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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 20, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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and providing much needed optimism. >> paul: optimism is good, even if it's false optimism. >> when they faced each other, and counted in the super bowl, manning was the better man. think it's justified. >> paul: that's it for this week's he edition of the journal editorial report. thanks to my panel and hope to see you here next week. >> on fox news watch. >> g.o.p. presidential candidate rick perry speaks his mind about our sinking economy and gets hammered by the mainstream media, horrifying according to new york times reporter. why the liberal press attacks conservative politicians with their own words. >> that big black cloud that hangs over america, that dead. >> ed schultz uses creative
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editing to label perry and we did not show the full context and we should have. >> i need you to your congressmen, your representative that we're tired of the games. >> president obama takes a road trip in the the souped up mega million dollar bus, and was the mainstream media afford for the ride and the spin. >> keith olbermann's new home, current tv. given msn and cnn a run for their money. what is current tv? david letterman is on the hit list. >> and judy miller, national review editor, rich lawrie and and jim pinningerton, and daily beast newspaper kirsten powers. i'm in for jon scott.
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fox news watch starts right now. >> i think there's an element of racism every time people claim the first black president doesn't love this country. here it comes from the radical country club that loves to remind white america, president obama is other, not like you, and perry also wants to let you know that he is pro business. >> i am a pro business governor. i don't make any apologies about it and i will be a pro business president getting america back to work is the most important issue that faces this country. [applause] >> being able to pay off 14 1/2 or 16 trillion dollars worth of debt, that big black cloud that hangs over america. >> that black cloud perry is talking about is president barack obama. >> wow, that was msnbc ed schultz accusing texas governor rick perry of racism
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and with creative editing. >> that big black cloud that hangs over america, that debt that is so monstrous, there's only one you get rid of it that's practical, that makes sense, and that is to free up america. >> kirsten, very nice of ed of to have done that, man, oh, man. >> i would have to say you would have to be racist to even think he was talking about barack obama. what about big black cloud says barack obama to you. >> he said it, he said the word. >> he so clearly was talking about the debt that hangs over our country, it's just insane. i don't know what else to say, i don't know, i couldn't even go to that. >> in the segment, schultz says, mentioned president obama right after the clip though. >> there's some connection he is he' making between a big black cloud and barack obama that i don't think most people are. >> rich. >> so desperate to prove the
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thesis any conservative republican especially from the stout is a racist, this is not a long complicated or nuanced statement from governor perry hard to pars, if you included the next two words, that debt. >> and this is part after pattern. chris mathews with no evidence, saying that perry is bull connor, with a smile. they're desperate to portray him as a racist. >> let the hatred begin. is there such a hatred and why do you think. >> as a texas conservative evangelical, he's going to take his cowboys emblazoned, freedom and go through every trip wire. the george bush, that's inherent and built in and go from there. >> did we see this amount with george w. bush.
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>> pardon. >> did we see this amount? >> it's controversy, and two wars and perry will start with that built in. >> there are comparisons, judy and rich, between president bush and governor perry, both texans, is he bush 2 or bush heavy? >> that's about as-- the only thing you can say about them that's the same. what is amazing, the media or some of it, george stephanopoulos for one kind of missed the story, the issue is not whether or not they both come from texas, but how much they dislike one another and how much their camps are at war with one another, when you have our fox contributor karl rove attacking them on, you know the guys are distinguished by the differences between them, and i'm just amazed it took a while for that story to get through. >> do you think the media is picking up on that. >> now they are, now they are, when people from the perry camp and the bush camp are kind of openly firing at one another in the political
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version of the okay corral, yeah. >> and it is worth noting that what passes for presidential journalism consists of picking on one word, black cloud, and like that, and the reality of the state of texas under governor perry in the the last ten years and the state, the nation under president obama the last three years, that's too complicated for them to get into about job and cover the food fight between various personalities that have nothing to do with either campaign. karl rove is not associated with anybody's campaign that i know of and they go at that and therefore, there are nuances and significant difference between perry and bush, for example, how they were governor. perry is a conservative, conservative and bush made a point of being a compassionate conservative. a huge difference. >> and that's overlooked in the media. >> it's ignored because it's sort of the other they never even-- met as-- >> a lot of it is he said she said. and clips on what the media is jumping on. >> corporations are people, my
