him rather than themselves, don't you think? >> that's a very good question. i mean, basically, the government spokesperson said there are people in libya, in tripoli, who are so ingrained in the qaddafi camp that really, there is no escape for them. it's death or nothing because, you know, a life without qaddafi is no life at all. they're going to fight until the bitter end and there's a suggestion certainly around the compound, you know, what are they fighting for? who are they protecting? are they fighting for time? are they fighting just to sort of, you know, for their own cause, for whatever benefit they think they can get from it but certainly, we know that he was in deep hiding and he was traveling between hospitals so they wouldn't be bombed. you know, there's no knowing where he is right now but certainly all the world leaders united and calling for him to just surrender, to give up, you know, to bring an end to this bloody conflict that's been
4:38 am
going on for so long now. nearly half a year and, you know, i think there's a great momentum for there to be no more bloodshed. >> we don't know where qaddafi is but we know where you are, you're there in tripoli, libya, with the very latest. thank you very much. >> strange situation for them because with the people around there that are still loyal to qaddafi, they're kind of trying to imply a different -- a warped perception of reality to the journalists that are staying at that hotel. all righty. here we go with the rest of the headlines. 76-year-old boy scout troop leader is stabbed to death. this man you're looking at right now, a 22-year-old is behind bars and accused of standing arthur anderson while he led two boy scouts on a trail. witnesses say he came out of nowhere and he attacked anderson. the suspect then led police on a high speed chase before being caught. he is also accused of hitting his mom and killing one of her dogs before attacking the scout leader. >> meanwhile, two air show stunts end in tragedy. we'll warn you right now, the
4:39 am
video is hard to watch. >> an aerial wing walker killed in a 200 foot fall near detroit. he was trying to climb from the airplane on to a chopper when he fell. he'd done the stunt many times before. >> look at the chopper. it pulled out too quick. >> meanwhile, on saturday, a stunt pilot was killed at a kansas air show when his plane crashed right there. you can see the smoke. the engine didn't restart when it was supposed to. the pilot flew commercial for delta and had been doing stunts for 15 years. >> new jersey community in shock right now. four high school football players, four others hurt when their s.u.v. flipped over. they were heading to lunch after practice on -- practice when the 17-year-old driver somehow lost control and crashed. >> these four boys, that's the way they were.
4:40 am
they stayed out of trouble and challenged each other academically and supported one another. >> this is crazy! it's so tragic! >> the town came together for a vigil last night. team's first game canceled. at least for today. >> hero reunited with the 8-year-old boy she rescued from drowning. >> how are you doing? >> the little boy you see there fell into a river in ft. worth, texas. tragically his mother couldn't swim and she drowned trying to save him. a woman who was back riding nearby jumped into the water and carried him out. >> i was like -- >> it was like a dream. >> i want to know them forever. i mean, i wish i had known them sooner and under other circumstances. >> the 8-year-old is one of six children and those are your headlines. >> all right. let's tell you a little bit about something that went down in englewood, california, on saturday at a jobs fair. take a listen to a sitting
4:41 am
member of congress, democrat maxine watters talking about one of her political adversaries, the tea party. >> i'm not afraid of the big, bad wolf. i'm not afraid of anybody. this is a tough game! you can't be intimidated. you can't be frightened. i'm concerned the tea party can go straight to hell. >> a number of the people applauding and cheering in the background there. purple t-shirt wearing members of seiu. >> look, i mean, rick perry got a whole heck of a lot of flak for his comments, arguably, you know -- >> in texas, we have one way of handling it. that's treasonness. >> yes. treacherous, treasonness, you know, i don't think he was serious about that but, you know, let's see if the other side who ripped him apart will be coming out against maxine
4:42 am
waters. >> here's the whole thing, maxine waters, political leader of her party, the president of the united states, said we've got to tone down the rhetoric. you can't talk like this, folks, going forward. maxine waters clearly frustrated. >> she's known for being a lightning rod. >> absolutely but still, telling them to go there, that's really -- >> if you look at maxine waters the publicity she got a week ago, she probably liked it. she's a national personality. on the other hand, politico expands their investigation whether joe biden called the tea partiers terrorists and they're finding out there's no denial from the vice president's office. >> right. >> i thought everything was supposed to be civil. >> right and a number of people have said look, he didn't really say that but i heard an interview with one of the guys at politico and he said, we've got four or five sources. heard the vice president say it. >> then you have this libyan anchor with a gun. maybe it's unrelated. but i'm saying, people should tone it down. >> i'm thinking it is unrelated. >> ok.
4:43 am
all righty, coming up, all eyes are on libya, of course, but don't forget about syria. our next guest says the united states is dropping the ball on that kunlt. the effects, he says, could be severe. >> and they wanted to draw attention to lemonade stands being shut down across the country but their simple protest led to arrest. the lemonistas are here to tell us what happened. >> lemonade forever! >> power to the lemonade! >> first, the trivia question of the day -- boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh.
