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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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♪. david: so that does it tonight for "fox business tonight." tomorrow night we have dr. marty makary, we have steve moore and more on that very interesting conversation between the president and peter doocy. all that is coming up. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: tonight the state department warns americans it will not be in a position to evacuate u.s. citizens out of ukraine if russia invades. white house don't know how many americans are there. fears that this sounds again like afghanistan. now this, ukraine says it is premature to evacuate. europe is not evacuating its citizens. republicans adamantly say do not go to war. joining us senator bill hagerty,
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darrell issa, byron donalds as well. kevin hassett, former chair of the white house advisors, dr. oscar odom, fox news contributor and author, miranda devine and former top i.c.e. official tom homan. stocks rebounding after falling into correction territory and uncertainty is flooding the markets. we have president biden's approval rating on foreign policy hitting a new low in "fox news poll," dropping to 41%. there is this, pfizer ceo said frequent booster shots are not good scenario. dr. faucci says we may need to boost again. antimandate protests breaking out in d.c. we'll have this debate on show. weak on crime policies. two cops killed in the line of duty in new york city. jason rivera, dead. his partner fighting for his life. he kept shooting while they were down. he had a ar-15.
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a cop shot and injured in washington, d.c. cops say they never felt more alone. they're on their knees literally, they're buckling. look at this. black lives matter d.c.king fights a firestorm, ridicule that cops shot in the line of duty are automatically heroes. this, hunter biden repay u.s. taxpayers for trips on government planes with secret service details for overseas business deals while his father was vice president. this is a big ethics fight. this is a violation of government ethics law. border officials are warning that president is not the doing enough to stop hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming over the border. we have new december numbers into the studio. citizens, u.s. soldiers now face homelessness. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now.
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♪. elizabeth: we begin with stocks finishing higher. s&p 500 fell into correction territory today. uncertainty is swamping the markets. president biden could pull the u.s. into war with russia to stop it from invading ukraine. he is already deploying ships and aircraft to eastern europe. the uss harry s. truman aircraft carrier strike group heading to a nato exercise in the mediterranean. china sent 39 planes, many of them warplanes buzzing. this is happening, buzzing taiwan airspace. hillary vaughn has more. hillary? reporter: good evening, liz. critics say that president biden's climate focused energy policy is now having very real foreign policy implications. as russia taunts the region with a ukraine invasion a drawdown on u.s. oil production here is emboldening russia and making russia richer. the number two oil producer in the world, a top energy supplier
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to europe while oil prices are already sitting at seven year highs but could go even higher if the conflict between russia and ukraine escalates. over the weekend economists at jpmorgan said oil prices could soar to $150 a barrel. industry experts say this is an opportunity to freeze out russian oil and push u.s. energy. >> we have an abundance of energy we can supply around the world and keep prices stable here at home. this should be an opportunity for the administration to promote american energy to advance our national security and energy security interests and to support our allies overseas. reporter: the pentagon today says they're putting 8500 troops on high alert as president biden weighs his options in the meantime others are acting. several countries including spoken and france putting troops on stand by. nato announcing today they are
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sending ships and fighter jets to eastern europe. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, thank you so much for your reporting there. joining us now senator bill hagerty from senate foreign relations and congressman darrell issa from house foreign affairs. we welcome both of you gentlemen to the show. thanks for joining us tonight. senator, your reaction to the state department warning it will not be in a position to evacuate u.s. citizens from ukraine if russia invades? what is your reaction to that? >> liz, it takes america back to the afghanistan debacle. they don't even know how many americans are there. i can assure you there are far more americans in ukraine than afghanistan. we're found not prepared for this. this will be a very, very difficult situation. i know the state department already made the call to begin to move certain people out of the embassy already. that is one of a last calls an ambassador would do. it will set a new wave of concern off for people of ukraine. it will send a pretty strong signal to vladmir putin as well. elizabeth: so to the senator's
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point, congressman, your reaction to what's going on there as the president today ignored questions about russia and ukraine as he returned from camp david. congressman, he has been ramping up the rhetoric. the more he ramps it up the more he risks escalating the u.s. into war. what is your take on this? >> well first of all, liz, he has drawn a red line in front of the oval office desk. there is no red line at the border of ukraine and that's where the problem comes. ronald reagan famously said peace through strength. what he didn't say but was implied is war through weakness as the senator snows, having been ambassador to japan that reaction, all those chinese aircraft including one nuclear capable aircraft were sent to intimidate the u.s. fleet that was there with the japanese doing routine training. so the fact is that on two fronts our weakness is beginning to really cause a possibility of
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a war that never had to happen with strength there is no war. with weakness, whether it is world war i, world war ii, or quite frankly the wars we did in between until ronald reagan, you have got to show strength if you want to maintain peace. >> indeed. elizabeth: that will, so the senator, will that deter putin? should we knock him out? putin, he is a smart guy and the leaders of china, they're smart too. what will deter putin? do you knock him out of the electronic funds transfer system, swift? do you knock him out of dollar global transactions, what do you do? >> everyone of the things you mentioned, liz. we have tremendous number of tools at our disposal. we could sanction him. we should have been doing it already. the biden administration holds back. they send signals very difficult for anyone to interpret other than weakness as congressman issa has said. look what happened at our southern border. we don't defend our own border.