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friend. >> printing more money is like politics at this particular time in american history, is almost treacherous or friesen. >> let's all say happy birthday to elvis presley. >> well, there it is, another treason and judy, that treason comment got a lot of play and elvis-- >> i actually thought that was worth paying attention to. you're talking to bernanke and treat him ugly in texas. if you're going to say stuff like that, is this presidential? you're running for president and i don't know that it deserves to be a multi-day story, but i think that-- >> i think there's going to be mixed feelings about perry because he's going to get the elite disdain we've talked about him. but reporters on the trail with him love this candidacy, but he campaigns in tech color and does it with gusto and something we didn't play, he blew a kiss to mitt romney,
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this guy is going to be a lot of fun. >> onerator that doesn't like him in the new york times, a tweet that he tweeted on august 15th about those remarks and called them, quote, horrifying, this is a major party presidential candidate? man, and another reporter getting in trouble with-- >> not that he'll get in trouble with the new york times of course. and look, it speaks to and perry was communicating in short land the federal reserve is the big issue, not that anybody in new york minds they all get bailouts from the federal reserve and humps of billions and even trillions and go out to the country bernie sanders on the left to ron paul on the right, and makes a big issue, if new york doesn't see it, of course new york doesn't see it, the rest of the country does. >> how about issues ever michelle goldberg, a plot for domination. >> i was writing about a
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different issue, but the general, the way the media attacked evangelicals or misunderstands the things they say. i've asked people knowledgeable about the mainstream and dominionism is considered a heresy to mainstream evangelicals and rebutted time and time again. and do the evangelicals-- >> evangelical christian has been in mainstream regionty for two centuries and media creates an exotic invention that's crazy. >> you know, it's going to keep on continuing, the campaign is beginning. we'll be back in a second. first, keep up on the media stories every week and check out the site at the watch lis session at the top media stories and up next, the president escaped from washington. and of course, the media's tagging along. >> hello, iowa. >> in a week when his job
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approval hits a new low, the president hits the road in his new souped up bus. and talking about jobs, and dodging blame for the economic mayhem. was it all aboard for the mainstream media? answers next on news watch. saturday only, for more specials, visit what if we designed an electric motorcycle? what if we turned trash into surfboards? whatever your what if is, the new sprint biz 360 has custom solutions to make it happen, including mobile payment processing, instant hot spots,
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>> it's been a scary summer for a lot of people. the stock market, our economy. >> right. >> should congress be back in washington and should you be going on vacation? >> no, because i think if all we're doing is the same posturing that we saw before the debt limit went into vote, that's not encourage anybody, that's going to discourage people and the reason i'm out here is to remind people what the expectations of ordinary americans are. >> president obama there at the end of the three-day bus tour explaining why he and congress will not return to workout. the gallup poll it down to 40%
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and anthony mason asking the president of the question whether he should take a vacation now. >> yeah, if you get a double dip, everyone will turn on him including the media, on the wrong side of the curve and never recover, but what i thought was remarkable about the coverage of this trip. if you had a republican out there every day, basically impugning the patriotism of the other side constantly, it would be an instant firestorm where it was basically unnoticed for these appearances that president obama had. >> do you think that's the case, it's unnoticed? >> yeah, i mean, you don't really hear that because i think the media so bought into the idea the only people that really do that are republicans, and the republicans are the ones who question patriotism and they're always looking for it, if they say anything they jump on it and when the democrat says the similar thing they don't make that connection. >> jim, do you think it's a double standard? you served in the white house and you've seen other presidents at vacation time. >> i do, i can remember reagan getting clobbered, he would go
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on vacation and here obama is on vacation and economy is shrinking, properties are not paying close attention to what obama says, when the former in the midwest said i'm having trouble with the epa and usda and obama says call the usda. don't believe your own experiences, who are you going to believe me or your two ice and to my knowledge, follow tup and days later they couldn't get any answers from them. those are the kind of follow-ups that reporters just as a rule with the exception of politico are not doing. >> they're focused and really focused on that bus, on that 1.1 million dollar bus. >> made in canada. >> and to tennessee, i thought. >> and no, it's from canada. >> oh, dear, that's worse. because what do beyonce, madonna and j. lo. have in common, with the bus or as they called it the magical misery tour and greyhound to nowhere, and so much focus on
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the bus and not at all what obama was saying on the road. >> has the bus became a symbol because it's not an american made bus and he's trying to talk about american made jobs. >> it's got to be, everything is jobs, jobs, jobs until at least he gets off of martha's vineyard. i don't begrudge the president a vacation, everybody needs a time off and even a cigarette i would give him, but martha's vineyard when the country is suffering the way it is? i don't know, i'd rather see somebody down on a ranch in texas, but remember, a month-- >> and looks like for some people, it looks like a campaign trip, a bus, remember, mccain out there and the whole thing. >> everyone says buses with campaigns, but the bus was bought by the secret service and it's going to be used for, you know, presidential tour for the presidential candidates and the republican presidential candidates, it's not his bus. it does look bad, but they basically decided it was more cost effective to do that than