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ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. comes centrum silver, with vitamins and minerals balanced to support your energy and immune function. everyday benefits from advanced formulas. discover the complete benefits of centrum silver. >> libyan prime minister and the head of libyan tv just announced this. they are announcing they are currently in tunisia. now, no word if muammar qaddafi is there as well. libyan rebels took control of
4:47 am
tripoli overnight but qaddafi forces are not giving up without a fight. >> so how should the united states now handle the situation moving forward? and what about syria? teddy troy is senior fellow at the hudson institute and a former deputy secretary of health and human services under president george w. bush and today, he's out in seattle. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think about what's going on in libya right now? >> well, obviously, it's a good thing that the rebels have displaced qaddafi. he's been there too long since the 1970's, in fact, and have been cruel to his people but there are a couple of things we don't know going forward. first of all, where is qaddafi? as us, it's the million dollar question. secondly, what is the rebels going to be like when they take over? the bigger, most overarching question is what's going to happen in the region and how is the obama administration approaching this? it seems to me that they kind of have a herky jerky inconsistent
4:48 am
approach. why did they move to get rid of qaddafi? a little slow but they moved to get rid of him, why have they said they won't intervene in syria where he's slaughtering his people. why did they not back the green revolution in iran but dropped mubarak who had been a u.s. ally for many decades, why would they drop him so quickly? there's no consistency, i see. >> it's extremely hard situation to figure out but another message that arab dictators might take from that is whatever you do, don't give up your nuclear weapons because if they had nuclear weapons, we wouldn't be supporting the rebels and we might be their air cover and denying them air cover, correct? >> that's true but remember, that was a big u.s. victory when qaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons and the reason he did it is because of the threat of force in iraq so there's a sense of u.s. forces that are willing to intervene when appropriate but the sense that the u.s. is for democracy and for freedom, remember under president bush
4:49 am
that was a consistent approach for pro democracy. he listened to one who wrote his book on democracy and recognized even if there are short term problems with democracy, overall and in the long run, democracy ask a good thing and worth pursuing and that was a consistent principle. >> so what you're saying is this president needs a plan. i think we heard that about jobs. >> he does need a plan. he needs consistency. not just for the american people to know what his plans are but what the allies need to know, how we're going to approach these things and our enemies also, you need to know what to expect from the u.s., the u.s. can't just be some kind of unpredictable tiger in the situation. >> couple of days ago, we asked assad to step aside. what would be a good next step? >> well, for example, we did ask assad to step asdz. it was way too long. he took forever and while he was slaughtering his people. in addition to that, we said we're not going to intervene. i'm not advocating intervention in syria. keeping that option open can make him sweat a little bit more.
4:50 am
>> thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> all right. very fluid. >> meanwhile, a 2-year-old case is getting new attention. we'll have the very latest on the search for missing utah mom susan powell and why her disappearance has sparked a family feud. we're talking to susan powell's dad coming up. >> and when life hands you lemons, many lemonistas say make lemonade? that's why they're trying to do in the nation's capital but they got squeezed. >> number one song in 1968 was "people got to be free" by the rascals. sing it, you rascals, you. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at
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4:53 am
>> welcome back. the answer to the question of the day, steve got this right, valerie harper, the winner is
4:54 am
mike from south carolina. steve, you are a trivia meister. you've heard the stories, little kids, lemonade stands being shut down because they don't have permits. so one group had enough. they took their fight to washington. they did. and it happened this weekend, the protesters sold lemonade on the lawn of the capitol. they did not have a permit. and they were promptly arrested. joining us is the creator of lemonade freedom day and one of the protesters arrested on saturday, great to have both of you here. we covered this story on "fox & friends" weekend. when we first started talking about it, we kind of laughed about it. but there is some seriousness in this, robert, isn't there? >> yes, absolutely. i think what happens is when you're shutting down a kids lemonade stand, what happens is you're basically telling them that they can't do anything. they can't follow their dreams. they can't set a goal and then achieve that goal without getting permission from the government first and i think
4:55 am
this is absurd. i mean, i think that we're all individual and, you know, we have a right and inherent right that we should be able to sell goods and services with other voluntary individuals that want to participate without having any problem, without having to ask for permission. >> on the other hand, meg, you were out there and you were arrested for this. you're going to be going to court come october. but, you know, following dreams is one thing but following the rules is another. >> yeah, following the rules is one thing but when the rules are inappropriate, i mean, there's no reason that anybody should ever have to endure what i went through just for selling $0.10 glasses of lemonade. >> what did you go through? tell is what happened when you were there? >> after we were arrested, we were taken down to the police station and each one of us were put in a separate room and handcuffed to the wall and basically taunted by police for about five hours. >> the children who are usually
4:56 am
this happens to are just kind of given tickets, it's more of sort of, sorry we got to do this. but robert, ultimately what do you want to happen here? what are you hoping to achieve? >> the biggest thing i would like to achieve right here is i would like to get good people to disobey bad laws. you know, like i said, we really -- police are human. we're all individuals. we all make mistakes, so do the police. so do the lawmakers. not all -- not all laws are good. some laws are bad. when we have bad laws, we need to disobey them. >> maybe they should just lighten up. >> yes, just lighten up but i think we need to stand up and disobey these types of laws and jurors need to be more informed and they need to, you know, make decisions based on their conscience and not on -- >> i hope this doesn't go to a jury. i really do. and hopefully the charges will be dropped to you. power to the lemonistas.