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how will the ukrainians think we will defend theirs? that is a hard sell to the american public. entire posture of the biden administration is one of capitulation, appeasement, weakness. we need to speak from strength like president trump did. there is a reason putin didn't try this type of thing when president trump was in office. we were speaking through strength. what we've seen is reversion back to a place even worse than the obama administration. so putin is reading the cards i think very carefully. he saw what happened when the s.t.a.r.t. treaty came up. got an extension, exactly what he wanted. gave nothing in return. they were barely touched for the colonial pipeline. then president biden shows up with a list of 16 industries putin should not touch. i guess that leaves the rest of america completely vulnerable. nord stream 2, sanctions the administration refuses to enforce them. as oil prices go up, putin is helping that happen. he is becoming richer by the day. everything is moving his way. why not step up and take
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advantage of this situation too? elizabeth: to the senator's point, there was no u.s. reprisal congressman when u.s., mall factors of russia shut down the colonial pipeline which fuels the east coast, right? russia, china, have been coming into our infrastructure and taking down infrastructure without firing a shot. now the u.s. prime minister, boris johnson said this would be a new chechnya, but violent and bloody. watch the secretary of state on this. watch this. >> we are in intense regular, constant communication, consultation with allies and partners to make it very clear these massive consequences will follow. >> is it conflict that putin chooses, then if he does, how bombed did i bags does he wants to count going back to russia or russia's sons? elizabeth: massive consequences and now they're talking body bags, congressman? your reaction. >> well you have to go all the
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way back to the faux pas that senator, sorry president kennedy got himself into with cuba where he showed in the bay of pigs weakness, ultimately having to show huge strength and stare down the soviet union by saying not, don't fire a missile at me or don't do more, he said, dismantle and remove. right now unless president biden says dismantle and remove those troops, those ships that are intimidating ukraine, he isn't doing the equivalent of what president kennedy did so long ago which is, draw a line that says you must stand back, not a line that says you can have a minor incursion and i will let it slide which is what he said and what putin is now acting on. elizabeth: yeah. to the congressman's point, you know, senator cotton has made this point too, senator, that if, if vladmir putin can get away with ukraine, what message
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does that send to she what he can do in taiwan? what do you say, senator? >> this sends exactly the wrong messages as you know liz, implied in your statement and xi xinping is watching this very carefully. the words minor incursion came from president biden in the press conference, xi xinping, ayatollahs in iran, cracked open a dictionary to find out what that could get away with. that sass the exact wrong signal. congressman is right in terms of the posture we need to adopt but impose sanctions, give president put a taste of pain and our resolve. that is what we need to see now. we have plenty of rhetoric. we to show our resolve right now. we need to demonstrate that with deeds. elizabeth: putin doesn't respond to rhetoric, right, congressman? that is what the senator is saying, but secretary of state antony blinken says we need to hold on to sanctions one of our tools as a deterrent, not deploy
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them now. your final word, congressman, what do you think? >> strongest sanction we can do what against the late john mccain a gas tank of a government is in fact begin pushing oil and natural gas out of this country, driving down the prices and driving away the surpluses that are causing them to be so emboldened. russia is an empty suit in most ways exempt for their ability to sell natural resources. we need to hit them where it hurts and we need to do it now. elizabeth: senator bill hagerty, congressman darrell issa, thanks for coming on. that was a great interview. a great segment. come back soon. up next former chair of the white house council of economic advisors kevin hassett is with us. we have more covid confusion. look at footage of tens of thousands on the mall in d.c. protesting against vaccine mandates. look at this pfizer's ceo now says no to frequent booster shots. dr. fauci says yes to them. we'll need to boost again.