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to keep retrofitted every bus they're renting. >> and the 13 cars that go with the bus, the 13 cars, and-- >> that's not part of the photo op. >> okay. >> and time for another break and we'll be back in just a second. remind you, if you see something, evidence of media bias, tell us. news is our address and up next, some say there is room, a lot of room for another media outlet. that's liberal. . >> keith olbermann's new home, current tv makes plans to become a larger liberal voice than msnbc or cnn. can they do it? and david letterman becomes terror target number one, with jihadist threats to cut out his tongue. details next on news watch. dus
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. >> jamie: media coverage of the phone hacking scandal. when a letter from the former correspondent was released to the media. clive goodman suggested that executives within the company knew more about the phone hacking scandal than they had revealed, claiming the phone hacking scandal was quote, widely discussed and daily pictorial conference until explicit reference to it was banned by the editor, the former news of the world of course owned by the parent company of this network, newscorp. jim, let me start with you, they had the parliamentary hearings and more alleged evidence with now coming out. >> they had the parliamentary hearings and riots, transforming britain and pumping life back in the story, a big break with the
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arrest of a fellow james dezboro and los angeles and american reporter busted on this, we don't know whether he was arrest for and came in 2009 and working on stories like jacko-- >> that's a good story (laughter) >> it does make you wonder how journalism is practiced out there. one thing we learned from london, it's more than, it was this whole class of reporters doing it. and the same thing might be true in los angeles and in united states, whatever he's accused of doing back in london. >> judy, the new york times is front page constantly and the guardian-- >> i guess the wall street journal story this week was kind of missed, but concluded that the fbi is saying that there is no hard evidence, that these practices have spread to the united states. >> we haven't seen that. >> i didn't see that and that's banner headline anyplace, but it is an interesting bit of news by a
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paper that is, we must say, owned by newscorp. >> yep, all right. we'll continue with that story as it continues. moving on now, some say there aren't enough left leaning media organizations out there and another one is joining them that's current tv and that's their goal. and it's a media company, co-founded by al gore and now the current home for keith olbermann and it's going to become, they say, a voice for the left and help them do it, they hired the boss, guess where he's from? cnn. >> i do feel like i've crossed a line and have been somewhat, and outed myself, all right, that overtly, i need to say that, i will tell you that i-- >> you outed yourself to somebody whose views lean to the left? >> yes, yes, and that's what this network is going to be. >> and that's john borman one of the most powerful jobs in washington, rich, he was the bureau chief, david was bureau
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chief for cnn and admitting publicly he's quote, outed himself. >> and a media reporter from the baltimore sun saying how terribly disillusioned he was to learn that the head of cnn's bureau down there would be a liberal. i don't get the current tv. i don't think there's a need for msnbc the rest of the liberal media and current tv what msnbc is already doing and i would expect the audience to stay diminishing small. >> well, like they may say we're not liberal. we cover news, do you think current? >> i think the liberals had a hard time finding a market for things. liberal radio never takes off the way that conservative radio does and i think that msnbc has found a niche for themselves and i'm the not sure if there's room for another liberal outlet. >> and squeezed by on abc and-- >> i think it's fair to compare the, you know, the
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networks to what msnbc is doing. >> all right. well, current is out there if anybody wants to watch it, even if olbermann's ratings are going down. >> 23,000 viewers. >> when we come back, late night humor that was not so funny to some. >> when the fields finally showed up, bin laden said, what took you so long, for god's sake. >> late night comic letterman becomes a terror target after making jokes about bin laden. how did the media react to it? that's next on news watch. glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. , ... ♪
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anyway, picked a successor to osama bin laden and his name was elias kashmiri. he was blown up by an american drone. [ applause ] >> david letterman received death threats for what he said.
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saying that what he wrote on islamic extreme website, cut the tongue of this jew. the f.b.i. is investigating the threat but mr. letter man is not jewish but judy, what type of this reaction show the news media or does it scare? >> does it show comedy. it's proven it has not shown that. we have written stores about al-qaeda that has no sense have humor and probably doesn't watch late night tv. you have to take the threats seriously because there are individuals that are wannabes that do take these website guidances as a cue and as the problem. >> it should be taken seriously but also for david letterman that is acting in the finest tradition of rid kuilgt


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