4:57 am
thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> moving on to another story, the real outrage in libya not about qaddafi? retired four star general is here top of the hour. he says the real outrage should be directed at nato. and the trumpster joining us live on this topic. how the unrest will affect the price of oil and what could happen today on wall street among other things. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole gin oats that can helpower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ]
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5:01 am
street trying to blend in with the rebels. >> brian: seen that act before. a stunning sight, an anchor on libyan tv -- state television, waving a gun. wait until you hear what she said. juliet will translate. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: it's 8:01 in new york city. let's get to that fox news alert. libyan rebels have control of an estimated 95% of the capital city of tripoli. libya's prime minister and the head of libyan television just announcing they are currently not in libya. they're in tunisia. still no word on where gadhafi is. there are many theories he could be in his compound, he could be in algeria. >> juliet: if he's still alive. >> steve: exactly right. his two eldest sons have been
5:02 am
captured. this morning we have live team coverage from around the world. >> juliet: kelly wright is in washington, d.c. but we start with dominic in tunisia with the latest. >> yes. amid those scenes of rebels and citizens of tripoli, cheering and celebrating, there are still fighting and skirmishes going on inside the city. the rebels have apparently some 95% control of the city, yet there are forces still loyal to gadhafi trying to stay on for one last final attempt. however, they have very little ammunition left. it's believed that one of the main bases and arsenal was overtaken yesterday which fills the rebels with weapons they need to do the final assault on the city. we're hearing there is fighting going on one of the main hospital where is some of the 5,000 casualties that have been claimed over the weekend have being treated. the doctors there are calling for both sides to put down their
5:03 am
weapons for the simple fact that they're trying apparently to get inside and finish off those members of the opposite side who they didn't manage to kill. on top of that, we hear heavy fighting outside the safehold of gadhafi, which is where he was hiding up until recently. we're not entire leisure where he's gone to. we haven't heard from him for the last 18 hours. we haven't heard from him since. yes, there are rumors he may be in algeria. but from the kind of phone calls he was able to make, he was suggesting he was still inside the city. who knows precisely where. while it does appear to be all over, it appears there is still fighting still going on and that will continue basically until either they surrender or they run out of ammunition. back to you. >> steve: dominic, thank you very much for the live report from tunisia. >> juliet: president obama being briefed on the libya situation while he's on vacation.
5:04 am
the president released a statement late last night calling recent developments a tipping point. >> brian: kelly wright, you are live in washington. i spotted you earlier. you're going to tell us what's happening with the white house response. >> absolutely. good morning to you all. president obama is on vacation with his family in martha's vineyard, massachusetts. that, of course, as he does his vacation time, he's keeping a watchful eye on the developments in lib y. there is an outpouring of libya celebrating. the signs are clear that gadhafi's 42-year reign is crumbling. since early sunday morning, a vacationing president obama has been receiving regular updates from his homeland security and counterterrorism advisor, john brennan. the president also conducted a 9:00 p.m. conference call last night. that briefing with senior members of his national security team. in a statement, president obama says, quote, tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant. this surest way for the bloodshed to end now is simple.
5:05 am
moammar gadhafi and his regime need to recognize that their rule has come to an end. and as jubilant rebel forces and people celebrate in libya, senator john mccain, who has visited that country and is a strong proponent of the nato military action occurring there in libya, says the collapse of the gadhafi regime is a victory, but there will be difficult days ahead in developing a new government. >> it's going to be a big challenge forming a new government, unite ago country that's never known democracy. we've seen the difficulties with other countries that made this transition. but we will be rid of a guy thats that the blood of americans on his hands. we will be rid of a guy who practiced worst kind of brutalities. >> some of his survivors will try to become the next insurgents and terrorists and more importantly, weeks from now, we're going to see beginning of a tension between the more islamist part and the more secular part of that transitional council.
5:06 am
>> wally ferris pointing out a real concern for the president and nato alliance. president obama saying the united states must work closely with the transitional national council. they represent the main rebel movement. they have to work with them in order to support a peaceful transition to democracy. the president adding the future of libya is now in the hands of the libyan people. back to you. >> steve: all right. thanks very much. >> brian: they're going to need a lot of help. it might be easy to say it's in the hands of the libyan people, but they don't know how to do it. how can they possibly? 42 years. >> juliet: they've been planning for a while now, at least six months. >> steve: great. kelly just touched upon, the president of the united states is on his family holiday at the swanky martha's vineyard. we had dana perino on the curvy couch exactly one hour ago and she was talking a little bit about what happens behind the scenes when the traveling white house is out and about during
5:07 am
breaking news. listen. >> the other thing that happens on a day like yesterday when -- remember the white house travels wherever the president is. so the 3:00 a.m. phone call, that comes, that's forwarded. doesn't just go to the situation room, they say he'll be back in a month. it goes to martha's vineyard. you can imagine the communication staff that's not responsible for on the ground decision make not guilty libya is having to make thoughts like, well, would the president give a statement? what time would he give a statement? on camera or off? at the white house you travel with all sorts of things you might need. >> steve: and look presidential. >> yeah. exactly. you have the blue back drop and seven flags and the podium. you can do that type of thing. >> steve: so we see the president actually come out and make a statement on camera, we did see him golfing yesterday, but the statement was released last night. >> juliet: if he does, will the seven flags be put up and the official back drop.