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now he will not comment whether he or the white house confused americans. we'll stay on the story for you coming up next on "the evening edit." >> it's remarkable they're still trying to have this be an emergency and that we're still supposed to be taking orders from an unelected bureaucrat who has failed. ♪. na i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former chairman of the white house council of economic advisors. we're happy to have back on the show kevin has it. he is a great writer too. kevin, we have tens of thousands of people protesting against the vaccine mandates in washington this weekend. evidence is mounting, kevin, we just lived through history. the u.s. just went through an historic moment, the pandemic. the lockdowns, a major failure. destroyed 22 million jobs. hundreds of thousands of small businesses wiped out and hit hard. national academy of sciences says no detectable benefit at all from the lockdowns. now people are in poverty. this is probably one of the worst ideas ever to hit this country. one of the dumbest, most arrogant top down things we've ever seen. what do you say, kevin? >> i agree. you know at the beginning there was so much uncertainty so i can understand taking a pause for a week or two but as you might
6:18 pm
recall, president trump, after i had left the white house brought me back into the west wing to help him plan the economic response and one of the first things i did was go to the task force meeting in the situation room to make a presentation of economic effect the of shutting down the economy. i can remember, maybe early march, i gave them a presentation where i said you know, gdp in the second quarter will drop more than 30%. it will be the biggest drop since the great depression. i looked around the room. everybody there was you know pale in the face because they didn't really understand the harm they were doing except for tony fauci. tony fauci looked at vice president to finish with my presentation, i am still in charge, right? i began to see what is doing best for america this, is power grab by fauci and the liberal elites. they're doing it for covid now. they will do it for climate change next. they will do it if they get away with it. if someone asks me, get a
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vaccine but they're just tired of all of this. elizabeth: he said i'm still in charge? that is what his response was? >> he did. elizabeth: they're so in their ivory tower, out of touch with what the little guy on the street is dealing with. shutting down a little dry cleaner, the bar or restaurant or shoe repair guy didn't stop the pandemic. it came out full force anyway. guess what? the anti-lock down states, the caseload is the same right now as the lockdown states. watch this the media is in meltdown over former "new york times" opinion editor bari weiss and hbo's bill maher speaking out against all this. watch this. >> i'm sorry if you believe the science you will look at the data we did not have two years ago and you will find out that cloth masks do not anything. you will realize that you can show your vaccine passport at a restaurant and still be asymptom tick and carrying omicron. you will realize most importantly, that this is going to be remembered by the younger
6:20 pm
generation as a catastrophic moral crime. >> just gone on too long. nobody cares anymore. i have don't want to live in your paranoid world anymore, your masked paranoid world. you go out. it is silly now. you have your mask. you have to have a card. you have to have a booster. they scan your head. [laughter]. like you're a cashier and i'm a bunch of bananas. [laughter]. i'm not bananas. you are. elizabeth: you know, bill maher also said about dr. fauci, don't lecture me while you're in your white coat telling us to do what i say. we've got like the media melting down over this, kevin. whoopi goldberg is blasting bill maher. what do you say to all this? >> i can go back into the oval val, go back to find the clips at very beginning i was at the white house, i was waving a mask on tv the reason as a economist maybe it has a benefit.
