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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  December 10, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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secretary of state mike pompeo george ascended at herschel walker and former senior advisor to president trump stephen miller all live sunday morning on fox news at 10:00 a.m. eastern. on fox business start smart 6 - 9:00 a.m. eastern with "mornings with maria" on fox business i hope you'll start your day every weekday with us. that is it for us, thank you so much for being with me have a great rest of the week and i'll see you next time. ♪. gerry this week at wall street journal at large crime mr. dune across america fortunately our democratic leaders have identified the culprits, it is not them or their policies or the criminals who are committing the crimes. joe biden meets vladimir putin by video call but the international crisis proliferate with russia, china and around, our america's sensing weakness
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in the nation's leadership. there is more bad news on inflation as the rate of consumer price increase had a 39 year high. it will take a look at how serious the threat is to the u.s. economy. welcome later in the show will talk about the girls under global threat with john moody who has a new book out on china. but first after decades in which tough law enforcement has done so much to eradicate the surgeon crime the streets are once again deceived by lawlessness. 20 cities recorded record numbers of homicides this year, this on top of a wave of violent crime last year. we've seen images of shoplifting in california, brutal attacks in new york, massacre at christmas parade in waukesha wisconsin and violence interior and 70 other places. what is behind the surgeon crime. if you enter criminals, then i am afraid you are wrong.
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according to the democratic-controlled the cities and of course a federal government. this week the democratic mayor of chicago said looting and shoplifting were really all the fault of the shopkeepers. >> of disappointed that they're not doing more to take safety make it a priority. we still have retailers that will institute plans like having security officers, making sure that they have cameras that are operational. >> such terrible retailers, last week jen psaki suggested it was the pandemic that was behind the rising crime. >> what a huge group of criminals organizes themselves in they want to loot a store in cbs, nordstrom and home depot, do you think that is because of the pandemic? >> i think a root cause and a lot of communities is the pandemic, yes. >> some democrats the real culprit is systemic racism.
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>> maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren't paying their rent and scared to pay the rent so they go out in the need to feed their child and they do not have money so you may be are put in a position that they need to shop lift bread or go hungry. >> that is right, they need to go shoplifting. but of course we know one main reason the crime has risen is something the democrats don't want to talk about their own policies. bail reform that lets violent offenders back on the street after the committed the crimes jail sentences in california that decriminalize theft. of course defunding the police a call that led to a shrinking law enforcement presence and crime-ridden parts of our major cities. democrats i should say they do like to get tough on certain crime but unfortunately it did affection as i saw there i
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response to the supposed jussie smollett attack you will recall, he was convicted this week of making it all up. it is false and dangerous progressive that america is systemically evil country that most erodes the respect for law and order. if you tell people the nation is inherently racist and unjust the capitalism steals and white supremacy enslaves them, there is no surprise they might start to think they have a right to commit robbery and murder. the irony the people who are most traumatized by these crimes are not the progressives in the media or the universities or congress they're free to spout their ideology from the comfort of their secure neighborhoods. it's a most disadvantage to suffer most, the poor, ethnic minorities who live in less safe communities in the bull luxury of believing the fiction for you but never feel the democrats can assure you you're using the fbi to pursue the real criminals, those parents don't want their kids taught the dangerous divisive ideology and brave enough to speak out against it.
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let's discuss this with our panel joining me serve america executive director spokesperson on president obama fox news contributor and washington times opinion editor charlie hurt, thank you for joining us. >> great to see you. >> charlie let me start with you, the crime wave that we've seen democrats say it has to do with the pandemic or policy and nothing to do with them, i don't think people are buying at all think people think this is a result of the policies that some of the presses have put in place. >> the polling shows people are not buying it and maybe the silverlining the democrats are starting to realize how much trouble they are in over this issue. usually in most elections the number one issue for people is the economy and the only issue that can break through and pass the economy in terms of an issue that drives others to the polls
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is safety, when safety becomes an issue that usually treats politicians very badly especially politicians like democrats who have been in charge in the cities for literally for decades and put their policies, these are the very petri dishes of democratic policies. when things go as badly as a going right now heading into an election were democrats, the early facing headwinds going into the selection. this tends to get very ugly when voters start being worried about security and the economy. but perhaps security more than the economy. gerry we have been here before. to say and log enough to remember the 1970s and 1980s when crime was a problem democrats seem to excuse it but then they seem to get it you have bill clinton the cayman tough measures on crime, many
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cities and democratic mayors started getting serious about it. they have to relearn the lesson all over again. >> to be clear joe biden the head of the democratic party has advocated and he is not to defend the police or in the city across the country where crime has gone up some of those cities have cut police funding and some like nashville in houston have increased police funding. it is a little unclear to experts right now, i know you made fun of the root cause but what is causing the rising crime there are a number of factors some is economic dislocation and deception the pandemic has caused. if you blame it on one won't solve the problem that's pretty clear from the data. democrats are worried about the issue because they wanted cities to be safe and i think for the electoral question about this.