5:08 am
lobster. >> brian: exactly. a lot going on. if you want to know militarily what's going on in the middle east, where we're heading with the arab spring and why this whole operation took six months to come to fruition, that's why we brought in general jack king. how significant is the imminent overthrow of moammar gadhafi? >> very significant. make no mistake about it. first of all, we should feel good about nato and the rebels and what they were able to do in crushing gadhafi's most confident ground forces and breaking their will. that's why the people are in tripoli, because they've given you have resistance. they're probably offering a the last breath of resistance. i think this provides energy fort arab spring and certainly to the people in syria who are doing the same kind of resistance against a thug and a killer in assad. certainly the people in libya have every right to feel good about the courage that they've displayed and the courage their
5:09 am
fighters displayed in dealing with this thug. >> steve: let me ask you this, how do you feel about the way this administration has handled what's going on over there? >> well, in my own view, when you decide to use force and some are arguing whether you should or shouldn't in this case, i do think we should have, then i think you use a decisive force and bring it to conclusion as rapidly as you can. the reason for that is it reduces casualties, reduces the destruction of physical property obviously. this thing went on for six months. it took far to long to get this favorable outcome. and as a result of that, there is an increased in civilian casualties and a huge destruction of physical property. >> juliet: rebels will be facing a lot of challenges once they actually do -- we do find out where gadhafi is and they take hold of the country. what is the first step? what do they have to do to secure the peace? >> the first thing is hopefully the rebels are able to maintain
5:10 am
their own unity and secondly, maintain order, civil order is crucial here. so we do not find ourselves in a situation where there is general looting, where there is lawlessness, which also leads to revenge killing. that would be a disaster in getting this political transition literally off on the wrong foot. so civil order i believe is the first order of business and maintaining unity among themselves. >> brian: you always talk about the mission. officers lake yourself, tell me the mission and i'll get it done. the mission for nato is humanitarian causes. if like you said the rebels start exacting revenge, nato is obligated to stop the rebels then, aren't they? >> well, this has always been a tongue in cheek mission right from the beginning. we said it was humanitarian mission, but we also said that we want to depose the dictator, gadhafi. so we conducted operations as you would expect, as if we
5:11 am
wanted to depose the dictator, gadhafi. the problem with it is we never used decisive force to do that and we never put air-ground teams in to facilitate very effective targeting of our aircraft against the ground forces that he had. that protracted the war. >> steve: you're exactly right. it's great to have you on board. general jack keen, thank you very much for joining us live. >> good to see you this morning. >> juliet: let's get to other headlines. steven and brian, it would be a stunning end to an infamous case. the sexual assault accusations against a former head of the international monetary fund, reportedly about to be dropped. dominique strauss-kahn could go free and head back home as early as tomorrow. he was accused of forcing himself on a hotel maid in new york, but prosecutors now say the maid lied about being attacked, lied about trying to get money out of him and then lied -- she tried to cover it
5:12 am
up. hurricane irene is gradually moving away from puerto rico, but not before slamming the island with heavy winds and rain. reports say 800,000 homes are without power there and as many as ten inches of rain have fallen. the storm also battered the u.s. virgin islands. up next, haiti and the dominican republic, possibly florida and possibly georgia later this week. watch out for that. rick perry being urged by a gop powerhouse reportedly to choose former new york mayor rudy guiliani as his running mate. the "new york post" reports former new york republican party chairman william powers says giuliani could help perry win key swing states like the beautiful state of new jersey, pennsylvania, ohio. this as former new york governor george pataki is reportedly considering a run for the white house. aannouncement either way is expected next week. those are your headlines. paul ryan, sarah palin, chris christie. >> steve: stand by.
5:13 am
>> juliet: doocy. >> steve: you just mentioned paul ryan. is congressman ryan the new gop darling? the calls are growing louder for him to jump in the race. do congressmen have enough experience for the highest office? we're asking a former congressman and governor as well. he's next. >> brian: the crisis in libya could send oil prices skyrocketing. there may be a silver lining. donald trump ahead with his take and that's what he looks like.
5:14 am
5:15 am
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5:16 am
>> brian: the republican field for president could be getting even bigger. rumors growing each day congressman paul ryan may jump into the race, deciding what to do in colorado. so if he does run, can he win? the last time a sitting representative was elected from the house, 1880. georgia governor and former united states congressman himself joins us. governor, can someone with your ex-job get the big job in the oval office?