6:21 pm
it doesn't really have much of a cost. easy enough to put a mask on. let's try it for now. but back then fauci told president trump, i was in the oval office, for the love of god, let's not recommend masks because people will touch them and get germs all over their face. they will be overconfident, it will make it worse. so president trump came out and said that. the media starting beating him up for it and fauci switched to beat up the president as well. this has been a partisan move by fauci to help the democrats defeat donald trump. he keeps changing his tune. americans are really tired of losing their freedoms. they need to be cautious. i would definitely if i were going to a hospital i would want to be wearing an n95 mask or something like that but, get my friend to be vaccinated. it is different to mandate it. elizabeth: dr. fauci is all over the map whether or not to get boosted. now he says we should. pfizer ceo says no. that may not be a good idea. what cdc says matters t has
6:22 pm
ripple effects across u.s. cities. they build mandates off of what the cdc says. we have first-responders, nurses, medical workers, fired, cops fired. national guard folks fired for not being vaccinated. now we're seeing the cdc study saying if you're infected your antibodies, natural immunity, better than a vaccinations. should all the people be reinstated? all the people let go, should they be reinstated and given their jobs back? this is another crime as bari weiss would say, what we did to unvaccinated people, firing them. it's outrageous. this is the dumbest period in u.s. history. your final word. >> what happened was that sadly covid became partisan and tony fauci was in the middle of that. he is a partisan democrat. he was doing everything he could to get joe biden elected. if biden would show leadership right now he should recognize people are protesting because they don't believe these guys. they're tired of hearing from
6:23 pm
them. he should fire fauci, bring in somebody that maybe all americans trust. i don't know who the person would be now. the partisanship around covid harmed our country and killed hundreds of thousand of people. elizabeth: give our first-responders their jobs back. they were there for us. give them their jobs back. really? that is our response to the good guys and women out there. ridiculous. kevin hassett. always good to see you, come back soon. up next former nypd detective dr. oscar odom on this outrage, two more police officers killed in the line of duty. a d.c. officer shot and injured. black lives matter igniting a firestorm, mocking ridiculing that police officers shot in the line of duty are automatically treated as heroes. look at this just four out of 10 murder cases in d.c. were solved last year. we need the cops, don't we? keep it on fox business. >> the things happening. the disregard for human life. lack of consequences for crimes
6:24 pm
that are being committed. it is just unbelievable. ♪. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, former nypd detective dr. oscar odom. doctor, great to have you on. a lot of outrage, this weekend within 36 hours two police officers shot dead. 22-year-old police officer jason rivera shot dead in harlem. his partner in critical
6:28 pm
condition. the accused killer shaun o'neill confirmed dead. he was shooting at them while on the ground. a ar-15 under his mattress. a police officer in d.c. shot sunday. black lives matter saying why we treat automatically these police officers shot in the line of duty automatically as heroes. what do you say to go do this controversy? >> i reflect of the movie, "a few good men." you sit under the blanket of freedom that i provide and have the nerve to question the way i provide it. these people go out there on possibility to lose their lives. officers don't get paid enough to put their lives on the line. still they go out to there make the ultimate sacrifice to make the society a better place for us to live. therefore when people talk about that, you have no idea of what it takes to receive a call, man with a gun, then you run towards it. you don't run away, you run
6:29 pm
towards it to protect life and property and to make this place a safer place for people to be able to live. elizabeth: yeah. doctor, you're making an important point because the head of the new york city pba, police benevolent association, patrick lynch is saying we are alone. cops feel so alone in the u.s. like never before. we're buckling. we're on our nyes. we're heartbroken. we have drug gangs pouring into u.s. cities. human traffickers and drug cartels literally shooting at the border patrol from across the southern border. that is what is going on in the cities, right? it is drug gangs, drugs pouring across the border. are we right or are which wrong? >> no, you're absolutely right. this is taking place. we're fighting the good fight so to speak. luckily with mayor adams, our new police commissioner, during their press conferences they stood out front, dep straighted
6:30 pm
leadership, let the public know they were backing they're police officers in what they're doing. when you're backing police officers you are backing society in general because we are the guardians. we're the gatekeepers. if we're not out there doing it who will do it? how can you encourage somebody to take an exam and take a test where your life will be on the line, people will second-guess you, not back you, there will be issues. defund the police movement fell all across the country. people saying we're not voting for that. legislation failed all over the place. you have people that are agitators out there speaking about defunding the police. i say defund your police detail that you have, to see what it is like to walk around without protection and our police officers giving up making the ultimate sacrifice for you of f. elizabeth: that is excellent point. historic rise in u.s. crime. children being shot. five children shot within a 24 hour period in chicago. people shot in new york city.