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you don't hear a lot of democrats talking about defunding the police. you hear them talk how we make our streets in cities safer and i think you will hear more about heading into the midterms i do think there is some concern of how this issue will play out and finally democrats say to the republican colleagues you cannot just care about gun violence when it's in the inner city of chicago. you also have to care about gun violence when it kills kids in the high schools. if you care about law enforcement so much why do you excuse january 6. there is political vulnerability on both sides. >> i'm not sure why that is funny. gerry it is amusing. >> somehow it's republicans responsible. >> i didn't say that i said they have vulnerability. >> there putting all their eggs in one basket if they talk about
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january 6 an issue that does not rank very highly and nowhere near as important to regular voters as actual crime in their neighborhoods and in their cities whether getting torched, silence from democrats, this idea that the democrats are going to talk about january 6 and make that the object to prevent crime and people's neighborhoods. it's a laugher and it's not going to work. >> i don't think they are. >> plenty more to talk about particularly inflation which in particularly inflation which in november hit an all decade high. particularly inflation which in november hit an all decade high. particularly inflation which in november hit an all decade high. particularly inflation which in november hit an all decade high. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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news, they're not picking up on the good stuff that's because the media is not portraying him as a winner, they are minimizing what he is doing. >> so much good news in the evil media presenting is bad news because they hate joe biden that's because with the goldberg sharing their wisdom about president biden saying he doesn't get enough credit. we have seen inflation is rising sharply it was up 6% last month from a month ago and up 6.8% from a year ago. that's the largest gain since june 1982 newly 40 years ago this is a new wall street journal poll showed president biden's approval rating as a dismal 41% with remarkable numbers among a independent, 30% approve of the president was 66 disapprove of the job he's doing. let's pick this up with our panel marie and charlie, we can
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set aside the idea that president biden did not see enough credit from a very hostile media. let's talk about the inflation numbers in particular. this is a really serious problem the resident is dismissing it for most of the flashers transitory and the federal reserve but we know he's a real problem. i wonder what this means the democrats still want to get their build back better multitrillion dollar spending plan through what do you think the state of the economy and inflation rising, what do you think leads to that? >> i think the most important thing in terms of getting the build back better through congress is the fact from president biden the leader of the party and that frightens democrats in congress many of whom face reelection next year and they're very worried about their own reelection and when they get a sense the leader of their party is complete the out of touch with regular voters and the voters who will vote on their job within the next year. you wind up with a very tricky
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situation trying to get something large like this through. the most important thing are the independent numbers because of course as you point out inflation, gas prices, these are not a partisan issue, they are issues that affect all americans it doesn't matter your race, gender or whatever it is. that's the kind of thing that moves independent voters to a point where you have 66% of independents disapproving of the president is. gerry inflation is devilishly hard to get down once it takes a hold. this is gonna be a huge problem for biden, isn't it? >> a long time between now and the midterms, let's start there we have some good economic news historically the unemployment numbers and gas prices are coming down but people are very concerned about inflation, of course president biden doesn't really control that it is the fed that has a lot of policy
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impacts but voters blame the president in the party in power and i think generally people are concerned. the democrats challenge is to make the case across the country for wider policies and now the bill and passing is going to help people. as we see some of the infrastructure projects being built. making the case in states and congressional districts about here's what the democratic congress did for you it is hard to see this democrats have a challenge and they're concerned about the midterms for historical reasons and also because were still in the pandemic for many people is getting back to normal but i think a lot of americans are uneasy, though looking at the economic numbers and not sure what to make of them and inflation hits you every single day in ways that are very tangible. the democrats are concerned but there's a lot of time for make the case. gerry thank you very much we have to go, thank you very much for being here.