5:17 am
>> why, certainly. i think it's great training and when you mention paul ryan, of course, he's the head of the budget committee in the house and certainly has been willing to put his name on issues that are important to the american public such as welfare reform, such as entitlement reform in general. i think these are the kinds of positions that the public is looking for. >> brian: but true. the economy moved front and center. at 41 years old, with experience like he has with no international affairs, never running a state, is it inconceivable that he could actually emerge at the top of the gop candidate? >> i think all things are possible. obviously we have a lot of strength on the bench on the republican party as evidenced by the fact we already have so many that are actively engaging in the political arena, as well as those who are potentially going to join the fray. i think that's good for the country. i think it's good for the republican party. i think it truly does though our
5:18 am
depth. >> brian: it took tremendous courage and insight for him to say i have a way to fix medicare and here is the plan. at that time, even bill clinton saluted him saying i don't agree with elements of this plan, but i'd like to meet with him and trying to work through them. he was optimistic. the white house wasn't. the general public, whether rightly or wrongly, didn't seem to support his medicare plan. can somebody with an unpopular yet innovative plan actually move not forefront of the gop race and beat barak obama? >> i certainly think that's possible. i think the american public wants somebody who will shoot straight with them and paul ryan has done that. obviously when you take on issues as difficult as reforming entitlements, there are going to be those who will object. but i think to at least acknowledge that this is something we will never get our budget back in balance unless we address it is the kind of political courage that i think a lot of americans are looking for. >> brian: governor, when i look at someone like yourself who went from the house to become
5:19 am
governor, i'm wondering what you learn as a governor that you didn't know and what skills that you develop that you couldn't have had you stayed in the house? >> first of all, i am not envious of my former colleagues and their position dealing with the very difficult issues they've had over the last year. but i think at the state level, it becomes more focused as to the effect of the federal government on the everyday lives of citizens. i just got back from the southern governors' conference and we all have the same problem. we're all laboring under the problems that are being created by this administration, whether it be obamacare, which many of us have joined in lawsuits to try to overturn; whether it be continued ratcheting down of regulations on our businesses by epa, a variety of things. we see it at the state level the practical impacts. >> brian: right. we do. we'll see if the supreme court does that work for you. by the way, for the record, you are endorsing newt gingrich? >> that's right.
5:20 am
newt, of course, is a former representative and former speaker of the house from the state of georgia and a long-time buddy of mine. >> brian: governor, great talking to you, thanks for making time for us this morning. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, a mother disappear when is her husband goes camping with hair kids. now the search for susan powell has ignited a family feud. >> i wasn't in your neighborhood at all. >> chuck -- >> do you have any evidence? >> chuck is lying. >> brian: susan's dad here to set the record straight. and texas governor gop hopeful rick perry taking heat for his cowboy values. when did that become a bad thing? [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> brian: hi. welcome to the control room. time for quick headlines. you see these boxes? nothing to do with what we're talking about. homeowners may have lost big in the housing crisis. but wall street walked away with big bucks. listen to this. bloomberg who usually gets things right, reports ten biggest banks and brokerage firms got $1.2 trillion in emergency loans from the fed. that amounts was a secret until now. let's look at the bottom screen. thousands of striking verizon workers go back to work tomorrow, but their contract dispute is not over. that's an odd end to a strike. they're still working out having to pay into health care and freeze pensions. >> he says i'm out of stuff to say, so i have to go to the big room. he's so confused. >> steve: look at that.
5:25 am
>> juliet: thank you very much. two years ago, susan powell's husband went on a camping trip. you might remember this story. he took their kids. when he returned, his wife was gone. now the west valley city police department in utah has received new information about susan powell's disappearance. >> steve: this weekend nearly 40 investigators searched near the small town of elie, nevada in hopes of finding new leads. joining us is susan powell's father, chuck cox. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning. >> steve: why were they looking in nevada? do we know? >> no, we don't. the police have reported that they had some information develop from evidence that they had in a previous search warrant somewhere in the case that led them to elie, nevada. they have some things they had to follow up on. >> juliet: you have had -- i guess the contentious is a good word to say -- relationship with your son-in-law, josh, and his
5:26 am
dad, steve. they have apparently released -- are planning on releasing your daughter's journals. these are journals that date back to when she was a child, 11, 12, 13 years old. have they confirmed that they're planning on doing that and why would they do that? >> well, i believe they have released portions of the journals. frankly, i don't think there is anything terrible in those journals, but they're being interpreted by steven powell and josh powell and they say that they show that susan was proceed miss skew with us. they're trying to deflect blame or deflect attention from josh powell, his actions, and trying to make susan appear to be less than the wonderful daughter and loving wife and devoted mother that she is. >> steve: right. and given that, chuck, that is one of the reasons tempers were
5:27 am
boiling over when you were face-to-face with your daughter's husband's father saturday. let's take a look at this. >> i never was in your neighborhood passing out flyers. i never did that. >> whatever you did, your fellows were doing it and you came there and the news people were there covering it. >> yeah, i wasn't in your neighborhood the day the newspaper were there. i wasn't in your neighborhood at all. >> do you have any evidence? >> chuck is lying. >> steve: okay. so there he says you are lying. i know your son-in-law has been named a person of interest, according to the papers up there. he's been uncooperative as well with the police. do you think your son-in-law had something to do with the disappearance of your daughter? >> well, at this time and all throughout the case, i have basically refused to blame my son-in-law directly and state
5:28 am
that -- and what i think about his involvement because he is my son-in-law. he's still the father of -- only person around, the father of the two grandchildren. and the police are doing the investigation. so i left it to the police to do the investigation and if there is blame there or if he's eventually arrested and there is evidence, then that's fine. but i have said that he needs to cooperate with the west valley city police and if he's not guilty of something, it wouldn't be the first time the police have looked at a spouse in a situation like this. >> juliet: it's unfortunate that they're releasing these journals. i'm going to go on record to say that. i think it's a terrible thing they're doing. we'll wrap it up. thanks, chuck. >> steve: good luck. >> thank you. >> juliet: coming up, all eyes are on oil prices and on wall street this morning. this guy is the guy who knows a lot about both, donald trump is shear to give us some insight on
5:29 am
libya and how it will affect everything. >> steve: particularly oil prices. and someone who knows the donald well, rob lowe, that's right. and rob is here with the details on the connection with mr. trump, straight ahead. also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic.