6:31 pm
toddlers being shot. homicides are up in 2/3 of the most populace u.s. cities. 16 cities see a record high in homicides. watch cnn calling this quote, imagined drama. watch this. >> let's take a look at the the imagined drama that fox news presents every day. let's cue the scroll. these are some examples of the banners on fox news in the past few days. you get the sense that america has gone to hell, declining quality of life, america is apocalyptic hellscape. that was one of the actual banners this, is narrative antibiden. it is antidemocrats who run urban areas. it goes on and on and on every hour. i want to give a sample. elizabeth: imagine drama? i mean brian stelter does say yeah, there is a crime problem in the u.s. but how about not writing to a headline or reporting to a headline or
6:32 pm
reporting to an opinion? how about just reporting the facts, right? a few people understand why he did that segment. your response, doctor. >> my thing, first of all, things must be evidence based and data driven. people walk the walk, can you talk the talk. get out there to ride around in patrol cars. see what is going on. get on the front line. stop monday morning quarterbacking. people speak to the community, they want more police officers, they are afraid. they want protection. this is not made up. see what is happening. the data will show up. a dead body, a dead body is a dead body. get rid of security, walk around in some of these neighborhoods and see it. elizabeth: dr. odom, great to have you back on. come back soon. dr. miranda devine, this debate, should hunter biden refund
6:33 pm
taxpayers on the trips overseas while his father was vice president. this is violation of government ethics laws. keep it here on fox business. >> there is awful lot of turning a blind eye to certain people. looks like the story the biden family is doing really well by federal law enforcement when it comes to the secret service. ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: look who is here with us, we're so happy to have on the show, "new york post" columnist, author of the new book, laptop from hell. she is a terrific writer, must-read, miranda devine is here. good to see you. here is the debate should hunter biden pay back u.s. taxpayers for his trips on government airplanes to do overseas business deals while his father was vice president? "judicial watch" found in foia documents two dozen trips out of andrews air force base, home of air force two.
6:38 pm
what do you think? >> liz, thank you, this is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. it is a nice idea but why was it ever allowed back when joe biden was vice president? it, there were reporters on air force two with joe biden when he took hunter biden to beijing with him in 2013 where he did that lucrative deal and where he got his father to come and shake hands with his new business partner. so i mean, it seems moot now. of course joe biden behaved i am properly by allowing hunter biden to conduct business using air force two as his not just a means of transport but also a signal to foreign dignitaries that he was joe biden's son and he was american power come to do private business because that's the way business is done, that bribes are paid in many
6:39 pm
countries overseas like china and russia. they're not paid to the important official. they're paid to their offspring, their sons, daughters or relatives. there is flame in china, they call it the prince links. that is what hunter biden was. there were other occasions hunter biden shamelessly brought along his own business partners on one occasion in 2016 to fly with joe biden on an official visit to mexico city. he brought along jeff cooper, who was a biden family donor. biden, joe biden donor but also had given a lot of money to hunter biden. so there was, there is a mixing of official american business of state with the biden family's private enrichment scheme and we can't loo lose sight of the fact this is not about hunter biden. it is about joe biden because
6:40 pm
hunter biden had been deputized and groomed by his father to be his bagman, to collect the money from pedaling influence that joe biden wielded around the world when he was vice president. elizabeth: as you make an important point because it is in violation of government ethics laws what joe biden allowed. you know, it is striking that the white house has never denied the stories about hunter biden and the laptop emails. do you know of anytime in u.s. history where the first family or the second family had this kind of a financial dealings or bond with foreign intelligence services who are backing these state-owned companies? i mean the issue is, context is, miranda, biden was in debt in 2009. he owed $465,000. he had a negative, a negative net worth of 52,000. then you have hunter biden texting one of his daughters that he was complaining he has to pay half the cash he gets to quote pop. that is part of a chinese deal.