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i was very straightforward and made it very clear. if they invade ukraine there will be severe consequent is. gerry president biden met this week by video call with vladimir putin and warned him u.s. would respond with sanctions if they invade ukraine invited announced a diplomatic boycott of the winter olympics next year end
10:21 pm
protest that china's crimes against humanity as china continues making aggressive noises about taiwan. iran is buildings nuclear capabilities defined the u.s. and threatening stability for merck's allies in the middle east. the two americans detect terminal weakness in the biden administration john moody is a distinguished author vice president and executive editor who served as a correspondent. of course they knew the fascinating work that reads like an uncannily accurate account of how china handled the coronavirus opry. >> taken for being here. >> let's talk that biden met prudent in trouble with china and iran doing what is doing you think it senses that we are weak right now. >> i think they all do and i think the right reasons the president who does not have control mentally or strategically of all the facts in each one of them is trying to impress their own individual advantage. china being the most biggest of
10:22 pm
all. gerry is prudent is putting troops on the border and threatening that he wants to pull ukraine closer into the russian orbit and you spent a lot of time in russia. we know how important, can we really stop them doing or do we have to make them pay a price. >> we can try to make them pay a price. there's nothing that will stop vladimir putin if he decides to make the military investment in ukraine. having said that i think each side knows the other from the history of cold war antagonism. putin knows our weaknesses, the united states department let's hope has some idea of what russians weaknesses are used to be called mutually assured destruction announced illusion. gerry we saw what happened in afghanistan, the disastrous chaos american and buy abandon its allies in many afghan to
10:23 pm
their fate. do you think that has served to weaken america and make other countries autocratic countries tends to have an opportunity? >> they were the most damaging objects the united states has seen since the helicopter recovery from saigon. we gave up, we gave up and ran we cut and ran and left thousands and thousands of people many american citizens behind. that is not what america's reputation has been were carving out a new name and it's not anything glorious. >> will become back we want to talk about your book and specifically the threat from china. the book is about understanding covid disaster in the threat that china poses to the u.s. and global security. >> the united states is been a leader in holding china accountable as it relates to human rights abuses. what we've seen in shandong the president and a genocide. we have taken steps at the global level to put accountability measures in
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. gerry i'm back with john moody former fox news executive with the new fiction book that tells the story of high stakes of china's role in the cupboard pandemic. thank you for being here. tell us about the book we gave you that idea and without a spoiler tell us what it says. >> last year 2020 was a strange year for not just america but the western world the covid
10:28 pm
virus sprang upon the whole world we didn't know what it was or what to do about it so we were all scared wondering what to do how can we protect ourselves. the answer that came from china was where a mask that's made in china. not so much the second one was a social protest that swept across the united states. i'm all for social protest as long as this peaceful and legal when you burn cop cars in burn stores it's a riot. there was so much misinformation is so much distortion of reality that i think american voters looked in horror and said what we must do about this. i tried to weave the three together and that's what happened. gerry the plot starts off in china with this idea that many people believe the virus came from a lab leak in the way china covered it up and then allowed the virus to covered up. >> they said what should we do about wuhan will keep most
10:29 pm
people but let international travelers continue to fly that is probably not the act of a friend and i think there's a lot of explanation that needs to be done. gerry china's rising to the u.s. is probably lived through the cold war but is probably the biggest challenge to u.s. global eater ship that we've ever faced. >> because of its size, resources and economic power i think xi jinping has pegged the united states is the declining power and decided i'm going to be the one that takes it down he wants to be ranked with them and is doing everything that he can't immortalize himself in the crown jewel would be to take back taiwan and defeat the united states. gerry do you think our leaders get the threat now after 20 years of appeasing and accepting and encouraging china even the democrats and joe biden understands china is a strategic threat. >> is a very good intelligence being given to him whether he's
10:30 pm
willing to do things necessary and more populous and very powerful military is still up in the air. gerry a pasty read about politics, thinking that's it i'll be back next week with more interviews on the "wall street journal at large", thinking for joining us, have a great week ♪ >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by invesco qqq. ♪. jack welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i'm jack otter. part two of our interview with the world's biggest hedge fund manager and how biden's build back better plan could affect your taxes. we began is always the three most important things and investors ought to be thinking about right


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