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5:33 am
alert. you are looking live at the city of tripoli where opposition rebels have taken control of, well, 95% or so of the capital. the small pockets of gadhafi resistance do remain. gadhafi's prime minister also state tv chief, reportedly fled the country for tunisia. but gadhafi's whereabouts are unknown. we do know that two of his sons were arrested, at least one of which is wanted for war crimes. french president sarkozy joined prime minister cameron in calling for him to surrender. >> steve: okay. right now joining us on the line from the region is fox news producer tadek, in tripoli. what can you tell us? >> yeah. the question you asked earlier, where is moammar gadhafi? >> we can't answer that, but i'm guessing guessing guessing and i'm absolute leisure there are at love people looking for him, people with eyes in the sky and those teams who monitor communications and
5:34 am
i'm sure that find the position. he's an elusive character. but it's only a matter of time that we get a beat on where he is and know a lot more about the situation that he's in. >> brian: don't you think it's relatively odd for his sons to be separate? i know saddam hussein's sons separated right away. but these guys being so tight as a unit, is it odd that his sons are in custody and the dad is still out there? >> yeah. it looks that way. i mean, the reports last night, they've capture captured them. they're negotiating with the rebels to have him handed over so that he can stand trial for the crimes he's accused of, basically against humanity. and it's not unusual that they would northbound different places. kamise gadhafi was head of one of these crack brigades.
5:35 am
and weigh understand that the other was play ago major role in the defense of tripoli. he would have having to stand his ground and coordinate the defense of his capital while maybe his father made a get away out the back door. but certainly we'll know more in the coming hours and days. >> juliet: you've been sequestered in there for the last several days. can you tell us has your situation changed at all? >> i wish it had. i went outside a little while ago, i walked to the front of the hotel and the gunmen are still there. the green flags of the gadhafi camp are still flying at the gate. and flying over the hotel. we asked if we could go out and told no. we actually got to speak to one member who was a member of the libyan press, probably somebody who is working here for state tv who had a studio in the cellar of this hotel and to be honest, they're still on air, but showing pieces about tourism and religion and obviously they haven't caught on to the reality. but he point to do one arm and
5:36 am
said, rebels there. and 90-degree turn and said, that's where the government is. so we're still very much in the front lines here. >> brian: better be a great tourism show if they expect to get that on track. the summer is blown, i think it's safe to say. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us. meanwhile, let's turn to donald trump who joins us every monday at this time. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you think about how we're handling this? >> well, look, we've spent billions of dollars. we are nato, we're the ones that really back nato more than anyone else in terms of money and weapons. i say, what do we get out of it? you have all these rebels running around, beautiful name, rebels, are they from iran? who is going to take over libya? who is going to take over the oil? what do we get out of it? why don't we take the oil? why aren't we reimbursing ourselves? the old days when you win a war, to the victor belong the spoils. we fight all these wars and get nothing. we have a trillion five in iraq and iraq, as you know, and i've
5:37 am
been saying it for a long time, it's now starting to fall apart. what do we get out of all these things? to me, it's absolutely ridiculous. >> brian: donald trump diplomacy would say i'll help you out, nato, or i'll help you out, rebels, but there better be a deal when you take power where we got a coupon 25% off for the next 25 years. >> just common business sense and even social sense, when they came to us begging for help, 'cause he was outing them -- so they come to us begging for help. >> wouldn't you say, okay, we'll help you, but when and if you're successful, we get half of your oil. okay? what are we doing? we're spending all of our money. we can't rebuild our schools, our highways, our bridges, our country is going broke. and we're helping these people and now all of those rebels will be richer than the people of this country because they're going to take the oil. >> juliet: unless you have some sort of deal with the rebel, that's probably not going to happen. we're not going to get the 25% off coupon. so what do you think is going to happen? let's look into the next couple of days. what's going to happen with oil prices based on what's happening
5:38 am