6:41 pm
the package would include 10% held by h, for the big guy? that is the context. what do you think, miranda? >> yeah, you're absolutely right. i mean it's frightening to be considering that we're now in the situations with russia via ukraine and also china is very aggressive adversary and we have a president who is compromised. he is compromised we know, anyone who knows what is in the laptop and the white house must know and, of course our adversaries know around the world. it is a joke that joe biden was running around the world preaching to other countries like ukraine about corruption when his son was collecting millions, tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his father and the rest of the family. so, i think, i can't imagine that, you know, how can america
6:42 pm
hold its head up on the international stage when it comes to corruption when you have a president like that. elizabeth: miranda devine, terrific. i'm a big fan of your work. good to see you. laptop from hell is the book by miranda devine. take a look at it. and her columns in the "new york post." byron donald on bernie sanders, again slamming democrats sinema, manchin, defending the filibuster, that he and dozens of democrats also defended in the past. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show from house oversight, one of our favorite guests, he is congressman byron donalds. congressman, great to see you again. congressman, from where you sit, when you see senator bernie sanders say, quote it is absolutely appropriate that the arizona democrat party censure
6:47 pm
democrat sinema defending the filibuster, after the senator was stalked and harass the after senator bernie sanders defended filibuster along with dozen of democrats including biden and elizabeth warren what is your reaction? >> i'm not surprised. democrats always about defending their agenda. not the constitution. not the way our systems actually work. what is most effective, or common sense. they oppose the agenda. anybody that opposes the agenda has to be gotten rid of. i will tell you this, i think krysten sinema will be just fine in any democrat primary in arizona because their policies are terrible. the bernie sanders agenda is terrible. and only the true radical left supports it. elizabeth: you know, congressman, nbc's chuck todd had this to say on president biden and cbs's margaret brennan also took a focus group and had
6:48 pm
a lot of surprising reaction what is going on. watch this. >> he is no longer seen as competent and effective. >> who feels like we're in a better place now than we were a year ago? show of hands. no one believes we're in a better spot now? >> i just don't understand. i thought this was going to be a president for the people, of the people. elizabeth: what is your reaction, congressman? >> i mean, look, my reaction just to smirk. it is sad for the country. i'm not surprised. listen, america, i've been telling you now for months. joe biden is over his head. he doesn't know what he is doing. he is incompetent. and now the american people, even people who were moderates, democrats, they know it as well. we have to get over this politics of personalities where people decide who they will like or not like, that is how they go vote. be focused what the policies actually are. be focused what the agenda means
6:49 pm
for your home and your communities and your families. that is how we need to be voting in the united states. it is unfortunate we're having to go through this but we have to be reminded that these crazy, liberal policies can never work because they defy logic, they defy reason, they defy economics and it is not the way to run a government of the people, by the people and for the people. elizabeth: you know, congressman, democrats are talking about breaking up the biden agenda into smaller pieces. free pre-school, free community college, pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants, expanded green energy policies. do you see that happening? they will break it up? people understand the need for helping out children, child tax credit and the like. how do you see this playing out in the ensuing months? what do you think, congressman? >> well, i think they can try that. it won't pass the senate because everybody need to remember that "build back better" was a budget reconciliation bill. it only needed 50 votes in the
6:50 pm
senate. they're not there. they're definitely not going to find 10 republicans to support these ideas. they can try but it will not go anywhere. listen, the democrats do this all the time. they come up with policies that sound good, if you take them face value, whatever they title the bill as, you might say that sounds like a good idea, but once you look under the hood, once you get into the details it is actually bad for our country. you talked about the child tax credit. sounds good. we all want to help children. but what that will do, it will make our labor problems even worse. it will make it harder for people to go back to work. harder for small business owners to hire people. that will lead to more inflation in occur country than we already have. elizabeth: thanks, congressman donald. up next former top i.c.e. official tom homan. we'll get the update on the border crisis. border officials warning that president biden is not doing enough to stop the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border as their own citizens and soldiers face homelessness.
6:51 pm
we've got the story next. the. >> we saw that throughout 2021 with over500,000 reported got-aways. keep in mind those are only reported got-aways. we have to take into account those that got undetected.
6:52 pm
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joining us now, forming acting ice director, complement. texas department of public safety special agent anthony has died after it crashed into the mexican border, he died in the line of duty on a technical mission transporting six illegal border crossings your eagle pass texas, your response about anthony salas? >> it's sad when we use one of the finest who said many times men and women with the badge and runs on and put their lives in line every day. i mentioned this weekend that joe biden, he's responsible for a lot, just not special agents solace. how about the 51507 aliens that died crossing the border because they chose to put themselves with criminal organizations and promises on the open border, how about the fentanyl coming across
6:56 pm
the southwest border? how about the hundreds that make died making the trek across panama you and i talked about? surviving administration is inhumane they've caused a lot of death. liz: we hear you loud and clear. we now have new numbers coming in from of the first months of the fiscal year 2022 on track to break new records, historic records, 518,000 illegal border crossers caught about the white house letting illegal border crossers use their own arrest warrant at airport security id to get on planes, senator marsha blackburn tweeting humic trip they should take is one way out of the country. why on bank being taken into custody? that's what happens when judges arrest warrants to others inside the country, why are we making exceptions here? >> the biden administration has open borders. we talk about borders, they decapitated ice berg if the secretary homeland security this weekend talked here in mayor in
6:57 pm
washington d.c. have told them into the country illegally is not enough to be arrested so he's still sending a message think it's okay to enter the united states it's easy to show up in court and they get order removal from a federal judge you can't execute him so why would they arrest people at the airport because ice can't arrest people here illegally without a serious criminal conviction so they double down on this language this is continue to cause increased on the border if they know they can get an and won't be obtained and they can get a job and ice isn't doing operations anymore and they won't be removed even if george orders them to be removed, why wouldn't they come? the border crisis is not going away. liz: we are a humanitarian country, 554,000 homeless people, one out of ten homeless people in the country are u.s. veterans, soldiers. half the homeless living in
6:58 pm
california. former acting for commissioner mark morgan says it's more like 3 million illegal crossings when you count the getaways. we are a generous nation, who want to do the right thing but when you invite lawlessness, people die. illegal immigrants are dying, they are getting assaulted and raped and killed on the way, the wrong way to go. it's not right. your word on that? >> that's why i wrote a book years ago, save lives because of midnight 35 years of immigration, when you have a secure border, he saved lives. when president trump created them a secure border we've ever had, he saved lives. i was in phoenix, arizona a few months ago, i would drive by a hotel and they wanted a grant from federal government so somebody in the country illegally, $370 a night getting
6:59 pm
three meals a day in medical attention and a block away homeless encampment, i stopped there and i heard there were veterans in their and i talked to two or three veterans, they were sitting there hungry with no place to later have. have a bathroom three meals a day, they can have an air-conditioned room so the biden administration is treating people illegally better than our own veterans. i don't know if you've ever been there, he walked one block from capitol hill and there many homeless veterans but they are ignoring them and letting people enter the country illegally, discussing on every level. liz: so how do you get through the message that coming here illegally will kill you and what's going on with u.s. soldiers were homeless? how do you get that message through? how do you get through to people? >> it's hard to get through because fox network in my opinion is yummy network telling the truth and that's why i am
7:00 pm
affiliated with you all purchased the other networks on talking about this. where's aoc and children who died in the trump administration? that's up 119% increase from i don't see anyone talking about that. liz: thank you for joining us, come back soon. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: i don't know what happens to every president but they just can't help themselves from getting into a new war. of course now things are heating up between russia and ukraine as the region is about to boil over part of overcooked borscht. everyone hates overcooked wash. a bunch of skittish ukraine pavers are. geriatric rattling sending troops to the region to suit the piece. thank you. start all, probably a handful of


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