right now? >> i think it's probably good for oil. there is so much oil around that nobody even believes it. every ship at sea is loaded up with oil, they don't know what to do about it. opec is setting artificially high prices. we do nothing about that. but again, we fight these wars, we spend trillions and trillions of dollars in fighting them and we get nothing. it's very interesting, i read this morning where china is taking over the minerals. i didn't realize this, but afghanistan has tremendous mineral deposits and china is in there spending billions of dollars taking over the minerals while we fight. >> brian: karzai cuts a deal with them. not us. >> it's unbelievable. we are very foolish as a nation and we have actually very, very -- i don't want to use the word stupid, but maybe i will. we have very stupid leadership. >> steve: from petroleum to pizza, a couple of months ago you met here in new york city with governor sarah palin just a
5:39 am
couple of blocks from where we're sitting. there are many people who would like to see her get into the race for president. there is some suggestion she might. she has a video coming out that shows iowa and sure looks like a campaign film. what do you think she's going to do? >> over the last two or three years -- days i've been watching as sarah -- i think she maybe is going to go into the race. i didn't think so. she certainly hadn't made up her mind when i was with her. i like her a lot. she's a good person. she's a good woman. i think she certainly has a big voice in the republican party. it will be very interesting. but doesn't it look to you like she may be is going to be entering the race with the videos and everything else? >> brian: it does. i got to give you credit, donald trump, because you are one of the few people to jump into the race when it looked like president obama is going to be tough to beat. and now that he looks more vulnerable, more people said i may give him a try.
5:40 am
>> i never thought he was going to be easy to beat. i saw what was happening with the economy and ridiculous decisions being made and i never really thought he would be tough to beat. you have to get the right person to do it because if the republicans pick the wrong person, guess what? he's going to win. and that would not be good for this country. >> juliet: so the names that are starting to be thrown into the hat, there is chris christie, potentially. sarah palin, paul ryan perhaps? >> i think his attack on medicare makes him absolutely nontenable. i don't believe that he will run, number one. and i think that when he came out with a plan, attacking medicare and medicaid, i think that ends his presidential hopes, at least for a long period of time. >> steve: all right. we'd like to introduce you to a fellow who is a big supporter of yours. you know him as -- that's right -- tv and movie star, rob lowe. >> donald, how are you? >> rob is a great guy and he's an entrepreneur. you people don't know this. you see him as this handsome actor and he makes a lot of money with the movies. but rob is a great entrepreneur and a friend of tom barrack of
5:41 am
colony capital and he thinks he's fantastic. >> steve: really? >> juliet: you're not just another pretty face. >> he's not just a pretty face. >> now you've blown my cover. >> i know. you won't be able to do your deals anymore. >> brian: did you invent the pocket chair? because that is genius! you are a genius! >> it's a shop -- shamwow. >> brian: can you get rob on "celebrity apprentice"? >> boy, would we like to have rob. that would be called the a list. we've been trying to get the a list. >> i've worked for a lot of tough bosses for my time, i don't think -- donald, i love you, but i don't know if i could stand up to you every week. >> i think you would do just fine. and really people don't know, but he's got a natural business instinct, which very few people have. >> steve: you like him. why do you like donald? >> i think donald should have run. i wish he would reconsider. if palin is still considering, there is still time for you to reconsider.
5:42 am
because i think he would be great. i wanted to see new a debate. that would be my favorite part to see you keep everybody honest in the debate. is there any way you can reconsider? >> i will say this, i am watching, but i watch those debates and they are on the boring side, aren't they? during the debate, they talk about the economy. nobody mentions all of the countries throughout the world that are ripping the united states. and that's one of the biggest problems we have with our economy. >> juliet: what about vice president? somebody is throwing out rudy guiliani possibly. but what about vice president for you? >> well, i don't think so. you wouldn't be number two? >> i love what i'm doing, but i am watching very closely what's happening and if the wrong thing happens, things could happen with me. >> one thing we know about donald, he likes top billing. >> brian: he wouldn't be allowed to say no more fired. >> steve: you stick right here, mr. lowe, because we want to talk more about what you're doing and we should point out
5:43 am
that donald trump joins us every monday at this time. >> thank you very much. >> steve: have a great week. >> thank you. >> steve: see you next time. meanwhile -- >> juliet: he's such a trip. he's -- >> brian: you mean that in a good way. >> juliet: all of you are a trip. trip means good these days. he's in the race for the white house, but critics are attacking rick perry for his cowboy values. what's so wrong with cowboy values? >> steve: rob lowe, right after the break. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying...
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5:47 am
he's finally here. the last time you were in new york -- >> osama bin laden. we got him, the last time i was here, so i was arriving late last night and the word was that moammar gadhafi was in deep, deep trouble, i thought, he's in big trouble. >> brian: he's met rob lowe. >> steve: the last time you were in town we showed the video, there you were in times square. were you on a fire truck? >> yeah, i had come down to speak with new yorkers on such an important date for new yorkers, and the guys are like, come up on the rig with us. so it was amazing night to be part of. >> juliet: if you would have told me back in the '80s when i was in high school that i would be sitting here with rob lowe, i would have freaked out. >> steve: it's a good thing i'm between the two of you then. >> juliet: you were actually here for a reason. we've got some hand prints in front of us. these are famous people's hand prints. >> brian: you were announcing something exclusively with us. >> habitat for humanity, the american charity that's done so much to provide shelter for low
5:48 am
income families, international paint partner are announcing a new initiative called answer habitat, the goal is to build 50,000 homes for people still suffering in haiti and as a way to kick that off today, we are doing an on-line auction of some very cool artwork. my hand prints right there next to ellen degeneres and other amazing representatives of movie, tv and film. and you can go to the facebook page and maybe buy mine or ellens. >> juliet: it's actually very cool. very artic. >> well, i tried. >> brian: you believed in yourself. >> it was one of those things where i was doing my hand prints and i thought, people are going to judge me on my hands. >> brian: you have to be on the hollywood walk of fame. right? >> do you know that i'm not yet? >> brian: are you kidding me? >> steve: you're on our couch! >> i know, come on, people. have a write in campaign. >> brian: let's not go until we get this thing straightened out. >> steve: not a bad idea. donald trump is watching right
5:49 am
now. >> donald, i expect you to buy on the facebook page, my hand prints for a fortune. >> brian: or you should get his own. >> we should get his. >> steve: not a bad idea. you were talking about donald trump, you've been on tv shows that you talk about politics. in the back of your head, you got to be thinking, some day when i'm done with all this, maybe. >> when i see the discourse, i definitely think it's better to play politicians than to actually be them. >> steve: but at the same time, don't you think well, if i was there, maybe i could make a difference? >> i love public service. i really do. and at a certain point in my life when i'm sort of done with acting and done with books and done with the things that i'm very much engaged with now, i'd like to serve in some way. but i don't know if it will be politics. >> juliet: would you serve as a democrat or republican? >> i don't know if it would be politics. you may be able to get more done in the sort of, lack of a better
5:50 am
time, private sector. but i'm a true centrist. it really depends on whether i would be a democrat or republican. >> brian: there is no better term than private sector. >> it's fox news. >> brian: is there anything we could do in washington to make entrepreneurs like you more into investing? >> steve: and creating jobs? >> from what i hear from my friends in the business world over and over and over again, i hear consistent rules and regulations is a big deal. i think people who invest in our economy put the money in the economy, create jobs, feel like the rules could change at any moment. so they sort of stay on the side lines. that's the thing i'm hearing from guys on the inside. >> steve: very good. rob, it's always a pleasure. and once again, if people would like to know how to buy his hands on canvas, go to our web site. >> juliet: don't judge. >> steve: straight ahead, rick perry taking heat for want to go
5:51 am
bring texas style values to washington. our next guest says he'll take cowboy values over dc values any day. he joins us next. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at
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>> what a day. sarkozy called for the last of gadhafi's forces to lay down their arms in libya. we're also just getting word that his son saif may be tried in court in libya. we've got brand-new details on that story. maxine waters tells the tea party to go straight to hell. why is she doing that? we'll talk about that coming up at the top of the hour. >> brian: i met her. texas governor rick perry gaining steam in the race for the white house. but some say his cowboy values may be a problem. >> it's not smart politics either. the governor will have to fight
5:55 am
the impression that he's a cowboy from texas. >> steve: what's wrong with cowboy values? cowboy libertarian and radio host patrick joins us live from san francisco. hey, patrick. >> good morning, fellows. how are you doing? >> steve: doing okay. what are cowboy values? >> cowboy values are just the simple virtues that built this country. you help a neighbor when a neighbor is in need. you do your work. you put in an honest day. but also it's the idea that somehow we've gotten to this point in american politics where if you use the word cowboy, it's a negative. it's an insult. it's a per majortive. he's wreckless. she used to call reagan reckless. well, a cowboy is not reckless. if a cowboy is reckless, he could get himself hurt real fast and they have to think things through. >> brian: in your mind, is former president george w. bush a cowboy? >> well, he's not a cowboy, but he has the same kind of values. it's the values of small town america that we seem to have
5:56 am
lost over the years. we always talk about the fiscal and financial deficit in the united states, but we've got an equally bad deficit when it comes to values and ethics. look what happens when a guy like elliott spitzer can get a tv show after he's out cavorting with hookers. we've got to get back to these basic things that made this country great. and i think, quite frankly, that's what the tea party is saying. >> steve: there you go. cavorting with hookers. we haven't heard that on the show lately. >> brian: on the breaks. >> steve: you feel that chris christie is kind of the east coast version of a cowboy, don't you? >> yeah, i think chris christie, he's got that same straight talk. he's not going to bs you. he's going to give it straight and say look, you might not like it, but this is what we got to do to get out of this mess. the problem is, we've got a president right now who is trying to look for the easy way out. >> brian: got you. stay right there. we'll talk to you in two minutes. "fox & friends" continues. yster. not a mammal in this household isilling to
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